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#the new prophecy
I’ve decided to list some warrior cat characters I would sell my soul to punt like a goddamn football💕💖
Appledusk- This mf got off easy in my opinion. Like lay it on him Maple baby, he deserves it😩
Rainflower- This was one narcissistic bitch lemme tell you. Imagine disowning you’re son because he broke his jaw while YOU weren’t watching him and telling his brother multiple times that he was better than you’re disowned son right where said son could easily hear you. She asked her leader to rename her disowned child after his disability. She kicked him out of the nest and left him in the nursery alone. She got what was coming to her lmao. Shitty moms get vibe checked on rocks😇
Clear Sky- I’m to lazy to type out all the reasons I dislike him a lot so just read the dawn of the clans arc and you can pick up on it pretty quick.
Hawkfrost- Interesting character I’ll give him that. However, his conduct with Ivypool was not it. And he tried killing Firestar. I’m super gay for his sister though so he goes lower on this list.
Breezepelt- Listen y’all, I know my guy was going through it. I really do. But he assaulted a blind doctor and a pregnant woman. Along with other things.
Onestar- THIS IS SUCH A SHAME CAUSE BEFORE HE BECAME LEADER HE WAS SO SWEET BUT THEN HE GOT INFECTED WITH DUMB BITCH DISEASE SO NOW I HATE HIM. Like he was just a prick. He also caused the whole Darktail fiasco cause he couldn’t keep it in his pants lmao.
Thistleclaw- This mf was a shitty mate to Snowfur, was constantly blaming Bluestar, and somehow managed to groom the clan’s medicine cat when she was young😐he was a sucky dad too wtf and a murderer.
Oakstar- You exiled a mother and her three young kits because they’re father was the guy who knocked you’re son in the river. I get that. You could have exiled Mapleshade. That would have been understandable. But the kits? Now that was plain spiteful and you mad wrong for that. He also struck me as a pretentious ‘god-fearing’ kinda guy so either way he was a prick tbh.
ASHFUR- I hate him. Like attempted murder apparently was enough to get him into starclan and even though I haven’t read the new series, he apparently possesses Bramblestar? Yeah no. Although I may be a bit biased since Bramble has always been a fave of mine. You go Hollyleaf! Out here doin God’s work.
Brokenstar- I don’t have to explain.
Tigerstar- Him neither.
Raggedstar- Nor him.
Foxheart- Her name is a goddamn cat curse. That should tell you enough about her personality.
Dawnpelt- She was the only kit of Tawnypelt’s that was irrelevant throughout the entire series and yet she was always the one with her mouth open. She accused a BLIND DOCTOR, of killing her brother. Like bestie he can’t even see him how is he gonna kill him? He was the only one to jump after him as well. Yeah sorry but if you’re brother is still more relevant to the plot in death than you ever were, I’d pack it up sis cause this ain’t gaining you any more book time.
Sandgorse- Just a genuinely bad dad.
Palebird- She suffered from postpartum depression and I felt so bad for her. However there was just some stuff said and done later in Tallstar’s revenge that really turned me off about her character.
Shrewclaw- This dude was a straight up BULLY. He told him to go die😐he caused Tallstar to have a long-standing fear of the ground. He also blamed him for his mom’s death btw. I love his brother though so Barkface supremacy💞
Willowshine- I forgot what it was about her that ticked me off cause it’s been a while since I’ve read the books. All I remember is that she did something that made me upset so she’s on here.
MILLIE- After Briarlight’s incident she lowkey forgot she had other children and was constantly fighting Jayfeather over what she thought was best for her even though he’s the DOCTOR. She’s also the reason Blossomfall joined the dark forest so yeah.
Redwillow- He was so insignificant I almost forgot his name. All I remember is him dying after trying to kill his sister I think? Idk he was fighting this she-cat named Snowbird and got bodied so I thought he deserved to be up here.
Windstar- Yeah I just thought she was rude lol.
Tom- He was a massive bitch to Bumble and Turtletail plus he was the reason Turtletail got hit by that car in the first place.
Needletail- I could never remember who’s side she was on. Like in one chapter she would be chilling with her man and Darktail and Sleekwhisker but then in the next chapter she was telling Violetshine how much she wanted to leave but was scared and how she hated them all and then I thought she was turning against the clans for good but then she died for them sooooo🧍‍♀️just major confusion. She was a really cool character though! I thought she was really interesting and one of the greatest multidimensional characters of the whole series. But was sometimes a jerk to Alderheart so points are docked from that.
Spiderleg- He was a shitty dad who didn’t even pay attention to his kits, and he was rude to Daisy which is unacceptable.
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the-wierdo-christine · 2 days ago
Warrior Cat Voice Headcanons:
-Hawkfrost’s voice is normally really smooth and calm,but there’s this faint scratchiness to it when he yells from,y’know,the stick than went through it
-Fidgetflake is more high-pitched and bouncy,and he starts to stutter when he talks for long periods of time
-Yellowfang’s is deep and in StarClan she’s very raspy
-Mothwing sounds pretty average,but when she’s tired (or trying to flirt) it drops and she starts talking slower
-Berrynose is loud even when he’s trying to not to be,he rarely (if ever) stumbles over his words and absolutely hates when his voice cracks
-Dustpelt’s is very comforting,even when facing enemies his voice remains even and somewhat low
-Cloverfoot speaks very clearly,and doesn’t mumble often,she also pronounces ‘t’s and ‘o’s very sharply 
-Hollyleaf was squeaky as a kit,but speaks clearer and evener as an adult,she gets higher the more angry/scared/desperate she is
-Hollytuft doesn’t sound very similar to Hollyleaf,she’s deeper-pitched and softer
-Jake is friend-shaped and his voice matches,he sounds like a camp counselor-upbeat and kinda noisy
-Bristlefrost echoes and isn’t very good a whispering,but she can speak really fast and doesn’t mis-pronounce things 
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twilights-800-cats · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Splashpaw - RiverClan
If you like my work please consider commissioning me! Also, consider supporting me on Patreon!
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woofcaat · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Silverstream: "Mistyfoot, these are-" Mistyfoot: "ThunderClan cats! What are they doing here? This is RiverClan territory!" Silverstream: "Mistyfoot, listen..." Mistyfoot: "I kept your secret about him, but I'm not going to keep quiet if you start bringing the whole of ThunderClan here."
—Mistyfoot and Silverstream about Graystripe and Fireheart Forest of Secrets, page 54
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bizarrobrain · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This mutant bear and Jason Voorhees know how to clutch a sleeping bag.
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nugs-art · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
“How do we know we can trust you? How do we know that you haven't told ThunderClan to attack us?”
Owlwhisker is a light brown tabby tom.
- big ole eyes and long legs like a burrowing owl
- according to su susann owlwhisker had green eyes and was the child of gorsetail and robinwing along with his brother weaselfur
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