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#the dreaming
kiittyzoe · 3 minutes ago
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JENO layouts !
edited by me, hope y’all like it <3
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ewryoton · 3 minutes ago
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dresmpausau · 4 minutes ago
Dream SMP Australian AU
tw: violence, razor scooter, butter knife
Set in the mythical world of Australia, Tommy the eshay helps Tubbo the farmboy and his mate Ranboo the surfer go fuck up some Karens at Macca's. Fic under cut.
Tommy stared down Dream from the other side of the parking lot. Butter knife versus razor scooter. It was a fair match. The only difference was that Tommy had Nike’s and all Dream had was a wig.
“YOU WANNA FIGHT, YOU MR CLICKETY CANE FREAK!” Tommy yelled. Tubbo nodded aggressively, Clancy nodding with him. Ranboo just sighed again.
Dream glared, waving his knife. George and Sapnap stood back, as if Dream could defeat Tommy on his own.
“Calm down darl, we’re in the Macca’s parking lot.” Dream tutted. “We wouldn’t want to upset any diners, would we?”
Tommy waved his scooter around, narrowly missing his own ankles. “THIS IS FUCKING MACCA’S YOU TWIT, PEOPLE COME HERE FOR 3 STAR SERVICE AND FREE WIFI!”
George leaned over and whispered something in Dream’s ear. The head Karen frowned, then tilted his head in agreement, holding onto his wig so it wouldn’t slip. “It’s true, this is the only place in the country with working wifi.” He muttered to George, before straightening back up. “So what Tommy, we still don’t want to upset them with any violence, would we?”
“FUCK THAT, OF COURSE WE’RE GOING TO USE VIOLENCE!” Tommy yelled, twisting his scooter in a way he knew would make Sporticus proud. “FOR YOGHURTLAND FUCKERS!”
Dream had the audacity to look surprised as Tommy charged towards him, razor scooter glinting in the sun. He raised his butter knife in defence.
“GO TOMMY!” Tubbo shouted supportively. “BREAK THE SPOONS ANKLES!”
Ranboo winced. “BREAK THEM GENTLY MAN!”
“NO- WAIT- DON’T BREAK THEM!” Dream screamed. He threw his butter knife but it missed Tommy and hit a Noisy Minor instead. Oh well, fuck those annoying creatures.
Tommy laughed like Robbie Rotten. Sapnap and George could only watch in horror as Tommy brought his razor scooter down on Dreams ankles. The Karen’s wig slipped off, revealing his bald head underneath.
Everyone in the parking lot gasped. Dream... was bald? But that is an unnecessary plot point that we’ll never come back to, because Australia.
Tommy raised his scooter in victory as Sapnap and George dragged Dream away from the scene. Sirens were heard in the distance, but were probably going off to some other emergency because the entire country is on fire when it's not flooded.
Anyways, Tubbo's chicken, The End.
Part 1 / Part 2
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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 minutes ago
Someone handed me a loaded g//n and just told me to, “Do whatever you want.” I woke up from pure anxiety.
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thedigeridontt · 6 minutes ago
I keep my dreams in a notebook so that when I’m at the pearly gates god will pull it out and say “Oh no bitchboy, you forgot about these fuckers” and then ill get smote and it will be very funny
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bertyose · 8 minutes ago
day 11 of no wilbur and fundy lore interactions..
ahahaha, well i definitely didnt forget again. anyways the chance of there being any father son lore is slim as fundy m i g h t be going to the uk soon, however we could get some irl.. ;)
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toadandtails · 8 minutes ago
hey yall! waiting for the moment where someone asks if c!tommy is okay and he just breaks down!
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kandiedlemons · 11 minutes ago
Going out is fun and all but can it beat listening to murder podcasts after taking ur nighttime meds?
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yourdayataglance · 11 minutes ago
I understand the importance of the cycle of *new ifea* *goes too far* *we criticize, usually rightfully* ie. The rise and fall of the whole *woman in night gown on the moors crying* jokes memes aesthetics ect on here. Another example being the rise and fall of “feral” and “unhinged”.
And I do laugh at the posts like “you are not feral. Your name is maddie and you have a post it on your desk reminding you to go buy lead for your mechanical pencils.” HOWEVER. There’s literally no way there’s not something fundamentally wrong w me given how many kids in elementary and middle school diagnosed me with weird bitch. Like the numbers just don’t add up
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hvae · 12 minutes ago
One of the things on the bucket list you shared with Chenle was to have a picnic under the stars. You both decided that today was the day it’ll be crossed off the list, taking a trip to the park when the light from the sky started to fade.
