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#the amount of gay adoration in this fic will be the death of me
experiment-000 · 5 months ago
My Top 10 Ships of 2020
It's been a weird year but I've seen other people doing this. Plus this year I've been way more into gen fics (love a bit of found family especially in clone wars and marvel) than anything shippy. So I genuinely don't know what imma put on here aside from two ships for sure. Sorry this post is super long idk how to do the below the cut thing and I've had this app for 5 years...
10) Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki - Yuri!!! On Ice
It was a real toss up between this, supercorp, kanera and wolfstar cos they're all very integral ships to my fan heart but this son because of the Yuri on Ice fandom's rebirth this year. I've never stopped shipping this, never stopped reading fanfic of them for any extended period of time, they're still my most bookmarked ship on ao3 (although I think now star wars - all media types may have overtaken them for fandom). They were one of the first things I watched where the queer ship I loved became canon and I can't wait for the film (and hopefully someday a season 2). Heck I even made my mum watch Yuri on Ice with me so I think that says it all.
Tumblr media
9) Edelgard Von Hresvelg and female Byleth - Fire Emblem: Three Houses
My first fire emblem game was fates when I was like 14 (and finally gay awake lol). I was so disappointed that I had to be with a guy character because the only female option was kinda creepy and also I wouldn't get the character of kana. So when three houses came out I was so happy because finally there were beautiful incredible female characters my female byleth could romance (I'm so sorry mlm you deserved so much more than you got). I got the game as soon as it came out (had to search a lot of shops let me tell you) and started on black eagles. I was actually kinda disappointed back in 2019. I didn't like the explore the monastery bit (still find it kinda tedious) and the battle mechanics weren't quite the same as fates (no pairing up?! Aka my main battle technique for protecting the weaker units). So I got like 20 hours in and put it down. Came back to it in lockdown and finally finished it! I'm so proud of myself I virtually never finish games. And I fully fell in love with the useless lesbian edelgard in the process. When I started back playing in 2020 I was like eh I wish I'd picked a different character to romance (like shes an emperor that's morally very shady) but then the romance stuff started with edelgard and I fell the heck in love.
Tumblr media
8) Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter (and Topanga Lawrence) - Boy Meets World
Disney+ was released in the UK this year and I finally got the opportunity to watch boy meets world in its best quality (aka not on YouTube). I watched it back when I was like 12 or 13 and it's such a nostalgic show for me. Watching it again I still absolutely adore it (and my bi ass was low-key crushing on Shawn especially in chick like me - I'm 18 btw and I got so scared for a sec but rider strong was 18 when chick like me came out so it's fine woah). And of course now I see the possibilities of the beautiful Cory and Shawn relationship like they were so bromance it was basically romance and throw in topanga it's the perfect ot3 (but I'm also fine with just Cory and Shawn or just Cory and Topanga). Read some good fanfic for them this year. My favourite was one about Shawn stealing makeup and stuff and exploring gender (need more fics like this I'm biiii).
Tumblr media
7) Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes - Marvel Cinematic Universe
I rewatched all the MCU films this year too. And got really into Peter parker whump and irondad. Plus my eternal obsession with identity and relationship reveals of course led me from Spiderman identity reveals (and found family cuteness) to stucky coming out. Especially when it involves the internet and social media. Not my favourite ship but it's been significant to my year due to the sheer amount of marvel stuff I've read.
Tumblr media
6) Satine Kryze and Obi Wan Kenobi - Star Wars
I rewatched clone wars in prep for season 7 and wow Satine's death was sad and sudden. She first appeared in S2 E13 I think and just the sheer sexual tension of their bickering. "The sarcasm of a soldier. The delusion of a dreamer." Just ugnnhhh my bi ass can't take much more of this. And Anakin just sipping his wine in the background grinning. And I fully believe korkie is a Kenobi.
