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#the darkling
avengers-rule103 · 3 minutes ago
i just have to believe that there's a universe out there where the Darkling isn't doomed from the start.
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miraculous-cumberbitch · an hour ago
hey everyone!! i take fic requests now! you go ahead and request them on my ask page and i’ll try my best to write when inspiration hits. most will be blurbs or one shots.
people i write for <3
Narnia~(current obsession so take advantage of this besties)
-edmund pevensie (x reader)
-prince caspian (x reader)
Shadow and Bone
Just say which ship you would like, or if you want a reader ship just say the word. make sure to specify what exactly you’d like
all tropes work out for me but i love writing rivals to lovers and angst. and yes i can attempt smut
example: hey! i’d like a darklingxfemale!reader fic, preferably rivals to lovers in a modern AU.
i may not get to your requests in time, since they take a day or two, but yeah. also, you can ask me random questions sometimes too :)))
i also may tweak your request a tad. and yes i will tag you in the work and make sure to detail it out properly
love you guys ❤️❤️
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morozova-aleksander · 2 hours ago
"Go away," she objected weakly, but he didn't. The heat and weight of his body came down to cover hers and she arched into him. His lips were on her neck, trailing up until they were grazing the shell of her ear.
"My Alina," he rasped. "Always so soft and pliant for me."
She wanted to call him a liar, but it was useless when her hands in his hair and her parting thighs were evidence enough of the truth of his words.
Or, Darkles visits Alina through their tether, but gets cockblocked by Mal, leaving him frustrated in more than one way. He uses an Alkemi named Roksana to help him deal with his frustrations, but he still can't stop thinking about his Alina.
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bestofshadowandbone · 2 hours ago
instagram • benbarnes: Sunday morning piano feels. #Elvis
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Not Ben Barnes singing I can't help falling in love on his instagram
Sir you cannot hurt me like that, it's a felony
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rey-of-luke · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Did you really think I wouldn’t catch up to you?”
Nikolai had rubbed off on her, because Karina’s first response was, Well, there are three of us and one of you, so yes, I did like our odds. But one of them was currently injured - not fatally, Saints knew the Darkling would never actually kill anything he considered his - but enough that the chances of all of them escaping were very slim. And really, Alina was the only one of them who stood a chance at getting the upper hand in a fight, especially with Mal grasping one of her hands. Karina was far better suited at Healing than Heartrending. 
And the Darkling knew it. The night’s shadows grew darker, answering his call, tendrils licking towards the trio but staying just out of reach. 
Maybe, if it had just been the Darkling, they would have risked it. Alina could certainly hold her own while Karina quickly healed Mal, and Mal’s status as a living amplifier would just help make Alina that much stronger. The Shadow Summoner knew better, however, and from the corner of her eyes Karina could spot different Grisha lurking within the treeline, their kefta’s the only colors in the bleak winter forest. Obviously he had no qualms about using a Heartrender against them as long as it wasn’t fatal - the drying trickle of blood from Mal’s mouth was proof enough. 
They were well and truly caught. If - when - they got out of this situation, Nikolai was going to be intolerable with his ‘I told you so’.
- ‘of bastards and saints’ / ‘of saints and bastards’ excerpt (maybe)
this potential fic is rapidly becoming extremely canon divergent even without the malarklina + oc content; lord help me when I read the kos duology
tagging: @guardiansofheroes, @raith-way, anyone else wants to be tagged let me know
psd: oblivion-crackships
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cheekygreenty · 3 hours ago
Hellou i just want say i really really really love your writing <3
Thank you💓💓💓 I absolutely love it when people give me feedback on my writing, it makes me realize I’m not just writing fanfics for myself but other people are reading what goes on in my head 24/7 😂
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cto10121 · 3 hours ago
Let's say TGT books are adult and not controled by a purity police. Do you think Alina and Aleks(mainly witch s&b characterization) would have it in them to explore their physical attraction even when enemies? Stay emotionally detached? Or would that make them softer and more likely to be unable to hurt the other? Bring them closet, make Alina listen?
Enemies with Benefits! I like your thinking, anon. A canny romance writer would definitely introduce elements of hate sex into the dynamic, and it would be fantastic.
For a serious answer, it just depends on how much adult!TGT would retain the Darkling’s villainous retcon characterization instead of going the morally grey route. If he is truly morally grey, then the sex could represent an extension of that needed dialogue. Can the Darkling curb his extremism and can Alina understand the dire, centuries-old plight of the Grisha? Can they bargain for what each other need? They come together not only physically, but emotionally and ideologically. No doubt the adult!TGT would have something else uniting them, like the jurda parem or an extremism group and making them realize they ultimately share the same goal. Perhaps Alina would learn it’s a mistake to ally herself with the monarchy. Perhaps the Darkling would realize that a media via does exist, and you can bridge the gap between the otkazat’sya and Grisha. Sex would be their communication, their acknowledgement of each other’s point of view.
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4006725 · 3 hours ago
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4006725 · 3 hours ago
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lina-nothing · 4 hours ago
great idea 👏 let’s do it darklina stans
Tumblr media
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aneternalfangirl · 5 hours ago
Can someone help me find a good, working download link for Locked In please? The one with Ben Barnes
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metalsonic3-0 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Furious with his son's disobedience and years of running off over and over again, Black Doom decides to punish Shadow by possessing him with Doom's Eye through the Hive Mind and forcing him to act as Prince of the Black Arms should. This version of Shadow is most dangerous of all, do not approach.
Tumblr media
Non possessed version under the cut:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Mal, at a restaurant: You guys should get the orange soda, it's amazing.
Alina: Okay
Waiter: Can I get you guys anything to drink
Mal: Orange soda, please!
Alina: I'll have the strawberry soda.
Kirigan: Me too, strawberry soda.
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earlyheartlines · 6 hours ago
*subtly determines your personality and childhood trauma based on what you ship*
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ruminationsofaraven · 7 hours ago
For Darklina, 5 and 6 from the OTP ask game? Thank you so much, have a good week!
I'm having so much fun getting around to writing your prompts every goddamned day.
You have a great week too. 💕
Tumblr media
5. Who falls asleep while watching a movie?
6. Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile?
Alina huddled closer to Aleksander, throwing her thighs over his. He flashed a dazzling smile at her and extended the blanket over the both of them.
She pulled out her hands from the cocoon to stuff her face with some buttered popcorn. And she threw one in the air, only for the Darkling to catch it with his mouth.
He massaged her soft flesh, nails slightly grazing at her sides, inadvertently, as he watched the movie.
She sighed with content and he grinned in the darkness, save for the light from the enormous flat-sceen T.V.
How did he get so lucky?
Alina buried her head in his chest and roped her hands around his shoulders.
The Darkling rocked her.
He brushed the hair from her temple and placed a tender kiss there. Reflexively, he held her tighter and watched her fall asleep.
Aleksander smiled at the sight before him. He felt his head dip back on the dark velvet sofa with fatigue.
Someone snuffed out the light.
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