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#the only thing not true is the bake part
thal-ent · a day ago
gae peach and cowboy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hyperfixation-hideout · 23 hours ago
Underrated RWBY character: Offscreen!Oscar
Never heard of him? Here’s a list of things this elusive yet prominent character has done:
had his first ever conversation with Oz
decided to leave home
maybe left a note, maybe said goodbye, who knows? O!O is mysterious like that
switched with Oz for the first time, which probably was really interesting
talked to Qrow in the bar long enough for him to get THAT drunk
walked Qrow home safely
training arc (trust me)
training with the cane for the first time (or at all)
presumably talked to Oz about taking control without permission?
had an existential crisis and realization after being attacked (aka “did some thinking”)
got new clothes/went therapy thrifting and baked a casserole for the people who hurt him
came to a new (ambiguous) resolution about his fate
training arc part 2 Atlas boogaloo
Fun fact: you can actually spot Offscreen Oscar onscreen! The v7 intro promised us Oscar/Ironwood sparring, but it didn’t make the cut, so Offscreen Oscar got a cameo in the intro! It’s true!
whatever the fuck else he was up to for most of volume 7
fought Neo (”but, she looked like someone else!”) - the encounter left Atlas guards all lying on the floor, but O!Oscar was still able to run after her
told RWBN about getting captured by Salem, Ozpin’s return, and Emerald’s defection
told RWBYJNR about Ironwood shooting him and him unlocking magic (we can only assume??)
fended off ravagers in Vacuo
Probably has had, like, ANY conversation(s) with Oz about how the merge actually works. But maybe not! Who knows what he knows? Or what he thinks? Not us! (: 
... and much more! Truly, an underrated character.
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brisbaneroleplay · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Age: 42 years old Date of birth: November 20th, 1978 Gender and preferred pronouns: Cis man - He/him Occupation: Owner & Executive Chef at Medley Riverside Dining Place of birth: Santa Monica, California Neighborhood: Kangaroo Point Length of residency in Brisbane: 2 years
Zuberi King was born and raised in the coastal city of Santa Monica along with his younger sibling, Khari. Their family didn’t have the best start, but they persevered. Initially, the happily married Jelani and Zwena had so many plans for their future. Zwena thought she didn’t want to be anything more than a stay-at-home mom while her husband, Jelani took over the reins from his father at the helm of the family’s businesses. The King patriarch had been molding Jelani for his time in the limelight. Zwena didn’t see the gift of motherhood as putting her life on hold until the weeks turned into months, which rolled into years being at home as a doting mother and wife. It’s only then that she began to resent her decision. Arguments grew in frequency in the King household, and so did the space between the couple. Jelani and Zwena didn’t want to give up on their marriage, so they tried everything that broken couples do. The therapy definitely worked, and they began to mend not only as a couple, but as a family. Zuberi was ten years old and Khari only three, so at that time neither of them were in a position to fully understand the gravity of the discord between his parents. 
With only around seven years separating the siblings, Zuberi and Khari maintained a close and supportive relationship throughout the years. Even though Khari could hold her own when it came to growing pains like bullies for example, it never stopped Zuberi from intervening as the protective big brother. In fact it’s where he got one of his childhood moniker’s from. The nickname ‘Beri-Bear’ was given to him by Khari who adored her older brother, but also struggled to say his full name from day one. The toddler usually called him Beri, and naturally because of his towering and intimidating presence the Bear part soon followed. Unfortunately for Zuberi, even at his age both Khari and their mother still call him Beri-Bear to this day. The same way in which Zuberi always looked out for his sibling, the action is reciprocated ten-fold with Khari. Growing up, the siblings were raised around the family businesses in the food and beverage service industry. Cooking and baking were things that they learned to do, as well as how to manage the businesses. The intention of Jelani and Zwena were that they would keep the businesses in the family for generations to come. Unfortunately, both siblings weren’t on board with that plan. Khari had a different career path in mind entirely, but Zuberi was all for it, however his dreams extended beyond what a small family restaurant and bakery could contain. Zuberi encouraged Khari to chase her dreams, and vice versa, much to their parents' chagrin. For years the King’s ran very successful businesses in the food and beverage industry. While his mother and grandmother operated the bakery called King of Cakes, Jelani ran the family’s restaurant, which is simply named King’s. Zuberi and Khari abandoned family tradition in pursuit of their own happiness. 
As Zuberi grew older, he was more inclined towards culinary arts and showed great promise. His true passion for everything food could not be denied. He loves to experiment with ingredients, create interesting dishes, confections, and cakes. Therefore, to support their culinary arts prodigy his parents gladly sent Zuberi off to earn the appropriate educational qualifications after high school. Zuberi enrolled in one of the best Culinary Institutions in Los Angeles; the Institute of Culinary Education. The time seemed to fly by so fast, that by the time Zuberi completed his externship in Paris, he was on his way back to the United States. Zuberi was in his early-twenties when he moved to a new city with his then girlfriend, Amelia Harrison. New York is bustling and full of opportunities that the culinary duo couldn’t wait to tackle. Zuberi and Amelia met at the Institute and their relationship already spanned a few years well by the time they settled into New York life. The job of his dreams took a while to come his way, and despite how many times his parents tried to lure him back to Santa Monica, Zuberi  remained firm in his decision. From Commis to Grillardin then onto Chef Tournant, it was hard work, but Sous Chef was finally within his reach. Amelia was thriving as well. Her talents in the kitchen were excellent, but never on par with his level of ingenuity. They appreciated and complemented each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Amelia had always been drawn to the business side of the Culinary Arts. The couple dreamed of one day owning a restaurant together with Zuberi being the Executive Chef and Amelia the Owner and Manager. Unbeknownst to that ambitious and loving couple, that day will never come.
 Zuberi and Amelia’s relationship came to an end at the six year mark. Neither wanted to admit it, but they were drifting apart despite doing their best to keep their love afloat. A golden opportunity landed in Amelia’s lap, but it would require her relocating to Australia. Zuberi could not make that move with her, and Amelia would never ask him too. They were at a crossroad, and had to face the fact that this is where their story ends. So, with a mutual ending to their relationship, Amelia left to conquer her corner of the world, and he remained in New York, continuing to live the life he carved out for himself. 
Enter the winds of change; it’s now 2010 and approximately four years following Amelia’s departure. They no longer keep in touch like they used to when she first moved to Australia. Life is funny that way, it’s what happens when you’re busy making plans for it. Zuberi’s now ex-fiancée took him completely off guard when she entered his life. Their relationship is one for the books, as they say. Best friends, confidants, lovers; they meant everything to each other, and it showed. People were both envious and admirers of the couple. Zuberi and Yasemin were far from perfect, but then again, what relationship ever is? The King’s and Özacar’s adored the pair as well, so from all sides they kept getting questions about marriage and kids as the years passed by. They had quite a wait ahead because it wasn’t until January 2018 that Zuberi popped the question. A year later, the wedding plans are well underfoot, but they would never make it down the aisle. A couple of weeks before the wedding his old flame Amelia re-entered his life. Zuberi can still clearly remember the day he received the phone call from her. The news that he received from her turned his life upside down. In 2006 Amelia gave birth to their daughter and named her Nevaeh Harrison-King. The child’s existence has been kept a secret from him all these years. Amelia claimed she was going to come clean, but as the years rolled on it grew difficult. What started off as her protecting her dreams and ambitions first, turned into an intricate web of lies, that she isn’t even sure how to extricate herself. Added to this bombshell was another, which dealt with why after all this time she reached out. Amelia was terminally ill and slowly losing her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. The poor prognosis and fear for her daughter’s welfare meant she had no choice but to reach out to Zuberi.
Zuberi didn’t even know how to tell his fiancée what was going on, especially with their wedding mere weeks away. Day in and day out Zuberi agonized over what to do for weeks, until he took the ‘easiest’ way out. With only one more week left till their nuptials, he broke things off with Yasemin and left for Brisbane. The word bittersweet doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of this situation. A short six months after he reunited with Amelia she passed on, bequeathing everything he’d need to give their daughter the best life in Brisbane. Financing, the house in Kangaroo Point, and her restaurant, Medley Riverside Dining. Dealing with her mother’s illness, the secrets, lies and the appearance of a father she was told died has not been easy for Nevaeh. In the beginning things were strained between Zuberi and his daughter. Things went from bad to worse in the months following the funeral, which resulted in the father-daughter duo seeking Psychological help for the sake of their mental well being. Now, two years later, with therapy being a powerful tool in their arsenal, Nevaeh and Zuberi’s relationship has markedly improved. 
+ selfless, protective, creative -  impulsive, reticent,possessive
portrayed by Omari Hardwick and played by Kels
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graymatch23 · a day ago
Fun With Fridge Magnet Letters
When are usually laying the applying down, wedge something at the top drugs sure the evaporator coils are not touching the ground. If you don't you think could get damaged. Traditional Top Freezer Fridge freezer. For a long time, people consider this as the only true option in regards to fridge freezer stylisme. This type is 1 you'll receive the most in kitchens inside of the world these days. Purchase a box of baking soda at your grocery preserve. Tear the top portion with the box as well as put in open in your fridge. Hand calculators also rubbish the baking soda within a plastic bag and set it inside the fridge for three days. After 3 days, notice the advance of the smell. The freezer at backside slides out very conveniently. You won't have to bend much, but preference do you can have an easy time taking from the freezer whatever it was that had been looking just for. Another benefit from this design is always it's usually more energy efficient. The way the family uses the kitchen product affects its functionality. The door must not stay open for an extended period of time because it affects the cooling be well simply because unreasonable waste of electricity bills. This American style fridge freezer have a substantial water and ice dispenser under anyone can easily place tall glasses. It is a great feature that won't only keep my food cool but me as well during the summers. The lighting strips in the fridge's interior are out very vell placed and they really light the place up potentially. pink smeg fridge for clear see. No more dark corners where I have to guess what food I put there. This fridge also looks very stylish. Likewise includes a Manhattan silver color and it goes very well with but beyond of the kitchen at home. It has two doors as as an alternative to one door, which you regularly see on smaller fridges. Keep Leftovers in the Clear. There isn't any nothing worse than opening leftovers by a month ago and in order to smell to view what is inside. Exactly what is inside of every container by inside some inexpensive clear canisters. You might need to apply certain clear labels to list the date and the contents. Leftovers will get buried in opaque cardboard boxes. You are also more very likely to see the item and eat it rather than wasting it as it finishes up in the trash. The refrigerator that just one or two for your home or your office should be there. Look at them there or better yet, purchase the fridge and other household appliances that essential to furnish your home, office but more with. Surely, you understand the right appliances that will make your office, home and more even practical to stay in. You for you to clean the refrigerator's lamp, too. At that point the fridge will be sparkling allowing it to look fresher and vacuum cleaner. Not only the fridge's parts need hoovering. Wipe down product's jars and boxes. Usually they are covered with stuck food. So slightly more food things will stuff in your fridge or perhaps freezer, the less work the fridge has to handle to cool all those. Not only do many items cool-down faster, they will also stay cool for longer durations. This will have been around in handy with power blackouts.