To your misfortune, it was colder than expected. You were too busy shaking to even pull something out of the basket to eat. Chenle didn’t mind though and brought the blanket over both of your shoulders, allowing you to snuggle up against him.
He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you even closer to his side as his other hand reached for one of yours, interlacing your fingers together in order to spread his warmth. He pressed a kiss against your forehead, resting his head against yours as you both looked up at the stars.
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thefandompsychologist · 13 minutes ago
Since it is now past 2 am for me, happy Father’s Day to
Dadza in general
Papa Puffy
c!Wilbur only because I think he’s neat
c!Tubbo and c!Ranboo
c!Fundy? I’m unclear whether he has a child or a pet at this point somebody help me I’m behind
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springfieldianotaku · 15 minutes ago
One day I hope to find my soulmate and get married .. I’m just tired of being single tbh I just wanna be Sweep off my feet 🥺 💖
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2centlove · 15 minutes ago
Breakfast in bed
first ever (smut) fic here please cut me a lil slack
1.6k words
pairing- dom!jeno x reader
genre/warnings- fluff, smut 18+ / unprotected sex, food play, fingering, morning sex,
not revised or edited
The sun's rays start to seep through the blinds of your apartment window. The semi opened blinds let in the perfect amount of light; not too blinding for the eye, but enough to illuminate your body perfectly.
You got up early in the morning to make you and your boyfriend some sweet pancakes. Even took the extra effort to slip out of his arms carefully enough not to wake him up so you could surprise him with some breakfast in bed.
You quietly hum to the music you had turned on in the background. Soft, sway-ee music, the type of music you could move your hips to. And you do just that. Once you have poured the pancake batter onto the press, you dance across the kitchen to grab yourself some other ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, and whip cream; the necessity.
After some pouring and flipping later you were done with the cooking portion and it was time to decorate! The music had changed to a song you and Jeno particularly like, this got your hips swirling in a circle light on your feet.
You had been too focused on the pancakes to realize someone had been creeping up behind you until you felt a light touch on both sides of your hips. You set the bottle of whip cream down and crank your head to the left to see your sweet boyfriend, Jeno, who was now peppering kisses up and down your neck and along your jaw. You couldn't help but let out a soft giggle.
"Look who's up, you sleepy head," you say sweetly while placing your hands on top of Jeno's on your hips. You two start to sway together to the rhythm of the song.
"Mmmmm, I woke up feeling cold without your warmth. And the delectable smell coming from the kitchen drew help but drew me in, mm," he replies, groggily still in need of sleep. But no matter how sleepy he was, that wasn't stopping him from having a lil dance with his beloved, you.
"Is that so?" You coo, "I was going to treat you something good." At this point, you had your right hand grazing the back of his neck and your left still on top of his hand on the curve of your hip. Dancing had always been something you two loved, whether it be hip-hop or slow-dancing, you loved it. Whenever you guys dance, it's like there's no one else there in the whole entire world, just you two. You guys fit like two perfect puzzle pieces, both in dance AND in bed.
"Treat me to something good hmm?" He hummed into your neck. His grip on your hips tightening as he's dragging them closer to his own.
You let out a small laugh through your smile. “This wasn’t quite what I meant but this works too”
You played along and bucked your hips into his hips, feeling his length grow against your ass. You turn your head left and use your hand to take his chin, turning his face right to you. It’s as if his lips know exactly what to do as they connect immediately with yours. The kiss is hot and passionate. Jeno pulls away from you to continue his onslaught on your neck, bruising it. His grip on your hips moves to your ass to give it a good squeeze before he hikes his hands under your shirt to pull it over your head. Jeno turns you around by your waist, brings his hand around you which is your cue to jump. You wrap yours arms around his neck and jump a little, enough to give you leverage to wrap your legs around his waist.
He places his hands under your thighs and walks you to a near counter where there weren't any knives or sharp items that could disrupt you two’s moment.
“Let’s make this moment a treat for both of us” He whispers into your ear while he reaches over to the whip creaming you were using for the pancakes. before you could say anything in response he was already spraying whip cream all over your breast and stomach. You flinch at the coldness of the cream but relish in the new feeling.
