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#the pawn
theperplexedpoet · 7 days ago
the collective (the pawn wandered aimless) - a new poem
the collective it gathers here in the power of words they come to share what matters here where they can all be heard as all the blocks get shattered so the dream it gets preserved the collective it gathers here in the power of words so the pawn wandered aimless through this web, widely woven pain and pen set to frame this scars borne out in the open but he knew there must be more than this cold path tread alone magic he had touched before and that he had once called home but that was before the storm broke what will he had within when it then became his norm to retreat into his pen from there he heard a choir singing a familiar verse then he approached the risers just as he had once rehearsed the collective it gathers here in the power of words they come to share what matters here where they can all be heard as all the blocks get shattered so the dream it gets preserved the collective it gathers here in the power of words so the pawn wandered aimless through this web, widely woven pretended he was blameless as each retreat was chosen still he knew there must be more when he heard the chorus sing magic he had touched before when his voice had little ring back long before the storm clouds gathered intent to break him too cold to ever warm crowds with sentiments forsaken and so he turned defeated from the guild's gilded tower here, ever the retreated no hero's quest or power the collective it gathers here in the power of words they come to share what matters here where they can all be heard as all the blocks get shattered so the dream it gets preserved the collective it gathers here in the power of words as the pawn wandered aimless through this web, widely woven for a chance to re-frame this knew he must remain open for he knew that there was more and it was empowering magic he had touched before that kept him from cowering that he had too long ignored in these waves of suffering so he sang again once more with the choir's offering he stepped up on the risers just as he had once rehearsed new counsel, new advisors and that old familiar verse the collective it gathers here in the power of words they come to share what matters here where they can all be heard as all the blocks get shattered so the dream it gets preserved the collective it gathers here in the power of words here the pawn found direction through this web, widely woven in flames of resurrection where a new fate was chosen (4/8/2021)
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theperplexedpoet · 24 days ago
the crown - a new poem
the pawn he sits a tattered throne the crown ill-fits tis not his own a tangled wood that he calls home for his own good a king alone world gets colder torn at the seams verse is over no time for dreams snow is falling so goes the crown knew his calling he wrote it down a tangled wood found in retreat for his own good to be complete world gets colder torn at the seams verse is over no time for dreams the pawn he sits a weathered king the crown ill-fits just not his thing (3/22/21)
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allyjoe755 · 5 months ago
But because I love you, I feel it every time you hurt and every time you're disappointed. I understand how upset you are. . . But it's your life. . . and you can make something of yourself no matter what they tell you.
Nina, The Pawn by Aimee Carter
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hwarang-number · 6 months ago
You know how, when you're a relatively new fan entering a long-running fandom, you have an approximate decade of stuff to catch up on and might well fixate on something that everyone else has been over and done with for years?
Yes. Well. Unnie and I went to Goodwill on Saturday and found, erm, vintage chess piece after-shave bottles... 🤭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Otherwise known as:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm presently scoping eBay for The King™ (for Jinki) and The Knight™ (for Minho) to complete the set. 🥰
If the references elude you, here's the SHINee chess VCR for your gratuitous viewing pleasure a memory refresher. 😉
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thegrimdarknarrator · a year ago
It’s Alice’s (and Stanley Nero’s) birthday today. 
While Alice stalks around the Offices wearing a crown and doing witchcraft, her little brother Stanley, his new sister and their family are spending it in at an amusement park, going on rides and playing in a giant arcade. 
Both Neros are planning on spending today with people they love, nonetheless.
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scribblesinksandcolor · a year ago
Tumblr media
Another practice! I do much better when it's large. Next stage will be doing, stippling shading, cross hatching and all that. It will be...a process.
Just to help give some dimension for it. These are ment to help me remember before starting a commisioned I got- like a few weeks ago. All that's left is figureing out if Imma do it on large poster board oooor something. I shall see what I can find this weekend!
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authorjjhanna · 2 years ago
Catch my first book haul of 2019! Who doesn’t want more books to read? More than that, who doesn’t want to get free books?
I know I love it.
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headfulloffantasies · 2 years ago
Raven's Reviews
Top 10 Favourite books of all time!
Category: Thriller
The Pawn by Steven James.
Book 1 of The Patrick Bowers Files
Tumblr media
I have such a hard time selling this book to people, because it at a glance it's your typical cop drama. But underneath that is a writing style that is so profound and deep. The main characater is Patrick Bowers. Pat is an FBI agent whose skills are on par with Sherlock Holmes. Pat notices the details no one else does. But instead of being the resentful loner most fictional cops are, Pat enjoys explaining his theories and having input. In fact, he often stumbles on a missing link while he's explainig his process to his fellow investigators. He's a great team player.
The plot is very typical. Pat gets called out to a murder scene. He connects the dots. The mystery continues at break neck speed. What's intriguing about The Pawn is that there are three consecutive stories being narrated simultaneously. The majority is from Pat's perspective, but a few chapters are other parties. It isn't until the end that they all come together. The plot isn't what I read The Pawn for (although I really do love the suspense and the mystery). I read The Pawn for the characters. Steven James has a way of spinning out real people who feel like they really exist. (Also Raven Ellis might be part of the inspiration for my online pseudoname)
This is probably the hardest book to review, because how do you explain "it's fits snugly into its genre and yet defies it"? A very exciting read. When I want a mystery I go to Steven James.
