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#the one good thing Facebook ever did lol
illshineforyou · 28 days ago
We need a “care” react so I don’t have to say “this is a love like” and hope op gets the vibe anytime I like a sad post
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nostalgiaispeace · a day ago
Is there a necklace that you wear all the time? No.
How often do you wear skirts? Never. Do you enjoy baking? sure Do you have a large kitchen? No, it’s really small. Is anything sore on your body at the moment? yes
Do you like 3D movies? No. Where were you 3 hours ago? here Have you ever heard of Hot Chelle Rae? no Do you know where Poland is? sure Are you afraid of dying? a bit Are you wearing socks right now? no Do you speak your mind? sometimes If you found a wounded bird, what would you do? idk Ever rode on an elephant? No. Have you ever had braces? yes
Have you ever eaten a crayon? No. Do you like strawberries? yesss Wrestling or boxing? Neither. When’s the last time you went to the mall? idk Have you ever gone Christmas Caroling? no What song do you never get tired of? lana’s music Do you have a favorite chef? No. Do you know who Travis Pastrana is? no What song pumps you up and makes you feel good? so many
What’s bothering you right now? my ankles
Favorite flavor of gum? peppermint. Does your school have air conditioning? -
How many mirrors do you have in your home? 2 What does your wrapping paper look like for presents this year? - Do you like Jay-Z? sure
What time was it 14 hours ago? i’m not doing math rn What’s the craizest thing that happens in your hometown? protests Have any of your friends ever stabbed you in the back? Yes. What’s your favorite city? nyc Have you ever laid on a hammock? yes
Who’s the most famous person you met? tom felton Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend stolen from you? No. Where do you want to live someday? on some land Do you like your eyes? sure Do you wear a watch? Nope. Do you like peanut butter? yeah Do you tan easily? kinda Do you have sensitive skin? no Do you care if people smoke/drink? no Has anyone ever gives you roses? Nope.
How many hours of sleep did you get last night? never enough Do you hate it when babies cry? well yeah Would you like to get snake bites? (the piercing) i’ve had them before Would you move to a new state/country to be with the one you love? i did What is your name? ashley What do you plan on buying in the future? idk Who is your favorite “That ‘70 Show” character? none There is a mummy behind you. What do you do? scream What do you think of Miley Cyrus? i don’t have any thoughts Do you tend to think you are always right? i’m a capricorn so yeah What was your favorite toy as a child? my nanny frog Do you think more about your funeral or wedding? neither Dinosaurs or unicorns? dinos You need new jeans. Where do you go? i wouldn’t buy jeans What do you think about Maroon 5? they’re okay
Have you ever snuck into an R-rated movie when you weren’t old enough? no How many Emily’s do you know? 2 Have you ever slept in a tent outside? yes What’s your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie? the coconut ones What do you hear at the moment? tv Why do you think a lot of people left Myspace for Facebook? facebook was  new and easier Do you watch the Olympics? yes Have you ever been to Minnesota? No. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on TV? idk What do you miss most about elementary school? being young and innocent Anything funny happen to you while you were at Wendy’s? yeah actually lol
When’s the last time you picked up a stick? idk
How often do you have camp fires? like never
How long has your computer been on? Hours. Do you like chips and salsa? yes Do you have any pictures of the guy you like? well yeah Ever touched a fish? ahhh yes When’s the last time you uploaded pictures onto Facebook or Myspace? today Do you have any band-aids on right now? Nope. Ever had a blister? no Do you watch the show The Hard Times or RJ Berger? No. Have you ever voted for anything? well yes Do you like high top shoes? yes Do you think those nerd glasses are cool? sure?
Do you own any t-shirts of your favorite band/singer? Yes. Have you ever worn a tie? No. Have you ever made dinner for someone? yes Do you only listen to your muisc loud? yes
Have you ever taken drama class? yes. Have you ever rode a mechanical bull? no Have you ever played on a basketball team? No. Ever stayed in a motel? yes What number was your jersey in high school? - Have you ever choked on something? Yes. 
Do you wear a belt? no Do you have a rug in your room? no Do you go camping during the summer? no Do you carry a purse everywhere you go? yes Where’s your favorite place to get coffee? my house. What’s the last time you searched on Google? idk Which of these singers have the best voice: Katy Perry or Usher? they both have nice voices What food is your weakness? pizza How many unread emails do you have right now? none
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lalka-laski · 2 days ago
What do you like about the house you live in? It's an apartment, but I love its location. I simultaneously have the convenience of city-life with the coziness of suburbia all in one place.
What furniture do you own? All the usual suspects- bed, dresser, couch, coffee table, tv stand(s), dining room table, various end tables & side tables.
Name three of your favourite crepe toppings. I haven’t had crepes much in my life but let's say chocolate, banana & whipped cream
Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? What did you think of the ending? I adamantly HATED it for the longest time but it's one of Glenn's "comfort shows" so it's on in the apartment quite often. It grew on me a little bit but I can still only take it in small doses. And I think the ending was MANIPULATIVE and enraging as hell!
Have you ever played paintball? Did you get hit? Nope, never played Right now, are you too hot, too cold or just right? I'm almost always too hot but I have my desk fan running right now so I'm ok.
What was your favourite fairy tale when you were a kid? Sleeping Beauty, of course!
How do you feel today? Tell me about it. I woke up feeling pretty good and excited for the day! I have a short shift here at work, then I'm running errands with G, then having a sleepover tonight with Kathleen!
What’s the weather like today? 43 and cloudy. If there was just a little more sun this would be my perfect weather.
Do you ever use a laptop in bed? Rarely anymore. But I used to.
What were you doing in 2014? Working at Starbucks and attending community college. I had no real plan for anything and I desperately wished for all the things I have right now :)
Are you wearing socks right now? What colour are they? Begrudgingly, yes. They're white with black tip & heel.
What time are you taking this survey? 8:00 am on the dot
Have you ever eaten Caribbean food? I think so?
Do you need to make any purchases soon, big or small? I'm gonna be making several small-ish purchases today that will add up to one big total. Joy!
What was the first movie you saw at the cinema? How old were you? I'm inclined to say Toy Story. I'd have to fact that though.
Do you feel hopeful for the future? I do. Hopeful AND a little scared.
Where did you last fly to on a plane? Nawlins!
If you were going on a daytime date tomorrow, what would you wear? A cute sweater & jeans. I'm simple.
Are your parents still together? If not, do you know why? They are, but they have more of a friendship than anything romantic. Which is fine and it works for them!
What is the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out like in your country? Certainly not as efficient as it could've been but, we're getting there. I'm fully vaccinated and as of yesterday, my entire immediate family is too. So I'm grateful.
Have you ever been evicted? Why? No ma'am.
Do you eat at a table or on the couch? On the couch, just because our dining room table is a high-top and it's uncomfortable. I'm dying for a proper table & chairs, though! I want nice, sit-down meals.
Tell me something good about the last week of your life. This past week was actually quite tough. But it put a lot into perspective and I came to some important (and necessary) realizations. Hate to be so dramatic and vague but that's all Ima give ya.
Do you remember much from high school? Yeah, despite it being 11+ plus years ago! (Puking in my mouth)
Do you live in the state/province/territory you were born in? Mhm
What do you want to eat right now? I'm satiated at the moment. I wouldn't mind a sub later though. Maybe I'll ask Glenn if we can make a stop...
What are the five apps on your phone that you use most often? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit is Cool
What’s one of the most useless things you’ve ever purchased? LOL the pink exercise bike that is now my pink purse/coat holder
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lovemesomesurveys · 2 days ago
What do you like about the house you live in? Well, I like that I have a house and a room of my own with a nice, comfy bed. I like the tile floors. I like the neighborhood.
What furniture do you own? There’s a lot of furniture throughout the house.
What's the most cliche song you can think of right now? I don’t know, but “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” randomly popped into my head so let’s go with that.
Name three of your favourite crepe toppings. I haven’t had crepes too often, but the one I had I think just had bananas, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream and it was good.
Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? What did you think of the ending? No, I never could get into it. I thought I would because I went through a brief Neil Patrick Harris phase for some reason, but nope. I think I mostly just liked him in the Harold and Kumar movies lol.
Have you ever played paintball? Did you get hit? No, I’ve never played.
Right now, are you too hot, too cold or just right? Just right.
What was your favourite fairy tale when you were a kid? I liked ‘em all.
How do you feel today? Tell me about it. I’ve been having a really rough couple of months, so the days have been hard.
What's the weather like today? It’s currently 79F.
Do you ever use a laptop in bed? *sitting on my bed right now on my laptop* I always do. I keep my laptop on my bed.
What were you doing in 2014? Uhh, I was attending my last full year at UC.
Are you wearing socks right now? What colour are they? I’m always wearing socks. Currently, I’m wearing a pink pair with Baby Yoda on them.
What time are you taking this survey? It’s 6:11PM.
Have you ever eaten Caribbean food? No.
Do you need to make any purchases soon, big or small? Not at the moment.
What was the first movie you saw at the cinema? How old were you? I’m not sure about the very first, but the first that comes to mind is The Rugrats Movie, which means I was 9. I know that’s definitely not the first.
Do you feel hopeful for the future? No. :/
Where did you last fly to on a plane? From southern California to my hometown.
If you were going on a daytime date tomorrow, what would you wear? Haaaaa, me going on a date. Especially right now looking and feeling like I do. Riiiiiight.
Are your parents still together? If not, do you know why? Yes.
What is the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out like in your country? It’s been pretty good.
Have you ever been evicted? Why? No.
Do you eat at a table or on the couch? I eat most of my meals in bed, especially these days.
Tell me something good about the last week of your life. That sounds like the last week of my life, ever, in which case how would I know? ha. Anyway, this past week really sucked because in addition to everything else I had a bad pain flare up join the party for a few days, which made things harder.
Do you remember much from high school? Honestly, not really. It’s weird.
Do you live in the state/province/territory you were born in? Yes.