Tumblr media
5) Commander Cody and Obi Wan Kenobi - Star Wars
I am very much an Obi wan multishipper. I don't really have a favourite but I fully believe he was with satine and Quinlan in his life. I don't think be would've actually done anything with Cody because of the whole superior officer thing. And this probably isn't even my favourite Obi wan ship - that honour probably goes to quinobi or obitine. However the most popular ships in the fandom are codywan, quiobi and obikin. No offence to anyone who ships these they're just personally not to my taste, but I can't stand quiobi, and obikin I find only slightly more tolerable and I think that's just because there's so much obikin content so if I like the concept of a fic that happens to be obikin I'll read it. I'm just not a fan of the mentor/student relationships. So I generally favoured the codywan fics when there was shipping involved meaning I read a lot of them this year. Needed that nice fix it content post season 7.
Tumblr media
4) Zuko and Katara - Avatar: the Last Airbender
Again I am a multishipper I have nothing against zukka it's cute. But I'm a zutara shipper first and foremost because when I first watched avatar I was like 13 and denying my gayness and gayness in general so I shipped the straight things and the straight things only. Most of these ships I stopped shipping - dramione, spuffy, some my little pony ones which we don't talk about. Zutara stayed. (I have nothing against any of the things I used to ship I just stopped shipping them so much/shipped new things more). I've continuously shipped zutara since I first watched avatar even if I didn't necessarily spend that much time on it it has always been here as one of my favourite ships. It has such good fanfic I swear including my favourite ever fanfic from any fandom - love thy enemy. Plus like the black games (reread this for the millionth time this year), a delicate subterfuge (which I read for the first time this year and damn it's so good) and so many more. With the avatar resurgence this year I haven't actually rewatched avatar aside from my normal random episode every now and then when I feel like it. But there's been a lot of avatar on my dash from people I follow getting into it and people I followed for avatar returning so naturally I returned to the fandom and read quite a lot of fanfic. I also read just a lot of avatar gen fics which were great at the whole found family thing I've been so obsessed with this year.
Tumblr media
3) Catra and Adora - She Ra and the Princesses of Power
Catradora is canon! They kissed! What more is there to say. Arguably they should've been top but I never shipped them that much since I was always very much a multishipper when it came to she ra so yes I was very happy it became canon because we actually won for once but also I've never read much fanfic for them etc. But they are very much a dynamic I love and watching she ra all again in prep for season 5 I really enjoyed the build up of their relationship. The other two only go above because Buffy is my favourite show ever and damn there's some good fuffy fanfic and Aphra and Tolvan is both fresh in my mind and star wars owns me. Would love some catradora fic recs btw if anyone has them tho.
Tumblr media
2) Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I didn't realise it was last year that I got super into them but according to my ao3 bookmarks it was lol. 2020 I swear it's lasted an eternity. I got into them about a month before lockdown (which feels like another lifetime). I've loved Buffy since I first watched it when I was 13. It's arguably still my favourite TV show. I've been through a lot of ships for Buffy - bangel to spuffy and now fuffy. I still think angel and her were a beautiful ship back in season 2 and especially in the angel episode I will remember you. But faith and Buffy had so much chemistry in season 3 - she would've been a fresh start for Buffy and the amount of fix it fics I read I swear. My favourite has to be one where they met in LA during Anne and how that changed everything feat Buffy's internal homophobia.
