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#the penderwicks
madamescarlette · 2 days ago
something is SUPREMELY funny to me about the fact that Mrs. Tifton took basically one look at the youngest, cheeriest, reddest-headed of the Penderwicks, I-Am-Fond-Of-Many-People-Unless-Otherwise-Convinced Lydia, and went “hmmm, yes, I like this one, I choose her as my Penderwick delegate (and also want to steal her hair color).”
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madamescarlette · 3 days ago
the first three books are perfect and glorious in each of their own ways, but The Penderwicks in Spring is on a whole other LEVEL. 
#the penderwicks#reading tag#though i miss my MOOPS :(#point mouette was so GOOD though!!! skye being the oldest sister and taking it so seriously!!!#the note in her voice that cares when batty's hiding! her relief when she hears hound barking trouble and batty's fine!!#and the HAIRCUTS#i love them your honor#but penderwicks in spring.....oh my....#i've been realizing as i go through that mayhaps the earlier books hit me less strongly than they should#even though i love them! it's from more of an outsider's perspective#because i'm a youngest child and growing up felt like i was always surrounded by adults#so batty being so well cheered up by the praise from her older siblings / all the other grown ups around her was hmmmm......relatable#for me at least you would sometimes just be desperate to be seen as a person#but made me supremely :( :( :( in the last third of the book#but oh man the outpouring of LOVE for batty!!!!!! I CRIED ACTUAL TEARS OUT OF MY EYES#sometimes that's how it be when you're little and you don't know how to tell someone what's wrong#everyone KNOWS something's off and wants to help but batty couldn't find a way to tell them!!!!#so you know i was doing parks and rec I'M DISTRESSED SOMEONE FOLLOW ME for the entire thing#gestures wildly WHY ISN'T SOMEONE HUGGING HER RIGHT NOW????#but jeffrey sending her hound's picture!! jeffrey hearing her voice and IMMEDIATELY plonking her in front of the family!!!!#CHEF'S KISS#and ben and lydia hijinks were wonderful and cute#i loved the eyebrow raising at oliver but the lack of hounding rosy about it till the very last minute#because you love someone so much that even when their choices are bad you love them so you want to like them anyway#also batty and ben being disgusted at the sheer number of teens at their house at any moment#askjhfdaskhjjkh i love them#it was a whole lot and i LOVED it
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hanchewie · 3 days ago
So, obviously all queer Skye headcanons are good and important (especially if they directly contradict her plotline in At Last). But personally, I’ve always been convinced she’s very aroace & agender but just....not into the Labels of it all. She just saw romance and gender one day and, don’t like that at all, I’ll just do math and soccer instead. No I will not define myself further for you. Please don’t ever make me waste brain cells on this again <3
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a-hundred-jewels · 3 days ago
Absolutely interested in reading your thoughts about why Rosy is trans!
!!!! thanks omg! i didnt think anyone would actually see that in the notes lol.
in that case, ill be sure sure to write down my thoughts on that some time soon.
thanks for the ask!!
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a-hundred-jewels · 3 days ago
reblog with what you think rosalind's and batty's middle names are. (my thoughts below)
ok so! personally i like to read rosalind as a trans girl (partially just because i like to hc the characters i grew up with as trans, but also bc i legitemately feel it would enhance some of her storylines, such as maybe why she would feel especially close to batty , so her middle name would be something that she would have had a hand in picking, probably at around seven or eight (again, just my opinion. i know not everyone realizes or comes to terms with their identity at this age--i certainly didn't).
in this case, the options presented to her would probably be:
a) family name
b) plant name
c) something from media
d) random feminine name that she thought sounded nice
and here, i think (since she's v young), she probably would have gone with option D, maybe something like olivia. (rosalind olivia penderwick has a nice ring to it).
part of me thinks that batty's middle name should be "claire" after aunt claire, but at the same time. they did literally just name her after her mum so two in a row might be overkill.
