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#the falcon and the snowman
megafilmeshdonline4 days ago
Falc茫o e o Soldado Invernal Online
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gummienummie4 days ago
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A Therapists Personal Logs: First Session
This is a bucky x reader series where the reader is his new therapist. This series takes place shortly after the events of Falcon and the Winter Solider.
A special thanks to @alcacira for the idea for this story and helping me edit it.聽
Here is the link for my master list
Warnings: None for now
Word count: 3058
Taglist: @erikphantomskellington @dreamer821 @alcacira @destiel-stucky4ever-loki-queen聽@stucky-my-ship
June 12, 2024
Today was interesting, to say the least. It was my first day under a government contract as a therapist, not only that but my first and my only patient is James 鈥淏ucky鈥 Buchanan Barnes. We didn鈥檛 really do any therapy exercises or anything of the sort, rather I took today to try to get to know James. After all, the only reason why I am here is that his previous therapist wasn鈥檛 really cutting it out. We managed to work out a schedule and alternate ways of therapy should he be on a mission or unavailable during one of our scheduled meetings. I figured I should let him set the pace, the recovery can only go as fast as the patient wants or as fast as they can take it. And for someone who is an ex-assassin and an Avenger he was EVERYWHERE.
I sat in my office reading my book, it was a cheesy romance book, but a good one nonetheless. My windows were wide open letting in sunlight since I found those office lights annoying. Not only that but the natural sunlight and fresh air were good for the copious amounts of plants that decorated my office. Scattered through my office were pots of various flora.
Near the patients, seats were a mix of my smaller plants that I grew or purchased at the florist down the street. An array of goldenrods, hollyhocks, coriander, and lemon balm decorated the area but were still potted so if the pollen or aroma bothered the patient I could always move it. On and around my desks were morning glories, sage, and some thyme. I used sage and thyme to cleanse my office space before and after each patient visit. It鈥檚 something that I鈥檝e always done when working with others on personal things, even my closest friends. Cleaning the energy of the room is just as important as physically cleaning up.
As it was ten minutes before the patient was supposed to get here, I took a small portion of pre-picked leaves on my desk and placed them on my incense plate. Once the leaves were lit and started to smoke, I walked through my office space with the plate in hand taking in tiny details of my office. The smell of the sage and thyme filled my nose as I took my mini-tour through the office. My office was on the first floor of this large sky-scraper of a building, but it was isolated on the south corner of the building. Luckily, the door to the left of my office was an employee entrance and exit that led to the park outside my open window.
Once I felt as though the room was cleaned, I put out the smoke on the plants and placed the plate back in its locked draw away from prying eyes. I gazed at the clock on my desk and saw I had five minutes left to set up my space for my patient.
I already knew who he was, James Buchanan Barnes. He鈥檚 a World War II veteran who was brainwashed by a terrorist organization and later became an avenger, not only that but recently he stopped the flag smashers. He probably has enough trauma for twenty different lives, but that鈥檚 for me to tackle another day. Today鈥檚 goal is just to get to know one another and see what he is comfortable talking about鈥. That being if he is comfortable talking about anything.
In my patient section of the room, the layout was simple. Two white loveseat sofas sat across from one another as a simple black coffee table set a barrier. On the coffee table, I set three cold water bottles and some snacks I was able to find that were around in world war 2. Surprisingly enough, a lot of those snacks are still around today, just with a recipe that changes as the decades progressed. Sticking with simple snacks, I placed a plate full of Ritz Crackers and a bowl of Tootsie rolls.
As I placed the bowl down a knock at the door drew my attention, I did one last scan of the room ensuring no documents were out and that everything was neat before heading to the door. I opened the door to see a man at least a foot taller than me, it was Mr.Barnes. Now I knew he was tall but the height difference caught me slightly off guard. 鈥淕ood afternoon, you must be Mr. Barnes.鈥
鈥淵es ma鈥檃m that鈥檚 me, you don鈥檛 have to call me Mr. Barnes you can call me James.鈥 I stepped out of the doorway to let him in and waved towards the sofas. His voice was rough and kind but still had some annoyance behind it. Understandably he probably doesn鈥檛 want to be here.
鈥淚f you don鈥檛 mind having a seat James, make yourself at home and we can get started.鈥 As he took off his leather jacket and rested it over the sofa鈥檚 arm, I grabbed his file from my desk along with a notebook that would be used to take notes during and after our session. Each patient I saw had their own book and their own file, he would be no different.
鈥淥kay James, so I wanted to use today to figure out a schedule that will work for you given that sometimes you will be out of the city and alternatives to days that you can鈥檛 make it to your appointments. I also wanted to ask some questions to make sure my files have all the right information and I can learn a little bit about you. Is that okay with you?鈥
He scratched the back of his neck and answered with a short nod, and then off into work I went. After verifying I had the right basic information like date of birth, allergies, and medical conditions, I asked if he had any personal goals to work on. 鈥淭hey can be anything from the smallest thing like listening to new music, to the largest goals you can think of. And if you don鈥檛 have anything right now that鈥檚 okay.鈥
His blue eyes scanned the room as he sat in silence. 鈥淭here are two that I have, the first one is to be able to sleep in my bed, and the second is to find and make some recipes from before the war.鈥 I wrote those goals down in his journal. 鈥淚鈥檝e actually found a few but they aren鈥檛 right, there's something off with them.鈥 James kept his gloved hands intertwined while rubbing them against one another.
