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#the kindly ones
its-tortle15 hours ago
alstroemeria- dream vacation
iris- favorite 90s song
(ps the fact that they chose iris for that tickles me to no end)
(pps ily <3)
hello my love 馃挋
alstroemeria - dream vacation?
if all goes to plan this will actually happen this summer -- my two besties and i road trip from berlin to my place in the netherlands, spend three nights here and then drive an hour north to a tiny little air bnb hut at a lake and just be lazy and goofy and bond for four days. and then we drive back. i haven't seen my best friend in six months i need this okay.
iris - favourite 90s song
i answered this here but i'll add torn by natalia imbruglia because it's iconic okay (and what a bop)
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sticky-phantoma day ago
ironvvood simps will really look at this man who said he could protect multiple kingdoms from grimm invasion after PURPOSEFULLY INCITING UNREST in them, but fail to quell riots and protest in his own kingdom (while using literally the most fash tactics available to him) and say he had a good plan lmao
simps will look at this man who couldn't save half his own kingdom, the half he contributed to falling in disrepair, from a grimm invasion with the military he said would protect the other kingdoms and say roo bee should have just shut up and gotten in line
simps will look at ironvvood try to run away, with no labor force and no resources, to a place where dust doesn't even work and think that the grimm can't just follow him there, and say that aTlEaSt hE hAd a PlAn
a plan that gets more people killed faster isn't a plan worth supporting
but yeah, roo bee are the bad guys because they lied to a sketchy authoritarian military commander after having just learned from an immortal body snatching wizard that they were just meat to be ground up in a war they were never meant to know had no end
get some fucking perspective people
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incorrect-sandmana day ago
Lucien: Matthew, keep an eye on the Corinthian today. They're going to say something to the wrong person and get punched.
Matthew: Sure, I鈥檇 love to see the Corinthian get punched.
Lucien: Try again.
Matthew, sighing: I will stop the Corinthian from getting punched.
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ziracona2 days ago
I wish people were more careful about parasocial relationships. Like yeah you probably never will meet Chris Evans and feeling like you have a personal relationship with him and know way more about him than you possibly truly could doesn鈥檛 make you bad or anything but like, it鈥檚 not great for you? And it鈥檚 a slippery slope in more ways than people even think about. It鈥檚 dangerous to invest your own self in someone you don鈥檛 know, for one. You see a lot of cult and hivemind mentalities with singers and actors and youtubers and podcasters, where even when like, a writer is outed as a child molester or active racist some people will write 4 page essays 14 times a day to defend their guilty conscience and their fave鈥檚 pride trying to convince everyone and their dad actually it鈥檚 a conspiracy or it鈥檚 ok somehow or it鈥檚 not a big deal. And you see a lot of people not only support terrible things and people, but actively become worse to make doing that okay to themself. If you delude yourself into thinking a person you never met is not only your best friend or loves you, but that you know them? It suddenly becomes very personal when you find out they did something that sucked or they do suck, and also it鈥檚 so easy to convince yourself everyone else is wrong bc you pretend you know them and kind of believe it to truly do. And start defending them like you would your childhood best friend you actually know would never commit murder or condone slavery or something: There is no part of that that is healthy or good for you.
But that鈥檚 the side people talk about more. What people talk about less is that this is also a big problem within fandoms and for small content creators. While your parasocial relationship with Chris Evans is your problem and the people you harass on his behalf鈥檚 (note: I picked Chris bc I know of absolutely no scandal abt him so it seemed he鈥檇 be a clear 鈥榯his is not targeted at all鈥 choice but if it wasn鈥檛 I like Evans; I know little abt him but he seems cool and this is not at all abt him or anything), because Chris is safely up in his huge house with his bodyguards and several levels of separation. He鈥檒l probably never have to know you exist even if you try to stalk him. But in a fandom and with small content creators, there鈥檚 an added layer, which is when you read a web comic or fic or see a small group鈥檚 original animated series, a lot of people come up with a like parasocial-lite idea of who that person is, and bring it with them to meeting that person directly. I鈥檝e seen a similar thing happen with people really big in fandoms, where they鈥檙e so well known people expect them to be a certain way just because of their content. And sometimes that means you get the YouTube white man treatment and the 鈥榝andom mom鈥 exerts really creepy hive mind influence (especially over smaller and very interconnected fandoms), and sometimes it means a popular artist or writer gets harassed because a fan meets the real person and realizes they鈥檙e not the idealized version they already invented, and take that personally. Which is really not cool, and depressing at best to chilling at worst. It should be a simple concept that just because you read someone鈥檚 web comic you don鈥檛 know them, and that they鈥檙e going to be a living breathing human with complexity and also existence and interest outside of that comic, and not everything about them will be the way you guess or want, and the idealized version of them you have in your head is not their responsibility or fault or problem, but most people don鈥檛 seem to get it. I鈥檝e met a lot of super cool people through various aspects of fandom stuff from fan, to artists, projects, games, to writer, and some are normal and great, even if they met me because of my work, but there鈥檚 also been a disturbing number who approach me excitedly with this idea of me they made up, who are repulsed violently the second they see even a minute divergence from it, and seem to take that as some personal betrayal, or failure, and can鈥檛 handle the fact that I am in fact not a celebrity, but just another person trying to make sense of life and do the right thing and look out for the people I love and the ones I don鈥檛 know. It鈥檚. Something. Alienating maybe. How many people seem to handle even tiny content creators that way. It鈥檚 certainly not pleasant.