in that case, since there's no discussion of elizabeth giving batty a middle name, and i feel like mr. pen would have been fairly distraught (also something tells me that he picked "letitia" for jane and elizabeth picked "magee" for skye, so maybe they had a kind of "you pick, then i pick" scenario, and he probaby wouldn't have wanted to take lizzy's turn).
thus, i think batty's middle name was probably chosen by a combination of aunt claire, rosy, skye, and jane, with most of the effort probably put in by rosy and jane. jane, ever the six year old, would probably be suggesting a lot of disney princess names (aurora! cinderella! mulan!). im not sure what rosalind would be suggesting, but most likely it would not be disney related.
however, then i think jane would suggest Jasmine (as in Aladdin), and then mr. pen would walk in, having not heard the conversation, and say something about how their mother loved that name, making them all consider it seriously. and it stuck. (seriously tho, elizabeth jasmine penderwick is very nice).
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catefrankie · 7 days ago
I am still haunted by the knowledge that Jane Penderwick, sometime between the ages of ten and seventeen, read Jean Paul Sartre. Obviously she was disillusioned enough with him to later use him as an example of a writer with a small heart, but how long did she take to arrive at that conclusion?? Was she walking around the winter of her sixteenth year in black turtlenecks and berets? Was she pestering her sisters about creating their own meaning? Did she repeat dramatically such Sartreisms as “I am condemned to be free” and “Hell is other people”? Did she justify every quirk by saying that she was being authentic?
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a-hundred-jewels · 8 days ago
skye and jane are they/them and she/they solidarity change my mind
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catefrankie · 9 days ago
...there was a knock at the front door. Mr. Penderwick left to answer it, and came back grumbling.
”Boys for Jane. I asked them their names and they both said Donovan, thinking they could fool me. So I didn’t offer them any pretzels.“
”There are two Donovans,” said Batty.
“Really? Well, I still won’t offer them any pretzels. Locustae, swarming the house and devouring all the snacks.“
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catefrankie · 9 days ago
Instead of going away, the boys were multiplying. Batty couldn’t help thinking they didn’t spread themselves around very well. Surely there were teenage girls right this minute without any boys at all in their houses.
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catefrankie · 9 days ago
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,” she said.
”No Rapunzels,” Batty replied sternly. They’d had this conversation dozens of times.
Lydia threw herself down in the crib and closed her eyes. “Snow White is dead. Kiss Snow White, Prince.“
”No royalty at all. If you want to get out of that crib, stand up and be an American.”
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a-hundred-jewels · 10 days ago
Lmao found these penderwicks memes I made like a year ago:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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janesramblings · 10 days ago
Headcanon that contrary to popular belief Skye and Batty didn’t bond over their mother in the Penderwicks in Spring. No, they bonded about four years later when they both realized they had crushes on their best friends, and it wasn’t Jeffrey. (it was, of course, Melissa and Keiko)
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izzielizzie · 10 days ago
the penderwicks for the asks?
favorite female character
Jane Penderwick
favorite male character
Rafael. He was perfect in the single book he was in. Also he and Ben? Comedic geniuses and amazing boyfriends. While only one of those are canon in the book, they're both canon in my mind.
favorite book
The Penderwick on Gardam Street. It was perfect and I love books set in the fall
my favorite ship
Rosalind and Tommy. The ultimate friends to lovers. But also Rafael and Ben. Try to tell me they didn't get married and make movies with a reluctant Lydia and her very enthusiastic husband and sister-in-law Jack and Alice and speak Klingon to each other.
a character I'd die defending
Mercedes Orne. She worshiped both Skye and Jeffrey, adored Jane, and was a sweet friend to Batty. I wish she was invited to Rosy's wedding so we could have seen her all grown up :((
a character I just can't sympathize with
Dexter Dupree. Ugh.
a character I grew to love
Both Lydia and Mrs. Tifton, which actually goes hand in hand. I couldn't stand Lydia in the fourth book, and I hated Mrs. Tifton in the other books, but they were the comedic duo I didn't know I needed in the fifth book.
my anti otp
Jeffery and Batty. It's so wrong on so many levels. Let Batty be with Keiko and Jeffery with Jane.
