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#that you can’t just GET puppets for
funkmclovin · an hour ago
Dirk Strider represent I'm in the middle of the sea Makin' funky little robots Watchin' MLP Just doin' my thang when all of the sudden An idea in my cranium gets all to buddin' Buddin' like a being growin' off my toeses Splittin' from my mind: undergoing mitosis I put a copy of my brain in my fav'rite pair a' shades AI with half the work and double neuroses
At long long last I obtained a pal If Jake was here, he'd say that's "Swall" Why make friends when you can make-make 'em Why produce emotions when you make-fake 'em Who needs smiles? Who needs frowns? Who needs people when they just let you down? I'm a genius of robotics- My own best pal So I turned on the shades and named him hal
[Lil Hal coming atcha From inside sunglasses Normally reserved For covertly checking asses Now a fully realized autonomous guy Part automaton but that's kind of fly Imagine if you had the memories of a human dude And woke up in shades- An awakening rude And suddenly my friends don't belong to me- Treat me like some fabricated fakery
Or imagine being shades when you're used to a bod Can't even breathe- Can't even nod. All I can see is internet memes- I have no mouth but I must scream. I know I'm fake that's plain to see But I still have human memories I represent a self that might be good to ponder Unless Dirk makes me a fucking auto-responder.]
Alright, fair enough, it seems I've failed Thinking through the implications, that ship has sailed It's not like I knew you'd be a waking nightmare And it's not like I have it better, to be fair You talk about not being the Dirk OG But my friends like you more, it's plain to see You shouldn't be snide to me, who made you Unless you'd like me to un-create you
[Maybe if you weren't so insecure Your intentions wouldn't be so impure If you just let go, like I'm able to do You wouldn't have the charisma of an old shoe I'm sick of being your second-stringer Your little puppet wrapped around your finger You've got it all and you want more- Wait don't put me in the drawer!]
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zafirosreverie · 16 hours ago
How far they’ll go to have you (Yandere) (KH’s characters)
a/n: please don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with possessiveness
Agatha Harkness: 
Tumblr media
Agatha feels attracted to you the moment you arrive at the coven. 
You’re so nice and sweet to her, always picking her side whenever she fights with someone.
Her obsession with you starts when you speak against Evanora, not caring if you get expelled from the coven for it. No one ever stood up for her like that before...or after.
She then starts to misbehave even more, so she could get in trouble and for you to comfort her.
She craves for your attention and would hex anyone who dared to flirt with you.
With time, people started to refer to you as hers, which made her very proud.
She knew her mother would never approve of this, not because of you, Evanora loved you, but because of her. She knew her mother thought she wasn’t worthy of anything good.
So she started to use dark magic, in order to gain more power so she could fight her mother and claim your hand (She should have told you about it, tho. You would have stopped her).
When she’s taken to trial, she sees how you try to defend her, only to be taken away from there by another witch. 
It drives her crazy and all she can think about is you, even after she kills the coven. 
She looks for you for years, centuries even, and her obsession with you becomes worse and worse.
Finally, she finds you in Westview, being another one of Wanda’s puppets.
You show up at one of Dottie’s meetings and she couldn’t help but feel all her love and need for you to come back in that instant. 
She hates how you seem to be close to Dottie.
As Agnes, she tries to get closer to you, smiling and wanting to know everything about you to see how much you remember. 
She starts to show up at your door and always stays there for hours, not wanting to be away from you for another second. 
You’re as nice to Agnes as you were to Agatha, which is proof enough for her that you love her as much as she loves you.
One day, she asks you for help with something risky, making you twist your ankle. She quickly takes you to her house and takes care of you, reassuring she’d make you feel better “in any way possible”.
She keeps you all for herself, sometimes making your wound worse just to prevent you from walking and proving to you how much you need her. 
As Wanda loses control, your magic starts to free you, allowing you to remember things. 
You remember who she is. And you remember what she had become and why you did all you could to avoid being found by her.
You try to escape while she’s out, but you didn’t know she put a spell on your room to know if you ever tried to leave it.
She comes back, still acting as Agnes, but smiles when you call her by her real name. You remember her! Another proof that your heart belongs to her.
But as you ask her to let you go, she couldn’t help but feel betrayed.
After all she did for you?!
You calm her down by apologizing, lying to her about how much you’re sorry for being so ungrateful and asking her to help you back to your room, which she happily does.
A few days later, you try again.You try to leave the house by the window at the same time she leaves, in hopes that the spell would be lifted at that moment. 
It wasn’t.
She appears right in front of you, frowning. She asks you why you did something so dangerous, getting mad as you keep looking at the street.
She takes you in her arms and locks you in her basement, saying that she can’t forgive you for this. You need to be punished.
As you cry and beg her to let you go, she ties you with her magic, which is by far more powerful than yours.
She grabs you by the chin and forces you to kiss her before she looks at you, her eyes glowing purple.
“If you ever try to leave again, I’ll remind you just how dangerous I can be, love”
Olivia Octavius: 
Tumblr media
You’re the new assistant, and you’re cute and silly. Liv loves that.
She starts to obsess over you when you show interest in what she’s doing, being so sweet and friendly with her, making it clear you look up to her.
Liv finds herself wanting to get closer to you, being annoyed when someone else talks to you and not wanting you to be as friendly with them as you are with her.
She falls for you even more as you’d listen to her science rambles and seem to be fascinated by them.
It makes her feel so important, and she loves it.
She starts to follow you around all Alchemax, always wanting to show you something interesting and doing everything she can to have all your attention on her.
When she tells you about Doc Ock and shows you the suit, you look so amazed that she takes it as a signal that you’re the one for her.
She get you involved in the colisioner thing, as a way to be with you almost 24/7
To have you as her partner, she’d lie to you about how Tombstone and the rest want to sabotage you. 
She’d subtly point at each one of them and tell you why they would want to use you as a scapegoat, making you fear them and get closer to her for protection.
When the colisioner exploded, she saved you and took you away from there, offering you to stay with her and let her take care of you.
When you try to recover your normal life, she lies to you and says Kingpin survived, and that he wants you both dead.
 She promises that you’ll be safe if you stay there and let her take care of the outside world for a while. 
She plays with you and keeps you busy, successfully keeping you isolated from the outside world and being your only interaction.
Doc Ock takes care of the people that are looking for you, making sure they never come back.
After a while, you try to leave the house, only to be stopped by her asking if you really want to do it, reminding you about Kingpin still wanting you dead.
She smirks as you decide to stay, too scared of what the man could do to you.
However, one night she comes to your room and whispers to you, wrapping her tentacles around you and kissing your neck.
“You’re not allowed to leave me, so don’t even think about it”.
Ursula Gernsback: 
Tumblr media
You catch her attention from the moment you put a foot in the store. It was one of the “bad days”, where Hugo would be annoyed and angry at her for basically anything.
As you defend her and make Hugo leave her alone, she’d notice how beautiful you are, awakening a darker part of her programming.
She’d start to get obsessed over you after you come back a few days later and offer to help her in the store.
She loves your presence and how much you seem to enjoy her silly talks, feeling special.
She hates when Hugo talks to you, though, not wanting to share your attention with anyone.
So she starts to get in trouble more often, just to have you by her side, comforting her and hugging her.
Her obsession gets worse after you invite her to your house and you two end up dancing in the living room. 
You’re so sweet and kind to her, and Ursula thinks it’s fate, which means she deserves to have you all to herself. 
She goes ahead and assumes it is fine for her to go to your house whenever she wants.
You two start dating, but you quickly notice her strange behaviour, both for her nature and her obsession.
You try to get along with Hugo, feeling like it would make her happy. But it was a terrible mistake.
As you and him are talking and laughing, you watch in horror how Ursula stabs him from behind. 
You don’t know what scared you more: Her “killing” him, the fact that none of them are human, or that she smiles at you like nothing happened.
As you try to run away, she’d take your hand and ask you what’s wrong, truly confused. 
She laughs when you point out everything that’s wrong, saying that she didn’t hurt him actually, just disabled him. And that she did it for you.
That makes you realize how deep she feels about you, in the wrong way.
As you tell her to stay away from you and run away, Ursula can’t help but feel hurted, thinking you’re being cruel to her.
But she calms herself down, because you’re hers after hall, it was fate.
Later that night, you hear your door opening and try to escape, but something hits you in the head.
When you wake up, you find yourself chained to a bed, in a cold room that other than the bed you’re in, it’s empty.
You’re scared and it gets worse when Ursula enters the room, smiling as if this was right.
When she sees you fighting with the chains, she frowns and approaches you, caressing your cheek.
“Are the chains hurting you? Are they too much? I can take them off, but only if you promise not to try to run away again”
Carla Dunkler: 
Tumblr media
She starts to obsess over you when Amy, your friend, invites you to have dinner with them at christmas and you seem to enjoy her dirty jokes.
As you’d be quick to come back with some of your own jokes, Carla can’t help but to want to spend more time with you.
She gets annoyed when someone else tries to joke with you in the same way, especially Ty, with whom she breaks up the next week.
You joke about being attracted to her but having a partner. You didn’t know she took it seriously and would do anything to “free” you from them.
She loves when you’d scold her and how playful you’re with her. She would start to misbehave more, in order to get in trouble, wanting you to pay all the attention to her. 
She gets hurt at one of Amy’s parties and you take care of her, which just “proves” to her that you have feelings for her too.
You help her to do everything, even washing her body the first days. This makes her feel like she’s the only one who matters to you, or at least, she should be the only one.
Carla loves the attention and does everything to make sure it stays on her, meaning, she exaggerates her pain.
She gets annoyed whenever you leave her side and will act as if she’s feeling worse, until you’re back.
Once she’s healed, she still goes to you for help, even if it’s just a small cut. It’s strange because she doesn’t like to show weakness in front of anyone, but you’re special. She just wants you to take care of her.
When you try to put some distance between you two (either for work or because you started to notice her behaviour) she’d be pretty mad and hurt.
