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#the bear is doing karate
geethakara · a day ago
Long post disclaimer! But do give a read!!
My health story!!!!
You may feel good on a few days, your health may drop on a few days. First step is to make a pattern of how your body behaves. What factors cause problems, what are your limitations? Do you need get treatment, do you need to train or do you need to take rest?
Most important thing is to never give up!
Also understand the external factors such as stress and for example bad roads in the case of a back problem. You can endure it to a certain extent to see how your body copes but you need to find out a solution to work around it.
Not everyone can do everything. If someone lifts up a 60 kg weight for example, doesn’t mean you need to do it to prove that you are strong. Lift what you can. Be realistic
You need to first believe in yourself and try doing things you at some point thought you can’t do or you have been made to believe you can’t do.
For instance, if you can’t lift a coconut one day, remember that you lifted a pumpkin some months back and work on your strength.
If you have a crack on your vertebra, then you need to ensure your muscles are strong enough to hold you together.
Different kinds of therapies work. Swimming maybe the general low impact workout, but if it drags your leg or loosens/relaxes your muscles so you can’t take the bad roads back home, don’t do it.
If your doc asks you to hit the gym don’t start on equipment until you have done your warm-up.
If you think it’s a minor problem don’t go for unnecessary surgery or invasive treatment.
Doctors provide recommendations based on what symptoms you report, so use those with your judgement like a new workout or even a new test with caution.
Some things may really be your limitations, like for example bending down, try doing with increased frequency or duration and see how your body responds. Everyone has a stretching limit.
Sometimes it may just be a tight hamstring or stiff muscle due to cold or rest that needs warm up.
Sports is good as always but start from slow to the next levels.
Don’t try to do all things at once. Do things when you really have time and energy for them.
Main thing is to believe in yourself. Of course, there are persons with permanent disabilities whom we need to respect and treat with acceptance, but if you think there is a chance to improve your current condition do so. I love the movie “The Karate Kid” that I watched with my friends, but didn’t realize the significance then… :D Suppandi moments!
To understand whether your back can support weight as in child-bearing, just lifting things with your hands cannot be an indicator as I have learnt. There are different levels at which you can lift weight.
Best option I feel is to increase your top body weight if you can and see how your back responds. But then you need to be able to reduce that weight again to be able to bear weight next time around.
As in flexibility of back don’t try any twists and turns suddenly. Do regular stretches to see if there are any pulls in specific places. The spine is a complex thing, worst thing is to get a pinched nerve. Internal space in the abdomen or delivery without compression of nerves, there is always a risk, but of course as with any other medical complications – believe in god (those who believe), or just have faith in your doc. Always try things in moderation. Dance is a good fun way to test your flexibility.
The bed you sleep in and the chair you sit in are important. Resilient surfaces bother me. There should be room to sink in esp. if you have a lower back hump like me. Spring mattresses suit some. But for me it’s a soft thin foam on a hard cot. Floor is better than a bad bed.
Well I cannot do sit-ups for a countless number of times but is it even necessary to be bothered about? Walking is a great exercise, works for me.
To add to the many things I have overcome, there is a leg length mismatch (sounds funny right) if I do not stretch properly, so there is an impact on the right leg while hitting the concrete. So stretches are important for me. Then there is the right ankle + foot that had an impact due to a bike accident, that needs a massage now and then. Pelvic floor comes down if I do repeated work with my upper body only. So I need to do specific exercises and bounce back or do activities that involve different sets of muscles to have a balanced body.
Well I may look like a bundle of problems walking together but I always strive to work hard, believe in myself, take up challenges, thanks to the constant support of my family and friends.
P.S. Regarding the vertebral crack, I really don’t know or can’t place how I got it. There was a karate kick in my hip during my high school days after which I got severe back pain/sprain. That went away. The next instance is lifting heavy luggage 32 kgs two bags many times during my trips to the US in my early 20s. Lifting up a big TV up a floor. Driving car stretching my right leg and back constantly with cold weather and not much balanced exercise causing stiff muscles.
But my motto is to just endure, believe and move ahead. I still do have some limitations but that doesn’t make me any lesser.
And always remember, do things when you need to do them, not due to provocation (Challenges are good though, there is a difference).
Train yourself bit by bit to be a better you. You owe that to those who believed you can do it!
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traumereis · 13 days ago
show me the enstars & a3 crossover au 🤝🤝
they (mankai/yumenosaki) both have the themes of “dreams blooming” which is like.. wig
enst wont tell us anzu’s last name so i always default to tachibana bc the idea of izumi being like anzu’s cousin or smthn is so cute to me… omg imagine izumi’s day job being a teacher in yumenosaki’s acting course (bc she has a degree in theatre right) and she’s like the teacher advisor of the theatre club. tachibana sensei 🥺🥺 god this is so self indulgent
okay but IMAGINE hokuto meeting the summer troupe and muku+kazu are like holy shit!!!! a famous actor!!!!! that’s hokuto hidaka his family are like hollywood thoroughbreds this is amazing omg can i get your autograph!!!!! and tenmas in the corner like. 😐
alternatively: yuki and shu haaating each other and constantly feuding over their bad attitudes but grudgingly respecting the other’s fashion skills… helping each other make stage outfits for the troupes/units… they have the sickest roasts tho and bond over just aggressively complaining together
wataru and homare… omg imagine the CHAOS. they meet each other and are like you are my artistic soulmate. mankai + yumenosaki are so exhausted as they rattle off poetry and act and read out shakespeare scripts. tomoya is dying.
on that note tsuzuru and tomoya and exhausted brothers in arms. tsuzuru thinks tomoya reminds him of his siblings (and his younger self too honestly) and they like to sit together brainstorming script ideas while venting a lil bit about all the eccentric personalities in their company/school
tetora and taichi have such similar vibes… imagine the karate club meeting the autumn troupe and juza and kuro are both like 😡😡😡 at each other bc they have rbf until they start talking abt their little siblings… soft… while tetora and taichi go box-dye their hair and burn down the kitchen trying to cook
idk how they’d meet but i feel like sakyo and akiomi are soul partners. over-exhausted megane men… jin and matsukawa are in the corner causing chaos and neglecting to shave their five o clock shadows
omi and yuzuru being fushimi mama bears… cooking together and making bentos for tori/autumn troupe… giving each other laundry and cleaning tips like some kind of mothers club… madara trying to intrude and learn the mama tips too lol
+ omi making bread for mitsuru bc he reminds him of his younger brothers ugh im soft 🥺
kuro beating up banri live 4k HD
chikage keito green haired megane indulgence do u think they try out each others hairstyles i think they do
ITARU PLAYING VIDEO GAMES W SORAAA 🥺🥺 video game club + itaru and banri being like the cool older cousins who know all the cheats (natsume doesn’t like how often they swear around sora tho)
i feel like misumi and kanata would get along… kanata relaxing in the fountain at the local park while misumi hunts triangles… the cryptic entities duo
masumi & hokuto fighting over whose romeo and juliet play was better
[brain expanding] anzu making a bunch of curry for the idols and theyre like thx but youre literally only making curry whats up. and anzu realises shes spending wayyy too much time around izumi
the tsumugis bonding… tsukioka tending to the flowers as aoba recommends him books… grandpa club
azuma and arashi talking to each other and asking for skincare advice omggg (arashi voice: finally an older brother i can respect 😤)
jun and tasuku working out together i feel it in my bones… jun joining the mankai soccer club whenever he visits
kazunari takes pics of all of them for cloud sorry not sorry
kaoru hits on izumi and sakyo threatens him
hisoka and ritsu take naps together. neither of them have talked to each other and they dont know each others names but recognise each other as a fellow Nap Connoisseur. its a bond of men
anyway conclusion stan a3stars au
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jadenoryuu · 13 days ago
Drabble Poll
Okay, since I noticed that the poll on FFnet is being ignored and on Ao3 this feature doesn’t exist, I’m giving it a try on Tumblr.
