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#the battle of helms deep
dragonjadearts · a day ago
I rewatched The Two Towers last night with one of my roommates and the end of that film, the end of the Battle of Helms Deep... it always gets me emotional, without fail. So here’s a little... ehhh drabble
Also, this is technically a rewrite of a bit shorter piece that i wrote after rewatching the movie a little over a year ago. I just love this series man idk
Also also, sorry if there’s any weird formatting. I copy and pasted this from my notes and i’m in mobile so hopefully this publishes okay lol
But on that night, the strength of men held. Against all odds, it stood as strong as the walls of their mighty stone keep. Though darkness lunged from the shadows, biting nipping and tearing hungry for fear, for death, for blood like the eager wolf-dogs of the night, the men of Helms Deep never faltered. Never once did they sway from their stand. They stood at the one gate, standing before King and country and facing the evil that sought to sink them forever into the blackness of the night.
But it was not to be. And all the fellowship that remained saw the true face of Men that night. The fair elf of Mirkwood, his gleaming bow shining in moonlight, saw the true face of man that had only been known to him in stories. He saw the heart of his Elf-Friend reflected in the people he came from, at long last, and he felt pride for these brothers-in-arms, and sorrow for his true brothers, fallen to protect them. The mighty dwarf from cavernous mountains, his great battle cry echoing in the Keep, saw the true face of man that he had never thought to be true. He saw brothers and kin in both battle and fury and he fought all the harder, though his limbs ached and his body sore, he refused to let down the light and succumb to the darkness that evil brought. And Aragorn, son of Arathorn, child of Rivendell saw the true face of man that night, a race long since fallen from grace, which at last stood tall the long night, prideful and strong. At last the three found faith in the armies of Man and hope bloomed in their hearts.
For all of Middle-Earth glowed with a golden light as Gandalf the White charged the hill, his staff alight with the shine of the Kings and gods of old. All the might of the Rohirrim mustered behind, there was hope in Rohan’s eyes and in the tired eyes of her King.
And as they sought to do battle against the now fearful and blinded armies of darkness, they had brought an end to that night which had spilled blood and tears and had pushed faith and hope to its breaking point. Brave Eomer, ever loyal to his King, at their head, the Rohirrim would not fail and though Helms Deep was wounded, it would not fall.
And even amongst those most cynical among them, of all those who had survived the long, cold night, there could be no doubt that at last hope bloomed in all men. Hope that battles against armies of evil and fire and pain could be fought and won. Hope that days would come to pass where no man would have to take up arms against monsters too terrible to imagine. Hope that even on the darkest nights, when all hope would seem to be forsaken that the sun would rise again, and clear the shadows from the land and bring with it a new life to a world scarred, battered, and tired.
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melian · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for ðon hé wæs scea hé fæx wæs ford ealra mé du and hé fæx hlá FORTH EORLINGAS by Howard Shore, feat. Ben del Maestro
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cowpokezuko · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Wakatoshi, we are warriors. They cannot win this fight. They are going to die!”
“Then I shall die as one of them!” 
Lord of the Rings AU makes brain go brrrr so here’s Ushi and Tendou as Aragorn and Legolas. 
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gbhbl · 2 months ago
Horror Book Review: My Name Was Nigel: Memoirs of a Killer Zombie (David O. Zeus)
Horror Book Review: My Name Was Nigel: Memoirs of a Killer Zombie (David O. Zeus)
My Name Was Nigel: Memoirs of a Killer Zombie is a unique take on zombie apocalyptic fiction, dropping the bog standard heroic group of humans we normally encounter and instead bringing a diary styled account of the end of the world from the perspective of one of the earliest turned zombies. My Name Was Nigel is brought to us from the mind of British author, David O. Zeus. Aside from him being…
Tumblr media
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game-ofthe-company · 2 months ago
I promise (Eomer x reader)
Requested by: two anons
Request one said: Hi! Can i ask for an EomerxReader one with 2.? & Request two said: Can i request an eomerx reader first kiss?