The issues with sleep on the bed were nothing new. I鈥檝e worked with a plethora of soldiers and veterans and they鈥檝e all compared it to sleeping on a marshmallow. One patient even compared it from sleeping like a caveman on hard rocks to going onto a surface that makes you feel like you鈥檙e gonna sink. That was definitely a long-term goal. The recipes, on the other hand, could be a quick fix.
鈥淭hat depends on where you found it and what you made it with. A lot of stuff is factory-made and filled with preservatives nowadays and that changes the flavors in the recipes. Also, a lot of recipes from back then online tend to be modernized so some key elements may have been changed.鈥
鈥淣oted.鈥 He looked down at the plate in front of him. 鈥淐ould I have some?鈥
He took out a tootsie roll and popped it in his mouth. 鈥淒id you know that they used to have these back in the forties?鈥 I knew but feigned ignorance. 鈥淭hey would hand these out to us when we were overseas as a snack. It was one of the few candies that wouldn鈥檛 melt when they shipped it out. Surprisingly they taste the same.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 good to know.鈥 a small chuckle escaped my lips, 鈥淪o tell me about yourself, anything you're comfortable with sharing, it doesn鈥檛 have to be anything too personal.鈥
James took a swig of water from the water bottle, he claimed: 鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing much really, I was a soldier in the second world war, got kidnapped, made into a monster, my best friend found and somewhat rehabilitated me, I became an Avenger, and now I鈥檓 here. But that鈥檚 probably on your file already.鈥 He pointed at the file cast away to the left of me. He wasn鈥檛 wrong. What details weren鈥檛 on my file, I heard from my superiors who contracted me.
鈥淲hile yes they are there, I prefer to hear information from my patients, not others who want to tell the story. Other people have biases and agendas, you are the source of your story. So, the only person I care to hear details from is you.鈥 While talking I could see that his hand was moving a lot even when he was silent. It made sense that he didn鈥檛 like to stay still for too long.
Looking at my watch I saw we still had an hour and forty minutes left. I stood up and walked to my desk. 鈥淲e are going to go on a little field trip.鈥 I grabbed the keys for my office, my wallet, and my keys to the employee entrance.
I looked to see James staring back at me in confusion. 鈥淚 thought therapy was done in an office and you鈥檙e supposed to ask me questions I don鈥檛 want to answer.鈥
鈥淭hat will only make us frustrated for two hours and no one likes that. So today, we are going on a field trip. You might want to bring the water with you.鈥 I grabbed my water bottle and headed towards the door to see James with his jacket on, was already there holding the door open. 鈥淭hank you.鈥
As we walked down the corridor to the employee鈥檚 entrance, I opened the door and led him towards the park. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 like my office, so let's go somewhere a little more open.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not that I don鈥檛 like your office, I just don鈥檛 like offices. Yours has been the best one I鈥檝e been in so far.鈥
鈥淭hank you, I think, wellpoint being we are going on a field trip today.鈥 I led him through the public garden outside of the building. 鈥淪o do you have any hobbies or anything you do just for fun?鈥
鈥淒oes pulling pranks on a co-worker count?鈥
鈥淒epends, are they funny?鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 your answer, but do you have anything that you like to do on your own?鈥 We walked in silence as he pondered the question. As we walked, I noticed that the clear summer sky had been invaded with some dark storm clouds. There wasn鈥檛 any wind or anything. He looked at the ground and sighed.
鈥淣o, none that I can think of.鈥
I nodded and took note of that, making a plan to make a list of hobbies he can try. 鈥淥kay, when you鈥檙e not Avengering, do you have a routine of sorts? Are there any places you like to go to?鈥
鈥淎vengering?鈥 James looked at me as we walked past a batch of purple larkspurs. 鈥淲ell, when I鈥檓 off of work, I wake up, work out, have breakfast, do whatever I need to do for the day, have dinner, shower, and watch tv till I fall asleep.鈥
We continued the small talk and I got to know some information about him. He likes hot chocolate, his favorite movies are the hobbit and lord of the rings, and he goes to this Japanese restaurant with a man named Yori every Friday. As I was about to ask him my next question, the cloudy sky released a torrential downpour of rain. 鈥淪hit! I didn鈥檛 bring my umbrella!鈥
James had taken off his jacket and held it above our heads. 鈥淟et鈥檚 head back to the office?鈥 The smell of cologne flooded my nose and it smelled amazing mixed with the warmth radiating from his body.
鈥淕ood idea.鈥 Luckily we hadn鈥檛 been more than a half an hour stroll away from the office, which meant it was less than a five-minute sprint. Well, a sprint for me, a fast-paced walk for James.
Once I opened the employee side door and made it in, did I remember I left the windows in my office open. I took off running to my office and swung the door open to rush to the windows which were flailing about in the wind and rain. As I fought with one set of the four large windows, I failed to notice that James had rushed next to me and closed two sets of windows already. By the time I closed the one I was fighting with, James had conquered the other three. 鈥淭hank you, James.鈥
鈥淣o problem, but I think your floor may need some cleaning.鈥 Along the side of the window, the floor was drenched.