(I’m probably going to reblog this every time I’ll post a chapter of one of my fics to keep it on top of my page, so please bear with me. =_=’)
I have a new idea for Haunted Drabbles, but I'm having a hard time deciding in which "Universe" set it in. Here's a hint on the general topics: aliens + Halfa hunting.
Post Abbreviation/Odd Whish (Drabble 01/04, the point is that the Fenton know).
Post Karate (Drabble 06).
Post Everybody wants to be... (Drabble 10).
Shiver's Universe (after the 2nd Aftermath, so you can bet that Dani's here).
The rules are the following:
one vote per account in the comments section;
the deadline is 31st May;
the votes will be added to the FFnet poll;
if there's enough enthusiasm, I may or may not do two separate choices, it's up to you;
the results will be displayed on 11th June, when the drabble will be published;
If you have suggestions, I'm not against them, on the contrary they're welcome!
That being said, thank you for your attention and hope to read ya soon!
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genuineblackman · 21 days ago
“ And Taborlin the Great said to the stone: "BREAK!" and the stone broke... “
Working retail late nights means running into characters. One night such a person entered my life and I’ve had a damn hard time evicting them.
This gentleman’s name was Ali Mohammed. The first name is a fiction for anonymity’s sake, but the last is important. For during his photo pick-up Ali requested my name.
“${my first name}” I said. 
“And your last name?” 
“${last name}”
“Ah, that’s great but you know what that means right?” Ali said, standing around the till in the odd time between a finished transaction and the receipt printing, “It means, you’re still a slave.”
In retail, one cannot generally strangle customers. Back then I also lacked the ability: ten years of karate had developed the theory of violence, if not the musculature to enact it. I wanted to. Rather, I wanted to explain that his idea of a ‘slave’ name was an philosophy outdated decades before. I wanted to I wanted to regale him with my last name, the achievements accomplished by it and under it’s umbra. I wanted to tell him to compare that with his supposedly ‘free’ name - a name that bound him more tightly to a religion than any other possible name.
I did not because he simply wasn’t worth the job. The rules of engagement are different when representing another entity. Instead I simply said, “No, it isn’t.” and went about my closing tasks, giving no indication of how vile an idea he’d just intoned. 
You see, for me, names are sacred. And I don’t subscribe to any religion. 
Names are unique in that they are us but not owned by us. 
Names are chosen by our parents. They are selected not just before we know ourselves - but before anyone knows anything about the person that will bear it. That means they contain the aspirations our family has for us before they are aware of any constraints on that ambition. I’m not spiritual, but those ideas are the ones floating in their heads while they are shaping you. As such, they leave an irrevocable mark. 
Everybody must grow to own their name, for, as genuine or hopeful parents are, our individual ambitions are not shackled to theirs. That growth - the process of realizing goals independent of family - is what becoming an adult is - regardless of age. 
Changing that feels like a transgression. To slave your identity to something discovered after that process began. To label yourself with another’s name and hope some shred of another’s glory to stick to you. Or worse: the height of vanity, to assume you’ve reached the zenith of self-understanding such that you can project your own determination. 
Not for me, Ali, but you do you.
(Not looking down on anyone who changes their name: it’s a perfectly valid thing to do.)
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nostalgiaispeace · 22 days ago
You arrive in New York at 10 AM. What’s the first thing you do? eat You go by your locker & your bf/gf is cheating on you. What comes to mind? kill him
You have to take out the trash & clean your room. Your reaction? ug
How many siblings do you have? 1
Have you ever made fun of a homeless/ mentally challenged person? no
Make up a funny word with your first name in it. no?
Do you like campfires? yeah
What’s your favorite color to write with? Black.
Do you write poetry? sometimes
When’s your 20th birthday? [Day & Month is fine. Year if you want.] 2010
Do you spit in public? i have
Are you in high school/middle school/college? lol no
How many push ups can you do? Zero.
How would you react if your cat/dog died? i’d freak out
Are you trustworthy? yeah
Do you play video games often? no
Do you like life, love, funny or boy quotes the best? funny
Have you ever been cheated on? yes
Have you ever had fruit pizza? yes
Would you like to learn karate? sure
Do you think it would have been cool to live in the 80s? yeah
Do you think we’ll have robots in the future? yeah
Was the sun out today? yeah
Do you know what 143 stands for? no
Does it get up to 100 degrees where you live?
When you play video games, do you like the sound on or off? on
When’s the last time you saw fireworks? Fourth of July.
Do you like Dr. Pepper? Yeah.
Will you be seeing the new Transformer movie? lol no
What made this week, one to never forget? idk
Did you wear shorts today? yeah
Do you own a fur hat? yes
Do you still use the old time mail? sure
Have you ever played flag football? Yeah.
What color is your laptop? It’s silver.
Do you like Paris Hilton? sure
Did you smile at all today? yeah
Do you have an Xbox? yeah
When you were little did you have a magic 8 ball? Yeah.
Have you ever ate grass or birdseed? ew no
Do you and your friends have secret codes? no
Have you ever seen the Lincoln Memorial? yes
What’s your profile picture on Facebook of? Me
Do you own a yo-yo? No.
What celebrity is your fashion icon? none
Do you hope you live to be the age 70 or older? idk
Did you go to preschool? no
Do you usually wear your hair up when it’s hot out? if i can get it up
Where were you when 9/11 happened? school
Which would you rather play: guitar or drums? Guitar.
Have you ever gotten detention? yeah
When you were little, did you used to watch Franklin? yes
What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened during your lifetime? i’m not sure. alot of exciting things have happened
How high can you count in a foreign language? idk
What’s the best thing to do on a hot day? stay inside
Would you like to go to Rome? Sure.
Do you use Febreeze? yeah
Have you ever been to a rainforest? No.
How many days of school are left for you? -
How do you usually get tan? reading outside
Snickers or Twix? snickers
Have you ever tried to sleep on an airplane? yeah
When you were little, did you like Dr. Suess books? yes
Are you more afraid of snakes or death? death
Would you like to go to Australia? Sure.
Do you like Drake? sure
What color are your headphones? white
Do you live in the past? yeah
When it’s spring, do you plant flowers? no
Have you ever laughed for 10 minutes? i’m sure it’s happened
Do you help your friends every time they need help? depends
Ever seen a Koala Bear up close? No.
