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#the amount of shows i’m waiting on a next season rn for
rudystree · a month ago
Kerem might put in pratice his threat of going bat shit crazy and ends up stabbing/killing someone since his dad did not listen to him and paid for the lab (my money is that his victm might be Burak, or Burcu's asshole ex fiance) and goes to jail, Eda ends up doing what the others expect from her (getting married to some rich guy, have a bunch of kids), Osman ends up giving up his obssession and ambition for 💲 and lives as a simple farmer and Isik goes study abroad to get over her sorrow (FIN)
Oooh yes, I feel like there’s a lot more shit tied to Burcu’s ex-fiancé ... I hate that dude so much. I wonder though, if it’s not almost too predictable for Kerem to be the one in jail 🤔 least I’d love a good story as to what he ended up doing! All of them (except maybe Osman) defied their parents in the finale so I’m sure that’s gonna be what leads them down a dark road. And I also wonder if they’ll ever explore Osman’s sexuality or if he ever had a love interest. So many questions 😭
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yesandmusicals · a month ago
What are your songs you associate with your fave Glee characters/ships? Or songs you wish they would've covered on the show?
I added a read more because this is LONG and I put a good amount of thought into most of it
Say you love me - Jessie Ware
Ugh this just screams Brittany to Santana to me "Cause I don't wanna fall in love If you don't wanna try" I imagine Brittany singing it season 2 after Santana bailed on coming to Fondue for Two. Brittany is really struggling emotionally, she feel so strongly about Santana but she also feels this giant gap between them that is up to Santana to cross.
How - Regina Spektor
I actually see this as a Finchel song. From Rachel to Finn after his passing
"Time can come and take away the pain But I just want my memories to remain To hear your voice To see your face There's not one moment I'd erase"
My heart aches just with how relatable it is their situation. I actually imagine making a gif set of montages of them and then ending with him giving her that star of him looking down on her. I am listening to this song rn and it’s legit making me cry with how much it fits. Legit TEARS fam. 
Happy and Sad - Kacey Musgraves
"And I'm the kind of person who starts getting kinda nervous when I'm having the time of my life"
This to me is such a Quinn song. Even when she's doing better, she is waiting for it to all fall apart again. I like to think she sings this song to herself when she starts at Yale. She has a fresh chapter in her life but what does she do with it, you know? Can she ever really leave her past behind? I also have a headcannon that all of Sam’s girlfriends have at least one country song they like after dating him lol.
Gravity - Sara Bareilles
I think this is a good Kurt song
“Oh, you loved me 'cause I'm fragile And I thought that I was strong”  It reminds me of that time Kurt said that he thinks there might alway be a power issue when men date. I think he really struggled with the balance in their relationship and he is trying to be a more mature man now but Blaine is his weak spot, for better or for worse.
She Used to Be Mine - Sara Bareilles
I actually think Rachel should have sung this after her show flopped instead of Uninvited. Like don’t get me wrong, Uninvited was good but this song idk just hits different. 
“It's not what I asked for Sometimes life just slips in through a back door And carves out a person“ That is just so Rachel to me because her life had a script and she’s been kicked in the side more than once
The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
 a wedding song for Samcedes. It’s such a sweet song and I think it captures the cuteness of their dynamic a lot 
Ghost - Halsey I kinda see this is a song that Santana could sing to Puck or just about all the boys she's been with and has never cared about. 
"I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me" - you're a warm body but you're not who I want (Brittany, another girl)
What happened to the soul you used to be?" Her to herself about the wrong path she's going down. I see it as a precoming out song
Strangers - Okay so I think Pezberry hooked up in NYC (no you can't change my mind) "Said that we're not lovers, we're just strangers with the same damn hunger To be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all" This in the limbo space between Brittana and Finchel. Or you can even place it after Finn passed. It's actually rather well known that grief makes people do strange things and it's totally in the realm of personality that they have something that is never spoken of. I think this could be a follow up to Every Step You Take. Or maybe even after their feud in S5. Any way you see it, it really captures their dynamic
Grow as We Go - Ben Platt
I actually picture this as Finn and Blaine duet the same way that Barely Breathing was. I think this could be a beautiful reunion song for them to sing to Rachel and Kurt, respectively. 
“You don't ever have to leave If to change is what you need You can change right next to me“ Both Blaine and Kurt were feeling left behind but what if they sing this song as their come back? Like you grew, and I grew, and we grew, now let’s grow back together? Yes, I listened to this song before, during, and after my most recent break up so it has a ton of memories and meaning to me that I can see in both relationships
Lost & Found - Lianne La Havas
I actually think this would be an excellent Blaine song because the lyrics are very dramatic the way that he is lol. 
“Come upstairs and I'll show you where all my Where my demons hide from you .... And I felt strong enough I was discovered by the love I had been waiting for so long“
I’ve seen headcanon/theories that Blaine has defensive layers and Kurt was his true first love and during all of their ups and downs I think he definitely had dramatic times of laying on the floor thinking about Kurt, listening to sad songs like this, and just sobbing. (I def did this during my first real break up) and I think Blaine must have felt like an idiot (for what he did or didn’t see) during a break up and he probably felt like this after coming to McKinley for Kurt and it blowed up in his face (maybe season 4? during the break up?)
Fill Me Up - Tasha Cobb
I like to think that she sung this song at church when she brought Sam along the same way she brought Kurt along that one time
I’m Just a Kid - Simple Plan
“What's another night all alone When you're spending everyday on your own“
Okay, Tina would kill this. I remember when she said before Glee she only had 2 friends on Facebook and they were her parents
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
I think this would be a fantastic Puck and Finn duet. When they’re bumming around and feeling that limbo of life
Take Me as I am - Mary J Blige
This could be a great Santana and Mercedes duet. When they’re older and have truly seen a lot of life. Like 40 somethings.
Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
There is something hauntingly beautiful about this song and I don’t know who in particular could do this song justice but I’d love to see one of them try this. Maybe Artie? Or any character who is dying to get out of Lima and needs a push to get there. Hhhmmm maybe a duet between Finn and Artie? That yearning to go beyond what they know. 
I would give an arm to have a Summer season!! Or at least 2-3 episodes of summer. 
Following that theme:
Good Time - Niko 
Okay this song is just begging for Sam's voice. I could see them in a backyard campfire playing around (following this I would kill for a second Blame it on the Alcohol episode)
9 to 5 Dolly Parton - I actually think Will could rock this song. I like to think he has to pick up a summer gig and he sings this while wishing he could be somewhere else
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candlecoo · a month ago
random interview 8: do you have any other favorite animes? (also anime recomendation: mairimashita iruma-kun!/welcome to demon school iruma-kun! it's great comedy :D)
Ive seen mairimashita iruma-kun! Its so good I'm waiting till theres more episode till i catch up on season 2, but @gentrychild made a welcome to demon school bnha au fic and its SO good!!
Now first off i gotta state my all time favorite anime Ranma 1/2. If youve never seen it, its made by the same creator as Inuyasha. Its a marital arts comedy with an insane amount of love triangles, weird fights and crazy magic! Just real fun(be warned though there are quite a bit of toppless scenes but nothing sexual)
My Next Life as a Villianess: All Roads Lead To Doom! Is also really good I swear it is the most bi reverse harem ive ever seen, and for the most part really wholesome and mostly plot driven.
Haikyuu is now one of my all time faves! I dont usually like sports anime but this one hits all the right notes, I just want these boys to go to Nationals!!
Violet Evergarden is one I started thanks to hearing Drawfee talk about it all the time and Im so glad I did!! Its literally if therapy was an anime, I cried so much!!
Vandread is a classic in my book, its such a fun take to the sci fi mecha genre and to this day I am STILL trying to unearth its ova episodes
Ascendance of a Bookworm is great! Its informative, fun and a creative take on the isekai genre!! The entire time watching it I just wanted this girl to get a book!
Overlord is stunning, though the show doesnt hit all the points for me, visually is great and the plot is so good though I'm nervous on how itll end
These are just the ones on the top of my head rn
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peachsenpie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Roasting Tha Homies
just wanna start this off by saying this was all for fun and i’m only semi fuckin around. i just woke up randomly and chose violence. i love you guys, promise 🥺 but prepare to get your feelings hurt.
Tumblr media
↳ | @miriobaby
okay you, me, and the whole damn universe knew yo HOOLIGAN ass was mcfuckin’ FIRST HOE.
please explain,,, how many times has your leo sun AND leo moon ass been petty today? or for the past week?
rq imagine having a double placement in your big three HA
how’s that joe brainrot?
the izuku brainrot?
or maybe the kirishima one?
or maybe even the peachsenpie one, HMM?
imagine being overly specific and saying you’re 5’2 and a half. you’re 5’2. point blank. accept it.
i just knew you were a psych major before you even mentioned it. it’s written all over you.
it’s not gonna get you the therapy you need babe.
it’s time to come to terms with the fact that you’re just gay as fuck. 🤷🏻‍♀️ we all know, it’s okay sweetie.
no amount of crystals, shadow work, incense, palo santo, or white sage could cleanse you of your SINS.
↳ | @daisy-bakugo
miss girl... stop.
stop right now.
just stop changing your mf theme every 14 HOURS.
i just know you’re thinking up a whole nother theme in that noggin of yours rn too.
STOP. back out of editing your theme right now. i see you, you’re not slick.
is this your ultimate source of serotonin?
how are you not a libra rising?
every time you change it it’s like the polar opposite each time.
pick an aesthetic n let it marinate for at least a week gahdamn.
while you’re at it, put down the monster. PUT IT DOWN. 🤺
↳ | @awilddreamerwrites
if keyboard smashing was a person, it’d be you— it IS you. literally,
no one:
can’t forget the sudden “FUCK” at the end.
always somewhere simping over a fucking touch starved 5’5 freckled face fuck. can you imagine
don’t get me started on her big phat lesbian feels.
always sum sus shit goin on with her n britt. where’s the onlyfans @? i’m tryna see sum. i mean unless it’s fo free in discord—
libra sun and aries moon headass.
and it shows.
shows big time when a new fic idea hits ya then you auto jump onto it without finishing the previous fic.
↳ | @bakugosbratx
miss ma’am could beat my ass with her tall ass mf self but i’d still throw hands and take the ass beating like a champ.
always fucking ready to fight and it makes me wonder who fucking hurt you.
imagine simping over a 5′7 blonde fucker with anger issues that looks like a piece of unbuttered fucking popcorn. that’s really yo mans? do better.
not to mention this man’s toes are straight ugly.
also WHY does it take you ages to finish one (1) season of an anime HM?? adhd ass. i see you.
you n chelsey seriously just need to hurry up and fuck.
god y’all won’t even communicate in the chat and i can just fucking feel you guys wanting to bump coochies from here.
↳ | @quietlegends
miss ma’am puts on the front that she’s an absolute angel
but we truly know what goes on behind those closed doors...
literally is the quiet kid.
seems chill but is an absolute fucking menace to society.
chaotic ass hooligan.
simping is like a vitamin for her.
let’s talk about your search history.
“pro hero! deku x fem! reader smut” is the only thing in sight for the entire page.
they’re all works that are 1k words n up too.
stop tryna hide it. i see you 😌
↳ | @vilbabywrites
vil is certified un-roastable.
sorry i don’t make the rules.
i could never hurt her honestly.
she’s just a simp. but aren’t we all.
i lub you. 🥺
↳ | @itadrkori
imagine being 5 fuckin 3. you coulda been 5’2 or 5’4 but the universe said “nah”.
name someone who simps for the homies more than she does... i’ll wait.
a litcheral simp (derogatory)
miss “i have a new hair color every week” HEAD ASS.
literally this bish has had every single color of tha fucking rainbow. twice.
what’s next huh? red? pink? how bout green again? place your bets now.
valentine’s baby. iykyk.
cough scorpio (derogatory)
↳ | @kiyoobi​
yet another keyboard smasher. not nearly as bad as chels but still pretty bad.
I THOUGHT I WAS A SIMP TILL I SEEN HOW MUCH SHE SIMPS. FOR LITERALLY EVERYONE. SHEESH. respect on the energy to simp for so many tho. couldn’t be me.
Tumblr media
if i didn’t mention you, it’s cuz i don’t have shit on you yet.
i’ll get you next time. 😈
Tumblr media
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inkperch · 2 months ago
V8E13 Thoughts- Just OUCH.
Ok, so, this one is me live tweeting my second watching, cause there is no way in FUCKING HELL Im being coherant otherwise HOLY CRAP.
Jaune’s motion sickness coming up again is fun. The evacuation plan is pretty smart tbh. Ren’s fuCKING SMILE- if I didn’t ship Renora b4 this, I’d ship it now. Also, Nora can ride her hammer like a broom now, and its so casual Im genuinely trying to remeber if Im just being dumb and she could always do that? The subway scene is f-ing hilarious, but I can’t help but feel like they were intentionally being more cartoon-y than usual cause of the shit that happens later.
Everyones wonder at the portals is just *chefs kiss*. Especially May’s ‘figured you wouldn’t let us down!’- shes awesome, strong contender in the ‘probably only here for one arc+cameos’ best girl contest. Ilia’s still winning, but May’s a strong 2nd place. Really don’t like how fast Ruby gets back to mission mode tho- girl, let yourself appreciate the pretty golden bridges ffs, you definitely don’t by the end of the episode.
And I love how the biggest problem was something they just... couldn’t predict. The sandstorm wasn’t a fault in their plan, it wasn’t a villainous scheme, it just happened.
I swear Cinder’s the animation teams favourite, her expressions are always 100% spot on. And RWBY squaring up, altogether again, is badass. 
And just- the way she’s still super shaken? But comes up with a perfect plan regardless? Wow. Like- she took exactly what needed taking from Watt’s speech, how to get Neo back on board and, as we see later, exactly what to tell Watts to get him on her side. V1-3 Cinder’s back guys, and she’s more dangerous than ever.
And Jinn’s moment of hesitation before answering Cinder is great- Jinn may be a solid True Neutral, but she still doesn’t particularly want to doom Ruby’s plan. She knew exactly what answering the question would lead to, after all.
Actually- Hey, Jinn seems to get linked to Ruby like, a lot. Obviously Ruby was the first person we saw ask her a question and, while Yang got them the lamp, Ruby was the one carrying it all the way to Atlas pretty much. And then theres the big, obvious one- when the Spirit of Knowledge admits your clever, your clever. Food for thought.
Cinder’s troubled response to seeing Emerald- seriously, animation team popped off this season. And the fucking SOUNDTRACK DISSONANCE! It sounds like something out of a ballet, and then we’re shown them casually enter a room full of people and seal the door- then cut to a room full of corpses. Without so much as a blip in the happy, airy music. Cause really what’s changed? Everything’s coming up Cinder! (also, Neo beating a survivor around the head got a guilty laugh, I’ll admit.)
The #1 Dud mug hit different.
And Robyn’s spitting facts. Marrow is the best, wasn’t sold on him, then he went and did this. Also, FUCK HARRIET. Saving her own ass so she can go doom Mantle. Didn’t even fuckin TRY to wait for Wacky Tube Man and Adult Nora. And Robyn’s face- ok, fine, I’ll shut up about the animation team. No I won’t, but I’m running out of creative ways to say they’re awesome.
Also, fuck Jaques! I was fucking CACKLING when Ironwood shot him! Just- fuckign hell, I know it shows just how far he’s fallen, willing to execute a prisoner who, even in the case of escape is harmless now, but also, it’s Jaques, the guy’s a fucking hate sink for a reason, best choice Ironwood’s made all season! I guess it’s pretty clear he’s dead now huh?
Also- Cinder keeping the attention off of Neo- like, I only noticed it here but holy crap, Cinder isn’t lying in her speech- this is great teamwork, and it’s the kind of teamwork Cinder excels at- she makes some form of spectacle that furthers her goals, then uses it as a distraction for an even bigger part of her goals- we first saw it at Beacon. Like I said, Cinder’s back~ rip any redemption arc tho, she’s just better at being worse- it’s actually a really, really good villain arc, without becoming a redemption arc and I love it.
And then, Yang’s sacrifice- ok, like the Penny one I’d had this mildly spoiled for me. Unlike the Penny one, I had 0 hope of her getting out of this intact. Because as soon as there was that black screen, I knew Yang was fucked- cause, remember what other scene we saw shot like this? Close up of Yang’s face, then she activates her semblance and throws herself forward? All because someone she loves is in danger? Yeah, I was having big V3 flashbacks at this point, so I knew Yang wasn’t gonna be ok.
Also, something I didn’t notice until rewatch, but the reason Blakes the only one fast enough to react is cause Ruby’s on the floor. Kinda neat attention to detail. First watch I just joked to myself her reaction times shit.
And Blake just missing- wow. Fucking OUCH. She’s probably having V3 thoughts too. And just generally the way this is framed- just fucking OUCH. The heartbeat sound, the black frames, the slowmow- just OUCH. Speaking of OUCH, that ‘YAAAANG!’. Like. Excellent voice acting (and animation, again, seriously wow.) And the FUCKING ECHO! Just- OUCH. That’s just a summary of this whole scene, just fucking OUCH.
Also, as we learn later, if Yang had fallen a second later, Penny would’ve been through the portal before she could react. Think about that for a second- Penny would’ve gone through the portal, guilty about leaving her friends behind to fight, only to her a heartbroken cry of ‘Yang!’ literally as she stepped through- only to realise she can’t go back.
Also, RUBY IS NOT OK. GIVE RUBY A FUCKING HUG. HER SISTER JUST DIED AND BEFORE SHE CAN PROCESS THAT, SHE HAS TO FIGHT FOR HER FUCKING LIFE AGAINST THE PERSON YANG JUST DIED TO SAVE HER FROM. Seriously, give Ruby a fucking break holy shit. That quiet ‘Yang?’ and then she is immediately back in mission mode? O U C H.  
Also, Neo is smiling in that fight, wow, holy shit- wait, theres the other V3 scene this gave me Deja Vu to, it’s the fucking Roman fight! Neo just did to Ruby what Ruby did to Neo, but flipped- she ‘ring out’ed Yang to her death, when Ruby ‘ring out’ed Neo and then ‘killed’ Torchwick. Wow, holy crap.
And, again, ANIMATION TEAM OUCH. Seriosly, why are they so good at animating sobbing? Also, cute detail with Weiss holding Blake back. Don’t know why I’m calling it cute, nothing here is cute, holy shit, this episode is ouch. And the fucking anger, it’s so well animated holy fuck. And Neo refusing to even fight Blake, cause Ruby’s her target- yeah, that’s gonna fuck both them up. I am not looking forward to the end of these fight scenes- and seriously? Was this what Yang having her back turned in the OP was foreshadowing???
Weiss vs Cinder is awesome- Weiss has been on good form when it comes to winning fights again this season. Helps that, other than the ones who can fly, she’s in the best position to fight here what with her glyphs and all.