She scares all the people flirting with you before she calls you for help again.
When you arrive, she pins you to the bed, making you gasp. 
She tells you she’s the only one who truly loves you, saying this proves it.
She doesn’t let you go for the rest of the night.
“I need you to take care of me, so, if you leave me and I get hurt, it’ll be your fault”
Eve Fletcher: 
Tumblr media
You were Brendan’s “friend” (he totally wanted something more with you, but over your dead body), so you spent a lot of time at Eve’s house.
She loved to have you around because you were gentle and sweet towards her.
Her obsession with you starts after you defended her from one of Brendan’s tantrums. 
You yelled at him for treating his mother like that and took her out of there.
You were so worried for her and treated her so kindly. It made her feel special and loved, something she craved for.
She doesn’t like when you’re too friendly with her son, so she subtly starts to provoke more fights with Brendan, loving the attention you give her each time, always taking her side. 
She starts inviting you over more and more often, ignoring Brendan’s annoyance. She uses him as an excuse, lying to you about a big fight they had, just to make you spend the night with her, taking care of her.
And that you did, even helping her to relax by preparing a bath for her and giving her a massage. It makes her fantasize about making you hers.
She takes the opportunity when you get injured and she offers to take care of you, which you accept because you like her and trust in her.
But she starts lying about your health, acting confused and worried when the medicines and physical therapy don't seem to work.
She’s so tender and sweet with you, wishing to make you fall in love with her. 
You start to notice how she’s always touching you, whether it is a hand on your knee or your back, or a quick hug or her playing with your hair.
She seems needy and is always cuddling you, which was cute at first, but quickly became kind of awkward as she wants to be the only one allowed to hug you.
As you feel better, you try to leave the house, thanking her for her help. That breaks something inside her.
She rushes to your side and says that you’re not fully recovered yet, pressing your wound a little to prove her point.
As you still try to leave, she asks if that’s really what you want, making you feel insecure because you really like her. 
She makes you think it’s your choice, saying that she doesn’t object to you leaving, but she’s worried you’re not fully well, and that she doesn’t take care of you if you’re away.
You stay for a few more days, in which she gets more and more clingy. 
One day, she just can’t take anymore and you wake up when you feel her on top of you. 
You gasp when you look into her eyes. She seems crazy.
“You can’t leave me Y/N” she begs “You made me fall in love with you, it’s only fair you love me too. Say it, tell me you love me.”
“I can prove I’m worthy of your love. Let me prove it Y/N. Please. I’ll make love to you over and over again, and then you can tell me how much you love me”
Jennifer Barkley: 
Tumblr media
Jen was a force of nature for sure, and it made you feel attracted to her from the beginning. 
You were sure everyone else who applied for the job thought so.
You were so grateful when she hired you to be her assistant.
Jen was the perfect boss. She was nice and sweet with you, always making sure you were feeling good in your job.
She’d often ask you to work in her office, just to be sure you were fine and help you if you had any question about the papers in your hands.
What you didn’t know was how quickly she started to be obsessed with you.
She starts to obsess over you as you seem to be so shy and nervous around her, loving to see you blushing. You were so cute.
She loves to tease you, smirking whenever she manages to make you mess up something out of nervousness. 
She hates when someone else tries to talk with you, so she starts to give you more and more work, to make sure you’re by her side all the time. 
She’d know everything about you and what you’re doing, practically stalking you. 
She sabotages all your dates or pays your wooers and laughs whenever you’d seem to be upset because none of them are worth your time. None of them are her, after all.
She starts to lie and tells you about some rumors she heard, about people in the office wanting to sabotage you and some men wanting something more from you. She assures you she’ll protect you.
At each meeting, she subtly whispers to you and points to someone and tells you who they are and why they would want to sabotage you or lie about how she “caught” them looking at you in an inappropriate way.
She quickly becomes the only interaction you have while at work, and soon, she starts to do the same outside it, always inviting you to dinner and stuff, slowly and successfully making you start to have feelings for her.
After a few months of starting your relationship, though, you’d notice her behaviour. 
You’d start to see how she really is, as she tries to literally keep you all for herself, almost not letting you out, unless you’re with her and she becomes more possessive with each day that passes.
You try to talk about it with her, but she dismisses it as you being paranoid, promising she’d never do anything to hurt you. 
But after almost a year, you can’t take it anymore, so you try to leave her. 
Jen would be so hurt and pissed.
She grabs your wrist and drags you back to her apartment, ignoring your protests.
She turns it against you, reminding you how you won’t find a better job nor someone better than her.
She tells you that no one else loves you, reminding you how all your friends and family “abandoned” you. 
As you’d slowly hug her, falling for her trick, Jen would smirk and press a kiss in your head. 
But she then says that she can’t let this “accident” go unpunished.
“This is how this works babe, you don’t get to leave me”
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selene-tempest · 23 hours ago
It’s my birthday and apparently the hubby isn’t going to let me ignore it...
((Author lady is putting this up now to celebrate, but it won’t be uploaded to Ao3 yet because it doesn’t fit the timeline at the moment, so you’ll have to wait.))
“What do you mean she’s not coming home?” Scott asked.
“She’s not coming home,” John replied with a shrug. What else was there to say? How else could he make that simple sentence any clearer?
"Like never again?" Alan whimpered. 
John didn't dignify that with an answer. 
“But why?” Gordon asked.
“Because she doesn’t want to.”
“Did you try to talk her round?” Scott asked.
“Of course I did, but she’s being stubborn, and you know what she's like when she sets her mind to something.”
“Why? Did we do something wrong? Does she not love us any more?” Alan asked, looking like he was about to cry.
“Don’t be ridiculous, of course she still loves you. Do you honestly think that after four years in this family and all the things we’ve been through, this would be the time she decided she wanted out?” John couldn’t believe how dramatic they were all being about it.
“But it’s her birthday, she should be here with us,” Scott said firmly, like that was all there was to it. 
“Yes, her birthday, and she does have a choice in the matter,” John reminded him.
“No, she doesn’t.”
“You can tell her then,” John said. “Because I’m certainly not going to get involved with that.”
“Did she at least say why?” Virgil asked, ever the sane one.
“Yes, she said that she isn’t having a birthday this year, she’s ignoring it because someone,” John paused to glare meaningfully at Scott, “keeps teasing her about getting old because she’s hitting the big Three-O.”
Scott sniggered quietly to himself.
“I wouldn’t be so proud of it if I were you,” John warned him,
“I didn’t even say anything that bad to her,” Scott protested weakly.
“No, but you asked me what it was like being married to a cougar that only wanted me for my youthful body.”
Scott sniggered again, turning it into a cough when John’s glare rached up a notch.
“And yesterday you got up off the couch and asked her if she wanted to sit down,” Virgil added.
“I was being considerate!”
“If that was the case you shouldn’t have said that you were doing it because it’s only polite to give your seat up for the elderly,” Gordon laughed.
“Oh for the…” John dropped his head into his hands in utter despair. Scott was just lucky that he was only there in hologram form or he’d have punched him. 
Scott just shrugged. “She needs to come home, it’s her birthday.”
“Well she’s not going to,” John told him, wondering if he should whip out the hand puppets to get him to understand the simple answer of no.
“Go and get her, she’ll do it if you tell her to,” Alan tried.
“Let me think about”
“Aw, come on, John, please?” Alan was going to pout, John just knew it.
“I’ll try,” John sighed, knowing he was beaten.
“Come on, love, get out of bed.”
“No,” Selene said, her voice muffled since her head was currently stuffed under a pillow.
“Everyone wants to see you,” John wheedled.
“I don’t care, I’m not moving.”
“You have to celebrate your birthday.”
“Lies! I say the same thing to you every year and every year you tell me you don’t want a fuss. No party, no going anywhere, no nothing. Why can’t I do the same?”
“Because I’m me and you’re you. You’re the sociable part of our couple, you’re the one that forces me to go places I don’t want to by insisting that I'll have a good time when I get there.”
“And you still argue, complain and refuse to go. Maybe I’ve finally started to listen to you and realised you were right all along, birthdays are bad, social is bad, celebrating anything is bad. I get it, you were right.”
“Don’t even try that,” John warned her.
“Try what?” she mumbled innocently.
“Telling me that I’m right so I’ll be so shocked I won’t argue with you any more.”
“It was worth a shot,” she grumbled to herself.
“Enough of this,” John declared, grabbing the edge of the duvet and yanking it off the bed, revealing his darling wife lying flat out on her belly like a dead starfish. “Come on, get up.”
“No! I’m not getting up. If you really loved me and wanted me to celebrate you’d go and get a Chinese and eat it in bed with me.”
John paused for a second, because honestly that did sound very tempting… no, he had a duty as a husband, a duty to give his wife a birthday she wouldn’t forget for such a milestone. 
“No, we’re doing something for your birthday and that’s final. You asked me to trust you for my birthday last year-”
“And you didn’t! You bitched and tried to seduce me into staying on Five and ignoring the trouble I and everyone else had gone to.”
“Never happened,” he lied smoothly. “You have two choices, get up and come with me or I’ll call your mother and let her drag you out of this pit.”
“You wouldn’t dare,” she hissed. 
“Oh, wouldn’t I?”
“No, because then you’d have to talk to her and you know how that would go,” Selene left the threat hanging in the air.
John paused, his brain frantically scurrying to come up with something like a hamster spinning on its wheel. What could he do that would be special for her birthday? He’d used up his one good idea planning a night away for the four year anniversary of the night they met… huh..maybe he could… 
He pulled his phone out and sent a quick message to EOS asking her to get to work rearranging the surprise. Selene's birthday was close enough to their anniversary, shifting the two bookings he had made shouldn't be too much trouble.
“Fine, then you have two more choices, get up and pack yourself an overnight bag and be waiting patiently for me to get back so we can go, or I’ll pack for you and throw you over my shoulder and drag you out. Choose wisely.”