鈥淚t鈥檚 just water, I鈥檒l clean it up later.鈥 Looking up at James, I noticed that not only were both of us soaked to the bone but that his shirt clung tight to his body. 鈥淕ive me a second to turn on the heater in the room, I should also have some towels in the storage behind you if you want one.鈥
Turning my back to him, I tried to shut off the little perverted thought that came wandering through my mind. I fought with the heater until I a click ran through the office and the machine began to whir to life. Making my way back to the couch, I saw James had grabbed an extra towel and handed it to me once I sat on the couch.
For the next hour or so we went over different topics, jumping from subject to subject as he never wanted to delve deep into anything. I don鈥檛 know what it is about an office setting, but compared to when he was outside, James seemed to be closed off. He gave short generic answers but wasn鈥檛 rude at all. He even tried shifting the conversation onto topics about me. 鈥淲hy did you become a therapist?鈥
I shifted under my towel to get comfortable. It was only fair for me to answer his questions. To build up some foundation of trust. 鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥
鈥淓veryone goes into a job for a reason, why did you go into psychology?鈥
I sipped out of my water bottle. 鈥淲ell, I鈥檝e always found the brain and behavior to be something interesting. Finding out why people act the way they act and think the way they think has always been something I鈥檝e had an interest in.鈥
James nodded his head. 鈥淒o you have any hobbies?鈥
鈥淭rying to steal my hobbies, James?鈥 He shrugged his shoulders and leaned forward to listen. 鈥淲ell aside from gardening, I read books and like baking.鈥
鈥淗ave any recipes you would suggest?鈥
鈥淚 have a few that I can bring to our next session.鈥 I looked at the clock on the wall and noticed we had about ten minutes left before our session was over.
鈥淪o our next appointment will be this week. Thursday at noon. Should you need to talk to me at any point in the time between sessions do not hesitate to call or text me.鈥 I handed him my card with my number on it. 鈥淚f I don't answer right away, I will call or text you back as soon as possible.鈥
He nodded and took the card. 鈥淎lso if you can鈥檛 make it to the next session let me know at least twelve hours in advance. Even though this is court-mandated, I know you still have other things you need to do. If you can鈥檛 show up, we can either door the appointment over zoom or you can fill out some worksheets that should take no more than an hour.鈥
鈥淵es ma鈥檃m.鈥滱s he left I noticed more than a handful of tootsie rolls were missing from the jar. I shook my head as I cleaned up the coffee table and the remaining water by the window.
After I closed up the office, I opted to walk home rather than take the subway, for the sole reason of stopping at the bookstore that was in between the two subway stops. The store was a vintage book store, anything from first edition copies to legitimate cookbooks could be found. In the store, I made a beeline for the cookbooks section and picked three cookbooks, one based on the 1920s, one for the 鈥30s, and one for the 鈥40s. I knew this would help James with one of his goals, but it could also help him get a hobby.
Two things concerned me today when I was talking to him. One is the way he just spoke about his life as if he was bored and drifting from day to day. Granted nothing can be as exciting as being an Avenger, but there was this lack of interest and energy when talking about his daily life. The second concern that arose in me was James claiming he was a monster. I have a vague idea of what the winter soldier is and from what I鈥檝e heard it wasn鈥檛 the best.
Walking home after purchasing the books, I began to make a game plan in my head. I had him every Monday and Thursday from noon to four. I knew I had to keep him engaged and willing to cooperate. Four hours is a lot for one session, but working with James' schedule and the Government's demands, that鈥檚 what we came to. I couldn鈥檛 go about this like I would with any other patient. With James, I was going to have to get creative.
Aside from the storm and the water mess, today was good. I learned a lot about James, the personal details were surface level, but he had a way of making it seem as if it was personal information. He was willing to work with me but didn鈥檛 trust me yet, understandably so. This is going to be my hardest case yet. Without a doubt.
Well, I have to go now, it鈥檚 nearing midnight and I have errands I need to run tomorrow. I'm still getting used to this city, while I miss my old home, there are some things I鈥檓 happy I left behind. Until next time, good night.
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ollikiwi14 days ago
Tumblr media
The Falcon And the Snowman
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colombinna17 days ago
I LOVE mcu Sam Wilson a lot BUT I also want the second season of TFATWS to start with him being bitten by a bird and getting the ability to see through birds like he does in the comics
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vics-writes22 days ago
Tumblr media
Square filled: Ballet au
Summary: The soft touch of his fingertips left a burning sensation on his skin. The way his eyes roamed his body made his insides feel like he was on fire. Bucky Barnes was a fire he didn't know how to put out, and one he didn't want to.
Or Bucky and Sam are both dancers and one day they get the lines between work and pleasure a little confused
Warnings: Light swearing
Disclaimer: I should have said it before but I'm not a native english speaker so my spelling/wording might be bad
Tired eyes roamed the room before him, stilling on the guy he couldn't seem to avoid.
He wasn't looking at him but was talking to his only friend in the company. Which happened to be one of his best friends. Much to his dismay, Natasha saw him as he was trying to hide from the guy next to her. And he couldn't just not go sit next to them when she called him over.
With a silent nod he greeted the two dancers before him starting his warm up. He didn't try to interject in the conversation so he just hung around them, not really listening to what they were saying.
Doing his best not to shoot glances at the man sitting right in front of him, knowing that Natasha would have noticed and would have never let him hear the end of it.
