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#the beans are spilled
winepresswrath · 12 days ago
Nirvana in Fire 2 is being so withholding about what exactly Jingyan's evil kid did to make him do a filicide given his noted distaste for filicide and I just! I need to know!
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shotgun-cake · 6 months ago
How much would you hate me if I told you I knew it all along?
Prompt Fill #20
Masterpost of all the ficlets 🍰
Ask Meme: Write a sentence of a story for me and I will give you the next five.
“How much would you hate me if I told you I knew all along?”
Martín reaches for his hand in a silent apology, beaming still, and he should be crying right now, he should be sobbing, his whole body shaking as he stares at him, in shock, in euphoria.
Andrés drops the ring box on the table, sighing as confusion eventually gives way to disappointment.
“Don’t tell me that my own brother–”
“He didn’t actually say it”, Martín explains, gently squeezing his hand, “but he did start calling me hermanito, and last month he sat me down to tell me I was ‘already part of the family’ or something.”
He should be upset, no, he should be outraged by this turn of events, but Martín’s eyes are shining bright with something much deeper than all the public effusions could ever convey, and when he finally leans in for a kiss, Andrés can feel the trembling lips, the wet cheeks, the quiet joy of his fiancé.
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saltine-kakyoin · 7 months ago
although i cannot wait for 2020 to end, oh my god the end of 2020 is going to be such a personal nightmare 🥺😔
#thinking about how The Family has become less and less understanding of me skipping big events bc there's no social distancing +#many of them do not practice solid procedure 👉👈 thinking about how all they do during big events is talk about how much they love trump +#how everyone else is too stupid to understand govt or the economy.. thinking about my cousin who travels all over the place and thinks mask#are a tool to silence us 💃 it's just dangerous and mentally exhausting yk??#like i skipped out on our last event bc. alongside all those reasons. my friend had just committed suicide + i was really behind on#school because i was mourning. my grandpa was going to call me + yell at me for skipping until the beans spilled. but by november that stuf#will be old news to them even though it is something i am dealing with to this day. the depression is something they'll have expected to be#gone by then so I can't cite that as a reason for not going to something like thanksgiving or christmas but like ; ;#my battery is permanently spent!! as the year goes on i see less and less of a reason to keep trucking on! it's enough for me to get throug#a day in which i do nothing but hw. the idea of faking it through a party with all of them is too much right now#of course it's only the beginning of october and things can certainly improve by november but 🙁 idk lads...#venting here bc my sister follows my main and i'd rather she not see this ^^;#sriracha.txt#suicide mention#long post
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timeofcontext · 8 months ago
Baptism of Fire is like
Dandelion: (to every side character) Did you know... all of this plot relevant information. Including stuff about Geralt’s dreams.
Geralt: dude what the fuck that was just obviously a secret
Dandelion: ...he also is crushing on this enchantress
Geralt: DUDE
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britneyshakespeare · 10 months ago
I’m gonna say something that’s more honest than you’d like to hear.
I’m in a Peanuts Facebook group, I’ve been in it for awhile, it’s the only Facebook fan group I’m in that I check on regularly, and it’s adorable to see adults of all different generations bonding over their love for old comic strips and sharing their arts and crafts and little mugs they find at stores and their shower curtains and bed sheets with Charlie Brown and the gang on em. It’s the fucking cutest. It makes me less cynical of the world. And they all greet each other like “Hello Snoopy friends good morning” before dropping old people memes that are just Snoopy staring at the sun, or whatever.
It has over 100k members and it’s just the purest thing.
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tunezplay · 28 minutes ago
Oye Kyme spills more beans on Bobrisky - "I shave his chest and wear him pampers" [Video]
Oye Kyme spills more beans on Bobrisky – “I shave his chest and wear him pampers” [Video]
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topcityvibes · 4 hours ago
“I shave his chest and put him in pampers,” Oye says of Bobrisky (Video)
“I shave his chest and put him in pampers,” Oye says of Bobrisky (Video)
  Following the suspected attack on her that led to their breakup, Bobrisky’s Ivorian PA, Oye Kyme, continues to spill more beans on the barbie.   This follows Bobrisky’s account of his feud with his now-former PA, whom he says made up the lies in order to blackmail him.   In a recent video, Oye Kyme said that the crossdresser’s lifestyle is fake compared to what he flaunts online, citing an…
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equivexpod · 9 hours ago
Hohenheim again in the woods. He reflects on a past memory with Ed, Al, and Trisha. 