Penny trying to draw her swords and not got a laugh out of me, I’ll admit. To be fair, I was laughing at anything and everything at that point, cause they just fuckin killed Yang. Also, Rip Penny’s feet, imagine the friction burns? Like, ignoring how shes running around barefoot rn, i m a g i n e the friction burns from getting thrown like that with no shoes. Whole different kind of ouch.
And, Ok, so, are Penny’s swords made of rocks? Because they don’t look particularly rock-y. They look like something out of TRON tbh, don’t really seem Maiden-y to me. 
Weiss protecting everyone with her sword is badass. Blake being forced to chose between protecting everyone, and murdering Neo is heartbreaking just- 
Tumblr media
This fuckING FRAME!
Also, yeah, FUCK HARRIET. Also, Robyn ramming them had me fucking cackling so hard- just, like, Wacky arms guy almost, almost talked some sense into her (Not really, or she wouldn’t go back on it so quickly, but almost), meanwhile in the other jet, Robyn ain’t letting anyone kill her people. Especially not mid-evacuation, that’s just a dick move. FUCK HARRIET. And like... was Harriet into Clover? I’m reading that right, right? Cause like... that’s some yikesy foreshadowing on the back of YANG GETTING KILLED OFF.
But also, still, FUCK HARRIET. Qrow throwing himself through the windshield was 10/10, would fight intro again. And Arthur finished his apple before hyjacking the bomb.
And then, the Winter scene. Is Ironwood just in a Schnee- killing mood? Ironwood’s speech is... honestly, heart-breaking. He is the definition of a fallen hero. If he wasn’t blinded by paranoia and driven to rely on no-one but himself and a very select few, would he still have come believe he was the only one who anyone could trust? Because that’s, ultimately, what has brought him here- he doesn’t think he can trust anyone but himself, and so, he must be the only one who can save Atlas, right?
And Winter’s FUCKING RESPONSE- ‘I’ve never wavered in fighting the enemies of this kingdom... and I won’t start now.’ No emotion, no hesitation, no anything. Just resolve. Made even more badass by how clearly pained she is- and like, I don’t mean emotionally, that’s cool too, I mean that she’s physically in pain, but still won’t even hesitate to fight the guy who took a whole team to fight in a sneak attack last episode. And Ironwood’s response... I really can’t praise the animation team enough.
And then there’s the other side of the portal- Ren is MVP ngl, that’s a stupid amount of people he sheilded for a stupid amount of time, all on his own.
Ok, so, next week’s big fights. RWBP vs Cinder and Neo inside the bridge world, Qrow vs Harriet, with plane assists from Robyn and who the fuck knows from Wacky arms man in the atlas/mantle set for the last time probably. Winter vs Ironwood. And Oscar, Emerald and a half-dead Ren vs a massive, massive crowd of Grimm all while doing an escort mission.
...I’m not going on Youtube for a week.
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donotmarysue · 3 months ago
Chlorine Grown Roses (Part V)
It’s been so damn long since I’ve read CGR but fuck it, gotta chug down the adrenaline rush and just do it!
This is actually the third time I’m gonna be reviewing this chunk because the first time around was... something I don’t remember, and since it’s been so long since I’ve read the second version (which I still have saved in my drafts) I wouldn’t even know what’s going there, so... fun times!
Also, hello. I forgot to say hello.
Tumblr media
ღHere's the third chapter of the azusa bomb and the 29th chpater of the fic!!!ღ
O-Oh... I forgot that the suethor did an ‘azusa bomb’ at some point. It feels like there were always soo long waiting times between chapters. Like, dividing the time cgr ran by the number of chapters (46) says there would have been a new chapter like every twelve days, but I’m sure there’s some where we were waiting months also yes, I just got sidetracked and calculated this.
Chlorine Grown Roses Chapter 29 - Rekindled Rose Bonds
The next morning, i woke up.
Literally every time I read a sentence like that my brain just automatically adds a “in the morning” at the end.
I changed into, a flowy, black, tank top, with red stuff, on the edges, matching, short shorts, black, fingerless gloves, red, and black, striped, thigh highs, and chunky, black, mary janes. I decided to only, wear one ponytail.
Wait, she’s actually wearing shorts? Wow, I thought her rescuing-Masahiko-in-chapter-21-outfit was the only one where she wore pants. Good thing I didn’t skip reading through the description for once...?
I went downstairs, and poured myself a bowl,
Off-topic but I just stopped here and thought about Azusa pouring herself a bowl with her tears.
Tumblr media
of fruit loops, and orange juice.
I just realized that this probably just means she makes a bowl of froot loops and has a glass of orange juice, and not like I thought pouring both in the same bowl, which I only realized after drawing above image that that actually would be a weird thing. I really was gonna accept in my head that americans just drown their morning cereals in orange juice and move on.
When I was eating, Akira came downstairs. She was wearing a dark, gray, yellowcard t-shirt, a black vest, a black, short skirt, gray, knee high socks, and black converses. She got out a box of donuts, an started eating. I really felt bad for inguring her...
Man, how I’ve missed ‘J’ letters being replaced by ‘G’s
"Hey akira... Do You hate me after what i did to you?" I said nervously.
Why are you asking her now. Is this really the first time you have a moment alone together or
"What? Of course not! Were best freinds! i could never hate u." Said Akira.
We finished our breakfast and left for school (in japan they have school until the middle of july so their still in school)
To be quite frank, I have no idea what month we’re supposed to be in anyway, not that you understand how exactly the time works either-
Tumblr media
Oh, I guess we do know what month it is. OH, and if there’s a specific date given we can also figure out what weekday it actually is since we know the fic takes place in 2008-
...I need to stop getting sidetracked or I’ll never finish reviewing cgr.
When we were walking, a boy with pink hair, and purple eyes approached me. He was wearing a white, short sleeves, button-up shit, kakey pants, brown shoes, and a red and yellow tie.
“Kakey” may just be khaki misspelled, but it’s also just a letter away from being cakey.
"Good morning!" He said.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"I'm Kisume Shigino." Said Kisume.
I guess this is a second season character but I never bothered to watch further than the first one (and even that one I only finished because I decided to do that for cgr).
"Your name sounds like kiss me." Said Akira.
If you actually wrote it as Kisumi it would, but like that. Might as well render his name as Kissme, ya’ know?
"I get that alot." Said Kisume. "You might of saw me at the swim meat a few days ago azusa.
Tumblr media
She clearly didn’t. Remember when Kimmy had a cameo, Akira showed up before she’s introduced in class and the mental hospital squad being alluded to in ch17 before their introduction in ch19? (yes, I remember these things. I also cross-checked them. Apparently Sousuke also talked in ch26 to Hitomi when he’d only be introduced in ch28; so yeah, “Kisume” only materialized now).
Your a... good swimmer." Kisume was blushing.
"I didn't. But its nice to maet you." I said.
“I didn’t but go off I guess”
Wait, grammar. She just replied to “You are” with “I did not”. I thought I had gotten used to this fic’s grammar rules, why am I noticing that.
"Whats your name" Kisume asked Akria.
Kisumi: You’re great Azusa: Not really, but thanks. Kisumi (turns to Akira): Hey ;)
...oh god, I just made that joke for fun but what if Kisumi actually is interested in Akira, just like how Sousuke is paired with Hitomi?! I feel like I have obtained forbidden knowledge
"I'm akira tomuson! Its nice to meat you! Im in the iwatobi swim team but i was in the hospital so i coulndt go to the meat." Said aKira.
Tumblr media
With the amount of times they talk about ‘meat’ you can’t blame anyone for thinking ‘original steamy chapter 22′ is the norm for this fic
"Oh I hope your better now!" Said Kissme. "I play basketball."
We got to school a few minutes later.
Bye, that’s all we needed for character establishment!
Everyone went over to akira, to talk to her, when she walked in the classroom. When I went ot my desk, there was a note, that said, meet me in the hallway, at 10.
"Ok class, today were gonna learn aobut marine organsims in class." Said Miho. She talked for a while, until i raised my hand.
“She talked for a while”. Is Azusa aware that her teacher is explaining a subject to them or are her thoughts too occupied by meeting... someone. How come we haven’t had any internal monologue from Azusa where she wonders who wants to meet her?
"Yes?" Said miho.
"Can I go to the bathroom?" I lied.
I’m having flashbacks to Azusa running out of class and going into a toilet stall for shelter. I wonder if Miss Amakata is having the same flashback rn.
"Yes you may." Said miho.
Using the bathroom is their secret passcode, like when Azusa feels overwhelmed by any given situation she just claims she needs to go to the bathroom and Miss Amakata immediately knows “that child needs help rn”
I left the classroom, and went to the hallway. When i went to the hallway, I saw... haru!
Hey, aren’t they in the same class? Did he leave shortly before her? After her? Who of them did a detour so that they weren’t just walking behind each other?
"I have something, i need to tell yoiu." Haru said. He was blushing.
"what is it?" I asked.
"I... love you..." Said haru...
Tumblr media
The inevitable happened.
I didn't know, whwt to think, about this... I love rin... ut I love haru to...
Yeah, you made art for your MySpace in chapter 14 because of that.
"I... love you... too..." I said. Then we noticed, someone staring at us. It was... Makoto!!
He’s out of class too? Isn’t that kind of noticeable if three of your students have to use the restroom at the same time? Maybe it really is a secret code and Amakata thought Haru and Makoto just wanted to check on Azusa...
He looked heartbroken, and angry. When I looked at him, he scoweld at me.
How am i gonna dea, with 2 people loving me, a nd my jealous cousin...?
Which jealous cousin are we talking about here Ba-dum-tsh!
Tumblr media
Azusa has a flat butt pass it on-
ღIm so soorry i cant do a azsua bomb anyomre! I had to wkae up at 4 in the morning a few dyas ago t ohelp my aunt move (she movesd all teh way form ronoke to tlusa) and my sleep partern has been fuked up since!1 Im  stil gonan post the e chapters just not everyday! ASO yesteday wass june 30 so happy late birhtday haru!!! Im leaving for vacation in a fw hours so im psoting this chapter before i leavee! Ill be gone until july 6!ღ
Chapter 30 - Fearsome Angered Worries
Man, those chapter titles.
After i was done talkign to hary in the ahll though,
“Hary in the Ahll” sounds like a band name.
i went back to class an sat by akira. Akria looked at me, with a confuse look. "Eh? What was that about?" She asked me, battling her lahss incontinently.
Tumblr media
Akira has no idea what’s going on and thinks Azusa just took a piss or found it weird that her, Haru and Makoto got back to class at the same time but fuck that, this misspelling is sending me
I shaked m y head. "It was nothgin. Ill tell u about it later." i said.
Spoiler alert, she never does.
Akita nodded but she didn;t look trustfull of waht i said.
Oh look, Akira was called Akita before being renamed to that in cgr’s sequel.
We staayed in calss for a while, before the bell rang and we went to lunch. I sat by mysef off in th corner even though i can see sakira and ko looking for me so they could sit with me.
They leave the class room somewhat in succession, but by the time they reach ‘lunch’, Azusa has already rushed into the corner.
Akira just wanted to hear what Azusa’s bathroom break was all about.
I are my food ,
As they say, you are what you eat.
but my stomace hurt to bad for me to have much since i fel t so nerves... why was it that Rin adn HAru both liked me???
Wasn’t your original problem that you’re the one who likes two people (and kinda jumped the gun at one of them)? Like, I really ain’t getting the mixed feelings vibe of Azusa being happy on one side that her feelings are reciprocated and being torn on the other because she can’t pick which one she’d love more and cursing the world for not just being able to be nothing more than friends with one of the two. Like, I don’t get that from her at all.
In america i never would of dreamed of haveing so much attention, expecialy after the tradedgy...
Tumblr media
...because it’s all about her, but Azusa’s only acknowledged flaw is that she killed Akira (according to the suethor’s rant on cgr haters) and even that got retconned.
Then i rememverd what mokoto's face looked life wehn Haru confessed to me and i got worried again. What if he never forvive me? What if we could never be freinds again?
You know what you should be remembering right now? A little line in Chapter 13 that Makoto whispered after Haru saved your drowning ass.
Also, imagine being Makoto in this situation. You find out that you have a cousin who’s been living in america alone for a year, you pity her and take her in, show her around school, she joins your club, starts dating a guy, you get together with your childhood friend, your cousin throws a fit and is thrown into a jail masquerading as a mental hospital, she participates in a swim meet, goes shopping with her new pack of friends, your boyfriend breaks up with you and a day later you see him confessing to your cousin.
Could have avoided all that if he left Azusa to rot in her mansion. That seems like a good line for Makoto to have in the fanime. Get me the producer of that shit to put that in there-
I put y headpheons in my ear and listened to camisado by panic at the disco. I needed o find him and mack sure things were all right.
I looked in the cafeterea for a while, avoiding pepople i knew,
Not very hard probably, I mean you barely interact with your schoolmates, don’t you? 
but Makoto was nowhere t be scene. I alomsot gave up looking when I felt someone nuge me. I looked up. It was... Kisume!
So much for avoiding people. Or are you gonna jump out of his way and screech at him while you crab-walk away.
"Hey azudsa." He greated me. "Who are you lookin for?"
"Makoto..." I answered sadly. "I think he's mad at me so i wana make things wright..."
Tumblr media
“I want to make things Phoenix-Wright.”
“Oh, is that a clever reference to the legendary bird that raised from its ashes, meaning that even though your relationship may be in ruins, you will build it anew and get along better with your cousin than ever before?”
“No it’s a fucking video game reference shut up nerd”
"Oh he left school early. He didnt feel good." Said kissme. "Y is he mad at u?"
"I bumped into him and spilled cofee all over him..." I lied.
Kisumi could call her out on that, since he didn’t see coffee stains all over Makoto. I mean, I assume he’s seen Makoto leave because why else would he know when they aren’t even in the same class.
"I dont think Makoto would be mad at you for that. Does that mean youl be walkig home alone?
Oh. So much for being interested in Akira.
Scne u usually go with akira but se has to stay after to make up her tests and stuff from when she was in the hoospitle
First day she’s back, she’s gotta retake all tests... hopefully she learned for them at the hospital?
and theres not swim parctice today. I could walk you home." Smiled Kissme, blushign.
He just exists to make the audience go “she already is conflicted about a love triangle, no need to give her another man to balance her love life around!”
"Im fine... Thanks thogh kissme..." I bowed to him. As i walked away, my eyes started tearing up. He was alwasy so nice to me, so kind, but I have to lie... I didnt; want anyone to know that i was interesed in rin and haru before i was readly to tll them which one i loved more...
You don’t have to. Aside from this whole thing being a private matter that you aren’t required to tell anyone, that’s not what he asked. First of all, you could have said Haru confessed to you, that doesn’t automatically mean that you love him back or that Kisumi follows it up with “Do you like Haru” (he’s basically just a dude you met this morning, he’d probably rather go “ouch, must be tough for Makoto”). You could have also told the truth by just saying that Makoto thinks his break-up is your fault (and if Kisumi asks if it was, you just stare to the ground and say nothing, that gets the message across just fine). Or just said you’re in a complicated situation. You don’t have to lie and then beat yourself up about lying.
After that i wet to class with akira and ko.
Tumblr media
Azusa that’s what you went to the bathroom for!
Ko was wearing a black Death note tshity,
a titty in a shitty tshity
gray shorts, black socks that went up to just below her knees, and gray converses.
Wait, aren’t we at school. Aren’t they gonna stick out like a sore thumb when everyone wears their school uniform but a few edgy teenagers don’t?
We learned about th esetup of the ocean and the marian trench. Wwe gasped, when we saw the wierd fish living deep underwater.
So this time Azusa does pay attention to class. Wait, are they having Marine classes all day long?
I still felt sad since i couldnt stop thinking about what haru said to me and what rin would think if he fund out...
Yeah, we really needed a ticking clock element for the romantic side-plot, to make sure it’s at least somewhat relevant. My memory doesn’t serve me well on that one; is there any progress in this happening or is the resolution to Haru’s confession just what happens at the very end of cgr?
It was the end of the day, so i said bye to Azusa,
Tumblr media
Oh no she’s gonna commit sudoku!
Ko and Kissme and i went home.
Suethor has given up and completely anglicized his name.
It wasnt dark out yet so i wasnt to scared, but there was some apprehension and i worried aobut what makoto would say to me when i got home. Mr tachivana was at work, Mrs tachibana was shopping, and rin and ren were at chigusas little brothers house, so it was just me and makoto.
How do you know this. Did they all tell you yesterday what they were gonna do today?
I thoght about what to say to apologize and make things better betwen us. I hated the animecity
and i watned it to stop. I wanted to be his freind again, like we were when i forst got to Iwari and he showed such kndness to me and let me be apart of his family.
Was he really that kind though? Like, aside from him picking her up at the airport, they barely had any interaction now did they. Plus the aforementioned line in chapter 13 that she apparently forgot about.
On the way home i even stopped at the konbini and got Makoto candy i knew he liked, just for good measure, and i got myself a ring pop.
Ah yes. Persuade your cousin with sugary bribe. Maybe you should try that on your other cousin too.
When I got home the door was unlocked but it didn't seem like anyone was home. I was scared, since i thought Makoto would yell at me,
Tumblr media
The door is unlocked, the house dead quiet, a burglar may have just exited the building, but what could be scarier than your pissed yandere cousin?
but he wasn't in the living room when I went in. I went to my room instead so i could look for him.
Huh? Why would you go into YOUR room to search him? Is your room actually just a hallway? Did you think he was gonna write “I told you not to break into the toy store” in menacing letters on your blanket?
"Makoto? Where are you? I want to talk to you." I called.
But when I got to my bedroom, I gasped.........................................................................................................................................................................................................
[giant white space that killed the formatting of this chapter when I copied it over]
Yes, the suethor figured it’s a pretty big reveal  and your eyes should not dart over to it accidentally while reading the previous paragraph.
Makoto was lying on his stomace on the floor in the doorway and there was blood all over the place.
Tumblr media
ANOTHER MURDER! Makoto couldn’t bother with this fic anymore and decided to escape it for good! Now his parents have to deal with his cousin and her two friends who live in their house all alone!
He had a bullet hole in his forhead and his eyes were wide open. I was ovious that he died.
“It was obvious he died”, said Captain Obvious.
I started to scream and i fainted...
In my head I picture chapter 10′s cover image, although she looks much more desperate in chapter 17′s. Oh fuck it, here’s her face right in this moment
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyway, after this chapter ~drama~ happened. I don’t feel like reading through the comment chain again, but basically the beta reader made a DanganRonpa oc and wrote that she would kick [suethor’s dr character]’s ass. From there it snowballed on; beta reader commented on an unrelated deviation and things got heated.
And all the rage the suethor felt about this made her write a whole-ass chapter in just a day apparently? We know that they know by this point that immortal exists (as you may recall, someone “recommended” it to them early on in their fanfic career) and they drew fanart of Ebony, so... a part of me does believe that this fight was staged. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. This fic just accidentally gets my-immortal-esque “rl” drama. Twice. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
So now that you have the context and aren’t gonna be completely bamboozled by the sudden shift in tone towards Akira, let’s proceed!