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talesofourworlds · a day ago
For Eizen:
which do they value more: creativity or practicality?
as a child, what were they most likely to be found doing?
For Aegis:
if they could go back in time and undo one of their own actions, which would it be?
one thing they would hate anyone to know about them.
For Sync:
if they could save one person, who would it be?
what makes them feel safe?
All from the Muse Things meme ^^
Tumblr media
I feel like Eizen values both to a degree. In terms of practicality, it's something he has to be both as a pirate and as a malak who bears the Reaper's Curse. He has to be prepared for the worst to happen and work with what he has. At the same time, the man loves art. He gushed for ages about that urn the crew found when they were therion hunting, he swiped gald from Edna's stash to buy a fake painting because he was so stricken by admiration, and he learned to bake palmiers because of Edna's fondness for them. He definitely has a bias for creativity.
As a kid, I imagine Eizen spent a lot of his time exploring the immediate area outside of where he was born. His true name is Eizen the Explorer, after all, so I imagine he'd have an itch to see the world around him from a young age. He also loved being in nature, so there's a good chance he'd be found exploring somewhere foresty when he got a bit older.
Tumblr media
If he could have a do-over, he'd tell Rebecca he loved her when she asked him to. He regrets letting her die without her last wish being granted, even if his feelings for her were complicated. And, in relation, part of him wishes he could go back and try harder to clear his name when he was branded a transgressor. All the same, though, he knows he can't go back and do any of this.
Oh, lord, if anyone outside of the Sin Squad found out about how he tried way too hard to be casual when Yuna tried to teach him... he'd probably crumble into a little fetal position of embarrassment.
Tumblr media
If he was thrust into a position where he had to choose to save only one person, and if it was between himself and the others of the Six God-Generals, he most likely would choose Largo. Sync doesn't particularly care for a lot of people, but out of all his fellow God-Generals he respects Largo the most. Not to say that he's all buddy buddy with Largo, of course, but Sync is close enough to him to know some personal things about him. Things that Sync will, of course, not repeat to others out of respect for him. Even though Sync is higher ranked than Largo is, and often will be the one calling the shots if he's assigned to work with his fellow God-Generals, he respects Largo's insight on things. Unrelated, but the God-General he'd be most likely to abandon at a moment's notice would probably be Dist. To be fair, though, none of the other God-Generals really respect Dist. Or even like him that much.
It's an odd answer, but Sync probably would say his mask makes him feel safe. At the same time, he doesn't love having to wear it due to the reasoning behind why he needs to keep his face hidden in the first place.
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slavicafire · a day ago
I've always felt poorly about my hips and thighs, 'marred' by stretch marks as they are. But then the other day I saw a picture of a woman and her bare hips, and there were stretch marks there. A silver lattice, honeycomb patterns, and I realized when it reminded me of. Fresh baked bread. The way that something rose when it grew, and how it stretched the surface as it did so. Bread and flesh, alike. A simple working of kinetics and surface tension. I could wax poetic, but it made me feel a little better, and it made me think of you.
flesh is good, our bodies are good, the way we are without moulding ourselves into something different is good. it's valuable and good no matter whether someone finds it hot -- and yet there is no shame or surprise in finding it worship-worthy either.
sometimes the world only allows us to value these things in others yet berate ourselves for the same. it's cruel like that but it's not forever. once you love it on others you can start loving it on yourself.
flesh grows and changes and stretches and shrinks and it grows hair and accumulates fat and does all the things it has to in order to allow us to be alive and live and love. flesh is good. it's natural, it's good. it's worthy of awe -- and it's just completely ordinary, too.
your body is good. it reflects and contains all the beauty of the universe -- and all the sublime and horror of it as well, and then also all of its simplest and most ordinary truths. it's true. it's authentic. it's a part of you.
thank you -- your message means the world. all my love to you, stranger, and to the simple yet beautiful human kinship of our stretch marked things and hips.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 2 days ago
Thurs 10 June ‘21
DREAMS DO COME TRUE and fanfics do come to life, how lucky are we? Seriously though, cooking show Louis AND footie Louis in one day, have we finally crossed out of the dark timeline and into some kind of blessed AU?! Louis is doing a COOKING SHOW (well, a little cooking video), and even better- it’s one of those things where he tries to recreate a recipe on his own for the camera! Full Time Meals is part of Marcus Rashford’s campaign to end child food insecurity in the UK. Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge makes easy meals from cheap ingredients for folks to follow along with, so Louis shouldn’t have too much trouble- good for him, though maybe not quite as entertaining for us, but this is one step closer to Celebrity Bake Off, keep dreaming big and crossing those fingers! Kerridge will post his recipe video on Sunday, and then Monday they’ll post Louis making the same thing. The preview pic is just long ass hair everywhere OMG. Put on a hairnet, hippie! NOT ONLY THAT I guess he is still at the studio, but hey that just means more video for us and not only that, today’s fan videos are of Louis kicking a football around- look at him GO!- with CHILDREN, goddddd. TOOO much, truly excellent.
My Policeman filming officially wrapped, and Harry took a fan pic in London (with a fan called… Harry!) Harry (Styles) is wearing his “louie” shirt (hey I didn’t name the thing okay it’s literally called that) and carrying his blue bandana in his back pocket (on the left, relevant if hanky code, probably not relevant if he was just carrying it for hay fever symptoms or whatever.)
Liam assured us that the Vegas entrepreneur dinner will be very fun and (in his underwear, hello) said that he loves his discord and he did a live chat about Lonely Bug and NFTs. He said, “lonely bug is my inner child,” there will be LB merch- “very limited toy drop might add clothes don’t know,” that the new song has “very very bright lyrics,” and said both that his knee is sore and that his knee is much better thanks, how very Liam.
And in a (these days rare for me) dip into fandom discourse, I see writer Kaitlyn Tiffany is back making the rounds of blogs for her book about the 1D fandom and how craaaazzzy larries are; BLOCK HER. Her tumblr url is kaittiffany (EDIT SJDKJFKS she has deleted since this morning OK THEN but she will be back again; I’m leaving this in for next time as we definitely haven’t seen the last of her, plus you know I went to all the trouble of writing it.) A book actually reporting on this complex and somewhat unique fandom objectively from a place of interest and curiosity would be fascinating and totally worthwhile… but sadly this REALLY ain’t it. She has made it clear she has no intention of actually writing about the intricacies of this fandom, only in finding material to bolster her already decided upon thesis about the ‘clinical paranoia’ and conspiracy theorizing of young women online. Her entire premise is based on her own preconceived bias, and she came here to find things to support her premise rather than coming up with it based on what she saw (not to mention it’s totally dated at this point, she really missed the cultural moment on that) and she has no interest in hearing what we have to say, only in pathologizing to support the sensationalist brief she probably got a publishing advance for and finding things to pull out of context to make her already decided on points. Anyway she wrote the intern- who had not blocked her to that account, oops- offering the ‘choice’ between one of our posts being quoted in her book with or without a name attached GEE THANKS SUCH GREAT OPTIONS; once she sees anything she wants to pull out of context, you can’t do anything about it (this is a public platform), so just block her so she doesn’t see it in the first place.
Hey but since we’re not getting an actual balanced book about the fandom maybe someone should write a companion book to hers analyzing the psychological phenomena of antis! Hey publishers, I can throw around buzz words too plus unlike her I know what I’m talking about as an actual member of this community, check it out: I propose an analysis in the aftermath of the Trump era of ‘othering’ in online spaces and how certain fandom groups operate as a socially acceptable entry level location of practice in demonizing a peer population which can act as a gateway to normalizing the othering of other cultures, races, etc. In this essay book I will address how fans experience peer validation and support to egg each other on in bullying other people because those people have been coded as Other and Wrong and because their community reinforces the idea that attacking other humans is Good Behavior and that normal constraints and ethics are suspended when people need to be Made to Understand the Righteous Truth and that any means justify that end, and how that carries over into non-fandom life and is dangerous as hell. Now THAT’S timely, DM for deets about where to send my advance!
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crunchy-cloud · 2 days ago
Hi! Can i please have an aot matchup? I’m a bi 19 year old girl. I’m 5’9 and i have curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I have a very soft, cozy style and i basically wear sweaters 24/7. I’m a scorpio and INTP. I’m antisocial due to anxiety, so i’m closed off to most people. I have a sarcastic and dirty sense of humor, and i’m childish. I like playfully teasing people. I’m a gryffindor, and quite stubborn. I’m easily jealous in a relationship. I’m also not very good at initiating affection. I’m really into fitness and health, and i exercise every day. Some of my other hobbies include baking, shopping, and singing. I love video games like animal crossing, but i’m also a huge horror fan. Thanks in advance!! 💕
I match you up with Jean !
Tumblr media
-Now, Jean would probably have his eyes on you on the very first day. You just give off this strong and independent aura he loves oh so much. Yes, he’d be whipped and the desire to get to know you and talk to you would be strong. But at the same time he couldn’t help but find you oh so cute. He never knew someone could look both badass and soft at the same time and this just adds to your charm and enhances his curiosity towards you !
- He’d probably try to approach you during trainings, trying to show off for you and catch your attention, then coming to talk with you. But unfortunately his plan didn’t go as well as he would have liked when he got beaten to pulps by Reiner... But hey, you still looked his way ! He just has to swallow down his shame when he sees you walking over to him to ask if he’s okay... After you beat Annie. And the smile you offer him when giving him a hand to help him off the ground is just priceless. Honestly he has just been flabbergasted.
- After the initial blush and embarrassment of making a shame of himself in front of you Jean would get more comfortable and confident, trying to not so subtly flirt with you. And at first you’d only think he is being playful and teasing you ! Just like you can be... And you decide to tease along. The two of you would exchange pick up lines and silly banters, back and forth. None of you knowing the true intentions of the other at first. This would lead to a very interesting friendship and companionship. The two of you would grow to be known as the team. You just have so much fun together and even Titans couldn’t get in the way of that. Eventually romantic feelings would start to grow on your part and you’d quickly become bitter about all these banters, clueless as to how serious Jean is about you. But not to worry, it was no to little time before he actually approached you, more serious and nervous than you’ve ever seen him. And you two would then become an item. Not only friends but lovers and partners. 
- Jean also loves your childish and sarcastic side, it just cracks him up every time and is such a breath of fresh air when all he has known is pressure and stress from expeditions. You are his safe haven and his shelter. Plus, if you eventually start being sarcastic with Eren... You have his heart, soul, feet and hands. 
- But one thing Jean isn’t that comfortable with is how stubborn you can be, of course he loves that you cans tick up for yourself and your beliefs, and he is very stubborn himself. But he also knows that this trait of character can be dangerous and he is honestly scared this would get you killed on expeditions. Every time he sees you changing direction on the battlefield to kill a Titan his heart is both grabbed by admiration and dread. An epic cocktail. But so he just has to stick to you and watch your back. Just like you do for him. You’re partners and there is no way in hell he’d let you get killed. You’re all he has left after Marco and he’d be damned if he lost you too. 