Tumblr media
1) Cheili Lona Aphra and Magna Tolvan - Star Wars
I read Darth Vader (2015) and Doctor Aphra (2016) for the first time at the end of 2020 (got a comic subscription which has served me very well already I've nearly finished the star wars canon comics). Just to see canon queer ladies in star wars was so magical for me as a queer lady. I didn't think star wars would be so overt yet as to have a queer kiss in canon (even if it's in the comics) and especially not with the main character of arguably their main comic series. Now we just gotta hope that we'll get it in live action someday soon. They weren't the ship I consumed the most content of in 2020 but they were the highlight of my 2020 because star wars did that and I finally found out about it
Tumblr media
Honourable mentions: Vivian and Elle - Legally Blonde, Candace and Vanessa - Phineas and Ferb, Stevie and Alex - Wizards of Waverly Place, Xander and Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I actually don't ship this but damn some authors are good - this was the ship that made me realise I don't need to like a ship if the author is good enough to write it well), Eli Vanto and Mitth'raw'nuruodo - Star Wars (started reading the books last year but finished this year and only started with fanfic this year), Villanelle and Eve - Killing Eve, Kanan and Hera - Star Wars, Barriss and Ahsoka - Star Wars, Remus and Sirius - Harry Potter, Kara and Lena - Supergirl (let's hope this becomes canon next year!) (Those last four are ones I've shipped forever some of my og ships but nothing particularly big has happened for me this year with them so)
I got Disney+ this year so rewatched a fair few things from my youth and though hey my obsession with that character may have been a little gay.
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onthevirgeofdestruction · 10 months ago
Out of all your fics that you’ve written which are your faviorte?
picking favourites of my babies is impossible and I switch all the time. but... right now? the gremlins in painful death I love to death, and I know it’s mostly unedited and not the best written... but they are so DUMB, oliver!!! just... so dumb,,,, i can’t not love them. They’re idiots. They don’t have a braincell between them. Give me gay idiots or give me death. I just want chaotic gay idiots. And Virgil and Remus are so fucking dumb look at them go what the fuck I love them so much they’re absolute fucking imbeciles.  How did they survive this far? Spite and a surprising amount of survivalist knowledge along with Virgil’s mystic danger gut. That’s it. I love them. I love them so much. That short in BCE? Nothing Happens to Virgil? So. Dumb. Oblivious. Can’t not love them. Sometimes I re-read the first short in 12 days because they’re so fucking stupid and my brain forgets everything i’ve ever done every 5 minutes. 
You would have asked me last week? whole castle. Wholesome. Adorable children. Repairs my soul. The day before yesterday? Dangerous Instincts. Because Yes. Virgil sees a bank robber and is like “that’s my new dad”. Best premise I’ve ever written. Last month? Break. Really love the characters in it. Also, last week would be Conflagration because of rich creole Remy and gay disaster Logan. I also fell in love with that short that has Roman and Logan as witches and Virgil as a demon kitten. Basically, at some point, it’s been all of them, even the shorts. 
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cobwebsandcathair · a year ago
This or That: Fanfiction Edition
tagged by @omnishambolichologram​ - cheers! 
I felt the need to link to a few of my absolute most favourite fics from various fandoms so ... that’s a thing that happened. 
Slow burn or love at first sight: The burn makes the payoff that much greater, the slower the better. I want to be in physical pain by the time they kiss 100k words later. 
Fake dating or secretly dating: I’ve recently read a couple of really good fake dating fics but I probably liked them so much because the fake dating turned into secretly dating. And apparently I have a thing for coming out scenes and/or others finding out. 
“Oh no, there’s only one bed” or long distance correspondence: I mean, come on. Bonus points if they wake up accidentally cuddling and/or the whole thing was a setup by their friends to push them together. Long distance isn’t much fun, unless it’s a small part of something much longer. 
Hurt/comfort or amnesia: Has to make up at least 90% of the stuff I read, probably because I’m drawn to cursed/disabled/mentally ill/fucked up characters in the first place.  --The Golden Bird by pierrot_dreams, original, E (very, very E), currently 170k - take those tags seriously, because I guarantee you WILL be triggered 
Enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers: Again, I’ve read some excellent ETL fics lately but the ‘enemy’ part is always based on miscommunication (hello my beloved #stupidboys tag). I don’t do actual enemies (fuck off Drarry). Give me more of that slow-burn, childhood-best-friends, one-sided-pining plzkthx. --And they were right in front of you the whole time by Ihavecoldhands, Evak, T, 18k
Mutual pining or domestic bliss: I feel kind of cheated if a fic ends without a bit of domestic bliss, but I rarely read things that are entirely that. Mutual pining, particularly when it’s third-person limited and the pining is clearly mutual but the narrator misinterprets it or thinks they’re imagining it. 