Tumblr media
I want to thank the suethor for moving to ao3 because now we can get all cover images in their glorious original resolution. Like, I never noticed that Kimmy’s face here doesn’t look angry, she looks sad! Maybe that’s because an angry eyebrow would have looked weird with Azusa’s arm here but anyway!
ღSorry for not upatting in a long time i was busy and then akira decided to be a FUCKIGN BTICH and insult my ocs and we got in a fight so now she isnt the beta reader anymore tis is the last chapter she beta read and i changed some stuffi n it
Oh, okay. What part of this chapter was from before the fight?
so its only half corrected and if anyone watns to be the beta reader then srry but i dont trust anyone to beta read my fanfics anymore...
I mean, it’s kinda weird you trusted them in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are suspicious or anything, it’s just that the suethor has stated multiple times before that they don’t trust people online. That’s officially why they stopped working on their fanime True Love’s Story (however, that may have also been an excuse because they just weren’t interested in Sonic anymore imo, but I digress) since they couldn’t get any voice actors despite quite a few fans offering to help them out.
Also unrelated but why not drop this while we’re on the topic of Kimmy’s old love for Sonic?
Tumblr media
I just find it funny to imagine the ‘tough’ Kimmy in cgr had a Sonic phase that she’s embarrassed about
Can’t argue with that!
Chlorine Grown Roses Chapter 31 - Bloody Rose Betrayal
You know she’s serious when there’s “Bloody Betrayal” in her bloody chapter title!
I screamed, and i cryed, even after i woke up from faint... I cuoldn't believe it... Someone came, to my house, and kiled my cousin...
Why though. Is that supposed to be a warning? Who needs a horse’ head when they can just put your bludgeoned cousin in your bedroom?
Not to forget that Makoto was fucking steaming and on his way to become a yandere. Chiasa could have just walked up to him and be like “Our cousin sucks ass, let’s kill her!” and he would’ve happily complied. Speaking of which, how does Chiasa feel about her other cousin? Does she hate him too, for taking in Azusa? Does Makoto even know her?
IT was'nt safe, anymor!! But, then, I remembered. There was someoen i new, who could help me, get to the bottom of this... "KIMMMY!!"
The 12-year-old detective from canada who turns into a hedgehog in a parallel universe with a very unfortunate looking transformation sequence is gonna be on the case.
I wailed, running down the stairs, ot get her from the basement. Ther were trars goin down my fac, and it was hard to breath, since I was screaming, and hyperventlating.
A man was just murdered by gun but the detective just sits in the basement and didn’t hear a thing, apparently.
Wen I got to the basement, Kim was staning, in front of the window, dramaticaly, in the latte from otside. “I kno waht happened.” She said drematicly. “Makoto Tachinana…….is dead.”
Tumblr media
yes I’m aware that “in the latte from otside” probably doesn’t mean she’s having a latte and it’s just latter or later or light or smth misspelled but-
she already knew he was dead and just decided to stand dramatically by the basement’s window and wait for Azusa to come down and get her.
“You know?” I asked, worrid. “But…why did you do anything??”
“Why did you do anything” Azusa wanted you to stop existing until she arrived
“I will show yu.” Kimmy disapperated, and then she was behind me.
Tumblr media
Kimmy: *teleports behind you*
She led me upstairs to my room, and the body of Maokto. He was still shot,
and I felt myself go stif when I saw his face and I rememebred hwo kind he had been to me….the first person I evre met in Iwamine, dead….
Azusa is, like us, nostalgic of the first few chapters when it was just her, her love triangle and her tears.
“Get hold of yorself!” Kimmy ordered manly.
Kimmy is the manliest character in this whole fic.
“We must….invetigate.
I. I assumed you already did investigate? So you really heard a gunshot, sipped a latte and decided to wait for the plot to come pick you up?
Tumblr media
The police here canot to there jobs here and are incontinent.
What is it with you and the word incontinent. What you’re looking for is “incompetent”.
Forunately, I have a feeling that I ready know what happened hear…”
“The Yakuza broke in, dragged your deranged cousin into your room, shot him and left, all while I was chilling in the basement trying to figure out who killed your parents, because while I was sure that Chiasa is our prime suspect, your fit about how she couldn’t be it made me reconsider”
~~INVESTIGAITON START~~ The victim is Makoto Tachinaba... The time of death is sometime, during the school day...
Gotta love how ‘accurate’ this timeframe is... I mean, you KNOW he hadn’t been shot yet when he left school before lunch break, and you only quickly went to the konbini before arriving at home. Nevermind the fact that KIMMY WAS HOME AND COULD HAVE HEARD THE GUNSHOT OR LIKE, PEOPLE ENTERING THE HOUSE AND FIGURED OUT THE TIMEFRAME FROM THERE.
The body was found in the bedroom, of Azusa Tachibana... Cause of death is a shot to the head, with a gum.
Tumblr media
Kimmy looked at the body, inspecing it all over, before going into my room to look around.
No further explanation of the victim in the doorway needed, I guess.
“I see….its just as I thot.”
No Kimmy, you are not committing thot.
She rached up and grabed something, and I gasped wehn I saw it was a gun, with a thread of sting attacked to its trigger.
Azusa is shocked that there’s a gun next to the shot victim! Also Kimmy has a gun now, and tbh this 12-year old really is the only character in this fic that you could trust with a gun.
She held it to me. “This deafh was acidentle. I beleive he was seting a trap and acidentaly stepped on his own tripwire witch made the gun discharge nd shot him in the forhead.
Tumblr media
He fucking. He set up a trap and fell for it himself? How idiotic do you have to be? Why does he have a gun in the first place? Why isn’t Kimmy questioning Makoto SETTING UP A GUN TO MURDER HIS COUSIN?!
Forunately……we don’t have to fear that the yakuza hav infilrated the Tachibana hosehold. “
Kimmy’s got her priorities straight. “Aight, could’ve seen it coming that a canon character would die. As long as the self-inserts live, everything is fine.”
I coldnt beleive this, though….Makoto would never do a think, like this, and I now it!! He wasnr a killer, even if he was jelous, and theres no way he woud of set up this trap, on his own, to kil anyone!
Someone helped him but he just killed himself instead? That someone could have just gone and shot him themselves.
Adn i think i know exacly who gave hi mthe idea...
I mean, the only villains we have are Chiriko and the yakuza, and since I honestly doubt that the pastel swim rival would come to your house with a gun, this just means this whole thing falls back to the yakuza-
I left teh hosue even tho Kimmy shooted at me to stip and i went down the street to cattch her befor she whent to her house.
"AKIRA TOMUSON YOU BTICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screammed, tears runing down my face ass i remember my cousing smileing face. "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME HERE NAD EXPLIAN YOURESELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
Tumblr media
Akira came down the sreet smileing icconently but i knew it was fake (akira-chan if your reading this GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU OC BASHING CUNY!!!!!!!!!!) "Heya asuza!! Nice day ewre having huh?? Were yu waiting for me? :3"
Akira doesn’t even have a house, she’s living together with you, remember?!
"SHUT THEF FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!" I took akira by her caller and i pined her agenst a streatlight.
Yes, I know this is angsty and the whole ordeal is because of the argument suethor had with her beta reader and this is a serious moment but.
Tumblr media
Friends to Enemies to Lovers, slowburn, 40k words. yes that pic looked better in my head.
I was still crying tears or rage and sadnes. "I knwo what you told makorto to do! But it did'nt work... and now hes DEAD!! and its all you're fault you stuipid bimbi!"
“You stupid BIMBI!”
It still makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO sense like. Where did Akira get a gun? How did she know Makoto wanted to enact revenge on Azusa? When did she have time for this? What reasoning has Azusa in-universe to think that Akira was the perpetrator?
"Ehhh...? I have no idea what your taklng about..." Akira said, trying 2 act ioncent. "I was just heading home afert finsihing my tests. Did somethin gbad hapen?"
Yes, Azusa, please explain to me when she helped Makoto set up the trap.
Imagine you’re passing by two girls and hear that.
I slammed against the streetligt screaming. "I NKOW TJAT YOU OTLD HIM TO SET THE TRAP!!!! HE DIDNT CUM UP WITH THE IDEA HIMESELF!!! IT WAS YUU!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tumblr media
No offense to Akira but you really think she could come up with that idea in the first place?
Befor i colud integrate more
Azusa is integrating.
kimmy oulled me waay from akria who fell on the ground. "SHUT THE FUCK UP AZASA LET ME DO THIS." She sead stermly.
Fuck it, let the detective handle this!
"Akira tomusho, did you or did u not ask Makoto Nahibana to set a rtap in Azusa TAchianas room." At frist akira acted innosence but then hse charactes and became pissed.
Tumblr media
She acted inoocent and then just got pissed? Did she just like... look at Kimmy with a puzzled face and when Kimmy kept looking at Akira with an angry face, Akira just went “fuck it”?
She faced tords me. "Did u think id relly frogive you for puting me in the hostile???????" She qestioned.
Yes to the conflict, but no to the way it’s handled! I guess at least there was only the “no I would never hate you” line that is at odds with this, since they barely talked between then and now. So you certainly can interpret it like this... but I still don’t like that those feelings surface and have their falling out because Akira killed Makoto. They are also never resolved.
"GO FUCK YOURESELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" After that she stood and tan to her house angry.
Again: You might have forgotten it since she stayed so long at a hospital, but she’s actually living together with you! Do you remember that her only family died and that you beat yourself up over it because you thought she lost her aunt just because she came back into your life?
"I kenw she didn't liek me after alll...." I mermered tearin up.
Honestly this line to me sounds more like the bad breakup of a relationship than cutting off a friend.
"Dont worry it happends. Some peopel just areny who they say they are..." Kimmy but are hand on her sholder.
Time to ship Azusa with Kimmy instead, you say?
"It would be proper to call the police and mokato's family and told them what happends. And i think his freinds would like to know to."
Tumblr media
When Kimmy says “Mokato’s family” that sounds like she’s excluding Azusa from that. Like no, it’s not your family, your family is dead.
"I was sad, but I nodded. We went to my josue again and set in th licing room with our phnes. Kimmy called makoto;s family
You’re literally sitting in the Tachibana’s house. Calling the dad at work. Mom while she’s shopping. And Chigusa’s parents to tell the twins while they are playing that their brother is dead.
and i called the swim team and kissme t otell them what happend. I stated with Haru, bt i couldn;t stop crying when he picked up and has to hang up and call again. "Im sorry..." I sobbed.
Since you’re in emotional turmoil, why not just let Kimmy handle all of this? Besides, didn‘t you want to call the police too?
"Eh? What is it azusa?" Haru asked in a sweet innocent cvoice. He had no idea...
Imagine you confess your love at school and later that day your crush calls you, is sobbing, and hangs up. Aside from the sobbing which should’ve alerted him that something’s up, for all he knew she was gonna tell him how she felt about him.
"Makoto... he..." I sobbed. "He deid in an acident... He got... shot..."
What kind of accident can you have in Japan where you get shot? Like, that really shoud tip off anyone who hears that, right?
"Haryu gapsed. "No way..." It sonded like he was about to sya somehting but then al of a suddenly he hung up. i started to freak out
You literally hung up on him too, don’t be surprised.
he was so hurt by teh news how was i suposed to brake it to evryone??
I told you, just let Kimmy handle it if you feel uncomfortable.
I called Rin atfer that but Notiri picked up isntead.
Tumblr media
Why does Notori have Rin’s phone.
"Hello is this azusa! Omfg rin sempai told me all about you im achihiro nitori-"
What is this dialogue. He doesn’t even wait for her to answer, he just saw “Calling... Azusa” on the screen, picked up, asked if it was really her and then decided to gush about her.
"Plase put rin on the line..." I interupped in tears. "Ok..." Nitori seemed sad but he geve the phone to rin antway.
“So much for me finally appearing in this fic for more than just one line where I’m not even named.”
"Hey asusa what's up" he asked sexily.
Either he didn’t hear Azusa crying or, just like before, he doesn’t give a shit and just wants to make out with her.
I coulndt sugercoat it. "Rin... Makoto is dead..."
Azusa and her damn “sugarcoating”.
"Holy shit what!?" ye yelled. "Oh my fucking god ill be right over!" he hun up and I got worryed about what if haru and rin shwed up at the same time???
Tumblr media
He hung up so i called kissme sice he was consernd at school.
Hey, so do we actually need to know how everyone reacts to Makoto’s death news? Like, is there actually a point in this and why it didn’t just get replaced with one line of “We called everyone and they were all sad and shocked”?
"Kissme... I have some bad news..." I said grimly. "What is it azu?" He said in a flirty manor.
Tumblr media
"Makoto is dead... He got shot and thats why he wasnt at schol..." I said. Kissme hung up.
That fucking reaction. He didn’t even say anything. What “bad news” did he expect her to tell him?
I called rei and Ko after that but whe i callled nagisa eh did'nt pock up.
So we really only needed to see the reactions of Azusa’s love interests.
"Nagisa shiota provalvy wo'nt be fuicking up.
Nagisa, the man whose surname the suethor can’t remember for the life of them. And, as Kimmy said: “He will not fuck up”.
I suxpect hes runing with teh yakiza right now." Kimm told me when i starated to frekk out. "But tha should be evryone besides Hitmoni's frreinds... They have sufered enough. Thy neednt know now."
Well, I don’t know if they even know him really, and you said you’d call Makoto’s friends, not Azusa’s.
I sank into the couch with my phone and i cried. Why... WHY DID VERYONE I CARED ABOUT DIE?!???? My parents... my cousin...
“Akira’s aunt”
even akira did;t turn out t be a real freind.
That teaches you about trusting online friends that you haven’t talked to in a year. *Mariella appears out of thin air* “Need a replacement?”
Why did i derserve this???
That sounds like you do actually believe you deserve it, and not like you crying to the heavens.
Suddnly, there was a knock at the dor. Kimmy answered it for me. It was rin.
The horniest boy made it here first
"Asuka oh my god are you ok????" He ran over to me.
Yes, this could be a harmless misspell on the suethor’s part, or a subtle nod to Rin not caring about Azusa at all and just wanting to screw her.
"NO IM NOT O FUCKIGN K!!" I shouted (shotout to all the mcr fans reding this!)
Tumblr media
What an appropriate time for a fucking song reference!
and then i started cring again because i hurt rin...
You only shouted at him, how is that hurting him. He’s aware that you’re in some emotional turmoil. I think.
"Ill do anyothng to make u feel beter... anything!" Rin said. Sudanly he got up and came back a minute later with a glas of vvater. "Here drink this. Yu need it." I took the glass of water from his hamds and drank it slowly.
Yeah man I half expect something to be in this drink.
Eventualy i started to feel better and we kissed. Rin hugged me tight.
Rin really has a thing for making out with Azusa after she cried. Chapter nine, Chapter twentytwo before the revision... Hey, maybe Azusa’s tears are actually an aphrodisiac .
"Its all gona be ok evenualty... Ive sufferd loss throuhout my life... I felt noting but despair for a long time, but i was able to feel happyness after a while." Said rin.
I was exhausetd so i fell asleep in his arms...  
No worrying about Haru showing up this time around, huh.
And with this, I will now, too, fall asleep. Until I’m hit with the sudden urge to get this shit done again. Don’t hate, everybody, and tune in next time!
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deliciousblizzardshark · 3 months ago
Word of Honor recap ep.2 part 1
Contains spoilers for eps. 1-2
Episode 1 recap
WKX finally decides to step in and stop the fight between little purple (which is my new nickname for GX) and ZZS by catching the end of her whip and slowly reeling her in
Tumblr media
Which is kind of adorable.
WKX tells little purple that she’s an embarrassment and has bad taste and is bad at martial arts while she and ZZS make faces at each other.
Tumblr media
“Guess you lost.” "Whatever."
WKX then apologizes and bows to ZZS and ZZS attempts to hide behind his wine. Mood.
Tumblr media
“Alcohol will protect me from whatever this is” Man, it hasn't yet, but I can sure keep trying.
Soft boy then invites ZZS over to his house, and it’s not just me who thinks that’s kind of odd. His servant is 100% against it. But ZZS is like ‘why not?’ and thinks about how soft boy reminds him of his junior.
Little purple is like ‘why didn’t you let me beat up that beggar’ and WKX is like ‘I would have but his kung fu is from Four Seasons Manor and that’s really important to me for mysterious reasons’. He then internally monologues about how ZZS might be ‘the variable’ Whatever that means. A few minutes later, he externally monologues basically the same thing.
ZZS is trying to get a boat ride from an ornery boatman and WKX suddenly appears and is like ‘want to ride on my party boat,’ even though the party boat is pretty far away and surely they’d have to take another boat to get to the party boat. Then the ornery boatman is like ‘hey, stop trying to steal the passenger I 100% didn't want half a minute ago’.
ZZS is like ‘what ya gonna do, guess I’ve got a ride but thanx, we’ll meet again if we’re destined to do so’ people throw around talk about fate A LOT in this series btw
WKX is like ‘chill. someday you’ll ride on my boat’ and it’s a little creepy.
The ornery boatman annoys ZZS by accusing him of planning on not paying, so to show him he doesn’t pay and instead does fancy martial arts flying into a pretty forest of blooming fruit trees where he's gonna chill for a while or something, but then, out of nowhere WKX attacks him with his razor fan and they do a lot of synchronized spinning.
Tumblr media
This is how fighting works, right?
WKX is like ‘hey, sorry I attacked you, I didn’t mean anything by it, I just wanted to see your fancy footwork again. You move with god-like elegance.’ And ZZS is like ‘man, you need to get your eyes checked.’
And then WKX, who is always quoting poetry and I’m sad that I don’t know Chinese or ancient Chinese literature because I am missing so much (most of it probably WKX obliquely referencing his love for ZZS) quotes a poem about a beautiful fairy and somehow ZZS gets ‘oh no, this dude knows all about Four Seasons and my fancy fighting steps.’ from it.
And WKX is like ‘bro, come party on my boat with me.’
And ZZS takes the super reasonable stance of ‘your maid attacked me, then you were kind of creepy and then you stalked me and then you attacked me and then you made subtle hints about knowing about my past, which is also creepy, so… no’
Meanwhile all of us who are here for the gay are like ‘go on the party boat. Do it. Doooooooo iiiiiiiiiitttttttt.’
According to this video ZZS says ‘even if I fart you think it smells good’ which is VERY DIFFERENT THAN THE YOUTUBE TRANSLATION which is something like ‘this dude is so good at kissing ass’ AND I FEEL ROBBED by something I in no way paid for
Tumblr media
WKX is like ‘creepy? What creepy? It’s not me, it’s fate! Hey, wait, where are you going? You want to go on another date sometime?’