- Then, during your relationship Jean also gets to know the more vulnerable side of yours and this only strengthen his feelings towards you and his will to protect and care for you. Boy has never experienced anxiety but he sure knows what mental strife is and he is much decided to help you with your anxiety and any insecurities you may have. He’d be willing to listen any time, whenever you need a shoulder to lean on he’d be there. He won’t let you down. And just like he is your listening ear and his safe haven, you’d be his. Honestly the two of you would have such good communication and trust in one another. Just a really healthy relationship and partnership. 
- Your jealous side doesn’t bother him that much. He actually finds it cute and would reassure you any time you may feel insecure about the two of you’s relationship or his love for you. He’d embrace you from behind and nuzzle your neck, placing an innocent kiss on the neck and remind you of how much he adores you. Not before teasing you a little for being jealous over him though. 
- Jean loves your hobbies. Well he isn’t really one for shopping in my opinion but once you dragged him with you and he definitely liked it. He just loves seeing you so happy and so enthralled by all the things surrounding you. He’d probably play along and try on some things too, just to see you smile and hear your laugh. When it comes to backing, boy is a slave for your sweets. He’d really go through Hell and back for one of your cakes. Then he also loves to hear your voice when you talk, so when he discovered that you sung too ? He is at your feet and worshipping how beautiful you sound. He’d probably ask you to sing him to sleep too as he rests his head on your laps. 
- Modern Jean is obviously big on video games, and although he has never played Animal Crossing he’d love for you to show him what it is about. He’d probably get into it too afterwards and you two would play alongside one another. Then about horror movies... Well he is not exactly a fan. He’d be this kind of guy to scream in the movie theatre when the ghost or bad guy barges into the scene. But once again, to see you smile, he’d do anything. But seeing him try so hard to hold in his shivers and screams is just such a sight to behold. And the iron grip he has on your shirt doesn’t betray anyone, guy is scared.
- Honestly Jean is just perfect boyfriend material. He’d just be so sweet and his love for you shines in every single glance he throws your way. He is just so proud of you and would brag to anyone willing to hear about his amazing and lovely girlfriend.
Song :
Cupid’s Chokehold, Gym Class Heroes
Scenario :
You frowned, hands balling into fists at the sight before you. Your heart ached, menacing to spill out of your chest. 
It was no secret Jean admired Mikasa and that he had had a crush on her, before you came along. So you had good reasons to be pissed when you saw them training together, a smile adorning your boyfriend’s lips as he tried to fend off the black haired girl’s attacks. 
Yes, it hurts. What’s more, for all you wanted to move and turn around, your feet stood glued to the ground, forcing you to stay and watch. 
You gazed at the two of them. And for a moment you caught yourself thinking about how well they’d look together as a couple. If you hadn’t been in the picture, would Jean have ended up with Mikasa ? And if you were to die at the hands of a Titan, would he go back to her ? How long after you left this world ?
“(Y/n) !” A familiar voice you loved oh so much reached your ears. 
You had zoned out and hadn’t even taken notice of Jean’s approaching form. He stood before you, sweaty and glorious, a charming and loving smile on his lips. His hazel eyes full of adoration as he looked at you. However this boyish grin of his quickly faded into a worried frown at the sight of your features. 
The male leaned over you, looking for any clue as to why you’d be so upset, a gentle hand resting on your shoulder.
“Hey, are you okay ?” 
You shook your head, unable to look at him right now without imagining him with your black haired friend. This was silly of you, you knew it. But didn’t mean you had any control over this ugly feeling in your chest. 
Oh. Jean knew that face, for he had seen it before when he spent a bit too much time with someone else. The cute pout on your lips and the adorable frown on your features. You were jealous.
Soon a light smirk made its way to his lips and he slowly stepped behind you, leaving you no time to react as he wrapped his arms around your waist. His chest warm and arms comforting, eliciting a quiet sigh from you.
“Jean, you’re all sweaty.” You voiced, wiggling in his grasp. A rich chuckle graced your ear, his hot breath fanning over the skin of your jaw as he nuzzled the comforting nook between your shoulder and neck.
“Babe, are you jealous ?” He teasingly asked, eyeing you questioningly. 
You sent him a glare. He loved how feisty you could get. 
“No, I am not.” You denied boldly, knowing he could read you like an open book anyways. 
He placed a kiss on your neck, tightening his hold on your body. “Do you need me to remind you of how much I love you ? Who I belong to ?” His voice whispered into your ear, sensually, and you blushed. Jean’s heart swelled in his chest at the sight of the visible hue. 
“Don-Don’t be silly.” 
Another warm chuckle rumbled through his chest and greeted your back. “I love you (Y/n). You and only you. Now and for however long we have to live on this earth.” He confessed sweetly, and you knew he was honest. “Don’t forget that you are trapped with me now and there is no way out of this.” 
The tension left your shoulders and you leaned into his touch. “But you-”
“I admire her, yes. But I love you. And she is amazing but she can’t be you.” He continued to reassure you. Eager to tell you how much he loves you and how irreplaceable you are to him. 
Finally a smile graced your lips, the sight alone casting a bright side on his day. Anything to see this smile he loved so much.
Match ups are closed for now !
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bubblewrapjunkie · 2 days ago
ok so here's the thing that i don't see anyone talking about when it comes to "white woman's instagram" and it just irks me to no end.
most people seem to be getting that it isn't to be taken at face value and that bo isn't just throwing in a random misogyny jamboree in the middle of his special about isolation and depression and the internet. but while most posts seem to think that the drop comes with the reveal of the dead parents and how this is the big humanizing moment of the song, that's only true if you view it outside of the context of the rest of inside and its themes. the moral of the story isn't simply "you never know what someone's going through so don't judge them just because they seem basic!", it's how this thinking is part of a larger and much more frightening ecosystem.
the narrator of the song isn't a woman, it's a man looking at a white woman's instagram – the woman is an object and not the subject. apart from a select few things (the dreamcatcher, the lotr/mlk quote) none of the things listed have any intrinsic value, good or bad – they’re neutral. but not to the narrator. they're listed as evidence that she is shallow. vapid. less than. worthy of ridicule. worthy of hatred? this is the starting point for a man who thinks that his wokeness has made him impervious to misogynistic thoughts. and then we add the themes of inside to it - isolation and depression and the internet, and we see how this can escalate very quickly.
“how can this stupid bitch be so happy when i'm not? i'm a better person - i'm smarter and my interests are more important and yet here is this fucking whore posting an avocado like she expects me to give a shit? how is someone this unoriginal allowed to even exist?”
ironically, the other theme of the song, the fabrication of the perfect and aesthetically pleasing timeline, works in tandem with this. of course her life isn’t perfect, of course she has problems and sadness and ugly plastic lunchboxes with orange stains from lasagna in her too small kitchen cabinets, but the brain rot the internet gives people make them forget this, no matter how aware of the opposite we want to think that we are.
this is a bit of a tangent, but stay with me. i remember when all the "karens" started getting exposed back in 2019, and besides the horridness of their behavior and the rightful comeuppance that followed, i noticed something else. white "liberal" men coming out of the woodworks in droves, just aching for a chance to spew out some of the most misogynistic takes and "jokes" this side of andrew dice clay, because now it was okay. no need to be pc or repress any impulses because now, now they had proven villains to attack.
"yes!! see!! it's not white men, it's the women who are the problem actually!! look at these snakes, these fucking non-humans, with their two-faced fucking claims of oppression. they cannot be trusted, these false fucking cunts behaving like we all know is in their very nature, burn these witches!"
for these men, their outrage wasn't caused by the racism that the women displayed, it was caused by the women themselves (and before anyone interprets this as me giving any of the karen's a pass or defending them or whatever the fuck - please stop and no i don't, this isn't about their actions but the reactions of white men to women being morally and lawfully wrong).
i also did not see a single heartfelt "we need to talk to our daughters about this" or the usual solemn reactions that follow the bad behavior of white men. i saw an avalanche of "burn this bitch and all the other white bitches to the ground". i saw a bunch of non-racist behaviors starting to get baked into the "karen"-trope. within the span of a week, tops, it was just "women are loud and stupid and obnoxious and entitled and should just shut the fuck up - especially if they're fat and old and ugly" with a tiny mention of racism and the descriptor “white” tacked on at the very end, like an afterthought to legitimize what they thought of women, regardless of their role in systemic racism.
it is still extremely difficult for valid criticism of white women (and their instagrams) to exist without misogyny (and to some extent, classicism) eventually slipping in, especially when that criticism comes from white men.
the bigger picture of "white woman's instagram" isn't "don't judge" - it's "be cognizant of what harmless judging can lead to, and who is judging who". because what happens to the woman who doesn't post her favorite picture of her dead mother? where is her humanity? where is her redemption? "white woman's instagram" shows that a little harmless brook of misogyny always have the potential to grow to a flowing river when paired with isolation, depression or, you know, the internet.
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My Friend Got Turned Into A Werewolf
Part 15 She’s Next
Tagging: @melyaliz @sea-quinn @coffee-randomness @speedypan
A/N Red belongs to @melyaliz
I love you
The smell of freshly baked pot pie filled the house. Red took a deep breath and sighed. Someone was going through a break up. He walked into the kitchen and spotted Aquata sitting at the table, her fork breaking into the pie crust.
“Doesn’t your mom know how to cook?” Red teased as he made his way to the oven to see if his mother made any extras.
“She does but for some reason her pot pies just don't taste the same.” Aquat shrugged as she ate.
“What happened this time?” Red asked as he settled on the table with his own pie trying to remember who was Aquatas latest fling.
“Celia got mad when I said I didn't love her back.” Aquata sighed.
“Didn't you guys just start dating like last week?”
“Exactly my point.” Aquata said as she took another mouthful. Her fork played around with the crust. “Its not just with Celia, I swear every relationship I get into within a week they're already claiming they love me. And when I don’t say it back they immediately think I’m cheating or something along those lines.”
“Well, have you ever loved any of them?”
“No.” Aquata admitted. “I like people enough to give them a chance. But love… I don't know, it just doesn’t come easy to me. I feel like it gets tossed around too freely. I love you guys, my friends, my family. But love love… I’ve never felt that before.”
“Oh what smells so good?” Mandy asked as they walked into the house.
“Pot pie.” Red said with a slight frown on his face. It had been awhile since he smelled that scent.
They walked into the kitchen and found Aquata sitting at the table, her head down as she poked at the pie.
“Oh hey Aquata I didn't know you were coming down. Are you coming to the movies with us?” Mandy asked even though her tone was light, Aquata seemed to jump like she had been shocked. She looked at the couple and quickly got up.
“Oh um no. Sorry. No I just um… I just came to…” Aquata blinked and Red realized she was trying to hide her tears.