The tunnel a Briggs is explored, to disastrous results. General Raven spills the beans about the army’s big plans to Olivier and asks if she’s in. He orders that they put the Sloth back in the hole and seal over it, but may have gotten more than he bargained for when dealing with Olivier Armstrong.
Kimblee makes the Fullmetal Alchemist… no the other one’s… acquaintance, and brings an old friend to Briggs to keep them in line.  
Thank you for listening! ❤️ See you next time!
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firesoulstuff · 10 hours ago
Madney + Accidental Marriage AU
“Ok, do we really have to tell anybody?”
Maddie blinks, her mind struggling to process what she just heard.
“What?” She asks, demands really. “What do you mean ‘do we really have to tell anybody’?!”
She’s holding Jee in front of her, and thank goodness for that, because she’s pretty sure the weight of her daughter in her arms is the only thing keeping her from shouting and making her words clear for the people on the other side of the hotel wall.
Who she and Chimney are currently discussing.
“I’m just saying!” Chimney says, his hands up in surrender. “We have ALL been waiting years for those two to finally get their heads out of their asses.”
“They were DRUNK Chim!”
“Ok, and they know they kissed. Christopher already spilled the beans on that one, and they’re already acting weird about it.”
“So you think it will help to just not mention the fact that they came into our room at two in the morning and told us they got married?”
“It’s not like we have proof.” Chimney argues, and how the hell are they still having this conversation?
“They handed me the marriage certificate!” Maddie exclaims, perhaps just a touch too loud, as Jee starts to fuss in her arms.
To prove her point Maddie moves to the nightstand by the bed whilst adjusting her daughter, and swinging Jee into one arm she takes her now free hand and grabs the paper Eddie had shoved into her face last night whilst leaning very heavily on Buck.
Or, into Buck, really, while her brother had been leaning on the doorframe like he’d had fallen over without it.
Chim rolls his eyes, unable to deny the certificate.
“Go to Vegas they said.” He mutters to the ceiling, before plopping down on his back on their mattress. “It’ll be fun they said. Won’t change family dynamics at all.”
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electric-sympathy · 11 hours ago
Apparently there are people who pretend that Steve Rogers traveling back in time not to miss his date with Peggy was misogynist control freak shit and their whole marriage was basically rape.......
I don’t want to explain why that’s wrong because it’s just so clear they don’t actually believe it and have started this idea on bad faith in order to smear Steve but....... I can’t help it.
Babes. It’s not inceldom to still love someone (WHO RECIPROCATED YOUR FEELINGS!!!) that was ripped away from you for a couple years. It’s not mind control for Steve to return to the point where his life was taken away and ask Peggy to continue their existing date (where is the evidence this was or ever would be forcible? When has Peggy ever expressed she’d have broke it off with Steve? WHAT wishes are being ignored?). We all know he would spill the beans in the first place, and I don’t see how he could ever use coming from the future to abuse and control her in some way when his mere presence fucks the timestream. 
Just stop this shit. It’s embarrassing and these kindergartener level psyops are not going to work.
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deexchanel · 14 hours ago
Pretty girl (Sebastian Stan)
Word Count:
Warning: swearing. fluff and funny moments!
Summary: Euphoria is the worker that takes orders from the cast and goes to pick their food up. She finds friends along the way.
A/N: I don't know how to feel on this one so hopefully everyone likes it.
Tumblr media
I locked my phone sitting in the chair waiting on my order to be done. I applied to this job to help for modeling that I want to do. Basically all I do is get coffee, give water when needed, pick up their food orders and anything else needed. Basically like a nanny sort of.
The baristas had to get all her co-workers to bring all the donuts and coffee I ordered. I mean its a big cast. My backseat was filled with coffee, donuts, croissants, bagels and tea.
"Deep breaths." I said to myself when I got to the building. Some people walked out to my car grabbing the food. And in the next couple of seconds I was in the break room standing by the table preparing to call their names.
People start to pile in the room ready for their breakfast. I take a deep breath and picked the first coffee with the name on the side.
"Scarlett Johansson?"  A gorgeous woman walks up to me with a smile.
