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#the nanny
prettywhitedoves24 minutes ago
please write more of the nanny series! i鈥檓 obsessed it鈥檚 so well done
Nonnie do not fear! I鈥檓 working on the next chapter as we speak, aiming to have it up sometime this week 馃槉馃挒
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muralskinsan hour ago
Tic tac
Y/n : How you doing sweetie?
Natasha : *staring at the wall blankly* Everything is dead and bleak inside.
Y/n : You want a tic tac?
Natasha : *holding out her hand* Yes please.
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questioningdragonsan hour ago
Last week I had the incredibly awkward experience of hearing a well meaning mom trying to educate her kid by telling him: "All adults have sex." I can't remember exactly what else she said, but something about it being a normal part of a healthy life. I corrected, "Not all," and she half-heartedly agreed with me, but it really felt like there was some internal commentary on the kind of adults who don't.
And I know she means absolutely nothing by it and is just trying to be sex positive and she doesn't even know I'm ace, but it's really been messing with my head this weekend.
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Reading a chapter of the Nanny Affair and then reading the Freshman is so jarring. Choices has really changed a lot since then.
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audible-smiles2 hours ago
what I really want is to send this camera back and get something that will livestream birb footage straight to my phone, so I don鈥檛 have to physically go get the camera to see what they鈥檙e up to. this is easier said than done.
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straightlikewetspaghetti3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Everything tastes better with 鉁 chocolate 鉁
@cloud9in @samanthadalton
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reluctantchoiceuser4 hours ago
Minding my business, and coming back after a thousand year hiatus to see not only does My First Two Loves have 100 chapters, but that there will be a Nanny Affair 2.聽聽
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loudest-cloudest4 hours ago
Tonight I'm emotional about Kurogiri allowing all his kids to call him whatever they like and finding a new identity in all those names
Toga jokingly calls him 'Mom' once and then does it again, and again, until he takes her aside and tells her that it doesn't have to be a joke and if she needs a mom, he can be that for her
Dabi calls him... nothing, most of the time, or maybe a gentle insult or a descriptive like 'mist face' and things like that. No one has to know that Kurogiri becomes 'Papa' (not 'Dad', never that) during late nights when Dabi is falling apart in the dark
Spinner calls him 'real boss' sometimes to annoy Tomura. He's also called him both 'Uncle Kuro' and 'Granddad' because no one knows how old Kurogiri is but he certainly acts like an old man sometimes
Compress calls him 'dear', Magne calls him 'darling' and 'sweetheart' and Kurogiri has no idea how to deal with either of them.
Twice calls him 'buddy' and 'friend' and 'asshole' in the same breath and then gives him affectionate nudges that are alien to him because he's not used to being touched much
Tomura calls him 'Kurogiri'. Because to Tomura, that's already synonymous with all the other words he could use to describe him. And somehow there's nothing that can entirely explain the depth of the relationship between them. Neither of them feel like words are necessary.
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somersetmummy6 hours ago
Tumblr media
WARNING: CONTENT FOR 18+ ONLY. *Not sure if I need a content warning for this but better to be safe than sorry!*
These texts to Sam follow soon after Katie鈥檚 text conversation with Robin (found here), when he agreed to watch the twins so she could take Sam out for the night.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tags (let me know if you want to be added/removed): @chemist-ana @thefrenchiemama @txemrn @sfb123 @shewillreadyou @silma-words @secretaryunpaid
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somersetmummy6 hours ago
Two cheeky excerpts from a piece I鈥檓 working on, it鈥檚 so close to being finished! Will probably post in next week or so 馃馃徎
From Never the Same, the story after TNA2. Featuring MC Katie Hide & Sofia Russo (with a little flashback comment from Robin Flores in italics).
Tumblr media
She scoffs, "He wasn't getting any from me..."
Katie all but laughs in her face in reply as the memory of what she saw in the bathroom at Sofia and Sam's rehearsal dinner flickers in front of her, etched forever in her mind.
"No shit, we all know who you were giving it to instead."
Sofia shoots daggers at Katie before raising her chin dismissively, choosing to ignore her remark and carry on.
