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shieldforbucky · an hour ago
Tumblr media
“i took Bucky out to the theme park and we’ve just got back. I think it’s safe to say Alpine missed their daddy. They haven’t let go of Buck’s arm all night” -Sam Wilson AKA Captain America via his instagram.
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shieldforbucky · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
‘yes this is my boyfriend reading to our cat, Bucky says it’s not as good as The Hobbit but Alpine seems to be loving it. It’s moments like this i know I’m happy’ -Sam Wilson AKA Captain America. via his instagram last night.
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statticscribbles · 12 hours ago
For Sale
Summary: Bucky/Reader, Song-Fic to Silverado for sale by morgan wallen, reader surprises bucky at their wedding with a new motorcycle
”I wanted to propose..” Bucky mumbles and Steve just stares him down over the table.
“With what?”
“That’s the thing, the ring I had my eye on is well, I’d have to sell my bike.”
“Your bike, you’ve had that since you started here, it’s been on every mission with you and-”
“I know but Y/N is more important..”
“She’ll be just as upset as you are right now when she finds out, you know that right?”
“Don’t care, marrying her, getting to spend the rest of my life with her is worth it.”
”How am I supposed to list this, I can’t just put an ad in the paper anymore, according to Tony.”
”Oh you can, I bet half the universe would kill to own a bike that you rode on.” Steve snorts a little when Bucky rolls his eyes.
“Oh yeah I’ll sign it and everything, maybe get the team in on it too.” He chuckles and keeps his face blank as Steve’s turns into a sly grin.
“Steve no, that’s not fair to everyone, I was going to just go undercover or… fine okay you can do it!” Bucky throws his hands up and Steve smirks.
“You’ll have more than enough to get her the ring and pretty much her entire dream wedding.”
“Oh yeah cause one old bike will get that much.”
“Wanna bet.”
“If you win you get to say whatever you want at your best man's speech.”
“Deal.” Steve’s grin doesn’t fade for the rest of the day.
”Bucky, seriously you’re going on a mission for our anniversary?”
“Sorry babe, I didn’t want to but there’s some big thing they needed me for.. Steve offered to take you to the dinner reservations I made, so at least you can enjoy it with a friend.”
“I want to enjoy it with you.” You don’t care that you’re whining it was your two year anniversary and he’d promised to take you out to the restaurant you’d had your first date in. You felt you had the right to whine about it.
Steve seems far too happy just to be getting free food and you’re trying to figure out what he’s planning but he easily avoids any of your questions.
“Okay how about after dinner I’ll tell you.”
“Okay, fine I’ll shut up about it.” You glare but focus on your food and the conversation falls back into something less involved with work, which means very little of Bucky and his current mission. Of course it easily meanders back to Bucky with Steve seeming to be a little more nervous than earlier.
“You know something about his mission.” You narrow your eyes and Steve nods.
“Order dessert and I’ll be back in a second okay?” You nod to him and then he hesitates.
“Actually, I’ll order, the skyline view is pretty, you should check it out.” He grins in the way that you know means he’s not giving you a suggestion.
“Dessert and a view?” You laugh a little hearing the door open, you don’t turn around and sigh.
“Sorry for being so snappy at dinner, I just miss Bucky, it’s shitty that he’s gone and it’s our anniversary.” You huff and turn shocked to see Bucky standing in the doorway.
“Bucky!” You rush over to him but he holds his hand in front of him, he waves it in a go back gesture and you laugh.
“You have some grand plan to reveal yourself as an anniversary present then?”
“Not me.” he laughs as he turns you back around.
“Okay, turn.” You can hear the grin in his voice and as you turn you’re shocked to see him holding up the ring you’d pointed out before to him.
”How on earth did you afford that, I know the team doesn’t pay much..”
“I sold the bike.”
“Bucky, no! That was your baby, Bucky, seriously…” You almost glare at him, he grins and shrugs a little.
“You’re more important to me.”
” So I know the bride usually gets the groom a cake, but I was thinking about how you suddenly had all the money we needed to have my dream wedding…” You grin letting Bucky place his arm around you.
“And I did some digging, and lo and behold I find out that someone is flaunting the fact they have a James Buchanan Barnes signed motorcycle..” Bucky ducks, his face pinking as he avoids looking at you, you can hear Steve cheering.
“So I figured I could skip the cake and get you a better wedding present?” You nod a little and place your hands against Bucky’s chin, turning his head to look at where Bruce and Tony are maneuvering the new Harley bike next to the cake.
“This is incredible, how can I ever thank you?” He kisses you and walks over to the bike, hand never leaving yours.
“Well I’d say marry me, but we just finished with that.”
“I’ll make it up to you later.”
“Mhm, there’s a surprise for you, and just you under the seat.” He grins and assures you he’ll open it later. You’d been nervous when you’d approached Steve with the idea of getting him the bike, Steve had been more than happy to help out, and when you’d explained to him the idea you had, hiding something extra for Bucky in the seat.
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Star-Spangled Partner
Pairing: Sam Wilson x Avenger! Reader
Summary: You are Sam’s partner, in more ways than one, and you’ll always be there for him. 
Warnings: angst/fluff, death, violence, weapons, cursing
A/N: Hey everyone! I’m still working on a few requests (I do them in order, so if it takes a little bit for me to get to yours, I’m sorry! I will definitely get to it though). But, I wanted to take a break to write a little something for Sam. I haven’t written for him in a while and I’ve missed it. So, this is the result of that lol. I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated! :)
Tumblr media
The wind whips around you as you ride your motorcycle through the city. 
Clenching your hands, you rev your engine, speeding up to catch up to the civilians stuck in moving trucks driven by the Flag Smashers. 
“What’s going on down below?” Sam asks, voice coming through your earpiece.
Revving your engine even harder, you’re now only feet away from the trucks. “Almost there. Gonna have to fix up my baby for me,” you respond before leaping off your motorcycle and grabbing onto the side of one of the trucks. 
“Yikes, I saw that. Definitely going to need at least a new coat of paint,” Sam jokes. 
“Always the funny guy,” you respond, climbing up to the top of the truck. Walking towards the front, you bend down and smash your fist against the windshield, breaking it. The driver swerves and you hold on tight to not fall off. 
“Do I have to listen to this banter for the whole mission?” Bucky asks, en route to your location to help you with the hostages. 
“Probably,” Sam replies. “You know how we are.” 
Regaining your balance, you shove your arm through the hole you made in the windshield and slam the passenger’s head against the dashboard, knocking him out. 
“Here goes nothing,” you whisper to yourself. 
Crawling over to the side of the truck, you fling yourself through the passenger door window, landing on top of the Flag Smasher you just rendered unconscious. 
The driver stares at you in awe. 
“Hey there, I’m Y/N,” you say before pulling out your gun and shooting him in the leg. As he screams out in pain, you take the opportunity to kick him towards the door. Continuing to kick him, you don’t stop until the door flies open and he falls out. Immediately after this, you slide over to the driver’s side, grabbing hold of the steering wheel and shutting the door. 
“I’ve gotta say, that was hot as hell,” Sam says. 
“Are you watching me?” you ask. 
“Always, baby, always,” Sam responds. “And, I’ve got a glorious view.” 
“Motherfucker,” you whisper, driving the truck a little farther before coming to a stop and jumping out. 
Walking towards the back, you throw open the trunk doors. 
“Okay, everyone out. Let’s go.” You put your hands out, helping anyone you can step down off the truck. “There you go. You’re okay.” 
Looking over your shoulder, you spot Bucky helping the other truck’s hostages. 
“Hostages are secure,” you say into your earpiece. 
“Good,” Sam responds. “Because I’m going to need help. Karli headed into the underground tunnels and I’ve lost her.” 
“We’re on our way,” Bucky says, looking over at you and nodding. 
You nod back before running off towards the tunnels, Bucky following close behind you. 
“Sam!?” you yell. “Where are you!?” 
“Damn, Y/N. Blow my eardrums out, why don’t you,” Bucky says next to you. “Did you forget we have these?” He gestures towards his earpiece. 
“Oh, shut up,” you respond. 
You point at the two hallways in front of you. “I’ll go left, you go right,” you say to Bucky, looking over at him for confirmation. 
“Sounds good,” Bucky says, nodding his head in agreement. Before he runs off, he turns to look at you. “Be careful.” 
“You too. See you in a few.” You take off down the left hallway, eager to find Sam. 
“Please be okay,” you whisper to yourself. 
“Oh, I’m okay, sweetheart, don’t you worry,” Sam replies in your earpiece.
“You asshole!” you say. “Why didn’t you answer me when I called for you?” 
“My connection was out. But, I think I can hear you now because you’re getting closer to me. Also, you’ve been particularly vulgar with the nicknames today. What’s up with that?” 
Still running down the hall, you start to see a beam of light. “Well, when you work with the chaotic duo that is Sam and Bucky, you tend to get a little crazy.” 
“Oh, you love us. Me, especially.” 
Finally reaching the light, you see Sam standing a few feet away from you, his back facing you. You sneak up, not wanting him to notice you. 
“Why yes, I do love you more,” you whisper in his ear. 
Sam jumps, startled by the sudden intrusion. “What the hell was that!?” 
You shrug your shoulders and walk past him. “Just some innocent fun.” 
Following you, Sam shakes his head and chuckles. “You always love fun at the worst time.” 
“Damn straight,” you say, grinning at him. 
After a few minutes of endless wandering, you’re stopped by a gun being pointed at Sam. 
“I’d stay still if I were you,” Karli says, holding the gun. 