“What happened?” Red asked though he had an idea.
“Um… Lily… she broke up with me.” Aquata said softly trying to hide just how hurt she was.
But Red knew better. He knew Aquata had fallen head over heels for Lily. He knew that besides Tyler, Lily had been the only other person Aquata had truly loved. He stepped forward and brought her in for a hug. A moment later Aquata broke into a sob and Mandy came forward and rubbed the girls back to sooth her.
Red climbed down the stairs when he smelled pot pie but was confused when he found the kitchen empty.
“Hey mom, why are you baking pot pie?” Red shouted.
“Oh Annabella called me earlier. I guess Aquata is going through a rough time and she's hoping my pie might cheer her up.” May said as she came into the kitchen with a small box.
Red frowned at that, usually Aquata made herself right at home whenever she was going through a heartbreak. What happened between her and Mark?
“I’m gonna have your dad take it over once he comes home.”
Just then there was a knock on the door. Weird usually everyone tended to let themselves in. Most of his friends had copies of the house key.
“I got it.” Red said as he made his way to the door.
When he opened the door he was surprised to see Mark standing there. He didn’t look too good, his hair was sticking up in odd places and his expression was a mixture of annoyance and desperation.
“Hey Red, just the guy I wanted to see.” Mark smiled though it was strained and if anything his eyes seemed to glare at him.
“About what?” Red asked, eyeing him hesitantly.
“Uh listen man I really screwed things up with Aquata. And well you're her best friend. I was hoping maybe you could change her mind.”
“Aquata isn’t the type to give second chances when it comes to break ups.” Red said which was true, he remembered the few times Aquata did give someone a chance only for them to break up even sooner. After that she decided no more.
Mark became eerily quiet and Red could feel anger begin to roll off him. “Is that true or are you covering for something else?”
“What?” Red asked suddenly, very confused.
“You know you got us together once, why don't you just help me again?” Mark demanded.
“Everything alright here?” Bart asked, standing behind Mark.
Mark stiffened and turned to face him. “Fine I was just leaving.”
“Hey man you okay?” Tyler asked, glancing at Red from the driver's seat.
“Yeah.” Red rubbed his head and glanced at the side mirror realizing they were much too far away from the cabin for him to respond. “I just got lost in thought.”
But there was something about that last memory, something that felt much too familiar.
When they got to Paul's place it seemed almost abandoned. The grass hadn't been kept and weeds were starting to take over the porch.
"Something doesn't seem right." Tyler whispered. "It's too quiet."
Red realized he was right even with his heightened hearing it seemed like the inside of the house was dead. Tyler turned and looked at Red and carefully tapped his head.
Keep your guard up and try and see if you can hear anything mentally. I don't like how this looks.
Red nodded and they slowly made their way to the front door. Tyler slowly turned the knob, surprised that it was open. The inside of the house was a strange mixture of neatness mixed with dirt. Everything seemed in its place but Red could help but notice the thick dust on certain pieces of furniture. The living room looked like it had been untouched but the kitchen was spotless.
It's a one bedroom house. His room is down this small hallway but there's also a basement. Still nothing? Tyler informed Red.
All I hear is you. Red confirmed.
In the bedroom only the bed seemed clean but all the dressers were coated with dust. Tyler paused by the bed and lifted the pillow.
What is it? Red asked when Tyler sniffed the pillow.
No scent. That made the hairs on the back of Reds neck stand up.
Tyler walked back to the hall and paused at the door that Red figured led to the basement. They glanced at each other, both of them tense. Raising his fingers Tyler counted down to three then broke the door down.
Wind came gushing out of the opening like if the breath that kept the house alive was finally released. And then the smell hit them and they both resisted the urge to gag, so much for a heightened sense of smell. Taking a few deep breaths Tyler went down with Red right behind him.
Hanging against the wall his face bruised, his hands bound above him and chaffing. Tyler rushed to his side trying to get the cuffs off.
"Paul what the hell, what happened to you?" Tyler asked.
"She's next. She's next. She's next." Paul mumbled his head lolling from side to side.
"Who's next?" Red asked but for some reason he felt like he knew the answer.
"Red try and see what you can get from his mind." Tyler ordered, still struggling to get the cuffs off.
Taking a deep breath Red closed his eyes and concentrated trying to connect all their minds together.
"Paul, you need to calm down now." Tyler ordered, Paul huffed angrily and stormed off from the clearing.
He was at a bar downing shot after shot knowing it would have no effect. Then some guy started taunting him. Paul tried to shrug it off. He left but the guy followed and continued poking, still trying to rile him up. Paul snapped, transforming in an alley and biting the guy who was annoying him.
The next day he was distraught. He bit someone. He broke a rule. He let his anger get the better of him. What was he going to do? What was he going to tell Tyler? Then there was a knock at the door. When he opened it the guy from last night was there.
"Hello my name is Mark." He smiled menacingly then proceeded to Puch Paul with such force it sent him flying back.
Impossible, werewolves are strong but not like that unless…
"And if you know what's best for you I suggest you keep your mouth shut." Mark sneered.
He needed to tell Tyler. He needed to tell him what he did. But Mark hadn't shown up again, so maybe he was safe?
No he definitely showed up angry he beat Paul into a pulp then dragged his body into the basement.
"He always has to ruin everything." Mark growled. "He just had to show up. No not again I'm not letting him take her from me again."
Paul felt his body drop then be lifted by his arms.
"You're lucky I need you alive." Mark said as he moved to the opposite end of the wall.
Paul watched as the wall began to fill with pictures of a girl. Some old, some new, and some that were taken at a familiar looking cabin. A table was brought in filled with different liquids. Paul felt pieces of his hair being yanked out or a needle stuck in his arm to draw blood. He watched as Mark transformed into him.
Then Mark came in and began breaking all the bottles screaming as he did so.
"He just had to ruin it. He just had to have her to himself. No no he doesn't deserve her, she's mine. I have to fix this before it's too late." Mark looked at the bottle he was holding and drank it. "She's mine."
Paul watched as he transformed into someone he didn't recognize. Someone with red hair.
Tyler and Red gasped as the memory fluttered away. Paul's eyes shut and his head leaned against his arm. Red turned and saw the wall plastered with pictures of Aquata.
"She's next." Red breathed out.
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shawnjacksonsbs · 6 days ago
Forever parenting? It works both ways. 6-6-21
"When we choose to be parents, we accept another human being as part of ourselves, and a large part of our emotional selves will stay with that person as long as we live." – Mr. Fred Rogers
-Currently in my head is this thought, “My newest guilty pleasure is eating soft baked cookies without my dentures in. It feels so good, and the peanut butter. Just . . .yes" and I love how this is mine, and I can write whatever I want in it. Lol
Eh. . .em.  
Tk  . .tk . .tk. Is this thing on?
Ok, before we get started let me just say, it’s amazing being here once again on another beautiful and calm Sunday morning and no, it's not Father's Day, but this needed to be this here, now, today.
A pretty good Fred Rogers quote huh? That is good, bad, or indifferent for as long as they both know the other lives. Period. It just hangs there, whether or not it's a swing or a noose that hangs is kind of what we're looking for as the child.
No child wants to be born into brokenness. Not a single fucking one. Not me, not my kids, not your kids. Kids only ask for love and until they don't feel it do they even question it themselves anyway.
Some form of them [our parents] are in our minds, and hearts forever whether they are there physically or not and depends on so much more than love that it can definitely hurt sometimes.
Does design and intention equal purpose? Is purpose just to live life, or does it have some deep, cosmic meaning? That is my thought of the week I suppose. Your thoughts?
Now, I had to ask myself, do I try and be careful with most everything I say and do? Yes, I do . . .to a point.
Writing about broken, beaten, toxic, or just tough relationships with people can be difficult without airing any of the dirty laundry which sometimes played a significant role in straining said relationships, so, generally best to speak in “I” language, although, the important take away for me here isn't necessarily what we did to cause the strains, but what can be done to get to the complete other side of any of them that left without causing further damage. Right? With me so far?
I've had a very. . .strained relationship like that with my dad for the better part of 15 years or more.
We hadn't spoke for most of that until a couple of years ago, when my immediate family, to include my mom, step dad, my dad, my current step mom and other (lifetime) step mom (lol), brothers and sisters with their families, all met up in Mayview for a picnic reunion, get together. It faired pretty well with a few of us with those strains relationships got a chance to at least talk and see each other.
For me and my father, the conversation didn’t last terribly long and to say anything was actually mended would be a stretch, but it was enough to know that we still cared. It was going to help me move forward in my life with little less unfinished business that I didn’t want to be on my limited deathbed regrets list.
Not to mention, as difficult as it is to be the first to reach out it brought about other benefits like bringing my long-lost baby sister back into the fold of the family. She was the inspiration for the picnic.
My dad has some things in his life that has made it difficult for me to reach forward again. We've spoken a few times, and I thought that we had had enough through our limited time for me to be ok, if it never moved again with any more forward progress. But. . .
I don't know if that's true now.
I received a message the other day from my current stepmother, stating that my dad was admitted into the hospital. I realized that although it’s going to take a little bit to re-get to know him now, that I miss the old him. The him I used to know before  . . .[my] old, distorted life and limited world views came between us.
He wasn’t the best father, but he is still my dad. And a lot of good memories get to go along with it all. Like, especially before the offensive cereal prizes in the Christmas stocking incident of ‘85. Lolol
Wondering to myself why I wasn’t hitting up the hospital or checking on visiting hours or rushing out to see if I could see him or help in anyway, like I felt I would have had it been any other member of my family, started to tug at my heart.
What if I lose my dad now? Is it going to be detrimental because of the estrangement? Or worse, is not going to feel as deep as it should when someone loses a father?
I'm pretty sure, although I didn't realize it, I was probably not going to be ok with either of these outcomes.
We are planning another picnic/reunion thing for July. I need more to be known, and that he knows . . . how I feel. Hoping for even just a little bit more than what we have now.
Time is limited, but regrets can last forever.
The feeling of being in a stuck, unable to reach position is about to become less than a comfort for a minute, I think, but at least I got to put an "I love you" in his ear through a third-party delivery. Lol
Time to start, again.
. . .
I'm the grown ass man, full of all the "I love yous”. So, the only thing left to ask myself is, “where do I go from here?”. I've talked a lot of shit about keeping the past in the past. Time to stand all the way on that now.
And, to my dad, who I don't imagine even reads my blog, I do love you. You'll always be my dad, good, bad, or indifferent.
Its also time to go pick up my oldest son who literally just reached out while I was posting this, to come spend a few days here with us. Unconditional love with boundaries sounds difficult to procure or obtain, but it’s a process that’s necessary in very specific, and genuinely needed at times. We are human first, then family.  
Share, and share in, all the love and laughter that this world has to offer and stop focusing so hard on wanting to stay bitter. It doesn't look as good on you as you might think.