What do you want to eat right now? Nothing at this current moment, but I’ll have Wingstop for dinner in a couple hours.
What are the five apps on your phone that you use most often? Kindle, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and nowadays lots of Doordash.
What's one of the most useless things you've ever purchased? Hmmm.
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ramhog · 4 days ago
Gonna try to write out a list of my issues w mitchells vs the machines before I fall back asleep. Gonna preface by saying you're not a bad person if you enjoy it obvs I just think there's issues we gotta talk about that really killed my whole experience
- dad gives off prepper vibes and absolutely did not sell me on him ever actually listening or trying to connect w his daughter except in very surface ways. Reminded me of abusive dads I know
- adding to that the movie had no sense of realizing power dynamics between parents and their kids, the change mostly came from Katie and it pissed me off bc she's the kid
- absolutely no character to the mom other than 'mom'
- kinda really fucking weird that the evil tech CEO was Black and his only arc was saying 'im sorry' to one character
- no real analysis of tech companies actually, everything goes back to normal by the end so nothing was actually said. IRL tech companies regularly allow genocides to be organized on their platforms and it's wild that this movie was just a light-hearted goofy vibe for one of the most evil things we have going on in this country
- tropes I'm tired of: father-child relationships while the mom has no say, family propaganda, and One Savior trope
- the 'wi fi being being shut off destroys the world' joke can only be read as 'technology bad' and legitimately made me scream at my tv.
-while we're at it, I'm Thinking About How The Global South (I'm forgetting the actual better term pls someone remind me) has been sold internet only through Facebook's shady ass and how most places don't have it and the absolutely only western view this movie has got under my skin so bad
- the boy is clearly coded Autistic but they have a LOT of flashing lights in this movie. Neat move y'all thinking bout your audience members you're representing
Again it's very pretty but it's truly a film that makes me both more angry the more I think on the plot beats/characterization and also it completely leaves no impression on me at the same time. If you had fun that's good! I wish I had, lol
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Survey #359
“i’m only a crack in this castle of glass  /  hardly anything there for you to see”
Do you look better with your hair down or up? It's too short to go up. Has you mom ever directly told you that she favoured your other sibling(s) over you? Yeesh, no. Have you ever read The Outsiders? Seen the movie? Read the book, seen the movie. Adore both. What’s your favourite drink from Jamba Juice? I don't think we have those here. Can you stand eating the crusts of a slice of sandwich bread? I don't mind the crust at all. Do you do your homework at home or in class? Prior to college, I did my work right after getting home to get it out of the way. In college, I did it in-between classes or when waiting for Mom to finish class. Do you feel uncomfortable sharing drinks with other people? Yes, I never do it. Do you get jealous if your boyfriend hugs another girl? I'm single, but hypothetically, I wouldn't... It's just a hug. At least for me, it's just a friendly gesture. Is there something that happened in your past you hate talking about? A few things, yes. Is it hard for you to be “just friends” with the opposite sex? Nah. If you had to choose, what color is your favorite? Baby pink. How many times have you dated the person you’re with now? I’m single. Has anyone suspected you of being a different sexuality? Yes. Do you like chocolate or vanilla cake more? Chocolate. Does it bother you to have blood drawn or not so much? Nah. What color is your toothbrush? It's a white electric one. Do you normally fall asleep fast or slow? Ridiculously slow. Have you ever had a severe allergic reaction? No. What do you want to be for Halloween this year? I'd love to dress up as like a Ms. Oogie Boogie and take some cool pictures, but I highly doubt it'll actually happen. What color are your glasses, if applicable? Black. Do you still look in the toy aisle, or do you pass it by? I walk past it. What are your summer fashion essentials? I don't have fashion essentials for any season. Do you have your own website? For my photography, yeah. Do you think you would be a good salesperson? Ha, no. I worked in retail before and I fucking sucked. Do you like candy corn? NO. Just colored wax, ugh. Do you like to wear skirts? I don't wear anything that shows my legs. Were you happy as a kid? Yeah. That, talkative, and hyper. Favorite store to browse but not really buy anything? Haha, I LOVE going on MorphMarket now and again to browse the ball pythons especially, but boy if I had the cash and space would I buy like fifty of them at once. I don't really know about a store I like browsing but not buying from. Skittles or Sour Patch Kids? Both are great, but I guess Sour Patch Kids. BUT, if you throw SOUR Skittles in there... then it's a war lol. If tattoos were free, how many would you have? A HELL OF A LOT. I wanna be just about totally painted. Do you wear a retainer at night? Not anymore. I had one, but I stopped using it. Are you afraid of dolls, puppets, or clowns? I'm not a doll person, particularly porcelain ones. When you’re in your room, do you keep the door locked? No. It's not even closed. Do you think your face is mostly symmetrical? Actually no, and I'm self-conscious about it. Stupidest thing you have ever said out loud? OH Christ, I'm not retrospecting on this. What’s your least favourite ice-cream flavour? That I've actually tried, strawberry. It's disgusting. What was the last good news you heard? I got approved for TMS therapy! Who was the last person to comment on your Facebook status? My friend Lyndsey. How did you meet him/her? World of Warcraft. She's actually my guild master, and she is the sweetest damn person. Have you ever learned any self-defense? If not, would you be interested in learning? I haven't, but yeah, I'd like to. When was the last time you took a nap? How long was it? Yesterday. For some reason, I actually slept a LONG time, like at least three, but probably close to four, hours. I mean I was tired, but I didn't feel THAT tired. Do you like Gushers? YAAAAAAAAAAS What would you do if you could do anything without failing? Actually get a degree for SOMETHING. What is your native language? English. Do you have a younger brother or sister? A younger sister. If so do/did they really get on your nerves? No. We were very close as kids, but we've drifted apart. Now, she absolutely doesn't get on my nerves. I'm so proud of her. Name something that happened to you that was completely unexpected. Uhhh I dunno. Do you judge people that have multiple piercings? Lol wtf? No. Do you watch the Olympics? No. What did you have for breakfast this morning? I had Kix cereal. Do you like orange juice? Yes. So long as it doesn't have pulp in it. Do you think it’s cruel to keep an animal in a cage while you’re away? It depends on the size of the cage as well as how long you're away. Do you have a pet gecko? No, but I'd love a fat-tailed gecko. Are you scared of reptiles? Not at all, I adore them. Is your car messy? I don't have my own car. Mom's kinda is, though. It needs a wash badly, but because of her bumper literally being zip-tied on, she doesn't trust going into a car wash. And neither of us are about to do it manually, lol. Have you ever seen the show 16 and Pregnant? No, fuck that show. Do you buy expensive clothes? No. Does death scare you? Not really. What are your current goals? Conquer my social anxiety, get a job, lose weight, do something to strengthen my legs... Those are the four biggies. Do you clap or cheer when at a concert? I did both at the one I've been to. Do you drink coffee? What brand? No. Do you use a comb or brush? A comb. When you were younger, did you ever do that exclamation point that looked like an upside down triangle and had a really big dot? No. I loved the cutesy girl handwriting though, haha. I just could never do it. You’re locked in a room with the person you last dated, any problems? Well yeah, we're locked in a room lmao. What kind of relationship do you have with the last person you kissed? It's perfectly fine, we're best friends. Have you ever gotten burnt by a cigarette? No. Do you get mad when people smoke around you? Yes. Honestly, have you ever eaten raw cookie dough? Yeah, more than once. When was the last time you were on a city bus? Never. Do you have a garden? Does it have flowers, vegetables, or both? No. Where do you want to raise your kids? Who said I even want kids? Have you ever been to Cracker Barrel? Yessssss, good shit. Have you ever seen a ghost? I think I have. Have you ever burned an ant with a magnifying glass? No. Have you ever been to Yes. Have you ever used Nair? Yes, on my legs. It works, I just have stupidly hairy legs that need so much to get it all. How many tabs do you have open and what are they? Two YouTube tabs and then Tumblr. What browser do you prefer to use? Chrome. What room are you in right now? My bedroom. Are you excited for anything this month? 1.) I get my tattoo on the 19th, and 2.) I start TMS next Wednesday. What language course did you take in school, if any? I barely survived one semester of Latin, then I did all four available German courses. What language would you most like to learn? I'd love to improve my German. What would you like to get a degree in? Photography. What book are you reading, what genre is it and do you like it so far? Wings of Fire: The Brightest Night. It's young adult fantasy, I think. Did you ever sometimes flip through your text books even when you didn’t need to? Yeah, mainly to just look at pictures because I was that bored in class, haha. What types of magazines do you read? None. Would you prefer to read a book, watch a movie or TV show, or play a video game? Play a video game. What’s your current relationship like with the person you lost your virginity to and do you wish it was different? We don't have any relationship anymore. I don't regret losing it to him, if that's what you're asking. If you mean our relationship stance, it'd be nice to still be in touch with him, but I know it wouldn't be healthy for me. Have you ever felt responsible for someone’s death? Pets, yes. No humans. What was the last book you recommended to someone? Idk. What’s the most difficult thing you and your current or last significant other have gone through? Distance was very hard. What’s your best memory with your ex? I'm going to assume this refers to "the ex." In which case, we were "play arguing," and I came storming into the kitchen after him to make a point, and I slid mid-sentence, and he caught me. We just held each other laughing our asses off. It's the simple things, man. Who was the last person that asked to hang out with you and what’s the story of how you met that person? Summer. My little sister and her were in pre-k together and became friends, but I gradually became closer to her than Nicole did when we were teens. Has anyone ever asked you out and you turned them down? Yes. Is there something you generally always ask for help with? Yeah. Like recently I've been having apples and peanut butter a lot, and I ask my mom to cut the apple because I'm terrified of knives. Do you feel comfortable telling people how much you weigh? NOPE. Have you looked at any old photos of yourself lately? No. In a relationship, have you ever been on and off with your partner? No. Do you consider cooking to be an art? Yes. Are you a fast or slow reader? I'd say I read at a moderate pace. Does it take a lot to gross you out? It depends on what it is, but I am actually more squeamish than I used to be.