"So you're the new girl the russo hired? You're really gorgeous!"
"I literally just thought about that for you!!" I smiled being nice."I hope you enjoy your coffee!"
"Thank you!" She said walking to a table filled with people.
"Tom Hiddleston?"I questioned looking around for whoever this is. A tall man walked up with a smile.
"Me! Thank you!"
I melted at his british accident passing him the tea. god his voice is everything!
"You're welcome."
"Tom Holland?"
"That would be me. You're Euphoria right?" Tom took a sip of his tea. "Word around here is you're the new food person."
"You know my name? wow um yea, today's my first day!"I smiled.
"Yea know holding secrets is something I can't do. We were talking about you earlier." Tom said."Seb looked up your instagram."
What the hell!
"Damn I haven't even passed out everybody coffees and you guys already know who I am." I laughed.
He laugh as well," We can't let strangers in here. I'm just the only one that wasn't scared to talk to you, rest of them some pussies."
"Oh yea I can definitely hang with you!"
"Same. After our last session today, meet me at my trailer?"
"I will surely meet you there Mr.Holland." I laughed and he winked walking away.
"Robert Downey Jr?" I wondered. I don't know none of these actors, I'm just here to get paid. He walks up to me squinting his eyes.
"You called my name like you don't know me."
"Mr. Downey I don't really know none of you I just call the names thats on the side of the cup."
"Mr. Downey makes me sound old call me Robert. You're sassy, I like that. Spidey boy must've spilled the beans about us looking you up on instagram."
"In fact he did. You guys do not need to tell him anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to know."
"Yea we're trying. You better have gotten my coffee right!"
"Dark with one creamer and extra sugar. Please don't play with me Robert."
"Oh yea she got my coffee right. Get this sassy bitch a raise!" Robert yelled to everyone in the break room while he walked back to his table . My face turned red from laughing so hard.
"Sebastian Stan?" I questioned trying to think of who he was . Shit at this point I give up on trying to figure out who's who. A nice looking gentleman walked to the table taking the coffee from my hand. Don't get me wrong he is fineeeee!
"Euphoria right? You really don't know who we are?"
"No I don't Mr. Stan. I just need a job before I start my modeling career."
"Well you look like a model. You're very pretty. And please call me Sebastian or Seb."
"Sebastian are you trying to flirt with me right now?" I joked to see what he would say. His face turned red from nervousness.
"W-What? No! I just- I just thought you were pretty-" I cut him with laughing.
"It's fine Sebastian , I'm just playing."
"Oh that's cold. I'm gonna get you back for that one."
"Sure! I'm the prank queen so try it on someone else!"
"We'll see about that. Chris she think she's the prank queen!" He laughed pointing his thumb at me to a nice looking man who had a perfectly groomed beard.
"Oh you're in for a treat! I'm the best!" The bearded man came over to where we was. Damn I really need to remember names.
"Oh no sirrr! I can't be topped." I bragged brushing the imaginary dust off my shoulder.
"Sureee! I'm Chris Evans by the way." He said putting out his hand for me to shake." Anthony should be coming in any moment."
"Euphoria. Who's Anthony?" I questioned confused. "I'm sorry I don't know any of you guys names." 
"THE PARTY'S HERE WOOOO." A darkskin man in the break room. I'm guessing that's Anthony.
"What's up!" He dap up Evans and Stan not realizing I'm standing there.
"Hey my brother!" I said dapping him up. He went along with it not knowing who I am.
"What's up my sister! Who the hell you is though ?"
"Shit we both black . I thought we should stick together." I said." Hug me Brotha!"
Anthony, Chris, Stan and I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Anthony actually gave me a hug after our laughing fit.
"You cool people, I can definitely hang with you ms funny girl."
Soon I was done passing out food until lunch time. Most actors wasn't going to be here until lunch time.  I was walking behind Hemsworth to his dressing room as he told me his order.
"Make the lemonade a large and that will be all!"
"Okay Mr.Hemsworth anything else?" I asked continuing to write his order.
Chris stopped in tracks looking at me."Yes, what made you want to work for us even though you know none of us. And please call me Chris."
"I want to be a model Chris but I don't have enough to get started. I'm just going to be here until I get enough."