Tumblr media
My theory is that WKX is an evil mastermind who is orchestrating this whole thing for reasons. If it’s true and ZZS is just some dude he’s attracted to, rather than being super creepy, he’d have been like ‘shit is going to go down, you should get out of here’ (especially since he’d probably have known Mirror Lake Manor was about to be attacked).
He doesn’t, which says to me 1. He is planning to use ZZS in his scheme somehow (as the ‘variable’) 2. He is intentionally being a super huge creepster right now because how can he not know he's acting creepy 3. Either he has a remarkable amount of faith in ZZS’s martial arts skills considering he just met him and has only seen him fight twice, or he doesn’t care that much if he dies in the attack on the manor
WKX COULD actually be an innocent stupid weirdo who doesn’t know how to people well, but does that really seem likely?
ZZS heads over to Mirror Lake Manor, which is soft boy’s crib and soft boy’s servant is like ‘soft boy had weird taste’ not subtle at all sideeye
Tumblr media
and then sticks ZZS into the woodshed, which actually looks kind of nice, maybe trying a little too hard to be Martha Stewart cottage core, but the servant is suuuuuppppper please at how hard he’s trolling ZZS rn.
It’s okay because the dude is going to be dead in like a minute. RIP sassy servant dude.
Meanwhile, soft boy’s dad and oldest bro are talking about how they don’t want to get involved in any of the shit that’s going down.
Oh, the irony
Prince Jin pops up for a minute again to remind us that he is still holding a grudge against ZZS and lusting after the glazed armor.
ZZS gets attacked by bad energy from his ornamental nail piercings
Tumblr media
which makes him do a spit take all over the poor videographer.
and Mirror Lake Manor gets attacked by Ghosts from Ghost Valley. ZZS knows they are from ghost valley because he read it in a book once, which is the most nerdy thing ever.
Then he spots a spy from his old gang, Window of Heaven. The spy is a bird, which brings up a lot of questions, none of which are pertinent.
The ghosts are attacking them with what looks like either coins or gears cut out of yellow paper, which are both fluttering around harmlessly and being flung around like throwing stars.
Tumblr media
I know burning paper money and other paper goods are common funeral practices. In The Untamed, after Jin Jixuan is killed, there is a scene in which servants toss something very similar into the fire. So I think that that’s what these yellow things are supposed to be? They’re also attacking with (and at some points standing on) the magic sharp fishing line the Hanging Ghost was using in the last episode.
The ornery boatman is fighting off the paper money, I don’t know if he’s surprisingly skilled for a boatman or if everyone in this world knows how to fight except soft boy. He’s losing until ZZS shows up and starts fighting them with his hidden soft sword.
Then ZZS looks up and there is WKX being EVEN MORE CREEPY HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE WKX? chilling in a window watching the action.
Tumblr media
He gives him this look, which is a ‘you know what you did look’
This look right here is going to spawn so much slutty fan fiction...
Ahem. Anyway I've run out of my allotted images. Up next: still haven't posted any images of soft boy because I'm trying to keep to only two posts/ episodes and there's too much... do WKX and ZZS have a fan name? They must. Someone please tell me what it.
Part 2/ 2
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youcouldmakealife · 3 months ago
LBTE: Jared (52-55)
In which Jared is a little out of his depth at the NHL level, Bryce is immune to Jared’s many faults, The Rossi-Marcus Bromance begins, Jared tells Greg about Bryce and Greg is UNDERSTANDABLY kind of freaking out, Mike Brouwer is Scary, Darryl Rogers is Good, and Jared gets sent home.
Series page if you want to follow along.
52. Stretch
Jared grins and bears media day, even though he doesn’t think it’s fair that they made him put a Oilers jersey on twice in the space of months and forced him to smile through it.
You utter muppet.
They’re definitely better than the snatches of what he’s hearing peppered at some of the returning Oilers, which sound like a nice version of ‘how are you going to suck less this year?’.
Jared never thought he’d feel empathy for an Oiler, but ouch.
Also, it’s — well, if he’s an Oiler, is it empathy or self-interest, him wincing at the thought that might be him in a year or two? Hard to tell.
Jared: am I developing empathy or is it just a different form of self-interest??
Most of them seem to handle it pretty well — Jared guesses you get used to it if you suck year after year — but Brouwer’s on the fucking warpath after — maybe they asked if he was planning on actually contributing to anything other than penalty minutes this year? — and Jared is unfortunately directly in the path of him marching the hell out of the building.
“Whoa,” Jared says, and manages to get out of the way before Brouwer like, knocks him out with his shoulder. It’s a very near thing. “Didn’t think you were supposed to take out your own teammates,” Jared mutters, after Brouwer’s past.
Mike just found out Liam had an off-season boyfriend, it is EMPHATICALLY not the time for snark Jared Matheson.
“I’d say his bark was worse than his bite,” Rogers says, from where he’s standing near the entrance. If Jared didn’t know better, he’d think he was hiding from the media. Who could blame him, honestly. “But.”
All bite.
Rogers grimaces. “He’s dealing with some shit right now,” he says.
So’s Jared. He’s wearing a fucking Oilers jersey. You still don’t see him knocking over innocent prospects.
Jared Matheson.
“Anyone call him Bruiser before?” Jared asks, to confirm Brewer’s incipient heartbreak.
“Definitely one of his nicknames,” Rogers says. “Bowser, Brouwbeater.”
“So basically anything synonymous with violence works,” Jared says, and Rogers laughs like he’s hilarious.
“Basically,” Rogers says. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t usually extend to his own teammates.”
When it does there is ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT from one Liam Fitzgerald.
Jared has no idea how a roster so bad can have so many people in shape that makes him seethe with envy.
Easy to forget even the worst fourth line plug is in the 0.001 percentile in skill and will be in elite physical form.
Jared is suddenly very concerned he’s out of his league. Like. Literally. He knows he’s good, but — he just. He didn’t realise how big a leap he’d have to make, and he’s not sure he actually can.
Proper player development’s importance cannot be overstated.
Jared pretty much expected not to be able to shake Brewer off for the entirety of camp, preseason if they both made it to that point, but he ended up peeling off pretty quick to a group of dudes who’re closer to Bryce’s age than Jared’s. He’s nice enough in their room, he’s not ignoring Jared or anything, he just isn’t clinging to Jared like Jared thought he would.
Jared’s relieved. He’s not offended at all. Even a little.
Jared: I don’t want to hang out with Brewer
Brewer: *hangs out with other people*
Jared: RUDE
“If the dude doesn’t like you, he’s a moron,” Bryce says. He picked up immediately when Jared called him after trudging his way up to their room. Brewer was hanging out with that other table. They were laughing when he left. Jared doesn’t know how they still have the energy to laugh.
“I’m not actually, like,” Jared says. “Likable. I know that.”
Bryce makes a very offended sound.
“Okay, like, friendly,” Jared says. “Obviously I’m very likable.”
“You are,” Bryce says, all chiding.
Jared grins down at his comforter. “Friendly, or likable?”
“Both,” Bryce says.
Bryce Marcus shut your lying mouth.
“Really?” Jared says. “Really, Bryce?”
“Okay, maybe you’re not like, the most friendly guy,” Bryce admits. “But that’s just because you have like, standards. And obviously Brewer doesn’t deserve to be your friend, so he can suck it.”
Bryce <3
Seriously, though, Jared doesn’t spend much chatting with anyone. He needs to keep his head down, his head in this. It’s training camp, not find your Bryce and Raf camp.
You’ll have find your Julius camp next year.
bryce marcus just asked me if I wanted to grab a drink after training camp, Chaz texts him. I’m not gonna lie I’m fanboying a little.
Chaz <333
Jared grins, wide.
You are lying., Jared texts Chaz. You’re fanboying a lot.
true true, Chaz responds.
Jared is DELIGHTED at the idea of his former captain fanboying about his boyfriend.
Jared turns off the TV when the shower starts, resists the urge to text Bryce. He’s busy with Chaz right now.
Jared: be welcoming to Chaz.
Bryce: *is welcoming to Chaz*
Jared: :/
“Hey, Matheson,” Jared hears, and looks up to see one of the trainers. He hasn’t gotten all their names down, so this one is, for now, ‘the bald one’. “You’ve got to take it easy there, you’re asking to pull your groin if you keep stretching like that.”
He can’t believe the first thing Bryce ever fucking said to him was about pulling his groin, and he was right. Jared is never, ever telling him about this.
To his GRAVE.
Some sort of fight breaks out — well, play fight, Fitzgerald on the ground laughing hysterically while Rogers pummels him with not an ounce of real strength, and everyone starts cheering on one or the other, placing bets. Jared hears one of them put twenty on this ending in Rogers getting kneed in the balls, because ‘Fitzy fights like a rat’.
Absolute weasel, that Fitzgerald.
“So I’m definitely gonna do my best to get sent back down,” Jared says, and Jacobi laughs and claps him on the back. Everyone in Edmonton seems to think he’s hilarious, and it’s all based on the faulty assumption he’s joking.
Absolute hobgoblin, that Matheson.
53. Socialisation
“It’s um,” Jared says. “Dave Summers. I have his number if you’re ready?”
Apparently Greg isn’t. “Who the fuck are you dating?” he asks.
Greg is FREAKING OUT. Dave Summers is not in the league of agents that Greg is in.
“Bryce Marcus?” Jared says weakly.
“You did not tell me your boyfriend was Bryce Marcus!” Greg says.
Greg needed to know this A LONG TIME AGO JARED.
Bryce texts him a few hours later with summers is so mad at me rn lol and Jared doesn’t know if he’s imagining that it’s a little pissed sounding.
I mean he just got screamed at for an extended amount of time so he’s juuuust a bit pissed.
“To pussying out,” Jared says, lifting his beer a little in Brouwer’s direction.
Brouwer grunts. Scowls.
Nice guy. Not terrifying at all.
“Glad we had this talk,” Jared mutters, though he waits until Brouwer goes off to sit by himself in a corner first. He’s not stupid.
Don’t listen to your mom, his dad texts a minute later. No Man Is An Island…except Mathesons.
Seriously, Jared’s dad gets him.
They have a Bond. A Bond of Hating Everyone Except Those They Do Not.
“It is kind of weird,” Jared says, instead of, ‘my boyfriend says your brother’s a dick’
Good call?
Please don’t accidentally board me, Jared texts Bryce when Morris goes to the bathroom.
??? Bryce texts back, then, I wud never hurt u with a heart, because he’s a dope.
54. Losers First
He wonders if he should tell Bryce not to board Rogers either or something. Jared can’t help but like Rogers.
Darryl Rogers is such a good guy he won over Mike Brouwer AND Jared Matheson. That’s skill.
“This was my home ice,” Jared says, not sure why he’s admitting that. Why it even matters. It isn’t anymore, at least not tonight, so there’s no point mentioning it. He doesn’t know why he keeps blurting things out. Rogers just has one of those faces, Jared guesses, like whatever you say, it’s cool, he’s there for you.
Jared doubts that’d be the case if he mentioned what was really getting to him right now.
“C’mon,” Rogers says. “Take a walk with me, show me around.”
SUCH A GOOD GUY, offering that just to distract Jared from his nerves. I love you Roge.
Morris bumps shoulders with him on the bench, and Jared wonders why so many people seem to think Jared needs like, to talk. He doesn’t want to talk.
“Soon as you hit the ice it won’t matter,” Morris says, and he’s not right, exactly, but he’s not wrong either.
Ben is also a very good guy.
she definitely didn’t own that Oilers jersey when Jared left town.
“What are you wearing?” Jared asks, appalled. “Take that off right now.”
“I’m supporting my brother,” Erin says sweetly.
She’s fucking trolling her brother, and she knows it.
“I thought it was nice she wanted a jersey,” his dad says, with this little smirk around his mouth like he too knows she did it to troll Jared. Hell, he’d probably wear one himself if he wouldn’t like, melt if an Edmonton jersey touched his skin.
He was, however, willing to buy that jersey for her for dual support and trolling.
“I mean it,” his dad says. “You’re on a rebuild team, buddy, losing is something you’ll have to learn to live with. You can’t sulk about it every time.”
WATCH him. (But good advice from Don.)
“How’s Marcus in person?” Jared asks. “He seems like kind of a dick in interviews.”
“Nah, he’s a cool dude,” Chaz says, and Jared bites back a smile. “I think he’s just like, shy. He’s pretty quiet.”
Jared really wants to hug Chaz right now, but that would probably seem pretty weird.
“Shy,” he says, instead. “Really?”
“Yeah, I dunno, he doesn’t like, talk much in the room?” Chaz says. “But he’s been really cool to me, like, not even remotely how they make him seem, so I think the media’s kind of full of shit about him.”
Chaz <3333
That night, Brewer sleeping while Jared glares up at the ceiling, jaw clenched tight and eyes blurry, he wonders if he’s cut out for this at all, because it fucking — it hurts, and he didn’t expect it to hurt like this, didn’t expect to care as much as he does, more than he ever has, and the games don’t even — they don’t even count yet, and here is is fucking trying not to cry like a little kid.
55. Consolation (it’s not like you’re a prize)
“You looked great out there,” Donahue says. Jared’s stopped calling him GM Dumbfuck even in his head, because what if it escaped his head and entered his mouth? Nightmare fodder.
IMAGINE. And fair concern considering Jared’s sieve of a brain to mouth filter.
“It came down to the wire, Jared,” Donahue says. “You have a lot of potential already, but we think another year of development might make a difference in the long run for your career, and we have to think longterm here.”
Was the right call, GM Dumbfuck!
“Hey,” his mom says, picking up on the first ring. “Did you—”
“Can you come pick me up?” Jared asks. “I can take a train probably, but they’re expensive last minute and I just — I want to go home.”
“Oh, honey,” she interrupts, and Jared finds his eyes blurring. He doesn’t know why he’s this upset right now. “Yeah, I’ll take the afternoon off work, come pick you up this evening, okay? I’ll leave in about an hour, that work?”
Susan dropping everything to drive a six hour round trip because Jared needs her — she trolls, but she loves him really hard too. (Thankfully her boss is very understanding of ‘my kid just got cut from an NHL team and is understandably very upset can I leave at lunch or nah?’. It’s a tight knit office, they’re all rooting for Jared.)
Erin doesn’t say a single mean thing during dinner, which is good because Jared’s kind of afraid if she did he might cry, and that’d scare the shit out of everyone.
Mathesons do not CRY!!!
By some silent mutual consent, the words ‘Oilers’ or ‘Hitmen’ or ‘cut’ never enter the conversation, and Jared’s pretty sure that’s his mom’s doing, that she took his dad and Erin aside or texted them or something to tell them that Jared didn’t want to talk about it, so they weren’t going to talk about it or they’d face her wrath.
He loves his mom a lot right now.
She did do that and I love her a lot too.
Jared wants to go to Bryce right after dinner, but it seems rude, especially after his dad hands him a beer, and when Jared side-eyes it, says, “You can have one, you had a hard day.”, before getting one for himself, because Jared guesses he did too. Probably doesn’t feel great to hear your kid didn’t make it. Not quite the same as hearing you didn’t, but shitty regardless.
Yeah pretty shitty day for Don and Susan too, bud.
“I’m sorry,” Erin says quietly, lurking beside his spot on the couch, which is weird and a little disturbing, both the sorry and almost gentle tone of voice.
“Thanks,” Jared says.
“I wanted to get some more use out of my Oilers jersey,” she says, which is more like her.
Jared snorts.
“Sorry,” she says again, and leans down to give him a hug, probably the first time she’s done it in years. Jared hugs her back for all of half a second before she pulls away and darts back upstairs.
“Did that just happen?” Jared asks.
“She really does feel bad,” his mom says, then, “She liked that Oilers jersey.”
Mathesons are incapable of showing affection without a dose of mockery and I love them.
“You’re not getting a cab, don’t be ridiculous,” his dad says, and Jared wonders if this is it, the moment his dad is legit going to lock him in his room rather than let him go home to Bryce, before he says, “I’ll drive you over.”
‘Over’ is noticeably not ‘home’, or even ‘to your place’, but Jared’s not going to jeopardize a free ride by arguing semantics with his dad.
Free ride beats arguments about semantics (but barely)
“I know it sucks,” his dad says. “I’m sorry it sucks. I wish I knew what I could say to help, but you know I’m not — you know I’m not good at this stuff.”
Jared inherits his verbal acuity from his dad.
“It’s not okay,” his dad says, closer to a shout. “It’s fucking bullshit, Jared, they’re—”
“Dad,” Jared says. “Don’t, okay? If I’m not pissed about this you don’t get to be pissed about this.”
“Why aren’t you?” his dad asks. “You work so much fucking harder—”
“I don’t want to suck,” Jared says. “Okay? I don’t want to walk into my first season and fucking suck and make people doubt that I even deserve to be there, and if another season in the Dub means that I come out of the gate better, I want to do that. I’m — they’re probably putting Chaz on the fucking third line, and he didn’t even make the Golden Seals’ preseason last year even though he’s awesome, and Bryce — Bryce is a legit phenomenon, and even then he didn’t play more than a few games for the Flames until he was nineteen, so it’s not like this is weird. I don’t want to suck, and they don’t want someone who sucks, and that’s fine, okay? I’ll get better, and I’ll make it when I am.”
“You had seventy fucking points last season,” his dad says. “In what world do you suck?”
“In the NHL,” Jared says. “I didn’t deserve it and I didn’t get it, and I need to start focusing on the Hitmen season and I can’t do that if you keep yelling—”
Don is the only person (barring Bryce) that Jared offers an unvarnished truth of his career to (this is the man who drove him to every game and practice and sat in the stands and did post mortems with on the drive home, Don is intrinsically tied to Jared’s hockey) and one of the reasons that he has such trouble talking to Don in his moments of deep disappointment and hurt is that talking to Don means he has to admit they’re moments of deep disappointment and hurt. Don turns off Jared’s ability to compartmentalise his feelings, they all come out, and Jared can’t handle that right now.
When he gets in the door, Bryce is standing in front of the couch in front of a dark TV, like maybe he turned it off and stood up the second he heard Jared’s key in the lock.
Exactly like that.
“You know, it’s going to be super hard to live your life surgically attached to someone by the hand,” Jared says.
“Shut up,” Bryce says. “I don’t see you letting go.”
Well. Touche.
“It’s weird,” Bryce says. “Like — I dunno, you’re right here but I don’t like, believe it? So if you want your hand back, too bad.”
Jared shifts closer, letting go of Bryce’s hand — “Oh my god, I’ll give it back,” he says to the complaining sound Bryce makes— until he’s made himself comfortable, head on Bryce’s chest, offering his hand so Bryce can lace their fingers again. He listens to the slow pound of Bryce’s heart under his ear, and he holds on tight.