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nostalgiaispeace · 8 days ago
Does your middle name begin with letters A-G? nope
What is your state’s largest city? i’m not sure actually
Pick your three favourite vegetables. asparagus, green beans, creamed corn
Have you ever broken a movie or game disc? on accident
What colour are your brother’s eyes? -
What are you feeling right now? tired
Do you watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? i am right now actually lol
How many flights of stairs are in your house? none
Have you ever played a drinking game? Which ones? yeah. never have i ever.
Do you often feel excluded? yes
Are you good with managing your finances? yes
Do you have an accountant? no
Did you ever play Neopets when you were younger? i did
Have you ever been to Mexico? no
How big is your bathroom? it’s a decent size
How many friends do you have on Facebook? 300 or so
Do you regularly check anyone’s profile online? no
What is the closest pizza place to your house? i’m not sure
What age did your mum stop helping you clean your room, if she ever did? um idk
What colour is your toothpaste? white
Have your parents ever worked in medicine? no
Do you have any silly nicknames or pet names? yes
Are you any good at drawing? no
Is there anything unusual about your house? no
Can you maintain a text conversation or do you run out of things to say? i usually maintain
How old will you be turning in 2020? i turned 30
Have you ever met anyone with Multiple Personality Disorder? no
What is your favourite type of cookie? sugar
Do you spell things the way I do? (colour, favourite, flavour etc.) no
When was the last time you painted your nails? idk
Do you like word or picture tattoos better? picture
Does taking surveys make you sleepy? yeah
How many vowels are in your mother’s full name? idk
Do you find it hard to talk to strangers, even people who work in stores? yes
Have you ever tasted goat’s milk? no
Are you a fidgety person? yes
How many serious relationships have you been in? one
Did you ever take classes for a musical instrument when you were younger? yes
Is there anything going on outside your window? no
What was your favourite board game as a child? life
Do you listen to Rise Against? no
When was the last time you congratulated someone? yesterday i think
Have you ever taken care of a newborn baby? no
How old were you when you got your ears pierced? 5 i think
Do you snore when you sleep? apparently yes lol
Have you ever been 10-pin bowling? yes
Do you have your own bowling ball and shoes? no
What was the last type of burger you ate? cheeseburger
Have you cried in the past week? yes
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xxbacktoearthxx · 9 days ago
it was just a cosmic joke
funny thing we started as strangers and might ended up as strangers again. so much progress in a year full of drama.
december 2019, nothing special.... yet.
april 2020, made a squad with the og — learned all your names, played every 9 pm until 2 am max and bruh i remember we’re just using the mic to communicate and then there’s me... i don’t do mics... all i did was listen to them and carry the team lol. if my memory serves me right, i am a pro selena user way back then haha.
may 2020 the month it all actually started.. added all of you in facebook, twitter and ig. until the squad had a dilemma and the sad part is that it didn’t last long. and then there’s you... and me... left.. you even invited me to play another game. while waiting for them to play with us we played that game.. and it’s just the two of us. me, being an introvert who prefers texting over calling suddenly it just got reversed when you said “call ako” old me would prolly decline to that invitation. but instead i just answered it and enjoy actually the game... and it became a routine for me. for us.. then we had our first tampuhan.. i don’t know how to react to that and thank God i learned how to handle your mood swings with the time being. we played every night. you called every night and i answered it without even hesitating. lol, i can still remember where i would answer that, with my fan turned on because of my set up haha you always say “fan mo” because you hate those noises... you can’t function well. and then you introduced your doggos to me. it was a pain in the ass memorizing your doggos ‘cause damn, they’re so many!!! you always send me vids and pics of your precious babies and got mesmerized by Lighting. my og fave never ever forget. until your mood swings and your unpredictable inis sa’kin became a hobby of yours. somewhere along june to july i’ve managed to memorized your doggos and ended up hopee being my fave, because hopee’s the miracle baby and prolly the cutest hehe. you started sending me links of songs which became my song choices right now, i hate edm. i hate modern musics you know that, but the weird thing is that you managed for me to like it.
august 2020, your birth month.. and my birth month. ‘twas nice to know you for quite some time even though you’re still guarded with me. august 8, mia. hibernate daw my cousin told me. and bago sa’kin ‘yun lol, didn’t wanna celebrate your existence because ganun din ako but ‘di sanay sa “hibernate” term haha. i greeted you at exactly 12 midnight and 11:59 pm with no response from you. my efforts in your birthday lol, i even made you a memoji photoshopped picture but i didn’t send it. it was supposedly an interactive greeting but you hibernated. you’re back from the dead at aug 10. then aug 16... my birthday. sinalubong birthday with your voice.. 22 by TS was the only song i listened that day. we played and you even gave me a chance to ask whatever i want for my birthday gift. since i don’t want material things... my request was for you not to hibernate for the whole year. in other words I ASKED FOR YOU. your time, your presence, you... and you agreed basta ‘wag lang ako magpuyat 2 am max. OUR VERY FIRST DEAL.
made new friends at september. you made a squad... paradox. and our og squad ult. with random people who started to become close to us. i remember the first ones. carl, clarke, christian, kulit hahaha. good times. we actually careered rank games over classic ones. october came still the squad is functioning. our group chat’s getting bigger.... and noisier lol. still our routine is there.. we call. we play.. you send vids and pics of your doggos. we share kwentos.. share music..
november 2020... was the month you legitimately gifted me. an account with agent z and so many more skins. you said that it’s my christmas gift. you gave that to me on november 11. 11-11. your favorite. I FELT SPECIAL. gumastos ka ng malaki for me... the effort of finding that acc. amaru was the original ign. spent months thinking for the perfect ign. said i love you for the first time to her. because i do.. and i appreciated the gift so much. i forgot she’s always reminding me not to be attached to her... i think it’s a little too late for that.
december 2020.. i’m running out of time. 31 days and i’ll be out of her life. - from the way she described it.. cut off and goodbye. so, spent the last 31 days with her laro lang ng laro. december 23, i made an effort. ngapa ngapa sa photoshop.. i turned hopee, lighting and cloud into a vector art 😅. and gave that’s my christmas gift to her. first ever christmas with chef. she even send me a pic of her for the first time. december 31. my supposedly last day with her.... turned out a little bit unexpected.
january 2021 naglalaro pa din tayo. you can’t seem to let me go. february, we took a break from each other. ‘di mo ako pinansin. i’m still living but i just exist lol. 20% functioning that time because of questions na hindi masagot sagot. hiatus for a month i cant believed i survived that.
march 1 at 12:05 you messaged me “buhay kapa?” and we started talking again. and we played again like we used to. shared stories. this was the time where i got so obsessed with edm and lahat ng gusto ko naipon na dapat ssend ko saiyo. kaya tinadtad kita lol. spotify was my bestfriend here lol. premium eh hahaha. missed your doggos. daily dose ko ng doggo nabalik din hehe. nauungkat nanaman ‘yung sa cut off. let go. good bye thingy.
april. my last month. the fallout month. you sacrificed your time for me. we stayed late so bad we even woke up at the same time which is so weird lol. 10 pm up to 5 or 6 am gaming. talagang sinusulit ang oras na magkasama. you even said you left your 5 man for me. april 18. you made your decision to cut me off. and it broke my heart. cried so hard. can’t even talk to you so straight because of that. 10 mins after you called me again to say that i can still talk to you.. you still can’t seem to let me go ha.
we still talk at night but not that much and then you suddenly stopped. and nasaktan ulit ako kaya i had the urge to real talk you. and you suggested a call na naging routine natin na ulit. night calls with you. until hindi nagiging healthy because of my toxic mindset and your indecisiveness and cold hearted personality. until april 30.. you really cut me off. cried 3 times narinig mo lahat...
I THINK this is it
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nostalgiaispeace · 9 days ago
The power goes out. What are three things that you have taken for granted? AC or heat and light
Have you ever done the Polar Bear plunge on New Years? i dunno what that is.
Name lyrics that include the word “baby” in them. “ooh ooh baby touch me and i come alive.”
You get to choose your middle name! It must begin with the letter H. Hermione lol
Have you ever had a Halloween party? no.
Would you rather have a plant cactus or venus flytrap? neither
Are you better at crosswords or word searches? word seaches
Would you rather have a water balloon fight or a paint ball fight? water
Do you like being told what to do? depends on the situation
What would you do if you were attacked by thugs? call the police
Do you have a favorite word? not really
On what circumstances would you break up with someone? i think it depends??
Have you ever been kicked out of a store? No.
What’s your worst subject? math and science
What are 3 things that make you happy? family, harry potter, books
Have you ever been pampered? sure
Are you going to force your kids to be in activity or let them choose? maybe when she’s too young to decide, i might make her but if she doesn’t want to do something anymore, I won’t force it.
Do you watch Toddler and Tiaras? no
What was the last band t-shirt you bought? i’m not sure
If someone asked you to go to war today, what would you say? um no
Are you passionate? about certain things
Do you usually get nervous before taking a test? yes
True or false : Your middle name begins with the letter J False.
Are you more comfortable in public or in your house? my house. duh.
Do you own an old vintage typewriter? no
Do you hate how dogs bark every time someone comes to your house? depends on the dog
What’s a commercial that you cannot stand? all of them
Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper.
Do you say “mate?” like Hello, mate! no
What makes you rate a survey? i don’t
Do you drink Mountain Dew? yeah. it’s one of my favs
How many weddings have you been to? a lot
When you smile, are you confident? No.
Have you ever not done something because you were afraid of getting in trouble? Yeah.
Was the weather beautiful today? it’s alright
Do you have to have a fan on when you sleep? Yesssss Would you rather have an orange, red or gray bedroom? gray
Would you ever dye part of your hair blue? i have before
Have you ever gone to a private school? a private college
Is Finding Nemo a favorite movie of yours? no
Does/Did your school have a uniform? no Turn on the TV. What channel are you on? oxygen
Does your house have security cameras? no
What’s your favorite Another Cinderella Story? The one with Hilary Duff.