But Natasha wanted her friends to talk to each other so she tried dragging Sam into the conversation, but he did his best to answer with either grunts or facial expressions.
Blaming it on the clear tiredness of his friend Natasha didn't think much of it, but Bucky was going crazy about it.
He was used to not being the one Sam smiled to but he loved watching him as he did to his friends. Sam's smile and calming voice were the best thing about early monday practice for him.
When the teacher came in, the dancers got up getting closer to the barre, Natasha in the middle separating the two men.
But even with her friend in front of him, Sam couldn't help his eyes, running up and down Bucky's back as he executed the exercises with the same precision as always.
That precision, the way his body moved far too easily with the music, the nonchalantly way he was always perfect were the reason Sam noticed him in the first place. Bucky danced like he was born to do only that.
The first time he saw him dance a complete routine he couldn't stop staring at the way his abdomen raised slowly, the almost invisible movement intriguing him.
The way his arms were always in the right place, moving along with his body in perfect harmony. His hands moving with a delicacy out of this world.
And his eyes, locked in a world nobody else could see, looking everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Then locking in his and never letting go of his until he was done.
Bucky Barnes' eyes started a fire deep inside of him the moment they met his.
When it was time to turn around and do the exercise on the other side Sam felt nervousness overwhelming his whole being. The mere thought of Bucky even barely glancing at him and noticing how imperfect he was, made him tremble with anxiety.
And Bucky was looking at him, but the only thing going on in his mind was the desire to get closer to him.
Bucky noticed Sam the day he arrived at the company, quiet and shy he didn't even try to get to know anyone. He didn't even want to, he was there just to dance.
But then he saw Sam. His eyes locked on the boy the moment they saw him. He was talking to a girl with flaming red hair, the kind of colour that would stand up even in a sea of people. But what stood out for him wasn't the girl's hair. It was her friend.
The guy next to her looked so peaceful as he smiled at her, the warming up barely tiring him. He looked like peace. Like he belonged in that room, like everyone else would disappear if he left.
And when Bucky saw him dance for the first time he knew Sam Wilson was something special. He wasn't perfect technically, but he was perfect in every other way. He looked so much at peace when he followed the music.
A barely there smile adorned his lips even during the most tiring routine. A smirk so small you wouldn't see it from afar.
Sometimes his eyes would close, feeling the music deep in his core. He looked like a mystical creature, maybe even an angel.
And when it was his turn to dance he noticed his eyes on him, and had to fight the blush he felt growing on his face.
He didn't want to look into his eyes but once they met he couldn't tore them away. That day Sam Wilson made him feel the lightest he had ever felt. His brown eyes lifted every worry from his soul. Making him forget the world around him and creating a world of his own where Sam was the only thing Bucky could see.
And they kept glancing at each other throughout the whole day, doing it every time the other was occupied with anything else.
Eyes scanning every little move the other made, increasing the wonder with which they looked at each other. A wonder that kept growing everyday and didn't seem to reach an end.
And Natasha noticed. She was aware of the way her friends looked at each other when they thought nobody could see them. But she saw. Sha always saw.
And she did everything she could to get them to at least talk. But they were both clearly too nervous to just start a conversation with each other.
The day came to and end too fast for Sam, but truth been told he could have stayed there for ever if it meant he could keep looking at Bucky.
But Natasha wasn't going to give up so easily so she convinced both her friend to stay behind and practise a little more. Both of them accepting with a little too much enthusiasm when they heard the other was staying too.
They practiced a piece for a while when, with an excuse too real to seem made up, Natasha left them alone, basically forcing them to stay because they stayed back already why go home so soon?
And both of them agreed.
Now they were practising another piece, one that was to be performed in pairs. And luckily for them, or unfortunately for Sam's poor heart, they had complementary roles so they could dance together.
Alone in the room they were now dancing so close Sam could see every nuance of Bucky's stunning eyes. The same eyes that made his insides feel like they were on fire.
And Bucky wasn't doing better himself, not being able to look away from Sam's lips, as usual curved into a soft smile. A smile that was everything his heart needed to feel content.
If Sam didn't know best he could have believed that he wasn't the only one going crazy every time their limbs interwoven or everytime Bucky's chest pressed against his.
But Sam did know better and knew that the only reason why Bucky's chest was raising and falling a little faster was because they had been practicing for a while now.
Bucky, however, felt like he could die right there and then. With the other so close, touching his hips and then pressing lightly on his back. Just as the choreography demanded.
But Sam's touch felt so good, light but firm. Knowing exactly how and when to put pressure on him to steady his movements or when to let go to let him move freely.
And they didn't stop when the music ended.
They kept dancing to a music that was only between them, creating a beautiful masterpiece of limbs and bodies. Creating an intricate design that merged their styles.
The music that started playing was foreign to Sam's ears but he knew he would have remembered it. Just like he would remember the way Bucky was looking at him, like some beautiful piece of art.
And he couldn't even find it in himself to stop staring at his partner. Because to his eyes Bucky was the piece of art and he wanted to admire him for as long as he could, memorizing every detail of his face and his body, remembering every inch of skin he touched, sculpting into his mind the memory of the moment they were in.
When they finally stopped moving all around yet another song had ended but neither of them withdrew from the other. Bucky's hands pressed against his chest doing very little to push him away, and Sam's hand gripping his arms pulling him closer.