"That's good! Oh and get me some beef jerky too, I'll love you foreverrr." Chris said in a sing-song voice making me laugh. These are some funny ass people. We were walking pass some big boxes but I fell behind him because I was still writing.
"AHHH!" I scream dropping my stuff, jumping on the back of Chris's back. It's the fact that he caught me and didn't fall to the ground. I turn to see Chris E. holding his chest laughing hard as hell.
"Jesus fucking christ Chris! I'ma get yo ass back. Had me jumping on Hemmy back like that." I huff picking up the notepad and pen I dropped . Chris H. was laughing as well
"You thought jumping on my back was going to save you?"
"Oh shut up! I'm not friends with either of you Chris's. Big meanies." I said crossing my arms over my chest,walking off." Don't talk to me!" I yelled over my shoulder like a little kid.
"Euphoria wait!!" Chris E. said but I ignored him and kept walking. "Euphoria I'm sorry!!"
"You get her Chris?" Seb asked once the three of us came where everyone else was.Oh so his ass was in it too?
"Yea Seb I got her ass good." Chris exclaimed placing his hand on my shoulder but I pushed it off. "Euphoria I had to get you."
I rolled my eyes. "Oh so you were in on it? oh yea we not cool nomore. I'M NOT FRIENDS WITH CHRIS EVANS, HEMMY, OR SEBASTIAN STAN." I yelled playfully flipping them off. Both Chris's stood in front of me while Sebastian stood to my side.
"I've never heard nobody call me hemmy. Only you can come up with something like that."Hemmy said shaking his head." I feel special, I got a nickname."
"I want a nickname!" Sebastian whined like a child. "How he get one and I don't , I thought I was your favorite."
"Me too!" Chris said raising his hand. Me and Sebastian caught a glance at each other for a second. I looked away , a blush creeping on my face.
"I have to tell the two apart but I never said that Seb. Holland is actually my favorite." I sassed hoping the blush wasn't on my face, flipping my hair looking around for spidey. "He didn't laugh at me today."
"Awww Euphoria you're my favorite too." Holland came from nowhere hugging me from behind."See ? you boys have to be nice!"
"Oh thomas hush!"Seb said pulling me away from him into his chest. He had on a loose shirt and by accident I touched his stomach. His skin felt like heaven:"She's mine!"
Hemmy pulls me from Seb into his chest as well, with his thick accent." Um no she's mine!"
"No actually she's mine!" Chris said pulling me to his chest too. "I'm the best duh!"
"Guys I have go get you guys food. We'll settle this debate later!" I chuckled placing my head on Evans shoulder." Now give me a hug so I can go!"
They each me a hug but Sebastian hugs me longer. He smelled so good!
I went out to get the food and made sure I picked up Hemmy's jerky.
This a series sooo I really hope you like it!
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3303andmore · 15 hours ago
I am going to rant a bit but…. *takes a deep breath* that shoulder touch Daniel does in that interview? The one before he asks ‘do you miss me?’. I HAVE BEEN ON THE RECEIVING END OF SUCH A TOUGH! Of course, my guy was no Daniel, as a matter of fact he was a fuckboi but back to the issue at hand! THAT WAS AN IM SORRY TYPE OF TOUCH AND I THINK ABOUT IT A LOT!!!!
did u notice also that they’re wearing matching shorts? normally dan wears denim shorts, but he’s got loose fitting ones on in that video and they’re the same as max’s. 
and when they’re talking about the drs zone? and max says he has yellow lights for his sensors for when he’s got drs? who is yellow? renault daniel. maxiel confirmed. 
and when they’re asked about each other’s strengths and daniel’s like ‘oh I never noticed’ and max just stands there like ???? as Daniel then goes ‘yeah turn 8 max was always pretty strong, good entrance’, and max just remembers turn 5 with Daniel. they’re obsessed with each other. I fucking can’t
in conclusion: maxiel make me want a relationship and also want to stab them both. 
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profoundpaul · 16 hours ago
Friend of Liz Cheney Spills the Beans, Claims the Lawmaker Orchestrated High-Profile Attack on Trump in His Final Days
Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is all but gone from her lofty position as the House Republican Conference Chair. In an article that is worthy of Pravda, the New Yorker’s Susan […]
The post Friend of Liz Cheney Spills the Beans, Claims the Lawmaker Orchestrated High-Profile Attack on Trump in His Final Days appeared first on The Western Journal.
