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#the descent
ensignskye · 5 hours ago
streaming everyday in May! today I'm going to try to finish Amnesia: the dark descent. LIVE NOW on twitch
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ballpoint-propaganda · 21 hours ago
I feel like it's obvious who I kin. Considering. My name vkjdjdjs. Kin assign me someone who isn't Aloha I like throwing parties but also I'm the most likely of my friend group to fight someone
i can't explain why but this is redsolecore
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deniblogginstuff · 21 hours ago
Resident Evil games aren't scary in the fear of the unknown way i appreciate. They're just about developing a deep fear of dismemberment.
While i did like Outlast some (the first one) it also relied too much on the body horror.
I hope for the day when another horror game like Amnesia will come along. I was so scared playing that I could only handle 15 minute playthroughs at a time. Because it used sound so well and it didn't really show you the monster much. Most of the time you were terrified of the possibility you would see it. That to me is more effective than gore.
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shadesofarrogance · 22 hours ago
I just finished The Sons of Sam on Netflix AND IM IN SHOCK AND ALMOST STARTED CRYING CAUSE IM FREAKED OUTTTTTTTTTT. Holy Christ oh my god. Watch it now.
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countingandsnarkingon · 22 hours ago
I just spent the day watch The Son of Sam docuseries on Netflix and...Wow. why isn't the fact that it was more than likely multiple people talked about more? To be fair I don't know much about the case but. I've never seen that theory floated around? Anyway its wild watch it
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Tumblr media
Baldur’s Gate Guard: “Sorry sir, your dog is far larger than a peacock. I cannot allow you to bring it into the city!”
Guy: “Ah but you see, my dog is in fact smaller than a peacock!” *points to my peacock aarakocra, Rye*
Rye: 👋😄
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queenofmean992 · a day ago
The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness (2021)
The Son of Sam case grew into a lifelong obsession for journalist Maury Terry, who became convinced that the murders were linked to a satanic cult.
TV-MA Documentary, Crime, History
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mordredmanor · a day ago
is it scarier to fall into the cloudsea if it’s as dark as a night sky and the ocean abyss
or is it scarier if it’s the brightest light blue, a color that people shouldn’t be able to disappear into but they do, and when you can’t see them anymore it’s because they’re so so far away that just light refracting off air is more powerful than the image of them
or is it scarier to fall into a white sheet of cloud, completely placid and deceptively inviting but once they pass through it they’re just gone
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xfirebenderx · a day ago
Quackity getting cancelled for speaking Spanish and the justification was “we didn’t know he was Mexican, he doesn’t look like one” has the same energy as people asking me “what are you?” because I also do not fit the generalized image Americans have of what a Mexican “should” look like.
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trans-simon-jarrett · a day ago
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moriparty413 · a day ago
Sarah and Juno from The Descent walked so Vrisrezi could run
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thisaliennerd · 2 days ago
hey it’s milo can we please get aliyah backstory? she is literally the love of my life and i would love to know more about her!
Yes absolutely! I love her too and I'm so glad you like her!
I'll just give you the broad strokes. So her mom is indigenous Mexican, specifically Tzeltal and Nahua, and her dad is black. They met in college and have been together ever since. Her dad is Deaf, and since her mom learned ASL when she met him, she grew up speaking ASL as her first language and Spanish with her mom. She doesn't have any siblings but she has a big extended family. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in 8th grade. She really struggled in school but started medication in high school and it helped her a lot. She came out as a lesbian when she was 19. Her parents were supportive, she's really close with both of them, but especially her mom. She grew up in Southern California, and she still lives pretty close to her parents so she visits them a lot.
She and Abed met at a queer-friendly mosque right after Abed moved to California. He wanted to reconnect with his faith a little more to cope with the move, and she was there with her mom and they got talking and became pretty inseparable immediately.
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