Sharon is on the ground a few feet away, her hands pressing down on a gunshot wound. 
“Move and you’ll end up like your friend,” Karli speaks again, gesturing towards Sharon. 
Looking over at Sam, you start to panic. “Sam,” you say.
Sam looks at you for a second before turning his attention back to Karli. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he says. 
“And, I don’t want to hurt you. But, there’s no other way,” she says. “I’m sorry.” 
“There’s always another way,” Sam responds. “Just, trust me. I can help you.” 
“I don’t want your help!” Karli yells, putting her finger on the trigger. “You’re just a means to an end.” 
Karli starts to slightly press down on the trigger and you fling yourself at Sam, knocking the both of you to the ground. 
A gunshot goes off. Waiting to feel some sort of pain, you’re confused when you feel nothing. 
Lifting your head off Sam’s chest, you see Sharon standing over Karli, who is lying motionless on the ground. 
“Sharon?” you ask.
Sharon looks over at you. “I gotta head off before someone else sees me,” she says. “Are you and Sam okay?” 
Nodding, you continue staring at Karli. “Is she…?”
“Yes,” Sharon says. “I’m sorry.”
“No!” Sam yells, rising up from under you. He looks at Sharon accusingly. “What the hell did you do?”
“I saved your life!” she yells back. “The least you can do is thank me.” She looks over at you again. “I’ll see you soon.” 
“Be safe,” you say, watching her turn around and leave. 
Sam walks over to Karli, checking her pulse quickly before picking her up in his arms. 
“I didn’t want it to come to this,” Sam says, looking at you with tears in his eyes.
“I know,” you respond, gently touching his arm. “We’ll get through it together though. Like we always do.”  
Sam nods before the both of you walk out to the public, with Karli lying still in his arms.
Watching Sam through the door, you take a sip of your coffee. 
“I can feel you staring at me,” Sam says, sitting in a chair on the deck. “Just come on out.” 
Putting your mug down, you open the sliding door and walk out. 
“Come here,” he says, gesturing for you to sit on his lap. You walk over to him and plop down, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“What’re you thinking about?” you ask, placing your head against his chest. 
“Just thinking about what I could’ve done differently.” 
Peeking up at him, you start to caress his jaw. “You’ll only drive yourself crazy thinking like that.”
He looks down at you. “I know. I can’t help it though.” 
Sighing, you look out at the water. “You give out everything you can and never expect anything in return. I admire you for that.” You look back at him. “But, you need to realize that sometimes our best isn’t always what we want. You did what you could and that’s what matters. Nobody is blaming you and you definitely shouldn’t be blaming yourself.” 
Sam looks down at you and smiles. “How is it that you always know just the right thing to say?” 
“Maybe it’s because I’m always right,” you joke.  
“Oh, that’s definitely not it,” Sam jokes back. 
Playfully swatting his arm, you laugh. “Whatever you say, Cap.” 
You settle back against his chest and he tightens his grip around you. “As long as I have my partner by my side, I’ll be okay,” he says next to your ear, before kissing the top of your head. 
“Good thing you’ll always have me,” you say, smiling. “I love you.”
He kisses you slowly. “I love you too,” he whispers against your lips. “Always and forever, baby.”
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wednesdayaddamsphd · a day ago
Ok so...Question!
I have been thinking about writing fanfic. I have had this story idea rattling around in my brain for years:
The story spans from CATFA to TFAWS. Before the trip to the Alps, the Howling Commandos stay in a remote Italian village where Bucky meets a firecracker of a woman (I am kinda thinking of making her an abbess because why the hell not?). She makes that week an absolute joy for the Commandos before their mission. But it is clear that she is not totally what she seems. Fast forward to TFAWS era and Bucky and Sam are assigned to the Assistant Secretary of Legislative Affairs of the State Department as there have been threats against her life. She also happened to have represented Bucky in his pardoning case so there is a feeling that duty from Sam and Bucky to protect her. Bucky keeps getting deja-vu every time he sees her and can't help but feel like he knows her. Does this sound like anything people would want to read?? I am kinda like "fuck it, just write it so you can finally get it out of your head" but also want people to read it.
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tfatwsiguess · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• — ♡ – ♥ – ♡ — • — ♡ – ♥ – ♡ • – ♥ •
You look over your shoulder as a vaguely familiar voice calls your name out on the street. After a moment of searching, your eyes land on the black SUV pulling up beside you. You stop walking as it brakes to a halt, and lo and behold who sits just several feet away from you.
Uncle Nick.
You hadn't seen him in almost a year. Not since the last time he came by to see you at your new apartment he had helped you get. Seeing him was the last thing you were expecting on your way to the bookstore. But you'd recognize the voice anywhere. It was hard to forget. Raspy. Serious. Just like he was.
Plus he sounded like the funny guy from The Incredibles. But he was almost as illusive as the Sasquatch of legend.
"Hey, Uncle Nick." You walk over to the passenger window as he lets it all the way down.
"You on your way home?"
"I'm actually on my way to meet some friends. I'm headed that way."
"Hop in. I'll give you a ride."
"Are you sure?" You couldn't keep the surprise from your voice. You learned years ago questioning his work life was pointless, but you knew how occupied it kept him. "It's not that long a walk if you have somewhere to be." You observed his dramatic spy like clothes, but didn't say anything else.
"I'm passing that way. Won't be a problem."
"Thanks." Like usual, you just rolled with his erratic reappearances, and got in the car. You were used to Uncle Nick popping up out of nowhere after months of never hearing from him and acting like it was normal.
He watched you fasten your seatbelt before driving off. "Try not to look so surprised. I'd give a ride to any of my nieces, if I had any others. I'm nice like that."
You just give him a humorous smile and let him play off his most recent months-long absence. Even if he wasn't around, he was still there for you when you needed him.
"Where to?"
"You can drop me off at the bookstore near my place, that's where I'm meeting them."
"How are things at the apartment?"
"Good. Rent's always paid. Landlord doesn't bother me." You explain, referring to whatever mysterious yet extremely helpful agreement he set up for you when he got you emancipated.
He only nodded. "Meeting your friends at the bookstore, huh? Your generation still read these days?"
"Some of us..." You smile at the casual old-man question. "They want to see what's new in the comic book section so that's why we're meeting there."
"Is that what sixteen year olds are doing on their Saturdays now," he remarked rhetorically.
"I'm seventeen, Uncle Nick."
Fury looked directly to you, as if believing you were trying to trick him. "Since when?"
"Since two months ago. Like always," you answer, grinning in lighthearted amusement.
"... I don't appreciate you reminding me of my age." He looked serious, but the humor was there. He shook his head and looked back ahead to the road. "Years keep getting shorter and shorter."
His lack of remorse and birthday knowledge didn't bother you. The two of you didn't see each other enough, and weren't close enough that you expected to give or get presents for each other for things like this. Heck, the man only called maybe twice a year to check in on you since living on your own. You weren't even sure how old he was. You knew his work, whatever it was, kept him busy. Well beyond the confines of your typical busy, anyway.
He was the only blood relation you had left, but knowing he was there was good enough for you.
His black car pulled up briefly at a light, stopping alongside a police car on an otherwise empty street. You pulled your phone out to send a message to your friends, tapping at the characters on the screen.
"Wanna see my lease?"
You look up at Nick when he speaks, then follow his gaze past you. Two officers sat in the squad car, nosily staring into the SUV you two sat in, as if driving down the street were cause for suspicion.
One then muttered something into their radio, and the other one sounded a whooping siren from the speaker in response, before pulling off.
You just look away and roll your eyes.
Nick pulled off after them once the light turned green, passing through the intersection as you continued to type on your phone.
Neither of you had been prepared for the second cop car that came hurtling into the side of your car at full speed. Or the third one that rammed into the back of your vehicle, boxing you in against the sidewalk.
You had felt the car lift from the ground as the cop car forced you up against a row of sidewalk pillars, making you slam into your side door and hit the side of your head on the window, phone falling to the floor.
When the second and third blow hit, you were sure there must've been a pile up in the road. Cars that couldn't brake in time before crashing into you.
You suddenly heard a distinct ringing in your head, a pain in your shoulder growing quickly. It started to waver in and out of your ears as you finally sat still for a moment. And when the car started talking, you knew you must have been imagining things.
"Multiple impact injuries detected. Anesthetic injection recommended."
A fourth undercover police car appeared while the two of you sat there like sitting ducks. Nick reached over to the glove compartment in front of you and grabbed two cylindrical injectors.
"Police dispatch shows no units in this area."
He ripped the cap off of one before methodically stabbing it into your arm. You hissed at the sharp sting, and he did the same with himself.
"What is that?" You watched him at first, noticing the blood on his head and arm, but then slowly looked up when you noticed the commotion he was warily observing outside. The police cars were empty now, their passengers on the street and surrounding you with guns drawn, making your eyes widen.
Giant black vans drove up, letting out around a dozen men with the word SWAT on their vests and what looked to be AR-15 rifles, same as what the policemen were already aiming plenty of towards you.
Something told you the two of you were in a lot of trouble.
"Uncle Nick, what's going on?!"
His partially bloodied face showed no sign of surprise, but maybe a dash of concern towards your situation.
"Who did you piss off?!"
Two questions that he never answered. He eyed each faux cop and SWAT agent, sizing up your odds in his brain. "Get us out of here."
A diagram of the vehicle appeared on the windshield, red flashing warningly. Red was never good. "Propulsion systems offline."