Does a popsicle sound good right now? always
Do you drink more water or juice? water
Sweater weather or tank top weather? Which do you prefer. sweater
Do you always carry a purse with you? no
Do you update your Facebook relationship status when it changes? i mean i did lol
Have you ever kissed a Zachary? no
Do you hate when people try to embarrass you? yes
Do you like in October when a bunch of haunted places open up? sure
Did you tell someone you loved them today? yes
Do you watch the show Ghost Adventures? i do
When it’s dark, do you always tell someone to drive safe? yes
Are you love sick? no
Do you want your own house someday? yes
What color are your curtains in your bedroom? black.
Are you superstitious? not really
Is there a cat in the room you’re in right now? yes
Have you ever read the book The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks? hmmm i don’t think so.
Have your parents ever said you’re ruining your life by dating someone? no
Are you excited for anything? sure
True or false : It’s past 9:22 PM false
Do you hate when artist change their music? not really Does your house have a doorbell? yes
Would you ever name your car? no
What’s worse : Two-faced people or fake people? that’s the same...
Are you wearing a necklace? no
Have you ever saved someone’s life? No. Do you hate when your makeup smears? well yeah
Are you good at giving advice? i hope so.
Have you gotten into any fights within the past week? no
How often do you go to the kitchen? idk??
Are you strong? not really
When you choose your golf ball for put-put, what color do you pick? pink
Have you ever ate the tip of a pencil? The eraser. ew no?
When was the last time you wore earrings? rn
You can dye your hair red or neon green. You pick? red
How many Juliet’s do you know? one
What’s your current mood? content
What time is it? 12:57pm Do you own any colored pants? No.
What color of eye shadow do you wear? mostly brown
Hamburger or steak? hamburger
When was the last time you ran through a sprinkler? idk
Can you do a cartwheel? No.
Do you believe you have the perfect parents? no
Do you own any Converse? yes
How tall are you? 5′4.
Would you ever try a workout video? Or have you? i have before Do you like your ice cream in a cup or cone? either is fine
Are fireworks your favorite things ever? i LOVE fireworkds
Is your cat orange? no
Is anything in the room your in striped? not that i can see
What song do you hear playing? nothing
Have you ever found a four leaf clover? i think so
Do you think you’ve been in love? i am
Have you ever read Romeo and Juliet? yes
Were you ever in the plays in school? yes
Whose eyes do you have? my dad’s
When was the last time you bought a pair of new shoes? last summer
How many gray shirts do you have? a lot
Have you ever cried because you missed someone so much? yes
Do you hate waiting for things? yes
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lalka-laski · 11 days ago
What was the last TV show you binge watched? The Haunting of Hill House
Would you rather eat burgers or tacos? I love 'em both (veggie, of course!) but if you tied me down I think I'd choose tacos.
Have you ever taken a first aid course? The Red Cross babysitting one, if that counts?
Did your mother change her maiden name when/if she got marred? She did, and she offered me some really great advice when I was struggling about my own decision to take Glenn's.
What was the last job you applied for? Did you get the job? The one I'm at currently, so does that answer your question?
Do you use TikTok? I created an account just to to view/support my friend's craft business. Otherwise I just see Tiktoks secondhand on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.
Did you participate in any extracurricular activities when you were a kid? Girl scouts, soccer & track (if you know me, these are comical), and various writing and art camps/clubs/programs.
If you were given the chance to relocate for work, would you do it? Working from home might be nice
What decorations do you have in your bathroom? A framed picture that says "I hope you feel beautiful today"
What was the last thing you cooked in an oven? A funfetti cake!
Describe your favorite coat or jacket. It's pink (of course), and sort of peacoat style. It makes me feel like Elle Woods!
Do you like Seinfeld? Nah I was never really into it
Have you ever lost something really meaningful? Yes
What’s something you could teach a class in? I'm not so sure, actually. Not to say I don't have skills but I'm not good at explaining them.
What do you look forward to the most at Christmas/holidays? Just the cozy, magical feeling and all the nostalgia that comes with it!
How do you like your coffee? Usually black but I'll take a splash of cream now and then
What year was your favorite band formed? I don't feel like looking it up but it was early 2000's.
What’s your least favorite pizza topping? I guess any kind of meat, by default.
What does your shampoo smell like? It smells like my mom's salon growing up which gives me wonderful nostalgia. It's one of the main reasons I use it actually.
How old were you when you learned how to drive? I never did lol
Are you in a relationship? How’s it going? Yes and it's the absolutely one of the best things that's ever happened to me.
What grocery store do you shop at most often? Wegmans but I'm TRYING to shop at Aldi more. It's just silly not to!
What percentage battery is your phone on right now? I wish I knew. I stupidly left my phone at home this morning.
What’s the best way to spend a rainy afternoon? Reading a book or marathoning a TV show (with the windows open, of course!)
Have you ever smoked a cigarette? Did you like it? Never have & never would, ya nasties.
Are you closer to your mother or father? I have a great relationship with both of them actually. I confide more in my mother just because we're both women & can therefore relate more, but my dad and I have tons of inside jokes.
What do you wish didn’t exist? This motherfucking sore on my mouth that's causing me intense pain!!
Do you own any costumes? Mhm
Is your bedroom clean or messy right now? Clean, always.
What’s your favorite fruit? Strawberries, blackberries or peaches.
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x3jewely · 12 days ago
4o of ‘21
Have you ever played golf?:
Not real golf, just mini.
Is there a lake near your house?:
Sure lol. Man made little puddle they call a lake.
What was the last tv show you watched an episode of?:
Drag Race.
Do you like beer? If so, what’s your favourite brand?:
What colour is your favourite fruit?:
How often do you update your Facebook status?:
When was the last time you went to the supermarket?:
An hour ago.
Have you ever been pulled over for speeding?:
No. I don’t speed.
What was the last thing you ate?:
A bowl of cereal.
Do you feel bad when you throw food out?:
What do you think about the new Apple Watch?:
Have you ever been on a log flume ride?:
Are you religious? What do you believe in?:
What’s your favourite thing about the weekend?:
Traffic is quieter on Sundays.
How do you feel right now?:
Good. Leaving soon for my first shift in over two weeks.
Have you ever tried to make risotto?:
What does your favourite perfume/cologne smell like?:
How many brothers/sisters do you have?:
Four brothers, two sister in-laws, and a brother in-law.
When was the last time you waxed anything on your body, if ever?:
What is your favourite video game?:
Forza or Call of Duty, or Super Mario Party lol.
Do you know anyone who uses a wheelchair?:
Yeah, a couple-few.
Have you ever watched an entire season of a tv show in one day?:
Maybe. I try to stretch it out.
What did you have for dinner tonight (or last night)?:
A&W lol.
Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery? What would you have done?:
Do you know how to play poker?:
Who is your favourite superhero?:
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h00kerangel · 12 days ago
What’s the point of making all that money if you live in a motel and don’t even have your kid? Isn’t the point of making it to better your life and get to a place where you can raise him? Or you just wanna show off on the internet...3k is so much you could actually have a nice house...get in your kids life more than just visits....idk seems like your priorities suck. I’m sure your son would rather have a present mom than some clothes/shoes/toys you get for him.... gonna look back and go why was my mom so selfish and materialistic when all I wanted was for her to get clean and be there and raise me. Grow up.
Did you not just read my post from a few days ago?! I’ve been trying to get an apartment for two years but like my last post JUST said it’s nearly impossible where I live without proof of income and a really bad criminal record. Even when I tell them I’ll pay a whole years rent upfront they see prostitution and drug charges and know I’m sketchy. Seriously you try living in a town full of rich people and get an expensive apartment like that. But I finally convinced my mom to put one in her name. I literally wrote this like two days ago. I’m literally moving on Monday into an 1,800 a month apartment and my kid is coming with me. You have no idea seriously. You just think I chose to live in a hotel (not a shitty motel btw) and not have my kid full time because I want to? I’ve been saving my money like crazy too. My dad holds onto all of it. I buy my kid everything he needs but he also already has a ton of money set aside for college one day. I actually haven’t been using everyday either. I went from spending $900 a day on drugs to maybe $50 once or twice a week when my insomnia is unbearable. But once I get my methadone dose where it needs to be that’s over with. Also haven’t touched a needle in over a year You don’t know me, my life or my priorities. I was clean and doing really good and had my kid full time until his dad died and I basically lost my mind. But I’m getting back on track and things are finally looking up for me. And saying I’m selfish and materialistic? Lol all sex workers show off their money because we’re proud of what we do and won’t be ashamed. You have no clue where my priorities are at because my son has always been my #1. All that money I show off goes straight into my savings for HIM. I also see him almost every single day even when I’m not living with him. But I don’t feel comfortable posting him on here with all the creeps. My IG and especially Facebook has hundreds of pictures of my kid. There’s a lot more to peoples lives than what you see on the internet. Maybe come off anon so I can judge your life. Oh wait I would never do that because I understand people go through shit that that’s not online. But for real don’t ever say my son isn’t my priority. I dare you to get off anon and say that seriously.
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survey by joybucket
Do you have a favorite park in your hometown? Kinda, it has a nice playground I liked as a kid
Are you living your dream? Nope
Who is one person you regret letting go? Idk. I think most people have let me go
What was the name of one of your childhood imaginary friends? Jenna
What colors do you look the best in? Teal
Do you have traumatic memories from your past? Idk
What are three things you aren’t good at? Sports, time management, speaking out loud
What are three things you ARE good at and have been complimented on? Video editing, fashion, crafts
Have you ever had someone dump a handful of glitter on your head? No
Can you do the splits? No
What color hair did your first crush have? Blond
What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? I think that I am uniquely me
Do you like making surveys? No, I just take them
In what year did you join facebook? 2010
Who do you know who is colorblind? My middle school crush
When was the last time you prayed to God? (if you want to answer) Never
Do you have to wear a dust mask when you clean? No
What size are your feet/what size shoe do you wear? Women’s size 7.5-8
What is one thing that’s gone missing that you still can’t find? A trilobite fossil I found
Do you know how to write in calligraphy? Not well but a little?