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izzielizzie · 12 days ago
could u do a short Rosalind and Tommy fic?
This is by no means short and also it’s not that great but enjoy anyway! Also? the football coach? Definitely took some inspiration from my soccer coach. 
Tommy was having, to put it plainly, a terrible day.
It had started that morning, when he awoke to the most obnoxious bang he had ever heard. Not fully awake yet, Tommy jumped, falling out of his bed.
"Where's the canon?" Tommy mumbled, running his fingers through his rumpled dark hair. It took him a moment to realize that he wasn't talking to anyone. Tommy made the effort to scramble off the floor and venture out of his room, calling for his parents as he looked into the rooms of his house. Empty. He glanced out of the kitchen window and saw his older brother Nick in the driveway. "Nick?"
"Out here Kid!" Nick called back from the driveway.
"Obviously," Tommy mumbled. Nick was back from the military for a two month long vacation, something that had been as much of a surprise to Nick as it had been to his loved ones, and in the past three days Nick had managed to cause general chaos on their beloved Gardam Street.
Tommy pushed through the side door, bypassing the coat rack on his way out. This was his first mistake.
He stepped into the frigid early December air to see Nick staring into the hood of his car.
"What was that noise?" Tommy asked, stepping up next to his brother.
"The car, I -"
"Hello," a voice called from across the street, interrupting Nick. The brothers turned to see Rosalind, Skye, and Jane Penderwick trekking across the frost covered street to their house, Jane in the lead, waving at them. "Whoops," she said as she nearly slipped. Tommy saw Skye roll her eyes at Jane, but he looked past her at Rosalind. Tommy smiled at her, despite the intense shivering that overtook him. She looked adorable in her beige peacoat and black cap that looked a little like a beret, sitting jauntily atop her curls. Rosalind raised a hand to wave at him, and Tommy waved back.
"You're going to get a cold," Rosalind said as a way of greeting when the sisters reached Tommy and Nick.
"No I'm not," Tommy responded, pulling her into him for warmth anyway. She giggled and rested her head on his chest, her arms around his waist.
"So what happened to the car Geiger?" Skye asked, punching Nick in the shoulder gently.
"Not sure," Nick says truthfully.
"Maybe the battery was stolen. We know how to put it back," Jane said, peering into the car, mimicking Nick's stance.
"No we don't banana head," Skye said, kicking at Jane's slippers with her own. Unlike their older sister, Jane and Skye were still wearing pajamas underneath their heavy sweaters. "We know how to remove one though," Skye added as an afterthought.
"Maybe not mention that out loud," Tommy joked as the rest of the Penderwick family approached them, Batty and Ben in the lead, Ben holding his sister's hand.
Nick instantly turned to swing Ben high above his head. "How are you doing on this fine morning Bravo-Echo-November?"
"Golf-Oscar-Oscar-Delta," the boy giggled as Nick placed him on his shoulders.
"Ugh Nick, don't encourage him," Rosalind said from her place in her boyfriend's arms. "He's been using that alphabet for the past two days."
"Buck up Rosy, Ben's learning how to spell," Mr. Penderwick said, clapping Tommy on the shoulder.
"Car trouble?" Iantha asked pleasantly, the last one to arrive. Like her step-daughter, she was dressed in her day clothes.
"It would seem so Iantha," Nick said solemnly. He brightened instantly though. "How's the baby?"
Iantha smiled like she did every time Nick asked that question. "Very good at sapping my energy," she said with a smile as she put a hand on her stomach.
"My brother's gonna be as cool as you!" Ben informed Nick with a little clap.
"Ben dear, the baby might be a girl," Rosalind said, shaking Ben's little foot from his high perch.
"No," Ben said in his stubborn voice. Rosalind rolled her eyes, but Tommy knew she was not actually upset. She loved Ben too much for that.
"Well, how will you get to school Tommy?" Batty asked, speaking for the first time. Both Geiger brothers looked at each other, not considering Tommy's options for getting to school.