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bytheangell · 19 hours ago
Truth Be Told
( @shadowhunterbingo​ square: Two-Person Love Triangle) (Read on AO3)
Magnus can pinpoint nearly every moment he made a decision that went entirely against what he’s supposed to be doing right now. He was aware of each of them as they happened, but he did them anyway, bringing himself closer and closer to the point of no return he faces now.
What he’s supposed to be doing is getting close to Alec Lightwood. Close enough to get him to slip up and share any information about his father, Robert, that might help Magnus and his team build a case for a formal indictment against him. Magnus made some social media accounts under the alias ‘Bane’ with the tried-and-true plan of bonding with Alec over some shared interests, then gently prodding for more personal info once they were ‘friends’. He meant to stay detached, uninvested in Alec outside of his usefulness in potentially taking down Robert. It was meant to be easy because Magnus couldn’t imagine there were many redeeming qualities about a doubtlessly repellant brat raised by the Lightwoods.
What Magnus should have done was pull himself the moment he noticed he was starting to develop feelings. Or the moment he started casually reading up on archery because Alec mentioned it was a hobby of his. Or the moment he stopped pushing Alec to talk about his dad because Alec was uncomfortable with the topic. Or the moment he realized the only person he’d been messaging daily for the past few months, more than his own family, or his boss, or even his best friends, was Alec.
What Magnus actually did was allow himself to fall for Alexander entirely, growing fonder with every conversation they had, becoming more endeared with every new detail he learned about Alec, like his volunteer hours at a local youth club, or his basic knowledge of medicine from helping his sister study for med school and how he gets a constant stream of caffeine from his brother’s coffee truck.
And what Magnus does now is take the empty seat next to Alec where he sits at the bar while his friends dance to some mediocre DJ. He says hi, and makes small talk, and flirts like he has no idea who Alec is - because as far as Alec knows this is the first time they’ve ever spoken.
“Sorry,” Alec says, making a face at the sip of Magnus’ whiskey he tries. “I’m just not a big drinker.”
There goes his plan of getting Alec drunk enough to spill the beans on his dad’s private dealings. Magnus should be disappointed but isn’t surprised to find that he’s not, not really. He can be honest enough with himself to admit the ‘plan’ was just an excuse to risk meeting Alec face-to-face: to hear the voice he only imagined for so many months and appreciate the occasional nervous stutters and the flush that creeps high on Alec’s cheekbones when Magnus compliments him.
Magnus grins. “Well, lucky for you I am, which means I know there’s something out there for everyone. We just need to find yours.”
The two of them have an immediate spark. It’s undeniable, and the conversation flows so easily that Magnus loses track of time entirely until Alec’s friends come back to see if he wants to leave, and he tells them to go without him. The conversation is wonderful but it’s the moments that Alec smiles, the ones where he laughs freely and lets go almost in spite of himself, that Magnus loves the most.
Everything seems to be going well until Magnus starts to notice Alec talking less and less as the night goes on. Finally, Alec sighs, and Magnus allows his current story to trail off at the sight of the frown on Alec’s face.
“Is everything alright?”
“I’m sorry. I can’t… I shouldn’t be doing this. It isn’t fair to you,” Alec says suddenly.
Magnus raises an eyebrow at that. “What isn’t?”
Alec hesitates. “It’s going to sound stupid, but… there’s this guy I like. Someone I met online.”
Oh. Magnus shouldn’t feel the sinking, crushing disappointment he does at that moment. After all, this isn’t meant to be a real date. He shouldn’t even have the feelings he does for Alec. This should be good, it should mean he can just get whatever information he can on Robert and leave with no guilt. Because of course, Magnus isn’t the only person Alec’s friends with online. Of course, Alec’s meeting and flirting with other people.
“That doesn’t sound stupid. People meet online all the time,” Magnus says, trying to sound nonchalant. He doesn’t remember Alec ever mentioning anyone, but maybe they weren’t as close as Magnus let himself hope.
“Yeah, but you’re… well, I mean, look at you. You’re gorgeous, and you’re here, and I should want to give that a chance. I’ve never even met Bane in person, and he probably doesn’t even like me back - we aren’t actually dating or anything, but-”
Oh. Magnus can practically feel the swoop in his chest at the realization that Alec can’t bring himself to get invested in him because… well, because he’s already invested in Magnus. He just doesn’t know it.