Until next week;
"So often, children are punished for being human. Children are not allowed to have grumpy moods, bad days, disrespectful tones, or bad attitudes, yet we adults have them all the time! We think if we don't nip it in the bud, it will escalate and we will lose control. Let go of that unfounded fear and give your child permission to be human. We all have days like that. None of us are perfect, and we must stop holding our children to a higher standard of perfection than we can attain ourselves. All of the punishments you could throw at them will not stamp out their humanity, for to err is human, and we all do it sometimes." - Rebecca Eanes
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Tumblr media
@primasolaris​ said:  “ oh my god please don’t tell me you tried to make breakfast again, the stove hasn’t recovered since last time. ” / jean to connie idk modern au maybe i feel like they'd absolutely be apartmentmates with sasha and marco also /  sms meme
HE’S POUTING. yup, big ol’ baby pout that’s directed entirely at jean. so, he’d set the stove on fire one time. how was he supposed to know oil could catch fire if left on the heat long enough? no one bothered to tell him that! plus, the place didn’t burn down and the only thing that really got ruined was the food he was trying to cook.
‘  dude, that’s unfair! you know that wasn’t my fault. all the put is HIGH on the little turn thing. the recipe goes by degrees. in my defense, blame the system!  ’
Tumblr media
nope. not true. connie had been looking at the degrees for the baked portion of the food, not the part that went on the stovetop  — which clearly said medium heat. but, he was trying his best. it was a big step up from the ramen he used to make every day.
though, sometimes, he would burn that, too.
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Tumblr media
The 4 Steps to Entrepreneurship Success | Time and Financial Freedom 101 Thrivetime Show: Business School without the BS Published  May 31, 2021
2 God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth; the Lord revengeth, and is furious; the Lord will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies.
3 The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.
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How About a +1 Sword Instead? - Not giving PCs too much magic too fast
Tumblr media
Hullo, Gentle Readers. This week's Question from a Denizen is from fireshock3000. They ask, "So in my campaign, there is a high turnover for magical items. As such my players have asked for a lot of specific ones (whether from books, other games they were in, or from podcast/live plays the have listened to or watched) which are sometimes more powerful then I think they should have. My question is, how can I give them what they want but not make them too over powered for what I have planned?"
I totally get this. Of course every paladin wants a Holy Avenger, and of course every wizard wants a Staff of the Magi. But, man, those are powerful, end of the campaign type items. So how do you give them to the players without giving them the item whole cloth? Well, good news, friend. I have a way of doing so that also gives you tons of story potential.
There's a flipside to this as well. Let's say your paladin wants part of their character to be an ancestral sword. Before the campaign started, his noble house was almost completely wiped out by vampires, and he fled, but not before taking his heirloom with him. This is a conundrum, right? You want to be able to give the PC cool magic weapons as time goes on in your campaign, but, for story reasons, they'd never stop using that sword. So what do you do?
Well, many, many campaigns ago, I had a character who desperately wanted to have an heirloom magic sword as part of his story and inheritance. It was really important to him, and I didn't want to say no. I came up with an idea that later I saw the game itself suggesting as well, and then, even later, I saw Matt Mercer use to excellent effect via his "Vestiges of Divergence". At the core, the idea is an item that levels up along with the PC.
This idea is actually baked in the concepts of my current campaign. There's the concept of Pneuma, the Breath of Heroes, an ephemeral trait that sets PCs aside from most people in the world. In the hands of someone without pneuma, that heirloom sword will never be anything more than a normal sword. As someone's pneuma manifests and increases, however, the attributes in the sword could "wake up" and become increasingly powerful.
Let's take our paladin and his family's heirloom. Maybe at first level, it's just an ordinary sword, with only its history to set it apart. When the PC hits level 3 and takes their paladin's Oath, however, the sword begins to manifest its true nature. It becomes +1, and it glows whenever fiends and/or undead are within 120 feet of it. As time goes on, you could have it manifest as a +2 weapon, a +3 weapon, and, finally, maybe around level 17, as a full Holy Avenger, with all the perks thereof. You could even parse things out further, such as initially not being +1 unless you're fighting Fiends or Undead. You might even make a chart such as:
Level 1: Ordinary weapon, or counts as Magic only when fighting Fiends or Undead
Level 3: Magic Weapon; glows whenever Fiends or Undead are within 120 feet.
Level 5: +1 Weapon
Level 7: +1 Weapon, Extra 1d10 damage vs Fiends and Undead
Level 9: Gains the Aura effect of a Holy Avenger
Level 11: +1 Weapon, +2 to Hit vs Fiends and Undead
Level 13: +2 Weapon
Level 15: +2 Weapon, Extra 2d10 damage vs Fiends and Undead
Level 17: Full Holy Avenger
Another alternative, especially with items that're kind of hard to level up like this (such as the Mighty Servant of Leuk-O noted above) is to develop plot around either finding or making the item. Maybe first they have to find the inert Mighty Servant, then they need to find a replacement crystal to serve as its heart, then they need to find the tome that includes the chant to awaken it. This way, the PCs feel like they have a path towards gaining the item they want, but you're not just giving it to them right upfront.
Likewise, if they want a Staff of the Magi, you don't need to hand it to them at early levels. Have them craft their own staff, and have finding the ritual and components to do so part of the campaign's plot. They hear of a wizard who made such a staff, then they have to track down his spellbook/journal. Once they do, then they need to collect the components of it - wood from a singular tree that grows in the Feywild and is guarded by a hydra; a crystal found in the belly of a legendary purple worm; iron bands from the forges of Avernus; and so on. Once they have the components, they must seek the legendary lost world forge of the dwarven gods and make the staff in a ritual that's likely to draw powerful enemies who will want the staff for themselves. Making the staff could be a side campaign all its own!
Ultimately, of course, it's your campaign. If you don't want an item to show up, just be honest with the player. Tell them you think the item is too powerful, and get a feel if there's something a bit less game-breaking that you can help them achieve. They'll definitely appreciate the extra time you took to speak with them about it, and most will be reasonable and understand. There will always be outliers, of course, but you can essentially tell them it's your decision, and that's all there is to it.
Thanks for asking this, fireshock! You are entered in our contest, and I hope this was helpful to you. Until next week, may all your 20s be Natural.
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visewine06 · 9 days ago
When Investing In A Refrigerator
A fridge is an important part of anybody's kitchen. It preserves your dishes, it an individual save time by limiting your trips to the market, includes a is which are used to hold precious memoirs in the family. Assist you plug spending leaks on resources with regard to time, money, and your energy. You can start off getting everything out and giving your fridge a good wash way down. If your refrigerator has been especially packed within the last few few years, chances have have enough build-up on shelves because in drawers. By cleaning everything out and giving yourself a clean slate to work with, you'll feel better about the healthy changes you'll make in your own. By replacing some of the "unhealthier" belongings in your fridge with some of these tasty, but guilt free, solutions . you'll be on your way with a slimmer, healthier you in no time. Purchase a box of baking soda at your grocery web store. Tear the top portion of software program and submit open inside your fridge. You could also place all the baking soda in a plastic bag and use it inside the fridge 3 days days. After 3 days, notice the improvement of scent. Let food cool down a little first before putting it into the fridge, simply because the fridge expends more electricity in order to bring the temperature of warm or hot foods straight down. It has the benefit of a area to store your eggs in in order don't pamper. One thing about the shelf material is that it really is made of glass who's might become a problem. There are prefer plastic on the shelves, but others are fine with glass shelves too. Do nonetheless recall period when you bought your casino? The fridge is often one belonging to the prioritized appliances at home. Come to think of it, during summer, the fridge keeps your ice cream frozen your sodas cool which could quench your thirst just. During winter it helps you to store meat and fish at home, and lets you avoid exploring the market and trudge the freezing temperatures. Also that by doing so, it can save some gas and some energy. The good reason I got a new portable mini fridge was because it look cool in my mini-bar. You'll find numerous designs which i could choose from when discussing a portable fridge, some are designed to look like coke bottles while some are in order to have the emblem of simple . sports team which is actually for game suites. Others are designed to fit any modern bar council. I always dreamt of having my bar residence thus howcome it is essential for me to have a beautifully designed bar then i thought a funky looking portable fridge completed the design. russel hobbs wine cooler . For a long time, persons have considered this as the only true option when looking at fridge freezer designs. Type is one particular you'll run across the most in kitchens just about these amount. The second important thing you want take care is the capability of your freezer. Busting (especially single men) preferring frozen as well as do different to cook regularly need larger freezers. If you are one with the who cook regularly and eat fresh home cooked food you'll be able to need a greater fridge. If you have a family, a fridge, roughly 260 liters of capacity is the perfect right site for you. Freezer but if your priority only if you require it regularly. Another benefit from understanding the nature of your online business is that you'll be aware how to find the right scale a commercial fridge. Manufacturers such as Foster Refrigeration make them in all sorts of types. There are frydge that are too small with your business other people are too large. Remember that the most significant thing would be to store your products or services in a fridge that can offer enough space. Recognized designer one that is too small, then fully sure presently there will be trouble. On the other hand hand, there's no need spend money on one to get too big when simply have several products to hold.
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dabibones · 11 days ago
Tomura knows he isn't alone. He's known for a while. The shadow that follows him isn't entirely his own, it hasn't been for a long time. Ever since the hero killers face has been public, theres a certain... feeling... that's haunted him. At first it only felt like stares. But Tomura was used to that.
The real problem was when the feeling of warmth washed over him constantly, pressure on his wrists when he would irritably scratch at his neck. That - he didn't like. He didn't like to be touched in general, let alone something he couldn't decay in retaliation. So far, that seemed to be his only problem with this... shadow.
There was a part of Tomura that wanted to know the name of the thing that haunted him. He wanted to know where it came from, why it was here, why it was haunting him. But there was no true way of communicating. And he couldn't really think of anything. Not until he sat at his computer with the note app open and ready. He was going to get his answers damnit.
"I know you can hear me, you walking easy-bake oven. Let's see how smart you really are - try to type something in the notes. Like maybe... your name, for starters. Or what you are."
Silence. His hands were away from the keyboard, fingers tangled together in the pocket of his hoodie, artist gloves on to remove the risk of decaying it. Eyebrow quirked as the spacebar began to jump around the note - up and down, left and right. Seems that whatever this was, it wasn't very good with technology.
'Name is...
Haun ting y Ou
Teth ere d'
Well, shit.
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satxnsupreme · 11 days ago
True feelings?
Tumblr media
Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x fem! reader / Implied Agatha Harkness x Wanda Maximoff
Summary: Why couldn’t Wanda choose you this time? Is it true that there are only five stages of grief?
Warnings: Mentions of cheating, angst, I think that´s all.
Word count: 2.6k (Yeah, I know this is short haha)
Author´s notes: I wrote this short story an hour ago because the idea came to my mind.
I was writing an Agatha Harkness x fem!reader fic but I was having a writer´s block and this idea helped me to overcome it, and I felt like posting this today.