They stared in each other's eyes and before he knew what he was doing, Bucky moved his hands from Sam's chest, staying close, as his fingers started to trace every inch of the other's arms.
And Sam was mesmerized by the way Bucky smiled softly at himself while touching him. Too focused on his fingers to actually realise how close he was getting.
But Sam didn't mind, quite the opposite actually, as his hand lowered on the other's hips drifting him closer.
The soft touch of his fingertips left a burning sensation on his skin. The way his eyes roamed his body made his insides feel like he was on fire. Bucky Barnes was a fire he didn't know how to put out, and one he didn't want to.
Bucky was looking at him as if he was the most beautiful piece of art he had ever seen and Sam felt self consciousness grow inside of him under the adoring look Bucky reserved for him.
Slowly the guy hands followed his arms around his shoulders and then setting behind his neck tickling the soft skin at its base.
The little giggle that left Sam's lips was what made Bucky divert his eyes from his arms, landing on his lips. Lips that were turned upwards in a soft smile, one that made Bucky heart sigh of contentment.
And when he finally lifted his eyes from his inviting lips Bucky found himself barely holding the smile that grew on his face when he realized that Sam was looking at him with the same adoration he felt.
Being the subject of so much wonder made Bucky feel at ease, like he could finally let go of his pains. Because looking at Sam's eyes he could see nothing but love.
The word felt still so foreign in his mind, but there was no other feeling that could make him feel so in need of the boy before him, and there was no other word that could describe the way Sam was looking at him.
But when Sam's smile grew into a full ass smile, one that was reserved only for him, Bucky knew he couldn't stay away anymore. Slightly pushing Sam towards him their lips met in the few inches between their bodies.
Sam heart felt like combusting, his hand pulling Bucky closer to feel more of his body against his own. Leaving no room for anything else, if he could have merged their bodies in that moment Sam would have without hesitation.
Bucky wasn't doing much better from his part. All he could feel was Sam, his hands on his hips, his chest pressed against his, his lips slowly parting allowing him to explore every inch of his mouth, the scent he was usually felt from afar every time they passed each other was now all he could smell.
Reluctantly they parted as they ran out of air. Without actually getting far, their foreheads touching as both of them smiled from the just ended contact.
Bucky wanted to say something, anything, just to make sure he hadn't just imagined everything. But Sam's smile reassured him, it was real. And Sam was happy too.
Even if not even the latter believed that it was real. It was too good and too perfect to be real.
They left together that day. Walking slowly through the big halls, hands almost touching for how close they were. Sending sideways smiles at the other as both their hearts fluttered when meeting the other's eyes.
And Natasha noticed the way Sam smiled directly at Bucky when he came in, the day after. Or how Bucky smiled back with the brightest smile ever. Or how they were still looking at each other but did very little to hide it from the other.
She wanted to say something, acknowledge how their body seemed to drift closer to one another every moment.
But she stayed silent, even when she realised that they left together, talking about something that seemed too much like a date.
Because she already knew Sam was the peace Bucky needed, just like Bucky was the fire that could get Sam through anything.
me? being happy with what I write? yeah as if.
I just hope somebody enjoys this more than me
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flamingfirelord23 days ago
Tumblr media
that little girl kicked your ass, man (affectionate)
Is this an avatar blog? technically but i also do not care so here is some falcon and the winter soldier art that i made because im love them.
as per usual please do not repost this anywhere but i do love your love so love me.
ref. and sketches under the cut! Also I'm thinking about starting commissions so please let me know if that's something y'all would be into
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vics-writes26 days ago
I found this on wattpad so here we are
Tumblr media
Square filled: Fake dating/married
Summary: For a mission Sam and Bucky have to go undercover and because of some misunderstandings the two are now soon to be Mr. and Mr. Wilson to their target.
or two dumbasses pining for each other while oblivious to the other feelings
Warnings: Light Swearing, mention of death, blood, injuries
Disclaimer: this one is mostly fluff because I need it in my life, idk about the others.
"How do you fuck up so bad?!" Sam groaned when Bucky slammed the door open questioning him.
"I panicked okay? We weren't supposed to know each other! I didn't exactly imagine that you would be caught in the crossfire!" every bit of anger Bucky felt crumbled down when Sam stood in front of him.
He wasn't crying but his tear stained cheeks suggested otherwise; Bucky wanted to ask, but he bit back the question as soon as it popped into his head. Sam wouldn't tell him, why should he?
The room fell silent as Sam sat back on the bed they now had to share. Somehow it felt wrong for Bucky to sit next to him so he sat on the ground; he could have easily went to sit on the couch on the opposite side of the room, but he didn't want to be too far away.
With the shield still in Walker possession Sam was growing increasingly frustrated and he knew it was his fault. And with the Flag Smashers still on the loose Sam was over the edge.
"You didn't get hurt did you?" Sam broke the silence glancing down at him and the super soldier just shook his head. He was going to say something else when Sam's phone started to ring.
"Sharon" Bucky nodded towards the other while he answered and put him on speaker. "We're both here" They heard a chuckle on the other side and they both knew that call had nothing to do with the mission, or at least nothing serious.
"So, soon to be Mr. and Mr. Wilson.." The woman started being cut off by a laugh, most likely Joaquin's. Sam groaned clearly contemplating if it was worth throwing the phone out of the window.