Would you rather be blind or deaf? neither
Once your done, are you done for good? depends
Does it annoy you when girls wear a lot of make up? no
Do you live by a river? No.
Do you like being outside when it’s storming? no
Ever thought about becoming a cop? no
Have you ever tried sushi? ew no
When you were little, did you use to roll down hills? yes
Do you like store bought cakes or homemade ones better? either is fine
Do you think your a good kisser? naw lol
Do you like long or short sleeves better? depends on my mood
Do you like the name Jacob for a boy? Sure.
Could you live without electricity? no
Have you ever ate/drank something that was blue? yes
When is your last day of summer this year? idk
Would you rather hang out with people who are loud or quiet? Quiet.
Have you ever had a pet turtle? yes
Do you want an iPad? i have one
Are you double jointed? no
Have you ever done karaoke? yeah
What’s your middle name? nicole
Do you wish on stars? No.
Do you recycle? no
Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
What’s something you’ll do when your older, but not now? idk Are you currently drinking anything? no
What color is your shirt? Black.
Have you ever played laser tag? yes
Does your best friend live within 5 minutes from you? no
If you got dared to dye your hair purple, would you? sure
How many contacts do you have in your cell phone? idk
Do you own earmuffs? no
Nothing worse than being sunburnt, don’t you agree? ugh yes
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midnightactual · 24 days ago
As a child, before she acquired a zanpakuto, did she have an idea or fantasy of what she wanted her abilities to look like? Was she consequently excited or disappointing with the reality of how her soul manifested its power? (if she had one more or less since as long as she can remember, can you talk a little bit about the Shihoin's traditions in training their heirs and the logic or superstition behind it?)
I’m going to take the scenic route in answering this one, so you’ll have to bear with me. I’ve been (probably rather obviously) watching Cobra Kai lately (into season 3 now) and although there are lots of things to recommend it, two things that I think are very interesting about it (and that apply to this question) are the themes of generational trauma and incomplete philosophies of life. The first—the mistakes and overcorrections of one generation transferring to the next—is pretty self evident, but the second bears some more scrutiny.
Cobra Kai, the dōjō, has a simple set of three rules: “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.” Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do, the dōjō, has just one ethos: “First learn balance. Balance good, karate good, everything good.” A thing that I think the show strives to communicate without constantly shoving it in the viewer’s face is that both are right, actually. They’re just incomplete. Both are inflexible. Cobra Kai’s logic has ruthlessness when it counts, but lacks balance and predictably always overcommits. Miyagi-Do’s logic has balance, but lacks the ability to commit and engage decisively. Both are unsustainable. And the problem with Cobra Kai’s ethos in particular is that it can’t be readily grasped by teenagers, because it takes wisdom and experience to see its failings. (Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do’s ethos can cultivate wisdom, but it can become a trap that prevents thinking outside the box it creates.) Johnny Lawrence eventually figures this out from the Cobra Kai end through a long series of painful missteps, and sums it up with:
“This creed on the wall... follow it to the letter, it'll make you strong. It’ll make you formidable. It will also make you an asshole. ’Cause that’s just black paint on a white wall. But life’s not black and white. More often than not, it’s gray. And it’s in those gray areas where Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai... sometimes shows mercy.”
So, what does all that have to do with Yoruichi? Well, my conception of the Shihōin Clan, even before I ever saw that show, is that it possessed a mindset a lot like Cobra Kai. (At the time I started here, I imagined her home life as a child as being like a more watered down version of what Azula and Zuko endured under Ozai and Ursa in Avatar: The Last Airbender, with Yoruichi’s father being ultimately rather less of an asshole than Ozai and reforming, and that still fits and correlates quite well to my current thinking, but Cobra Kai makes for a more apt comparison.)
The Shihōin are not only the masters of the martial arts within Soul Society’s nobility, but of combat, conflict, and war as a whole. That is, in a sense, their “purpose”. They’re warriors, right down to their genes, because they not only train for combat (in a grueling and regimented way from childhood, a la the SPARTAN-II program in Halo, or the one shown in Soldier) but they historically bred for it too. (And to some extent, still do, with reiatsu output and quality having been a major element of mate selection as recently as with Yoruichi’s parents, and with even Yoruichi herself sort of subconsciously looking down on the possibility of meaningful long-term intimate relationships with notably weaker partners.)
Anyway, the ultimate traditional end-product of this was Yoruichi, and she reflects the pathologies of the process as much as she does its culmination. (Her decisive defeat of her relatives in Agni Kai to become Clan Head was the ultimate proof of her superior ability and pedigree within this system.) There’s some indication (from Yoruichi herself) that Yūshirō might have an even easier time of achieving power than her, but I view him as a product of a newer, different, and superior process. (Basically: Yoruichi broke the old one, and Yūshirō’s far more playful attitude is a product of a different childhood environment after Yōsuke chilled the fuck out and stopped trying to be Kreese/Ozai; play is really how mammals learn best, after all. Someone like Yūno, @ice-cold-shihoin’s middle sibling OC, is to my mind a sort of intermediary step in this transitional process.)
In other words, Yoruichi was raised to be a complete badass. The total package. The perfect soldier. The ultimate weapon. Not just battlefield superiority, but battlefield supremacy. Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. And so to finally come back to your actual question, she dreamed of a zanpakutō that’d help her be exactly that: a badass. I don’t think she was really too focused on the nature of how that worked, exactly, so long as it did.
The trouble is: she got it. She joined the Onmitsukidō at 100, manifested her asauchi into a zanpakutō (Kurayami) before she was 101, had her Shikai before she was 103, it became a(n actual) permanent-release type by the time she was 145, and she achieved Bankai at 152. Kurayami’s Shikai form seems rather plain and boring compared to many—unless she so chooses, the sword cannot be perceived except when its edge or point is penetrating a target, and then only visually—but that belies a simple point: it exists purely to kill. Not to duel, not to pacify, not to disarm... to kill, and with the first strike. It’s a blade purely for assassination. And this is even more true of her Bankai, Kurayami Kara Umareta Daikokutennyo, which exists for mass destruction and slaughter. She got exactly what she always dreamed of, and it completely horrified her.
Even by the time she got her Bankai, she had some inkling of what Johnny’s trying to communicate in the earlier quote. She knew that her zanpakutō was inflexible, its use was unsustainable, and that leaning into it too heavily and becoming habituated to it would make her a murderous asshole. (Think like Unohana Yachiru, but even more so, because using Kurayami doesn’t foster any sort of sense of good sportsmanship.) The reason for that is obvious: when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. It didn’t help that Kurayami, the zanpakutō spirit, was (and has always been) a kind of dark Azula-like mirror of Yoruichi herself, Yoruichi-As-She-Might-Have-Been had she not met Kaien. (Kind of like Ichigo and “Shirosaki” Zangetsu, but not nearly so extreme or directly comparable as Yoruichi has obviously had no Hollowfication exposure.)