I´m still  writing your requests and sorry for taking a long time, also I´ll keep answering your asks, I´m not ignoring you, this week I have finals and I´ve been sending homework and studying, that´s why I haven’t answered everything, but I will, thank you to all of you, you're really kind and amazing, thanks to you I will keep writing because I really enjoy it! Thank you!🥺💖💕
Hope all of you enjoy this! 🥺💕💖
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 ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽
You have heard of the five stages of grief, you knew really well all of those stages, that wasn’t a lie, being involved in a lie for a long time, having it in front of you but not wanting to know the truth had been something you had tried to do for months.
You knew really well all of those stages, you weren’t a stranger to all of those feelings but as people said,  after the storm comes a calm, but you didn’t like that last part, you knew vey well that calm wasn’t something you were used to, you had always had this part deep inside you, a part you had tried to denied and hide.
But what was the point on hiding it now? You knew the truth, maybe this hadn’t been so bad, maybe this was an opportunity for you, an opportunity to prove yourself.
It had hurt, a lot, when you first discovered what she had tried to hide for months, that was when the denial started.
When you first saw that pendant on her clothes you tried to find an explanation, maybe she had found the pendant in your neighbour´s garden, maybe she had found it on the sidewalk, you even tried to pretend that her sudden change of attitude towards you was your own mind seeing things, you tried to pretend Wanda wasn’t arriving later than usual to your house, you tried to ignore the fact that she constantly went to visit Agnes, the fact that when she left your bedroom when she thought you were finally asleep she went to Agnes´ house in the middle of the night when all the lights were turned off.
You had thought that she would come around you again, because she said she had done all of this for the two of you, you tried to convince yourself that all of that would be over the next day.
You tried to make excuses for her, maybe she was having a hard time and wanted a friend to talk to, maybe she was stressed over the fact that SWORD was trying to enter to Westview, that she just wanted another shoulder to cry on, because  Agnes was a friend of the two of you and that the older woman was helping her a somehow.
But friends don´t let stains of lipstick on your shirt, they don’t spread all of their perfume on your clothes, it had been obvious but you had wanted to deny it.
Yes, Agnes was a really likeable person, you even considered her your friend too, she had tried to be always there for you, she used to come to your house and you and her would bake cookies, you had made Wanda´s favourites with Agnes´ help, and now that you thought about it, you felt like a fool, you had let her in your life and Wanda had taken advantage of the situation.
One day when you were looking through the window at the tree in front of your house you saw Wanda walking next to Agnes, their arms were linked and anger took over you, she had told you earlier that she was going to see if the agents of Sword had entered because she noticed some glitches, you believed her, but seeing her walking past your house with Agnes next to her, made you blood boil.
You didn’t have time for pain anymore, you had cried yourself to sleep when Wanda left at nights, you had screamed when you were in the shower knowing very well Wanda was outside enjoying herself with Agnes, days ago the only thing you wanted was to only lay in bed all day thinking on what could have gone wrong in your relationship with Wanda, why would she do that? Was it your fault? What if it had been your fault? Didn’t you give her everything? You even agreed with her to create all of this, but now there was no time for sadness anymore.
What you felt was pure anger, you had done everything for her, you had given everything you could to her, coming here with her was one of the things that you felt you regretted, when she asked you to come with her you didn’t had to think twice because you loved her.
Maybe anger wasn’t the best thing to feel at the moment, but that was everything you could feel, this wasn’t your fault, it was Wanda´s and maybe Agnes´ too, she knew very well that you were Wanda´s girlfriend, but the fact that Wanda hadn’t respected your relationship made you feel mad, why would she do this to you? Wasn’t it enough for her that you had given her every aspect of your life?
You wanted them to regret what they had done to you, your friend and your girlfriend had been lying to you, they had hurt you but you wouldn’t let them get to you again.
After that you kept just making questions inside your head, what if you hadn’t let Agnes entered to your life? Would that had changed something? No, Wanda would have found another way to pass time with her, Wanda would have found another way to get into Agnes´ bed, the two of them would have met and done what they had done in a different place, that  thought only made you chuckle because you knew Wanda so well to know what she could have done anyway.
You even wondered what if Wanda told you she was sorry? Would you forgive her? You shook your head because once a cheater always a cheater, wasn’t that what people say?
Some days passed, but the emotions that you had been feeling lately suddenly became nothing, you felt numb, Wanda even asked you why you were so quiet lately and you had just laughed bitterly at her comment, how could she act as if she had done nothing wrong? The days felt like they passed at a really slow time, the house felt lonelier, you knew you were isolating yourself and Wanda seemed not to care, but did it really hurt more than realising for the first time that she was cheating on you? This at least made you feel numb, for once you were glad you couldn’t feel a thing.
At that point you even wondered why did you care, why were you feeling so lost when Wanda hadn’t even appreciated everything you had done for her, you even wished her magic could work on you so that she would make you forget what you had discovered.
In fact you didn’t want to know anything else again, you didn’t know what to do, you felt lost without her.
After nights of not getting enough sleep, tossing and turning in the bed Wanda and you used to share, you finally came to a accept what was happening to you, you had come to understand the situation.
Your relationship with the woman you had once thought was the love of your life had cheated on you, the same woman who once swore she would never hurt you, she had sworn she would never make you cry, the woman you had thought you would spend all of your life with her had broken every promise she had done in the past.
You would always treasure the amazing memories you shared, your time with her had been good, it had been nice what you had once had, at least you were still standing, there was a little bit of calm inside you, but as you knew, this wasn’t something you were really used to.
However that calmed feeling inside you didn’t last long, you had passed through all of the stages of grief, you had succeeded, yes, you had finally accepted what had happened, what Wanda had done to you, but were you really alright? Were you going to really just accept what they did to you and be alright? Where you going to forget what had happened and let Wanda get her peaceful dream of a happy life here in Westview? She had passed through a lot, but just like her you had lost your family too, the avengers were your family and now half of them were gone.
 ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽
 After that rollercoaster of emotions you had finally get it together, you knew what you had to do.
The lights were off, the sound of the keys opening the doorknob, the laughs that could be heard in the living room let you know that Agnes and Wanda were having a great time and that whatever they had been doing outside had been good.
The lights were turned on and you just waited for them to notice that you were there, sitting in the couch, looking at them.
A gasp let you know that you were finally spotted by them.
“I thought you were sleeping” Wanda blurted out with her hand on her chest, you let out a laugh when you saw her shocked expression.
“Well, you thought wrong” The smile on your face made Wanda feel uneasy.
“Did you thought I was going to sleep forever?” The mocking tone in which you were speaking wasn’t something Wanda was used to.
“What´s wrong with you?” Wanda suddenly asked you with a frown.
“What´s wrong with me? I am more concerned about what´s wrong with you Wanda” The fake worried tone in your voice was on point.
“Hiya, doll, what´s going on here?” Agnes came to stand next to Wanda and you couldn’t help but laugh at that.
“Well, don’t you look good together?” Wanda looked at you and then at Agnes, her eyes wide open, it was clear she was surprised.
“Didn’t you think I wasn’t going to find out?” You asked them still sitting in the couch.
Wanda´s expression was priceless, she opened her mouth many times, trying to form a coherent phrase.
“Please Wanda, you don´t have to say anything, alright? I already know the truth about you little funny adventure going on between the two of you, wait I´m pretty sure that´s called an affair, right?” You said to them nodding and holding your hand out in the air, your nose wrinkling as you smirked.
“Baby I swear I love you, this doesn’t mean anything” Wanda gestured with her hand to Agnes and her, lowering your gaze you shook your head; you knew she was going to say this.
“It is too late for that Wanda, you already did it” Agnes just stood there with a blank expression, it must have hurt her to hear that, but you couldn’t care less.
“Printsessa, I love you, I swear to you” Wanda knelt in front of you, she placed her hands on your knees, she was so desperate for you to believe her lies again, if she had done this, months ago, if she had begged you like this, you would have fallen, you would have believed in her lies, but you had got stronger and smarter, you weren’t that little shy girl everyone thought you were.
“I don´t believe you, you´re not saying the truth, all you do is lie, and this time, I wont let you get me, not again, you don´t know what love is, if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have looked for her in the first place, if you had truly loved me you wouldn’t have tried to use your magic on me”
“How do you know that?” She was in the verge of tears, in the past you would have felt the urge to wipe her tears away, but this time, you felt good she was crying, you wanted her to suffer for what she had done to you.
“Poor Wanda, believing her magic worked on me” You leant a little towards her, you brought your hand to touch her cheek a little.
“You were dumb enough not to check on me twice when you thought that a weak sleeping spell could affect me, you wanted me asleep so that I would realise what you were doing behind my back” Wanda had never seen that look on you, she had never seen you like this.
“What happened to you, you´re not the same, is it the town, is the town affecting you? You´re saying nonsense”
“Maybe I changed just a little bit, but it wasn’t the town nor the glitches, it was my situation Wanda, or maybe I´m  just letting out this side of me, if I´m honest, I quite like it” You winked at her and you saw the desperate look on her face, she stood up from the floor and walked to the wall, she nervously ran her hand through her hair.
“Why are you so damn relaxed?” Wanda suddenly said to you.
“What were you expecting? That I would cry for you and beg you to stay with me?” You frowned at the thought, Wanda didn’t know what to say.
“I do love you” She said again, she walked back towards you, her voice was shaky and you rolled your eyes.
“You don´t Wanda, I chose you, many times before, but you couldn’t choose me this time” She winced at your words, your voice was strangely calmed and that mortified Wanda.
“Why are you so calm? Don’t you really care?” So now she was playing the victim.
“Do you really expect me to cry, yell at you and beg you?” The laugh that came out of your mouth was so different from all the times she had heard you laugh before.
Agnes faked a smile and you saw that she was going to start walking to the other room.              
“Where are you going Agatha?” The older woman froze on her spot, her shoulders tensed and that was when you knew you had her where you wanted.
“Excuse me?” Agatha turned herself around with a nervous laugh, you heard her voice shaking a little and Wanda looked at her with a frown on her face.
“Did you think you were the only one lying here Wanda?” Agatha scowled at you with her jaw clenched.
“Don´t look at me like that Agatha, it is not my fault that you didn’t know how to hide your real identity better and the fact you´re awake, no-hu, you should have done better” She twisted her face in a wry smile.
“Very well dear, what are you going to do now?” Agatha crossed her arms and expectantly looked at you, you gazed up at her with a wry smile on your face, the situation was quite amusing for you, you only pointed with your head at Wanda and she looked at the younger woman next to her, Wanda was furiously looking at her, her hands were beginning to glow red and Agatha´s eyes started to glow purple, yes, they had slept together, but did that really prevented them from not fighting for this?
Maybe you shouldn’t have revealed Agatha´s real identity, you knew too well what was going to happen next, now the problem was between the two of them, this wasn’t about you anymore and that was what you wanted.
It was amusing that the two “lovers” will be confronting each other in a minute, who would have known they were going to end up like this.