Prompt: #2. “If things go bad run, just run.”
Warnings: talks of battle
A/n: I actually decided to combine the two... obviously
Tumblr media
The rise in talk among the riders caused Eomer to turn around, wondering why now they all became more chatty. To his surprise he saw you approaching him in ful armor, now moments before battle.
Eowyn had told you not to go on account of revealing about her and Merry as well, but you knew no one would have reason to question were they were. You just really wanted to see Eomer before battle.
“(Y/n)! What are you doing here?!” Eomer questioned both surprised and worried.
He had thought you to be back at the encampment with Eowyn and Merry, though none of you had stayed behind.
“What do you mean? I’m here to help.” You told him and instantly he started to shake his head.
He put his hand against your back and walked you away from the others. “No, I won’t allow you to do this it’s to dangerous.” He stated as soon the two of you were out of earshot from the riders.
“Eomer you need fighters! And I can fight.” You told him. “I know one extra fighter won’t make much of a difference but one is better than none.” You told him though you honestly knew Eowyn and Merry were somewhere on the field.
“I don’t want you to fight (y/n). I couldn’t bare the thought if I-“
“If you lost me?” You questioned looking at him. “How do you think I feel? This is already your third battle with little to no rest. Plus you had gone out hunting orcs down before this. I worried then and I worried now.” You reminded him. “I have waited years for us to be together and yet not seen you because for the past days of battles and I have worried day and night about you. Now let me fight and know that if one more person can make a difference to this battle so be it.” You told him.
He sighed. The two of you had danced around your feelings and ignored your feelings for each other so long that the two of had just got together before his banishment.
He also knew you could be stubborn when it came to certain things such as this.
“You can fight but only if you promise me one thing.” He said to you.
“Of course anything my love.” You said to him.
“If things go bad run, just run.” He told you. “Promise me you will get to safety.” He said honestly worried.
“I promise.” You replied looking at him.
“Eomer! It’s time.” Grimbold called to him.
“Remember to run, no matter what the others say or do.” He said pulled you into a hug.
“Promise me you will you will find me after this is over.” You said looking up to him, you’re eyes scanning his face.
“I promise (y/n) I will find you after it’s over.” He replied as he caressed your face.
In the moment of worry and fear you leaned up locking your lips to his. He reacted instantly leaning into the kiss.
This wasn’t how you pictured your first kiss with him. Before battle when neither of you really knew if you would see each other again.
The was passionate and in the heat of the moment. The minute you pulled away you began to miss his touch.
“I love you Eomer with all my heart.” You spoke softly.
“I love you (y/n) every minute of everyday.” He said to you in a whisper.
“Foolish we were to ignore our hearts for all these past years.” You stated with a small smile.
The two of you could’ve stayed that way even longer, but he was called for once more and he once more said his goodbye this time with one quick kiss before he left back to his men who waited on his words of encouragement, to follow him on his command and fight until the battle was won.
He already knew he would return to you. He had to for he already yearned for you, for your touch and to hear your laugh once more as he had heard so many times before.
You were ready to fight to defend your kingdom, your friends, your allies and most of all your love.
Ooo a request done??? Yay lol hope y’all like it!
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game-ofthe-company · 2 months ago
Mix & Match #4
@0chemicalwaste0 asked: May I request 7 and C pretty please
#7. It hurts. & C. Haldir
Warnings: death
A/n: I broke my rule 😬
Tumblr media
“Haldir! Don’t leave me. Please.” You spoke, your voice broken as tears rolled down your face.
You held him in your arms uncaring of the battle going on around you. All that mattered in the moment was him.
“It hurts.” He replied so low you almost couldn’t hear him.
“I know it does.” You replied caressing his face in your hand. “But you have to be strong. You have to fight the pain. For me.” You said through the tears.
He was fighting just to keep his eyes open, trying not to give into the tiredness.
“I can’t fight it much longer, (y/n) meleth nin.” He said looking at you.