And so, just as Yoruichi had already blatantly rejected her father’s initial efforts to raise her like a boy by radically asserting her femininity, and just as she had tacitly rejected the Shihōin Clan’s focus on total efficiency by becoming far more sociable and using social engineering as much as combat ability, so too did she reject her zanpakutō by developing Shunkō.
It’s only in the present, with the aid of (bitter) wisdom and experience, that she’s gone back to it to not only try use it, but to bend it to her will rather than being afraid of it bending her to its. (To carry on with my theme here, this is actually kinda like adult Johnny going back to try and redeem the Cobra Kai dōjō of his youth and turn it into something more positive.)
Shorter answer: she wanted a badass zanpakutō, and she got rather more than she bargained for in the process. (With all that that says about the base nature of her soul and id, for lack of a better term.)
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youkaiyume · 25 days ago
Haha so police were involved again.
SO a little context: I mentioned in the past that my downstairs neighbor who lives across from Asshat, Tim, has a Japanese wife (we’ll call her Yuki) and two small kids. They’ve had problems with Asshat in the past including his dogs nearly attacking their children and the main issue for today’s story: The garden in front of Tim and Yuki’s unit.
Now that garden area belongs to Tim’s property and has stood empty even before he’s bought the place and moved in. Shortly after tho, Asshat started putting his own garbage and eventually planting his own stuff (mostly unwanted plants they don’t want in their own patio) in their garden which rightfully annoys them. They confront him and tell him to please take his stuff out of their property but he insists that NO it’s a COMMON area and that he’s been living there for 12 years so he has a right to put whatever he wants in there. Just to make sure, Yuki and Tim called the HOA to confirm and they said no, that it is NOT a common area it belongs to Tim. Besides the point tho, Asshat is RENTING so he doesn’t own any property including his own so he shouldn’t have been able tp plant stuff without his landlords permission in the first place. So, they asked Asshat once again to remove his shit off their property and he refused.
Well, TODAY as I’m working I hear a huge commotion and banging outside. It’s Asshat and Yuki screaming at each other. Apparently their family bought a whole bunch of flowers and stuff to finally put in THEIR garden but of course they have to take out Asshat’s unwanted plants. But as soon as Ass saw he flipped out on them and told them they couldn’t touch his stuff. He then threatens to have his Dogs to attack Yuki after which she goes into Mama bear Mode and tells him to not touch her or her children. At some point she kicks his screen door where the dogs are barking and now it’s just a solid 5 minutes of shouting and banging. 
I’m only hearing all this stuff from inside my house but I immediately call the cops cuz I’m worried someone might get hurt. I can see other neighbors from my window have come out of their houses and some have even tried to step in to de-escelate the situation. I can immediately hear Asshat trying to be the victim claiming that she’s the aggressor, but thankfully they can see that he’s in the wrong cuz it’s not his property to fight over. And finally! Witnesses! As I’m on the phone with the police they’re still shouting outside. It probably wouldn’t have mattered if I had called cuz I know both Asshat and Yuki were threatening to call the cops on the other and had already begun to shortly after I had been on the phone with them.
After, I immediately called Yuki to see if she’s OK while Tim tries to talk to Asshat. Of course she and her children are very emotional and shaken. They relayed all their troubles to the police and they told them it wasn’t OK for Asshat to do what he did, but beyond that just to call them again if anything happened. They asked for my advice and I just told them to once again, contact the HOA-- try to record everything. Call Asshat’s landlord cuz I was able to acquire the phone number two weeks ago, and I was willing to corroborate all their stories. I also reminded them to keep the Dog repellant device I had given Yuki for protection a while back. Bring up his drug usage if it’s not for medicinal purposes cuz it might break the rental agreement, the aggressive dogs and threats, the trespassing and to check the HOA rules on if the breed of dogs he has is not permitted. 
I was just so stressed for them. Tim revealed to me later that when he asked Asshat why he threatened to have his dogs attack his wife he said “I was scared of her, I don’t know if she knows karate.” 
HIM. scared of HER. a tiny, Japanese woman that he DWARFS and could easily throw her around. And karate??? What cuz she’s Asian??? Like, not only are you a liar sir, you are fucking racist and I AM SO MAD. 
Anyway I really hope he gets some fucking consequences cuz they definitely didn’t deserve that. What a fucking menace.
Edit: Thanks to everyone who advised about calling animal control to report his threats using his dogs. I told Tim this and he said he might do that. He also said Yuki is considering filing a restraining order.
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Do you think that Hawk going violet will happen in a big emotional time? Like he's feeling like he's still a Cobra and gets confused and wants to leave Miyagi-fang (?) but something happens and he realizes that he's not a Cobra.
YESSSS this would be great!!!
Like I’m imagining Hawk feeling pretty conflicted because it’s been several weeks and STILL no one in the dojo really seems to like or trust him aside from Demetri and Miguel. Like even Mitch and Bert are wary of him, having seen firsthand how far under Kreese’s influence he ended up falling--and perhaps they’re a little jealous too, since he got to stay in Cobra Kai while they were both booted out. Johnny is glad to have Hawk back in his class, but he still can’t help but be a little angry with him for choosing Kreese over him initially--he knows HE’S the one who toughened Hawk up, not Kreese, and he can’t help but remember how readily Hawk dismissed him at first.
Maybe word gets out about Hawk trashing the Miyagi-Do dojo the previous summer--perhaps Miguel confides in Sam about it, and Sam, in a moment of hotheaded weakness, storms out into the dojo courtyard and confronts Hawk. I dunno if she would be mean enough to yell at him in front of everyone, but people almost certainly overhear regardless--and when it gets back to Daniel, ohhh boy. Hawk and Daniel were warming up to one another, and Daniel was even trying to help Hawk through some of his anger issues--but once he finds out that Hawk stole Mr. Miyagi’s medal of honor, all bets are off. (At least for now--Daniel has a way of coming around. But Hawk sure as hell doesn’t know that.)
After the whispers about what Hawk did the previous summer start spreading around the dojo, people avoid him even more. People look at him like he’s even more of a monster. Daniel doesn’t interact with him any more than is absolutely necessary. Hawk apologizes, of course--tries to channel as much emotion into it as he can so people know it’s genuine. But no one seems to believe him, and he can’t help but be confused about what else he’s supposed to do. Apologies for him have always been a one-and-done deal, and he’s not sure why everyone else isn’t accepting it like Demetri was. He doesn’t know what else to do to communicate he’s serious.
Demetri and Miguel both vouch for him, of course. Demetri especially--he’s used to getting across what Eli’s trying to communicate, attuned from years of practically being Eli’s voice. Demetri never wants to leave Hawk’s side, standing centimeters apart from him at karate practice and swinging a protective arm around him to squeeze his shoulder whenever people shoot Hawk suspicious looks. Despite his friends’ efforts, Hawk is miserable--he feels like he’s under the worst kind of microscope, and no matter what he does, no one is going to trust him.
He feels guilty about it, but he finds himself longing for his Cobra Kai days. How he was respected, feared, celebrated for his strength and his fighting skills and his ruthlessness. Now, it feels like everyone flinches at them--even Miguel and Demetri, on occasion. He just isn’t admired--just isn’t appreciated--like he used to be, no matter how much Demetri tries to reassure him. “I know they’ll trust you eventually. It’ll just take time!”