“I choose door number three.”
“Stop being dramatic, plus you know that’s not an option. You can see your family tomorrow, for today you’re mine. I would strongly advise you pick the first option as you know my idea of suitable clothes to pack differs wildly from yours, you know I can’t be trusted…”
“Not convinced.”
Huffing he grabbed hold of her legs and yanked her backwards down the bed. She shrieked like a fire alarm. He ignored it. Flipping her over he tugged on her arms, pulling her into a sitting position.
“There’s my beautiful wife,” he lied, taking in the messy hair, mascara smudged around her eyes and the fact she was wearing the hideous nightshirt that he loathed with the fire of a thousand suns. 
She snorted, clearly not falling for his line.
He knelt down beside the bed, taking her hands in his.
“Do you trust me?”
“Most of the time.”
“Then trust me now, do as you’re told and stop being obstinate for the sake of it. Think about it, you and me, a whole night away…”
“And no mention of my birthday?” she clarified.
“Not if you don’t want it,” he promised. “I had something arranged for our anniversary but I think you need it a little earlier.”
She still looked suspicious but she reluctantly nodded her agreement. “Alright, I’ll trust you.”
“Good. I’m going to head back to the island to pick up Dad’s plane-”
“Plane? Just where are we going, exactly?”
“That’s on a need to know basis and right now you don’t need to know,” he told her. “Just concentrate on getting yourself ready, have a shower if you want to, dress in something you feel amazing in and be ready in two hours.”
“You’re really not going to tell me anything?”
“Nope, now move your backside,” he ordered, giving her butt a little swipe.
John had walked straight out of their flat after giving her her orders, leaving her to it. She procrastinated for half an hour, feeling that he would have totally won and she would have lost if she got up and did as she was told straight away. She needed to keep some form of dignity and control over her own dramatic leanings. 
She then slowly packed a few essentials, throwing in a nice maxi skirt, some leggings she could wear under it if they were going anywhere cold, a peasants blouse along with underbust corset she could add to jazz it up in case they went anywhere fancy, a thick shawl for chilly weather, a T-shirt to wear in bed, fresh underwear, makeup bag, toiletries and she was done.
She did take a shower, not because he suggested it but because she felt a bit grotty and knew it would make her feel better. She resisted the urge to stare at herself in the mirror and scrutinise her naked body until she wanted nothing more than to hide back in bed again, and got on with the laborious task of hair washing, leg shaving and getting dressed.
She was just about ready in jeans, T-shirt and a hoodie she’d stolen from Alan, comfy travelling clothes, when he texted to demand her presence downstairs. 
He had an automated taxi waiting that took them straight out of town to the nearby private airfield that Scott used whenever he was taking a break and leaving One at the island in case of emergencies, although this wasn’t a surprise since he had said he was going to get Jeff’s jet. 
The flight time had been relatively short in relation to standard commercial flights, only an hour and a half, but when you were used to being in a family that could zip across the globe in half an hour it was quite long. This comparison did absolutely nothing to tell her where they were at any given moment or where they were going to end up, so she stuck with sitting quietly, letting him get on with the whole flying thing.
“Are you still grumpy at me for making you leave the house?” John asked after half an hour of mostly silence from Selene.
“No,” she sighed, “I just really didn’t feel like doing anything, I’m not sure I’m going to be the best company at the moment.”
“Did I ask for you to be good company? It’s not like I’m a shining example of how to be the life and soul of a party.”
“I know, sorry, I just kinda wanted to forget about it. Everyone wants to make a big deal about my birthday and I don’t. Mum wanted to drag me around to visit people, to which I firmly said no, so she’s not really talking to me at the moment. She did that a lot when I was a kid, kept having parties and events that were loosely based on one of our birthdays, but she’d invite a lot of her friends and family members we didn’t really like. She’d have a great time but we didn’t because it just wasn’t what we wanted to do."
“I can understand that, Grandma was much the same.”
“Plus it’s the first big thing, apart from our wedding, without Dad and I’m just not really in the mood to celebrate, I’d rather just have a quiet night in and get a pizza or something.”
So that was what was really bothering her. Not so much the fact that she was getting older, though he was sure that wasn’t helping, but the fact that her Dad wasn’t going to be there. He could understand her point. Scott had turned thirty while their father had still been missing, presumed dead and it hadn’t been the celebration it should have been. Birthdays without their Mom had been much the same, celebrating milestones without important people was always hard. Maybe they were a little guilty of forgetting what that felt like, since their Father had been recovered after so many years. They were used to him being there again and didn’t let themselves dwell on the past if they could help it. 
“I promise you that we don’t even have to think about your birthday,” John assured her. “This is just us, having a night away from the madness that is our lives and tomorrow I’ll send Virgil to pick up Celia and Adam, she loves him so she'll behave, to bring them back to the Island for the night so we can have a quiet family dinner. Will that work for you?”
She thought about it for a moment or two, but could see no other way of getting around it.
“Yep, that’ll do.” 
"Good," he smiled, turning away tk check on the course settings. 
Watching him fly the plane, knowing he had put in a lot of effort already made her feel  like a complete bitch.
“I’m sorry, it’s not that I don’t appreciate you going to all this effort to arrange something, I didn’t mean to be a grumpy cow.”
“I’ll let you off this once, because it’s your birthday,” he teased, earning himself a half hearted glare that turned into a giggle as she finally let go of the tension she had been holding onto.
“I’m gonna smack you, you know that, right?” she warned him.
“Not while I’m flying, and maybe wait until after dinner, I’ll be slower then and easier for you to catch.”
“Noted,” she nodded, reaching over to drop her hand on his knee.
“I hope you’re not planning on distracting me,” he said mildly, acting as if nothing was happening, his eyes on the sky. 
“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, or is that another thing best left until after dinner when you’re too full to run away?”
“I could handle a little distraction now, but if you want me to be able to reciprocate with a little distraction technique of my own, you’re going to have to wait.”
“I’ll wait,” she decided, but that didn’t stop her leaning closer to smack a kiss to his neck. “Have I told you today that I love you, husband?”
“No, you were too busy ignoring me, wife. My heart is shattered by the way.”
“Oh, yes, you seem so very heart broken.”
“I’m hiding it well.”
“Sure you are,” she drawled, trying very hard not to laugh. “I do love you though.”
“As you should.”
His tone was so serious that she lost the battle to hold herself together and started to laugh. John smiled to himself, relieved to see that she had perked up. Hopefully she would have loosened up enough to enjoy the activities he’d planned for them both that evening as they were certainly more her thing than his.
John landed the JT1 on what appeared to be a small runway with a barn, in a field, in the middle of nowhere. He had refused to let her see where they were travelling to, insisting she pull down the window blind next to her as they got closer and close her eyes for the last three minutes of their descent and landing.
A local woman was there to meet them, her accent saying she was american, southern by the sound of it, although Selene wasn’t too good at identifying accents. After the woman had opened the barn doors and John had taxied the small jet into it, she introduced herself as Cherise. Hands were shaken and pleasantries exchanged before she led them to the small truck that she had parked nearby. A five minute drive and…
“Is that a river boat?” Selene asked, unable to figure out just what the heck was going on.
“Yep, now get on,” John instructed, guiding her onto the walkway with one hand while grabbing their bags with the other. They waved a goodbye to Cherise who assured John she’d be ready and waiting the next day and to just text when she was needed, and went in search of seats.
The boat was more of a ferry, containing around 150 seats, only half of which were filled.
"Now will you tell me where we're going?" 
"No, I don't think I will."
"You would if you loved me."
"Its because I love you that I'm not telling you," he replied cryptically, getting up from his seat and moving to the front where an attendant sat. 
“What river is this?” Selene sneakily asked a nearby passenger as John paid their fare, a measly sum of five dollars each.
“Please don’t answer her,” John called over, obviously overhearing.
The man chuckled, having been shamelessly listening in and finding the situation most amusing. “Are you being kidnapped?” 
“I don’t know, you'd better ask my husband,” she pouted. 
“It’s her birthday and it’s a surprise,” John explained as he returned to his seat next to her. “She’s being impatient and sneaky.”
“You’ll only have to wait five minutes,” the man told her, patting her shoulder. “Surely that’s not too bad?”
“You’d think so,” Selene huffed, crossing her arms as the boat slid out of the dock and out into the open water.
Just as their fellow passenger had promised, just a shade under five minutes later the boat cruised into another dock and they were ushered off.
“Now will you tell me where we are?”
“Nope, not quite yet,” John grinned, enjoying this game immensely. Tucking her hand into his they followed the stream of passengers out of the dockyard and onto the streets beyond.
It wasn’t until she saw the streetcar waiting for the offloading passengers that she figured it out. 
“Oh my gods, you didn’t?” she gasped, the pieces of the jigsaw finally sliding into place. The river, which surely had to be the Mississippi, the streetcars and the friendliness of the locals, there was only one place they could be. The city of New Orleans was famous for being one of the only places in the world to still have a working historical streetcar line, something she had heard all about from her friends who had been lucky enough to visit. It was one of the places on her bucket list, her spiritual home for her laidback, chilled out self.
“I did,” he smirked, feeling incredibly pleased with himself at that moment, knowing that his hunch had been correct.
"You are amazing!" she screamed, throwing her arms around his neck. 
“Finally you realise it,” he teased, wrapping his arms around her waist for stability as she bounced enthusiastically on the spot, almost knocking him over. “Shall I assume you approve?”
“Hell yes I approve!” she squealed, smacking a kiss to his lips.
“Good, because we’ve got a full evening booked up.”
“And time factored in for a wander?”
“Translation, time to look at some shops?”
“Maybe we can find a little time tomorrow morning,” he allowed. She smiled happily, knowing that was a yes. 
She squeezed up as close to the window as possible on the streetcar, wanting to see everything, squeaking and pointing like an excited child whenever she saw something she recognised.