“No! You promised!” You exclaimed. “You promised you wouldn’t leave my side!” You said but it was to late, he was gone.
Translation: meleth nin- my love
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game-ofthe-company · 3 months ago
Stay with me (Haldir x elf! reader)
Requested by: @lainphotography & @modernmythic
Summary: it’s the battle of Helms Deep and the reader, who loves Haldir, sees him get stabbed in the back by the Uruk-hai and well you’ll have to read to find out the rest 😈
Warnings: angst, injury, killing, death
A/n: y’all wanted angst so I shall give it
Tumblr media
You killed Uruk after Uruk after Uruk , even with the numbers of men and elves the Uruk out numbered you. Helms deep was going to be over run, but no one was surrendering.
Your brother didn’t want you to come, but you knew they needed warriors, the more the merrier. Plus Haldir was leading the warriors. you had loved him as long as you could remember but had never said anything to him.
“Na barad!” You heard Aragorn and Haldir yell to everyone.
You were fighting off an Uruk as others ran behind you to the keep. Giving them a more clear pathway to run.
Finally you killed the Uruk and looked around to see if everyone had left to the keep.
“Ahh!” You heard and turned to see Haldir had been stabbed in the arm and quickly killed the Uruk that had stabbed him.
But before he could move another came up from behind him.
“Haldir!” You yelled worried and panicked.
By the time he heard you the Uruk had already stabbed him. You saw him drop to his knees and You instantly reacted shooting an arrow at the Uruk killing him on impact.
You ran over to Haldir as fast as you could to catch him, tears already in your eyes.
“Haldir!” You said holding on to him.
“(Y/n)...” he spoke trying to keep his eyes open but failing.
“Haldir you have to stay awake. Haldir stay with me.” You told him placing a hand on his cheek. “Haldir...” you whispered your voice cracking as you started started to cry.
You wished you had shot that Uruk the moment you saw it behind him instead of calling out to him.
“(Y/n) we have to move!” It was Aragorn who had came up to you.
“No! I’m not leaving him here.” You told him looking him from back to Haldir.
“(Y/n) it’s to dangerous to stay. he would want you to continue on.” Aragorn said.
You knew he was right, Haldir would want you to get to safety.
You nodded and finally laid Haldir on the ground. Slowly you got up but you couldn’t move and you couldn’t look away from him. Aragorn grabbed your hand and pulled you away.
He knew this had to be hard for you, but you had to retreat. Finally you came to your senses and ran along with him.
Once through the doors you slumped down. You were hurting not from an external wound but from an internal one. Haldir was the love of your life and now you won’t sure if you could go on.
“(Y/n) you go into the tunnels where the women and children are.” Aragorn said as he bent down in front of you and placed a hand on your shoulder.
You protested you were a fighter, even if the the strength to fight wasn’t there anymore you would not hide away when half or more of your friends and family had lost their life for this battle.
“I ride with you. I will see this battle through.” You told Aragorn as you stood up and Aragorn nodded.
Theoden gave the command and you all road out giving one last good fight. You were not going to back down not this time.
Tumblr media
You sat in the in the healing wing of Helms Deep, thanks to Gandalf and the riders of Rohan the battle had been won.
“(Y/n) anything yet?” Aragorn asked as he came into the room causing you to look at him.
“Nothing yet, but his breathing has returned to normal.” You answered turning back to Haldir running your fingers through his hair. “It was a miracle he held on that long.” You said just happy that he was alive.
“Maybe he had a reason to hold on.” Aragorn spoke looking at you.
“He’s a strong warrior and a good leader. The others would have been devastated to lose him.” You replied as you moved your hand from his hair to his hand.
“That they would, but I believe he didn’t fight to stay alive for them (y/n).” Aragorn said. “But I will you to care for him.” He added and you nodded.
When the battle was over you had ran back out to Haldir, you had only hoped he wasn’t gone but you didn’t have much faith with a wound like that. So when you reached him and saw a faint breath you knew if you could get him moved quickly he could still have a chance.
