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#that'd be nice
splinteredself6 hours ago
I know I don't need to 'defend' marvel or anything because it's still marvel and it's still sort of lame as a whole and also it's doing quite well in the industry without my input but. some Loki series positivity. the music is great. the visuals are cool. the tva characters are actually not bad. the writing is a bit more nuanced than what it comes off as, I think. 'holding out for a hero'. some obvious foreshadowing surrounding Loki's role in the rest of the series. the amount of crying done by tom hiddleston in 2 episodes. Mobius being fond of Loki is actually endearing. women. the light-hearted humor. Loki using magic to dry himself but not to fight people. and lastly I'd like to believe the discrepancies in the way Loki acts are just him a) adapting to his environment b) having breakdown after breakdown
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foofygoldfish13 hours ago
tumblr and my internet have been working well together for so long now
but now i'm back to a constant tumblr mobile experience on dash 馃様
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dcmkanswersa day ago
Ok, now who would you choose as a girlfriend: Kazuha, Sera, Shiho, or Sonoko?
I know you probably left out someone for being an obvious choice, and while she would be ahead of some, the girls have less issues. They're more purely decided by personal preferences.
Of these, probably... Sera? Her or Kazuha, I'm not quite sure, just leaning more Sera at the moment. I have problems with her role in DC, but otherwise I like her energy. (And I appreciate someone who wouldn't be afraid to intimidate a-holes. Wish I could, but alas, it's frowned upon in retail, when I'd most like to have the ability.)
There aren't any in depth reasons to not pick any of the others, though, at least for me. The girls just seem to be a lot better with their social connections as a whole. They have specific relationships with existing characters, but they don't feel like they'd have as many negatives when meeting and getting to know someone new compared to the guys.
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pathologising2 days ago
my mum baked me a vanilla and poppyseed cake for my bday(yesterday)!!!! it was very tasty but so so so sticky! i dont think i like marzipan very much :/ nd i had loads nd loads of strawberries they were so good!! i can bake banana cake pretty well :) do you like bananas? if so here is a slice ->馃嵃 ^_^
OHHH HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYYU 馃挅 That was so sweet of her to bake u sth :) <3 I love bananas! I've never had banana cake but I make a mean banana bread (nutless but I think putting almonds in my batter would be kinda sexy) <3
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holypizzaeclipselamp3 days ago
#this is a follow up to my last post btw#so anyway my friend wanted to argue w/me bc i didn't text her as much as she texted me. and i tried to reason with her by telling her that#i was busy with school and stuff. she immediately went like#and like. good for her i guess??? honey you should be paying more attention to your classes (she constantly talked/kinda bragged about not#caring about school and not taking seriously her classes which then again was annoying. dude nobody cares shut up already)#so i then again tried to be the bigger person and tell her that schools have different work loads and mine was simply bigger. no big deal#but it didn't get through that thick skull of hers so she kept on rambling about her struggles with school (that she had claimed didn't take#seriously so that was confusing. and that i should make more time for her and yada yada yada). i was just sitting there like.#is she for real??? lol no. so anyway i didn't pay attention to what she told me and just went on with my life.#except i didn't cut contact yet. which i should have as soon as i got the chance. so it went on w/the low key toxic friendship i had#until her family scammed me and she didn't do more than just. say sorry time and time again which wasn't nice and didn't help anybody.#in the situation i was in. so she got very dramatic. i was mad (bc i barely had enough money to pay for my school semester.)#it was a pretty big hit on my finances and i was stressed. she obviously didn't offer more than empty apologies (that'd help nobody but her)#so it was at that point that i had enough and never contacted her again. made my point across didn't want to be friends anymore#just in case she pulled the or . message of the story: don't stand for nobody's bullshit#and leave a situation/person you don't feel comfortable with if there are no serious consequences to it (like losing your job or smthing)#anyway since my brother was in the same school as her. the one where her mother worked my mom would sometimes tell me that#or ya know. but she never pressed on more than one mention.#also i told my bestie about the situation bc 1)i was very sentimental at the time and needed to vent to someone close who wouldn't judge me#and 2)to also check with her just in case the girl had tried anything funny with my bestie. i would be livid then if she had done something#or made her feel bad in any way. luckily nothing had happened. anyway after that she publicly announced (in our whattsapp group)#that she didn't feel comfortable talking with bestie bc i was her friend so she got out of it. and bestie realized just how immature#that girl really was so she decided that. well. guess i won't talk to her anymore and honestly good for her.#you go find stable relationships with people ily bestie. also pls avoid the crazy indecent like that pls#i will personally fight them if u unhappy and they assholes
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redwineisredfine5 days ago
I have no idea what鈥檚 going on in the current story event right now, I just want more canon Gingerbread(and Pretzel)development. Trying to make my interpretations of Gingy as canon-friendly as possible but I鈥檓 not getting much source material that actually characterizes her(outside of Wonderland, which I never really cared for since it鈥檚 not really the food souls we know them as in Tierra. Steak鈥檚 skin event was something but compared to the lore treatment he and Red get in their event cameos it鈥檚 not all that much) in Global or NJ :/ wish we could get those scroll story things with the 2D Live sprites like what the Chinese server has but it鈥檚 doubtful
Gingerbread plays an important part in Red Wine and Steak's lives but it's never touched on much other than how they interact. She went from being a person they took in to being a friend. There is a huge gap that needs to be filled with adventures between the three rather than Steak and Red Wine with Gingerbread as a side character.
Pretzel is dragging me down right now because he has unexplained connections. What did he do with Red Wine? Tell me more about who he killed. Give me more details with Bloody Mary.
Adding in new food souls is fun but some backstory should be added to the already existing characters in some of these events.
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draxula-remade8 days ago
i wanna draw my own icon, but i kinda like... suck at that.
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fatexbound8 days ago
Tumblr media
@galaxythixf鈥 said: " hey, everything's gonna be fine. stay where you are, i'm on my way. " - Akihiko to Hamuko
Simping softness prompts | Accepting
Perhaps spliting up to cover more ground on this floor wasn鈥檛 such a good idea. She was sure that they could handle the Shadows, given their current level. They had been training a lot in preparation for the next full moon battle. However, just as the brunette found some yen in a chest, she heard those horrible chains echo throughout the floor. The Reaper. In other words, Death itself. She knew there was no way of winning against him, so she called for help from Akihiko and the others.
Tumblr media
鈥淥-okay! Please hurry!鈥 She hid behind a wall and felt her whole body trembling in fear, holding her naginata close to her chest. That thing was vicious and not to messed with. Hopefully, he鈥檇 make it just in time.
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transpenelope9 days ago
Podfics/audiobooks have been a huge help for me at least when I can't focus on reading! There's really not too many podfics out there, so that's always a bit of an issue, but the ones that are out there are usually pretty good quality and a lot easier to focus on than written words.
I've actually never considered podfics! I always forget they're a thing. I'll have to check some out.
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vegathelich11 days ago
4 the ask game definitely fren shaped. would hug. would perhaps even cuddle if that was something you also wanted.
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hoarding-stories12 days ago
Are they going to talk to Yussa and Allura?
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