Anyway, I鈥檓 only writing this because I鈥檝e seen more parasocial posts tonight than like, ever before, because of to the best of what I can gather something happened on YouTube? And I figure while it鈥檚 temporarily in the public consciousness, if you see this, please consider how you treat big name fandom members and small content creators, and think of us. Even positive dehumanizing (as in idealization) is still dehumanizing and not actually positive at all or enjoyable and it does hurt people. And we are...people. So. Yeah, that鈥檚 all.
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odiko-ptino3 days ago
7 and 14 for the salt ask meme? :)
7: Is there anything you used to like, that you can't stand now?
Nothing/no one specific - but I would say this applies to a certain tone.
When I first got into mythology, years ago, I only saw the scandalous parts - all the sex and violence. All the worst cliches - Zeus and Apollo's constant assaults on women; Hera's crazy bitchery; everyone fighting and fucking and destroying each other when they weren't destroying mortals.
Now, I can't stand the edgelord interpretations. Now that I've read a great deal more and come a long way towards a broader understanding of the myths, I see a lot more beauty and comedy, the full range of the human experience, and the gods who love that and love being part of it. When I do see the violence, I don't really see shocking scandalous behavior, but tragedy. And I have no patience now for the edgelordery (even though I used to be one myself 馃槄)
14: Unpopular opinion about your fandom?
I'm gonna keep this one reined in a little lol, I know it's a salty ask meme but my salt is piquant on this matter. so... regarding a vocal majority of them here on Tumblr...
I think a lot of these fans would be STUNNED if they realized how much catharsis and shared humanity they deny themselves, when they only look at the myths through a Purity lens. That's not what humanity is about; it's CERTAINLY not what ancient Greece was about, and they do themselves a disservice by believing that Purity Culture is an appropriate lens to look at Greek myths.
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rainbowz-in-space3 days ago
ok, so
this is scott鈥檚 response
and... i personally don鈥檛 mind him being a republican because it isn鈥檛 inherently bad. from what i know about politics, choosing a party is about how one thinks the government should be run, and it is mainly based on opinion. thing is, the definitions of political parties have changed drastically as time went on. all of a sudden, race, sexuality, and gender identity was pulled into politics. which it shouldn鈥檛 have been in the first place. why people in the community got mad was because most of us are lgbt+, and many republicans nowadays do not support our community. it just feels... heartbreaking. we are an entire community of people who just want to live and yet he supports people who practically want us dead, or worse. 鈥渕aybe he doesn鈥檛 know鈥 you say, but he can just look stuff up by himself if he pleases. i personally believe he chooses to be ignorant to the truth, but i do believe there is a chance he's completely oblivious.
but oblivious does not mean innocent.
so.. now what do i do? here is my decision: i am not going to support canon fnaf now. my au will now be turned into an original story, simply named聽鈥淚mmortals鈥
remnant will be changed to something else, the animatronics will not be featured in any way, shape, or form, and all human character names will be changed (mainly last names, but first names may apply as well). designs will stay as is though, unless they are fnaf related, like guard outfits
i have worked so much into my au and it has many fnaf elements in it such as its human characters and implementation of the games, but really? i haven鈥檛 used much of the canon fnaf elements in my story. so it鈥檒l probably be easy for me (personally). i鈥檒l just have to find ways to remake the important canon elements i left in.
fnaf, i鈥檝e loved you for a very long time, but it鈥檚 time for me to go. the fandom i have seen has its horrible people, but i鈥檝e had so much fun getting to know people here. i will still possibly like fanart of it, i just won鈥檛 interact with anything from the canon universe, such as games and books. it pains me to say this because i have already purchased three of his many books, but i can just find them online somewhere or read summaries.
thank you all for staying with me throughout my time with the fandom. i hope you will stay as i leave as well, and i hope you will enjoy my story.
oh btw this does not mean i will stop posting!! i鈥檒l come up with things whenever i can and keep you guys updated with the story! i never told you guys much about my au anyways, so i hope this isn鈥檛 too painful to hear. /gen
goodbye, five nights at freddy鈥檚, the horror franchise that changed horror, and my life, forever.