"I'm not wearing an earpiece ever again! It's your fault!" Bucky stared at Sam with confusion, he had lost his in the crossfire so he hadn't heard the men's voices while Sam tried to explain how they knew each other.
"What did I do?!" Growing rapidly frustrated at the laughter of his teammates Sam got up and left the room. "He's left" Bucky said when Sharon called for him.
"It is our fault" Torres noted after a while that all of them stayed silent. Bucky didn't even have to ask why he had said it when Sharon answered "I didn't think he would really say it!"
"What?" confusion clear in Bucky's voice that only grew when Torres and Sharon resumed their laugh. "I suggested the fiance茅 thing, but I was kidding!" Torres said in between chuckles.
Bucky hung up the phone on the two laughing and got up to go look for Sam, he found him in the hotel's garden looking down at some yellow flowers.
Ignoring how hard his heart started to pound in his chest he got closer deciding to scare the man when he heard Sam talk.
"Hey bud" He saw Sam extend an hand towards the flowers. Picking up a little bird. Bucky couldn't help the smile that crept on his face.
"Mr. Wilson, Mr. Barnes!" the voice of their target startled them both Bucky promptly turned around realizing he didn't have gloves on, therefore they were in deep shit.
Sam realized too so he swiftly went to stand next to Bucky, sliding an arm around his waist, allowing him to hide his metal hand behind the other's back. They eyed each other and for a moment Sam was taken aback by the way Bucky smiled at him.
It was a rare sight, Bucky so close to him, smiling lightly. Sam chest felt lighter than it had in a while and he felt his hand hold on the man waist a little closer.
"We're good thank you! The room is amazing!" Sam hadn't realized the conversation had went on, too focused on the man next to him. And it didn't help Bucky feeling Sam breath tickle his neck.
The conversation slowly died down and the target left the two of them alone soon enough. The moment he was out of sight both almost jumped away from each other, redness on both their faces and a strange coldness took over them in the place the other's body was pressed against theirs.
"Samuel, James" Zemo passed them with a sly grin and Sam just barely acknowledged him with a nod. "I think he didn't understand the 'undercover means we don't know each other' thing" Bucky tried to lift the tension between him and his partner.
"I think that fucker just likes to mess with us" Sam replied, a little smirk tugging at his lips as he said that.
"We need a story, and a convincing one. We can't risk Mr. White catching us in the lie" Bucky hummed before starting to get back to their room but he stopped as soon as he realized Sam had knelt in front of the flower from before and had picked up the bird again.
"What are you doing?" Sam showed him the little bird and then lifted its wing, "This little guy is hurt, so I'm taking it back to our room"
Bucky glanced at the bird and then back at his partner in astonishment as he passed him going back to their room, in the middle of a potentially deadly mission Sam cared about a bird with a broken wing.
I guess that's what you get when you work with the most caring human being in the universe.
"So we met around seven years ago because of work" Sam started reading the things they had come up with.
"And you fell in love with me the first time you saw me" Bucky joked from where he was sitting upside down on the couch. "I'm pretty sure it was the other way around, Jamie" Sam held his gaze and before they knew it they were having yet another staring contest.
Bucky noted to himself to not let that happen again, because as stubborn as he was keeping up with Sam was starting to get difficult since every time he looked into the man's eyes he felt the urge to get closer and just do something.
"I wouldn't know I wasn't exactly in the right state of mind for love, you know?" he kept the joke beaming when he was met by a soft chuckle. "Well, you basically jumped on my car, so I guess it was love at first sight for you" Bucky shook his head smirking. "The fact that you snatched the steering wheel out of the car I was driving from my hands is completely irrelevant" Sam muttered trying to hold back a laugh when he was met with a really confused and really surprised Bucky.
"I did what?!" Sam burst out laughing loudly and basically rolled down the couch while Bucky grew flustered.
When night came they had a seemingly plausible story about how and when they met and how their relationship developed through the years.
So they were ready to answer the questions that obviously targeted them during dinner. Mr. White seemed really interested in their story and asked a lot of questions but neither of them really thought anything of it. The man was known for being some kind of hermit who lived away from technology and therefore he should have know nothing about them.
"You really seem to love each other dearly" The man commented at some point causing both of them to blush vigorously, Sam was the one to answer with a firm yes taking Bucky's hand from the table and interweaving their fingers.
The super soldier smiled fondly at his partner forgetting for a moment that it was all an act and letting himself enjoy the way it felt for Sam's hand to be in his.
"Sam, can I call you Sam?" suddenly the man's face fell and for a slight second Bucky was able to see a emotionless mask drop on the gentle face he had seen the past days, his anxiety grew when the man next to him nodded "I would like to speak to you in private, if you don't mind?" the question wasn't really a question and Sam nodded glancing at his partner. Bucky felt his hand still in Sam's and he tried to plead him with his eyes to not go alone.
There was something in the sudden change of emotions on the man's face that made him nervous and the thought of leaving Sam alone with him worried him more than he liked to admit.
But still, there was nothing he could do except watch as Sam left the room, following their target.
Wary of his surroundings Bucky noticed that the moment the door closed the men in the room had started to surround him.
He mentally cursed Zemo for leaving them alone at dinner but he didn't really have time to think about him since the guards in the room attacked him.