"Are your parents at work?" Mr. Penderwick asked. He was dressed for work too, and Tommy noticed the car keys dangling from his hand. Both boys nodded. Tommy turned to Rosalind.
"Can I go with you Rosy?"
Rosalind's face fell. "Oh Tommy I'm sorry, but I'm not going to school remember?"
Oh. Rosy had taken the day before winter vacation off to drive to Rhode Island to take a self-guided tour of Brown, a college on her list for years.
"I remember. It's okay."
"Tommy if you're ready Iantha and I can take you on our way to the university," Mr. Penderwick said.
"It'll have to be right now though," Iantha added. "We have to go to the kindergarten and the elementary school first to drop off Ben and Batty."
Tommy looked down to his pajamas and his bare feet, which were becoming numb. "I might not be ready in time," he said.
"Why you can walk with us!" Jane said brightly. “And tell us about Russian class and your football team!”
Skye rolled her eyes again. As a freshman, Jane was still too excited about being in high school, and her excitement oozed into everything she said and did. 
“But we need to leave soon too. I have a question for my physics teacher,” Skye added.
Tommy agreed, and the two families dispersed, leaving Tommy to quickly pull on his warmest clothes and brush his teeth. He decided to forego breakfast, since Skye was ringing their doorbell incessantly. 
“Hey Nick, where’s my hat?” Tommy called to his brother, who was getting ready to go back to bed after calling the towing company. 
“Mom sent it to the cleaners!” Nick called back over the doorbell. 
Right, Mrs. Geiger - fed up with the mud Tommy got on his winter clothes - decided to send all of his outerwear to the cleaner, forcing Tommy to wear one of Mr. Geiger’s old jackets. Tommy - after realizing that he could search for the hat and annoy Skye and himself or just leave - called goodbye to his brother and stepped out. It somehow had become even colder than it had been earlier. 
Tommy walked to school behind the sisters, letting their conversations drift towards him as he shivered violently. As they neared the school, Jane looked back at him. 
“Are you alright?”
“Just cold.”
“Shall I bathe your forehead?”
“Jane stop with the forehead bathing. Not all ailments need you and your cold washcloths,” Skye said giving Tommy an apologetic look. 
“Why do you always ask?” Tommy asked, genuinely curious.
“Because no one ever said yes,” Jane said irritably. 
Tommy shook his head at Jane as his stomach rumbled. He ignored it.
He spent the next three and a half hours ignoring his stomach until his lunch block. 
“I have never seen you walk so fast,” Brendan - one of his football teammates - said as they headed to the cafeteria. 
“I haven’t eaten all day,” Tommy responded.
“Long story,” Tommy responded as he fished around in his school bag for his wallet. Tommy searched for a few moments, growing more and more panicked until he realized that his wallet was always in his gym bag which was always swung over his left sh-
“Brendan have you seen my gym bag?” Tommy asked frantically as they stepped forward in the lunch line.
“No, you didn’t have it with you in class.”
“Oh no,” Tommy said, realizing that he had put his gym bag in Nick’s car. 
“It’s in Nick’s car.”
“Can’t you go to the main office and call him? I mean he remembers how scary Coach is. He’ll drive it over.”
“Yes he would, except his car was towed since a pipe burst or something.”
Brendan nodded wisely. “Always the pipe.”
Tommy shook his head in exasperation. “What do I do?”
Brendan put a placating hand on Tommy’s shoulder. “The team will pool our money, don’t worry, and we’ll deal with Coach when we cross that bridge.”
Between Brendan and their teammates, they managed enough money for an apple, a bag of pretzels, and a carton of milk, which Tommy only managed to eat before the bell rang for their next class.
“Alright students, pull out your group projects, we’re presenting today,” their history teacher was saying as Tommy and another of his teammates - Jackson - entered the room.
“Group projects?” Tommy asked Jackson as they sat in their seats in the middle of the room. Tommy usually sat in the back, but Rosalind was in the class and she liked to sit in the front, so they compromised. 
“Yeah. About the Silk Road? Remember? You worked with Rosalind.”