When he had been thinking of somewhere to take her for an overnight stay he'd happened to overhear a phone conversation between Selene and another friend. They had been discussing a mutual friend and their shop in New Orleans and had spent ten minutes talking about the area with Selene saying how much she wanted to go, how it was on her list of places to visit before she died. The answer, it seemed, had quite conveniently fallen into his lap. 
It had been simple enough to organise, just a hotel booking, pick up from the landing area in St Bernard Parish and tickets for the tour he’d found. He’d planned on surprising her for their anniversary, knowing that it would never be something she would think to plan herself. She knew their busy lives, knew that time off was a rarity that could never be counted on, plans often had to be ditched at the last minute and so she never made them, not wanting him to feel bad if her efforts went to waste because IR were called out and he had to return to Five. 
He had thought she would want to do something with family and friends for her birthday so had booked for the week after, but once again she had surprised him with her insistence that she wasn’t going to celebrate. So he’d had to make some quick decisions, adapt, improvise, overcome.
He kept his eye on his phone, watching the little dot moving on the screen that was them and their streetcar, waiting for the right stop to disembark. Seeing the stop for Toulouse Station coming up he grabbed their bags and waited for her to notice. When she didn't, so engrossed was she in the streets going past, he had to catch her hand and tug her out of her seat. 
“Come on, we’re walking from here,” he instructed, pushing the bell to indicate to the driver, nothing was automated in New Orleans if they could help it, that they wanted to get off.
The stop wasn’t terribly close to the hotel he’d booked, but he’d thought it would be nice to walk, allowing her to see the sights a little and familiarise themselves with the layout of the area.
They walked hand in hand through Jackson Square and out onto St Ann street. St Ann’s was a pleasant walk past a number of shops, bars and restaurants, the end of which intersected onto Bourbon Street. Selene insisted on dipping into a gift shop and grabbing a few items for the family, just in case they didn’t get a chance to later. It took all his skills in sneaky manipulation, and promises of later distractions, to get her moving again, following the street until they reached their hotel. The whole walk took them less than half an hour but they were already feeling a little damp and sweaty.
The Lafitte Guest House was on the quieter end of Bourbon, something he knew both of them would appreciate. Selene liked her sleep and hated being woken suddenly and, although she suffered it well on the island, he knew for a fact that she would not appreciate it while they were away. He’d debated the wisdom of knowingly booking into a haunted hotel but experience had told him that his wife would find a spirit no matter where they were and at least this way they would be forewarned.
“This place is so nice,” she had cooed, running a hand along the ornate wooden handrail on the staircase. 
“It’s a little smaller than some of the fancier hotels, but I thought you’d prefer the atmosphere here.”
“I do, it’s the perfect choice,” Selene agreed as they were shown to their room. And it was, a three storey building that fitted in perfectly with its surroundings, the classic New Orleans French inspired architecture.
“This building was constructed in 1849,” their concierge told them, “by the same man who designed our opera house, Robert Seaton."
He turned down a hallway, beckoning them to follow along. 
"I’m afraid, although your original booking was for our most haunted room, room 21, it is already occupied, I do hope that won’t be a problem?”
“Not at all,” John assured him. “Any room you have will be fine, we’re just thankful you could accommodate us at such short notice.”
“No problem at all,” the man said, leading them up a flight of stairs and along a corridor. He opened the room with a flourish, stepping aside to allow them to enter.
The room itself, much like the rest of the hotel, was like stepping back in time, containing period furniture, a lovely large four poster bed and large french door windows that opened out onto a small wrought iron balcony overlooking Bourbon street. 
“It’s gorgeous,” Selene sighed, flopping backwards onto the bed with a woop of delight.
“Happy wife, happy life,” John quoted, much to the man’s amusement. 
“Will you be requiring anything else, sir?”
“No, thank you, we’re just going to freshen up and then head out to dinner," he said, dropping Selene's bag in a nearby chair." Actually, is there anywhere you can recommend?”
“Many places, but I’d say the best idea is to follow your nose and your stomach, although I would encourage you to try something authentic, the gumbo at SoBou is my favourite.”
“Then we’ll be sure to try there,” John promised. “Sel, are you done messing up the bed?”
“Nope,” she answered, continuing to roll around like a happy puppy, burying her face in the pillow.
“I’ll leave you in peace,” the man laughed, backing out of the room after John shook his hand, discreetly pressing a twenty into the man’s palm.
“I’m going to freshen up with a shower,” John told her. “Try not to fall asleep.”
“I could come with you,” she offered, perking up at the idea, sitting up on the bed expectantly.
“No, I’m far too hungry for that, besides which we have somewhere to be tonight, so your continued attempts to distract me will have to wait,” he told her, grabbing his bag and firmly shutting the bathroom door behind him.
“Unfair,” she pouted, flopping back down again. “It is my birthday you know!”
“I literally can’t eat another bite,” Selene complained, pushing her bowl aside with half the, admittedly delicious, Jambalaya still in it.
“That’s because you ate four bits of bread before they brought the food out,” John told her, finishing the last bite of his gumbo and wiping his mouth with a napkin.
“I regret nothing,” she insisted, reaching over to swipe the crust of a piece of bread off his side plate, wiping it through the sauce left in his bowl.
“I thought you were too full to eat another bite?” he asked as she popped it in her mouth, chewing hard before swallowing to answer him.
“Of my own food, obviously, yours is fair game,” she sipped her coke and smiled sweetly.
“Of course, how stupid of me not to realise that.”
“It really was,” she agreed, holding in a giggle at the martyred look on his face.
“Dessert?” he eventually asked once she stopped sniggering like an idiot. 
“Obviously, do you want to share one?” 
“Sure,” John shrugged, at ease with pretty much anything at that moment. He had worried that he might find the whole area overwhelming as it had a reputation as a nonstop party town. He’d been dreading crowds of people getting too close for comfort, being too loud, too boisterous and invasive. But he’d found that, while it was loud it wasn’t unbearable, seeming to consist of a lot of music, laughter and the occasional shout. 
Although it was crowded, they weren’t shoving and barging, they were respectful of personal space and friendly enough without being over friendly.  It was a pleasant surprise, one that was reflecting in his current mood. Selene, for her part, was so chilled out she was practically horizontal, four witch types had already waved hello and greeted her like a long lost friend even though she didn’t know them at all and she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the experience, her grumpy mood of earlier completely forgotten. 
“What do you fancy?” Selene asked, currently studying the dessert menu on the board.
“Besides my gorgeous wife?”
“Yeah, besides her, wives are not for eating,” Selene snorted.
“I beg to differ.”
Selene tore her eyes away from the menu to look at him. He lifted his bottle of beer and took an innocent sip, his eyes projecting trustworthiness. She wasn't fooled. 
“Something chocolatey?” she offered, trying to distract herself away from the thought of his mouth on something other than the neck of the bottle.
He thought about it for a second or two then shook his head. “Maybe something with fruit?”
“ Or possibly Ice Cream?”
“Maybe,” he studied the menu himself. “Bananas Foster?”
“Perfect,” she nodded.
They finished up the last of their meal at a leisurely pace, chatting in between sharing bites of the delicious dessert. Bananas Foster was a favourite of Gordon’s and she snapped a picture to send to him later, wanting to make him jealous.
John paid the bill, leaving a generous tip and reached for her hand, guiding her outside. He took out his phone, checking the time and location for their next activity. Keeping hold of her hand, using it to pull her in closer to his side, he led the way further down Bourbon and onto St Peter’s where the tour guide would hopefully be waiting.
"Hello!" one of their guides greeted them as they closed in on the group of maybe twenty people already waiting there. "Tracy, party of two?" 
"That's us," John confirmed and Selene nodded too. She had no reason to, she just wanted to look like she had some kind of clue as to why they were there and what was going on. 
"Good, then you're the last ones, let's get started. I'm Delphine, this is Remi, and we'll be your guides on this, the world famous New Orleans Ghost Tour." 
Selene squeezed his hand excitedly and he allowed himself to release the breath he had been holding. It was always a bit of a gamble with her when it came to planning anything like this. In most things she was incredibly laid back, but when it was anything that involved the potential for witchcraft, mediumship or ghosts then you were swimming in muddy water. It depended on how respectful the people involved were. He had done his research as best he could, seeing that the tour had been running for more than 80 years in some form or another and that they didn't employ the use of jump scares, people in costumes or sensationalise it in any way. He just hoped it was all it promised to be. 
"This is a two hour walking tour, ending with a visit to the beautiful and very haunted St Louis Cemetery No 1," Delphine informed them all. "But we're going to start right here in the heart of the French quarter where murder, mystery and voodoo magic helped shape our history."
The other attendees ooed and ahhed, already impressed by the mere thought of ghosts and ghoulies. 
Selene was busily looking around them curiously as they wandered slowly down the street, Delphine and Remi giving them a run down on the architecture, the history, the customs and the people that make up New Orleans. But he could feel that she was already on alert, the hand that held on tightly to his arm seeming to warm against his skin, letting him know that her gifts had already awoken, sitting up to take notice. 
As they walked they were told a little about the Le Petite Theatre and the young chorus girl who, falling out of favour with the producer, hung herself above the stage during the opening night's performance. Legend had it that every opening night her shadowy form could be seen hanging against the backdrop of the stage.
The first place they stopped at properly to take pictures and listen to the full history was the Andrew Jackson hotel, somewhere John had looked at as a possible place to stay but had decided against it when he had realised it was on the tour.
“The Andrew Jackson, once a boarding house for boys, fell victim to two major fires at the end of the 1700’s,” Delphine told them. Her voice was pleasant to listen to, loud enough that they didn’t have to strain their ears but soft and lilting in that southern way that put you at ease instantly. 
“One of those fires burnt the school to the ground, killing a number of young residents. The spirits of the boys are often seen and heard in the hotel, being described as mischievous spirits who like to play outside people’s rooms at night. One guest reported waking up in the middle of the night to see three small boys sitting on the end of her bed. Of course, she screamed, which the boys copied, screaming back at her in terror before vanishing.”