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thegrimdarknarrator · 3 years ago
Stanley Nero’s Day at Disneyland
The overwhelming smell of fat, mixed with incoherent screaming and shouts knocked him straight into wide eyed consciousness.
Stanley Nero nearly toppled over with fright at the sudden onslaught on his senses. For several seconds he couldn’t see anything but sharp, vivid colors and dark shadowy patches lurking in corners.
The noise was almost unbearable.
His fight-or-flight instincts kicked in and he pushed his arms out, shoving a growing shape with a crooked grin away forcefully, before taking off into the crowd of shrieking, writhing figures.
He got about two steps before he smacked into something hard and toppled to the floor.
Something resembling a foot kicked at him, but it never managed to connect with its target (his ribs) as something – or someone grabbed the back of his shirt and yanked him up, effectively choking him.
Stanley shouted in surprise and pain, but it came out rather pathetic, quickly swallowed by the noise around him.
“Leave me alone!”
Whoever was holding him punched his shoulder hard.
“Stanley, you massive idiot.” The voice came again, sounding only all too familiar.
“….Alice?” Stanley’s eyes widened.
“Who else would it be? Man, what happened, did someone slip something into your drink?” Alice let go of his shirt (no - he realized he was wearing his old hoodie) and crossed her arms over her chest with annoyance, but he could easily see her amusement at his bewildered flailing.
Stanley pulled his hoodie straight.
Alice raised her eyebrows. “Do you want to go home or what?”
“…” Instead of answering, he just stood and stared at her. Her hair was up in a messy bun she used to have, and she was dressed in the whole just-rolled-out-of-bed look that she was so fond of, always spending hours perfecting alone it in her room.
Her cheeks were flushed and the excitement of their location left no space for concern for her younger brother’s odd behavior; she looked and acted every bit like the Alice he used to know, yet every fiber of him screamed that it couldn’t be her.
Not after everything.
Several seconds passed and Alice grew tired of waiting for a response. She reached for Stanley’s wrist and grabbed it tightly, rolling her eyes when he winced.
“Too bad, we’re not going home until I’ve conned someone out of their money – or possibly gotten a cute girl’s number, either one is fine~”
She began dragging him across the room and he realized where they were.
The yelling was still incoherent, but it was mixed with laughter and arcade music.
Bodies – no, people pushed around them, some with their families, others with partners, most of them in the Nero siblings’ age groups.
It was an old Bowling and Arcade Center in their hometown, the hotspot for teens (and sometimes families) during the weekend.
Besides having the biggest bowling alley, arcades, and even a small movie theater, it had a wide variety of food and snacks. You could get everything from pancakes, to pizza, burgers and sundaes, and while the quality of the food was debatable, that never seemed to stop anyone.
They always – had always spent their weekends here, with friends or alone.
Alice dragged him through the noisy crowd, until they found a quieter, less populated corner by the popcorn machine. To their right was the entrance to the cinema.
“I still have about fifteen dollars, how much have you got?”
“Alice, listen to me.”
“I’m listening,” she said offhandedly and pulled out her phone.
His slightly frightened confusion melted into annoyance. He stepped to her and plucked it out of her hand.
“Hey, quit it!”
Stanley held it out of reach. “Stop being a bitch for a second and listen to me.”
She glared at him, but didn’t attempt to get her phone back with force, even though Stanley knew she was all too capable.
“What? What’s your problem?”
“I- something’s not right. I’m- no, we’re not supposed to be here.”
“It’s Friday, Stanley, mom and dad know we’re out here. Honestly, did someone drug you? I’m never going to hear the end of it with mom if you got roofied. Idiot.”
“…don’t you remember anything?” He tried again, sounding desperate.
She gave him another look.
“Maybe you’re in a dreeeeam, Stanley. Maybe everything you thought to be real was just a very, very bad dream.” Her voice was cruel, mocking. He instinctively shuddered and took a step away from her.
Alice reached for her phone again, but he held it close against his chest.
“It wasn’t- it couldn’t have been a dream. It- it was too vivid. Too….horrifying.” My mind couldn’t have imagined up the actual agony I felt.
“So, what? Who cares whether it was a dream or not. You’re here now, aren’t you? With your big sister, in our favorite place in the world.”
“Do you want to go back?”
“Then what is it?”
“This is another trick of theirs. Of yours! I want to get out of here, whatever fake illusion this is, and I want to go back to the actual Arcade center with the real you.”
She sighed. Her irritation was gone now, replaced by a slight pitying look. “Stanley, I am real. I’m as real as they come. Which might not mean much, but-”
She stepped to him and he winced again. But she only placed her hands on his shoulders, and looked him straight in the eyes, with a rare kind expression he hadn’t seen on her in years. Decades?