"Are you talking to the car?" All at once, every rifle in the vicinity starts firing on the car, making you jump and press your back into your seat as the glass stops each bullet from hitting you, in hopes that it would magically absorb you into a state of safety. "Why are they shooting at us?!"
"Hurry up and reboot, damn it!" Nick snapped, glancing at the windshield before looking back to the firing squad.
At some point you became aware of how badly you were shaking. Your hands clamped protectively over your head, paranoid of all the bullets rushing towards you despite the bulletproof windshield. You were being shot at by at least two dozen assault rifles right now all at once. Oh how your Saturday had taken a turn...
"Stay calm and do everything I say, got it?"
You only nod vigorously, taking bracing breaths in attempt to ease yourself.
There was so much noise. Sounds of guns firing over each other, orders being shouted, and glass cracking and threatening to forfeit what was your only form of cover right now. You didn't know how long it lasted until the glass became almost completely littered with cracks.
But suddenly it stopped. The street became silent once again, but you saw every eye and automatic still trained on you. A group of the SWAT team came into view of your uncle's window. They were setting up a battering ram.
"Warning: window integrity compromised."
"Ya think?!" Fury unlatched his seat belt and pulled himself over next to you, putting some distance between him and the window, and bracing you between himself and the car door. "Hold on."
You were already gripping onto the door handle and armrest console for dear life. But even that hadn't been enough to steady you for the sheer amount of impact the battering ram made as it slammed against the driver window, rocking the car and shaking everything inside.
"Window integrity: thirty-one percent. Deploying countermeasures."
"Hold that order."
"What?! Countermeasures sound very important right now!" You commented in terrified confusion.
"How long until propulsion is up?"
Another smash to the window makes your head hit your side window again, and you try desperately to ground yourself better, because you knew this wasn't stopping.
"Window integrity: nineteen percent. Defensive measures advised."
Another merciless hit left a widening circular crack to the window, spiking your fear up to a thousand percent. "Uncle Nick!"
"Window integrity: one percent."
You yanked your hand back when the armrest moved beneath your hand and a giant gun emerged from the inside. In horror you watched as Nick grabbed it and returned endless rounds of fire onto your assailants, taking down nearly everyone in view. Bodies dropped, and suddenly a grenade fired from the bottom slot, exploding one of the police cars in a fiery eruption. Black smoke and orange fire boomed as one car was sent flying into another.
"Propulsion systems back online."
"Full acceleration, now!"
He continued firing at every threat in sight, as several of the fake policemen were still standing and firing their guns toward him.
Fury's car rumbled below you, tires screeching against the asphalt as they unsuccessfully tried to move full force past the car smashed into its front, then intuitively switched into reverse.
You finally drove off of the scene, leaving behind a fraction of the enemy agents this had started with. The wheel twisted and turned as you sped down the street.
"Initiate vertical takeoff!"
"Flight systems damaged."
"Then activate guidance cameras!" Nick moves back over into the driver's seat, taking over steering. "Gimme the wheel! And get me Agent Hill."
Your head whipped over to him at his use of the word 'agent'. Not because any of this happening to him totally surprised you, no. Maybe more so at the fact that he finally said something so job revealing in front of you.
"Communications array damaged."
"Well what's not damaged?!"
"Air conditioning is fully operational."
"Full blast! It's hot as hell up in here."
You look back as police cars continue to chase after Fury, and he expertly weaves through the cars on the road. You were going so fast that your whole body tensed in fear that you would crash.
"Traffic ahead."
"Get me an alternate route!"
"All vehicles stopped on Roosevelt Bridge. 17th Avenue clear in three blocks; directly ahead."
"We're gonna have to take it." You heard him mutter, switching gears. The car lurched as he pushed the accelerator harder, speeding and passing a pick up truck on your right side. But the opening wasn't wide enough and his car caught the back left of the truck, causing it to spin around and land on part of the sidewalk.
"No! What are you doing?!" You look back frantically at the discarded truck that was left blocking part of the street and sidewalk, with an injured and confused driver inside.
He only drove on and sped in between two cars, scraping the sides as he propelled forward. But the assassins' cars were relentless, and simply pulled up and weaved around other cars to take more shots at the S.H.I.E.L.D. director.
"Get down!" He ordered and reached over you to pull the lever of your seat, making you fall back with the recliner seat just as more shots fired into the car, splintering your already bullet riddled window from the other side.
Your hands flew to your head when one agent hung out of their car and fired at Fury as a city bus passed between them, with no remorse for shooting through the bus full of civilians in attempt to get to him. The bus driver slammed on the brakes at the sound of passengers screaming and glass shattering under gunfire, which allowed the assassins a clear shot after passing by.
But Nick Fury wasn't having it. He yanked his steering wheel to the side and full on collided his car up against the other, putting him right up against his attempted murderer. He wrestled him for the gun, punching and dodging unsuccessfully.
While he was distracted, the other car pulled up alongside your side of the vehicle, their gun dead set on your uncle. And at this point, you were just about tired of getting shot at. You shot up and lifted your hands, fingers clamping in towards your palms as you attempted to take hold of the weapon before they could use it. It wasn't so difficult from ten feet away, so when you could feel the metal energy rushing through your fingers, you clutched onto it and pulled the firearm out of their car, letting it take the driver with him and fall down into the street.
The passenger stared at you in inconvenienced shock, but quickly recovered, and jumped up and into the driver's seat to steer before he could crash. He grabbed his own firearm, so you gripped the bottom of his car with your magnekinesis, and yanked your arm back as hard as you could. The squad car flipped from underneath itself, and it was left it in the dust.
Nick had finally managed to grab the gun from his opponent and hit him over the head with it, then shot him in the shoulder. He turned back to you, having missed your measures of defense. "Stay down!"
"Warning: approaching intersection."
His head snapped back to the road, and just before you could drive out into traffic he slammed on the brake. However, the fake cops were too busy going for the kill to take notice, and they drove ahead into the intersection just as a huge truck was passing through. It made hard impact, t-boning your attackers and not stopping until the smaller car wrapped around it, landing in the center of the intersection. There was no question of whether they survived. Despite their malintentions getting them there, you couldn't help but grimace at the sight of them being completely obliterated by the truck.
Fury didn't wait a second to swerve left and hightail it out of there. Now that you shook the last cop car in sight it was time to disappear. For a moment, it seemed you were in the clear. But you hardly got a block or two away until you saw a car driving down the wrong side of the road and right toward you. This time another fake SWAT van, with an agent hanging out of the side window and pointing an AR towards you.
"Windshield integrity at forty-three percent."
"Damn it." Nick stopped the car and put it in reverse, backing up to turn onto the side road before your attackers could get in range, but you stopped him. Your hand reached out towards the brake, making a fist to hold it down.
"What the hell?!" Your uncle exclaimed at his car's sudden disobedience. "What's the problem?!"
"Brake engaged."
The SWAT van was racing toward you at dangerous speed, but you knew even if you escaped down the side road you weren't going to lose them. So you decided you would stop them right now. Call it an adrenaline high, or powerful intuition. You'd never practiced with your powers in a real situation like this before... So you didn't even truly understand your confidence in what you were doing as you reached your other hand out and stopped the array of bullets between you and the other car. Tens of bullets flew through the air only to get caught in your magnetic field. You only waited until the mercenaries stopped firing to drop them to the ground. But they were still speeding towards you, less than a building's worth away.
You could feel the energy pulsing through your hands, feeding you intuition and protection. So you used it again, to reach out and manipulate their steering wheel. Their van jolts a hard left much too quickly, so it trips over itself and spins a couple times in the air before dropping and skidding to a stop in the middle of the intersection, only yards away from your car now. No one else was hurt. It was a clean countermove.
Panting, you watched the crash scene, and lowered your hand. All was suddenly quietly around you, and you turned your head to a very confused Nicholas.
"What... the hell!"
You grimaced. Even his surprised face didn't look all that surprised. It was more like... accusatory and displeased.
"... Surprise?"
"Escape route recommended."
"Keep your eyes open, and hold on." He ordered as he put his car back in drive, but you could tell by the look and way he said it that the two of you would be having a conversation later.
"Disengage brake," the car helpfully advised as he tried to accelerate.
He looked at you, and you shook your head. "Oh–" you relaxed your left hand, and the brake releases. He veered a hard right and took off down the next road, hoping to get to safety before another damn police car or SWAT van showed up.
"Get us off the grid!"
"Calculating route to secure location."
"How did you just do that," he demanded.
"It's a long story."
"Well ya better start talking, cause last I knew my niece couldn't do that!" He glanced at you, staring for a moment in suspicion. "Are you really Alex?"
"What? Yes it's me!"
"Then you've got some explaining to do–"
"So do you!" You fired back as he sped down the road, wind whipping past through shattered window openings. "You just killed like twenty guys back there!"
"They were trying to kill us."
"You mean you."
"Us. You're a witness now." He swerves left as directed, making you fall back on your reclined seat again. Other drivers frantically scrambled to avoid the madman. You had to pull yourself back upright, as well as the back of your seat before you got whiplash or something of that unpleasant effect.
"Get back in your seatbelt, we're not secure."
Obediently you pulled the strap back across your chest. "Ya know, I knew it! I knew you were in the CIA or something!"
"You don't know shit!" He countered, denying the possibility of you, his teenage niece, catching on to him that easily.
"You wear an eye patch, you only dress in menacing black or leather, and you contact me like once a year! It's a little obvious!"
"We can discuss my work life when we're certain we're not dead. Now stop asking me so many damn questions and stay vigilant!"