Hawk isn’t sure they’re ever going to trust him.
Sometimes he wonders if he should go back to Cobra Kai, regain the fame and the prowess and the fear of everyone who dared to cross him. He’d take Miguel and Demetri, of course--he can’t bear to be pitted against either of them ever again. But a bit of intensive training on the side for both of them, and he’s sure they could make it in Kreese’s Cobra Kai. They’re both incredibly skilled fighters, and the thought of the three of them becoming the three most intimidating fighters in the Valley is oddly cathartic to Hawk. The three most pathetic losers in the school, risen to great heights to be terrifying warriors who people were scared to so much as breathe wrong around. Demetri will come, Hawk is sure--Demetri would follow him anywhere, as long as he gets Hawk’s word that Hawk will never turn on him again. And Miguel...well, it might take some convincing to get him to leave the LaRusso girl, but if Demetri comes, Miguel will surely want to be with his two best friends more than his annoying girlfriend.
Hawk is walking home one day from karate training (a training that Demetri never showed up to--a bit odd, but Hawk figures he must have just called out because he had a lot of AP homework), thinking about how best to try and loop Miguel and Demetri into extra training, when his phone rings. He picks up, and it’s Miguel--panicked, hyperventilating, voice cracking like he’s been crying, rushing words out through raspy breaths. He’s hard to understand, talking fast with his voice choked with sobs, but Hawk makes out something about “Demetri” and “an ambush near the park.”
Hawk is at the location in minutes, sprinting there at top speed despite running never being his forte (Demetri was always the faster one between them). Demetri is lying motionless on the cement, passed out with his flannel slowly soaking through with blood. Hawk runs to him in a hysteria, screaming and crying and begging for him to be okay.
While Miguel calls an ambulance, Hawk is frantically looking over Demetri, trying to figure out where all that blood is coming from. No amount of punches and kicks could draw out that amount of blood. Then he lifts up Demetri’s shirt, and lets out a strangled whimper.
The Cobras are fighting with knives now, apparently. And someone--probably Kyler--carved “COBRA KAI NEVER DIES” across Demetri’s back.
And Hawk can’t stop crying because he knows this is his fault. There’s only one reason the Cobras would target Demetri--he was the reason for their latest deserter, and they knew that.
Or maybe he had simply been someone from a rival dojo in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe the Cobras were just those kinds of people.
Because it was never strength and power that Kreese cared about--it was war. Using dojo rivalries as an excuse to get away with hurting people because he enjoyed it. Because them being on the “opposite side” made it seem justified, somewhere in his twisted mind.
The doctors have to practically drag Eli out of Demetri’s hospital room. Luckily they’re able to at least reassure Eli that Demetri is going to be okay--it’s the only way to get him to leave. There are more knife wounds that he didn’t see at first, but they didn’t hit anything vital--thank god. Demetri’s lost a fair bit of blood, but he’ll be all right.
The text scrawled across his back most likely won’t scar, if Demetri cares for the wound properly. And that’s enough for Eli--he knows how meticulous Demetri is. He’ll get through it.
Still, the red stains on Demetri’s shirt and the dark cuts slicing through his skin are seared in Eli’s mind as he drives home. When he gets in the shower that night, he thinks of the words carved into Demetri’s back and his lips curl up in a snarl. He grabs a bottle of bleach, emptying the entire contents onto his limp scarlet hair.
Hawk bleaches and bleaches until the shower is a mess and the entire bathroom smells of cleaning products and every trace of the distinctive Cobra Kai red is completely annihilated. Cobra Kai never dies? Bullshit--they’re dead to him.
His eyes trail to a bottle of hair dye on the top shelf of the shower rack, and he grins. He’s been toying with the idea for a while now, but now...he’s never been more certain in his life. With the red gone, and Cobra Kai truly behind’s time.
When Demetri wakes up in the hospital the next day. The first thing he sees is a jagged purple shape clouding his vision--hair, he realizes. “Who are you?” he mumbles.
“Come on, Deme, how many people do you know with a goddamn mohawk?” a familiar voice says.
His eyes focus to find Eli smirking at him, hair up in deep violet spikes. His hand feels warm, and he looks down to see Eli’s holding it.
Demetri hopes his blush isn’t too visible.
“Holy shit, dude.” Demetri can’t help but grin. “You look great. Why the change?”
“After seeing what they did to you, I couldn’ a Cobra Kai color anymore.” Eli bites his lip. “And it just reminded me of all the awful stuff I did there, too. But know how Sensei LaRusso is always talking about balance?” Demetri just nods.
“I guess I thought I needed something like that. Like I want to be cool and intimidating and kick ass, like Sensei Lawrence and Miguel. But I also want to be all...I dunno...rational and wise and moral and shit, like you and Sensei LaRusso. And Eagle Fang’s got the red thing, and Miyagi-Do’s got the blue thing, so I was like...maybe I should mix them? For balance?”
“Ohhhhh!” And here comes Demetri’s shit-eating grin. Hawk isn’t sure why he expected any different. “You think I’m ‘rational and wise and moral and shit,’ Eli? I thought you thought I was a ‘lame nerd!’”
Eli just rolls his eyes. “God, shut up. You can be both.”
“Also, are you going to stop holding my hand?”
Demetri just snickers and leans back, enjoying the sensation of Eli’s fingers between his.
“I was thinking about leaving, you know,” Eli admits quietly, after a beat.
Demetri sits up, staring at him in shock. “What?”
“I didn’t feel like I belonged,” he explained. “I didn’t feel like anyone wanted me there, after everything I’d done. No one but you believed me when I said sorry. I thought maybe I’d be happy if I went back to Cobra Kai, took you and Miguel with me so I wouldn’t have to fight you and we could all become strong together without...without everyone looking at me like I was evil. But now? I never want anything to do with those assholes ever again. Not after they hurt you like that.”
Demetri looks at Eli so softly that Eli thinks he might melt. Then Demetri breaks out in another huge smirk. “Awww, you were going to try and bring me back to your evil karate cult with you? How thoughtful of you!”
“Oh my god, shut up. Yes, I think you would’ve been good enough to survive in there. Don’t let it get to your head.”
“Also, are you still holding my hand?”
“Maybe I am. Mind your business.”
When Demetri takes said hand and uses it to yank Eli forward and kiss him full on the mouth, Eli isn’t about to complain. 
When they pull apart, Demetri is a spluttering mess, quickly apologizing and insisting he wasn’t thinking. Eli just laughs, and pulls him forward by the neck so their foreheads are pressed together. “God, I’ve wanted that for so long, Demetri. Don’t you dare apologize for it.”
A short pause. “I know it’s been hard for you,” Demetri adds quietly. “At the dojo. But you have to believe me when I say they’ll come around. I know you’re a good person, Miguel knows, and everyone else will realize it too. It’s just going to take some time. But you’ll figure out how to make it up to them. I believe in you.”