Bryce falls asleep fast, easy, and Jared can’t, finds himself staring into the dark same way he did in Edmonton, but at least he’s got Bryce’s even breathing to lull him, Bryce’s chin nudging his head, lax hand still twined in his, Bryce’s smell on the sheets and maybe Jared’s too, not right now, but eventually, because it’s not Bryce’s bed, it’s theirs, and he’ll be sleeping in it now, leave traces of himself too, so Bryce won’t ever doubt he’s been there, is there, is going to be there again soon.
Home, Jared thinks, and it’s a good feeling, but — it’s a good feeling, maybe, but it hurts too.
Always mixed feelings with this bit. Disappointment and relief.
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authenticcadence18 · 5 months ago
30 Questions About Me
THANKS FOR THE TAG @bugaboo-n-bananoir ILY!!!!
(Nick)name: Cadence
gender: cis female
Star sign: Pisces
Height: uhhhhh I am not sure, it’s taller than 5ft at least
Time: night! (Well I wrote most of this last night, but now it’s the evening of the next day!)
Birthday: well I’m a Pisces, so my birthday is between Feb 19th and march 20th!
Fave band/group: Pentatonix! Or For King and Country. Or the piano guys, the vitamin string quartet, Voctave.....also Phineas and the Ferbtones👌
Fave solo artists: I really like Lauren Daigle, and Jackie Evancho used to be my FAVE. Aaand idk if this counts but Michael Giacchino! love his scores, especially the score for Inside Out. There’s also this guy called Clay Kramer on YouTube who makes KK Slider covers of popular music, his stuff gives me so much seratonin😅
Song Stuck in my Head: Well I’m listening to music rn and “I’m Me” from Phineas and Ferb is on so I’ll say that! (I’ll revisit this one when I finish the list and update it with whatever song i’m listening to/is stuck in my head then) (ok the music has since been turned off and now I have “Status Quo” from High School Musical stuck in my head so! There ya go!) (now it is the next day, and I’ve got “when the party’s over” stuck in my head...i think these three songs are an accurate reflection of my taste in music🤣)
Last Movie: uhhhhh oh yeah, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice! It was SO GREAT because Jay Baruchel plays the main character (and the main character is super awkward), so I felt like I was watching Hiccup from the How To Train Your Dragon franchise learn magic and it was GLORIOUS. And also Nicholas Cage is great. And I liked the love interest in the movie as well!! She had a role to play in the story and felt authentic and genuine, which I appreciated!
Last Show: ok well the last show I watched by myself was Phineas and Ferb! Specifically, the episode with the Mardi Gras block party and then the one where Candace and Stacy compete in an obstacle course against Isabella and Ginger (omg wAIT ginger and Stacy are sisters and Isabella and Candace are GOING to be sisters mY HEART I—AH🥺). I hadn’t watched those episodes in forever, so they were really fun to revisit! I think the last actual show I watched was Kids Baking Championship or something, lol. (Those kids are AMAZING. So skilled!)
When i created this blog: November 2019! It was riiiight after the season 3 finale of miraculous aired and absolutely wrecked my emotions. I had some fanfic written that I’d never posted and had been thinking about making a tumblr/ao3 for awhile, and seeing the finale made me finally go, “ know what, yeah. The finale is aired, no more’s time to make a blog.” So I did! And I posted my first fic! And I’m so happy i did :)
What Do I Post: a bunch of multi fandom stuff XD. This blog started off as 90% Miraculous, 10% other fandoms I like...but now it’s just kind of a hodgepoge of my favorite fandoms (with a focus on Phineas and Ferb, lol). I reblog a lot of posts, and then I post original stuff too! I write fanfic, nowadays for Phineas and Ferb but for Miraculous in the past (and probably in the future!), I draw art (mostly Phinabella art because I’ve been drawing them since i was 11 and it feels good to return to my roots), and OCCASIONALLY I will write an analysis post (I’ve got one in the works rn actually 👀), attempt to make a meme, or dip my toe into salt just SLIGHTLY before quickly backing away, lol. If I were to list the fandoms I post about in the order of how frequently I post about them, I’d probably say: Phineas and Ferb, Miraculous....and thennnnn everything else is pretty random and depends on the day, lol.
Last thing i googled: Jay Baruchel 😂. Couldn’t remember how to spell his last name!
Other blogs: this is my only blog! Sometimes I think about making a separate blog for my art and writing, but I am not sure if I should or not....maybe I will someday, but idk. I also have an AO3 for fanfic and an Instagram for art! All are under the name “authenticcadence18.”
Do I get asks: sometimes, yeah!! Sometimes I reblog ask games/prompts and get some asks for those (I’ve got so many prompts in my inbox I want to write/draw things for...ah it’s fine, I’ll get to it eventually😅), and sometimes lovely people will leave thoughts or nice messages in my inbox🥺💕. I’ve got a specific tag for all those nice messages so I can read back over them whenever I need a boost!
Why this url: it’s a music pun! When a song/section of a piece of music ends with a dominant chord resolving to a tonic chord (if you’ve read a certain fic of mine you should know allll about dominant and tonic chords👀🤣), it’s called an authentic cadence! There are different kinds of cadences, and authentic ones are my favorite. One example of this is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” I also use this blog to be my authentic, fandom-loving self! So I like authentic cadences, and also, I’m Cadence and using this blog to be authentic! Woo! (And 18 is just my favorite number, lol) I’m glad I ended up choosing a name that doesn’t tie to a specific fandom becaaaaaause this ended up being a multi fandom blog!
Following: 232!!
Followers: 292!!! (THANKS SO MUCH Y’ALL ILY 💕)
Average amount of sleep: wellllll for the past week and a half I was sick so I was probably getting 9ish hours a night (because I would sleep in really late, lol). but NOW? In my immediate future? I suspect my average amount of sleep is going to go down because I’m really bad about staying up late even when I have to get up early😅. Hoping to be good about getting at least 7ish hours a night!
Lucky number: 18! But y’all probably already guessed that, lol.
Instruments: my voice, piano, ukulele, viola (but it’s been a HOT minute), aaaand i used to be able to play guitar but then I got a ukulele and forgot all the guitar chords. (I also dabble in songwriting! I primarily use voice and piano when writing music.)
What I’m wearing: my favorite sweatshirt (that was last night, rn I have on a tanktop), some leggings, and socks!
Dream job: I’m currently learning to be a teacher, and I LOVE teaching and working with kids so that is definitely a job I’m really excited about!!! I would also love to portray characters at Disney or something (well, maybe not at Disney because I hear they’re strict, but like....I want to be Rapunzel or Anna or something, that would be so fun). OR, I would LOVE to work in tv animation somehow, be it voice acting, writing scripts/music, and/or story boarding. basically if I could do what Dan and Swampy did for Phineas and Ferb/Milo Murphy’s Law, I would LOVE THAT. (Especially the writing music part. Getting to write music for established characters and get PAID for it would be SO COOL.!.!.!) Also I think it would be so fun to write Disney storybooks! Like, those books that are about Cinderella baking a cake or Ariel befriending a seahorse, stuff like that. Those brought me a ton of joy as a child!
Dream trip: I want to visit alllll the Disney parks someday😅. (Not right now because, ya know, Covid...but someday!)
Fave food: uhhh i really like pizza. And popcorn. Also hummus and guacamole!
nationality: American
Fave songs: “Times” by Tenth Avenue North; “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (I made an entire playlist of just this song when I first started writing my fic of the same name, so I like the original and a ton of covers of it!), “Show Yourself” from Frozen II, “What Might Have Been” from Phineas and Ferb (and lots of other songs from that show, i made a whole post about that once but I can’t find it, oof); “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle; “Thank You” by Pentatonix; “I See the Light” from Tangled; “Your Hands” by JJ Heller; “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.....i like a loooot of songs so this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I think that’s good for now, LOL! (As soon as I post this I’m going to remember another song I love, lol)
last book: I got the book Unbirthday for Christmas! It’s basically Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, but if she’d never gone to wonderland and things went horribly wrong there. (I think, I’m not that far into it yet, lol)
Top 3 fictional universes I’d love to live in: 1. DANVILLE, PLS. Especially as a kid, I SO would’ve loved to hang out with Isabella and Phineas and the rest of the gang! Danville is so vibrant and unique and people are always randomly breaking into song there, that’s my kind of place! 2. Fairytopia (from the Barbie movies!) because I could be a fairy OR a mermaid OR BOTH and eat seeweed to breathe underwater even if I wasn’t a mermaid. Like, that’s the dream right there. (I’ve always loved mermaids and fairies, lol!) 3. Maybe San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6? All of the technology in that universe is really cool! And I would love to eat a noodle burger, lol .
Oh! That’s the last one! Wow! This was so FUN!!!!!!! Thanks again for the tag, Maddy!!!! :)
I’ll taaaag @sketchy-panda @macaronsforchat @simplynewyorkbound @inkjackets and anyone else who’d like to do this! (And pls don’t feel pressured to play at all, or answer all of the questions! I was definitely vague with a few of my answers, lol)
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narwhalish · 5 months ago
Appreciating People
I’m making a new post because this got way too long xD Also read the bottom of this post if you can :) Technically got tagged for this so, if you wish tag 5 different people you appreciate!! New Years thing!  Omg thank you @cosmokyrin for the tag!!! ;( You’ve been absolutely amazing to scream to as well. Nuts and Dolts, Rosebird, really anything. Our screaming over STRQ and Nuts and Dolts tho, absolute the shit tbh. CRAZY CHAOS. It’s been interesting to learn from you art wise as well. I have stole how you shade xD I just use a different brush. It’s been an amazing year just talking to you about everything and screaming ideas at each other. I’m glad I got to meet you, and thank you for thinking of me ;( <3
Gosh I have so many people I could thank for making this year, well, a year. Even with everything happening in the world, it’s been a good year and I’ve made friendships I didn’t know I could have before. I’m more confident in myself and my abilities, and that spurred from finally others believing in myself. So, I could thank so many people.
@yoomschoocs Ay sister from another mother :) It’s been a ride hasn’t it? We have our ups, and we’ve had our downs. You and your sister got me through the lowest part of the year for me, and I’m forever grateful for that. From our crazy AU creation to just our general screaming over anything, it’s been fun, it’s been amazing, and one of the highlights to my day is just talking to you in anyway possible. I could list so many moments that I loved that I’ve had with you. From our crazy calls in the morning (playing tlou that one time was hilarious) or from talking about our corruption AU. No matter what, it’s been so fun :)
@cara-kira OH SHIT MY OTHER SISTER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER IS HERE TOO!!! Seriously Cara, Honestly I forgot how we even came to be. Like one moment we were just being awkward people and the next thing you know we were screaming our lungs out at each other about everything. I think thats the beauty of things such as this. You just... you click. That is what happened to us. And now look at us. Words can’t even describe how much I care about you. It’s been an amazing time, talking about RWBY, taunting you about the next episodes while you wait for Yoom, and in general just talking about anything. Music. Def music. It’s so obvious you care about me, as I do for you, and I really appreciate it <3 Oh and me introducing myself in 8 languages. I think I about scared you away xP (stroboscoop)
And to both of you, it’s been amazing that we all have relatively the same interests and taste in music. Honestly Its been incredibly refreshing and I 1000% appreciate it and have fun :)
@nemomo​ Gods where do I even start with you? I remember seeing you back during fairgame week and just admiring your art. I think it was the big group picture that first introduced me to you. I didn’t know it at the time, Then I found your YOI AU on instagram and reached out to you there, and then we started talking, created an Figure Skating AU together, and grew closer, and closer. It’s been amazing. You are amazing and funny, and really, I couldn’t imagine what some aspects of my life would be like if you didn’t just push me to do something. You’ve always been there to support me, and I’m here for you if you need anything :) I still adore your art, your singing is beautiful. I think one of our favorite memories of us is our funny movie nights together. Watching Frozen in French was a great experience and you’ve always  been supportive of my French learning even if I say I suck at it. But I’m still learning, and that's progress. Your animatics are also hilarious and you have an amazing sense of what you want to do, and I admire that :) @chiherah​​ Hey Chi, I wouldn’t leave you out :) I met you back in Feb I think? Oh gods it’s already been that long. This year absolutely FLEW past. Our meeting was embarrassing for me at least. I mean, I made a fool of myself xD Then again, I tend to do that a lot. I think for me we really started to click when we did Fairgame week together. Oh geez was that a ride. Our 5am nights as your finished drawing. Our dumb movie nights. Playing overwatch together, trying to get you to play League of Legends (AND HEY YOU ARE PRETTY GOOD) it’s all been fun. And ohoho our calling over quarantine all day everyday I think is what really motivated me and brought me out of the hole I was in. You’ve given me so many opportunities and always encouraged for me to open up socially to people, as in, actually talk to people. When I first met you I like, I never did it, and now it seems to be something I do quite frequently. It was you who really started that giving me the confidence for that. You also finally got me to make the decision that I was going to do cosplay. It was always in the back of my mind, but I never really had a push to do it till I met you. So thanks for that too :)
@gamingmint​​ Hey pal. Welcome to this accidental extremely long post I have created. And I will tell you again and again that I appreciate you. AGAIN AND AGAIN YOU HEAR ME???? Bur seriously there are some people I talk to, and there is some people I talk to basically on a daily basis, and you are in that group. I have such a time talking to you about literally anything, honestly it seems most of our conversations nowadays aren’t even about RWBY and about something else. Like today it was Hades which was fun cause you are going to laugh once you actually play the game because apparently I make it looks easy xP. But seriously, thanks for being there for me and being a genuine joy to talk to everyday. Your art is amazing and the way you draw Clover is to die for seriously. @idiot-with-a-cat-pen​​ Incorrect quotes for days. We have literally hit the max pins and 90% of them are incorrect quotes. We are literally just dumbasses in disguise. I mean, it’s not much of a disguise cause everyone knows it, but shh.  You bring me so many great laughs. Your sense of humor is 10/10. Even if you don’t realize it Pens, you bring joy to so many people. It’s hard to see if from where you are, but you are loved and people care about you. And your art, your art is amazing and I wish you would recognize that. Our OC chaos is probably one of my most favorite memories, just all of it. The dumbassery that comes out of our OC talks is absurd. It’s so fucking funny. You’ve been supportive of me no matter what, even if I fucked up. Oh lets make another bad analogy. Your my eyes and I’m your wings??? Wait that actually sounds good compared to the analogy I gave yoom and I xD Whatever. But seriously, out of everything this year, you’ve brought the party. Literally sometimes. I appreciate it, and don’t stop being you anything soon <3 @grisoleil​​ OH SHIT YOU HAVE A TUMBLR. I was like “HMMMMMM I think Gris has a tumblr Im not crazy right?????” But geez, I dont really remember how we started talking either. Do I see a trend rn??? But it’s been fun and I can’t wait to play overwatch with you sometime :) I really appreciate your opinions and just our general conversations, they have been absolutely amazing!! I love discussing funny headcanons with you, and even on occasion rolling our eyes at theories xD The best, honestly. It’s also nice to know another person who like James. Well, and you’ve increased my love for Weiss too. But that tends to happen when I know people who love a character xD Dont even get me started on your art tho, it’s absolutely amazing and I love seeing it!! It’s been great talking to you ;(
@afoolforatook​​ HOCKEY FRIEND!! I mean, you are absolutely more than that, but you see, you are the one I can scream about hockey to for hours. Hockey season starts next month >;) But we both agreed hockey is what really brought us together, and it is amazing. It’s amazing to actually be able to talk to someone about it. Don’t even get me started on your writing. I’ve been trying to stop having the mentality that people who are amazing at writing or drawing, are... that they would never want to talk to someone like me, but honestly, that didn’t go away with you for awhile. I would Dm you like once in a blue moon to scream over some bit of writing you did. And your writing- it’s incredible. You have a way of showing emotions, things I feel, in a way that I never could. I mean the amount of times I have cried over your writing is sad. I mean, in a good way. It’s not uncommon for me to cry over writing tho. But the point here is, I don’t cry over something that isn’t amazing. I think through your writing I started to understand a few things about myself, which sounds crazy, but the way you described some of the things was just I never even realized it even if I felt it. But on top of that, just talking to you and being friends with you is amazing. If I ever need help no matter what, you are there to help me and give me advice, which is all I could ever want. I also love looking at your fashion tag. It’s actually nice. I’m not one to dress up, but I do enjoy looking at it!! And I’ve never really had an oppurtunity to do it all in one place. OH SHIT and you getting me into Check Please. DUDE THAT COMIC WAS AMAZING LIKE THANK YOU. I’m actually planning on rereading it because I can and why not. Like honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING.
@synvamp​ Crack shit. Thats all I have to say about you. But like honestly was super nervous to message you at first, but then the crack just started and never stopped. But we know when to be serious, and I think that is an important quality. I just love talking about STRQ chaos to you, and I absolute LOVE reading your writing, your pirate fic is just JHSF bhjbfjhsbdf crack. Perfection. On the flipside, you’ve given me so much support no matter what I’m trying to show you or tell you. Unless I’m being dumb, which surprisingly I think was only once. You are also always there to just listen to me, and I really appreciate that. Sometimes that’s all I really need, or to vent to. Nice to have a 5am buddy too xD Cause you know, I am shit at sleeping. I really appreciate the crack, the laughs, the motivation, and everything inbetween. Remember our Promare watch?? I think it is one of my favorite moments :)
@nobynad​ STRQ FRIEND!! Seriously, you were my first friend that hardcore loved STRQ, then we slowly just started converting people into this. Gods we created STRQ week and look where that has gone. It’s been amazing, and I wish we could talk more often. Through just all the chaos and funny STRQ ideas, it been fun. I think one of my funniest memories (was it game night one night?) and you spoke and I just screamed NOBY SPEAKS FOR ONCE! Never again xD I just found it really funny that I have to make everything so dramatic. But thank you for being so supportive of my art over the year and encouraging me to be the best I can be, Everything you do is amazing, and I love seeing your art and just in general hearing from you. Also convincing you the v8 soundtrack SLAPS! @thuban-x​ HEY BUDDY!!! I wouldn’t forget you :) Gods I was nervous to talk to you at first. I always saw you talking in the groupchat, but I never knew what to say to you. Finally we just started talking about anything or everything. Angst, AUs, and everything inbetween. We also totally show each other art and appreciate it. It’s been great, and you’ve made me feel welcome in the group chat, even if I struggle to understand sometime cause it isn’t my native language xD Our conversations are always funny and amazing, and our serious ones? Those are also much needed, it’s good for us to be able to vent to each other ^^ Talking about ideas to you is also AMAZING! Just WAAAAAAAA xD I really appreciate you thuban, and thank you for being an amazing friend.