In a swift motion he grabbed Sam's previous chair and smashed it on a man's head and then turned around to take the gun out of another's.
Now he had a gun but the men in the room outnumbered him greatly so he used the first chance he got to get closer to a wall so that he could turn his back at it without risking of getting shot.
For some reasons the men in the room weren't shooting at him, they were attacking him physically and never more than two at a time. Bucky knew that there was something wrong about it but his mind was too worried about keeping him alive and worrying about his partner to really care about how they were attacking him.
But as the fight went on Bucky started to struggle against the men, he was sure he was going down but the thought of what could have happened to Sam kept him going.
Then the men suddenly stopped as the door opened, their target started clapping at him as he approached. "Good show Mr. Barnes" he commented with a smirk.
Bucky got up to attack him but the man's smile just grew making him falter. "Where's Sam?" he didn't like the way the man smiled at him, and he hated the sound he made with his tongue.
"Your fiance茅? Oh he's right here" He turned towards the door as he spoke and two men threw Sam into the room. The man looked beaten up and there was blood running down his neck. He didn't seem to have the strength to get up but his eyes were open and they widened when he saw Bucky surrounded by men.
"Buck" the nickname fell softly from Sam's lips and his breath was cut short by a kick in the abdomen.
Bucky took a step forward but the man in front of him put a hand on his chest, without thinking he gripped the hand and turned it letting the man fall on the ground, he was about to hit him when he felt a low whine from his partner again. He lifted his eyes from the man under him to see Sam on the floor and Mr. White's foot on his throat.
"Touch one other of my men and your lover dies" he threatened pushing his foot harder against Sam's neck.
"Leave him" the super soldier hissed letting go of the man. When Sam throat was released Bucky realized he wasn't breathing too.
His anger only grew when Sam started coughing painfully still on the ground. looking at his partner he could feel his muscles aching for the need of doing something, anything, to protect him. But he couldn't. He knew that as soon as he moved Sam would die and the bare thought of it happening made him feel like he was underwater.
He felt panic raise at the back of his throat the more he realized there was nothing he could do to make things better. He could only watch as Sam was lifted from the ground and thrown into a chair with a loud groan.
They didn't even bother tying him, as it looked like even breathing pained him.
"Take off your gloves, soldier" Panic shot inside Sam eyes, he knew. He knew about Bucky arm. He knew who he was. And that couldn't be a good thing.
He wanted to tell him not to listen to him, he begged him with his eyes but Bucky slowly took of his glove revealing his metal hand. If Sam wasn't so worried about his partner he wouldn't have noticed how his flash hand shook as he took it off.
And that worried him a whole more. He was sure he was as worried as him about the man knowing who he was, but he couldn't have been more wrong. Bucky was worried, scared even, but it wasn't about himself. He couldn't help but feel like all of that was his fault.
The man had an interest in him, not Sam. Sam was a mean to an end. Sam was how he got to him.
He was the reason why Sam had gotten hurt and was now risking his life.
Guilt started to make his way into Bucky's mind as tears clouded his vision.
"So it's true. You are the Winter Soldier." Sam head shoot up to look at the man when he grabbed Bucky's metal arm and liftrd it. But Bucky kept his eyes on his partner, scared that if he stopped looking something could happen to him.
"Now I don't have your code words. But I'm sure that with the right leverage -Bucky flinched slightly when he pointed towards Sam- you will do the work just as good, isn't that right?"
"N-no" Sam struggled to talk and his voice came out a barely whisper, but Bucky heard him and felt his heart quiver. Even when his life was on the line, Sam still put his wellbeing before his own.
"Yes" Bucky face fell, his eyes cold and his body still. He hated it, he hated everything about it, but Sam was more important now.
"You will do some things for me and if you're good then maybe I won't kill your little boyfriend" Sam felt a wave of guilt wash over him. Seeing Bucky acting like the Winter Soldier wasn't anything knew, Madripoor was an example, but knowing that that man wanted him to kill. That was bad.
And it was his fault. Bucky was doing it because he wasn't strong enough, he just had to get himself caught and held hostage.
He wanted to scream, tell the man to fuck off and leave them alone. He wanted to do something, anything, to stop Bucky from acting like that.
His heart broke even more when Bucky muttered 'ready to comly' as if he had pronounced his trigger words. and when the man smirked at him Sam just knew that he need to act, even if it got him killed.
Thinking about it it was probably Bucky's best chance. If he died the man couldn't use him as leverage.
It hurt even to breathe but thinking about Bucky's freedom was enough to give him a motive.
Both men sprung into action at the same moment. Sam snatched the gun from the guy next to him while Bucky grabbed Mr. White throat. Within seconds the two men were close again and Sam held the gun to Mr. White head.
The moment his men started to get closer Sam shoot a bullet in the air as a warning and everyone in the room went still, waiting for their next move.
"You okay?" Sam asked gaining a very mad and very concerned look from his partner. "You're asking me if I'm okay?"
Sam snorted as he moved towards the exit, but walking was becoming increasingly more difficult and Bucky noticed so he used his free hand to steady his partner helping him get out. On his way out he broke the door handle locking everyone inside.
The moment they were out of trouble Bucky punched the target so hard Sam was sure he had heard bones crack.