“Okay.” Hawk closes his eyes and exhales slowly, letting himself relax. “As long as I’m with you, it’ll be fine.”
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kbetacygni · a month ago
Fate through the lens of Karate Soap Operas and Sci-fi Thrillers: a comparative analysis on Cobra Kai (2018-present) and Dark (2017-2020)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The following is a (non-essay format) essay comparing Cobra Kai / The Karate Kid and Dark. 
[oh god oh frick tumblr messes with the bullet point formatting on the dash, you’re gonna have to read this on my blog]  
 A note before we begin, regarding spoilers: 
I’ve left a lot of the info on Dark intentionally vague, because Dark is a show that is meant to be experienced and spoilers for it feel absolutely illegal. THAT BEING SAID, the following isn’t entirely spoiler-free for Dark, because it’s impossible to talk about the parallels without some spoilers. I feel terrible about it, which should clue you in on how IMPORTANT it is to watch it. I’m not kidding when I say this: Dark is and will be, for a very long time, the best show in the history of humankind. 
(of course, best depends on category. If you wanna say “best comedy show”, Dark is... not it. But this is as clear as I can make it, and I am 100% serious: Dark is fucking good. It’s so fucking good. It’s incomparable.)
I don’t have spoiler warnings for Cobra Kai because all my mental energy has been devoted to spoiler-filtering Dark. Sorry about that. 
So let’s just jump right into it! 
Overall parallels:
“34 years later” | “the 33 year cycle”
Location-specific over multiple decades
San Fernando Valley | Winden
Same characters over multiple decades
(need i elaborate)
(Interesting note: whereas Dark uses different actors, KK/CK has the benefit of being able to actually transcend time, using the same actors. Big props to the Dark casting directors, though, because they do a damn good job of it, to the point where Dark’s casting choices are easily comparable to Zabka and Macchio’s actual aging-up)
General 80s vibes
KK1 being set in 1984 + music/scene choices in CK | many storylines in Dark
Primary theme song is an 80s song: “You’re the Best” | “Irgendwie Irgendwo Irgendwann”
Recurring events
(need. i. elaborate.)
This bears repeating: recurring events
(ok i’ll elaborate, with the clearest examples:)
1984 - 2018 All-Valley Tournament | 1986 - 2019 missing children
With each iteration of events, things fall apart even more and the consequences are worse
In the latest iteration (I know that isn’t the best terminology to use for Dark, but bear with me), The Kids(tm) have been looped into the hellscape
Three factions at war:
Cobra Kai / Eagle Fang / Miyagi-Do | Adam / Eva / Claudia
Visually, both shows have multiple mirrored scenes and shots comparing events from decades ago to events in the present day
Cobra Kai’s flashbacks and general mirrored scene-positioning | Dark’s montage scenes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Themes, Tropes, and Broad Characterizations:
Self-fulfilling prophecies / Inescapable fates
(this is the big one)
The more a character tries to avoid a fate, the more likely it is to happen (Johnny re: bad parenting, Kreese coming back and fucking things up, his son Robby falling into Kreese’s hands and probably suffering the same fate he did | Jonas re: e v e r y t h i n g)
Parents going to great lengths to protect their children
This is a pretty central theme to Dark, and to Cobra Kai as well. In spite of estrangement and tension, parents do many things (in the case of Dark, All The Things) to try to save their kids.
And it doesn’t work out very well, which makes it hurt all the more.
Forbidden love
Miguel and Sam | Jonas and Martha
Broken families and/or single parents
Johnny’s parents and his own family, Daniel’s parents, and Miguel’s family | Jonas’s parents and the Nielsen family
Main character is a social outcast
KK: Daniel, CK: Johnny and Miguel | Dark: Jonas
Trauma / incapability of letting go of the past
“This suffering has made you who you are.”
Teens Being Manipulated By Adults
Especially being forced by adults to take sides in a larger war
Miguel, Hawk, Tory, Robby / Johnny, Bobby, Dutch, Tommy, Jimmy being manipulated by Kreese | Winden teens being manipulated by Adam and Eva
The Police Don’t Do Shit
Johnny Lawrence | Ulrich Nielsen. Both characters go through a traumatic event in their teens in the 1980s. Their respective losses have compelled them to involve themselves in the work that caused it
Ulrich: the police never found his missing brother, and in the present day he’s a police officer himself
Johnny: lost the AVT in his senior year, was almost killed by his sensei for it, and in the present day he’s a sensei himself
In their teens, both were kinda punk / angry “bad boys” 
Also: their sons (Robby Keene | Magnus Nielsen) are a mirror of their own teen years/personality.
Daniel LaRusso | Jonas Kahnwald. This connection isn’t strong (other than the stuff I mentioned earlier re: single mother, social outsider), but I just wanted to note that both are famous for their off-the-rails explosive rants about how much they “hate it here”.
And finally, to end on a lighter note:
Skeleton Boys: OG Cobra Kais and Miguel | Mikkel in the forest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bramacharyi-lifestyle · a month ago
My Dirty, Dirty Thoughts
Before poetics, there was no justice! 😫
I had a dream last night, and a dog was chasing me.
He wouldn't let me be.
I got mad.
I tossed him into a lake, and an alligator ate him!
I tried to help him.
I tried to distract the alligator, but he ate him.
I didn't want the dog to die...
I just didn't want him bothering me.
It's stuff like this that makes me worry about my anger.
For actions have consequences.
Me and my brother Joe used to put objects in appropriate places.
It disturbed people.
Apparently the salt shaker MUST be next to the pepper shaker!
Hardcore, hardcore parkour!
Dear God,
Grant me the courage of an animal, the animal of a bear, and the bear of a lifetime! 😫
Coward Lee
liked flowers and showers,
and he liked to bake.
Smells of candles
his intake.
He went outside
and started to rake.
He didn't wanna take a break!
Coward Lee told all the Lee's that it's not a good idea to fight.
All the other Lees laughed at him. And they beat him up.
Ol' Coward Lee couldn't even do a karate chop!
But Coward Lee knew how to do so much more than karate!
He put his focus into making things beautiful, so that no one would ever want to destroy the paradise.
In a way, Coward Lee was the most courageous Lee there ever was.
Even Bruce thinks much of him...
Heart, and mind, and soulfullness
to celebrate,
like he could not wait.
I invited my French friend out one night, and I was feeling coincidental, so I ordered the Chef's finest Sake Blue. 😉👉
Some of you might be thinking, "Well, my only French friend is a fry!"
To that I say...
Your friend may not always be small, but they will always be French.
Stay 30, my friend.
Of all terms, of all the words, of the things describing reality, Gentle is a good guide no matter what the case!
Even in the most violent of cases.
This rhymes so much!
<Isn't a kitten>
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paradigmsofbrittaperry · a month ago
my favorite bad movies: an incomplete masterlist
- Ator: the Fighting Eagle (Rifftrax): it's about a bunch of warrior people and wizards and the main character has a pet bear cub. what more could you want.
- Miami Connection (original, Rifftrax): a classic. it's got a battle of the bands, drug-dealing ninjas, and motorcycles. made me do a spit take with LaCroix when I watched it for the first time a couple of years ago.