@whatacartouchebag Hey Cart :)) I know we don’t talk much anymore too often, but I wanted to add you in here because I really appreciate you and your works, along with being your friend. Just your tips for writing, and even reading and analyzing your writing in a way has really developed my writing to something I even enjoy. Which is weird, I never really enjoy anything I do but for some reason I enjoy actually reading my own writing when I used to hate to xD I really appreciate your writing, and listening to me and giving advice, I really appreciate it. It has really helped me, and I think it will continue to, so thank you as well. @dzrdfw Dz!! You were the one who got me into Nuts and Dolts!!! Sometimes I still can’t believe we collabs, TWICE. It just seemed so surreal at the time for me, but each step of the way really brought us closer. You honestly brought a perspective to the world I never have really thought about before, and every time we talk it is memorable. I can’t belive I was your first foreign friend, and trust me, your english has def improved since we first started talking :) I seriously don’t know how you got me into Nuts and Dolts, but you did, and I love it. Also our talks about ATLA, even if I haven’t watched it, are amazing. Our talks in general. You have been amazing throughout this entire year, and I can’t wait to talk to you more :) @thecraftyninjacat Your tumblr name always makes me laugh. CRAFTY NINJA CAT xD It’s the Ninja part I swear. But AAAAAAA, there is so much I could say that I just don’t know how to say. Like your art is just stunning. Our conversations area always amazing and funny, I just really don’t know what to say xD I think my most memorable moment with you is when we were talking about Salem bringing Clover back as a Grimm!!! We went on forever about it and it was super fun! It was like theorizing but like AU too! And we all should know by now I love talking about my AUs. But Crafty, Thanks for being there for me, and keep it up.
@biqrow MADDIE!!!!! Hey!! Listen we just talk about the fish cat toy. ;) But seriously, I’m so glad I got to meet you this year. Even if we don’t talk allllll the time. I love our collabs and your art tips honestly have been very helpful and have helped me get to where my art is today, even if I might have not been the most receptive at first. My mistake. Our chbiis and music Clover and Qrow was SUCH a fun collab to do. I will never forget how long it took me to color that guitar. I really don’t know why. I appreciate your advice about life too, it has really helped me become a happier person. Just our ranting about RWBY too (in a good way) is also super fun, especially with different opinions :) @shana340 SHANA!! Listen, we’ve had our ups and out downs, but I’m so happy that I’ve seen your grow as a person, and you’ve helped me grow as well. Your art is absolutely stunning and amazing, and you were the one who just taught me to just say “’fuck it, bigger shadows’. I enjoy our Vcs when we would do them, and some of the shit that was said was amazing. Even with our varying opinions, I really appreciate you as a friend. I think still one thing that I remember and appreciate is our calls in the morning back when we first met and we were like “oh yeah we gonna be friends” and we still are, so I guess we guessed correctly? xD Hearing you scream as you drew was also hilarious. Oh!! And our Among Us games where we kept voting you off so you screamed you were the imposter everytime. Gods. Fun and amazing. Keep up the good work Shana, you are amazing <3
@anretoga HEY MY NEW FRIEND I MET LIKE AN HOUR AGO!! I’ve already been enjoying whatever the hell is happening in our Dms rn xD OH AND OUR KDA SHARING! Yes!!! But I can wait to get to know you better, and your art is absolutely STUNNING!
There are so many people I could go off about, looking at everyone in my server, but some of you don’t have tumblr so I’ll have to do something for you all later (or I simply just dont know you have tumblr like a dumbass amiright). But I seriously appreciate every single one of you, and you’ve all made my year what it has been. Which through it all, has been a good one. I’m surrounded by love, and that is something I never really god truly like I have now. I’m not judged for what I like or who I am, and that's amazing, I never thought I would get something like this. I really hope to keep making amazing memories into next year, and keeping becoming the best version of me. Also Nemo, I dont know if this number is correct, but from counting in my folder and I assumed I missed some, 85 collabs (writing and art) this year with amazing people :) 
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fmrome · 5 months ago
*     roman  ‘rome’  barclay  was  spotted  in  the  fashion  district  adorning  yves  saint  laurent  leather  boots  ,  with  some  airpod  pros  on  .  they’re  most  likely  listening  to  icon  by  jaden  .  you  may  know  them  as  @ROMEBARCLAY  or  as  that  shawn  mendes  lookalike  .  their  twenty  -  third  birthday  just  passed  .  while  living  in  tribeca  ,  they’ve  gained  a  bit  of  a  reputation  .  they’re  known  to  be  choleric  but  on  the  other  hand  witty  .  wonder  if  they’ll  be  the  next  person  to  hit  the  headlines  .  
Tumblr media
i’m  so  excited  rn  i’m  literally  shaking  in  my  lil  boots  …..   very  excited  to  introduce  y’all  to  a  new  muse  of  mine  ,  mr.  roman  barclay  !  before  i  get  into  this  idiot  though  :  i’m  dab  (  or  dani  ,  or  d  ,  clown  ...  i  respond  to  anything  )  ,  i’m  twenty  ,  &  i  use  she  /  they  pronouns  <3  i’m  also  located  in  pst  but  i’m  awake  at  questionable  times  always  so  …  DMASDUHSOI  hennyways  ,  please  smash  that  mf  like  button  if  u’d  like  to  plot  &  i  promise  that  i  will  come  runnin  <3  that  or  u  can  hmu on  d/scord @ 𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐧_420#6969  !  let  me  shut  up  now  dhasdhasdja
*     the  statistics     .
full  name  :  roman  daniel  barclay  
nickname(s) :  rome  ,  pain  in  the  ass  😐
age  :  twenty - three
gender  +  pronouns  :  cis  man  +  he  /  him  /  his  
birthday  :  january  3rd  ,  1998  
zodiac  :  capricorn  sun  ,  gemini  rising  ,  scorpio  moon  
orientation  :  bisexual  +  biromantic  
place  of  birth  :  canterbury  ,  kent  ,  england  .
love  language  :  acts  of  service  ..  he’s  gonna  cook  for  you  .  are  we  really  surprised  ?  
occupation  :  celebrity  chef  /  socialite  .
drinking  /  drugs  /  smoking  :   yes  /  socially  /  only  weed  
temperament  :  choleric
enneagram  :  type  three  —  the  achiever  
traits  :  ambitious  ,  intense  ,  passionate  ,  stubborn  ,  detached  ,  erudite  ,  impatient  ,  materialistic  ,  protective  ,  captivating  ,  eloquent  ,  cunning  ,  charming  ,  witty  ,  facetious  ,  ill - tempered  ,  logical  ,  ingenuine  ,  clever  ,  dynamic  ,  meticulous  ,  &  stubborn  .
*     the  story     .
        it  was  a  cold  winter  evening  in  canterbury  ,  england  when  the  barclay  family  welcomed  their  first  (  &  only  )  child  into  the  world  .  the  weather  was  quite  fitting  ,  as  the  young  parents  would  come  to  realize  quite  quickly  that  their  son  was  as  icy  as  the  wind  that  cut  through  the  hospital  room  that  day  .  roman’s  mother  would  always  joke  that  ,  if  not  for  the  chill  of  the  night  ,  he  wouldn’t  have  turned  out  like  THAT  .  
         growing  up  ,  roman  was  quite  the  little  troublemaker  (  read  :  shithead  )  .  with  his  mother  working  shifts  night  &  day  as  a  nurse  at  the  local  hospital  ,  &  his  father  working  downtown  in  construction  ,  he  was  left  to  fend  for  himself  most  of  the  time  .  with  nobody  around  to  tell  him  NO  ,  rome  frequently  found  himself  getting  into  trouble  at  school  ,  far  more  interested  in  causing  a  ruckus  with  his  classmates  than  paying  any  attention  to  his  classwork  .  not  only  was  it  a  source  of  entertainment  for  a  young  rome  ,  but  it  got  his  parent’s  attention  (  even  if  it  wasn’t  any  good  )  .  this  was  the  case  throughout  all  of  primary  school  :  rome  would  stir  something  up  ,  much  to  his  parent’s  dismay  ,  &  then  one  of  them  would  be  forced  to  stay  home  with  young  roman  after  he  got  suspended  from  school  for  his  shenanigans  .  
         in  the  first  couple  years  of  secondary  school  ,  roman  would  spent  the  majority  of  his  time  at  home  alone  .  his  parents  had  ultimately  given  up  on  him  ,  &  stopped  trying  to  punish  his  bad  behavior  ,  realizing  that  the  attention  he  got  was  only  fueling  his  fire  .  left  to  his  own  devices  ,  rome  began  to  dabble  in  different  hobbies  to  pass  the  time  .  video  games  were  fun  ,  but  only  prodded  at  his  ill - tempered  nature  .  he  wasn’t  very  good  at  art  ,  &  didn’t  find  much  joy  in  kicking  the  football  around  in  the  yard  .  what  did  pique  his  interest  was  when  his  mother  instructed  him  to  make  his  own  dinner  one  night  .  it  was  incredible  to  him  how  all  the  ingredients  came  together  to  make  something  delicious  ---  &  it  was  even  more  special  to  him  when  his  parents  came  home  that  night  &  ate  the  leftovers  ,  complimenting  his  skills  as  a  first - time  cook  .  
         soon  ,  roman  would  fall  into  the  habit  of  coming  home  from  school  and  instantly  busying  himself  in  the  kitchen  .  cooking  was  fun    ;    more  importantly  ,  it  kept  him  out  of  trouble  .  it  transformed  who  he  was  as  a  person  ,  &  greatly  improved  his  relationship  with  his  parents  ,  who  now  looked  forward  to  coming  home  to  a  delicious  dinner  ready  to  eat  !  food  ,  in  general  ,  began  to  mean  a  lot  to  him  because  of  this  ,  &  the  best  times  were  spent  in  the  kitchen  whipping  something  up  for  his  family  to  enjoy  together  .  his  skillset  blossomed  extremely  quickly  ,  &  rome  enjoyed  pushing  himself  &  trying  new  things  in  the  kitchen    ;    there  was  this  undeniable  ,  natural  talent  that  he  possessed  for  cooking  .  
         seeing  how  HAPPY  it  made  him  ,  his  parents  saved  up  enough  money  to  get  him  a  full - on  cooking  class  .  however  ,  upon  the  class’  first  meeting  ,  the  head  chef  realized  that  roman  was  leagues  ahead  of  the  kids  his  age  ,  &  bumped  him  up  to  the  adult  class  where  he  still  showed  everyone  up  .  it  wasn’t  long  before  the  head  chef  took  rome  under  her  wing  &  showed  him  the  ropes  of  a  professional  kitchen  .  even  though  it  was  wildly  hectic  at  times  ,  &  not  so  pretty  behind  the  scenes  ,  the  atmosphere  felt  so  right  to  him  .  this  was  what  he  was  meant  to  do  ,  &  there  was  not  a  single  doubt  in  his  mind  about  that  .
         when  roman  was  fourteen  ,  the  head  chef  of  the  restaurant  he  practically  lived  in  proposed  the  idea  of  trying  out  for  masterchef  junior  ,  a  reality  tv  show  that  had  just  run  its  first  season  on  food  network  in  the  united  states  .  she  was  so  CONFIDENT  in  his  ability  to  succeed  that  she  paid  him  &  his  parent’s  booking  ,  travelling  ,  &  residence  fees  for  across  the  atlantic  .  before  rome  knew  it  ,  he  was  setting  foot  in  new  york  city  ,  where  he’d  audition  &  eventually  win  masterchef  junior  .  roman’s  talent  ,  passion  ,  &  attitude  made  him  a  well - known  name  in  the  cuisine  industry  ,  even  at  such  a  young  age  .
         for  the  next  four  years  ,  he’d  intern  at  different  michelin - star  dining  establishments  across  the  uk  ,  choosing  to  finish  off  his  degree  at  home  so  he  could  travel  &  cook  .  as  soon  as  he  turned  eighteen  though  ,  he  was  jetting  back  off  to  new  york  city  to  pursue  a  career  there  .  since  he  already  had  connections  thanks  to  masterchef  ,  &  years  of  experience  in  professional  kitchens  ,  it  was  incredibly  easy  for  him  to  break  onto  the  scene  .  within  two  years  of  tv  appearances  ,  sous  chef  positions  ,  &  endless  work  ,  he  was  named  the  new  head  chef  of  the  state  grill  &  bar  in  the  empire  state  building  .  having  his  own  plans  ,  a  healthy  bank  account  ,  a  solid  reputation  ,  &  the  trust  of  the  owners  ,  he  was  sold  the  restaurant  ,  &  flipped  it  into  EMPIRE  :  his  very  own  fine  dining  establishment  ,  filled  with  the  most  talented  chefs  he  could  find  ,  &  a  popular  celebrity  hotspot  .  
         food  network  would  soon  come  to  him  about  starting  his  own  show  in  which  he’d  allow  two  teams  of  eight  aspiring  chefs  each  to  compete  in  his  kitchen  to  win  a  chance  at  keeping  a  permanent  position  at  his  restaurant  .  (  yea  ...  it  is  modeled  after  hell’s  kitchen  ...  sorry  not  sorry  )  .  this  show  ,  ROMAN’S  EMPIRE  ,  would  air  when  rome  was  twenty  ,  in  2017  ,  &  would  launch  him  even  further  into  fame  &  fortune  .  now  ,  not  only  was  he  notable  in  the  cuisine  business  ,  but  he  was  a  full - blown  celebrity  ,  well - known  &  adored  despite  (  &  maybe  because  of  )  his  short  temper  &  snappish  remarks  . 
        now  on  its  third  season  ,  roman’s  empire  is  the  most  highly - rated  show  on  the  food  network  ,  &  is  raking  in  massive  amounts  of  money  for  rome  .  since  2017  ,  he’s  opened  eight  other  restaurants  across  the  united  states  (  &  one  more  back  home  in  the  uk  )  ,  &  obtained  a  total  of  four  michelin  stars  himself  .  roman  resides  in  a  penthouse  suite  in  tribeca  ,  &  enjoys  the  payoff  of  his  hardwork  &  new  life  .
*     the  personality     .
          roman  is  very  much  a social  butterfly   ;    he  enjoys  being  around  people  probably  a  little  too  much  .  ironically  ,  he  has  a  bad  habit  of  being  an  instigator  .  as  much  as  he  loves  people  ,  he  lives  for  attention  —   good  &  bad  ,  &  will  go  to  great  lengths  to  obtain  it  .
         he  has  the  tendency  to  be  a  little  out - of - touch  with  reality  at  times  .  rome  is  incredibly  ambitious  ,  &  oftentimes  ,  his  quest  to  obtain  his  goals  blinds  him  from  the  idea  that  his  actions  have  consequences  .   because  of  this  ,  he  has  the  reputation  of  being  a  bit  of an  asshole ,  unsurprisingly  ,  &  he  lives  up  to  it  sometimes  too  .
          rome  struggles  with  making  deep  connections  with  people  .  very  shut - off  emotionally  ,  but  it’s  not  incredibly  obvious  .  the  type  of  person  that  you  think  you  know  a  lot  about  until  you  sit  down  &  realize  that  you  know  next  to  nothing  about  him  .  
         the  type  of  person  that  you  love  to  hate  &  hate  to  love  .  rome  isn’t  a  bad  person  per  se  ,  but  he  definitely  has  his  moments  .  if  you  can  look  past  that  ,  he’s  a  good  friend  to  have  .  very  lively  ,  very  fun  .  he  will  support  you  ,  but  without  revealing  much  about  himself  or  his  own  woes  .  rome  is  incredibly  protective  of  the  people  that  he  does  hold  close  .  a  real  ride  or  die  ass  bitch  .  
         he’s  a  thrill - seeker ,  &  incredibly  passionate  &  intense  about  literally  everything  .  it  wouldn’t  be  wrong  to  call  him  a  bit  dramatic  .  he’s  always  searching  for  that  next  adrenaline  rush  .
i’ll  get  some  wanted  connections  up  in  a  later  post  ,  but  i  wanted  to  pop  this  on  the  dash  before  running  off  to  work  <3  can’t  wait  to  plot  with  all  of  u  <3
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survivorgalaxysedge · 6 months ago
Episode 5 | Forgive Me Cowtown For I Have Sinned - Ari
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ohhhhh i found something JUICY tonight!!! so yesterday the hosts got tired of me constantly asking how many fuel i have and gave me the command to view it, and i knew i was outta points so i was like ok cool we'll check it out tomorrow. TURNS OUT the scorekeeper bot shows you not just your personal points.... but the points of everyone in the game.... and WHOM is number two on that list with 36 entire points? that's right. my best friend keegan. my first thought was wtf ew how did he already recover from my sabotage, i feel zero percent guilty about doing that now! and then my second thought was WAIT...... this is PERFECT. so you can bet i ran right to all three of my allies to be like "hey omg i found something shady :0 didn't keegan say all his fuel got blown up the other day? well i pulled some receipts and it turns out he still has all of it! why would he lie about that??? so sus!" and now i'm laughing because there could not be a more perfect excuse to get him gone!!! i'm not gonna push it any more than that right now - for all i know, we'll prob win the next challenge again - but i've tucked the ammo away in my pocket, planted the ari seed in jonathan and zoe's heads, and i'll let it sit pretty there until i need it. also, i ended up telling ali what i did to keegan simply because he is 100% not going against me and i needed someone to tell me i'm funny, so i also let him know about this plan o mine and that we could use this against sir keegan, which he's so down for. god. i cannot wait to tell mj about all this shit.
Tumblr media
Jacob being voted out of NuTrian is the second best thing that could have happened. Preferably Nathan but my OG Andro and Jessie are safe so that’s very good. Now we’ve got a Guess Who challenge which is okay. I don’t care if we get first or second, I just really really don’t want to get last. Let’s keep the good vibes going and be safe for a fifth straight tribal council. Ali told me he scored 11 points, I scored 10. I hope Zoe can whip out her survivor magic with a score of 8 or 9. And then hopefully Jonathan can pull out a good score as well. Nathan and Zach have both scored 12 on this challenge before, so I can only hope they keep up with that and score high again. Gotta make sure those other tribes flop. I’m still incredibly uncertain about how to play this steal a player advantage. It’s possible we ride this 3 tribe split all the way to merge. My guess is merge at 11 or 10. That would be quite a few tribals to go without another swap but it’s certainly possible. Though I could absolutely see a swap now at 12. Two tribes of six, and then merge at 10. A final 3 with 7 jurors perhaps? Either way, I think I’ll hold on to this advantage until it seems likely that I’ll need it. No sense in causing some chaos if it isn’t necessary.