The thing is that this was just the start, for some people there were only five stages of grief, for others there were seven stages, but for you there were only six, and the last stage was the one that was worth all the pain.
Revenge was a good addition to you, if you were honest, you were curious to know what else you could do with this new intense but beautiful feeling that grew more and more.
For you revenge was the last and only stage that worked out pretty well, the only thing that could make you feel a little bit of peace, the only thing that got things done, and this was the proof that you were right.
You had tried to be sweet, you tried to be kind, but you felt so much better now.
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Logs for Thomas - #104
Written 5/21/21
Hey, Thomas.
We’ll be in Washington again in a couple of hours, and this time, while I still can’t reveal our exact location... we’ll be much closer to where you might be.
It’s almost... scary, in a way? This specific place we’re in is, as my girlfriend described it, “most of America 20 years ago,” mainly in terms of clothing, style, and choice of phones. Since I haven’t been here long enough to determine whether or not that’s true, I choose to trust her.
From what I’m experiencing right now, I mean... the atmosphere reminds me of all of the little good parts of my childhood bound together. I don’t admit it often, but I miss the lush green woods you could get lost in, and the way sunshine reflects on the trees. It’s like the whole town is baked in this golden summer haze, and it’s mesmerizing. It’s charming in a way that’s difficult to describe. It’s like someone took the best parts of California and Pennsylvania and smashed them together.
I just passed by this HUGE water tower. I’ve only ever seen ones that large on TV XD This whole place makes me want to go camping.
Oh, you know what it is? Gravity Falls. This place reminds me SO MUCH of gravity falls (minus the evil floating pyramid, mystical creatures, and dimensional travel).
I haven’t climbed a tree in a very long time, but it used to be one of my favorite things to do. I would find a thick branch sitting high in the woods where I could sit and draw or write, just to get away from everywhere else. Dealing with bugs can suck, sensory-wise, but the woods always made me feel welcome in a way, regardless of where I was, as if every single forest were secretly connected.
Woah... We’re driving over the Colombia River right now, apparently. It’s... it’s so pretty.
The route we took through Oregon, by the way, had these gorgeous “open” skies just FULL of clouds. There were so little buildings back there that you could see a thunderstorm happening to a different town miles and miles away and not even need an umbrella. It was a kind of beauty that can only be expressed in paintings or by extremely rich photographers.
A few minutes earlier, I saw a guy that I could have SWORN was you. Tall, thin, forest green jacket, etc. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t, of course—I’d definitely know if it was you—but still. Based on where we are, the thought occurred to me that you could be in any of these cars, or in any of these shops.
Man, it would be so embarrassing if TODAY of all days is when we bump into each other. We’ve been riding in this car for almost 18 hours to get where we are in as few pit stops as possible, and I desperately need a shower. I’m also in my girlfriend’s baseball pajamas, so... yeah, the clothes I’m wearing were definitely designed for comfort, not class XD
The dog is curled up on our lap right now. She’s clearly glad we brought her along for this trip, but I can tell she wants out of this car more than I do XD Poor thing.
My diet has been garbage these last few days, and I know I need to do better. The most frustrating thing about anorexia is that you can never really tell if what you’re doing to your body is what you’re supposed to be doing or what you’re NOT supposed to be doing without asking someone (and, by extension, admitting to them that... sometimes, you don’t know what the hell you’re doing). I’ll think I’m Doing The Healthy Things, but then I’m apparently depriving our body of nutrients in favor of something with less calories. I feel... embarrassed about it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s WAY less difficult than it used to be, but I still find myself second-guessing what I’m eating. Some days, I can enjoy food without a problem, and others... I just realized I don’t want to talk about this anymore.
I know I probably sound all over the place, and it’s because I’m extremely irritable right now. I know that there’s more I want to add, though, so... Just give me a minute. Or an hour. Or two.
Okay, I’m back, and I’m feeling a lot better. The dosage of our anxiety meds was raised, and they work wonders, ugh 😭
This is completely unrelated to anything else I was saying earlier, but I recently got into watching this YouTuber named Modest Pelican, and he’s SO FUNNY, oh my god. I’m unsure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve begun playing Hitman somewhat recently, and the game is fun beyond words. The way he plays the game is very similar to my playing style, except he’s much better at improv comedy/commentary, which I’m slightly jealous of. D̵o̵ ̵I̵ ̵t̵h̵i̵n̵k̵ ̵o̵f̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵ ̵e̵v̵e̵r̵y̵ ̵d̵a̵m̵n̵ ̵t̵i̵m̵e̵ ̵I̵ ̵w̵a̵t̵c̵h̵ ̵o̵n̵e̵ ̵o̵f̵ ̵h̵i̵s̵ ̵v̵i̵d̵e̵o̵s̵ ̵j̵u̵s̵t̵ ̵b̵e̵c̵a̵u̵s̵e̵ ̵h̵e̵’̵s̵ ̵A̵u̵s̵t̵r̵a̵l̵i̵a̵n̵,̵ ̵a̵n̵d̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵ ̵b̵o̵t̵h̵ ̵h̵a̵v̵e̵ ̵a̵ ̵v̵e̵r̵y̵ ̵s̵i̵m̵i̵l̵a̵r̵ ̵s̵e̵n̵s̵e̵ ̵o̵f̵ ̵h̵u̵m̵o̵r̵?̵ ̵N̵o̵,̵ ̵I̵ ̵d̵o̵n̵’̵t̵ ̵k̵n̵o̵w̵ ̵w̵h̵a̵t̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵’̵r̵e̵ ̵t̵a̵l̵k̵i̵n̵g̵ ̵a̵b̵o̵u̵t̵,̵ ̵t̵h̵a̵t̵’̵s̵ ̵r̵i̵d̵i̵c̵u̵l̵o̵u̵s̵.̵
Anyway, have a good night/day/etc.!
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kaitosimp · 12 days ago
Once upon a time I posted some hc's I have for what Kaito does with his classmates when they hang out, but a few days ago I realized I never posted the hc's I have for him hanging out with the other students so here's part 2 🌠 It's the talent development plan mode all day everyday 🌟 This has been sitting in my drafts for days and it is very long so I'm sorry in advance 💀
☕ Byakuya (imposter) ☕
-They hang out in the dining hall, they chat over snacks and food per Byakuya's request
-Byakuya always asks Kaito to bake sweets like cookies or brownies
-They visit a lot of food places/restaurants
-Kaito knows it's a little odd to be friends with someone who literally imitates another student but he doesn't care
-They talk a lot about how different their lives are, and Kaito always tells Byakuya that he can trust him with his true self
🍴 Teruteru 🍴
-Teruteru always cooks dishes for Kaito to taste
-They go shopping for ingredients/food a lot
-Kaito helps him in the kitchen and Teruteru helps Kaito improve his cooking skills
-Since Kaito always goes stargazing with other people, Teruteru makes snacks and hot chocolate for them and joins in when he can
-Teruteru tries roping Kaito into peeking on the girls, but Kaito just talks about his passion for space so they end up talking about the universe
📸 Mahiru 📸
-Their friendship started when Mahiru randomly came up to him and asked to take a photo of him, Kaito is one of her favorite people to photograph cause of his smile
-They spend a lot of time walking around the academy talking and taking pictures
-Mahiru often takes photos of the moon and the night sky for Kaito
-She got him his own camera when Kaito expressed an interest in photography and taught him how to take photos properly
-They have a thing where they compete to see who took the best photo that day
⚔ Peko ⚔
-They alternate between regular training and kendo sparring a lot
-Kaito is able to make Peko smile, it usually happens when he goes to her with Gundham's devas or tells her cheesy animal jokes
-Peko taught him how to fight with a bamboo sword
-They trust each other a lot, like Kaito knows how she feels about Fuyuhiko and helps her sort through her feelings, and Peko can tell whenever he's feeling down and tries her best to cheer him up
-Their conversations are always about the universe, animals, and sword fighting
🎸 Ibuki 🎸
-They never stay still, when they hang out they'll be running around or playing instruments or playing games, they're super energetic together
-Ibuki taught Kaito how to play the guitar
-They like doing karaoke, she's literally the only person Kaito will sing around
-Ibuki writes songs about space for Kaito and sings them to him, it always makes Kaito happy
-They love listening to music together, whenever they go stargazing they'll bring a speaker outside to blast some music
👘 Hiyoko 👘
-At first Hiyoko thought he was an idiot and Kaito thought she was Kokichi 2.0, their friendship only started cause Mahiru wanted them to get along
-They act like siblings, they bicker a lot and call each other names but they care about the other, Kaito is lowkey protective of her and Hiyoko insults anyone who calls him an idiot cause only she can do that
-Kaito 100% supports/cheers on her dancing, he goes to all her performances with Mahiru
-Kaito gives her a lot of piggy back rides
-Hiyoko likes hearing about the stars and Kaito likes watching her dance practices, they also spend their time eating candy and squishing ants (sorry Gonta he tried but couldn't convince her to leave the ants alone)
🩹 Mikan 🩹
-It took a while for Kaito to get her to understand he truly wanted to be around her
-Kaito always visits her at the nurse's office and helps with whatever she needs
-They have positive talks everyday, Kaito helps lift her self esteem/confidence and always tells her positive things about herself
-Mikan always teaches him new medical things and Kaito teaches her random space facts
-He often makes sure nobody's bothering her or doing anything that could upset her, he knows it'll be a while before Mikan can stand up for herself so he does it for her in the meantime
🏆 Nekomaru 🏆
-They are so l o u d and boisterous and rowdy when they hang out
-A good 95% of their conversations are just them constantly motivating each other on
-They spend most of their time outside in the field playing sports or sparring
-They jog together in the mornings before class
-Nekomaru brings Kaito with him to his teams' sport matches a lot, Kaito always joins him in cheering the players on
🐹 Gundham 🐹
-They bond over animals, Kaito helps Gundham tend to them and he loves playing with the dogs
-Thanks to how much Kaito talks about the universe, Gundham started naming the newborn animals after space things
-Kaito loves playing with Gundham's devas
-Gundham tries to teach him spells and curses, Kaito doesn't have a single magical bone in his body but he still tries
-They like to wander around the city looking for stray animals to feed and take care of
☁️ Nagito ☁️
-It took forever for them to be friends cause Nagito kept talking about Kaito being an amazing beacon of hope while Kaito just wanted to hang out with the guy normally
-Nagito greatly admires Kaito, he always compliments him
-They mostly hang out in Kaito's lab, Nagito really likes listening to Kaito talk about space
-Kaito tries to change Nagito's negative views of himself, it always ends with them going back and forth about how great the other is
-If Kaito's with him when his unlucky situations happen, he always helps Nagito out of them (he lost track of all the times they almost got into hostage situations)
🕹 Chiaki 🕹
-Video games and chilling all day everyday
-They meet up to play games and to talk in their labs, Chiaki always falls asleep so Kaito keeps pillows and blankets in his lab for her naps
-When they hang out outside, they usually grab a bite to eat, walk around the school, and end up cloud watching or stargazing
-Chiaki falls alseep on him a lot so Kaito is always seen carrying her/holding her up
-Chiaki started playing more space related games to make Kaito happy, some of them were sci-fi horror which had the opposite effect but Kaito appreciated the thought still
🍖 Akane 🍖
-They always go to the dining hall to chat and eat, they often meet up with Byakuya and Teruteru there
-They have competitions to see who can eat the most meat
-They like going to the gym to spar, Akane sometimes teaches him gymnastics/parkour moves
-On the weekends, they go to Kaito's favorite space exhibits and Akane's favorite restaurants
-Kaito goes to her gymnastics competitions with Nekomaru to cheer her on
👑 Sonia 👑
-They love watching documentaries and movies, it's always a mix of occult/scientific/murder/space-y stuff
-They go to the library a lot, they have a tradition of picking books for the other to read
-Sonia loves hearing about Kaito's epic adventures and all the space info he knows
-They always make plans for Kaito to visit her home country
-They hang out outside of school a lot since Sonia loves visiting new places
☠ Fuyuhiko ☠
-Kaito always asked Fuyuhiko to hang out and was never intimidated by his attitude or threats so Fuyuhiko just gave up and let the friendship happen
-They like to climb trees, they make competitions of who can climb them faster
-Kaito invites Fuyuhiko to come along with him to his beach trips, they always sunbathe/tan
-Kaito makes fried dough cookies and other sweets for Fuyuhiko (Fuyuhiko really appreciates it/thinks Kaito's awesome for it but he never says that out loud)
-Fuyuhiko became interested in space thanks to Kaito and often asks stuff about it
🔩 Kazuichi 🔩
-They always hang out in Kaito's lab cause Kazuichi is in love with the spaceship simulator in there
-They talk a lot about rocket ships
-Kaito has already decided he wants Kazuichi to build the rocket ship that'll take him to space, Kazuichi is happy to fufill that request
-Kazuichi likes building stuff for Kaito, Kaito's favorite thing has to be the spaceman alarm clock he keeps on his nightstand
-They like to read magazines/mangas, watch action movies, and tinker with machines
💫 Hajime 💫
-Kaito always tries to make Hajime feel included since he isn't an ultimate
-They do all sorts of things around the school like watch movies, play basketball, eat lunch together, read, etc
-Kaito often convinces him to sneak out of the reserve course dormitory at night to stargaze
-Kaito made Hajime a sidekick an hour into being friends and Hajime has since joined the nightly training
-They like going on walks to just talk freely about whatever comes to mind
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I just wanna be with you
(Troy x Aricka x Ryan)
(A rewrite of the I Just Wanna Be With You but adding the epic poly ship that is Aricka Troy and Ryan. Like- Ryan choreographing an epic love song and dance for his two loves and then them surprising him by having him dance with them!!!!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aricka heard piano music coming from the auditorium, so she went to investigate. She’d just got to school- Troy had conditioning for basketball, so she rode the bus- and hadn’t had a chance to see either of her boyfriends yet.