In the days to come everyone returned to Edoras, carrying many of the wounded.
All the surviving elves had already returned home, only you and Haldir had not left for Lothlorien. He was placed in the healing halls of Edoras and you stayed with him waiting for him to wake up.
The night of the celebration you were sitting next to him, you refused to leave his side even for a party.
“The celebration sounds like fun, Haldir meleth nin. It makes me miss our feast in Caras Galadhon.” You spoke hoping that you talking to him would help. “So many times I wanted to ask you to dance but no matter how many times I wanted to I couldn’t find the courage to ask. I wish now I would’ve.” You continued on as you looked the way the music came from.
“So many times before I wish I would’ve asked you.”
You quickly turned at the sound of his voice even as low as it was. A smile appeared on your face as he started to open his eyes.
“You’re awake!” You exclaimed. “Wait a minute, how much did you hear?” You asked as a blush creeped across your face.
“Enough to know you love me (y/n).” He answered with a weak smile and you looked away embarrassed that he heard you call him your love. “Don’t look away, (y/n).” he spoke reaching up to caress your face in his hand.
You looked back at him, not believing that this was real, but it was and you couldn’t have be been happier.
“It’s because of you I fought to stay alive.” He told you causing a smile appeared on your face. “Gin melin (y/n).”
Hope it was angsty enough lol
I do love him tho
Meleth nin - My love, Gin melin - I love you
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blacksails2017 · 3 months ago
move for tonight is snacking on an ed*ble and watching the two towers
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readytoclimbtothestars · 4 months ago
- [For Lord of The Rings] I had to do huge battle scenes, and in Hollywood films when it gets to big crowds it’s really only at most two thousand people. But Tolkien writes about Helm's Deep and ten thousand Uruk-hai, and the only way to do that was in a computer. So we created the “Massive” software, where each of the computer people makes its own choices. At the first test screen we had 30 CGI people running at each other and half of them turned and ran away, so we had to dumb them down and tell them to stay fighting.
- You don’t know how the battle is gonna turn out?
- No. If you have orcs fighting elves, you teach CGI orcs how to fight like orcs and CGI elves to fight like elves. You’re literally not in control. You have this huge battle scenes with horses for and that renders for about three days and we don’t know what it’s gonna be like, so we wait and see.
- [Per il Signore degli Anelli] dovevo fare scene di battaglia enormi, e nei film di Hollywood quando si tratta di grandi folle in realtà al massimo ci sono duemila persone. Ma Tolkien parla del Fosso di Helm e diecimila Uruk-hai, e l’unico modo di farlo era a computer. Quindi abbiamo creato il software “Massive”, dove ogni “persona da computer” fa le proprie scelte. Ai primi screen test c’erano 30 persone CGI che si correvano addosso, e la metà si è girata ed è scappata via, quindi abbiamo dovuto renderle meno intelligenti e dirgli di rimanere a combattere.
- Quindi non sapevate come sarebbe andata la battaglia?
- No. Se hai degli orchi che combattono gli elfi, insegni agli orchi CGI a combattere come orchi e agli elfi CGI a combattere come elfi. Non li puoi controllare. Hai queste scene di battaglia enormi con i cavalli e le fai andare per circa tre giorni e non sai come verrà, quindi attendi.
#lordoftherings #ilsignoredeglianelli #tolkien #jrrtolkien #peterjackson #helmsdeep #thefellowshipofthering #thetwotowers #thereturnoftheking #battlescenes #urukhai #johnronaldreueltolkien #newzealand #gandalf #frodobaggins #thehobbit #theshire #lacontea #aragorn #legolas #viggomortensen #orlandobloom #cinema #film #movies #filmdavedere #lordoftheringsmovies #cinematografia #bestmovies #fantasy
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ladysstardust · 4 months ago
The Two Towers is so fucking good. It’s my fave of the trilogy.