Tumblr media
ok so i'm doing well in challenges rn, as best as i can at least, and i feel like that's the only thing keeping me alive bc.... nobody talks to me. i feel like i'm starting every one on one conversation and desperately trying to keep it alive and not be left on read. idk if they're like this with each other or if its just me but !!!!!! it doesnt make me feel good abt potentially losing a challenge. so i will just keep carrying my weight and keeping my cute little head down and pray im just being paranoid<3
Tumblr media
WELL We lost the immunity challenge which is the first loss after four straight immunity wins. That was a nice little break while it lasted. The obvious choice right off the bat is to vote for Ali. Keeps the OG Andro tribe fully intact, and avoids the most possible drama. However, I worry he might have found the Circi idol from his original tribe. Plus whatever advantage he may have gotten from the first challenge of the season. So the alternate thought is to maybe vote for Jonathan or Zoe. I adore Ari would not want to vote them out. It's tempting to throw a vote on one of them in the event of Ali playing an idol, just to keep myself safe. But if Ali doesn't have an idol, that could cause a whole world of issues. On the flip side, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if some or any of my tribe mates decided to throw my name under the bus. I haven't been the most social person and while I have definitely pulled my weight in the challenges, I could see them having their own little group that's willing to throw my under the bus and make things as painless as possible for the rest of them, especially considering they've all said they like Ali a lot. Ahhh this is all so much worse considering I have the hidden immunity idol. I don't want to waste it, but I also don't want to pull a Kellee Kim and go home with it in my pocket. 
Tumblr media
it's kind of ridiculous how well this is all going???? why havent they voted me out yet i am running this shit -talked to ali, told him he's gonna be fine we just need to get people to vote for keegan -talked to jonathan, convinced him keegan is the most logical vote "because he's shady" and because it also means we can vote ali easily next time (versus going down to andro 4 and having it get much more messy) -jonathan was like "should we tell ali right before the vote?" and i was like i think you should call him and see where his head is at and we can go from there, jonathan said ok good point, if he says he wants to vote keegan and he also tells you that without any prompting from either of us we know he's real about it -yeeted myself into ali's dms the very second jonathan hung up like OK LISTEN HERE IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY WHEN HE CALLS YOU, HE CANT KNOW I TOLD YOU ANY OF THIS -ali called me half an hour later like "omg we had such a good talk i love jonathan now deadass, i told him exactly what you said to say and he's so down" -presumably in the morning jonathan will call me and say "wow had a great talk with ali he seems cool and great and he said he'd vote keegan, what did he tell you?" and i can say "yeah same he mentioned keegan so i think we're good!" and jonathan will feel like we Did This Together and ali will feel like i Did This For Him and everyone will be in love with me -all i have to do tomorrow is make sure zoe is on board & that she doesn't feel pushed, and prob call keegan and make him some vague promises about working together long term, and then cross my fingers that i don't get blindsided during my editorial meeting at 9pm est i am having so much fun
i just keep thinking about how funny it’s gonna be when we get to merge and mj tells me to vote out all these people i’ve been making f2s with and i’ll be like “okay!!!!<3”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not to go back to INV this round, but not much has been going on. I've been keeping up socializing but since we're not going to tribal it's been more quiet than it has been last round. I'm really glad we won though bc I feel vulnerable if we go to tribal again. Cindi seems close to Nathan, and Nathan and Jessie seem closer to each other than they will be to me so I'm worried I'd be an easy vote. So I'm really hoping for a swap or merge tonight, or at least a challenge we can excel in. Don't want it to come down to one point again.
Tumblr media
^_^ Okay, so no important updates with this tribe! It's freaking QUIET. I haven't talked to Zach or Silver at ALL since being with this tribe. I've talked to Jules a lot and Asya some, though. I'd like to work with the two of them if possible and if we ever go to tribal here, which I don't want to do because uhhh it's worrisome! Anyway, the only actual update I have is that I found the legacy advantage!!! Randomly at like 2AM I found it. I don't remember what I was doing exactly... I think I just went to watch the Circi round 3 tribal and then the Trian round 4 tribal... and then I think I went to watch the Tribe Swap video to see if there was some sort of announcement made regarded the Oxygen Tank amounts because I was confused why that number was changed more than double. I guess I was also thinking that since the hosts didn't make an announcement that the adventure was resetting at the swap then MAYBE there would be a new twist/advantage inserted elsewhere for this next phase of the game? Now, being the crackhead that I am, of course back on original tribes, I SEARCHED everywhere on the blog that I could think of. Extenders URLs, the source code, hidden hyperlinks - everything. Nothing was there. But in this case, my brain said, hmm, let's just scroll down and see if there's anything in the description of the Tribe Swap Youtube video...and... there was!! I didn't really know what it was at first but when I opened it everything CLICKED! Finally the Reem Cameo from launch night serving a bigger purpose made total sense. After seeing this link in the description though and realizing it was calling back to something we were told about night one, I went back and checked to see if this had been hidden all along, and of course it's literally in the description of the Cast Reveal video!!! and every other video after that!!! Keeping in mind that I found this 11 days into the game, I was like, oh there's definitely some nerd that found this instantly on night 1 so I'm probably just gonna get a message saying nothing here or something like that. Obviously that wasn't the case though. I think nobody found this because I lot of people operate via mobile in these, and Youtube descriptions require an addition click to reveal what's there. Alternatively, for desktop users, who the hell is scrolling down for any reason while you're watching videos from your ORG?? It's nothing something anyone does naturally. So that explains that. Anyway, I'm happy I found it even though it has absolutely no use until Day 39. I will say though that having this and knowing that, it has really motivated me to get to the end of this game. Coincidentally, HOURS before I found this, I had a conversation with Jules about how quiet this tribe has been and that I'd like to start working towards bettering our positions moving forward seeing as there are people here with more/stronger connections than either of us. I just love that I found an advantage that motivates me to start playing this game, exactly how I'd voiced to Jules about feeling a desire to start doing SOMETHING. We love a live narrative!!!! Anyway, I'm not gonna tell Jules about the legacy advantage because it's an advantage that incentivizes people to vote out the owner and have it passed on. I trust Jules, we go YEARS back and have to successful runs as allies under our belts, but this is just something I'd like to keep to myself. Earlier today I also decided that I'm probably never gonna tell Ari about it either if our paths ever (hopefully) cross in this game. I wanna surprise my bestie! At any rate, Jules did tell me that Zach and Asya seem like the type of players that only play on tribal days (at least in this case of this game) which is fine, but I've played a few super intense, intimate, and high-stakes ORGs in the past couple of years which has made me prioritize personal relationships with people over barebones game relationships. This makes dealing with people who aren't that interested in getting to know me or revealing themselves to me a SUPER off-putting experience and a drastic change of pace from what I've become accustomed to. But I'm totally capable of adapting to this environment... I just don't necessarily prefer it. I feel like I have room to connect with Asya on a personal level if given the chance. Zach and Silver I don't know. Although, I do think that if we ever lose immunity here I could for sure spit some game to Silver that would make him believe I want to work with him. I already have an idea of how that conversation goes, and the potential negative consequence of it is practically non-existent on this swap tribe, whereas it could have backfired on me if original Trian lost that third challenge. Anyway, I'll get into that whenever we lose or if I get bored and initiate that chat just to feel something lol
Tumblr media
No tribal ever again until merge or swap please. Jessie would be the one I'd want out and I assume Jay would as well but she has Nathan's shard so, like, he'd lose that and then I lose my hope of getting both their shards and misplaying my first idol because I'm not good at survivor
Tumblr media
Yayyyy we won immunity. Idk what much else to say except that I got 40 fuel tanks
Tumblr media
today i am mad and sad. lost the challenge, was my fault bc purple not pink. no i will not elaborate. now ari jonathan and i have decided to save ali and vote out keegan. i hope it goes well. i am filled with anxiety. i don’t even want keegan to go, we just have to make the decision based on the fact that we don’t want to be seen as a tight alliance going into merge, and keegan can make it look like there was a crack therefore not making us look strong. but he is just sacrificial unfortunately. but we’ll see how it goes. i’m still anxious
Tumblr media
Wow we won what a concept See what happens when we don’t throw comps ? Anyways yeah that’s it I guess lol
Tumblr media
Honestly I I'm done with these hoes I'm ready to vote off Keegan 
Tumblr media
This is definitely a very stressful and emotional tribal. I hate that we’re voting for Ali because he is a genuinely fantastic person and under different circumstances I think we could have worked really well together in this game. But when there’s a 4-1 tribe swap and the four of us have absolutely no beef with each other, there’s not a whole lot that can be done. None of my other 3 OG Andro players come across as big move players either. So unless I’m being straight up lied to and am about to get completely blindsided, it’s looking like a unanimous Ali boot. Which is incredibly sad. I really wanted us to win out until merge so we wouldn’t have to vote him out. But such is the game. Keegan signing off (hopefully not for the last time)
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beigejournals · 10 months ago
Season 5 Lucifer
welcome to my unsolicited thoughts about Season 5 of Lucifer.  
as an avid and veteran series binger AND a talker-while-watching-a-movie-or-series-but-does-not-want-to-spoil-anything-for-my-friends type of person, i have finally dedicated a space and found a good way to let all my thoughts out as i watch a movie or series when i am alone when i can’t bother a lot of people because (1) they don’t want to be bothered and (2) i don’t want to spoil things for them.
so here are my thoughts, and of course, SPOILERS AHEAD.
BTW, i LOVED all of Lucifer! but this season was a slow burn for me. 
drug scene at Lux; is Amenadiel mean now?
so is Lucifer himself in his own hell loop when he became the ruler of hell? his own guilt towards his father? idk (to be frank, i don’t remember the past episodes except for the fact that he is now back in hell)
the premise of the first episode is cute!
side note after the title card: i remember how much i loved the soundtrack for Lucifer!
Maze is still hot.
I love how Maze and Chloe’s relationship developed and how they don’t have to use words to communicate.
Amenadiel’s and the Psychologist’s house HAHAHAHA i love it.
is Charlie Jesus? His mom’s faith in front of Ella is like every mom plus every religious person ever haha
self-improvement is now a meme, huh?
Dan is me.
comment on drug scene: Amenadiel is still the same, haha!
Maze and the card, haha!
how was the guy in the mask face (did i just say mask face?) blurred but in the party, Los Angeles was in perfect accuracy. excuse me.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
coming out of the dead: “oh sorry, that’s so gross!” LORDT HAHA
love you, Charlie! hope you don’t feel like you have to perform because your mom expects a lot from you and that’s so ironic because she’s a psychologist!
Dan’s speeches about parenting: i get it tho, parents try to love their child, sometimes, they just don’t know how
also, i think it’s the sister but Chloe’s just a softie
lol Maze is jealous that Chloe got to talk to Lucifer and trying to say that they don’t need Lucifer.
i forgot about what happened with Eve.
the amount of projection as defense mechanism in this episode is too much it feels like it’s too on the nose.
but i do love the parallel between what’s happening on Earth and in hell.
the amount of layers in this question either it’s Lucifer’s or his or his sister’s (assuming it is his sister who was behind his murder)
ok apparently it’s not his sister.
me in law school:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sana all kaya kang mahalin na babalik from hell. kilig aq.
also, after all these years, Lucifer’s house has been so clean!!! wala man lang alikabok
if she’ll be fine without him then who tf is that?
ok i read the synopsis for the next couple of episodes. i don’t like spoilers. don’t make the same mistake.
i’m Ella when it comes to my friends’ special people HAHA
also, i love the slight lean to one side to show us that this is not the real Lucifer.
why does he have to be naked???
it’s so funny for me how they have to reestablish him. LUCIFER NEVER LIES HAHAHAHAHA yes we can remember now after you repeated it 3x.
Oh Michael. Nice. Was he an archer? We love the American accent.
how can Amenadiel not know that was Michael? GANON KA IDENTICAL SIZ?
we love the unnecessary car chase just to  reinstate the fact that this is a crime show
that slomo with the wings!!!
also everything is so slow with this show!!! idk why but everything feels just a little bit slower (or maybe i just want lucifer and chloe to be together? idk)
gwapo ni lucifer nung nagmomol sila ni Maze pls
cringe ng elevator scene
ykw. i think it’s because i like the lucifer character that’s why i’m impatient. he hasn’t been appearing the way i want him to.
see. you don’t have to remind me so much about the show because i know he was supposed to say “what is it that you truly desire” not fear. I FEEL LIKE THIS SEASON IS DUMBING THE PEOPLE WHO LOVED THE SHOW FOR SO LONG. okay sige.
either she knows it’s not him or SHE’S REALLY THAT NICE AND POWERFUL OF A HUMAN BEING.
oh i’ve been questioning whether they had sex already and this episode answered my question
CRINGE coffee scene: the spoon???
random question: are angels virgins? so is Michael a virgin?
what kind of a person would just go deep on someone else’s pocket just because they ran out of money?
knew it Maze won’t do Chloe dirty like that!
thanks Chloe. u know better than that. (full disclosure: I THOUGHT SHE WAS ACTING BADLY APPARENTLY A GOOD ACTOR CAN ACT BADLY TO PROVE A POINT?)
literally just liked it and now there’s a new secret that was said too soon.
God baka naman pwede mo ko gawing Chloe Decker char.
AH so interesting. Lucifer = Desire. Michael = Fear. Too on the nose again but that time, i needed the guidance because i am a dumbass.
God ain’t raising his children right!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes explain everything to me it’s literally not like we have been binging this show for 2 hours straight
see, the Lucifer character is really endearing. i’m enjoying myself again hahaha. (well, i guess Lucifer when he’s with Chloe?)
can i just say that Tom Ellis was born for that role. he fits is so well that him acting as his own twin doesn’t sit well with me.
i just feel like this show was written by a psychologist who liked watching murder shows.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s Lucifer, Chloe!!! siya yon.
love Lucifer-Chloe tandem!
we love how the actors can sing and the show gives them a chance...
one thought: is everyone going to play a double of who they are?
also is Maze the daughter of Lucifer?
i love how they’re transcending mediums, reminds me of Community with their random episodes.
there you go, Chloe’s doing the double acting too.
Now it’s Linda. (so maybe this is the episode i was asking about earlier).
Now it’s Ella.
omg is this why i loved fleabag, it took forever for the Priest and Fleabag to finally do it? no. i just love the Priest.
Charlotte’s back! and the distance from the table shows how not okay they are. okay.
green screen while driving i love it.
now, Daniel!
we love gender fluidity? i guess. i’m not sure how you call it but i appreciate.
Lilith’s dress for the second song. OMG.
there again to make us dumb. after we just watched the whole thing happen, they retell the whole story again. damn. they think we dumb.
literally this season is making every girl kiss Chloe.
why did she blow the ring? was that her life?
what’s that song in the end?
OH that was the reason why she was retelling everything.
damn celestial beings are the worst parents.
i wanna be Dr. Linda Martin please.
i appreciate Lucifer wearing the bracelet until now. (but i expected nothing less)
i’ve always loved how people reacted to Amenadiel. he always seemed nerdy but these are times where he truly shine and im so happy.
i forgot.  i think i was showering that time that Michael and Lucifer fought and theyre hella dumb. ok lets go toxic masculinity mixed with daddy issues.
i know they’re too on the nose ABOUT EVERYTHING but i do like the debate about free will and predestination
honestly i don’t know what’s Chloe’s issue is with being made by God probably just because i’m lazy and i just want to lay everything in His hands but coming from a very atheistic perspective where she comes from i kinda get it. i guess my only reasoning why i’m okay with God’s reason is with her is because of my fear of the unknown; my current fear with not knowing my true purpose. at least she got hers! what is she complaining about?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh i get it now, but that’s why there’s free will Chloe (or idk, idk how God works; there’s currently no electricity in my house rn. i don’t get how that works even if we pay for our electricity all the time, how am I suppose to know God’s plans?)
but aren’t well created for something else? looking at a selfish perspective, maybe He created all of us just because He wanted to.
wow. literally when the nun kissed Amenadiel, the lights in our house opened up. if that ain’t God. idk who that is.
Tumblr media
wow that’s so interesting.
“There are no shortcuts.” 🥺
he exposed himself i’m interested. what if i were the one to whom that was exposed to... how would i react?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
another sample of them explaining to us WHAT WE ALREADY CAN INFER FROM THE SHOW (the conversation actually continues to dumb it down for the audience) but i get it. it’s religion and fiction built together.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh i just cringed i almost vomited with this 
also can i just share these. these are the funniest thing Chloe said on the show.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OOF what a horrifying way to start the episode (after the beach fiasco)
they’re holding us. that’s so adorable!!!
ugh. im still cringing.
yes jowa for ella yes pls. ELLA YOU SAID YOU WANT A NICE GUY!!! HE’S THERE!!! i’ll take him if you won’t!
Chloe if you don’t want Lucifer, i’ll take him too!
can i say how proud i am of Chloe and Dan’s relationship. it’s very healthy for what they are. add Lucifer and Dan to that too! we love men.
also the women in this show have bad taste in men. (except for who Linda married, i guess)
we love the seasonal girl’s night!
that whole charlie thing being amused by lucifer’s devil face is the best bit
was it Michael calling? and oh noooo ;(
ngl i could have waited for another season for them to have sex on season 6 episode 6 but sure have it at season 5.
we love a person who wakes up and is not pretty. princess anna who? (i mean she is wearing full on make up, but we’re okay with that snore)
Deckerstar!! they made a word for it
our mojo??? does it only work on lucifer or does it work when she does it to others as well, we shall find out.
oh no! Lucifer’s isn’t working at all HAHAHAHA
it’s currently 2:19 AM. i am tired and sleepy.
Dan talking to Charlotte 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Fucking Michael
oh he emphasized archangel Michael. with my limited knowledge being raised Catholic, i was going to ask earlier if he was an archer because he had crooked shoulders. AND I JUST CHECKED. ARCHANGEL MEANS HIGH RANKING ANGEL NOT AN ANGEL WHO’S A FUCKING ARCHER. me being raised Cathlolic means nothing. HAHAHH
now i’m realizing if i see an angel, maybe i won’t be in the situation where i’ll see Amenadiel but Michael
Tumblr media
i love this HAHAHAHAHA
knew it. called it! worked on lucifer ONLY. HOW CAN TWO PEOPLE BE THAT MADE FOR EACH OTHER. LORD BAKA NAMAN.
i’m ella shipping them.
what song was that? “When it hurts, just to breathe” same
The Shining reference no thank you pls
NAAAH i really can’t do horror things especially not with things i truly fear and when i don’t have a curtain on. No thanks.
14:54 and i’m watching again open the lights bro, it’s easier to find clues that way   also i do get that they’re closing it to ensure that the killer is not there but theyre also moving like the killer is not there anyway so better open up the lights! tho i really know nothing about crime solving (i just typed crime solving instead of solving crimes didn’t i)
we stan ella’s healthy relationship!!!
can i just say there was a time where i can’t even say serial killer out loud so this is really hard for me to watch alone
i know that he’s vulnerable around the detective. BUT SHE SAID HE CHOSE TO BE SO BY NOW HE SHOULDN’T BE AFFECTED BY WHAT HE DID.
Fucken Michael.
how attractive can you be that even in slow motion, you look great.
oh apparently he did not die.
you know that montage of people just studying and it’s now happening to chloe trying to solve a crime. that’s my cinematography goal HAHAHA. it’s been awhile since i’ve been invested in studying like that.
