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#the bakery of mysteries
ultranerdygirl · 12 hours ago
I'm reading the newest Cupcake Bakery Mysteries book and I'm ready to throw hands with this fictional chef that is daring to insult and threaten my dearest Oz.
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ebookfoodie · 7 days ago
Bacon, Peanut Butter and Banana Breakfast Cookies - inspired by the Magical Bakery Mystery series by Bailey Cates.
Bacon, Peanut Butter and Banana Breakfast Cookies – inspired by the Magical Bakery Mystery series by Bailey Cates.
Early on during the pandemic, I had a difficult time reading. I just couldn’t keep my attention on any book, and everything seemed stressful. After a few months went by, I realized that Bailey Cates latest Magical Bakery series book was out. Her books are always uplifting, and inspiring. They are never too dark, or heavy, just good clean reading that always allows my mind to let go of it’s…
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shezanenigma · 2 months ago
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REVIEW: Lighthouse Library Mystery Series.
5 Diamond Review
The Spook In The Stacks
Read and Buried
Something Read and Something Dead
Written by, Eva Gates
Narrated by, Elise Arsenault
Listened to on Audible
I have been listening to books included with my Audible subscription, and I enjoy the genre ‘Cozy Mystery’ – they are kind of Nancy Drew – Murder She Wrote type stories. I have listened to a few book series by different authors but, so far, Eva Gate’s Lighthouse Library Series is my favorite.
I recommend the Lighthouse Library Mysteries. I have read/listened to three in the series so far, The Spook In The Stacks, Read and Buried and Something Read and Something Dead.
The narrator is Elise Arsenault. She seamlessly flows from accent to accent, and from feminine to masculine voices. She is a great narrator. Her voice is pleasing and her vocal inflections bring the characters to life.
Eva Gates paints a beautiful picture of the Outer Banks and Nags Head, North Carolina with her words. Her characters all come alive with vivid description. Even the main character’s nemesis, Louise Jane, is endearing. Eva creates a town that I want to visit. I would love to eat at Josie’s Bakery. However, in all honesty, I would stay away from the Body Island Lighthouse Library, too many people have been murdered there.
Eva Gates’ main character and the narrator of the series is librarian Lucy Richardson. Lucy is a genuinely caring person. She uses logic and compassion in all of her interactions, even with Louise Jane who has given her a hard time since she was hired at the library. Lucy comes across as open and authentic. She is a very likeable character. Her friendships with the locals seem believable, and sincere. You root for her in all of her endeavors. Not only is she a likeable character, so are her supporting characters.
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pernettewellslove · 4 months ago
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Cute bakery cozy mystery. Fast and fun read.
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i-am-robie · 5 months ago
May I ask what your profile picture is about?
Totally! I think I answered this a while back, but it’s the side of a building in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, near where my folks live. There is a giant pride flag on it and a bench across the way, and sitting on that bench watching main street (which is also the only street lol) eating baked goods from the bakery next door is one of my happy places.
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ask-teambeachcomb · 7 months ago
Hey Pom what’s with the bell?
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mamma said that dad disappeared before I hatched... but someday I’m gonna find him ! I promised her !!
but I’m not big enough yet, so mamma said I should join a team and get really big and strong !!
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but nobody said it was gonna be easy, so I’ll do my best !!!
[ Pom nods her head upwards, puffing valiantly. | @invicta-carnelian ]
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simminglytimeladies · 8 months ago
The Time Ladies as Cakes with Threatening Aura
I’m just bored. Source
Mary Watson:
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Montana Prythona:
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Hilda Osborne:
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Dr. Mary Jiang:
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rockpaperscissormepls · 9 months ago
If you like baking and you like true crime mysteries, you'd love this video my best friend and I made! It's part 1 of a series, the second part "breaking limes and solving crimes" will be out next week!
Every reblog is incredibly helpful, support your small POC youtuber today!
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scentedbygunpowder · 11 months ago
❝ I don’t want to become another mystery. Whoever takes over from me is going to know exactly what happened. ❞ from @encyclopedichead
Riza glanced up at Falman, a bit of a smile playing on her lips. “Falman, from the records you keep, I think that there won’t be much of a mystery if anything happens to you. Although, if there was going to be a mysterious circumstance, I think this would be it.” 
This mission had put them in a bit of an odd situation, The two of them working in a bakery, undercover, in the hopes of intercepting and tracking down an illegal drug shipment that they suspected was coming in through the bakery. The owners of the bakery were not under suspicion and were working with the investigation. They had allowed both Hawkeye and Falman to work undercover, wanting to make sure that if someone was using their bakery as a front, that it was stopped.
Riza lifted another bag of flour and poured it into the mixer. “Honestly, this would be a strange mission to die on. It sounds like the beginning of a mystery novel or one of those radio detective serials. But I don’t think we have a high chance of that this time around.”
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