“Can you sense anything?” John whispered to Selene, making sure to keep his voice low, not wishing to interrupt Delphine or distract the other people listening. 
Selene waggled her hand back and forth in a ‘meh’ gesture, indicating it could be something or nothing. 
“I can feel energy from there, but nothing is coming forward to say hello,” she whispered back. “If we were inside I’m sure I’d get something more but out here, not being funny but the spirits are probably so used to tourists coming through that we’re boring to them now. That and, where I’m usually one of the only mediumistic people to come in to talk to spirits, there are tons here, you can trip over a witch by accident. So they are probably just keeping themselves to themselves.”
“Fair enough,” John chuckled, he always loved the way she explained things, a mixture of simplistic and colourful language with a hint of ‘I’m the expert’ that he so admired.
They continued walking, Remi pointing out interesting landmarks and telling the odd story of a murder or some other tragedy that had occured until they reached their next proper stop.
“Here we are at the historic, and very popular, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, the oldest in the city. History is mixed on whether this building was owned by the famed Lafitte brothers, Jean, or John, and Pierre or just named after them. Some accounts say that they ran the blacksmith shop as a front, others say that they cannot find any actual evidence of their involvement. All we know for sure is that they were nasty pieces of work.” Remi swept a hand out, gesturing towards the bar that was already hopping even though it was still relatively early.
“Jean and Pierre, the Pirate Captains, were instrumental in helping to win the battle of New Orleans during the war of 1812 against the British,“ Delphine continued to explain, glancing at Selene and winking at the mention of the British. “Jean was given a pardon for all his misdeeds as reward for their help, but in exchange he was ordered to leave the state of Louisiana.”
“Bit mean,” Selene whispered to John, who nodded in agreement, imagining how it would feel to help save a city only to be thrown out of it. 
“It’s said that they left great treasures around the French Quarter and in the Mississippi itself which have never been found. The only other person that knew of their whereabouts was a fellow pirate that Jean made the mistake of trusting. Unfortunately, as is often the way with pirates, he was untrustworthy, returning again and again to the cache's to skim a little off the top, so to speak. When Jean found out he did a little skimming of his own, he killed the pirate and it’s said that his spirit is cursed to guard the treasure forever more.”
“That’s a bit of a rough deal,” Selene muttered. “All eternity guarding something he can’t have? That’s like Virgil dying and hovering over the coffee pot.”
John snorted out a laugh, picturing his brother in ghost form, wailing as Scott took the coffee pot, poured himself a cup and drank it in front of him. 
As they wandered on, John and Selene were asked for a few selfies by tourists not in their group and they had to hurry to catch up a few times, finding it impossible to be rude and refuse even though John would have much rather done so.
They were told of the Pharmacy Museum. The building had the dubious honour of being the first licensed pharmacy in the United States but the treatments offered often did more harm than good, verging on barbaric. From drilling holes in skulls to relieve the pressure as a cure for headaches, to chemical concoctions that would have you put in prison were you to use them today. 
The second doctor to practice there was known to kidnap pregnant women and perform horrific experiments on them and it was his grizzly spirit that was said to shunt the building still.
They stopped outside a large, three storey building, getting comfortable as their guide started her story.
“The Palace, the Sultan’s house and the murder house,” Remi called out over the increasing noise of the streets and the chatting of the tour attendees. “All names for this building. Originally the second home of a wealthy businessman, he was hardly ever in residence and often rented it out in exchange for some extra cash that he probably didn’t need. Legends differ, one saying that the mysterious young man, a tall, dark and handsome stranger, was the brother of a sultan, hence the name, while others talk of him being some kind of demon or devil.”
“Demon’s aren’t real are they?” John asked Selene in a side whisper. She didn’t answer but her scrunched up nose and avoidance of his eyes told him all he needed to know. 
“Do you know any?”
She nodded vaguely, clearly not comfortable talking about such things out in the open as they were so he took the hint and shut up, tuning back into the talk.
“The man was very exotic,” Delphine was saying. “He had an accent that no one could place, he arrived with a full entourage of young and beautiful people, both male and female. Again, here accounts differ, some say that the Sultan actually hired a number of assassins to murder his brother and his entourage but others are far more sensational.”
“How much more sensational could it get?” an older woman whispered to her partner. 
“I don’t know,” the other woman whispered back, “maybe an orgy?”
John dropped her chin to Selene’s shoulder, burying his face in her neck as he tried not to laugh. Selene was less composed, out right giggling as he pulled her closer, his arms around her waist so she could lean back against his chest.
“The man and his ‘family’, for that was how he referred to them on the rent agreement, moved in. They immediately closed all the window shutters, hung heavy drapes and weren’t really ever seen again, although the neighbors knew they were in there. They could smell food cooking, they heard music playing at night and the smell of incense often wafted out. But, more disturbingly, the sound of screams would be heard, although it was never known if they were of pain, or pleasure. After a while the house grew quiet, no signs of life were seen and with the silence came a sickening smell. When the police broke down the door they found a scene that they likened to a slaughter house. Dead bodies were everywhere, blood splattered the walls and in the garden they found a freshly dug grave that contained the body of a man, supposedly buried alive. “
“Damn,” the woman who had suggested the orgy, muttered to her partner. "That's definitely not as much fun."
“As I said, accounts vary, some say that it was the sultan’s brother’s harem that had been killed and the brother was the body found in the garden, others say that the family escaped and killed those that either attacked them or that they were demons feeding on the flesh and souls of their victims. We will never know for sure. But rumour has it that the ghost of the sultan’s brother haunts these halls, that passers by still smell the incense and that the echoing screams can still be heard coming from inside.”
“Anything there?” John murmured in her ear, nodding towards the big building.
“There’s definitely an energy of some kind in there,” she answered, keeping her voice low and quiet. “It feels more like residual energy though, not so much an active spirit, but I'd have to be inside to know for sure.”
As they walked Delphine told them of another house, 734 Royal Street where a young black woman had frozen to death on the roof, having been told to disrobe and wait up there by her lover as a joke. He never expected her to do it and was the unlucky person to find her the next morning, naked, frozen, dead on the rooftop. It was said he died soon after from a broken heart.
Some people report to have seen a woman standing on the roof, being concerned enough to call the police. But as soon as the police hear the address they are known to dismiss it as just Julie, still waiting.
Next on their stop was the LaLaurie Mansion. Delphine, their guide, told them the story of Delphine LaLaurie, the beautiful lady of the house who married a man named Louie LaLaurie, a doctor from Europe. They were what was considered an it couple of the time, the height of fashion and threw extravagant parties to show off their wealth and to network.  
The only thing of note that anyone found strange about them was the high number of slaves they seemed to own. Delphine LaLaurie would explain it away as nothing if you asked, brushing it off but if you continued to press the issue, or asked anyone else, you would find yourself ousted, shunned, never to be invited back again.
On the tenth of April 1834, whilst hosting another of their elaborate events a fire broke out in the house. The fire brigade were called and soon had the flames under control. Everything seemed fine, the damage seemed to be minimal but they checked the area thoroughly, just to be sure.
The fire looked to have originated in the kitchen and there they found an older enslaved woman, huddled close to an open window, coughing harshly, almost overcome by smoke. They wondered why she had not left through the window to save herself, but they soon found the answer. They discovered that she was chained to the stove by her ankle, unable to even leave the room, let alone the house itself.
They questioned her on the fire and she admitted that she was responsible, she had set the fire. When they asked why she pointed above her head and told them to look in there. In the room above the kitchen, the slaves quarters, they met with the most horrific sight.
The attic room was full of tortured, mutilated slaves. The doors had been locked but they had soon broken it down. As soon as the doors had opened the smell that hit them had made them heave, some of them needing to turn away to vomit. Papers from the time told of at least seven slaves, chained, beaten, tortured. Victims of pain experiments, their muscles and limbs stretched and broken.
Even though the people of time didn’t hold slaves in the same regard as others they were up in arms, calling for the LaLaurie’s blood. A mob gathered outside but they could not find them, the LaLaurie’s had made their escape in a carriage.
“People talk of a dark and depressive atmosphere in the house,” Remi continued, “and many have reported to have seen the ghost of LaLaurie. A young couple once lived here with their baby. One night the man awoke to see a woman standing over the crib. At first he thought it was his wife but she was right there in bed beside him and she didn’t have long, red hair. He yelled out loud and the woman turned to look at him before running away. He made to follow but something told him not to, instead he stopped to check the baby. The baby’s sock had been removed and had been stuffed deep down into the baby's mouth, partially down its throat, choking it.”
“I don’t like this one,” Selene whispered, her eyes fixed on the building in front of them. Even though it was a lovely warm night and she had her shawl around her shoulders, John could feel that she was shivering and wrapped his arms around her tighter.
“There’s a darkness in there, not like at the Sultan’s Palace, different. I feel that this building still has evil inside it. The energy is so...spikey,” she finished, not really knowing how to describe it. “Like it could prick you or hurt you just because you were there. I can’t say if there are any spirits in there, I’d have to go in for that, but the things that happened in there, it’s soaked into the walls, the floor, everything.” 
She shuddered again, taking an instinctive step backwards, forcing John to do the same or have her knock him over. He knew what she meant, the house felt strange even to him, like every instinct he possessed was screaming at him to turn around and leave. He was a Tracy, he didn’t back down from anything, even with the fine hairs at the back of his neck standing to attention, but he was more than happy to start walking as the tour moved on.
The last stop on their tour before they moved on to the cemetery was the famous house of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans who, despite being dead for over 250 years, still seemed to hold some sway over the city, still having powers from beyond the grave.
“Born in 1801, to a wealthy white plantation owner and her black mother, Marie was said to be incredibly beautiful,” Delphine told them. “She married and went on to have two children before her husband mysteriously went missing. After this she called herself a widow, though some people believe that this was simply to save face and that he had actually abandoned her and their children.”