Lucifer can be just so immature some times
is KillShare based off of SkillShare?
also i’m thinking that Chloe was either taken by Michael or Dan or the SK.
that ring of Lucifer on Maze is probably the longest ring someone has waited for.
i love Maze’s eye make up! ALL THE TIME!
if the lady here is not detective and they’re relieved. that’s just fucked up, man. they were slightly relieved. that’s good acting HAHAHAHAHA.
his mojo is back, does that mean Chloe is gone? 😢
kamukha niya pa si Penn Badgley, nice.
AH NO. i think he genuinely likes her. except that she... you know found that he’s a fucking murderer
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
right??? why does this show have to say everything out loud like don’t already know.
oh he just used her but then he liked her. idk. the way he speaks too, so nonchalant.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
preach, ELLA!!!! shout out to those who had crappy childhoods and are not serial killers! that’s the bare minimum i guess.
go, Ella!!! know your worth!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lol made me love Pete, he’s funny.
ok my assumptions were right-ish.
HAHAHA, his american accent.
his choosing to be bot vulnerable around her anymore, Michael, i think is a way of him staying alive for Chloe but ofc Chloe will think that Lucifer would rather have his vulnerability than to be with her.
MICHAEL STOP. Michael the shit stirrer. we all have that one friend.
awa me kay Maze. she’s like a lost dog throughout the show.
does Michael want to be God?
skipped thru the speech. cringe.
what’s Amenadiel’s problem with his child having a normal cold? what’s wrong if he’s a mere mortal?
WHY IS EVERYONE IN THIS SHO’W SO INSECURE. i get so annoyed every time Chloe’s mad that Lucifer doesn’t get what he wants
it’s just that i resonate with Lucifer. it’s hard for me to say i love you and now i think Amenadiel stopped time.
oh. i thought Amenadiel’s fears about Charlie being mortal was superficial, i just realized that he was afraid that his child was going to die. but, he can take him to heaven like what he did with Charlotte, right?
oh Michael.
MAZE! MICHAEL IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!! you’re fine! i don’t have a soul either.
celestial beings and their daddy issues and inability to communicate with one another and the desire to fight it out as if that’s the solution
itong si God ngayon lang magpapakita anuna siz.
ep 8 should have been called blueballz tbh
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bajwhore · 10 months ago
1, 3, 7?
oooh ty
questions from here
1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get? so... it's not that i don't /get/ them, it's just that i don't /like/ them personally. usually they're either canon or genuinely did have some chemistry! i can't rly think of much where i'm genuinely like "wtf???" bc i can see a case made for most things. 
so for the popular ships that rly just aren't for me rn or as i remember them - londo/g'kar (b5), kepcobi (w359), sam/jack (sg1), john/aeryn (farscape), teslen (sanctuary), will/helen (ALSO sanctuary and i am so sorry to my teslen friends for putting it on the same list) and lucy/wyatt (timeless - this one may have been canon BUT IT RLY IS ONE I JUST DO NOT GET WHAT IS THE /APPEAL/).
3. Any fandoms that don’t appeal to you? the magnus archives comes to mind. i'm sure it's great but i associate it w some of the uncomfortable topics i've heard it explores, and it's just... everywhere and the fandom seems rly focused on m/m. any show that requires caring abt m/m or mainly male characters is like, impossible for me to get into.
ALSO on the flip side, any fandom the lesbian migration tm flocks to solely bc it has lesbians. like........ i just get turned off almost immediately bc i just know the routine of wlw getting into a show for pure uwu sapphic rep, turning on it as soon as it portrays realistic issues/tells the story it wants to, and then moving onto the next thing. i also like shows for more than rep! tell me about the plot maybe!!!! instead of just flashing "IT HAS LESBIANS" in my face and shoving all the trigger warnings under the rug.
at this point i just care about the plot and if it has milfs! that's all i need to know! oh my god!
oh also it def helps if it doesn't have 500 episodes. i need bite-sized shows or i die. i also heavilyyyy prefer shows to podcasts, books, and films, but only really have real issues with books bc i'm jared 19 never fuckin learned how to read.
7. Is there anything you used to like, but now can’t stand? oh absolutely. first things that come to mind are  because of uhhh the horrible horrible problematic humor i had when i was like 11 and i can now look back on those shows like wow! what the fuck!
but other than thattttt - i distanced myself from the 100 and orphan black because the lesbian migration tm (see above) was like "oh these things are problematic and you're bad if you like them!!1!1!"! after a lesbian got killed/shot/whatever (tho with the 100, there was a LOT that made it particularly fucked up w showrunners promising they wouldn't bury their gays). also i wasnt a fan of how wlw in the fandom treated m/f shippers, even tho i know it was a mess on both fronts. sooooo bc my dash of lesbians rioted against those things, i stopped watching too. after lexa, f/f fandoms just... stopped being fun, and i get why, but... idk. i miss the days when it was fun! and bc it no longer is, i'm just not in half the fandoms i used to be.
lastly, there are a lot of characters, ships, shows, shared ocs, etc i associate with people i fell out with so i just have a fight or flight response upon being reminded of them jkl;sdf.  
OH WAIT ACTUAL LASTLY - i’ve tried getting thru stargate sg1 twice now, and it’s always fine for the first 3 seasons then the huge amount of episodes becomes unbearable and it drags on and on and on and oh my god it’s just not a good show half the time. i like it but i wanna bite my pillow every time i see people praise it, esp for representation reasons. and like, listen, i LOVE trash shows!!! but at least admit they suck. 
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silver-lily-louise · 11 months ago
Shadowhunters Rewatch!  Episode 1x02: The Descent into Hell isn’t Easy
- The descent into hell isn’t easy but it’s easiER when you have cramps and there’s a plumber opposite your bedroom again lmao Let’s do this
- Damn Jace no need to be RUDE
- I really love the dilapidated church cover thing btw
- See the tech was something that bothered my sister about the series, she preferred the more medieval feel of the first book and movie. Personally I love it lmao but then again I’m more of a sci fi nerd than her
- I totally forgot the misinformation thing they did after the revolt ew. What kind of coverup bullshit
- Lol early Sizzy moment #godbless
- I feel like this whole ‘runes on the floor will kill mundanes’ thing is underutilised in the future… may have to use it in a fic lol
- HA I forgot they made Izzy’s lack of cooking skills show-canon as well lol
- Additionally Alec’s character development is very interesting to me in a ‘wtf did Magnus see in s1 Alec’ kind of way, so I’m starting a separate list to try and track his motivations and biases and stances to see how they shift. Probably gonna do the same thing for Maryse bc I buy her redemption but I can’t quite pinpoint WHY I do (except my favourite thing is when people are nice to Magnus lmao)
- OH LOOK IT’S HODGE. FUCK U HODGE (ahem. Moving on)
- (Main shadowhunter squad looking around their parents) Isn’t there ANYONE HERE WHO WASN’T A FUCKING TERRORIST??? (Shh Louise we only know Jocelyn and Luke so far)
- Clary I get that you feel bad but apologising once was enough, Hodge is a big boy who can make his own decisions lol
- ‘What is a GI Joe’ lmao
- ‘No training and no plan gets you killed’ I think that’s interesting, because it speaks to Jace’s idea that as long as he trains hard enough and have a plan, things’ll work out.
- I thought it was pretty cold of Clary to seriously consider Jace’s ‘what if Dot is working for Valentine’ point, but then again LUKE has turned on her as far as she knows so I guess that’s a reasonable amount of suspicion
- Izzy looks so proud of herself aw bless
- ‘Jace is the ultimate protector’ oh no oh help I’m having smol-boy-Jace-Wayland-carving-himself-an-identity feelings
- I just noticed the runes drifting in the background of the UI all Matrix-style lol. Can u believe Shadowhunters tried to tell us that WARLOCKS were the #extra ones lmao
- ‘A little too much in my opinion’ imagine thinking Izzy is straight lol couldn’t be me
- ‘He’s in good hands with the boys’ oh POOR Simon XD
- LOOK at the connection between these two. I’m love them. Can u believe they were already kindred souls BEFORE becoming parabatai, truly beautiful
- oKAY canon divergence I want::: Simon leaving without a hitch, googling how to kill demons and FIGURING IT OUT. He comes back for Clary and now the gang have this mundane demon-killer on side lol, and Alec’s all like ‘he’s a fucking MUNDANE he can’t be here in Shadowhunter business learning secrets and getting himself killed’ and Izzy’s like ‘he killed four demons wtf you worried about bro???’
- Seelie scouts??? The Clave really will make a show of unity when it suits them huh
- They were KIDDING about the floor runes are you KIDDING me XD I figured it was just a continuity problem lmao (also I know they’re being dickheads but that little smirk between Jace and Alec is maybe the first time we properly see them as a brotherly team aha)
- Okay but with hindsight you can really tell this whole cold demeanour ISN’T Magnus. His mannerisms are SCREAMING ‘coping mechanism in a time of crisis’ rn
- That being said if Dot’s magic is dangerously low I bet he regretted leaving her behind alone and vulnerable, she’s a grown woman who can make her own choices but it’s kiiiind of a dick move especially since he entreated her with sarcasm instead of earnestness to try and convince her to come with
- It continues to be exceedingly funny that Pandemonium is never mentioned outside of S1, when it’s painted almost as Magnus’ MAIN job in that. I mean it kind of makes sense that we see his public face in this beginning and his more personal details later on – the warlock stuff, the clients and politics that are more ‘core’ to his job and identity – but still. Not even MENTIONED, I don’t think. XD
- All of them stepping out of the van… Scooby Doo vibes lol WHERE is my mystery-solving AU with these five???? Do I have to write all of my unvoiced fanfic ideas myself??? Unbelievable
- Clary talking about the void she felt… I’m not crying about 3x22 you are
- ‘Wasteful warlock life’ Valentine. My dude. She has CENTURIES to learn and love and travel and experience, and you’re wasting your handful of decades on racism But go off I guess lmao (loser)
- I know the liquid is bad but also there is a HUGE bubble in that syringe. Valentine how is she gonna be useful to you after a mahoosive stroke
- Random shot of the moon. I mean I love her but WHAT ‘Look it’s night-time!!!! Spooooooky!!!!’ XD
- Okay Izzy is halfway-smitten, lbr. She and Simon fit so well okay
- ‘I can’t be here anymore’ Listen s1 Alec is a serious, grumpy lil shit but he DOES have a sense of humour okay
- ‘We carry it to remind us that light can be found in even the darkest of places’ Jace stfu it’s a TORCH X’D (Like, no disrespect to traditions in general, but that one just SMACKS of Clave Sanctimony lol, and by Jace’s next line he knows that aha)
- …Is Nephilim the dative??? I need to look that up lol. Also think it’s funny that Hell (in its various realms) is the one place Shadowhunters CAN’T go, re 3x21
- ‘You assume I have feelings’ Jace. Bro. You are perhaps the CRYINGEST CRIER IN THIS SHOW. Let go of the toxic masculinity friend, you’re gonna be nicer once you do <3
- ‘No more I’m sorries, you’re a Shadowhunter now’ YIKES if that don’t say it all about Shadowhunter hubris lmao. Apologies are good and necessary <3
- Think how much less beautiful and adorable the Malec wedding would have been if Brother Zachariah looked like this kind of Coraline experiment gone wrong lmao
- I’m not always a fan of a flashback but that ‘you’re strong enough’ one definitely makes it seem less like Clary’s just being reckless aha
- ‘It’ ALEC STOP BEING SUCH A RUDE BITCH. Also I do love Sizzy but I definitely think Izzy needed to be in a less defensive position when they got together (re ‘he passes the time’, I don’t ACTUALLY care I’m just a heartbreaker out for a good time), I’m kind of glad they waited until her caring side had been more nourished instead of stifled
- ‘The night children have broken no laws’ Wait, so kidnapping a Mundane ISN’T against the law??? I mean I get Shadowhunters not being able to KILL them for it - …oh. OH. HANG ON. Are the Accords just to stop Shadowhunters KILLING Downworlders for the smallest of crimes???? Does Raphael mean ‘kidnapping no longer constitutes a capital punishment (like it did before)’??? Either this is a script issue (bc if Shadowhunters protect Mundanes, kidnapping one SHOULD be against the law) or a hint of just how fucked up the Accords are, that ‘the law’ isn’t the law how WE understand it but instead ‘things which are still valid excuses to severely punish Downworlders, when we used to do so willy-nilly’ :S
- Season tagline: ‘Everybody wants that damn cup!’ Valentine wants it to wield it, the Clave wants it APPARENTLY to protect people from Valentine, Luke hinted that the werewolves want it, now the vampires…. Damn.
 This one gets an 8/10 for enjoyment – I’m having fun! – and actually a 7/10 for quality. Not NEARLY as many script issues and cringe factors as in the first ep lol. Thanks for reading. ^^
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its-a-branwen-thing · a year ago
And we’re done another breathtaking season! What a ton to unpack. Some quick thoughts below the cut:
Tumblr media
Penny is a maiden! She’s so pure and she deserves it so much. I feel like having a maiden on their side will do a lot to help the team out. I love that it ties into her Pinocchio allusion of becoming a “real girl.” Also aura being gender less until chosen upon but the body that it occupies said YES.
Winter with her hair down was *chefs kiss*. Also, she held her own against a maiden. Sister’s got some wicked moves. I loved the entire fight with her and Cinder and Penny. It really solidified Penny’s resolve to save people and definitely mad her acquiring the maiden powers feel much more lovely and earned. The aerial battle was stunning. And her small exchange with Weiss? I see these two next season, and I cannot wait for what will develop. Winter is loyal to Ironwood still. Weiss is not. And Whitley and their mother are still at the manor, presumably. How will this family saga play out? AHHHH!!
Also, we all agree Freya is the blue fairy? And I love that they gave her some agency at the end. She willingly transferred her powers to Penny even though Winter is the one she’s seen the most. Shows how you can’t buy trust you have to earn it.
RWBY did not do much this episode, really. Outside of Ruby herself who silver-eyed Cinder. I liked that detail of having her being unable to unlock it during the megoliath fight but to really use it here, where it mattered (not that the megoliath didn’t matter know what I mean).
OSCAR AND OZPIN. Wow are these two something. I loved Ozpin’s return and I thought his fall from Atlas was visually breathtaking. Amazing job, CRWBY. His speech on fear left me with feelings. I’m so excited to see where his next arc takes him, being separated from the group and all. I also loved that he didn’t fight Ironwood. He totally tried to reason with him. And Ironwood shot first. And everyone’s been pointing out that you can see the moment Ironwood lost his “heart” by the light fading from his eyes. (Aside from, you know, shooting a child?!) I wonder how he and Winter and the remaining Ace Ops will fair next season? What a climax for them. Also Ozpin’s unlocking of his magic again? (I thought it was Oscar’s semblance at first but it does bear striking similarities to Ozpin’s defense bubble in V3). That was stellar! Now he’s down on the ground and he’ll have to regroup, Ozpin in tow, with the rest of the team.
Neo’s fight with JNR was underwhelming only in didn’t seem to have as much at stake? I loved the fight but the character dynamics of it were just not as harrowing as Cinder v Penny & Winter. But I loved the details of her fighting! She’s a great fighter and she ultimately succeeded in her goal in the end. She got the relic and gave it to Cinder so now Salem has a relic and a maiden, and so do our heroes. The issue is Salem’s faction is united and Oz’s is not. There’s a maiden on one side (RWBY+) and a relic on the other (Ironwood+). Also, Ren crying at fighting Nora didn’t feel necessarily like he was crying because it was her and he couldn’t bear to hurt her but because he’s conflicted about what that means for himself. If he can’t fight because of love, won’t they lose? I like Ren’s arc with Nora extending into the next volume. His last line was what we were all thinking but still, our heroes secured a win with their safety and their (somewhat) unity.
Cinder’s commitment this season is 100%. I have to say, this episode felt absolutely more cinematic than the others. It felt like we won, like we lost, and so much more. It felt heroic and triumphant while at the same time seemingly hopeless. I loved it to death. And Cinder’s line delivery was amazing. i love how desperate she was. I love the constant reference to hunger (which she also made of the maiden powers when they were split with her in V3. She said she liked the feeling). Hate Cinder but also now love her. Merc, Hazel, and Em have to be here with Salem too, right? How is her reunion with Emerald going to go? I’m totally invested in their dynamic and now, with the lamp in their possession, how that might work with Emerald’s character being an obvious allusion to Aladdin (I think)? Lamp, genie, Aladdin, one question left? Let’s do this!
WATTS IS ALIVE! Wow, I did not call that. I mean, maybe I should have? Super glad for it though! he’s a great villain. Anyway, what a comfy prison cell?
Qrow was far more apathetic this episode than I thought he would be after the delivery of the last line of the E12. But I loved it because it really made it seem like he’s healing. And I loved Robyn’s support at the end as a subtle reminder that he’s not alone. I predicted them taking Qrow down a dark path in V8 but I feel like I couldn’t be farther from the truth. He had Clover’s pin (which hurt) but he didn’t seem angry. He seemed sad. And sadness is better than anger, it means he’s likely going to get past blaming himself and have a new arc within prison Atlas. Definitely want him to fight with Robyn and the Happy Huntresses and eventually face Tyrian again. I also predict he’ll have a confrontation with Ironwood. He keeps calling him James and Ironwood said this episode only friends refer to him as James, you can call me Daddy General which also feels like a confirmation of his full antagonist status for the audience as well. He isn’t a friend anymore. Also maybe Winter and Qrow interactions again? I’ve discarded my shipping goggles for all these cases so i just hope for conversations of whatever nature the writers want.
And now--Salem. What an appearance. She really did come to Atlas! And on a wailord whale nonetheless! I feel like it’s big enough that she could literally just knock Atlas out of the sky? How are they going to reconcile that? It’s not like she can just lay siege, she’s got a Grimm big enough to like body slam the city of Mantle. I wonder how this is going to go? I always through they’d face Salem on the dark continent towards the end of the series but this is a stunning conclusion to her V6 stinger, visually and story-wise. How are Ironwood’s forces going to fend her off? What is her plan? I wonder if she is going to capture Atlas and Mantle’s going to have to be the one to free their “city in the sky” from the tyranny of the Grimm Queen Salem? I would speculate on our heroes heading away to Vacuo or such, to get word out, which might be something they’re going to send someone to do so we can have a Gandolf arriving at Helm’s Deep type situation when Vacuo’s forces arrive, but that seems wrong as Oscar asks how they can save Atlas, and I’m sure our heroes are thinking the same thing.
Okay, I’ve loved RWBY since I first watched it back in 2014, but I have to say this is the first time the show has felt like a blockbuster. Maybe it’s because I’m listening to the Divergent soundtrack rn, but I feel like this whole series has evolved and grown so much and the amount of love and energy and time and passion has been given is felt. It’s wonderful to see. It’s great that Monty’s amazing legacy is carrying onward. I’m so excited to be on this journey with the creators and other fans--what a ride, guys! Onward to the hiatus and the eventual release of the V7 soundtrack V8!
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