“Why do you want to ruin everything? We’re here to have fun, to forget about whatever lurks in the Outside and to pretend for these few hours, just like everyone else here, that things are okay. But we can stay for as long as we want to. Days, even weeks. Don’t ruin it by trying to figure out what is and isn’t reality. That doesn’t matter.”
“…what about Maelle?”
Alice fell silent. Her grip tightened on Stanley’s shoulders and suddenly he was scared that he overstepped and made her mad. But the softness in her eyes didn’t fade.
“Don’t worry about her.” Alice said simply, and offered no further explanation.
She squeezed his shoulders once, then let him go and stepped back. “Now. I dare you to come watch Child’s Play with me. I bet you can’t make it to the end without running out of the room~”
Alice grinned and the moment was gone. Stanley let his worry go with it and allowed himself to smile a bit. “If I win, you have to try Sarah’s horrible Roadkill Sandwich. With extra ketchup.”
She shoved him hard and grabbed back her phone while he was distracted with not crashing into the wall.
“What sort of popcorn would you like?” Alice called over her shoulder as she rushed towards the ticket booth.
“Anything but caramel. I’m sick of caramel.” He retorted, seeing her smirk.
“Yeah? Me too. Let’s get cheese flavored.”
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thegrimdarknarratorx · 3 years ago
On his twentieth birthday, Stanley Nero was not trapped in literal Hell, possessed by demons or tormented by the shell of what had once been his sister, but safe and sound in bed, no longer starved or afraid for his sanity.
And on her twenty fifth birthday, the once doomed Alice was not spending it a husk of herself, roaming the silent Office where the only thing that remained of the people she lost were dried bloodspots on the carpet.
She was surrounded by her family, loved ones the Alice of this dimension had abandoned in exchange for something dark and evil.
From the moment she and Stanley had returned back to reality, their bond had strengthened immediately as survivors of rare trauma. Their parents welcomed them back, happy and content, their minds muffled, kept from remembering the sleepless nights they had cried over their dead children.
But it’s what Stanley wanted, and what she wanted as well.
Their reunion was homely, warm. There wasn’t a lot of screaming, sobbing, nor did they spend their first week back on solid ground being questioned by doctors, police officers and whoever else had been involved in their family’s case.
A goodbye gift from the Acolyte, they knew, who had somehow manipulated those around them into giving them a quiet welcome home.
Though, it wasn’t a gift out of kindness or pity. There was an underlying threat.
You have your happy ending, now if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stick with it. We don’t want you back.
And even though the formerly doomed Alice had sometimes caught Stanley (now her brother and hers alone) crying himself to sleep, ashamed of leaving his original Alice behind to perish in her insanity; even when it took him a while to stop calling her his other sister or – ‘the other Alice’ – they loved each other as dearly as a brother and sister could.
Their shared secrets gave them halt with one another.
Stanley graduated school with the pride of his family; Alice moved into a university that was much closer to home, so she and Stanley could both work on their higher education, never too far from each other.
And aside from their modified bodies and occasional glimpses of malevolent spirits eyeing them in the passing (spies from the Acolyte or  demons who recognize Stanley, they never found out; thankfully both parties kept their respective distances) life was pretty much normal.
Perfectly normal, actually.  
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thegrimdarknarratorx · 3 years ago
Stanley Nero left today to go home to his parents with an alternate Alice, one who lost everything when she tried to save her brother and the grimdarks from succumbing to the demonic influences. 
They are both happy - if awkward - and might be back to visit the folks in the Office when they feel like it.
Stanley also promised his Alice that he'll go study something and get a degree,  but promise aside, he's too scared to find out what she'll do if he doesnt.
The Accomplice is overjoyed that she got her wish at last, returning to a home with a brother much like her own, where she doesnt need to spend her days chasing after ghosts, but can just be a normal human being, surrounded by people she loves and who love her.
So, all in all, a very happy end.
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thegrimdarknarratorx · 3 years ago
Headcanon Stanley would listen to anything, but his music tastes lie more in doom metal / post rock 
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nabesthetics · a day ago
Me: Hmm, ever since I got back into the Arcana, I really just dropped all other games, which is a shame because I do miss RPG action. Maybe it’s time to revisit an old favorite to spice things up a bit :)
Also me:
Tumblr media
YAY VARIETY!! now to get them actually good equipment lmao this looks so wrong, gotta love low-level characters
Tumblr media
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wandering-sooty · 8 days ago
My elo is about to break 1000. London system op.
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azarland · 15 days ago
anyway azriel Did give feastday prank gifts to all the companions & yes they Did all bonk him on the head.     alistair wouldn’t speak to azriel nor morrigan for three days because he considered the alistair doll azriel gave morrigan as a gift a team - effort prank.     azriel gave him a hand puppet to make up for it.     (   he didn’t actually expect for it to work   ) .     zevran didn’t talk to azriel for a week after the chastity belt, & he never let az forget about it.    alistair, morrigan, & wynne all in particular used their prank gifts as tools for Bonking azriel on the head.     in azriel’s opinion, it was all highly worth it.
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