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#the expanse
livesinyesterday · 6 hours ago
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David Strathairn Appreciation:
Klaes Ashford in The Expanse (s.3, e.13)
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alastair-made-me-undo-it · 14 hours ago
I need to wander around The Expanse fandom until I find the “Amos Burton is neurodivergent” content I can feel in my heart is out there. 
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the-expanse-fashion · a day ago
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Lieutenant Durant, The Expanse, Season 3, Episode 5
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supercitycarnival · 17 hours ago
Chapters: 12/? Fandom: The Expanse (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Chrisjen Avasarala/Bobbie Draper Characters: Chrisjen Avasarala, Bobbie Draper Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Slow Burn, Head of Security, Mutual Pining Summary:
After the Free Navy's attack, Earth is left to rebuild. It's the most important and difficult undertaking of Chrisjen Avasarala's life. Thankfully, her faithful head of security, Bobbie Draper, is at her side.
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displayheartcode · 19 hours ago
i got my mom to watch shadow and bone with me. she couldn’t take my vague comments so i told her
– that mal and the darkling are distant cousins and the look on her face was hilarious. 
she’s been clever on picking up the fact that mal isn’t quite normal, the connection he has with the stag and that he wasn’t tested by the grisha examiners. her theory until then was that he was also a shadow summoner but deeply, deeply repressed. 
and then i told her about baghra’s backstory and you could see the wheels turning in her head. 
anyway, her favorite things are
everything about jesper with his charisma and witty nature. he’s the perfect contrast to kaz and everyone else. 
she loves the fact that he’s the only one of the crows that actually went to university 
the beautiful scenery and music 
the growing relationship between mal and alina when they found each other again 
the tight storytelling 
alina overcoming the darkling 
the heists! 
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The Expanse ask game:
Dishonorable discharge, Sa-sa, Mag boots
Hello! Thanks for the ask. 👍
Dishonorable discharge:
What got me into the series was Amazon prime marketing saying it was recommended based on my previous viewings.
I was extremely offended. 🤯🧐🙄
Because I’m not a sci-fi fan and nothing in my watch list would connect to that. I was very confused. Just assumed it was recommended to everyone kind of big box store marketing.
The marketing also said it was “game of thrones in space” and again I was offended, because I hate that show. I’m also not a fantasy fan.
So, not liking Sci-fi or Fantasy (or Horror) I was really confused about the marketing. Because it was so off the target.
I watch murder mysteries (mostly Brit) noir classics, history and actual science documentaries.
And yet the marketing persisted.
I saw a promo picture of Miller in his detective hat. And finally thought, oh that is why I’m being bomb-barded?!
So, I gave it a try.
And fell MADLY IN LOVE 🥰 💕
I know a lot of people thought season 1 was too slow. For me, it wasn’t at all. And I think that is because of my mystery background. The slow burn, gathering the clues was ideal for my viewing pleasure. Watching Miller, the burnt out cynical NOIR detective* (Watch the 1942 film noir classic LAURA) was perfect for me. And the tropes were so much fun. The slower pace teaching how this world works, the SCIENCE-fiction, the politics, the character dynamics = chef kiss 💋 fun‼️
Basically Amazon was right, this show is perfect for me. I describe it as “Space Chinatown” because that has the right hook for my family & friends. Because “Chinatown” is a classic/tragic/political mystery drama that encompasses so much of what they achieve in the Earth-Mars-Belt world building.
This show is practically the love of my life, and such a wonderful surprise.
I love belter creole!
I always have closed captioning on my tv - because it offers so many context clues.
Music, stage directions (wind whistling can be a clue in a mystery - telling you what to pay attention to - little details) or spelling is huge bonus!
“welwala” in the pilot hit me like a ton of bricks.
Brilliant way to explain his character “traitor to my people”...... wel "gravity well" (English) + wala "person" (Hindi)
I’m the type of viewer that wants to collect all the information ℹ️ 🧐 I like things that are complicated, nuanced and require patience.
So I was goggling all the Belter I could. I found the search engines to translate, I read all the articles about its creation & meaning.
Mi pensa da Expanse xélixup! Yang seng kopengs.
I think The Expanse is excellent! Cheers my friends.
Mag boots:
detail that is my favorite : Science
I love the Kurt Vonnegut quote:
“Science is magic that works.”
So, I appreciate the way the show uses a strong science base for everything. Imagination, plus story telling & world building but all built in reality as we know it with science.
I don’t like having to suspend too much disbelief which is my problem with most science-fiction & fantasy.
I like a full meal, not just candy.
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i still think one of the funniest things i’ve ever read in my whole life is in The Expanse book 6 when Avarsarala is like “okay so we need to create a especial taskforce to defeat Inaros” and Holden, exhausted, sleep deprived and used to carrying the world on his shoulders just sighs and goes “and let me guess, you want me to lead it :(” and without missing a beat she goes, “you’re not even part of our military, Holden. I wouldn’t trust you with a fucking water gun, let alone the most important taskforce humanity has ever put together” and his reaction goes from “:O” to “:)” 
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startrekshenanigans · a day ago
Me,Going through my notifications and seeing that a lot of my Star Trek friends are also Expanse/Stargate/Firefly/BattlestarGalactica/StarWars people:
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This time leaving Earth was his choice.
It was his escape, his goal, his target, his mission. It was to return to his real home, his family. To a place he belongs.
The first time he left Earth, none of that was true.
It wasn’t his choice. And although he had a new forged identity 15 year old Timothy
Amos Burton and the lottery apprentice, he didn’t belong there.