"James! Samuel! here you are." Zemo came running towards them, stopping in his track when he looked at Sam. "What happened to you?" he tried touching the blood on Sam's neck but Bucky grabbed his hand before he could reach it.
"Tie him up in your room." Zemo glanced towards the man on the ground and nodded dragging him away from there.
Silence met the two men as they stared at each other, both of them too worried to even talk. But now was not the time to have a staring contest and Bucky came to his senses when he noticed Sam slowly losing balance.
He moved closer wrapping an arm around his waist and allowing him to put his arm around his shoulders.
Back to their room Bucky laid Sam on the bed and began to look the first aid kit. He started to open every bag they had and every closet, cabinet or drawer in the room but he couldn't find it.
He nervously glanced towards Sam urging him to stay awake. "In my bag" Sam smiled at him as Bucky fetched the kit and started patching his head.
"How do you feel?" Sighing deeply Bucky looked at him. "Stop asking me how I am, youre the one injured!" he raised his voice and felt immediately bad when Sam flinched.
"I'm sorry" Sam looked at him and just knew he wasn't talking about raising his voice. "Not your fault, I shouldn't have lowered my guard."
The soldier shook his head at that but stopped when Sam's hand found his cheek. "I'm okay Buck. How are you?"
Bucky faltered trying to resist the urge to lean into Sam's touch, he muttered something that reminded of a 'fine', and when he looked into his partner eyes he felt his resistance crumble to the ground.
He leaned into his hand while getting closer. Sam smiled at the closeness and Bucky swore to himself that he would have done anything in his power to make sure that smile was the only thing on his face for as long as Sam allowed him to be with him.
At the same time Sam swore that he would have done anything to keep Bucky safe from his past.
is this bad? yes. am I going to post it anyways? yes.
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fanaticfangirl001a month ago
Headcanons For Being Sarah's BFF and Dating Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
Supporting Sarah and the boys while Sam was blipped.
Y/n offered to move in but Sarah refused.
Trying to hide the relationship from Sarah at first
She found out really quickly because she knows you.
Sam worries about you while he鈥檚 away with Bucky.
Sam calls you when he can.
Joaquin calling you once and the three of you now have wine and whine nights/ Sarah is invited as well.
The boys really like you, and call you Auntie Y/n.
You help out with homework and projects if it鈥檚 something in your wheelhouse.
Zemo tries to taunt Sam with your existence and the danger you would be in if he becomes Captain America.
Z-鈥淎ll it takes is one time you鈥檙e not fast enough. You don鈥檛 save her.鈥
S- 鈥淢an, do you ever shut up!鈥
B-鈥 I could shut him up.鈥
John Walker tries to set up his wife and Y/n to be friends because it must be hard having hero boyfriends/husbands.
J-鈥 It鈥檇 be nice for them.鈥
S-鈥 Y/n doesn鈥檛 like people, and she has a best friend already. My sister.鈥
J- 鈥淒ude, that鈥檚 like the one bro code, don鈥檛 date your sister鈥檚 friends.鈥
S- 鈥淏ro code, are we twelve?鈥
Being with Sarah when Karli calls.
S- 鈥淲hat?鈥
K- 鈥淗and the phone to Y/n, now.鈥
Y/n: 鈥 Sarah, you look like you鈥檙e gonna faint.鈥 *takes the phone* Who is this?
K- 鈥淜arli, I just need to talk to you.鈥
Y/n: Well you have my attention.鈥
Sarah packs up the kids and takes them to your place and spends a few nights after Karli鈥檚 threat.
S- 鈥淵/n are you guys okay?鈥
Y/n: A little shaken, but fine. I鈥檓 more pissed than anything.
S-鈥 Take a breath.鈥
Y/n: Sam if she hurts you I鈥檓 wringing her neck. These hands are rated E for Everyone.
S-鈥 Easy, baby girl. I鈥檒l be home soon.鈥
When Sam returns Y/n tackles him with kisses.
B-鈥 Me next.鈥
Y/n:*looks up from Sam*
S: In your dreams. *helps Y/n up*
Y/n watches from the porch as Sam鈥檚 training.
She puts out the first aid kit when she sees Sam nearly bust it to avoid getting hit by the shield.
After a few hours she comes back out with some lemonade, she pats a spot on the steps beside her. Sam sits with her.
Y/n: I know you don鈥檛 need anyone else telling you what to do. But I need you to know that I鈥檝e always thought you鈥檇 make a good Captain America.
S: Why is that?*wraps an arm around her.*
Y/n: Your heart. Too damn big for your own good. It鈥檚 what they need.
S: They?
Y/n: Yeah, the big three are out there. Someone needs to kick ass.
After the cookout, Y/n stays behind helping the boys make a leftover plate.
S:Can I steal you for a minute?鈥
Y/n: Sure *Walks with Sam to the boat, he helps her and then joins her. He鈥檚 behind her.
S- I鈥檝e been thinking about us.
Y/n: Captain America is going to be a commitment.
S- I鈥檝e never been afraid of commitment. Find it kind of exciting.
Y/n: I understand, Sam, don鈥檛 feel bad. I won鈥檛 tell Sarah.
S: No, Y/n turn around. I don鈥檛 think you understand.
Y/n: Sam I..*she turns around to find Sam on a knee holding a ring.*
S: Will you marry me?
Y/n: Yes.
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