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game-ofthe-company · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Legolas walked into the healing wing, hearing that’s where you had been taken a day after the battle.
He was sure you hadn’t been injured as he had seen you right after so he worried as to why you had ended up there.
He walked into to room you were, he could hear your breathing as it was louder than normal. Your eyes were puffy, nose red, and you were paler than normal.
“You look terrible.” Were the first words out of his mouth. They won’t meant to come out but they did.
“Thanks for telling me, I really won’t sure if it was obvious or not.” You stated sarcastically though it didn’t seem to connect to him. “I’m joking Legolas. I know I look terrible.” You said trying to chuckle but soon it turned into a small cough.
Even your voice was different. He worried for you as he sat at the foot of your bed.
“How have you gotten this way?” He asked the worry in his tone.
“It’s from fighting in the rain and the cold at the same time.” You answered and he nodded still you could see the concern on his face. “Don’t worry it’s just a cold. I’ll be good in a day or two nothing to worry over.” You told him.
“You are sure?” He questioned.
“Yes I’m quite sure I will be up and running soon. I just need medicine and rest and I’ll be good as new.” You smiled. “I’m just surprised half of the men who survived didn’t get sick either, but better for them.” You stated as one of the medical attendants came in.
“About one tenth of them did catch one.” The attendant said checking for a fever. “You’re one of the few without a fever, though I suggest you get some sleep it’ll make you feel better.” They said looking from you to Legolas and then back to you.
You nodded and they left out. “I’m sure Aragorn and Gimli will need you back in the hall. I’m all good here should I need any of you I’ll get the attendant to get you.” You told him and he nodded getting up from your bed.
“I will check on you later then (y/n).” He replied before leaving himself.
Because yours truly has a cold today 🤧😴
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game-ofthe-company · 5 months ago
Call it fate (Thèodred x platonic elf reader)
Requested: kinda by everyone 😂
Summary: the reader is an elf healer who comes across an injured Thèodred after battle and saves him only to leave him behind when the riders of Rohan show up. Unaware that he caught a glimpse of them the reader joins the riders and Gandalf to fight at helms Deep. At the celebration after Thèodred approaches the reader curious of why they saved him
Warnings: talks of wounds, death
A/n: I’m glad y’all liked the gif imagine enough to want an actual imagine of it all of the gif imagine is here with some or no changes
Tumblr media
You had been traveling across middle-earth, ever since Sauron had returned you had left help heal any one you come across.
As you crossed over into Rohan you had came across a battlefield and started to look for any survivors.
You were one of the best healers in middle-earth even by other elves standard. You were also always willing to help no matter who it was elf or dwarf, man or hobbit, to you all were important to save.
As you walked through the grounds you looked among the bodies of warriors for any sign of life, none seemed to even have the slightest breath, except one. You could tell he was important by his armor, most likely a marshal, which from the style which was different than the others around him. Though he was unconscious and faced down on the ground you could see his breathing slow, uneven and weak.
You quickly bent down beside him putting your bag on the ground and turned him fully onto his back. You examined his injuries definitely sure that there were more internal than external. Being a healer you always carried herbs and such with you for reason such as this.
Grabbing what you needed from your bag, you placed the herbs over the wounds around his stomach and chest and began to heal him.
The main wounds were severe and deep, you know had you not seen him any sooner he would be dead.
“How strong you must be to still be holding on to life from these wounds.” You said as if he could hear you. “If only I had come across you all sooner. More of you could have been saved.” You added looking among the sea of bodies. “But perhaps you serve a greater purpose.” You thought out loud.
Soon his main wounds were healed and his breathing started to return to normal, all good signs. As for any of his small non threatening cuts and such you cleaned them slightly so they could heal themselves.
You looked back over the man double checking you didn’t miss any wounds and sure he could be okay.
It was then when you heard the riders of Rohan approaching, knowing well enough it was part of their kingdom and of you were caught no matter how good the deed you would be taken in front of a court for your trespassing.