What is your favorite pizza parlor? Beau Jo’s
What states/countries have you lived in? Colorado, USA
List five different ways to say “hi.” Sup, hey, hello, what’s up, dear [name]
What is your Chinese zodiac sign? Dog
Which cartoon characters do you think look the most like you? None really
Have you ever met Miss America? No, but I’m friends with a guy who is dating Miss Montana
What was the name of the first dorm you lived in? That’s a little too specific
Does your phone make a high-pitched ringing noise when it charges? No
Have you ever had a lamp that made a high-pitched ringing sound when on? Don’t think so
List five jobs you would love to have. No idea
What would your name be if you had born the opposite gender? Ray I think? I probably would have chanded that one too lol
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brownskngirl · 14 days ago
Everyday I wake up and are beyond thankful and blessed to wake next to the one person that i love the most. He helps me build myself and life together. We have a beautiful puppy named Mamba. Definitely trying for a baby as well. I don't know sometimes I do have these feelings as though ill never been good enough for anyone. Sure; yeah, my photos get likes and there are plenty of people that I could hangout with and/or call friends, I just truly know that no one is going to have your back like you do. for the first seven years of my life and even after, I belonged to everyone. my dad just tossed me around homes with his friends and or co-workers as well as different family members. I got to experience the wonderful life of neglect, child abuse, and sexual molestation. My dad left me, my biological dad left me, my mother left, I wasn't able to meet my biological father until I was about 20-21. Our relationship at that is rocky. the parents that raised me disowned me due to them being extremely controlling. Everyone leaves. Or they choose to spend there time entertaining other people. Like I don't know my aunt and uncle that raised me always were so about one another. My uncle would like barely even look at anyone else, she sure as hell didn't. their bond and built family wasn't perfect by all means but they did it together and I guess that's all I've really wanted and searched for in life. Well in the male wise. I'm not sure why I let myself be abused to the point where I couldn't breathe. I let a man dictate how I felt about myself to the point I starved myself almost two years straight, had my weight weekly checked , psychiatric appointments weekly, did coke for the first time, drank every day, every chance I got. It was kind of bad for a good three years but whatever. Sometimes my boyfriend entertains females. for what reason I'm not sure. like why slide up on her story with no face but her body and alcohol? why want her to send her address when she's drinking? I wasn't invited so its not like we both were going to go. I try so hard every time to just trust. trust. trust. trust. believe every word he says about us forever and us together. I'm not that public of a person but I let it be known who I'm dating and that I'm in a relationship. yet he don't, wow he allows it on Facebook, meanwhile talking about other girls squirting on him. lmao. every argument we have had I've done nothing but my absolute best to be and do better for myself, him, and our future. I just want him to have everything he ever wanted and hoped and dreamt of. If I could give him all the money cars and love in this world I would. he deserves it, he deserves the world and more. I wanna be by his side being his number one fan and girl and supporter through it all. I wanna show him that I'm not ever going to give up on him, no matter how hard times get, how low life seems, and even through the daily life adventures. this is my person. and when we have deep talks i really believe him to the point where I am crying because he understands me and hears me and I love that. but then the next day the smallest tiniest thing will set him off and I'm stupid. I'm really hurt still about all of the stuff he told me when he left me at the casino. he gone flex on me with a hotter bitch, I ain't shit, I'm a dumb bitch. Like whaaaaaa. I love you with every ounce in my entire soul and would drop absolutely anyone and anything for you. as I have and will forever to continue to do. but when is enough, enough?? when am i enough for him to be like nah I got a girl lol. or be like not unless my girl sliding. love the support though, keep sharing. its not its send the address no cap. hahahahhaa. I'm embarrassed to have them on my snap. like yeah I show him off cause like haaa I have him but then I look fucking stupid cause they over there being the first to watch my story and probably just be laughing at me. I LOOK FUCKING STUPID. then again its whatever. I try to understand that when we got together it was right after he got out. and he missed all his outside life from
being sent away. :/// its just how can I be more of a woman that he's proud to be with, wants to be with. someone whos like nah my bitch is badder. lmao instead I'm just over here hoping he even likes me today. I just need to I don't know yet figure out how I can continue to grow as a woman and wife. I wish we didn't lose our baby though. I often think about it. I was farther than I thought, and I wish that right now I was talking to my baby and watching him/her grow in my belly. because its parents would love that baby more than anything on planet earth. I pray we get pregnant though, but when we are ready. I love my man so fucking much and I really know how much he tries to do good in this world and how far he has come as a person. he really is so amazing, so smart, handsome and beyond giving. even to people who definitely don't deserve it. I don't know how I was so blessed and lucky to have him with me. I really am, I love his family too, so much. I hope he never leaves me. id do anything for him and he knows that. I just also pray and hope that I am enough as a person for him to remain loyal faithful well only entertaining all that to me and only me. he is my other half, forever.
my family always taught me that crying wasn't okay. therefore I never really cried growing up. I mean yeah when I got hurt and such but even when I almost broke my nose I didn't cry. It just wasn't something I was allowed to do. everything I felt, every feeling, every moments, etc. I was alone. I really went through life alone. Part of it was my fault yeah I could have opened more up to my aunt a little more and did more with her, but she wasn't that person for me.
Real question is why? why do people willingly choose to hurt others. What am I doing wring in life to have all these people want to leave me and then actually leave. but its more than that people like to see me hurt. for what? maybe I'm too sensitive now and need to back to being an anger bitch. but I fight everyday to be a better person. a happier person. there's just times like I know I'm going to fuck up and I just don't like disappointing people and that is all I seem to be good at. my legal dad is just neglectful and wants to throw my biological father in my mothers face. as if I was at an age to say whether or not who could raise me. At the end they all did a shitty job. It's just crazy how everyone can have an opinion on the way I need to be living my life. I'm always too much this or too much that. I have an angry face and i know that, I know that i always look like that i am angry or that i am upset about something but reality is that im not, i dont really get mad easily. it takes a lot. I just overthink about everything. Like one thing will happen then ill instantly think about the time that it happened before or if it had even happened before, yeah know. i dont know anymore im just rambling and complaining about nothing. i guess typing all of this out feels better than talking to my asshole of a dog or too busy boyfriend.
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nostalgiaispeace · 14 days ago
You arrive in New York at 10 AM. What’s the first thing you do? eat You go by your locker & your bf/gf is cheating on you. What comes to mind? kill him
You have to take out the trash & clean your room. Your reaction? ug
How many siblings do you have? 1
Have you ever made fun of a homeless/ mentally challenged person? no
Make up a funny word with your first name in it. no?
Do you like campfires? yeah
What’s your favorite color to write with? Black.
Do you write poetry? sometimes
When’s your 20th birthday? [Day & Month is fine. Year if you want.] 2010
Do you spit in public? i have
Are you in high school/middle school/college? lol no
How many push ups can you do? Zero.
How would you react if your cat/dog died? i’d freak out
Are you trustworthy? yeah
Do you play video games often? no
Do you like life, love, funny or boy quotes the best? funny
Have you ever been cheated on? yes
Have you ever had fruit pizza? yes
Would you like to learn karate? sure
Do you think it would have been cool to live in the 80s? yeah
Do you think we’ll have robots in the future? yeah
Was the sun out today? yeah
Do you know what 143 stands for? no
Does it get up to 100 degrees where you live?
When you play video games, do you like the sound on or off? on
When’s the last time you saw fireworks? Fourth of July.
Do you like Dr. Pepper? Yeah.
Will you be seeing the new Transformer movie? lol no
What made this week, one to never forget? idk
Did you wear shorts today? yeah
Do you own a fur hat? yes
Do you still use the old time mail? sure
Have you ever played flag football? Yeah.
What color is your laptop? It’s silver.
Do you like Paris Hilton? sure
Did you smile at all today? yeah
Do you have an Xbox? yeah
When you were little did you have a magic 8 ball? Yeah.
Have you ever ate grass or birdseed? ew no
Do you and your friends have secret codes? no
Have you ever seen the Lincoln Memorial? yes
What’s your profile picture on Facebook of? Me
Do you own a yo-yo? No.
What celebrity is your fashion icon? none
Do you hope you live to be the age 70 or older? idk
Did you go to preschool? no
Do you usually wear your hair up when it’s hot out? if i can get it up
Where were you when 9/11 happened? school
Which would you rather play: guitar or drums? Guitar.
Have you ever gotten detention? yeah
When you were little, did you used to watch Franklin? yes
What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened during your lifetime? i’m not sure. alot of exciting things have happened
How high can you count in a foreign language? idk
What’s the best thing to do on a hot day? stay inside
Would you like to go to Rome? Sure.
Do you use Febreeze? yeah
Have you ever been to a rainforest? No.
How many days of school are left for you? -
How do you usually get tan? reading outside
Snickers or Twix? snickers
Have you ever tried to sleep on an airplane? yeah
When you were little, did you like Dr. Suess books? yes
Are you more afraid of snakes or death? death
Would you like to go to Australia? Sure.
Do you like Drake? sure
What color are your headphones? white
Do you live in the past? yeah
When it’s spring, do you plant flowers? no
Have you ever laughed for 10 minutes? i’m sure it’s happened
Do you help your friends every time they need help? depends
Ever seen a Koala Bear up close? No.
Would you rather be blind or deaf? neither
Once your done, are you done for good? depends
Does it annoy you when girls wear a lot of make up? no
Do you live by a river? No.
Do you like being outside when it’s storming? no
Ever thought about becoming a cop? no
Have you ever tried sushi? ew no
When you were little, did you use to roll down hills? yes
Do you like store bought cakes or homemade ones better? either is fine
Do you think your a good kisser? naw lol
Do you like long or short sleeves better? depends on my mood
Do you like the name Jacob for a boy? Sure.