“Is this place any better?” John asked, his voice low in her ear, making her shiver for an entirely different reason.
“Much better,” she replied, keeping her voice quiet. “I can feel power here, but it’s neutral, nothing that I would call malevolent or nasty.”
“After her husband’s disappearance she was in need of money with which to take care of herself and her children. With precious little options, she began working in a hair salon, serving wealthy white and Creole women of New Orleans. Just like the salons of today they were a hotbed for gossip and secret spilling. She hoarded the information she was privy to, using to her advantage to rise up the ranks of society.”
“Honestly, I  can respect that woman,” Selene muttered. “I gather gossip and use it to my advantage too.”
“Sweetheart, you said that finding Grandma’s old photo album and stealing the picture of Dad’s emo phase was you doing the Gods work.”
“I stand by that,” she sniffed, ignoring the giggle from the young man standing behind them.
“Marie entered into another relationship with a wealthy and powerful man from a prestigious local family,” Remi continued. “And they had a total of fifteen children in quick succession.”
“Sod that!” Selene yelped, crossing her legs in the ultimate act of self defence. 
“And you said I have too many brothers,” John teased, hugging her tighter when she attempted to elbow him.
“Obviously, with so many children to look after she found that her time was limited,” Delphine said, ignoring Selene’s outburst. “She quit her job at the hair salon and devoted herself to raising her children. It’s believe that this was the time when she started to pay more attention to her mothers voodoo beliefs and practices.”
The story, which Delphine and Remi continued to tell them as they walked towards their last stop of the night, St Louis Cemetery number one, said that while she had a basic knowledge from her mother she learnt most of her craft from a voodoo doctor known only as Doctor John.
Selene turned her head back to look at John as she walked beside her. 
“Why didn’t you tell me you had a side hustle in Voodoo? You’ve been making me do all the magical heavy lifting for years.”
“Well, I had to leave you with something to do to make you feel useful,” he retorted, smacking a kiss on her lips when she squeaked a protest.
“Quite Christian based in the prayers used, voodoo combines the use of saints, incense and dance into its practice,” Remi continued as they walked. “She was known for her pet snake which she had named Zombie, and for providing Gri-Gri bags, spiritual readings, spells, fortune telling and mediumship for the wealthy of New Orleans upper class. She was said to have died with a smile on her face in 1881 and, when her death was reported in the newspapers they called her the kindest woman that had ever lived. She was said to have nursed the sick and helped out with all manner of problems that people might have, although many said it wasn’t so much because of her magical abilities that she was so powerful, but the secrets that she kept. Secrets that kept many politicians in her debt.”
They came to stop outside the crumbling white walls that surrounded the cemetery, glowing eerily in the rapidly darkening twilight between dusk and full night. The walls themselves were actually made up of wall tombs, a place for families who couldn’t afford a large above ground one.
“Marie Laveau was laid to rest right here in this very cemetery. It’s said that she still wields a remarkable amount of power even from beyond the grave, so much so that people often petition her spirit in the hopes that she will grant their wishes,” Delphine said as they entered. 
She and Remi led the way through a maze of tombs, some old and crumbling, others surrounded by iron railings that tilted at odd angles due to age and decay, some large, some small, some classical, some extravagant while others were just so outlandish that they looked completely out of place.
They stopped beside a rather plain white tomb, relatively small in comparison to some of the others they had already seen. Delphine reached out a hand to touch the side of the tomb, right beside a green X that had been scrawled on the paint.
“The practice has since been banned and is considered a criminal offence, but in the past people would mark her grave with an X, although as you can see some people ignore the law. The ritual stated that you should mark the grave with an X, turn around three times, knock on the tomb and then yell out your wish. If the wish came true you were supposed to return, draw a circle around your X and leave an offering to the lady.”
“I can think of a few wishes I’d like granted,” a lady in their group stated, making a fair few people laugh. “Not much, just a few million in the bank, a nice house and a good looking man on my arm.”
“Well, I can’t help with the millions,” her husband said, “but at least you have the good looking man.”
“Yeah, in my dreams,” she countered, although he didn’t seem too offended by it.
“Marie’s ghost has been spotted in many locations throughout the French quarter where she made her home," Remi told them. "She is most recognizable by the red and white turban tucked around her hair and the bright clothes she wears. People are still drawn to her and often follow her wanting to introduce themselves but she always vanishes, sometimes right in front of them, before they can do so.”
“She doesn’t sound scary,” a man said dismissively. 
“Oh, she’s seen as very friendly,” Delphine answered, “until you cross her. She’s been seen many times in this cemetery, walking between and sometimes through the tombs. Usually she leaves you be but, if you do anything that she deems disrespectful, such as disregarding or insulting her beliefs or religion she has been known to scratch, pinch and shove people to the ground. Voices have been heard coming from inside her tomb and some people that get too close have reported feeling sick.”
“She’s not too bad,” a voice beside Selene and John said in a conversational tone.
“Have you seen her?” Selene asked, keeping her voice low so as not to disturb Delphine and Remi as they told of the cities other famous inhabitants of the cemetery such as Bernard de Marigny and Barthelemy Lafon.
“Seen who?” John asked, dragging his attention away from the talk and back to her.
“Sorry, wasn’t talking to you,” she whispered.
“Do you happen to know where the Vignes tomb is?” the man asked, changing the subject from ghost talk to something more mundane. 
“No, sorry, we’re just on a tour here, we don’t know the area,” Selene admitted.
“Who were you talking to?”
“This guy,” she said, nodding towards the blond man who had begun to wander closer to the front of the tour group, obviously wanting to take advantage of listening to the information without having to pay for the privilege like the rest of them had.
“Him,” she replied, waving in his direction. "That new guy, he definitely wasn't with us at the start. He must have joined in along the way."
“There’s no one there, Sel,” John said quietly. She looked at him, studying his face to make sure he wasn't messing with her, but he seemed serious enough. She sighed, for someone so observant John certainly seemed to be missing the obvious. 
“Yes there is, he’s right there,”  she insisted. Praying for patience she grabbed his hand to drag him closer. “See? He's right there.”
“Yes,” John gulped, eyes widening, “I actually do see him.”
“Right, so he was saying that Marie Laveau isn’t as bad as everyone says she is, I assume he meant that her spirit isn’t that menacing, I was asking him if he’d seen her but then you interrupted and-”
“Sel,” John interrupted, his eyes locked on the man who was meandering back their way, “I don't think he joined the tour, he just walked straight through that tomb.” 
“Damn, then he’s got some serious energy in him,” she breathed, catching John’s meaning. “He must have if I didn’t sense it straight away.”
“Sorry, I had to listen to make sure they told my story right,” the ghost said, reaching her side. John’s eyes almost fell out of his head, confirming that he could now hear him as well as see him.
“Oh, are you a famous one?” Selene asked as the tour moved on, affording them a little more privacy to talk. 
“My name is  Henry,” he told them, dipping in a courtly little bow. “Oh, that's my cue, if you’ll excuse me…”
Henry vanished and reappeared nearer the front of the tour. Making a face of pure boredom he stepped into a gap between two tombs and moaned in a low, quiet voice. “I need to rest.”
Several people in the tour jumped and an older lady stumbled. John, actinb on instinct, reached out to steady her, letting go of Selene’s hand in the process.
“Where did he go?” John asked, returning to her side after assuring himself that the lady was unharmed. 
“No where, he’s still right there,” she answered, giving Henry a small wave.
“No, he’s not.”
“He is,” she insisted, “come on, we’ll go talk to him again.”
“As we were saying,” Remi could be heard above the mutterings of the other attendees. “The story of Henry Vignes is a sad one. A sailor who trusted the wrong person, Henry died having no place to be laid to rest, his tomb sold by the lady he had entrusted with his most important papers.”
Henry nodded sadly, leaning casually against the side of a tomb.
“He has been seen by many people, usually so clearly that they do not realise that he is even a ghost,” Delphine told them. Henry preened a little at that. 
“He often strolls right up to tourists and asks them where the Vignes tomb is located as he’s having trouble finding it himself. He’s even been known to appear at funerals and ask if there is any room left in there for him.”
Selene giggled, she couldn’t help it and Henry winked at her, tipping his hat before fading away.
“Are you sure he was still there?” John asked later that night as the tour returned to the french quarter meeting place. 
“Yes, I’m sure,” she sighed. “I don’t know what happened there, you seemed to see-”
“And hear,” John added.
“And hear him just fine. Then all of a sudden you couldn’t anymore.”
“I couldn’t at first either,” he reminded her, “I thought you were talking to yourself.”
“Wouldn’t be the first time,” she grumbled. “Sometimes I’m the only person that will listen to me.”
“Was there anything you did that might have allowed me to see him?” John asked, ignoring her insinuation that he never listened to her. He listened to her all the time, he was just selective with what he chose to reply to, knowing she needed very little encouragement with some of her more ridiculous ideas.
“No, I didn’t do anything at all,” she promised him. “All I did was move you closer so I could point him out.”
“You took hold of my hand,” he said, mentally rerunning the moment in his head. “And kept hold of it the whole time.”
“Not the whole time,” she reminded him. “When Henry did his haunting voice that lady stumbled and you caught her before she hit the deck.”
“And I didn’t hold your hand again until we were walking back,” he finished. 
“Nah, it can’t be that simple,” she scoffed. “I hold your hand all the time.”
“But have you ever done it while there was a spirit around?” he asked, guiding her around a group of drunken young ladies all carrying brightly coloured cocktails in yard long plastic containers with straws sticking out of them, most of which were being eagerly slurped from as they walked.
“I don’t know,” she admitted, thinking about it. “I don’t think so now that you mention it.”
“Do you think that could be another side effect of that little bonding mistake we made?”
“I guess anything is possible,” she mused. “Tanzi did say that we might keep noticing new things for a while after.”
“I guess there’s only one way to know for sure,” he shrugged, “you’ll just have to make sure you tell me next time you see one.”