Not wanting to deal with that in case you were needed elsewhere and to continue on your travel you thought best to leave, knowing they would surely find the man and take him back to let him recover.
“You’ll be safe now, your men will find you and return you to your home.” You spoke softly looking over the man, sure now that he was more Conscience then before
You then stood grabbing your bag as you did so before looking at the man once again making sure his breathing was back completely to normal. Then you looked to the direction in which the riders were coming causing you quickly looked for the best way to leave. You thought best through the woods you were originally traveling through, as the gave you the cover you needed.
However you were unaware that the man had opened his eyes long enough to see a glimpse of you, placing a face with the voice he had just heard, before his eyes fell heavy and closed once more.
You quickly looked one last time at the man and took off in the opposite way from where the riders were coming from back on your charted path.
When Éomer and the others found Thèodred he saw that he was slightly conscious with his eyes open again. Theodred as if knowing what his cousin was thinking spoke an answer nearly in a whisper: “The elf. (She/He/They) saved me.”
Éomer looked up at the other men who stood around, all looking around and back to Eomer clueless. Eomer didn’t know to think if Théodred had mistaken someone for an elf or had actually seen one, as they hadn’t seen an elf in Rohan for some time, but he felt thankful to whoever saved Thèodred.
They returned Thèodred back to Edoras where he rested and finished healing in a matter of a week or so, not at the time that his father realized with poison taking over his mind.
Over the weeks after his recovery Thèodred couldn’t stop thinking of you. He still very curious of the elf who save him. ‘Who you were, why were you there, why did you save him?’ The questions ran through his mind over and over.
The answers came sometime later after Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli & Gandalf the White arrived in Edoras freeing Theoden from the poisonous words of Saruman they brought word on information on the on coming battle.
As they were over ran at Helm’s Deep Aragorn remembered Gandalf’s words: “Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the east.”
All were ready for one final fight and all rode out together. That’s when they saw Gandalf, Eomer and the riders appear.
Thèodred as happy as he was to see his cousin and the riders, his attention was on who was with them, you.
Of course he couldn’t speak to you until the battle of Helms Deep was over, that was hoping you would stay long enough to talk to you.
After the battle was won every returned to Edoras where a celebration was held for the victory and as a remembrance for those who fought.
You had of course stayed as you were invited and since your friend Legolas was there.
Shortly after Theoden’s speech the celebration began. You, not wanting to be in crowds at the front of the hall sat in the back enjoying a mug of ale when Thèodred approached you. You could of course recognize him instantly.
“You don’t seem to enjoy the celebration.” He spoke stand on the other side of the table.
“It’s rather nice. I just prefer to stay away from a crowd in case anything happens.” You replied looking at him.
He nodded in understanding, “may I join you?” He asked motioning to the empty spot across from you.
“Of course.” You answered smiling.
He sat after you answered him, trying to figure out how was best to ask his questions.
“I am Thèodred, prince of Rohan.” He introduced himself.
You realized you were right when you came across his on the battlefield weeks prior, he was important.
“Well Thèodred, I am (y/n).” You replied bowing your head to him.
“I believe I owe you a great debt (y/n).” He said causing you to look at him confused.
“How so my my lord?” You questioned, “surely not for the battle, I merely helped where help was needed.” You mentioned not thinking that he had known anything else.
“You save my life just weeks ago, I’m sure you remember.” He stated as he took a sip of his ale.
“How would you possibly know?” You asked confused. “You never opened your eyes as I’m aware of.” You noted.
“I did for a split moment, you were looking away.” He answered truthfully.
You drew a deep breath, “you do not owe me for that, I am a healer after all it is what I do. I am glad though to see you fully recovered.” You admitted.
“Any amount of recovery is great since without you I would have been dead.” He said. “But why did you heal me? You didn’t have to?” He asked looking at you curiously.
“Because you were injured, severely I may add when I came across you. You were barely hanging on but that was enough to heal you. I did look for any others, but you were the only one who was still breathing.” You answered.