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mask1313 days ago
The Sandman bonus notes: Interviews (6)
As I explained previously several times, these are some interesting informations taken from the interviews Neil Gaiman gave for The Sandman Companion, and that were later reintroduced in compilation editions of the comic book.
# When asked about wy Marc Hempel was chosen to illustrate this arc/volume of the comic, Neil Gaiman explained that The Kindly Ones is a story about shadows and silhouettes, shapes and fire, and he wanted a very simple and clear style - Marc Hempel鈥檚 style corresponded perfectly to the story he wanted to tell. He knew that the聽鈥渃aricatural鈥 aspect of this style might put off some readers, but he also knew that the next arc was going to be drawn by Michael Zulli whose very realistic style would make all the grumbling readers happy again.聽
# The two citations at the beginning of the story come from Jacobean plays. One is 鈥淐upid鈥檚 Revenge鈥 by Beaumont and Fletcher, while the other is the 鈥淲hite Devil鈥 by John Webster. In fact, The Kindly Ones has several other citations and references to the plays of John Webster: He was known to write Jacobean theater plays centered around revenge, very rich and smothering plays, filled with references to the Furies and dark, tortured, inevitable events. As a result, to reference him seemed very obvious and needed for this volume.聽
# While聽鈥淭he Castle鈥 was written for聽鈥淰ertigo Jam鈥, Neil Gaiman already had the idea that it would serve as a very good prologue for The Kindly Ones (since he knew beforehand the story would be bound in one volume).聽
# Neil Gaiman tried to put a string in almost every scene to continue the thematc of the string of fate about to be cut off (from the Moirae/goddesses of fate), be it a supernatural chain, a telephone cord or wool being knitted.聽
# Originally, Neil Gaiman planned for The Kindly Ones to only last six issues - however it ended up being thirteen issues long.聽
# Neil Gaiman points out that what Geryon says is true: while most people tell you that Adam and Eve were banished of the garden of Eden because they did not obey God, in truth the Bible says that God banished them because he did not want them to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life.聽
# When asked about the old ladies at the retirement home who talk with Rose Walker, Neil Gaiman explains that on a level they are just three little old ladies, and on another they are a manifestation of the Kindly Ones/Furies. And that Helena is the mysterious lost mother of Lyta Hall.聽
# When asked about the tale that Amelia Crupp tells Rose, Neil Gaiman explains that he chose it because it was a popular tale聽about the goal of revenge and what revenge does. The original version he found was written in a bizarre dialect, so that Neil Gaiman ended up reading the story mistaking the two words frequently used in it: worm and woman.聽
# Neil Gaiman explains that he had Rose go through a failed relationship with Jack in order for her to mature, by having her heart broken. If one compares the style of her letters in The Kindly Ones to the ones of The Doll鈥檚 House, where she was still twenty-two (she is twenty-five in The Kindly Ones), one can see the style has matured while staying distinctively hers. He also particularly liked the idea that Rose would be writing a thesis about the maiden/mother/crone archetype in television sitcoms, such as in Bewitched (Tabatha, Samantha and Endora) or in Roseanne (Darlene, Roseanne and Bev). All the Three-in-One.聽
# The idea to resurrect the Corinthian came to Neil Gaiman from a novel of Frank Herbert,聽鈥淒une Messiah鈥. Many people read聽鈥淒une鈥 first and then this sequel, but Neil Gaiman went the other way around (and found Dune to be a much heavier, obvious, clumsy) and the scene of the recreation of Duncan Idaho, with just a part of his memories, with him knowing he wasn鈥檛 going to be the same person as he once was, stuck in Gaiman鈥檚 mind. He thus reused what he got from that scene in the recreation of the Corinthian. Dream used his skull (which is a聽鈥渇ragment of his essence鈥) to recreate the Corinthian, and Neil Gaiman wanted the readers to wonder if this new Corinthian was going to be as murderous or even more violent than the previous one. Plus, on top of that, the rebirth of the Corinthian allowed Neil Gaiman to foreshadow what was going to happen to Daniel. However, Neil Gaiman insists, the two are very different cases that cannot be compared: while there are doubts about whether or not the Corinthian was resurrected, Dream very clearly and definitively died.聽
# To not confuse the readers, there is a color code in The Kindly Ones: the scenes taking place in the waking world have a white space between their panels, but the scenes taking place in the Dreaming (or other supernatural realms) have a grey space between their panels. As a result it guides the readers and give them important information: when Rose meets Desire, the space between the panels switches from white to grey.聽
# The word which means green and red at the same time exists: it is sinople. And the aunt about which Celia Cripps talks about is of course the defunct Ethel Cripps, former lover of Burgess and mother of John Dee, from Preludes and Nocturnes.聽
# I won鈥檛 list all of them here but The Kindly Ones is stuffed to the brim with references (in the dialogue, texts, actions or visuals) to earlier arcs and volumes, be them recreation, inversion or twists.聽
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incorrect-sandman3 days ago
Matthew: Change is inedible.