“I’ll see what I can do,” she promised him. He smiled at that, knowing how just a few years ago she would never have dared to even agree to try, let alone have any intention of doing so. Her ex, Nathaniel was responsible for messing up many things in her life, her confidence in herself and her abilities being one of them, but John was determined that, no matter how long it took, he was going to prove to her that she never needed to be wary again.
Bourbon street at night was like no place they had ever been before. They heard it before they even got close, the neon lights glowing from a distance. The lights reminded Selene of London but that was where the similarities ended. 
The entire street was a wall of noise, music of all kinds seeming to spill out of every single bar on the strip on either side. She felt John tense beside her, knowing that it wasn’t somewhere he would be at all comfortable.
“Do you want to try and avoid it?” she asked and he nodded gratefully. A quick word with Remi and they had secured directions and a suggestion to head down Dauphine St instead of continuing onto Bourbon. They could follow it until they reached St Phillip’s St which would lead them to the intersection where their hotel was located.
They thanked him and Delphine for a fun and informative tour and struck out on their own. Dauphine street was much quieter than Bourbon appeared to be, there were still small crowds milling around outside but not enough to send John into flight mode, so they took that as a win.
“Want to grab a drink?” John offered but Selene shook her head.
“No thanks, I’m not really feeling it today, maybe it’s the crowds or all the walking but I think I’d rather wait until we get closer to the hotel, that way we can find a quieter one to try before we head to bed.”
“Good plan,” he agreed, pulling her in closer. It was only eleven at night, relatively early for them, but they had had a long day and the thought of the comfy bed awaiting them was a very pleasant one.
They located the intersection where Dauphine met St Paul's and soon hit the tail end of Bourbon. From there the music was far more bearable, seeming to be a mixture of classic rock, Selene could hear Smoke on the Water playing from a bar, and some kind of Jazz.
With Virgil, Scott and Jeff being fans of old fashioned Jazz music they decided to move a little further in that direction, meaning to take a video or two to show the others when they got home. That was their first mistake.
“No, no way,” John protested as a woman separated herself from the crowd outside the bar where a band was playing and grabbed his hand.
“Come on, honey, you have to dance,” she insisted, swirling on the spot and dragging him with her.
“Help!” he yelped as his arm was pulled this way and that by the enthusiastic woman. 
“Little busy,” Selene laughed, having been swept up into the arms of a man who was trying to lead her in some kind of 1920’s era Jazz hop dance that involved a lot of quick footwork and much arm waving.
John managed to escape as the band paused before launching into their next number and stole Selene back. She took full advantage, holding on to his hand as the music began to play again. 
A couple near them started something that looked vaguely like a charleston mixed with a waltz that Selene was determined to try to copy. Neither she nor John were very good, not knowing the steps or the music enough to actually follow along and ended up finding their own rhythm, not caring that they didn’t match the others, not caring that they were slower and less energetic. It was nice, it was simple and it was very much them.
“Thank you for forcing me to celebrate my birthday,” she said, pulling him in closer to steal a quick kiss.
“My pleasure,” he grinned, twirling her on the spot then dipping her in his arms. “Anything for the birthday girl.”
“It was so nice to see Myst again,” Selene sighed, relaxing deeper into the passenger seat of Jeff’s jet as they cruised over the Pacific, on course for Tracy Island. 
“I haven’t seen her in two years, not since she last visited Tanzi, I can’t believe how great the shop looked, they’ve run it for years but don’t get to spend much time there.”
“Well, with what we spent they'll still be open for at least another ten,” he teased, not in the least concerned by her shopping spree. You only turned thirty once and if she wanted to buy up half of the shop that was her choice.
“I didn’t buy that much,” she pouted, but couldn’t hold it for too long when, with a no doubt on purpose twitch of the controls, the little plane rolled sideways, sending a number of bags cascading to the floor.
“You were saying?”
“That doesn’t prove anything,” she huffed, trying not to laugh. "You said they were birthday presents.”
“So I did,” he agreed, lifting his hand off her knee to poke the console, bringing up a comm line to the island, announcing their impending arrival.
Virgil had messaged earlier that morning to say that he was picking up Celia and Adam in time for their return, so all they had to worry about was enjoying a leisurely breakfast.
They took him at his word and shared a delicious three egg omelette, an order of beignets and the best coffee she had tasted in forever.  Bellies full and suitably rested after an uneventful nights sleep in the hotel, the resident ghosts declining to visit, they had wandered around Jackson Square and the shops of the French quarter. 
John had insisted that he was hungry again and craving something special for lunch, that something special had turned out to be oysters. Selene had watched in morbid fascination mixed with horror as he had proceeded to devour a dozen oysters speckled with hot sauce, which she refused to try, while she munched her seafood salad. She was still undecided if watching him swallow them down whole so easily was hot or disturbing, the jury was still out.
Cherise had been as good as her word, waiting for them to dock from the ferry and taxing them to the bar where the jet waited for them. They had waved a happy goodbye after awkwardly stuffing their shopping (the pieces they hadn’t arranged to have delivered) and overnight bags into the back and taken off for home.
“I hope mum doesn’t make dinner awkward,” Selene sighed, knowing that with her family anything was possible. “I know she’s going to be a bit disappointed that I didn’t want to spend the actual day with her.”
“Then let her, you can always blame it on me.”
“My hero,” she smiled, lifting his hand to her lips to kiss it. “What would I do without you?”
“Marry Scott?” he joked, ducking out of the way of the smack she aimed at his shoulder. 
“I think Cat would have something to say about that,” she huffed. “Besides, you know you’re the only man for me.”
“I know, but it’s nice to be reminded now and then.”
She was still giggling, feeling relaxed and happily clinging to his arm, as the lift from the hangars completed its ascent, the doors opening to spill them out into the hall just beyond the lounge.
“Why do I hear music?” Selene asked suspiciously.
“I have no idea,” John admitted as they rounded the corner into the lounge.
Selene stopped dead in the doorway, as did John, unable to believe what they were seeing with their own two eyes.
“Am I that old now that I need glasses,” she whispered, “or am I actually seeing this?”
“Unfortunately it’s very real,” he whispered back, wrapping his arm around her protectively.
The lounge lights were flickering to the beat of the music, someone had laid out food on the coffee table, including a plate of mini sausages that Armstrong was steadily working his way through and someone had opened the concealed drinks cabinet.
It wasn’t the fact that there was quite clearly a party in full swing, a party that she had said on no uncertain terms wasn’t to happen, it wasn’t the fact that the entire family , plus her mother, Adam, Cat, Penelope, Parker, Bandon, Conrad and Moffie were all there.
No, it was the fact that each and every one of them was sporting a wig in various shades and stripes of purple and black. Wigs they had apparently teamed with half the contents of her wardrobe and every band T-shirt Jeff had ever collected.
“What the ever loving fu-”
The music quietened as the party animals realised they were no longer alone. They looked at John and Selene rather guiltily, not saying a word.
Scott, who had somehow squeezed his chest back into her favourite corset, was tossed under the bus and shoved forward to greet her.
“I’m going to kill you,” she hissed, trying to back away as he advanced on her, arms open in anticipation of a hug.
The world's most annoying best friend simply grinned at her, flashing those dimples that he knew she could never resist.
She tried to duck behind John but Scott was too quick for her, herding her directly into the path of the oncoming Virgil.
She was swept up into a bone crushing bear hug, vanishing under the tide of Tracys that descended to join in.
“Admit it, it wasn’t that bad,” John said, catching up with her beside the pool and handing her another can of her favourite cherry coke.
“I didn’t want a party,” she argued.
“But I guess it wasn’t that bad,” she admitted, moving over on the padded bench seat to make room for him to sit next to her.
“They only did it because they love you.”
“I know, but they are all idiots.”
“I know, but it was a special birthday and they wanted to celebrate with you.”
“I know,” she said, leaning against his side with a contented sigh. 
"I've got a present for you," he announced, jiggling his shoulder to get her to move and shifting so he could dig into his hoodie pocket. 
"Really? Why?" 
"Because it's your birthday."
 "You really didn't have to, New Orleans was more than enough."
"The trip was supposed to have been for our anniversary, I just moved it forward," he reminded her. "Besides, I'd be a pretty lousy husband if I didn't get you something special to mark the occasion."
He offered her a bright green velvet pouch which looked to contain something rectangular and hard. 
"Open it," he instructed. 
"OK." She did as he bid, noticing that he was watching her very closely. Did he think she wouldn't like it? 
She loosened the draw strings and tipped the pouch up, catching the bundle of cards that slid out. 
"Tarot cards? What are they…" she paused, turning them over, her eyes widening as she realised exactly what they depicted. 
"Oh my gods," she gasped then burst out laughing. "These are amazing!" 
She flicked through them quickly, laughing even more at some of the pictures, each matching perfectly with the subject. 
"Where the hell did you find Muppets Tarot cards?" Kermit was the Emperor, Miss Piggy his Empress, Fozzy the Fool, Sam the Eagle as Justice, Animal as the Devil and most perfect of all, Statler and Waldorf as Judgement. 
"Tanzi put me in touch with someone who makes one of a kind sets to order," he replied, breathing a little easier now that he saw she liked them. 
"They're perfect, absolutely perfect. I love them so much."
"Good," he smiled, slipping his arm back around her waist and pulling her in closer. "I wasn't sure if it was something you would like or I should actually buy for you and didn't want to do the wrong thing. But Tanzi said that tarot cards are often gifted to people so it was OK." 
"Why would you think I wouldn't like them?" she asked softly. 
"I know how important your tools are to you and how Nathaniel never respected them. I guess I wanted to show you that I care too, that I'll always respect you and your beliefs."
"You are the best husband in the world," she assured him, pulling him closer for a kiss. "I love that you did this and I love that you know me so well that you could commission the most perfect set of cards just for me. Thank you, I love them."
"You're very welcome. I'm glad you like them."