“Oh, so this is what we’re doing babe? I like the sound of it” You giggled taking your finger to your whipped nipple and lapping it up with your finger, twirling your tongue around it. This, this made Jeno extra EXTRA hungry for you. He gave you a quick smirk before dragging his tongue across your whipped stomach. You let out a breathy moan from the sight of your beautiful boyfriend all over you. When he comes by your breast, he takes extra time to lap up the area by your nipple. Swirling his tongue in circles around it before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it. His hands smoothing over your hips and legs until he reaches your inner thigh which he rubbed circles into that made your head dizzy. You quietly moaned, propping yourself up with your hands behind you on the contour. You arched your back into your boyfriends erotic touch of his mouth.
Then you opened your legs wider to allow Jeno further access. Your juices seeping out of your heat onto the counter pooling at your ass. Still focused on your chest, Jeno used his free hand that was on your thigh to pleasure you even further by running his fingers across your slick. He assumed that because you were so wet he could easily insert two fingers straight off the bat. And he was right. Jeno plunged his masculine, boney fingers into you immediately hitting your sweet spot causing you to moan out in pleasure. You didn’t think just inserting his fingers would feel this good but it did and you were already on the brink of coming
“You want to come baby? My pretty little girlfriend?” He leans into your ear to say.
“Yes! Yes! I’m so close Jen!” You screamed almost unable to handle the tingling sensation forming in your stomach.
Right before you could reach your much needed high, he removed his digits from inside of you.
"Not quite yet baby girl", Jeno smirks as he takes the whip cream can back into his hand. You whine at the loss but excited for what's to come next.
He uses his left hand and swoops it under your hips and lifts it up slightly so he could apply the whip cream to your already dripping vagina like a cupcake. You hum at the feeling, looking at him with hooded eyes. You watch Jeno as he decorates his large cock with the same whip cream he used on you.
"Are you ready?" Jeno asks, readying his cock at your whipped entrance. You nod quickly desperate for that fulfilling feeling again. After getting the "okay" he pushed past the wall of whip cream and into your heat. You gasp at the filling feeling of his girthy cock that was accompanied by not only your own juices but creamy whip that slid against your walls.
After a few, slow seconds he was completely in. Whip cream brimming where you two were connected because there wasn't much room for there to be anything else but your boyfriends perfectly sculpted dick. You lean forward off your hand and lean into Jeno. You take his face in your hand and use the other to apply some whip cream on his face and neck. Once you're done, you crash your lips into Jeno's lips tasting the sweet cream on your tongue. He leans you back into the cupboard behind you cushioning your head with his own hand.
He slides out of you and slowly slides back out, you let out a breathy moan against his neck and then continue to lick up the remains of the cream. His pace picks up and both your breathing starts to get ragged and whiny. You can feel the whip cream slap between you two each time he slams his cock back into you. His pace eventually gets to be inhumanly fast and the whip cream is sloppily falling out of you and onto your legs, his legs, the counter, and even your stomach.
You can feel your high approach quickly, your walls tightening around him. It seems like you two share the same sentiment as his thrusts grow sloppy but never slows. His hands grip tightly around the counter on both sides of you. Your legs are tightly wrapped around his waist.
You could no longer suppress your moans, you were sure the neighbors could hear you at this point. As Jeno reaches his high his grunts get louder as well.
"Come on baby, you're almost there, I'm almost there. Come for me baby. Lets do it together" His sentences fall out fast after each other.
Then it snapped.
Your head swings back with a scream, missing the cupboard by a centimeter. Jeno let's out one last loud grunt and burrows himself deep in you. You can feel his warm liquid spill into you.
Once both of you come down from you climaxes he slowly pulls out of you, your juices and whip cream glazing his cock. With the loss of Jeno's penis also meant you lost the plug that kept his come inside of you. You both watch his sperm mixed with the opaque white whip cream fall out of you onto your apartment's marble counter.
Jeno relishes in the sight. He grabs the same whip cream can and gives it a shake resting to see if it was empty or not.
“You want to go for round two of desserts?”
the end
i don’t know formatting here yet so help is welcomed!! i hate the paragraph spacing, i must be doing something wrong lol
please help
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endrmn · 15 minutes ago
personally missing jack manifold lore </3
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