Quickly you looked behind to see if any mercenaries were still following you, still gripping tightly onto the car as he wildly steered.
Fury kept a lead foot on the accelerator, determined to get to security. That was, until a figure appears just up the road. He squinted through the bullet punctures at the darkly cloaked man.
"Ah hell no..."
You look to him in concern, then ahead to whatever he was gawking at. And it was impossible to miss it. A man, out in broad daylight standing in the middle of the road. No costume, no imposter government car. Just him, with his grown out brown hair, black protective gearing covering him head to toe, and aiming his weapon right at you.
A gasp filled your lungs, and before you could lift a finger, a disc shot from the launcher. But it didn't fly directly towards the windshield like every other weaponry sent at you before. The disc flew underneath his SUV, and you could hear it latch onto the bottom.
Maybe a nano second later, the device detonated, and you didn't process any of what happened next.
The sheer amount of explosive pressure sent the back of the SUV into the air, and it flipped you two over with a harsh crash, landing with the top of the vehicle down to the street. The teched out car that had done such a good job of keeping the two of you alive, now slid uncontrollably down the asphalt at deadly speed, making a horrible scraping noise as it went.
The dark figure calmly side stepped the two ton car hurtling towards him, and watched as it slid to a grinding stop, meters ahead.
Civilians gawked, and recorded, and fled about as the bullet ridden car lay upside down on the ground, a cloud of black foreboding smoke leaving a trail through the street.
The black clad figure began to walk towards the scene with an unbothered, unparalleled swagger.
Slowly, you blinked once, then twice. Blur filled your vision, and you could feel your body had already gone into shock. You were so stiff that you couldn't even tell if you were breathing until you let in a forced inhale. Your hair hung towards the ground, bits of glass falling in the same direction.
Your seatbelt was keeping you hanging from your seat, but Nick was laying on the ceiling below you, trying to recover himself.
With careful and cautious movement, you went to dislodge your seatbelt, but discovered your arm was pinned against the car door. You could barely move.
Your neck twisted slightly to look around, and your eye caught movement out of the driver window. Black boots were strutting calmly towards you, taunting to your demise.
"He's coming." You only managed a whisper.
Nick finally looked up at you, having not heard. "You okay?!"
Blood was rushing to your head. Your senses were overwhelmed with the smell of smoke and bleeding. You could feel dull pain in the side of your head, and your body forced another sharp intake to your lungs. You knew there was no time to get free as the combat boots neared menacingly.
"He's coming!" It come out louder; choked, more afraid. You frantically tried to brace yourself with your free hand on the ceiling and get free; at least regain some sense of control.
Nick looked over to where your panic stricken eyes had settled, and saw the calm gait already halfway to his car. A second later he pulled a device out of his jacket, then turned back to you. "I need you to hold still."
Outside of the car, the deadly assassin finally reached his destination. He grabbed the car door, and with an easy yank, throws it across the street to the sidewalk. He knelt down to look in, and discovered an empty car, and a burning hole left in the ground.
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teafrompari · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
«It's just that shield's the closest thing I've got left to a family. So when you retired it, it made me feel like I had nothing left.»
Bucky Barnes wallpapers
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | episode 5
like/reblog if you save ❤️
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giodoodless · a day ago
Headcanon of the day: Sam and Thor finally meet.
Here i go:
Thor is back to earth with the guardians, just to find out that Sam is the new captain america now.
“Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Thor Odinson, and you are?”
“Sam Wilson”
“It is a pleasure to meet you Sam, son of Wil”
Sam can't stop staring. Dude's so tall and big and pretty. His huge biceps make his eyes go wide, impressed.
Thor doesn't stare, but from time to time, he takes looks at Sam. He's definitely not like Steve, not at all. He's even prettier than him.
Thor likes to make him laugh. He doesn't know why exactly, but whenever Sam's with his big and bright smile on his face, Thor's already smilling too.
They both find each other funny, even tho Thor's sense of humor is kinda different a lot actually.
Will laugh about random stuff.
Both get impressed about how serious and dangerous one can become.
Sam will ask Thor about many things, like how was Asgard, how were the other worlds, the creatures, the space, and Thor will gladly answer all his questions.
Both are smart and have good fighting strategies, altho they never really have a plan.
Sam will definitely ask about his terrifying axe, and mjolnir too, how it works, and with a curious grin, Thor will handle it to him, convincing Sam to try and take mjolnir himself.
The last time he thought someone was worthy, this person rose a powerful thunder and beated the shit out of thanos and his army with it. It was worth the shot. He he.
Lmao he was right.
Thor watches Sam fly across the sky in awe.
“And i suppose you are an angel yourself son of Wil”.
The thunder comes with Thor's arrival from up high, the intense blue enlightening the sky and everything around, and Sam's eyes shine with brightness and facination.
Sam is fast when he's fighting, and Thor is totally impressed, giggling as he throws his axe, thinking if maybe he could challenge Sam to a match later.
“Come on son of Wil! It'll be fun!”
“Dude, you can just call me Sam”
“Alright then Sam. Let's fight!”
Tall and gorgeous god of thunder and tiny and angelic captain america. That's what Thor named them after.
Asks are open for suggestions <3
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a-fandom-reimagined · a day ago
Tumblr media
I missed you all soo so much.
And I'm now accepting requests for:
Bridgerton, Castlevania (season 4 since it dropped), Shadow & Bone, Venom, WandaVision, The Falcon & the Winter Soldier...
As long as I've been gone you'd think I'd have watched more stuff...
I watched ATLA & FMA/FMAB. You guys want those? I think I can do it.
(I don't know what happened to my inbox but I think I'm missing some requests. So if you sent something in and I never did it just send it in again.)
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vibraniumphoenix · 2 days ago
the warmth in his arms. [ s.w ]
a sam wilson x fem!reader wherein one of them never knew that love could feel so good.
WARNING: slight angst, trust issues, mentions of rough childhood, but i promise its a happy ending
A/N: vea writing out of impulse is something that would always be entertaining and the best things that i do. fun fact, most of the fics ive written are out of impulse. this is my first time writing using the third pov please bear with me.
Tumblr media
the rain thrashed the windows of her tiny apartment, her eyes glued to the threads of lightning that lit up the night sky as she hugged her knees close together in fear of the loud noise that’s to follow; it’s loud crash reminding her of the days where she would hide in her room as the two supposed parental figures in her life fought downstairs in the kitchen.
her mind wandered off to what she overheard an elderly woman say to what seems to be her grandchild on her way to work, that love was an abundant thing that the universe can give, making her re-trace the rough patches of her childhood and her strain of relationships, a tingle of regret and hurt running along her spine at the bitter taste it left on her tongue.
the toxicity of her previous exes were the only rollercoaster that she knew, the continuous cycle of hurt and betrayal the only thing the fragile-hearted girl could call home; being left in the pouring rain as the cold nipped at her skin the only comfort that she had, arms hugging her own frame in hopes to feel the warmth that she once thought was unattainable until he came along.
sam was raised in a house that was filled with love and laughter, his heart was filled with the best intentions that any parent could have wished for. he never felt cold for the hug of someone he loved would fill in the gaps that he never knew existed until the time he became who he was today,
and he didn’t even hesitate for a second to share that feeling with the woman of his dreams the moment her story left the tip of her tongue.
for the longest time, she kept to herself in fear of her vulnerable side being seen, that her weakness would be taken for granted. she tried her hardest to push him away, to reinforce the walls that she had built since her last relationship but he remained steadfast with his goal, his patience never wearing thin.
with the same patience he wore, the warmth he wanted to share finally creeped in through the walls, engulfing her in a hug that she never knew that she needed until that point. its comforting feeling overwhelming her senses to the point where she felt like drowning without it around her.
her eyes wandered around the room that was once again lit up by the thunderbolt, finding the familiar face that she could now recognize as her safe haven, sleeping peacefully through the storm brewing outside her abode. figngers gently tracing every crevice of his face before finding her spot right in the middle of his embrace.
“you’re my home, sammy.” was all that left her lips, slowly falling back to sleep in the comfort of the warmth in his arms.
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vibraniumphoenix · 2 days ago
only girl in the world [ s.w ]
a sam wilson x fem!reader wherein the reader cleans the apartment due to jealousy.
WARNING: NSFW (18+, minors DNI. ), praise kink, oral stimulation (f receiving), fingering, vaginal penetration (wrap it before you tap it lovelies), light choking, swearing, the setting is set somewhere in between AoU and CACW so like around the time in Ant-Man ?? also slight au ( i think )
A/N: so this is for @anchoeritic’s 3k writing challenge! seeing that she’s a fellow sam wilson simp, i chose him for this fic (and we are seriously lacking in sam wilson content i hate this) and because it’s sam’s birthday we’re gonna celebrate >:)))) icb he’s an aries though. uGh
updated a/n: hi bestie @angeloniaa brining this back for you <3
prompt/scenario: character A catching character B singing
word count: 3.7k
Tumblr media
Dating a superhero meant there was a lot of restrictions; cuddles and movie dates with them are fleeting moments since you never know when they would get a call about a grape-headed alien terrorizing the planet and you couldn’t flaunt them as much as you wanted to because your safety would be greatly affected if their arch nemesis finds out about your existence.
But regardless of it all, you were thankful because Sam never made you feel less of what you really are to him. A lot of your friends who know about your relationship with The Falcon were envious about how mature the both of you are, managing to balance both of your work lives and your personal ones at home; none of them really knowing how immature the both of you are behind closed doors.