So, I don’t know what he is thinking during that stare....but that’s what I’m thinking!
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battlestarbones · a day ago
whenever people post about not liking our boy jimmy holden I just go ahead and assume they haven't read all 8 extant novels. simply don't believe you can read all those books without getting attached to him. he is annoying and a fool and maybe a little problematic and I would die if anything happened to him!!!*
*well, anything fatal. A lot is happening to him all the time.
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essie-essex · a day ago
Ok I’m on book 7 of The Expanse series now, and I’m getting completely thrown off by the 30 year gap between this one and the last one? Everybody’s old now? They wear their consoles on their wrists now like in mass effect? There’s so much new tech, it’s not old junky dirty space aesthetic anymore.
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the-expanse-fashion · 5 months ago
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Bobbie Draper, 2nd Outfit, The Expanse, Season 5, Episode 2
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stephanietorns · a day ago
healthcare system + my mom thanks for nothing <3
#not to keep posting personal vents but i seriously have NO IDEA what i’m going to dooooo#my mom isn’t giving me any contact info for the np and doing all correspondence herself without talking to me so i have no control#the np is getting certified for her own practice in august so my mom isn’t letting me make an appt until then#which means i won’t be able to actually see her until AT LEAST the fall and like. that’s 7 more p*riods maybe more i can’t wait that long#i have no control over what happens when i’m on it idk what i’ll do what if i h*rt mys*of or somebody else or ruin a relationship#or destroy something i need or jeopardize a job or make a scene in public i am seriously sc*red!!!#and i’m not gonna be like mom i need to see her right now immediately bc i’m afraid i’ll **** myself while i’m on my period but like.#looking ahead at an expanse of half a year of this with no intervention when it’s been getting steadily worse every month for the past year#it’s so horrible and scary it feels like there is no hope and no way out#i’m a college graduate and fully grown woman i should be able to make a doctors appt when i fear for my health and safety on my own time!!!!#not be scared of the future and powerless to do anything abt it bc my mom won’t let me for no reason#i just like. ughhhhhh i just want to go to a fucking doctor#no i will not tell my mother why i need medical help immediately yes i will tell my near 1k tumblr dot com followers that’s my business#in conclusion i hate this and i cannot promise that i will shut up about it. goodnight#the ‘faith is losing her mind’ series continues next week#faithposting
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moocowmoocow · a day ago
Chapters: 2/5 Fandom: The Expanse (TV) Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Chrisjen Avasarala/Bobbie Draper, Camina Drummer/Naomi Nagata Characters: Chrisjen Avasarala, Bobbie Draper, Camina Drummer, Naomi Nagata, Marco Inaros Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Fantasy Series: Part 2 of The Queen and Warrior AU Summary:
A sequel to It is Good in My Lady's House.
As Earth, Mars and the Outer Provinces gather to decide the future of the world, there are forces trying to stop the summit.
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laufire · a day ago
the expanse
the first character I ever fell in love with: it was Amos, IIRC. When he’s like, hey Holden, I’m only not killing you because it would bother Naomi xDD
a character that I used to love/like, but now do not: n/a.
a ship that I used to love/like, but now do not: n/a.
my ultimate favourite character™: after last season, this spot goes to Naomi Nagata. Although both Avasarala and Amos are strong contenders as well.
prettiest character: oh boy. Practically all the women in this show hit my buttons one way or another. Naomi is gorgeous in a butchy way, Bobbie is THICK xD, Avasarala is an elegant classy older woman, Clarissa’s face is dreamy, Monica has that 60s Morticia Addams quality to her... I can’t choose lol.
my most hated character: no one, really. The ones you’re meant to dislike are unlikeable but do their job within the narrative. I’ve never had to bother hating anybody.
my OTP: I like some ships like Naomi/Holden or Avasarala/Bobbie a lot, but idk. It feels weird to say I have an “otp” for this show. It’s... beyond that idk.
my NOTP: n/a.
favourite episode: the entirety of s5 kept me fed, but 5x08 has a special place in my heart.
saddest death: Julie, I guess. I would’ve loved to have her in the show.
favourite season: s5.
least favourite season: s3 and s4 had some parts that dragged for too long for my taste, ig.
character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but I hate: n/a.
my ‘you’re a piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: Marco Inaros lmao. I just find him fascinating.
my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: I don’t think this description fits anybody here lol.
my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but I still love it’ ship: I mean, I am also fascinated by the dynamic between Naomi and Marco, but again. “Shipping” is the wrong word for this show.
my ‘they’re kind of cute, and I lowkey ship them, but I’m not too invested’ ship: Amos/Prax or Camina/Naomi could fit here, I guess (although I imagine I have controversial opinions on the latter lol).
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hard-times-paramore · a day ago
Julie Mao is such a cool and interesting character concept, because you barely actually get any scenes with her, personally, but you get to learn about her and her story from everything. The characters, her reputation, the impact of her actions, what she left behind. The plot of season one revolves around her even though she only appeared in one episode of it. Even after she dies saving the Earth, her legacy continues to influence character arcs and plot points for seasons to come.
You learn about her practically only by tangent. It's such an interesting way to tell a story, making you fall in love with a character you never even saw. Suddenly I understand Miller.
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hard-times-paramore · a day ago
The entire The Expanse fandom is just like "I miss Miller" *poetic quote gifset of Miller* *poetic quote gifset of Miller* *poetic quote gifset of Miller* "fuck this sad bastard" *poetic quote gifset of Miller* "god, that idiot trash man" *thinking about Miller* *crying about Miller* "ugh I love Miller"
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