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#the eternals
bebx · 14 hours ago
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(May 12, 2021) Chris Hemsworth just posted this of Tom Hiddleston and himself.
Hoping to see the Brodinsons reunite on screen soon
(Below is the second slide)
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I am very emotional right now, by the way :”)
Also, the way Tom wore green for Loki and Chris wore red for Thor. I love them, your honor
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eternalslingshot · 22 hours ago
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She’s honestly the prettiest ❤️
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Kit Harington's character in Game of Thrones: I HATE Cersei!
Kit Harington's character in The Eternals: I LOVE Sersi!
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elgaberino-mcoc · 6 days ago
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Ranked by Summoners Part 1 of 2
344 Sersi* 346 Crescent & Io 359 Iso 362 Aleta* 367 Aero
Vote: The Wishlist
Ranks 326-350 • Ranks 351-375 
Sersi is not clearly Asian in any sense, in the comics. She is from Olympia; it is unclear whether Olympians can be anything but Greek. However, in the MCU she will be played by Gemma Chan. 
Aleta is a blonde white lady from Arcturus in the comics, but in the MCU she is played by Michelle Yeoh.
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blackvoidspace · 2 days ago
Nerds, freaks, geeks, pals... we are eating good. And here is the menu: Jupiter's Legacy, Ragnarok S2, Love, Death and Robots 2, the trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Resident Evil Village, Spiderman: No Way Home, first look at The Eternals... And now as a dessert : the trailer for Venom Let There be Carnage.
More to come but... I can finally say it. This is going to be the best year.
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rodrikstark · 2 days ago
if marvel gifts us with a shirtless scene of richard madden as ikaris i am not responsible for the person i become
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talk-time-live · 3 days ago
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This week we talk about all the news going on including MARVEL STUDIOS huge announcement on when we can watch the PHASE 4 movies coming this year and beyond.
I also give my thoughts on what could be the best season of MY HERO ACADEMIA yet. 
Then, in our TALK TOPIC of the WEEK, I give my thoughts on the first episode of STAR WARS: The BAD BATCH Available now on DISNEY+
All this and more, as A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE!!!
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grishaxverse · 3 days ago
I am once again asking for Richard Madden and Sebastian Stan to play brothers in a movie
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kispesan · 3 days ago
Oh I never read Eternals whats racist about it?
It’s anti-Indigenous. In fact, I feel I should warn everyone about this: When the MCU’s Eternals film adaptation comes out, be prepared for very similar bullshit as what the recent Wonder Woman 1984 film did to the Maya. Without getting too deep, a quick explanation:
The deal with the Eternals is that when the alien Celestials came to earth as gods, they created three similar races: Deviants (bad), Humans (good and bad) and finally Eternals (good). The Eternals are the closest to the Celestials themselves, and are basically perfected humans.
The Eternals origin story is that they were actually the Inca Empire’s deities, worshipped as gods because of their superiority. You know, because this man is clearly a superior being...
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In return, the Eternals were actually responsible for every great advancement / achievement by the people, because “the Incas weren't advanced enough to have built anything that complex!”
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And this is the part that especially pisses me off: In the lore of the Eternals, it was not genocide that wiped out the Inca, oh no, they just ~mysteriously vanished~ with not a single person of Inca ancestry left living today, apparently.
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Tumblr media
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(TL;DR: The Eternals rewrites Indigenous history and culture to place white space gods at the centre.)
Jack Kirby created the Eternals in the 70′s. That does not make it okay, then or now, but I can understand the ignorance to a degree and be more forgiving of it, because it’s not like individuals had access to knowledge as freely as we do today. That is also why I cannot be so forgiving if Marvel chooses to continue this ignorant racism today, though, when they should know better.
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intimesindia · 4 days ago
Desi fans can’t keep calm after spotting 'Ibu Hatela' from ‘Gunda’ in Marvel's 'The Eternals'
Desi fans can’t keep calm after spotting ‘Ibu Hatela’ from ‘Gunda’ in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’
New Delhi: Walt Disney Co.’s Marvel Studios recently released a three-minute trailer showcasing the studio’s upcoming ten projects. The trailer, titled ‘Marvel Studios Celebrates the Movies,’ is being created to show support for the businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic. To name a few, it includes films such as Black Widow, Eternals, and the Black Panther sequel. The interesting part…
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Kevin Feige confirmed that Sersi, played by Gemma Chan will be the lead in the Eternals movie. Would that make The Eternals the second MCU film to have an Asian lead and the first MCU film to have an Asian woman as the main character in a superhero ensemble?
Hmm...I believe so. 
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