Making this another reason why you loved the privacy being hidden from the public eye; you felt like you were in your own coming-of-age, rom-com movie with Sam with all the hidden rendezvous at The Washington Mall at midnight and drive around the empty streets of the city just until the crack of dawn or just stay at home and cook countless of meals, teaching each other recipes from both sides of your families
It was the relationship anyone could have ever dreamed of.
“You’re not making this any easier for me, baby girl.” Sam said, sighing inwardly as he stuffed his duffel. He was going over to New York for a few days, probably on another mission with the Avengers (or training with them) and you weren’t having any of it; wanting nothing more than to have him home and with you for a few more days一 possibly forever if that was even possible.
You groaned softly at his response, sitting on the bed with your knees hugged to your chest as you watch him ready his things for yet another mission. “Then don’t go” You simply told him, face holding the same sad expression as your lower lip was jutted out in a small pout as you looked away, not waiting to tear up once again; him leaving for missions was always the hardest.
A chuckle left his lips, setting the suitcase down on the carpeted floor of your shared room before claiming his spot next to you; the dip of the bed from his weight caused you to look at him. “You know I wouldn’t dare to leave if I had the chance to, right?” He asked, his scooting closer to you and pressed a kiss to your shoulder. “But I always come back, right? Because you’re my home.”
You relaxed under his touch, stretching your legs unto the bed and wrapped your arms around his muscular frame, hugging him close to you in fear that he might disappear all of a sudden. “I know, but do you really have to go?” You murmur, hiding your face against his neck, the way your breath falls on his skin causes goosebumps to rise on his own.
“I have to, they need me, sweets.” He explains, wrapping his arms around your own frame and squeezes gently, enough to convey that he’ll be fine; that he’ll be safe and unharmed after all of the fighting he has due.
“I’ll be back in no time.” His reassurance made you sigh inwardly, knowing that you can’t convince him otherwise. Sam was always just like that, once something is set on his mind on something, he won’t stop until he gets it done. He rarely second guesses what he wants and he does, you’re the person he talks to.
You didn’t speak anymore, opting to let the warmth from his body consume you and lull you into sleep, his hand tracing small shapes into your back as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Go to sleep, baby. I love you.”
The sunlight that peeked in through the sheer fabric of the curtains was enough to wake you up, reaching over to Sam’s side, expecting to feel him there but instead you were greeted with the sound of paper crumpling from the side of your hand. Stirring awake, you sat up and grabbed the note that was folded neatly.
“I’ll be back soon, baby girl. Don’t miss me too much, I love you.” You read outloud, adoring how neat his handwriting was, hugging the paper to your chest before whispering, “I love you too” before placing the note by your bedside table, rolling out of bed to get on with your day when your phone dinged. Looking at the lit up screen, you smiled at the message from Sam.
[ from: birdman lover ]
- It hasn’t even been a day and I already miss you.
- This’ll be a long week.
- Have a great day though.
- I love you.
- Steve’s still clueless on how phones work but he’s getting there. He “greets you a hello”.
The rest of the week was your normal routine, aside from the occasional texts and calls you would get from Sam whenever he had the chance to check his phone; telling you how much he missed you and sharing stories of what’s going on inside the compound. It was like he never left, the only difference being he wasn’t physically there to give you the affection.
Saturday morning soon rolled around and you were bouncing off the walls excited that you had to wait just one more day before Sam could come back home; come back to you. You practically bounced off the walls as you did all your errands一 mainly you getting your car cleaned and your weekly Target run一 and your day was all rainbows and sunshines.
Until it wasn’t. You were scrolling through your Instagram when you saw a picture that made your blood boil immensely. It was a photo of an actress (who was extremely good looking) in the arms of The Falcon. You had to take a few moments in to fully register the fact that the woman had managed to snag a photo with him, “He’s even hotter in person.” You read the caption out loud, eyes rolling in irritation, even replying to some comments from her fanbase, making it seem like they were dating.
You rarely get jealous about anything with Sam, being so secure with your relationship with him but seeing someone who has a platform freely post him made you writhe in your seat about how you should be the one flexing him like that, not her or anyone else.
You opted to call your lover to tell him how you feel but there was this side of you that didn’t want to go through a whole discourse with him through the phone so you went with the better option, cleaning the fuck out of your apartment until your agression washes away.
Plugging your phone to the sound system, you started off with Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World before grabbing the broom from the small closet in your apartment’s kitchen, starting to sweep the floor. “You’re a bad bitch, Y/N. Now go clean,” You hyped yourself up in the mirror before strutting back to the living room to sweep your emotions away.
Unbeknownst to you however was the fact that Sam was well on his way home. He got to go back home earlier than expected and he didn’t tell you, wanting to give you a surprise. Jogging up the stairs of your apartment complex, he was practically rushing to make it your door so he can finally kiss you.
Finally finding the keys to your shared apartment, he opened the door and slowly creeped in, expecting to see you seated on the couch but what he saw was something else. He was stunned beyond words to see you clad nothing but his shirt and a messy bun while holding a broom, singing your heart out.
“Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world” you sang out loud, holding onto the broom as if it was a mic while you danced, awkwardly body rolling to the beat. “Like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love, like I’m the only one who knows your heart” You continued, starting to “sweep” the floor again while grooving to the beat of the song, not noticing Sam who was silently watching you.
“Like I’m the only one who’s in command” Your voice blending into the music as you rocked around the room, singing your heart out to the chorus. “Cause I’m the only one who understands how to make you feel like a ma一 Sam!”
You dropped the broom, jumping up in the air as you turned around to see your boyfriend leaning by the wall, watching you with an amused expression while holding his arms out to you. “Are you just gonna stand there or come here and give me a hug?” He questioned, raising up an eyebrow at you.
Wasting no time, you paused the song before making your way over to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist as you hugged him. “How long have you been here? Why are you here already? Shouldn’t you be coming home tomorrow?” Your bombardment with questions made him chuckle, his arms going under your thighs to support your weight, walking towards the couch and settling the both of you on there.
“I wanted to surprise you, baby. We finished a little bit earlier than expected so the moment we got back to the compound I was well on my way home.” He answered, one of his hands retreating from your backside to sneak up and cup your jaw, thumb tracing it gently. His eyes were locked with yours, filled with adoration and love as he continued, “turns out you have a surprise of your own for me. What’s got you cleaning so aggressively?”
You laughed, the anger you had just moments ago melting away as you lean into his touch, “It’s nothing, Sammy. Just me being a little jealous, is all.” You explained, finding it easy to admit your feelings. Your relationship with him was just like that; centered on honesty, understanding, and love. The reason why you’re so assured with him.
“Jealous? What’s got my baby jealous?” His brows were furrowed at the answer, mind trying to remember his actions prior to this conversation to see if he had done anything wrong but came up with nothing. “Did I do something?” He questioned, sitting up a bit as the conversation got more serious.
“I just saw this picture of this you and this actress posted on her instagram and一” you paused, finding it silly now that you’ve even been this jealous about this in the first place. “一I just got jealous that she could post you on their social media so freely. Kind of made me realize that I’m still not existent in the eyes of others; I should be the one posting you like that. Kind of made me realize that I’m not the only girl in the world that wants you.” you finished, not wanting to look into his eyes anymore at the sudden sadness from being hidden.
Normally, you wouldn’t even bat an eye on it but seeing how broken you were, Sam was shattered that you had to go through that thought. “There’s no need to feel ashamed that you got jealous, Y/N.” He said, the hand that was on your jaw now going under your chin to make you look at him again. “I know I insisted that I hide you from the public eye so you can be safe from harm and I’m sorry that because of it makes you feel like this.”
He sighed softly, leaning in to press a chaste kiss against your lips. “But if you’re ready to be introduced to everyone, even to the team, then I’ll be more than glad to show you to the world.” Sam said, his lips just millimeters away from yours, “The only girl I’ll ever love.” He finished, locking his lips with yours.
You swore on the fact that Sam’s lips were made for your own, the pace slow and sensual, enough to relay that he was sticking to his words and that you didn’t need to worry about anything. His plush tiers felt soft against yours, his teeth sinking into your bottom one, nibbling against it softly before swiping his tongue against it.
“Does my angel want me to show her how much she really means to me?” He whispers, pressing one more kiss to your lips before pulling back, locking his gaze with yours, pupils blown with love and adoration clouded with a hint of lust over the thought of seeing you squirm under him.
Given the fact that you were sitting on his lap, you could feel how hard he was under you. “You feel that, darling? You do that to me.” He groans as you shift, the friction causing his dick to twitch inside his tight jeans. “Be a good girl and use your words, baby.”
“Want you, Sam.” You say, mind too aroused and clouded with perverse thoughts due to the lack of touch you had from him this week to make a concise sentence. “Want you to make me feel good, please.” You beg, brows furrowing lightly in need as you watch him study your expression, a small smile forming on his lips as he easily hoists you up, arms gripping your thighs.
“How can I resist such a good girl begging for me to make her feel good?” He questions, gracing your lips with another chaste kiss as he carries you into your shared bedroom, placing you on the bed as he hovers above you. “I’ll make you feel so good tonight, sweets.”
His lips are then on yours again, his lower half grinding on yours a few times to rile you up, making you elicit a few moans that caused him to go overdrive. He grunts, taking in the scandalous sounds you make before sitting back up, taking the shirt off from your body, throwing his head back at the sight of you clad in only your underwear. “You do know how to make me go wild, baby doll.”
You smiled at him, happy that you were able to make him go haywire at just the sight of you not even fully naked. “My clothes never seem to stay on with you around anyways.” You answer, making him chuckle lightly as he started to attack your neck with kisses, nipping at the skin quite harshly making you hiss in pleasurable pain.
