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#the cloud speaks
psycheadelic · a day ago
I'm finally playing the final fantasy 7 remake and like I only remember a couple of things from the game but was Cloud this much of a d*ck when I was a kid??? Like he's such a assh*le to the kids in the game and the old guy that just wanted see his wife's grave. Also he was mean to the cats :(
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beelzebabs · 7 days ago
Fandoms Master-List
I will change this, and add to it as time goes on! Requests are OPEN! Feel free to ask me for a request, or if I'm in a fandom / will write for a certain fandom! There's so many I'm in, and I haven't listed them all!
Fandoms I'm in / Will write for:
Monster prom
Obey Me: One Master to Rule Them All
Miraculous Ladybug
Danganronpa (1 + 2, not 3)
Attack on Titan
Young Justice
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Parts 1-3)
Harry Potter
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ginalinettiofficial · 7 days ago
hopping back on tumblr for the first time in weeks because i just really NEED to express how funny it is when i read avengers fanfics and they’re always like “so in stark tower, xyz character has their own floor as an apartment :-)” because it happens in basically every fic that is set even a little bit in the tower and it’s just funny how clear it is that most ppl seemingly have NO concept of just how BIG skyscrapers are and it’s very cute
like as an annoying city girl i’m here to tell yall that some of the biggest mansions in hollywood are not as big as one floor in a skyscraper
even penthouse units are usually one of multiple on their floor, because towers are WIDE! them motherfuckers span entire city blocks! sometimes more! i know it’s so hard to imagine because big things are hard to imagine but the idea that one three to five bed condo/apt/whatever could take up an entire floor in even an itty bitty skyscraper is laughable. the largest, most luxurious 5 bed condos in manhattan are still usually less than 5000 square feet. one floor in a skyscraper is easily 30,000 square feet. and that’s on the pretty darn small side!! most skyscrapers with residential floors have /dozens/ of condos per floor. the hallways of residential floors in towers are basically the same feeling as hotel hallways - lots of doors, generally lots of offshoots of halls, at least four elevators going to the floor, that sort of thing.
basically what this rant comes down to is that even if tony stark was being exceedingly generous and giving each avenger an extremely lavish, large condo with hella space and home offices and such, those units would all be on the same floor or MAYBE between two floors. and if he WERE to give everyone their own floor, he’d deadass be giving each of them a ranch-style mega-mansion, with, like, 15-20 bedrooms minimum.
#d speaks#it’s just really funny to like. have actual experience with shit and then read people’s imagined ideals of said shit#i also know no one will read this but if you did i want to quickly go on record as saying that no i am not a rich asshole lol#but i’ve worked for plenty of families who live in high rises and i actually had an office job in the sears tower a few years back too#and i’ve been to skyscraper parties and shir#it’s just shit that kind of happens when u exist in a major city w hella skyscrapers#and tbh it’s always wild to read this and be like ‘oh i guess i am lucky to have these experiences?’#because when i’m working in a high rise i’m not sitting there like ‘wow this is so cool i’m so blessed’ and i guess i should!#usually it’s more like ‘ugh why do rich ppl never have any goddamn food in their places’#hint the answer is that they all seem to exist primarily on delivery#also just while we’re on the topic#y’all gotta dream bigger when ur designing imaginary rich ppl apartments#there are not nearly enough home offices or non-bedroom spaces included in ur fics#also: high rise spiders are a Thing and they are the Worst#basically all those balconies yall fantasize about???? SPIDER TERRITORY#those motherfuckers are EVERYWHERE up there it’s awful tbh way too many goddamn spiders#also here’s a tip if you’re writing a skyscraper story: clouds are not as high up as you think they are#aka if you’re living on floor 75 your view will be the inside of a cloud VERY often
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uponthinegoldenwings · 18 days ago
ya know, as pretty as Sephiroth looks in that new dissidia (?) trailer, i hope they dont change his model in any way from part 2 onwards bc I love his dark eyes with their subtle lines around them, blueish lips and pale skin.
It really fits with my previous comment of how he looks how Cloud views him: someone who should be dead, hence the eyes and lip/skin colour.
Also, the last time Cloud had seen Sephiroth was when the latter had stayed up for a week reading up on the JENOVA project, so it would make sense for him to look tired/drained and not like he just woke up from a good night’s sleep.
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seastarryclouds · 22 days ago
Thank Lord, I hated the last dbd chapter too. Boring killer,boring survivor and not new map . Now, I'm not a RE fan but it's a classic horror franchise and I'm really excited about it
That and a RE chapter would make sense in dead by daylight.
It’s my opinion that the whole kpop chapter doesn’t fit in dbd and it is near impossible to get it to fit into dbd. (It also frustrates me that some people call this a chapter that was for the gays, yet me a bi and more than half of my friends who are lgbt+ hated this chapter. I also don’t like how people labeled this the gay chapter when the killer is pretty flamboyant. It seems very stereotyping in my opinion)
Any who I hate the last chapter for a lot of reasons and that’s just two of them, people are allowed to like it and I’m allowed to say it sucked shit.
Here’s to the new chapter and I hope we get Leon or Mr.X 
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uponthinegoldenwings · a month ago
Tumblr media
never trust a man who would talk for four hours about a catboy who enjoys commiting murder and arson (I’m that man)
ok to rb
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so call the mainland from the beach (your heart is now washed up in bleach)
The unmaking of Jonah Magnus.
And of Martin Blackwood, of whom there is nothing left.
Aka the apocalpyse ends but at what cost
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Me: i cant believe tma is ending in like 6 hours
Me, firing up the google docs tm: i know what the people want! An extremely not-series-compliant bad end au/prediction fic where everything is depressing! Yk, to cope!
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can’t tell if it’s amusing or sad that when I was describing Cloud’s migraines and how he reacts whenever Sephiroth shows up, Steph said it sounded like Cloud was having PTSD flashbacks over an abusive relationship and not just over Nibelheim in general.
(also I say amusing in an ironic way bc shippers will see how Sephiroth talks to Cloud and be like OH GAY? despite the aforementioned undertones bc sometimes shippers have the brainpower of lice)
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tripuzzle · a month ago
VIE; This isn’t a headcanon, but a reminder to myself for this little plot Dobby and I made lmao.
Yugi’s right leg is broken.
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