"So of course he was bound to be flattered by any woman showing him the slightest bit of interest. He's a man after all and they're always ruled by their dicks rather than their heads."
The defiance in Sofia's tone grates on Katie.
"Oh Jesus you're not going all Avengers on me are you? Are we going to have to stand together in skin tight leather suits? Don't get me wrong my ass would kill in one of those...and you'd actually be making a fantasy of mine come true if you wear one too!"
"I'll never admit this to anyone but I fear I may have misjudged your capabilities Katie."
"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship..." She internally cringed as the line rolled off her lips. At least this quote was more likely to have been in a movie Sofia would actually know. Avengers seems unlikely.
"Let's not run before we can walk.鈥
With that, they clink their glasses together as Sophia pairs a wink with a conspiratorial smile, perhaps the first sincere facial expression she's ever bothered to offer Katie鈥檚 way.
Tags (let me know if you want to be added/removed): @chemist-ana @thefrenchiemama @shewillreadyou @silma-words @sfb123 @txemrn @secretaryunpaid
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kat-tia8017 hours ago
Sunday Six 6.13.21
Tumblr media
Thank you for the tags @chemist-ana and @queenrileyrose 馃挄
Here are the things that I'm hoping to have done this week 馃馃徎
Crazier Things (Part 5)- I鈥檒l spend my whole life wishing your heart is free
Sam took a deep breath as he re-entered the gala, unsure of how to even act after what just transpired. Every piece of him wanted to remain on the balcony with Aria, to reassure her that crossing that line wasn't a monumental mistake. That he was more determined than ever to find a way out of their situation.
But he knew any promises he made at that moment would be nothing short of a lie. He straightened his tie, heading towards the bar. He tensed when someone clapped their hand on his shoulder. 鈥淲e need to talk鈥
Repercussions (Part 2)- I see everything you can be
Emilia rolled her eyes but knew Damien was right. They only survived Eros because of each other. They needed to come together now as well.
The rest of the night was spent drinking and reminiscing, all crammed into a worn leather booth at Hopper and Arch's. Emilia beamed while Hayden shared his latest photos from his assignment in a village in Ghana, Nadia and Steve excitedly talked about their upcoming nuptials. Even Sloane chimed in, sharing all about Eros鈥 progress in developing their technology into home health aides for people in need.
鈥淲hat about you two?鈥 Nadia asked suddenly, wiggling her eyebrows. Emilia shot her a telling look, knowing damn well what her cousin was implying. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 next for you guys?鈥
Tagging some folks if you would like to share (no pressure of course):
@burnsoslow @ao719 @txemrn @sfb123 @jessiembruno @callmeellabella @choiceskatie
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niminarissa9 hours ago
Since we already with this 馃憞
Tumblr media
The new nanny gonna have to step up their game cuz I鈥檓 still lookin at that馃憞
Tumblr media
For real though. I applaud pb for giving us this book sequel in all its messy glory. I honestly can鈥檛 wait for this book cuz girl it鈥檚 gonna be one fucked up ride. Plus there鈥檚 nothing out other than slow burn(glad I have vip for some content馃槕). Still hoping on that one night stand with good ol Robin馃お. For now we鈥檒l just bang Sam (close enough馃檪馃憤)
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jaquexmonroe10 hours ago
the new f!Sam art looks so good though
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scintillatea11 hours ago
Hi i made a meme, im too confident i think it's good...
hi luv! omg show show! if you made it, i'm sure it's bloody good so you definitely can be confident <3
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scintillatea11 hours ago
i was looking at desi blogs and you're cool
I am? aw thank you love <3
(I'm gonna remember this after ten years at night so thank you 馃ズ)
anonymously tell me how you found my blog and what made you want to follow
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scintillatea11 hours ago
hi darling!
Lime - I don鈥檛 talk to you but I really love your blog.
aw thank you luv! you can always send me asks or dm me <3
send me a fruit!
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scintillatea11 hours ago
Tumblr media
how am I alive? I think that too everyday love. and pls no naps, sleep is for the week 馃槫
i'm funny? and you like my blog's aesthetic? I will cry now thamk 馃ズ馃槶
ask gamez
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