“I got a lot of things
I have to do
All these distractions
Our future's coming soon...” she knew that voice- it belonged to her other boyfriend, Ryan Evans, choreographer for the spring musicale. Aricka set her backpack down by the pulleys for the curtains and sat down beside him. “Good morning,” she said, handing him a cup of lemon tea. “Sounds like you’ve been working hard,” she comments.
“Thanks,” he said, and handed her a thermos of chai spice tea- her favorite next to sweet tea because she thought it tasted like baked apples. “Since you and Troy have a duet for the romance part, I was working on a song for you two.”
“You should dance with us,” she says, rubbing his shoulder affectionately. “I want both my boyfriends onstage with me for senior year.”
“If I think about it will you sing with me? I need a partner for the higher part,” he says. Aricka nods and kissed his cheek.
“I love you.” She leaves her hand on his shoulder and leans her chin on it, turning her attention to the sheet music in on the piano. “It looks good- if I could read music,” she said sheepishly.
“I’ll teach you,” he said. “You really only learn the basics in middle, so don’t feel embarrassed for not knowing.” Aricka hums in agreement.
“Play for me piano man,” she says, and he was only too happy to oblige.
“Mmm, yeah
I got a lot of things
I have to do
All these distractions
Our future's coming soon
We're being pulled-,” and here she joined in,
“A hundred different directions,” and here it was just Ryan again,
“But whatever happens..” here they looked at each other and smiled,
“I know I've got you...”
“It’s beautiful,” she whispered. “I love it.”
“Thanks,” he said, a pleased blush crossing his face.
“I mean it- this song, the prom number, you’re so talented Ry. People deserve to see this. And the rest of your work. You’re a musical genius.”
“It’s going to be a great show. Speaking of- has Troy already asked you to prom?” He asks, playing softly to fill the silence. Aricka shook her head no.
“I think he’s waiting for you to ask him to ask me to prom, cause he doesn’t want you to be left out,” she says. “That and it is two days before the show, I’m probably gonna be in semi vocal rest.”
“I’ll talk to him later but- we’ll pick you up at 8,” he says, and leans over to kiss her cheek. “A night to remember, right?”
And he ran his fingers over the keys, making her laugh,
“You're on my mind
You're in my heart,” here he bumps her shoulder teasingly and she giggles, as they harmonize,
“It doesn't matter where we are.”
“We'll be alright,” and here he turned to look at her again but she was focused on the music,
“Even if we're miles apart!”
*the next day at rehearsal*
“All I wanna do
Is be with you, be with you...” her and Troy were practicing the song, sitting on top of the piano, sharing the music. Ryan was conducting them, standing up and grooving to the beat,
“There's nothing we can't do
I just wanna be with you, only you..” Troy set down the music, and helped her stand, holding her hands and spinning her so her back was against his chest, before jumping up to the set and grabbing the railing, one arm out dramatically as they sang,
“No matter where life takes us
Nothing can break us apart,” here he knelt and took her hand, eyes only for her, and he took the next line by himself,
“You know it's true...” and then she rejoined him,
“I just wanna be with you....”
Ryan led them onto the set and then they began working on choreography.
“Oh yeah
Just be with you
Oh yeah, yeah...” Aricka sang, as Troy stood out in the audience, walking up toward the stage. Ryan stood beside her because her moves were a bit more complex.
“You know how life can be
It changes over night...” Troy made his way up to the stage, stopping to lean against a seat,
“It's sunny then raining
But it's alright...” Ryan opened the door onstage and Aricka spun out, and they walked to the balcony, and he took her hand, having her point at Troy for the next line,
“A friend like you
Always make it easy...” here Troy was standing on the seats, and Aricka couldn’t hide her laugh,
“I know that you get me
Every time...” Ryan nudged her shoulder gently and held his hands out, acting like he was pulling Troy in with a rope, and she copied him,
“Through every up
Through every down...
You know I'll always be around
Through anything you can count on me...”now Troy was climbing over Miss Darbus, and here he stopped, arms out like he wanted to hug her, and she was standing in the far corner of the balcony, by the tree,
“All I wanna do
Is be with you, be with you...” she was vaguely aware of Ryan laughing as something behind her and she wanted to look but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Troy, who had made his way up the ladder- paint still wet- and had flung his arm out so she could see his now green palm.
“There's nothing we can't do
I just wanna be with you, only you...” she made her way to the opposite side of the balcony, and then it was her favorite part of the dance,
“No matter where life takes us,” Troy took a step toward her, and she reciprocated, until they were center stage, facing each other.
“Nothing can't break us apart...” Troy wiggled his paint covered fingers and she grabbed two paint brushes and swiped green and white paint on his neck, while he sang his line,
“You know it's true...” she tried to run away but he grabbed her around the waist and spun her around, and as if reading each other’s mind, both grabbed one of Ryan’s hands and pulled him into their orbit so they all three shared the spotlight, as equals.
“I just wanna be with you...” here Troy spun Aricka, and she did the same for Ryan, who was by now a very bright shade of pink, and then he spun her because she was their sun- the center of their universe, and together the three of them finished the song,
“I just wanna be with you...”
*jump forward to the show*
“All I wanna do
Is be with you, be with you..” Ryan and Aricka walked on to the balcony, hand in hand, and they spun out in a circle to end up facing each other again, like they were the only two alive.
“There's nothing we can't do
I just wanna be with you, only you...”Aricka stood in the center of the stage, Troy and Ryan on either side of the balcony,
“No matter where life takes us..” Troy took a step towards her, and so did Ryan,
“Nothing can break us apart,” another step, closer this time,
“You know it's true,” and then they were together again, each holding her hand, and they sang the next line,
“I just wanna be with you...” Aricka spun to the back of the set while the boys walked,
“The sun will always shine, that's how you made me feel...” Ryan wrapped his arms around hers, and they made a rainbow together in the air- her favorite dance to do with him, and spun her into Troy’s arms, before the pair that was together split up- Troy standing by Ryan and Aricka on the far side of the set.
“We're gonna be alright, 'cause what we have is real...” Troy motioned for her and she ran across the stage, and he caught her,
“And will always be together!” Troy spun her in a circle and she laughed, kissing his cheek sneakily as she did,
“All I wanna do, is be with you, be with you,” Aricka stood at the front of the stage, shimmying her shoulders and trying so hard to not cry, as Taylor and Gabriella tapped her shoulders and they hugged tightly.
Those two girls were like her sisters and she loved them every bit as much as she did her twin Kelsi.
“There's nothing we can do, I just wanna be with you, only you...” Ryan was there next, and the two of them hugged and he kissed her cheek, whispering a quick,
“I love you,” in her ear. Aricka laughed as Martha hugged her and they hip-checked each other, before she walked over to the side with Taylor and Gabriella.
“No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart...” she squealed as Zeke and Jason lifted her up and spun her around, setting her down gently and squishing her in a hug.
Arms circled her from behind and she laughed as she wrapped her arms around Chad’s- her second best friend in the entire world.
Her first best friend would always be Kelsi.
(Troy and Ryan are her boyfriends- they don’t count!)
“You know it's true
I just wanna be with you!” And then Troy was there, handing her a beautiful bouquet of red roses, and as she took them, she felt the cool metal of a new necklace being draped around her neck. When she looked down she saw an R that matched the T Troy got her junior year hanging there. Both her boys hugged her, but Troy kissed her forehead, and she just knew his eyes closed momentarily.
“All I wanna do
All that I wanna do, is be with you!” She was back in between her boyfriends arms, Chad’s hand resting on her arm across Ryan’s back.
“All that I wanna do, is be with you!” Aricka freed a rose from her bouquet and threw it onto the piano, Kelsi smiling up at her.
“All that I wanna do, I just wanna be with you!” Everyone minus Aricka, Troy and Ryan stepped back towards the door of the set, so it was just the three of them. The three in question formed a semicircle, eyes only for each other as they sang the final line,
“All that I wanna do, I just wanna be with you!”
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