Magnus’ disappointment shifts suddenly to elation, and then just as quickly to guilt. He barely hears any of Alec’s continued rambling explanation, the words drowned out by his thoughts which now swirl with a panicked rush of possible responses to this unexpected turn of events. He should leave. He should take the easy out and leave. He should walk away before he says or does anything he’ll regret later. Hell, he should go home and delete the accounts and pretend that none of this ever happened.
There are a million and one things he should do… but none of them are the one thing he wants to do.
And he hasn’t done anything he should’ve since this all started, so why start now?
“-anyway, I’m sorry. But I’m sure you don’t deserve to try and date someone who’ll spend half their time hung up on someone else,” Alec finishes.
There’s only one thing he can do that leaves him any chance of ever seeing Alec again - and he very much wants to see Alec again.
The decision Magnus makes next is impulsive. Magnus pulls out his phone, brings up his Bane account, and looks over at Alec with what he hopes is a look of genuine remorse. “No, I’m sorry. And I’d really, really like it if you gave me a chance to explain, but I understand if you don’t want to.”
Magnus watches the confusion on Alec’s face shift to recognition, then surprise, then a flash of anger as tense hands push his phone back across the bar top to him, teeth clenched as he speaks.
“Glad you understand,” Alec says, his voice suddenly cold - and god does it hurt Magnus to hear that shift in tone, however deserved it is. Magnus can only sit and watch as Alec pushes his stool back to leave, then pauses and turns back to Magnus, the anger back in place. “No, you know what? I do want to know. I want to know what explanation you could possibly have for not telling me who you are when you knew... “ Alec’s words trail off as he takes a deep breath to collect himself, but doesn’t continue talking as he sits back down to wait for an explanation.
“I want to start off by saying that everything I ever said to you, I meant. All our conversations, everything I told you - from how terrible I am at playing string instruments to my fear of drowning - none of that was an act. But... when I started talking to you, it was because I was hoping to get information on your father.”
“My father,” Alec huffs out a laugh. “Of course. I should’ve known someone like you would never actually want to talk to me-”
“But that’s just it - I did! I do. I realized ages ago I wasn’t going to get anything out of you about Robert, but I didn’t care. I just liked talking to you, and getting to know you, and… you. I like you, Alexander.”
“Forgive me if I’m finding it difficult to take anything you say at face value right now,” Alec mutters.
“That’s fair,” Magnus says, sighing. Maybe he should let things sit for a day or two, and try messaging Alec to explain once the anger settles a bit. That’s if Alec doesn’t block him the first chance he gets. Either way, it’s obvious nothing he says now is going to matter. “I should leave.”
Magnus doesn’t wait for a response before he’s already standing up to go, his back turned to Alec when Alec speaks again.
“What information did you want about my dad?”
Magnus shakes his head, still not turning back around. “It doesn’t matter.”
“It does,” Alec insists. “Because if you haven’t figured it out yet, he and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Or anything at all.”
Magnus winces. “Yeah, I gathered as much.”
Alec frowns. “You did, didn’t you?” Alec’s entire face scrunches up in concentration as he thinks back on something. “I told you I didn’t like talking about him weeks ago and you dropped it, and never brought him up again. Why would you do that?” Some of the harshness is gone from Alec’s tone again.
“Because I realized talking about your dad upset you, and I didn’t want to do that,” Magnus explains. Against his own better judgment Magnus latches on to the small bit of hope he feels from the subtle shift in mood.
“Because you like me,” Alec repeats, not quite a question, but the disbelief behind his words prompts Magnus to answer all the same.
“Yes,” he says, the single word pleading, willing Alec to believe him.
There’s a long stretch of silence and it takes all of Magnus’ self-control to not break it. Instead, he hovers where he still stands next to his chair.
“What if I help you?” Alec finally says. “What if I tell you whatever you need to know about my dad?”
Magnus sits back down abruptly, mostly out of shock. “What?”
“Robert isn’t a good person. He doesn’t tell me a lot, but I hear things. I’ve seen some stuff snooping around places I shouldn’t have. I’ll help, as much as I can,” Alec continues.