“And she’s not here,” Tommy whispered harshly, briefly wondering how his day could have gotten this bad. 
Jackson made a face of comprehension. “Sorry Geiger, you’re on your own.”
They turned to their teacher as he started speaking. “Going alphabetically, Tommy Geiger and Rosalind Penderwick are first to present.”
With a sigh, Tommy raised his hand. “Yes?”
“Sir, Rosy - that is, Rosalind isn’t here today.”
Their teacher sighed. “Then present on your own please.”
“But, Rosalind has the project.”
“Why didn’t she give it to you?”
“She must have... I mean, I must have forgotten.”
“You forgot?” The look Tommy was receiving was worse than any of Rosy’s withering looks. Tommy sank down in in his seat a little as Jackson flinched sympathetically next to him.
“Yes sir.”
“Well, I hope you understand this will be reflected in both of your grades.”
“Yes sir, I know sir,” Tommy said, mentally kicking himself. He didn’t care much for his grade but Rosy had worked so hard, and he hated for her to not get the marks she deserved. 
Tommy passed the next two classes in a blur tired hungry, cold, and more importantly, incredibly angry at himself for letting Rosy’s grade slip. 
He let himself wallow in self pity until he stepped out into the football field and realized - to his dismay - that it was snowing. And not the delicate flurries that had been falling on the walk to school. No, this was the heavy, wet snow, the kind that could block roads and make passing drills rather difficult. 
“Alright boys, into your workout clothes. Snow never stopped football players!”
“Have fun telling Coach,” Jackson said, referencing Tommy’s missing gym bag.
“We’ll wait for you in the locker room,” Brendan added more kindly. 
“Thanks,” Tommy mumbled as he headed towards his coach. “Coach?”
“Geiger! Into the locker room!”
“Yes sir, I will sir, but um...” Tommy trailed off, shaking his hands to get the cold numb feeling out of them. 
“Speak up!”
“I don’t have my gym bag.”
“It’s um, in Nick’s car? And it broke down?”
“Is that a question?”
“No? I mean... no.” Tommy kicked at the snow with his sneakers, not meeting his coach’s eye. 
“Well then, you can run laps.” 
Tommy looked up. “What?”
“You’re not getting a free pass Geiger.” Coach looked down at Tommy menacingly, as if he thought very little of people who tried to get out of football games. Not many things scared Tommy, but Coach was most definitely on the short list. 
“No sir. But what should I wear?”
“Jeans are fine.”
Tommy opened his mouth to ask another question, but his coach was already walking away. With a sigh, he went to the locker room to put his bag away. Thankfully, Brandon offered him one of his sweaters so Tommy would have only a slightly less chance of getting pneumonia. 
“Coach was brutal today,” Brandon announced three hours later as the boys headed to the parking lot. Tommy, trailing after them, shivering so violently his teeth were chattering. 
“At least you’re not Geiger,” a team member said, doubling back to clap Tommy on the shoulder. His knees nearly locked. “Sorry!”
“It’s f-f-fine,” Tommy responded as they neared the line of parked cars. 
“Want a ride home?” Brandon asked.
“He doesn’t need one,” Jackson said. 
Jackson pointed to an old blue car at the edge of the parking lot, where a figure in a beige peacoat and a black cap was sitting on the hood of the car. Upon seeing the group of boys, the figure slid off the car. 
“But Rosy is in R-r-rhode Island,” Tommy said in disbelief. 
“Apparently not,” Jackson said with a grin.
“S-s-see you later,” Tommy said suddenly, breaking into a run despite his protesting legs. He barreled towards the car at full force, stopping only to grab Rosalind in a hug and swing her around, despite his screaming muscles. He could hear his teammates cheering somewhere behind them, but he was too busy hugging Rosalind as tight as he could. 
“What are you doing here?” he asked into her hair.
“The roads were closed so I cam back home. No point in being stranded in the middle of nowhere.”
“I missed you.”
“Gosh Tommy you’re so cold,” Rosalind said in response, pulling away.