Could you live without electricity? no
Have you ever ate/drank something that was blue? yes
When is your last day of summer this year? idk
Would you rather hang out with people who are loud or quiet? Quiet.
Have you ever had a pet turtle? yes
Do you want an iPad? i have one
Are you double jointed? no
Have you ever done karaoke? yeah
What’s your middle name? nicole
Do you wish on stars? No.
Do you recycle? no
Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
What’s something you’ll do when your older, but not now? idk Are you currently drinking anything? no
What color is your shirt? Black.
Have you ever played laser tag? yes
Does your best friend live within 5 minutes from you? no
If you got dared to dye your hair purple, would you? sure
How many contacts do you have in your cell phone? idk
Do you own earmuffs? no
Nothing worse than being sunburnt, don’t you agree? ugh yes
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suckitsurveys · 15 days ago
What’s the last vegetable you ate, and when did you eat it? There are veggies in this pasta I’m eating. 
What was your last Facebook notification for? I don’t feel like looking. 
What bands have you seen live? A good handful.
Tell me an interesting fact about your mother: She was a drug and alcohol abuse counselor in the 80′s before I was born.
What do you think is the most important thing to happen to you before the age of 13? I don’t know. Maybe moving to the house that is still my dad’s to this day?
What were you super against as a young child but aren’t anymore? Avocados.
What are your plans later today? After I get some sleep I’m supposed to go to my niece’s soccer game.
Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? ^
Who do you talk to the most? Mark.
What are some things you do regularly that make you feel old? Being a live.
Who is your best guy friend(s)? Mark and Randal.
Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker? I’m okay.
If you had a tiny scar on your face, would you get it removed or just keep it? Keep it.
Have you had an x-ray in the past year? No.
Do you think your first love still loves you? Hah.
What is something that is “going right” in your life? I’m fully vaccinated and feeling amazing about that. 
When did you feel ready to start dating? I don’t know if I ever did? It just sort of, happened? I was never really interested in it in high school. I did have a long distance bf when I was 16 though haha. 
When was the last time your pet bit you? If you don’t have a pet, have you ever been bitten by someone else’s? My one kitty bites when I play rough with her. Not very hard though. 
Where were you the last time you made out? In the kitchen.
When was the last time you cried tears of joy? When I got home from getting my covid shot the first time. 
How do you type your sad smileys? :(
Do you have “decorative hand-towels” that cannot be used in your house? Nope.
What was the last soda you drank? Cherry Coke! It’s very unlike me to get anything but root beer when I’m out, but their machine was down at the hot dog place my dad and I went to this afternoon so I got a cherry coke instead.
What was the last thing someone made fun of you for? Mark is always making fun of me in little playful ways, so probably something silly and petty I did. 
Have you ever had any type of surgery? Yeah.
Should kids be allowed to get tattoos/piercings without parental consent? On the one had, yes, but on the other hand, it’s their fucking body. 
Who was the last person to hit on you? My husband.
What was the last thing you decided not to do, that you were supposed to? Clean my house lol.
What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to tell someone? That my mom had died. I had to tell my cousin Kelly and I will never forget her reaction.
What do you put on hot dogs? Mustard, relish, onion, celery salt. 
Ever fallen in the shower? Yes.
Do you think that things will get better? They are looking up.
Have you ever legitimately saved a person’s life? Maybe?
What’s your favourite book genre? I don’t know. 
Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theatre? No. Well wait, technically. We bought tickets to one movie, went in to that movie for a little bit, and then snuck in to see Jackass lol.
Do dogs like you? Sure.
Would you say that you project an air of authority? Ha, no.
Have you ever jumped off a high dive into a pool? Yes. Not a very high one, but definitely high.
Do you use one towel when you shower or two? (one for hair, one for body) Two.
Have you ever been to one of the great lakes? Yes, I live near Lake Michigan. I’ve also seen Erie, and I think Huron as well?
Who do you know that had a baby recently? Yeah.
Do you like Usher’s songs? Sure.
When was the last time you went to a waterpark? January 2020.
Have you ever ridden a train? Yes, several times. 
What do you eat your French fries with? Depends on the fry. Some don’t need anything.
Do you have family problems? No family is perfect.
What’s the last food you ate that was stale? Hm. I don’t recall.
How do you like your grilled cheese? Cheesy and dipped in tomato soup.
What is the most challenging meal you have ever cooked? I don’t recall. What was your favorite thing to do as a little kid? Ride my bike and swing and swim.
Have you ever been close to drowning? Nah.
Have you ever had a panic attack? Many times.
Do you like doing housework? Sometimes.
Would you ever get implants? If anything I’d get a reduction. 
Do you own a robe? No.
Do you have a little sister? What’s her name? Nope.
Do you like crust on pizza or do you cut it off? Depends on the pizza. 
What was the last song you listened to? Some song in a video Mark is watching. 
Have any of your family members been to jail? Yeah.
Is there anyone that you feel you still need some closure with? Whatever.
Can you remember when you first learned how to read? Yes, I was young. I would always ask what words were when my parents would read me stories and i was reading basic books by 4. 
What event in your life has transformed your personality the most? Probably my mom’s death.
Have you ever had any teeth pulled? Yes. Fun fact: I only grew three wisdom teeth. The other one just never showed up, lol.
Do you still want to be what you wanted to be in elementary school? I think I wanted to be a vet. I don’t think I could handle that now.
What’re some TV shows that you would like to get into? SO many. I am so bad at watching new stuff. 
How would you feel if you were drafted for the military? I’d move to Canada.
What is your favorite Queen song? Basic, but Bohemian Rhapsody. I also like Don’t Stop Me Now, Under Pressure, and Killer Queen.
Do you know how to use any foreign currency? I’ve never had to.
Been kissed by someone who you knew was “bad” for you? Yeah.
Ever taken an at-home pregnancy test? Yes.
When was the last time you were at a loss of what to do? Now.
What did you do on your favorite date with a guy/girl? Anytime Mark and I get sushi lol.
What’s a movie you have seen in the theater more than once? I saw Clerks 2 twice. And I think True Grit? Maybe some others I am forgetting. 
What is the reason you’re still alive? My husband and my nieces.
Have you ever had sex in someone else’s bed/bedroom? Nope. 
Do you ever brush your hair before you go to bed? Not usually. I have though.
Have you ever had a dream about sleeping with a celebrity? (You don’t have to give details.) Oh yes. 
Has anyone ever told you that they needed you? Do you think they meant it? Yes and yes.
How did you feel when you woke up today? What was the first thing you thought about? I was mad at myself because I slept later than I wanted.
Do you still tell your parents that you love them? Of course.
Have you ever said “I love you” to someone you weren’t going out with? Well yeah, it’s not something you just say in the romantic sense. I love my family and friends and tell them so.
Would you date someone with a physical disability? Yeah.
Think of the last person you had sex with. Do you think they’ve slept with anyone else since they last slept with you? They haven’t.
The last time you dyed your hair, what color did you dye it? Blue. That was in January 2020. I’m getting it dyed soon again. 
Think of the last time you went out to eat. Who paid? My dad.
Do you save at least 15 percent of your income? I should start.
Do you ever go on Reddit? If so, what are some of your favorite subreddits? I’ve Googled things that led me to Reddit, but I don’t go on there specifically.
Were you ever a flower girl or ring bearer in anyone’s wedding when you were little? Yes, a flower girl. My aunt let me pick out my own dress and I chose a long black velvet one and she was so sweet and I could tell she wasn’t thrilled but she wanted me to wear what I wanted so she let me wear it. I think I was about 9 or 10?
Are your parents in good health? My dad is. My mom, not so much, seeing as she’s deceased. Too dark? lol.
Have you ever been a caregiver to a sick/disabled relative? I took care of my mom for a little bit when she first got out of the hospital. 
Is there any type of medicine you can’t take? For what reason? I’m allergic to something called bactrim apparently? That is what I’ve been told my whole life.
Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas? What do they look like? I just wear tshirts and undies to bed. 
Do you have any interesting pillow cases? I had a She-Re one but I gave it to my niece a few years ago. It was technically my sister’s anyway lol.
If something on your body hurts, which part is it most likely to be? My back.
Are you more afraid of spiders or bees? Neither. Bees are more annoying when they buzz in your ear, but I’m not really afraid of them.
Have you ever worn fake nails? If so, what did the last pair you wore look like? Yeah.
Is Russian or Native American history more interesting to you? Native American.
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ssurveys · 15 days ago
survey by joybucket
Do you have a favorite park in your hometown? I do imagine being able to have a favorite one, if we only had parks. But we don’t since we’re limited to malls and urban spots, like streets lined up with restaurants and bars.
Are you living your dream? Pretty much! There are things I wish were different, but for the most part I’m quite satisfied with how life is going right now. Happiness was definitely just a dream for me five months ago.
Who is one person you regret letting go? I feel bad about growing apart from Sofie, but I wouldn’t say I have completely let her go. We still get along very well when we do; I recently congratulated her for graduating and sharing her grad photo on Facebook.
What was the name of one of your childhood imaginary friends? I had one that lasted for all of 5 minutes that I named Katrina.
What colors do you look the best in? Olive green, maroon, mustard yellow, and black are some of my favorite colors to wear.
Do you have traumatic memories from your past? Yes.
What are three things you aren't good at? Playing the piano, using Photoshop, and changing a wheel.
What are three things you ARE good at and have been complimented on? Writing, playing table tennis, and listening to people.
Have you ever had someone dump a handful of glitter on your head? No, and I don’t think that would be a nice thing to do in general unless that person and I were already being playful to begin with.
Can you do the splits? Nope. I always tried to practice it but I don’t think it was meant for me lol.
What color hair did your first crush have? Black.
What is the best compliment you've ever received? Being told that I’m strong or recognized for being able to come out of my problems or issues is always nice.
Do you like making surveys? I never make my own.
In what year did you join facebook? Around 2012, if I’m not mistaken. I hadn’t even been allowed to open an account then so I had to make my profile in secret because I needed a Facebook for one of my classes in high school.
Who do you know who is colorblind? No one.