Magnus should be thrilled. It’s everything he could’ve hoped for when he started, even if it isn’t how he imagined getting it. But the idea of the information coming at the cost of the friendship and connection he’s made with Alec over the past few months leaves an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach.
“But I need something from you in return,” Alec adds, causing Magnus’ gaze to turn up from where he’d been looking down at his hands to avoid looking into Alec’s eyes.
“What’s that?” Magnus asks, his curiosity piqued.
“There’s nothing between us until after I tell you what you want to know. Once you have what you need on Robert… if you’re lying and this is all just a ploy to get information from me, then you have to promise to leave without a word: delete your online accounts, and I never want to hear from you again.”
“And if I’m not lying?”
Alec takes a deep breath. “Then you promise to take me on a proper first date and we start over, with all the cards on the table.”
Magnus smiles. “That,” he agrees easily. “Is a promise I can absolutely make, darling.”
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astromatters · 20 hours ago
Gemini Love Horoscope | May 8, 2021
Gemini Love Horoscope | May 8, 2021
May 8, 2021 – Your love interest may be refusing to speak up about something that is important. They absolutely refuse, point blank, to give their opinion. A square between the Moon and Neptune indicates that pushing them to spill the beans will increase the confusion, which is not a wise idea. It would be better to completely ignore the subject altogether and allow them to talk about it when…
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What is an SEO service and why is it so important?
Tumblr media
If you run an online business, keeping up to date and publishing content is essential for you to thrive. You may well have excellent profits in your physical store and be doing great, but when you enter the web world; you must work hard to achieve a place in SEO. 
If you want to win customers, you mainly need a lot of people to come to your website. How can you call people to interact with you? With us, the SEO people. 
Here, SEO content writing services spill the beans in this quick look at the arts.
A content writing agency has to ask: “What are we and what exactly do we do?” Here we explain it in a little more detail. 
What is SEO?
This little acronym stands for "Search Engine Optimization". And it refers, as the name says, to the optimization of your article or website with respect to Google search engines. 
What are SEO content writing services all about? It consists of improving the visible perception of a website, so that it can offer better results when a search is performed and that this is organic. That is why when it comes to this, it is referred to the concept of natural positioning or organic positioning and given the relevance of this search engine.
It sounds easy, but it is really something that takes a lot of time to develop and requires great respect. Multiple techniques must be considered so that the content is successful and can be positioned or attract enough attention to interact with the page.
What characterizes a successful SEO copywriter?
At first the life of a website content writer may seem chaotic, it may seem that it is impossible not to stand out among so many people, but this is not true. It is easier than it seems, you just have to stay positive and you will see that the goal will be achieved. And you can learn a little more about this world if you pay attention to what the person offering the service does. 
So if your intention is to stand out and that your work or business is recognized above other people within the medium, you must keep alert about all the new things that are presented in the Digital Marketing market, especially in Content Marketing.
In addition to this, once you have managed to improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject, strengthen your skills there is a detail that you should always keep in mind, the importance of techniques in SEO. 
Characteristics of SEO
The person in charge of the SEO of your business will need to think of multiple ways to use SEO in all the content without losing the north, which is: Positioning you towards the scale of google pages. All this from the aforementioned keywords that have already been researched and selected depending on the niche you are going to deal with.  Also writing tags and grammatical structure. 
You should not be so hard on the service you are being offered if you do not see results in the short term, remember that this profession takes a long process and it takes a while to take effect depending on how good the service you hired is. You may apply techniques that do not work or that work perfectly. The SEO copywriter's world is quite changeable, so immediate success and positioning is spontaneous. 
Buyer: a powerful resource for the SEO copywriter
If you need content for your business, you can help the SEO copywriter in this part. Because similar to what happens when you create a startup, you need to know what kind of customer you are writing to in order to adapt the SEO guidelines to a potential reader. 
As a website content writer you know, it is not the same to talk to two different people of different genders and with totally different personalities. It is also not the same when we talk about age, so this is essential when creating content for networks.  Since your business has a specific audience, this will make it easier for the copywriter to adapt to the needs of your business and how you should speak to future buyers to captivate them faster. 
And that's it for today! I hope this information has helped you and that you will consider investing in the services of a content writing agency. Did we convince you? 
Let us know what you think, it helps us bring you more quality content!
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