“You look better naked” was all he said before taking in one of your breasts, tongue swirling around the hard nub as his hand teased the other, fingers pinching on it lightly making you take a sharp gasp. He did this for a few moments before kissing his way from the valley of your breasts all the way down to the top of your panties.
Sam looked up at you with a devilish grin upon the realization of what lingerie you were wearing, “My angel looks so good.” he praises, taking a moment to admire your already fucked out appearance with lips swollen and hickey littered skin. He was quick to take off your underwear, eyes filled with hunger at the sight of your soaking cunt.
This feeded his ego to no ends, seeing you so needy for him. “I haven’t even touched you yet you’re already so wet for me, baby girl.” he commented, hands caressing your inner thighs teasingly as he took a moment to drink in the sight of you.
The way his rough and slightly calloused hands were in juxtaposition to the smoothness of your skin granted goosebumps to run along your skin, the cold air of the room adding on to your arousal. “Sam, please. Need you.” You begged once more, attempting to close your legs for some needed friction but his sudden grip on it making you think otherwise.
“Almost there, baby. Patience.” He said, bringing two digits to very lightly graze upon your slit before bringing it up to your lips, his thumb tapping your bottom lip, “Open up, sweets. Wanna see you taste yourself first.” He ordered, wanting to see you suck on his fingers.
Wanting nothing more than his touch, you easily obliged and took his fingers in without him prying them open. Your eyes were locked with his as you sucked on it, setting a blaze inside his eyes that you haven’t seen before, that lone making your stomach twist in knots.
As soon as Sam was satisfied at how wet you made his fingers, he finally gave your throbbing pussy the attention it yearned for. Inserting the two digits inside of you with ease as he slowly started to pump it in and out of your heat while his thumb rubbed circles on your sensitive bundle of nerves.
You were a moaning mess under his touch, back arching at the slightest touch he would do to your clit. You were overwhelmed with the pleasure he was providing you. “F-fuck!” You breathlessly moan, hips bucking up as you wanted more of his touch.
Sam then leaned, tongue lapping up your sweet juices as he sucked on your aching clit, the gentle suckling was sinful to your ears. He moaned at the taste of you, its vibrations against you making you whine at the contact. He curled his fingers inside you, easily finding your sweet spot upon seeing how you writhed under his touch.
With Sam’s tongue abusing your clit to no end and his digits mercilessly pumping in and out of you, the tension was all too much to handle that the knot that was in your stomach finally broke. “Go on, baby. Come for me, why don’t you.” He said, feeling how your walls were clamping up around him. The euphoria that followed made your legs tremble as you reached your high, shamelessly moaning Sam’s name mixed with profanities as he continued to finger you through your orgasm.
“Such a good girl for me” Was his words, rising up from his position. You watched as he licked up every last drop of your cum off his fingers, rolling off the bed to rid himself off from his own clothes, your mouth practically watering at the sight of his rock hard length that sprung out from the tight confinements of his boxers.
You were gonna reach out to feel him when he stopped you, “No, baby. Tonight, it’s all about you, remember?” he said, stroking his length a few times, thumb circling around his tip that was glistening with pre-cum as he got back on the bed, positioning himself on top of you. “You ready?”
“Y-yes, Sam.” and upon hearing your answer, he eased into you. Both moaning at the longing of feeling each other intimately. No matter how many times the two of you would fuck, you still couldn’t get used to his size. He filled you up quite easily, his hips meeting yours as he filled you in deep.
Ever the gentleman, he waited for you to give the signal that you were ready and upon your nod, he started to move slowly, wanting to ease you into the pace.. Sam’s groans were music to your ear, “So fucking tight, angel.” He said, one of his hands reaching up to wrap around your neck, pressing against its sides lightly.
“F-faster, Sam. Please” You said and he complied, like your words were pressed a switch in him, he started to relentlessly slam into you, fucking you into the bed and into oblivion. His other hand was on the headboard, palm spread out to gain some support, the bed shaking violently as he continued.
“Let me hear those moans, angel. Let everyone know who you belong to.” Sam said, the hold around your neck tightening slightly, wanting to see you slowly gasp out for air as you let out those heavenly yet sinful sounds, “Who do you belong to, baby?”
“Y-You, Sam!” You answer, feeling your body writhe as another orgasm was already brewing at the pit of your stomach. “F-fuck, I-i’m yours!” You continued, eyes practically rolling to the back at the immense amount of pleasure you got from him drilling you into the mattress.
With those words that left your lips, he started to pound to you even rougher, not caring if the neighbouring apartments heard your cries of pleasure or the squeaking of the bed. You were his and it was his very intention to let everyone know that. “That’s right, doll. You belong to me.” he said, his eyes on your fucked out face. “Mine to fuck and mine to love.”
Feeling the knot in your stomach about to burst, your hands were gripping the bed sheets as you cried out in pleasure, “I’m gonna cum!” body unable to handle the amount of pleasure being handed to you as Sam continued to fuck you out, riding out your high until his own climax hit with one final slam, moaning as he filled you up with his own cum.
Pulling out slowly, Sam took the time to admire his own cum mixed with your drip down from your cunt, a feeling of satisfaction spread through his chest at the sight of you. He leaned in to kiss you once again, this time it was soft and just filled with love, hand running along your sides gently, “Such a good girl for me.” he whispered, pressing one last kiss before he stood up and walked over to the bathroom.
You attempted to follow him, but ultimately failed as your legs were shaking too much from your recent orgasm. You could hear Sam chuckle as he re-emerged from the other room, a wet washcloth in his hand as he approached you. “Let me take care of it, alright princess?” He said softly.
He then started to clean you up, making sure to whisper soft praises about how you took him so well and of how you were so good for him. The moment he was done, he mindlessly threw the cloth into the hamper, collapsing on the bed and took you in his arms, eager to cuddle you. Sam pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, “I love you, Y/N. You’re the only girl I’ll ever love.”
You hummed softly, making yourself comfortable in his arms, reaching up to steal a kiss from him, “I love you too, Sammy. I’ll always love you.”
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stcvebvckys · 2 days ago
• dating bucky barnes would include.
Tumblr media
just some headcanons of mine :)
━ hugs from behind, his arms wrapped around your waist. pulling you against him.
━ nicknames like: doll, darlin', baby.
━ him playing with your hair
━ you playing with his hair.
━ morning and goodnight kisses.
━ cuddle time. either in bed or on the couch, or cuddles when you're in his arms.
━ him constantly picking you up.
━ going on a run with sam and steve
━ being bestfriends with sam, nat and steve.
━ cooking meals together.
━ you hugging him from behind.
━ taking care of him after a mission if he's hurt.
━ wearing his red shirts and his jumpers.
━ helping him when he's struggling.
━ him helping you when you're struggling.
━ both of you taking care of each other.
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dameronology · 2 days ago
i saw that your headcanon requests were open and i was wondering if you could write something fluffy ones with sam comforting you about something maybe insecurities or something??? idk he just seems so like patient and understanding and i just can’t help but imagine him comforting me about literally anything in the world
tysm for ur patience!! ily and i hope you enjoy these <3
sam is honestly just one of the the most understanding people
not only is he there for you 24/7, but he can also read you like a book and he knows when you're feeling down
even if you say you're fine, he's gonna see right through it
and he'll never force you to talk about what's upsetting you, but he will absolutely make sure that you know he's there
so it's very easy to come to him and to talk to him, because he's got the most comforting and warm energy
if you don't wanna chat about it, he'll still try and cheer you up
he'll take the day off to spend it with you and it's completely and entirely up to you what you guys do
wanna stay in bed, watch friends and cry? he's there
wanna go out and explore? he's down
wanna grab lunch and go into the city? he's making reservations
when you do eventually come to him, he'll open his arms out to you and just hold you for a little while you talk and he'll encourage you as well
"that's right honey, let it all out" and "i've got you"
it breaks his heart when you get insecure because he thinks the absolute world of you and he couldn't think of a single thing to fault you
so he'll list the things he loves about you, and he won't stop til you're smiling
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alloftheimaginesblog · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you had told your older brother about the fact that you seem to have fallen for his old friend’s best friend (aka Sam’s friend and partner) Bucky Barnes, Sam didn’t seem to take the news well. As your older brother, he was protective, he always had been and so, when you told him how you felt about Bucky, he immediately tried to shut down the idea.
As days and weeks passed and the more time you spent around Sam and Bucky, Sam could see that Bucky clearly felt the same for you, “Okay, fine, dammit!” Sam exclaimed one night, “I can’t take your damn eye flirting, just go on a date already!”
Bucky clapped him on the shoulder, “Thanks, partner,” he said, throwing a wink your way.
“I ain’t your damn partner.”
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marveldc-imagines-hub · 3 days ago
Imagine Pride Masterlist
A/N: Self-explanatory; a masterlist for the Imagine Pride series! If you want an imagine that you don’t already see, feel free to request it (when requests are open, of course). Happy Pride, folks!
Summary: An imagine-exclusive series of Pride-specific one-shots, mainly focusing on Reader coming out as a certain sexuality/gender identity and revolving around general LGBTQ+ events (Pride parades/marches, transitioning, just LGBTQ+ characters hanging out together, etc), but also exploring multiple LGBTQ+ headcanons for canon characters.