When was the last time you prayed to God? (if you want to answer) Like 5 or 6 years ago, when I briefly had my Catholic phase hahaha cringe
Do you have to wear a dust mask when you clean? No.
What size are your feet/what size shoe do you wear? Anywhere between a 6 or 7.
What is one thing that's gone missing that you still can't find? My old earphones.
Do you know how to write in calligraphy? Nope.
What is your favorite pizza parlor? We don’t have lots of those here as we mostly have pizza brands with multiple branches. I honestly can’t tell you an independent pizza place that we would have.
What states/countries have you lived in? One country, two cities.
What is your heritage? Filipino.
List five different ways to say "hi." Hello, holla, howdy, halluuuu, and hey.
What is your Chinese zodiac sign? Tiger.
Which cartoon characters do you think look the most like you? Diane Nguyen probably bears the most resemblance, for obvious reasons. I’m glad the character was made, too.
Have you ever met Miss America? No.
What was the name of the first dorm you lived in? I’ve never lived in a dorm.
Does your phone make a high-pitched ringing noise when it charges? No. I didn’t know some phones do that.
Have you ever had a lamp that made a high-pitched ringing sound when on? Also no.
List five jobs you would love to have. Historian, lawyer, pilot, veterinarian, doctor.
What would your name be if you had born the opposite gender? My parents never planned it out.
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death2america · 20 days ago
I believe braggish is already a word, but PLEASE talk more about your family's internal class friction!
SO, there is a part of my family that grew up in extreme poverty in the US during the time capitalism was supposedly revolutionary. this lead to a 'work to death' mindset among my family and one of my relatives literally died working. also, by "extreme poverty" I mean my grandpa worked at 5 years old even in cold weather and his family would only eat oatmeal a few times a week (surprise, he hates oatmeal now). his current wife grew up in an identical situation during the same time, but as a woman her responsibility was looking after all her younger siblings. if you defend the industrial rev as ideal capitalism i'll kill you. ANYWAY, later on past that cringe era my grandpa became 'new money' from a florist company he started, which I would work at when I was 12-15 during "vacations" (just work in another state for my family). this is the only wealthy side of my family allied with the middle to lower middle class side (mine is middle class but healthcare expenses make things difficult, hashtag USA number one). my grandpa is the reason I got nice things on occasion when I was younger, like a macbook. never got paid for working at his company though, but whatever, my family is obsessed with work in general so I didn't see it as a problem, but i've realized doing the same manual labor (unloading heavy boxes from trucks and organizing them) as strong 40 year old men while a scrawny 12 year old without pay isn't a good look on resumes even though I thought it was fun.
now onto the rich family members my cousins and I (middle to lower middle class area) gossip about and carry secret hatred for. one of my step-aunts. her husband owns a chain of banks and so her daughter easily got a good job at one of the banks and I remember her saying it's good to spoil your kids. however, we don't have an issue with her because of wealth alone, the main issue is what she as a person does with it or complains about in life. she always victimizes herself in front of the rest of my family for the dumbest shit and if you imply she's privileged in any way she'll say she's not because when she was younger her dad was an alcoholic and she wasn't rich. my dad gave me ptsd and if I struck it rich later on in life I wouldn't use my past yo deny the fact that my life was easy, lmao. also said step-aunt will brag a lot on facebook and share generally braindead political posts. honestly if you didn't know her past you would think she comes from 'old money' with how oblivious she is.
ok this probably went far off topic but i've got no one to talk to right now; fun result of family prioritizing work over any social interaction and THE PLACES CLOSE TO ME I APPLY AT FOR A JOB ARE NOT HIRING. kill me. someone hire me. ignore the anticapitalism posts, I swear i'm a good employee 😉
tl;dr there is a secret feud between my step-aunt's family and the not rich side of my family. it's getting worse ever since facebook became the ultimate boomer hangout. i'll hear my mom talking to her sister like "did you see what [step-aunt's name] posted? wtf" it's so funny.
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Survey #351
“the writing on the wall  /  a psalm of napalm  /  abandon all hope, but try to stay calm”
Do you have bad posture? Oh yeah. Are your eyes sensitive to sunlight? VERY. How many miles can you run without stopping? An astonishing zero miles. Who is the most attractive person you know personally? My high school friend Alon, probably. Have you ever dated someone who was very vastly different from your “type”? No. When was the first time you said "I love you" to a significant other? When I dated my first real boyfriend Jason at 16. I actually said it very early in because I thought I was "supposed" to, and I did REALLY like him. How old were you when you first lived alone? If you’ve never lived alone, how old do you think you’ll be? I haven't yet, and idk. What do you wish you had been better prepared for? Ha, adulthood. Is there anything about you (physically) that you think turns people off of you right off the bat? My weight. Do you know anyone with a semicolon tattoo? I have a semicolon butterfly tattoo on my wrist, and while it's very subtle, my Mark tat features a semicolon, too. It's outlined by a quote he's said ("you are important, never forget that"), and the "i" is a semicolon. Idk if I know anyone else with one. Have you ever overdosed on a drug? Once accidentally, once purposefully. Have you ever kissed a guy you didn’t want to kiss? Yes. Who was the last guy you cuddled with? Girt. What is something you’ve had a toxic reaction to? The breakup with Jason. In the last picture taken of you, how did you pose? I just tilted my head, smiled, and gave a peace sign, haha. Mom wanted to show my sister how I looked with a dozen wires and other shit attached to me for my sleep study. Have you ever made a fake Facebook account? If so, why? No. If you were an Eevee, what would you wanna evolve into? Probably Espeon? They're so, so majestic and beautiful. I'd love to feel like that, lol. What flavor was the last piece of gum you chewed? Raspberry lemonade. Did you ever used to watch the show Teen Titans? Nah. When you were in school/if you are in school, do you actually share your grades with your parents? If you got/get a bad grade, do you hide it from them? My mom always stayed up-to-date with my grades. I never really had anything to hide. Have you ever been the designated driver? Once or twice, yeah. Were you obsessed with Webkinz when they first came out? "Obsessed" is an understatement. I was that kid with dozens upon dozens. They were pretty much my favorite thing. Who do you subscribe to on YouTube, if anybody? Oh Jesus, looooots. Are you wearing nail polish right now? What color? No. Neon colors, or pastel? Pastel. Are you currently pregnant? Do you wish you were/weren’t? I'm not and have zero desire to be. Have you ever had a dog? A good number of them throughout my life. Is there any drama going on right now in your life? No. Does your hair fall out a lot? No. What’s your favourite type of bird? Barn owls. I also love ravens and crows. How many friends do you have on Facebook? 126. What was on the last sandwich you ate? Pb&j. What sort of music did you listen to when you were in high school? The same as I do now: metal and its various subgenres. Have you ever gotten back together with an ex? No. How far away is the closest store to your house and what is it? I'm actually unsure which is the closest. We live in a cul-de-sac with a bunch of houses, and the street opens into just outside the main city, so there's a lot of stores. What is your favourite Thai dish? I've actually never tried Thai food. How many contacts do you have in your phone? Very few, but I don't feel like counting. Are there any candles in your bedroom, and what scent are they? No. What pet names do you use with your significant other? I'm single. Do you have to wear a name badge where you work? I don’t have a job. Can you hear anything right now? Yeah, I'm watching Gab Smolders play Skyrim. It's a game I've always wanted to play myself. Is there anybody else in the room you’re currently in? No. What’s the name of the store you usually get your groceries? Walmart. Does your house have a porch/balcony? It has a very, very small porch. What is your mother’s first name? Donna. Did you have a tree house as a kid? No. Are you afraid of speaking to large audiences? I'm terrified of it. Have you ever cried from being so mad? Oh yeah, it's very common for me to cry when I'm mad. Have you ever taken a bath with someone? As a kid, yes. Do you have any brothers? One older one. Does your family use coasters? Is anyone in your family excessively tidy? No. Do you wear pajamas to places other than at your house? Ha, yeah, just depends on where. Do you take showers in the morning or at night more? Morning. I used to be ALL about night showers, but I just love how refreshing they are in the morning. It's a good start to the day. Do you snore? Steal the covers? Roll around in your sleep? I steal the covers SO bad and roll around a lot. God bless whoever marries me. You see the person you fell hardest for. What do you do? I can guarantee I'd be a total deer in headlights and probably tear up or just straight-up cry. Have you been/are you depressed? It's nowhere near as bad as it was once upon a time, but I honestly am depressed these days. Who is the one person you can completely be yourself around? I only feel entirely "safe" doing that around Sara. Are your popups blocked on your computer? Yeah. Are your parents night owls or morning birds? My mom's a total night owl. She absolutely hates sleeping because it's "such a waste of time" to her, but of course she does it anyway. I haven't lived with my father since I was like 16, so idk what he's really like with this stuff now, but I'd call him an early bird, particularly because his job has him up early anyway. Do you have high blood pressure? No; my blood pressure is actually extremely low, so much so it scares every doctor who hasn't treated me before. It's a medication side effect and seriously sucks, because I am absolutely always light-headed and dizzy. Have you ever pumped gas? No. Are you affectionate? Very. What would a perfect yard look like for you? Hmmm... I'm going to include things I know I won't realistically have for maintenance reasons, but what's ideal. I would loooove love love at least one really big tree with maybe a birdhouse and like a bat box (is that what they're called?), and I'd love tons and tons of flowers to feed bees and other wildlife. A koi pond would be amazing, but that's one of those things I know I won't actually have. A pool would be really nice, preferably inground, and having a spot in the shade would be perfect. Some berry bushes would be cool, and grape vines... Man, I'm really fantasizing now, haha. What is a topic that you have just recently become interested in? Nothing very recently, but I'd say the most recent would be uhhhh tarantulas, though that's been a thing for many