Smut or fluff: If I read a smutty one-shot there’s a very high likelihood that fluff is also in the tags. I like smut as much as the next guy but if there’s no feelings involved then I’m just not interested. N’awws before phwoars. --Mondays at Sixteen by @folerdetdufoler​, Evak, E, 163k - copious amounts of both smut AND fluff, what more could you want
Fantasy AU or modern AU: I’m super picky about fantasy and sci-fi in general because worldbuilding is of vital importance and it’s too often poorly done. I’m also not really a fan of real-world magic or supernatural elements in a fic if they’re not part of the canon (including Hogwarts AUs). Modern AUs are a pretty safe bet and some of them are AMAZING. --There Are No Gays in Football by Malu_3 (Grainne), Merthur, E, 213K --Keep the Key Within Reach by SpiritsFlame, Mercy, E, 62k  --If You Look to Your Left, You Will See by unoriginal_liz, Thommy, E, 144k
Alternate universe or future fic: Future fic meaning a continuation of canon, or future as in set in the 24th-and-a-halfth Thentury? Either way, I’d pick AU. Especially when canon makes all AUs technically canon also (thank you Julie Andem). 
Canon compliant/missing scenes or fix-it: I have TWO absolute-most-favourite fics to add here, one of each, so I can’t really choose between them.  --Trauma Medicine by Kispexi2, Mal/Simon, E, 168k - missing scenes; very possibly the best fanfic I’ve ever read in my life --Grow In The Openings by mindabbles, Wolfstar, E, 33k - because the only acceptable post-Marauders Era fic is a fix-it fic 
Reincarnation or character death: Not really a fan of either but FUCK character death. No. Just no. Unless that character happens to be a canonically-dead hologram, or a canonically-dead wizard who is then brought back to life. 
One-shot or multi-chapter: I’ll go for either but the longer the better. 450k slow burn angst with a happy ending? Yes hello that is my name. 
Time travel or isolated together: I’m up for both but the only example I can think of is that Hornblower epic in which Archie didn’t die but he and Horatio were beamed up to the Enterprise, Beverly saved his life, they hung out with Riker and Troi and then Picard married them. (In the unlikely event someone knows this fic, LINK PLEASE.)
High school romance or middle-aged romance: Some of my absolute favourite fics are the latter, but given that my two most beloved ships mostly take place in high school, I have to say the former.  --In Case The Scene Gets Nasty by zarah5, Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, E, 90k - I know people are squicky about RPF, and rightfully so, but this is hella AU and I shamelessly adore it 
Arranged marriage or accidental marriage: Not a big fan of either, but the old What Happens In Vegas trope can be entertaining. 
Sci-fi AU or magic AU: Really not into either; see above. HOWEVER, this is a good excuse to link to another favourite with supernatural elements which put me off reading it for ages, but god I’m glad I did.  --Burning For Your Touch by cuteandtwisted, Evak, M, 257k
Neighbours or roommates: Both have potential for shenanigans and different forms of tension. 
Body swap or gender-bend: I have fond memories of a few Wolfstar body swap fics back in the early 00s (and of course, Rimmer and Lister). I’m all for gender-bending if canonically cis characters are written as trans or non-binary. 
Angst or crack: Never really got into crack, although there has been the odd one I’ve liked. I prefer to have my heart ripped out, shredded into tiny pieces and slowly put back together again. 
Apocalyptic or mundane: Mundanity tends to make the stakes internal rather than external, with more potential for angst and whump, and that’s basically where I live. But if we’re talking post-apocalyptic, then I have to recommend:  --Stars Fell On Alabama by saddle_tramp, original, E, 104K
I don’t know who to tag. If you’ve read this far, consider yourself tagged. 
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