Bucky Barnes
Peter Parker
Sam Wilson
Steve Rogers
Imagine Coming Out to Steve as Bisexual
Tony Stark
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dreamwritesimagines · 3 days ago
Burn The Witch 20 - Final Warning [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful support and feedback my loves ! ❤ Here’s the next chapter, I hope you like it as well and please let me know what you think! ❤ Thank you! ❤❤❤
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Warnings: Enemies to lovers, lovers to enemies, fake dating, mentions of blood, sex, violence, death, manipulation, language, guns, knives.
Summary: Everyone has a past.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Not that you had ever been in a situation where you wanted to come clean to a target and blow your own cover, but you could easily say that this was one of the hardest things you had ever been through.
And considering your career, you had been through a lot.
You had no idea how to even begin the conversation, and you were pretty sure that it would completely ruin every chance of happiness you would have with him, every chance of a future together but—
You had to keep him safe. You owed him that much.
Considering your whole relationship had been nothing but a lie.
You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard your name being called and you looked up, still holding the empty milkshake container.
“Your boyfriend is here with the Captain America,” Tara winked at you, “Is he single?”
“No Y/N, I’m trying to steal your man but letting you know beforehand. Yes, Sam!”
“Um—“ you tried to pull your thoughts together, “I’m not sure, I can ask.”
“Don’t make it obvious though,” she pointed at you and walked away. You let out a sigh, looking down at the empty container, then fixed your apron and walked out of the kitchen into the main area. You could feel the warmth in your stomach as soon as you saw Bucky and Sam in one of the booths, and you went under the counter to approach them.
“Hi darling.”
“Hey,” you pecked him on the lips and sat beside him, “Hi Sam.”
“Hey Y/N,” he greeted you as Bucky entwined his fingers with yours, “Anyways, as I was saying. I can look into her but unless you give me more information, we’ll hit a dead end.”
Your heart skipped a beat as you looked between them and Bucky thought for a moment.
“Maybe Sharon might help.”
“I mean she can try—“
“Who are you talking about?” you asked and Sam grinned.
“Bucky’s spy friend.”
“She’s not my friend,” he said almost instantly and your stomach dropped.
“I just want to learn who she works for,” he said, “Just in case.”
“In case of what?” you managed to ask and Bucky shifted his weight like he was uncomfortable.
“In case we need it.”
“But why would you need it?”
To that, he looked like he had no answer and Sam cleared his throat, grabbing his phone.
“Well, I’d better talk to Sharon,” he said, standing up from his seat, “To see what we can find. I’ll see you guys later.”
With that, he walked out of the shop and you turned to Bucky, your brows raised.
“So,” you said, “What’s happening?”
“No what you’re thinking right now,” he said quickly, “It’s just… I ran into her. Again.”
You actually wanted to find out how much information he would give you, so you decided to push.
“Oh? I didn’t know you went on a mission.”
“I didn’t, she broke into my house.”
You blinked a couple of times, staring at him as if you were confused. “I’m sorry?”
“I have no idea how she knows where I live, but—“
“She was in your apartment.”
“For like five minutes,” he added, “And she….she told me something.”
If he kept this up, maybe you had a chance to convince him to leave the country for a while by using your cover even if you couldn’t convince him by being yourself.
“What?” you asked him and he paused for a moment, then shook his head.
“It’s not important.”
“It sounds like it is,” you tried again and he cleared his throat.
“Nah it’s just…. Usual secretive spy stuff.”
“But are you safe?” you insisted and he smiled, pressing your hand to his lips, his fingers still entwined with his.
“Of course darling.”
No. No you’re not safe.
You bit inside your cheek, trying to find something, anything to tip him off without blowing your cover but you came up empty except for one thing.
You had to tell him. You had no idea how you would do it, and you had no idea how he would react but you couldn’t—
You couldn’t just sit there and let them take him and blame him for things he quite possibly hadn’t done. Knowing the General, he would pull every trick in the game to convince your superiors that he was dangerous.
And Bucky was one of the very few people you knew who didn’t deserve that.
But how could you do it? You knew it would mean losing him, you were quite sure that he would never trust you again, nor would he ever want to see you again. Not only that, but if the General found out anything about you tipping him off, you would be killed, that was for sure.
As he always said, actions had consequences.
“Don’t look so worried,” he said with a chuckle, snapping you out of your thoughts, “I promise you, everything will be alright.”
For some reason, you were having a hard time believing it but you tried to smile, then leaned in to kiss him.
“Yeah,” you managed to say, “Of course it will.”
By the time you were done at work, you were way too tired but it had nothing to do with the goddamn milkshake shop. You half wished you could ask Keith or Chloe about what to do, but you decided you actually needed to come up with a plan before getting them involved.
If you were going to get them involved, you had to make sure they would be safe even if you wouldn’t be, but it didn’t mean the lack of plan at hand wasn’t making you panic. Even the mind blowing sex wasn’t enough to put you to sleep, not when you kept thinking about how it would end soon.
Either way, you were going to lose him.
The thought of it made the tears burn your eyes but you rolled over in bed and looked down at him. He looked so peaceful without nightmares torturing his sleep and you sniffled before leaning in to press your lips into his dark hair, inhaling his scent. He moved a little, letting out a content sigh and you pulled back to grab your dressing gown, then made your way to the kitchen as silently as possible. After grabbing the wine bottle, you went to the bathroom to get in the bathtub, the cold surface against your warm skin giving you goosebumps.
You were being so stupid. Even more stupid than a Victorian lady risking it all for dick.
You cussed under your breath and took a huge swig of the wine, leaning your head back, desperately trying to find an idea to help you get out of this thing unscathed.
Or not to break his heart in the process.
By the time you had finished the bottle, you were still clueless but alcohol was slowly taking away the panic pulsing through you. You kept your eyes on the wall, tracing the rim of the bottle and only when Bucky knocked on the door that you realized he was awake.
Wow, the spy in you would be so disappointed if it were any other time.
“Hey,” you called out, “You can come in.”
He opened the door and his brows furrowed as soon as he saw you in the bathtub holding a wine bottle.
“Hey,” he said, “Everything alright?”
You closed your eyes for a moment, then nodded and looked up at him.
“I couldn’t sleep,” you said, “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” he said and approached you to crouch down, “Nightmares?”
“Something like that,” you mumbled, still holding the bottle tight, “What time is it?”
“3 a.m.”
You heaved a sigh and he reached out to brush your hair behind your ear.
“Want to talk about it?” he asked softly and that made the burning in your eyes even worse, but you cleared your throat and shook your head.
“Did you know….” You trailed off, waving the empty bottle, “In some cultures people drink at funerals?”
“Nope,” he said, “I didn’t. Whose funeral is it then?”
“Mine I think.”
He tilted his head, stealing a look at the bottle before smiling at you softly. You were aware that he thought it was just the wine and nightmares speaking, and you were way too tired to let him know, to explain-
To lose whatever it was between you.
“You’re not dead, sweetheart.”
“Not yet,” you managed to say, and he took a deep breath.
“Don’t say that,” he said, his voice low as if the thought was too much for him to handle and you let out a bitter chuckle.
“Alright, I won’t.”
“Do you want to come back to bed?”
You shook your head, wiping at your eyes.
“Okay,” Bucky said, “Is it okay if I stay here then?”
“Yeah,” you sniffled, turning the bottle in your hands. His fingers caressed over your hair and the action was so soothing that for a moment you felt yourself getting lost in the feeling before you turned your head to look into his blue eyes.
“Do you think that—“ you paused for a moment, “Do you think we could have a happy ending?”
“A happy ending?” he repeated, confusion flashing over his features and you licked your lips.
“Yeah, do you think….Do you think we could have that house with the red door and the big garden and the treehouse?”
A gentle smile curled his lips and he nodded.
“Yeah,” he said, “Absolutely. And if I’m remembering it correctly, I was told there would be a hammock between an apple tree and a peach tree.”
“And a dog.”
“And a dog,” he repeated, “And kids.”
You could swear your heart hurt.
“I’m going to tell you something but you’re not allowed to say it back,” you said, “Not…not yet anyway. Not right now.”
He tilted his head, “Okay. What is it?”
“…I think I’m in love with you,” you admitted, your heart beating like crazy as you wiped your eyes again. A light crossed his eyes but you couldn’t even decipher what it was, instead you reached out to hold his hand, leaning your head back again.
“Why am I not allowed to say it back?” he asked and a painful smile pulled at your lips.
“Just because,” you said, “And I’m—I’m sorry.”
“For what?” he asked and you opened your mouth, then the fear crashed down on you so you just shrugged your shoulders.
“Can we stay like this for tonight?”
He thought for a moment, then leaned in to press a kiss on your temple.
“Of course darling,” he said, “If that’s what you want, let’s stay like this.”
The next morning, you woke up with a clear decision in mind.
You had to tell Bucky and you had to get him out of the country before the General could lay a hand on him. You even had a speech in mind, but in the morning Bucky had an appointment with his psychiatrist so he had left early. You didn’t have much time anyway, you had to go to the base as well but it didn’t mean you were as calm as you would like to be.
You had to make sure not to make the General suspicious of you until Bucky was out but unfortunately, you hadn’t thought about your best friends.
Keith took one look at you when he saw you, then checked whether anyone was watching you before he placed his coffee cup on the desk and grabbed your wrist to pull you into the hallway.
“What happened?”
You crossed your arms and shrugged. “What? What are you talking about?”
“Something happened,” he said, “Tell me and I’ll help you fix it.”
“Y/N, I know you better than you think I do,” he said through his teeth, “Is your cover blown? Is Barnes suspicious of something?”
You clenched your jaw, then shook your head.