- Birdemic: Shock and Terror (original, Rifftrax): the best visual effects I've ever seen. features a heavy-handed environmentalist message and a detour into a redwood forest alongside James Ngyuen's typical heterosexual nonsense.
- Death Promise (original, Rifftrax): adequately described in the Rifftrax description as a 70s karate vengeance tale. I couldn't go five minutes without saying how much I wanted one of the main character's button-up shirts. my poor father puts up with so much.
- Breaker! Breaker! (original, Rifftrax): a Chuck Norris movie where he's a trucker and gets caught up in the dealings of a strange small town. there's a scene where he stops in a diner and everyone inside is wearing a stupid hat. there's one woman who has a bunch of mildly terrifying dolls and an even more terrifying obsession with them. I've seen it four times in like three months.
- Roller Gator (Rifftrax): if you don't like jangly guitar music and hand-operated alligator puppets, this movie is not for you.
- Mac and Me (original): The Time That McDonald's Ripped Off E.T.
- Santa's Summer House (Rifftrax): this is one of the few on this list that is only watchable with commentary and a few friends. from the makers of hit films such as "A Talking Cat?!?" and "A Talking Horse?!?" and was filmed in the exact same house as those two.
- "Manos" the Hands of Fate (original, MST3K, Rifftrax): an ACTUAL classic. you've probably seen this movie referenced in other media before. the reference to it in Gravity Falls literally made me crazy.
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womanlives · a month ago
🗣️ omfg from any of them tbh
mercy: rich people should be robbed once a week ma’am: why mercy: builds character
[on a nature hike] davies: it’s so beautiful out here ma’am: and quiet davies: ma’am: davies: wait a minute ma’am: did we lose someone? [cut to mercy and kaldar fighting a bear]
mercy: i actually have a black belt ma’am: in what? karate? mercy: no, from gucci
kaldar: how do i make a date more romantic davies: try being mysterious [later] mercy: where are you going kaldar: none of your business
davies: quick! take my hand! ma’am: *grabs davies’ hand* ma’am: now what? davies: nothing. i just wanted to hold hands
kaldar: can i ask a favor? mercy: i would literally die for you, but continue kaldar: kaldar: we gotta talk about you starting sentences that way
tempeste: *signs a legal document with a glitter gel pen*
@hvadeina​ / incorrect cowboye.
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cooliogirl101 · a month ago
If Sayuri was transported to Bleach canon alone (assuming the same premise of the lightning mist au, where Sousuke is dead so she doesn’t seek to find a way back), what would she do?
Well in the lightning mist AU, she basically went into a deep, deep depression and didn’t come out of it until she found Sakumo and Kakashi. I don’t think she would bother seeking out canon!Aizen-- she wouldn’t be able to bear having him look at her without any of the warmth, love, and recognition her Sousuke looked at her with. She’d wander the world lost, grieving, not wanting to live but not having the energy to die either. 
Ichigo first meets the woman in white when he is nine years old. He sees her standing by the river as he’s walking to karate practice, staring blankly into the distance. 
She’s not the first person Ichigo’s found wandering around Karakura Town looking a little lost. The others, they’d mainly looked confused, unsure of who they were or what they were supposed to be doing. This one, though...this one just looked sad. 
“Hey!” He calls out. She doesn’t respond and so he runs up to her. “Hey, are you alright? Do you need help?”
Close up, Ichigo can’t help but notice that the woman looks...really, really thin. He swallows, looking up at her sunken eyes, the dark bruise-like shadows underlining them, her hollowed-out cheeks...
“Are-- are you hungry?” He asks the stranger hesitantly. “Do you want to come home with me? Mom would be okay with it, she loves having guests over! And she’s a really good cook, everyone says so. You should come! I think we’re having curry tonight.”
Her eyes flicker down towards him, gaze sharpening for the briefest moment as she takes in his face. Then she turns away, walking off. Ichigo watches her go, expression thoughtful. When he gets home that night, he makes sure to sneak some extra snacks into his backpack for tomorrow.
Ichigo seeks out the woman in white every day for the next three weeks. It isn’t always easy to find her but something about the water seems to calm her, and so more often than not Ichigo can find her standing by the river. He still hasn’t managed to convince her to take any food but on the bright side, she seems to be tolerating his presence more. She hasn’t walked away from him since that first day and although she still hasn’t spoken, she’s starting to listen more-- her focus on him rather than the water’s depths. 
One day in mid-June, it starts raining really hard and so Ichigo sneaks an extra umbrella into his backpack in addition to the multitude of untouched snacks. He doesn’t get a chance to look for her after school-- the rain had started really coming down and Isshin had showed up to take him straight to karate-- and so once karate practice ends, he hardly even waits for Masaki before sprinting out the door.
“Hey, hey, slow down!” Masaki laughs, chasing after him. “What’s the rush?”
“I’m looking for a friend,” Ichigo replies, scanning the riverside for a hint of white. “She’s got brown hair and she always wears white. Do you see her?”
Masaki pauses, pulling Ichigo under her umbrella. 
“I don’t think so,” she says after a moment, peering into the rain. “With it raining this much, your friend is probably inside, Ichigo.”
“Maybe,” Ichigo says dubiously, cupping his eyes with his hands in an attempt to see better. Masaki looks at him, a fond smile on her lips.
“Tell you what. We’ll come back and look for her together tomorrow, okay?” She says warmly. “For now though, let’s go home. I don’t want you to get a cold.”
“Fine,” Ichigo says begrudgingly. “But tomorrow, I definitely wanna-- wait, I think I see her!” Before Masaki can stop him, he runs towards the faint figure he sees in the distance, where the rising water is especially turbulent. 
As he gets closer, he can tell that the figure isn’t the woman in white-- instead it’s a kid, a little girl probably around Yuzu and Karin’s age. She’s crying, clutching onto a stuffed bear, eyes swollen shut with tears.  
“Hey,” Ichigo says softly, so as not to scare her. Behind him, Ichigo can hear Masaki shouting his name. “Hey, are you alright? Do you need help?”
At the sound of his voice, the girl stops crying for a moment. She blinks, looking up at him with large, teary eyes. 
“The water is especially high today,” she whispers, so quietly Ichigo can barely hear her. She smiles, squeezing her teddy bear with both arms. “I love to swim. Will you swim with me, nii-san?”
The girl turns back towards the river, bending her legs as if preparing to jump. His heart leaping into his throat, Ichigo lunges towards her with one arm outstretched. 
He never makes it. Instead, he feels a pair of arms encircle him from behind, pulling him into a secure embrace.
“Look away, Ichigo-kun,” an unfamiliar voice murmurs, even as a strange tiredness spreads through his entire body, causing his eyelids to droop. “This is not for you to see.” 
The last thing Ichigo hears before his vision goes dark is a sickening squelch, not unlike the sound of a butcher knife slicing through a fresh cut of meat. 
“Forgive me, I don’t think I introduced myself last night.” Sayuri opens her eyes to find the same red-haired woman from last night in front of her, a kind smile on her face. “I’m Kurosaki Masaki, Ichigo’s mother.” 