“It’s been a long day Rosy,” Tommy said, brushing snow out of his girlfriend’s hair.
“Wait, tell me in a moment, let me grab something.” Rosalind reached into the car and pulled out a garment bag from the Cameron Dry Cleaners. She unzipped it to reveal Tommy’s jacket, hat, and gloves.
“How did you -”
“I remembered your mother brought them in last week and I needed to pick up some stuff for Batty and Jane. I thought you might be cold without them so I got yours too.”
With a laugh, Tommy reached forward and kissed Rosalind, long and hard. “Thank you. But did you pay?”
“Yes but don’t worry about it.”
Tommy nodded, secretly resolving to pay her back. He knew her family’s finances worried her. Unfortunately, Rosy knew him enough to know what he was thinking.”
“Stop worrying Tommy, really. Here, put these on you’re going to get sick.”
Rosalind helped him into his jacket. He pulled his gloves on, and with a giggle, Rosy pushed his hat onto his head. It didn’t fully sit on his head properly, but she looked so adorable standing on her toes to reach his head that he had to pull her in for another kiss, forgetting about the cold and the snow.
“Thanks beautiful,” he whispered to her.
“Any time. Come on, I’ll drive you home.”
Tommy took his usual spot in the passenger’s side, and Rosalind slid behind the wheel. “Oh, one more thing.” Rosalind pulled a thermos out from the back seat cupholder. “I made hot chocolate. I didn’t get to taste it but-”
Tommy cut her off by pulling her into him in a tight hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you Rosy.”
Rosalind pulled away, laughing. “Of course. I knew you’d be cold. Especially since I heard about your disastrous day.”
“You did? How?” Tommy asked, surprised, as Rosalind started the car and backed out of the lot. 
“Skye and Jane told me. Apparently you got yelled at during history?”
“It was project presentation day,” Tommy supplied. Rosalind glanced over at him. 
“Don’t worry about the grade. I’ll talk with him.”
“I feel so bad,” Tommy admitted.
“No, it was my job to remember to give it to you. Anyway, it’s winter vacation. Just enjoy the time off with your brother, okay?”
“And you,” Tommy said emphatically.
“And me,” Rosalind agreed. She cut a glance over to him as they turned into the chaos of Gardam street. “I love you Tommy.”
“I love you so much more. You have no idea.” 
Rosalind smiled. 
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bookcub · 13 days ago
Not sure if you've read them, but Skye from the Penderwicks is for sure an ace lesbian!
love love love penderwicks!!! this totally matches my version of her!!
Tumblr media
send in queer headcanons!!
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daydreamer16yrs · 13 days ago
Instead, she looked up at sky, which was now clear, the clouds of earlier days had blown away, and searched the stars for geometric patterns. She wanted to find a diamond, which was her new favourite figure. A warped square. Could there be anything more interesting? -The penderwicks at gardam street, chapter seven
Tumblr media
Hope you maybe like this fanart of Skye
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a-hundred-jewels · 14 days ago
cruel summer ch11: so put your best face on everybody
Fic Summary
Read on: Ao3 Wattpad
Word Count: 7000 ish
Summary: weave those feelings into a friendship bracelet and tie it around my wrist. and don't you dare miss lunch.
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They belong to Jeanne Birdsall and Rick Riordan. I'd say that they had better take care of them, or something along the lines of that, but I don't think either of them plan on writing with either of these characters ever again, and thus I believe they should be ours for the taking. So uh. dibs. (joking)
Jane notices me looking and holds up the bracelet. “What do you think?” she asks. The silver looks pretty next to the lavender. There’s a small R printed on the bead that I hadn’t noticed before. “For Rosalind?” I ask. Jane turns pink. “Uh, yeah. Totes. For Rosalind.” I shrug.
“Can I have one of those beads?” I ask. Jane looks up, her cheeks still tinted pink. “Oh, yeah. Course.” She slides the jar over to the middle of the table and I rummage through it for a B . Jane reaches in beside my hand and pulls out an A. I frown as Jane starts to tie it into her bracelet.
“Jane, that’s an A. ”
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