Corinthian: Don't you mean inevitable?
Matthew, spitting out coins: Nope.
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holliano3 days ago
Maybe, just maybe, if your team is going to be needlessly aggressive and bully a fourteen year old girl until you push her over and she had to be taken to A&E for possible concussion, maybe don鈥檛 be surprised that we won鈥檛 shake your hand after the match you bunch of bullies.
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thursdayg1rl4 days ago
what a day.
#so in the morning my aunt kindly informed me that my friend had invited me to her house#and she was really angry abt it as if I was trying to hide smth from her when I didnt even know abt this#anyways she made me cry before my maths exams#which went so SO terribly#i cldnt concentrate bcz my head was hurting sm#bcz of the crying#the last few questions.. 馃ぁ#i dont even want to talk about it it was so bad#i literally starting tearing up again whe one of the science teachers told me that i'll do well#it really makes you realise like how little praise you get like i thought i'd start crying#it was so weirdly nice of him hes so nice even though he doesnt even teach me#but yeah i did not infact do well.#maybe i can get a 7 though so its fine#hopefully i can manage an 8 though#no way im getting a nine lmao#so yeah after that. geography was good i finished with half an hour left which was like so impressive for me#usually im working right until the end in geography#but yeah i used the right exams techniques and everything so im happy#then i went to my friends house it was nice we just listened to music outside#now its nearly time for me to go to sleep i cant wait like unironically my body is going to be SO rested in the morning ugh <3#but yeah now my aunt is being normal again idk she literally has something wrong with her#think she might have even casued trouble before my exam on purpose. wuldnt put it past her lmao#anyways yeah im not going to study at all this weekend cannot wait
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halictus-writer4 days ago
Ok, I鈥檓 only two sentences in but I already LOVE grumpy Remus in Credit No Credit! I feel like I鈥檓 canon, only Sirius was privy to that side of him, but it DID exist and I love. Yes baby, please gripe. Let鈥檚 spill some tea.
Gosh, thank you so much for loving Credit No Credit as much as I do! You're the best, really. And yes, Remus is kinda grumpy, but also dorky, and also ridiculous in the ways that he doesn't even realize, but Sirius does? Oh yes. Two more chapters, coming right up, posted tomorrow then the next day.
Want to get it on this wolfstar enemies with benefits to lovers AU? Here's the link: Credit No Credit :)))
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maladaptivedaydreamsx4 days ago
i've been thinking of making a playlist named around the sins for awhile now cause i already had 3 of them in my library and went off searching for other songs to complete the set
anyway, with all that aside, i present to you 馃専
Tumblr media
GARNiDELiA - Pride
Tumblr media
Ariana Grande - Greedy
Tumblr media
Kanaria - Envy Baby
Tumblr media
Sir Chloe - Wrath
Tumblr media
Lana Del Ray - Lust for Life
Tumblr media
Buckcherry - Gluttony
Tumblr media
Mili - Sloth
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*all photos edited to represent the color given to their sin!
**also holy shit it was notoriously hard to find one for belphie, all i could find were actual songs about the animal or kids' music hahaha also i only really really know the first 3 songs and the rest i just searched for and sampled so i'm rly sorry if they're not like.. the most painfully accurate,,,
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incorrect-sandman4 days ago
Lucifer: We need to get through this locked door. Remiel, give me your credit card.
Remiel: Here.
Lucifer, pocketing it: Thanks. Mazikeen, kick down the door.
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