“Did you know at the time I was-“
“The prince of Rohan?” You finished his question for him. “No, I knew you were important based off of your armor design, but who you were completely I didn’t know until after the battle.” You admitted.
“So it was all by chance that you found me when you did.” He said more to himself than to you.
“Life has it’s own way of working things out.” You told him. “This is just one of those things.” You added. “Fate or destiny whichever you want to call it.”
The two of you continued your conversation most of the night talking about many things your travels, his Curiosity of other places, stories of childhood memories and even cheering Merry and Pippin on as they sung and dance.
“So will you leave soon to continue your travels?” He asked you as the celebration was finally dying down.
“I will probably stay here for some time in case you need any help for what else comes.” You answered him.
“And once the war is over?” He was interested in you and honestly curious.
“Perhaps I will finally sail to the Undying lands. Reunite with family who left there a life time ago.” You answered honestly still sounding unsure.
“Well if you decide to continue your travels in Middle Earth you will always be welcomed here.” He told you, “we could always use a great healer like yourself.” He stated.
You smiled at his words though you shook your head. “Using my healing for just the people of Rohan would cause many to flood to your kingdom for help or may cause other kingdoms to become upset.” You pointed out to him. “I would not want to bring such down on your kingdom.” You told him and he nodded understanding what you meant.
It was then the two of you realized almost everyone was gone and that the two of you needed to go your separate ways for the night, but still had a few more gulps of ale left from your mugs.
“To fate then.” Thèodred said holding his mug in the air.
“To fate.” You replied holding yours up to clink them together before finishing them off.
What is this?? A long imagine??? Lol 😂 hope y’all like it as much as the gif imagine
Tagging those who wanted this:
@moony-artnstuff @thophil2941btw @emrfangirl @jazzistolkienfanfics
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game-ofthe-company · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After the battle Haldir was looking for you, realizing that he hadn’t seen you since the battle started. He was asking around hoping someone could tell him anything none seemed to know you or hadn’t seen you since the battle.
“Haldir!” Legolas called to him.
He quickly made his way over to Legolas hoping he had any idea where you were.
“Have you seen (y/n)?” He asked worryingly.
“They’re in the medical tent.” Legolas replied, but Haldir could tell there was something else.
“What is it?” Haldir questioned as Legolas face showed more concern and worry.
“(Y/n) is badly wounded...they say (y/n) will not make it through the night.” Legolas answered sadly.
Haldir worry was confirmed as Legolas told him everything.
He quickly had Legolas take him to you. He wanted to see you. Legolas guided him through the tents of wounded warriors to you, he stopped at the entrance of yours where Aragorn and Gimli were.
You laid on the cot your wounds wrapped and your breathing was slow. Haldir made his way to your side as the three left the two of you alone.
“Haldir?” You asked looking over to him.
“It’s me meleth nin.” He replied grabbing ahold of your hand.
Haldir couldn’t help as tears ran down his face, he couldn’t believe this was happening.
“How are you? Are you hurt?” You asked him concerned.
He managed a smile, you always did put others before yourself even in a situation like this. “I’m okay, (y/n).” He replied.
“Good, I was worried about you, but they wouldn’t let me find you.” You stated nearly in a whisper but still a chuckle escaped your lips.
“(Y/n), you should save what strength you have.” He didn’t know what more to say, Legolas had to him that they didn’t tell you it would be soon.
“There’s no point.” You stated, “I know how bad my wounds are, I know what is coming.” You told him. You placed your other hand on top of his. “Haldir, meleth nin it will be okay.” You reassured him. “I love you so much.” You said now wiping the tears from his eyes. “Never forget that.”
“Never my elin.” He replied causing a small smile to appear on your face.
The next few moments the two of you sat in silence your last words dancing in his mind as you finally passed. A moment he had never wished to happen finally came and he wasn’t prepared.
I said it be angsty 😬😭
meleth nin - my love, elin - star
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