“...Sayuri,” Sayuri answers, after a sluggish pause. She blinks, gathering her thoughts-- she remembers the weight of Ichigo’s body in her arms, handing him over to his frantic mother, the scent of blood in the rain. “ is he doing?” 
She has a general idea of Ichigo’s wellbeing-- his spiritual energy is bright enough to sense clear across town, even at this age-- but it’s always better to confirm. 
“Asking for you,” Masaki replies, her lips quirking up. “It was all I could do to keep him from following me here-- but then, I wanted to speak with you first.”
Her smile fades, expression sobering.
“You know, I spent hours rehearsing what I was going to say to you this morning?” Masaki asks. “I don’t even know where to start. You saved my son’s life.” She exhales shakily. “I mean, how do I even begin to thank you for something like that?”
There’s another pause before Sayuri figures out she’s expecting an answer. She rewinds the last minute of their conversation and comes up blank.
“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” She asks after a moment. Masaki’s expression softens. 
“I said, I would very much like to thank you,” she says gently. 
“Oh.” Sayuri thinks about that for a moment. There was a time where she would have held on to the favor. It’s what Sousuke would have done, collecting debts and loyalties until-- 
She shakes her head.
“That’s not necessary.”
It isn’t like those debts had done much good in the end, anyway.
“Then at the very least, come over for lunch,” Masaki implores. “Allow me to do that much. Please.”
Sayuri closes her eyes for a brief moment, focusing on the other woman’s spiritual energy. Even that is a struggle, and the fact that she has to think about it at all...there was a time when she would have scanned it automatically, when the act would have come as naturally as breathing to her.
But then, it is so very hard to concentrate these days.
“I can’t eat,” she says finally, a statement that should have seemed obvious to her in retrospect.
“You leave that to me,” Masaki says, eyes warm. “I’ll figure something out. All I need is for you to come with me.” She extends her hand to Sayuri. “Shall we?”
There was a time when Sayuri would have analyzed every possible meaning and connotation behind such a gesture before accepting. Now, it’s difficult to think, hurts to remember, and Sayuri is oh so tired. 
And well, it was just lunch. What could it hurt?
(What could possibly cause her more pain at this point?)
She reaches up and takes Masaki’s hand. 
Sayuri, six months later, wearing a Kurosaki family sweater, sitting on the bleachers squished between Masaki and Yuzu at one of Karin’s soccer matches: ...I feel like I’ve been tricked, somehow
(idk I just like the thought of Sayuri getting aggressively adopted into the Kurosaki family. No, she did not have any say in the matter)
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whimsywit · a month ago
Hello, I was hoping to get a red velvet truffle...?
I use he/they pronouns and I have no gender preference. I'm an average height and im a minor, I don't know much about zodiac stuff but I think it depends on birthday and my bday is on september 4th.. and I have shaggy/wavy dark red box dyed hair that reaches my shoulders and brown eyes lol I wear neat glasses too. I have pretty cool piercings, I usually wear baggy clothes because I like to stay comfortable.
I'm a very lazy/laidback person and I like getting into alot of playful banter n joking around with people im comfortable with. I am very people dependent and I hate being alone. I don't consider myself all too smart to be honest I'm wistfully ignorant lol. I have a not so good temper. I have trouble putting my thoughts and emotions into words and instead they're more present....physically if that makes sense idk like i said before i have trouble with this shit lol. I try my best to help my friends with any issues they have but I'm kind of awful at it.I am a very passionate person and I think I can be a very good person but I'm just so full of doubt that it makes me wonder if I'm just lying yakno? LOL. I kind of really rather go with the flow of thinks yakno? I'm really easy to fluster/embarrass and I am way too sensitive for my own good.
Random lil things about me, I used to do karate I hated every second of it but I still think fighting cool as fuck, I have awful music taste none of it makes sense I go from nasty screaming music to soft cheesy love pop songs it sucks but im really into singing too, i like playing games any kind of games but I usually suck at them 
I like dark and stormy weather nd hanging out with friends while just doin fun stuff. I really like savory foods as well. I dislike the heat and just being dirty/sweaty, I also have an irrational hatred of naps because i feel like im losing so much time i could be using to do stuff. My fears are being as bad as the people who hurt me in the past, and bugs haha. I really just wanna be successful in my life and amount to something! Have a good job a good house yakno yakno all that good stuff.
Traits I look for is someone who has a sense of humor even if its just a lil bit, someone sweet who will take time to understand me n stuff like that lol.. Someone I can find comfort in without feeling stupid about it. I really admire people who are empathetic since I have trouble being empathetic myself. Traits I'm not interested in are like people who are way too serious and uptight, not that being serious is a bad thing but i just can't groove with it.
Ok thats all, thank you very much :)❤ -👹🍁🌋
Heya! Tysm for requesting, and also in case you were curious, your main zodiac aka sun sign is Virgo (tho that doesn’t really come into play in your matchup mb 😅) Anyway, based on your info, I think you’d be perfect with...
Eijiro Kirishima!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Gosh you’re giving Tetsutetsu a run for his money with how similar you and Eijiro are! Both of you are passionate yet easygoing people... people (as in people-person but plural? ignore that it was so ineloquent 😅) who are more focused on and inclined towards the physical than anything else. On one hand it means youre unafraid of being close and touchy, and thus very affectionate with one another, which is good news for your dependency trait! On the other hand, you guys do have to study a LOT more than some of your other friends, most often with their help cause its not like you guys are gonna get anywhere by yourselves ffgjsvksdj But being in the same boat and bearing the brunt of it together makes it a lot better, trust! And you throw in plenty of gaming and joint hair-dying dates to balance it out dw ;0
Actually, I could go on and on about all the stuff you two get up to together! Plenty of sparring sessions since he loves a good ol fight just as much as you, hanging out with the bros while sharing savory snacks all around, and singing at the top of both your lungs to anything and everything, since I can see his music taste being all over the place, too. There’s never a dull or tense moment between you, as making you laugh (and occasionally taking advantage of your sensitivity since he thinks you’re the cutest thing in the world when you’re flustered ^w^) quickly become some of his favorite things to do.
Eiji is definitely able to stand your temper—just look at his blond best bud—and always calms you down whenever you rage. He also sees and loves how want to be a good person, help out those around you, and just make an impact. In his mind it’s super admirable that you’re even trying, and effort is half the battle after all! We’ve also seen how he’s struggled with self-image and self-doubt in the past, so he empathizes with your feelings in spades and is more than willing to help and encourage you while you overcome it. ALSO also, thinks all your piercings are manly as hell, and it probably inspires him to get some of his own, which sidenote he looks super hot in so tysm for blessing the world with that 🥺
All in all, you and Eijiro perfectly walk the line between comfortable and intimate. Every moment with him is filled with good vibes as he brings out the best in you, understanding, comforting, and protecting you (at least when any bugs show up for that last one lmfao) like no other while never minding any of your flaws! This guy’s honestly such a perfect sweetie but you more than deserve someone as great as him 💗💞
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