months now. What is a feel-good song that you’ve been listening to lately? None lately, anyway. I can tell you "Jump" by Van Halen is the staple "feel-good" song for me, though. What are some things you enjoy seeing pictures of? Meerkats... Mark... more meerkats and Mark... oh also meerkats and Mark... Is there anything you are scared/awkward about talking about in life? Don't talk to me about sex. Has a pet ever stolen food from you as you were eating it? AS I was eating it, no. What is the weirdest compliment you have ever been given? I have no idea. What’s stronger - your upper or lower body? Jesus, I couldn't tell you. I'm just weak, period. Women tend to have more lower body strength, so I GUESS maybe that, but given the fact my legs are horribly weak, I don't know. My arms aren't strong, either. Are you very careful with your technology (phone, laptop, etc) or do you take risks that could damage them? I try to be mindful and careful, but you could say the way I pick up my laptop sometimes is risky. Have you ever been in the newspaper? What for? I think so, as part of my graduating class? But that would be a LOT of people... so I actually don't know. I have this faint memory of being in it with other people, but idr. Would you say that the area you live in is particularly picturesque? Ew, no. What is your favorite type of cat? One does not simply pick ONE favorite kind of cat. I love Persians, Ragdolls, Siamese, sphynxes, bengals, Abyssinians, and I could go on and on. If you had your way, what color(s) would you dye your hair? I have A LOT of colors I want to dye my hair, but the ones I'm currently most interested in are pastel pink, creamsicle orange, and lilac. Do you like seafood? If so, what is your favorite? If not, what is your favorite type of food? I only like shrimp. What religion/spiritual path intrigues you the most, if any? Paganism. It's the one I think is closest to what I believe in, and I just find it all very interesting. I love the nature focus. Would you ever consider getting dreadlocks? Nooooo. How many times is your cartilage pierced in your ears? None anymore. :( I miss all my piercings that closed while hospitalized. Have you ever had a pet bird? Nah. It'd be cool, but I don't want one enough to actually get one. Do you like dinosaurs? I looooove dinos. They were my obsession as a kid. My first dream career was even a paleontologist. Do you like going for long walks with friends? If my legs worked like a healthy fucking human's, I would love to do that again. I would literally collapse if I tried to go on a long walk now. Do you miss anyone from school? I miss a lot of people from school. I'm thankful for Facebook for that, but even that's not enough, really. What is your favorite flavor of Jolly Ranchers? Watermelon, I think? Was there a strawberry one? How are your parents right now? I'm assuming Dad's fine, and Mom's okay, just stressed as she always is. Can you take naps, or does it make you feel horrible? Man, I love naps. They're like, mandatory for my existence, lol. If you celebrate Christmas, do you get a real tree or an artificial tree? A fake one. Have you ever been told you were a good writer? Yeah. Do you watch music videos? No. Do you own an account on Club Penguin? Haha awww, remember the worldwide heartbreak when that site shut down? Anyway, I did as a kid. Do you like lemonade? Sure do. Was your first kiss perfect? To me it was. How do you feel about the first person you kissed? I feel a lot of things about him. As of right now, how do you feel about your future? Nervous. Who is the last person you ran into unexpectedly? *shrugs* Is sex something special, or just for fun? It has to be something special for me personally. Do you follow fashion? If so, why? Not at all. Have you ever played a real pinball machine? No. Do you like the smell of BBQs? I love the smell, but don't like the food. Do wasps scare you? Yes. Are you currently trying to get over someone? I mean, yes and no. I don't think I'll ever be fully over Jason, but I feel like I'm as "over him" as I'll ever be, maybe. I hope I can even further let him go, but we'll just have to see. Have you ever dated someone with longer hair than yours? Yes. Have you ever worn flip flops in the snow? HA, oh yeah. If it's only a dusting, I don't care at all. I pretty much always wear flip flops. How old were you when you met your first love? I was 15. If you could have one more pet, what? JUST one? Probably a Brazilian Black tarantula, ideally. I technically want a western hognose snake more, but given I already have a snake, in this hypothetical situation, I'd take the spider. Would you rather have an owl or a snake? Ha, speaking of snakes. A snake, even though I adore owls. What do you order at Chic-Fil-A? I don't give my business to Chick-fil-A. They're reigned by homophobic, transphobic pieces of shit that have given monetary contributions to anti-LGBT foundations, including most disgustingly those that support conversion therapy. I admittedly looooove their chicken sandwiches, but I just can't in good conscience go there. Have you ever been addicted to cigarettes? No, given I've never smoked and will never. Which do you use more? Facebook or Instagram? Facebook. Did you enjoy your past relationships? Yeah. Do you like '80s music? '80s metal is great. Something you would NEVER buy? Drugs. Have you ever questioned your sexuality? I first questioned if I was bisexual in middle school, 8th grade I think, but I went into denial about it given I was Christian at the time. Looking back, there were many clear signs of me liking girls too, I just didn't notice them until a few years ago when I came out as bi. Do you like Star Wars? No. What is the best thing about life? Experiencing love, both platonic and romantic. Are you superstitious? No. What show/concert have you gone to that you didn’t like much? I haven't experienced a bad concert before, but then again I've only been to one. Is sex a must in your life? Nah. Have you watched porn alone before? I've never watched porn period. I have absolutely no desire to watch two random people go at each other. What do you think about weed? It should be legal everywhere, but treated similarly to alcohol in that there are legal repercussions to doing certain things, like driving, under the influence. There are just too many benefits for many health conditions to ignore. Have you read the entire Bible before? No. I've started to before, but I didn't get far.
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nostalgiaispeace · 21 days ago
Would you ever like to own your own gym? no thanks
Do you listen to Christina Perri? If so, do you like her music? no
When was the last time you went to Wal-Mart? a week ago
Which is worse: Runny nose or stuffy nose? both suck.
Do you hate how people are quick to judge? yes
Has anyone ever made you feel small? Yes.
Would you rather give your food to a homeless shelter or money to charity? food
Can you tell when your best friend is lying? yeah
Would you pay extra money for make up just to make you look prettier? maybe
Do you like to look at license plates to see where people are from? when they’re driving slow, yeah lol
Are you more hungry or tired right now? both
Do you follow your head or heart more? hmmmm my head lol
On a scale 1-10 how much do you like my surveys? 7
Do you think you deserve more than what you have? no
Would you ever spend $2,000 on a dress? uh no
Have you ever made fresh dough? No.
When you were little, did you used to make cookies with your mom? no
Has anyone ever said “Say it, don’t spray it” to you? lol yeah
What is your least favorite type of person? i’m not sure
True or False : Superman is your favorite super hero. False.
Have you ever drank Silk milk? i have
What color is your camera? it’s my blue
When you create a survey, do you usually make the title lyrics? -
Do you tend to complain when its to hot out? yesss
Flip flops or tennis shoes? Tennis shoes.
Do you like your fingernails long or short? short
Have you made anyone laugh today? yeah
Would you like to go to South America? naw
Have you ever read Time magazine? yeah
Do you use the gel, spray or powdered deodorant? powdered
Do you own a pearl necklace? no
Do you know anyone named Julie? yeah
What’s your favorite candle scent? cinnamon
Does anyone you know own a motorcycle? yeah
How many different languages can you say “hello” in? like 3
Do you like Train’s music? who
Have you ever accidentally clicked on an ad on the side of your screen? yeah
Do you like dark or light pop/soda better? dark
Have you ever been told you were a good dance? lol no
Do you own one of those small, battery powered fans? no
When you sleep, do you like it complete silence or do you like sound? i need a fan
Was it cloudy today or clear sky? clear Do you like the show Seinfiled or Friends? no
Would you rather have bad breath or body odor? uh neither
Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon? no
Do you hate it when people get obsessed with their boyfriend/girlfriend? no
Have you ever been to Nevada? no
Are you dating the boy/girl of your dreams? yes
Do you watch Glee? i did
Do you like coffee? yesss
Do you like applesauce? can’t eat it
When was the last time you had a nightmare? idk
Have you ever had a manicure? yeah
Do you like graphic tees? yes
Are you the type of person who is always yelling? no
Do you like Willow or Jaden Smith better? neither
Is anything making you mad right now? idk
Name one thing you’ve NEVER done but want to: travel outside the usa
Ever seen the movie Shark Tale? yeah
Do you like Italian food? I love it.
Which would you rather have: drama or no friends? no friends
Do you own a black necklace? No.
Would you rather have white & crooked teeth or straight teeth that are yellow? white and crooked
How many notifications do you have on Facebook right now? idk
Do you smile or laugh more? smile probably
Have you ever tried Nutella? yesssss
What age did you stop watching Spongebob? idk
Have you ever seen the show Boy Meets World? yess
Have you received bad news within the past week? no
What’s your favorite color of highlighter? pink
Do you celebrate the 4th of July? yes
Are you better at Math or Social Studies? neither
Do you like the name Lindsey? sure
Do you have a teacher that your close to? -
When you eat, do you always use a napkin? yes
On a scale 1-10 how much do you like hot dogs? 6
Have you ever been on a cruise ship? no
Is your phone a flip, sliding or touch? lol
Are you okay right now? yeah
Do you own a blue dress? yes
When you look at the person you like, does it seem like its only you two? yeah
Do you like pizza crust with cheese in it? YES
Do you like copy paper or lined paper better? lined
Are you listening to music? Nope.
Have you ever gone swimming in the moonlight? i think so
Is it AM or PM right now? pm
Who is your cell phone carrier? att
Do you hate public speaking? not really
Have you ever been in a band? yes
Are you more of a follower or leader? neither
Would you rather: write a 10 page short story or do public speaking? public speaking
Did you eat any type of fruit today? yeah
Do you enjoy bowling? sure
Do you like the smell of rain? yes
Have you ever seen or been in quicksand? No.
Do you want to get married in a church or somewhere else? i got married in a friend’s backyard
Have you ever played hard to get? no
Do you go to the fair during the summer? no
Are more mean or nice? i can be both
Do you go tanning? no
Can you speak Spanish? no
Is it hard for your to compliment people? no
Are you a goodie goodie or a bad person? I was always the goodie-goodie.
Would you rather visit Chicago or New York City? nyc
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