“Then what is it?” he said, “Chloe says the mission will be over soon and you’ll probably become a handler, I thought you’d be—“
“That’s the problem,” you interrupted him, “The mission will be over soon.”
Keith shrugged, “Okay. So? Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“Apparently not.”
He pulled his brows together, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Maybe Bucky doesn’t deserve to be dragged here and have shit pinned on him. Again.”
He stared at you for a couple of seconds before a look of realization crossed his eyes and he ran a hand over his face.
“You’re not serious.”
“That guy’s dick game can’t be that good. If you’re willing to put your life in danger just because he’s good at sex, I promise you there are a bunch of people who can fu—“
“It’s not because of that.”
“Oh it’s not? Then what is this about?”
“It’s not about anything, I’m just saying he doesn’t deserve it.”
“Y/N, if the General finds out you’ve gone soft—“
“I haven’t gone soft!”
“You know what happens to the spies who fall for their targets,” he whispered through his teeth, “No matter how much you want to—to put this behind you, to run away with him—“
“I’m not naïve,” you spat, “I know I’d never be able to run away. This is not a fairytale, I’m not going to walk off into the sunset with Bucky. He will never forgive me or want to be with me once he learns who I am.”
“It doesn’t mean he deserves this,” you said, “He tries to help people, and we will make people see him as dangerous.”
He shook his head, heaving a sigh.
“He’s a good person, Keith,” you said, “Unlike you and me, he’s a good person.”
You turned your head when you heard the General’s assistant calling out your name.
“He’s ready for you.”
“Thanks,” you said and took a step but Keith grabbed you by the arm.
“Don’t tell him anything,” he whispered, “We’ll—we’ll figure something out, okay? Trust me, just don’t tell the General anything.”
You bit inside your cheek and nodded.
“We can talk about it later,” you said and walked to the General’s office. He was waiting for you behind his desk and looked up from the file when he heard you come in.
“Y/N,” he said, “Hello.”
“Sir,” you greeted him and sat down on the edge of the seat. “Hello.”
“I’ve been looking over your file,” he said, a small smile appearing on his lips, “And I gotta tell you, it’s….it’s very impressive.”
“Thank you sir.”
“Of all the missions we’ve put you on…” he said, “You haven’t failed. Ever.”
You felt like throwing up, but managed to smile back.
“You’ve taught me well.”
He let out a chuckle. “I’d like to take all the credit, but you and I both know it wasn’t just me, Y/N. You have a talent.”
Talent for killing and using people.
“Your father would be proud of you.”
Your eyes snapped up to his, that familiar ache at your heart making you sit up straighter.
“Growing up without him was very difficult for you,” he said, “I know that. I tried to help as much as I could and trust me, you’re like a daughter to me but I also know that deep down you waited for him to come back. Always.”
You rolled your shoulders back, trying to keep your head high.
“I’m not waiting for him to come back.”
“I’m not. He left me.”
He heaved a sigh and leaned in, his eyes locked into yours.
“I’m sorry you have to find out this way but your father didn’t leave you,” he said, making you frown. “The Winter Soldier killed him.”
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caitschampagne · 3 days ago
reacting to tfatws as seb’s significant other
sebastian stan headcanon
mild profanity, thanks for reading ! :)
you feel very strongly about this show
basically it’s you screaming “KISS YOU IDIOTS” at sam and bucky on screen 99,9% of the time
it’s embarrassing to say the least but hey it’s what you feel
and sebastian adores it
literally the whole time he’ll sit there not watching the show but watching you
and you find it lowkey creepy but you’re too engrossed to care
and one friday when you just burst into tears he was horrified
but it was just you sad that they weren’t together
and you PASSED AWAY when bucky swooped in with that shop-bought cake to hug sam’s nephews
your eyes WIDENED
and you turned to sebastian and you screamed very unattractively
but he just laughed
and your heart rate was SO DAMN HIGH
and you gripped his arm so aggressively he winced but you couldn’t care less
lmao it was an event
and you HATED sarah for no reason except for bucky hitting on her
istg you’d SPIT at that tv when she was on
“wtf bitch he’s your brother’s”
and sebastian would die laughing
you’d just scoff and flip her off
and in the last episode you just cried 98% of the time you were so sad it ended
and afterwards you facetimed anthony mackie to passionately convince him about sam and bucky
and anthony would 100% agree but blame seb for not letting them get together (?)
and you’d photobomb seb’s zoom promo meetings just to say “sambucky forever” then peace out bitches
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loveofafangirl · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Light Up The Sky ⚡️
[Baron Zemo Masterlist] [Marvel Masterlist]
Pairing: Baron Zemo x Reader (no gender, race, body type given)
Synopsis: You're fascinated by the storm developing outside but Zemo insists you wait out the storm from the safety of the house with him. *Fluff*
Word Count: <900
A/N: I wrote this yesterday, but never had a chance to post it. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I really love thunderstorms and definitely need someone to remind me not to stand in the rain where I could get struck by lightning 🙈
Tumblr media
The room darkens around. You peer up over the top of the book you were reading. The daylight that had once flooded the space has quickly disappeared.
You close the book and open the sliding glass door of the patio to get a better look. Dark storm clouds now blanket the sky, though you still feel the heavy, humid air pressing down on you. The wind grows more powerful, rustling through the upturned leaves. You take a step out of the door, letting the warm breeze wash over you.
The first drop of rain splatters down, landing on your cheek. You close your eyes, savoring the cool drops falling on your skin. It feels good. You hope this shower will break the oppressing humidity and bring some reprieve. Before long, the heavens open up.
"Ahh!" You scream gaily, not having expected such a drastic shift. You start to jump for the door but, the water is refreshing, and you can't help but stay and let it cascade over you. Your clothes cling to you almost immediately under the downpour. The air cools with each passing second; you breathe deeply, enjoying the sweet scent of the rain-soaked earth.
A low rumble of thunder pulls you from your thoughts. The wild wind blows around you. Leaves and small branches gather on the patio.
"What are you doing?" Zemo calls, standing in the doorway. His gaze travels over you.
"It's invigorating!" You declare as if this answers his question. You toss your head back, letting the rain cover you.
A flash of lightning illuminates the sky in the distance; the thunder that follows grows louder.
"Come inside, Y/N," Zemo insists. His tone is stern, catching you by surprise. "It is not safe."
"It's fine! I counted the seconds between the strike and the thunder. It's still a safe distance away." You turn to him, hoping to win him over. You realize you never shut the door behind you. The floor beneath him is glossy with fallen rain that the whipping winds sent into the house. "Whoops."
A sheet of rain pelts your back as the storm grows more violent. Another blast of wind carries leaves tumbling into your home.
Though the cool water feels delightful, the sting of the heavy rain encourages you to follow his directions. You hop back inside, almost slipping on the pool of water. "Oof!"
Zemo catches you, wrapping you in his strong arms. "Let us get you dried off."
"Not yet." You turn back to watch the storm growing outside. A bright burst of lightning lights up the sky. Your eyes widen at the majesty of it, as you hum your appreciation.
The thunder that follows this time is much closer than the last; the storm is moving faster than you had anticipated. You watch the turbulent clouds roll across the sky.
"I think it is time that we move away from the windows," Zemo encourages. He places a guiding hand on your hip.
"It's fine!" You maintain, but his arm circles you, pulling you away, leaving no room for arguments.
"I would feel much better if I knew that you were safe away from the potential of the shattering of the glass."
You want to protest, but you love his concern and protection. You lean into him. "Okay."
Zemo leads you to the couch with him, keeping you in his arms. He doesn't care that your wet clothes are now saturating his own. He only wants you safe, and he knows the best way to do that is to keep you close. It was one of his quirks you loved most.
A strike of lightning flashes and a crash of thunder roars almost simultaneously. You instinctively jump, and your breath catches as the walls seem to rattle at the deafening sound surrounding you.
He nuzzles into you, his beard scratching lightly across the wet fabric covering your shoulder. His voice low, almost drowned out by the heavy rain beating against the house. "I thought you liked the thunderstorms and were not afraid?"
"I do. I was just startled. That's all!"
He hugs you a little closer to his chest. His brow raises challengingly. "I am not so sure of this any longer."
Thunder booms again. You can feel its reverberation to your core. Your body trembles again. "I'm not scared. It's just louder than I expected." Your gaze drifts out the window to the now violet sky peppered with flashes of lightning. "I mean, look at that...It's beautiful!"
The corner of his lip turns up as he smirks. "Yes... you are." He kisses your temple tenderly. His warm lips burn pleasantly against your cool skin.
You nudge him playfully, stirring in his lap.
"I am not letting you go until the storm it is over." Zemo holds you more securely; his lips press together in a mischievous grin. "It is for your own safety and protection, Liebling. You simply cannot be trusted."
You feign protest, trying to escape, but he holds you closer. He kisses you softly, painting a slow path across your cool, wet skin. The warmth of his breath lingers; your body shivers under his careful attention until your focus is entirely on him. The melody of the storm becomes a distant soundtrack as you relax contently into his arms.
Tumblr media
Marvel Perma(til the end of the line): @the-soot-sprite ​​; @fandomxreaders ; @moonstuffsteve ​
Zemo tags: @montypythonsholysnail ​​ ; @killsandthrills ​​ ; @noavengers ​​ ; ​@nalabarnes1031 ; @trelaney ; @willowtheewisp ; @marchingicenotes7 ; @valquiria3000 ; @swooning-for-mc-avoy ​​​; @coffeewithoutcaffeine ; @charistory
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