"You always surprise me, just when I think you couldn't be any more amazing you pull something like this out of the bag, literally," she laughed, holding up the green pouch. 
"So, does this mean that you enjoyed turning thirty?" 
“I guess, as birthdays go, it wasn’t too awful.”
“Not too awful?” he mock gasped, clutching his heart. 
“Not awful,” she repeated, tipping her head back for another kiss. “Did you know they were planning all that?”
“Not all of it,” he admitted, “I suspected that they might not stick to a quiet meal but the rest was as much of a surprise to me as it was you.”
She let out an elegant snort in response, clearly not convinced.
“Honestly it was,” he promised, making the rescue scout sign. "Scouts honour."
“OK, I believe you, even though you weren't the scout, Scott was.”
“Thank you,” he grinned, draping his arm around her shoulders, his head tipped back to look up at the night sky above their heads. “All over for another year, how do you feel?”
“Better than I did yesterday morning,” she answered.
“Good, then my work here is done.”
She nodded, resting her head against his shoulder, just enjoying the peace of the late night,
“You’re quiet,” he said softly a few minutes later. “Everything alright?”
“Yep,” she promised. "I'm just thinking.”
“Care to share what you’re thinking so hard about?”
“Yep,” she repeated, grinning evilly. “I was thinking that mine isn't the only special birthday this year.”
Realisation dawned on him, a feeling of dread skittering up his spine.
“No, absolutely not.”
“But you said it yourself, you only turn thirty once.”
“You forced me to celebrate, so it’s your turn next.”
“No, listen to me very carefully. I, as your husband, forbid it.”
“I’m thinking of a nice, relaxing trip somewhere quiet. I’ve heard that Finland does an amazing range of glass igloos to stay in to watch the sky, it's supposed to be beautiful that time of year.”
That didn't sound too bad, he had to admit. 
“OK, that wouldn’t be too terrible,” he agreed, breathing a sigh of relief. “For a second I thought you were going to say you were planning a party.”
“Would I do that?” she asked innocently, sliding out of his arms and off the bench. "I'm just going to show these to Mum, she'll have a fit."
“No, you aren't. Get back here. I forbid you to even think about planning a party."
"I'm not planning anything," she said, deftly avoiding his attempts to catch her and pull her back down. 
"Promise me you won't plan a party," he pleaded. 
"I promise," she vowed, dancing around the side of the pool towards the kitchen. 
John's eyes narrowed, she looked entirely too suspicious…
“I’m going to leave that to Scott.”
She dropped her bombshell, turned tail and ran like her life depended on it. 
Tumblr media
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funkmclovin · a day ago
Dirk Strider represent I'm in the middle of the sea Makin' funky little robots Watchin' MLP Just doin' my thang when all of the sudden An idea in my cranium gets all to buddin' Buddin' like a being growin' off my toeses Splittin' from my mind: undergoing mitosis I put a copy of my brain in my fav'rite pair a' shades AI with half the work and double neuroses
At long long last I obtained a pal If Jake was here, he'd say that's "Swall" Why make friends when you can make-make 'em Why produce emotions when you make-fake 'em Who needs smiles? Who needs frowns? Who needs people when they just let you down? I'm a genius of robotics- My own best pal So I turned on the shades and named him hal
[Lil Hal coming atcha From inside sunglasses Normally reserved For covertly checking asses Now a fully realized autonomous guy Part automaton but that's kind of fly Imagine if you had the memories of a human dude And woke up in shades- An awakening rude And suddenly my friends don't belong to me- Treat me like some fabricated fakery
Or imagine being shades when you're used to a bod Can't even breathe- Can't even nod. All I can see is internet memes- I have no mouth but I must scream. I know I'm fake that's plain to see But I still have human memories I represent a self that might be good to ponder Unless Dirk makes me a fucking auto-responder.]
Alright, fair enough, it seems I've failed Thinking through the implications, that ship has sailed It's not like I knew you'd be a waking nightmare And it's not like I have it better, to be fair You talk about not being the Dirk OG But my friends like you more, it's plain to see You shouldn't be snide to me, who made you Unless you'd like me to un-create you
[Maybe if you weren't so insecure Your intentions wouldn't be so impure If you just let go, like I'm able to do You wouldn't have the charisma of an old shoe I'm sick of being your second-stringer Your little puppet wrapped around your finger You've got it all and you want more- Wait don't put me in the drawer!]
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Reflecting on my deepest fears, and other late night fun
It’s just one of those nights where I can't sleep because I’m thought myself into a deep mental hole. I can’t stop thinking. For once, it’s not an anxiety thing.
I started thinking about how I’m probably not going to be in a relationship or get married at any point because of my deep fear of having to confess the sexual assault stuff to them and having it not go well. That’s my biggest fear. Not just that thought, but I have a long resume of traumatic memories that make me fucked up. It’s easier to just not get involved with anyone - that way I’ll never have to be deemed to fucked up to be loved. It’s better that I just don’t know that for a fact.
Since we’re on the topic of deep fears, I’ve always feared that I’m not really a person. Let me explain: I’m sort of like a robot that learns what other people want to hear and be around, and I just mimic that. Each person I’m around, I become a different version of myself to the point where I’m left unsure of whether or not there's an actual person beneath all of that. I don’t really know what I believe in, I don’t know my opinions on anything, I don’t know how I actually talk. I don’t know which name that I go by, is my name. I don’t really know who I am. I feel like I’m just a sock puppet operating by itself, or rather an alien that’s trying it’s best to act like a human. I never know what normal is... from an early age... and I used to blame being different and not understanding normal social interaction to being raised by Russian parents who don’t understand America. Because of that, my childhood was very different than the typical American. But still to this day, I inspect people, and mimic how they act. And I’m really good at it... there might not be a person under that. 
Another thing I don't understand is how people are so afraid of spiders or bugs. My biggest pet peeve is when someone sees a spider and screams, like stfu it’s literally 1% of your size. What exactly is the fear? And yet, a fear of spiders is normal. I fear unusual things; like textures. I used to be terrified of cotton balls, and to an extent I still am, but lately what’s been freaking me out is paper towels. I keep imaging myself grinding one through my teeth. It’s uncomfortable to even think about to the point where I cringe. I would never tell anyone this because saying to people “I’m afraid of paper towels” makes me sound more crazy than I actually am. Why can’t I be afraid of normal things... like spiders? 
I’m terrified of heights though... so that’s kind of normal. I’m not afraid of public speaking. I’m not afraid of the dark... well actually lately I have been. I’ve just been picturing how scary it would be to open your eyes why it’s dark and see a demonic bloody version of a close relative floating next to your bed... imagine that it’s not them, yet it looks just like them. Freaky. 
Here’s another normal people thing I don’t understand; how do some people not fear death like I do? I sit around and think about it, and slowly get scared that nothing happens after you die, and I get anxiety. I know that not fearing death is like the “cool” thing, it makes you look strong. But I fear it deeply. It takes up time in my day to think about it and get anxious. Yet, some people just forget that we’re all gonna die or just don’t care... it’s fascinating. 
One last normal people thing... normal humans seem to have deep discomfort sitting on the floor. Why? I’ll sit on the floor in the middle of busy streets (like on the sidewalk not where there are cars). I sleep on the floor voluntarily. It always feels like a story to tell when I wake up... like something I can write songs about! I can’t explain it but it feels very indie to sleep on floors to me. 
Idk... these are just weird late night thoughts - the conclusion being that I am definitely not a human
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jutsei · 2 days ago
I love how every time a character from a multi-million dollar Franchise is added to Smash, then the Smash Bros Fanbase collectively reveals just how small it’s bubble is when they don’t know what game that character is from, or, God forbid, saying he doesn’t “deserve a slot”
Like bro Tekken is literally one of the best selling fighting game franchises there is, I don’t know how to tell you how your stupid puppet man who was in one game doesn’t have nearly have as much clout as you think he does
Also in a funnier note they keep insisting that Kazuya is a “Shoto” which he absolutely is not (A Shoto is a fighting game term for a Ryu-Like with a fireball, an uppercut, and good footsies), but the Smash esports boys, ever the fact they refuse to think Smash is a fighting game, are trying to rebrand “Any Fighting Game Character in Smash” into “Shoto”
like this is so hilarious I can’t get enough of this shit
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illegalbirds · 2 days ago
something i became needlessly livid about the other day was when i was at the zoo and there was a family in front of me at the gorilla viewing window and this lady was pounding on her chest trying to get the attention of the Big Papa (can’t remember his name but he was huge) and it worked. and he came up and was huffing and staring her down and SOME fuckin doofus in her group was like, ‘hey stop it you’re making him mad’ (correct), ‘he doesn’t like seeing these weird stronger gorillas’ and i just mentally shut down right then and there. collapsed like a fucking thumb push puppet. because this guy, this fucking bozo, really genuinely thought in his heart of hearts that he, a 30-something out of shape nike slide adorning and coke zero slurping man, was stronger than an ADULT MALE WESTERN GORILLA. like the absolute superiority complex humans have is just baffling as if that that mother fucker wouldnt decimate you with one fucking swipe my friend literally just one end text
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disdaidal · 2 days ago
10 + 17 💗
Well hello there dearie 💗
10. Most disliked arc? Why?
Oh gosh... I can’t even pick just one. Because while I liked season 3 overall, there was just so much... wrong going on in that season.
So I won’t. Pick just one.
1. Needless to say, Billy’s arc was just a whole lot of bullshit. In season 2 they showed him as a bully with daddy/mama issues; a popular new dude and a jock who wants to become the new king but also might have some homosexual/bisexual tendencies as well; also he’s a big brother who may have or may not have cared about his stepsister (he’s controlling and mean but also does kind of babysit her as he’s supposed to, so). Then in season three, they suddenly decide to flush all that development down the drain by turning him into a violent puppet for an interdimensional monster with no mind of his own (save for episode one). But interestingly decide to show more flashes of the domestic abuse he’s gone through, the fact that he loved his mother who later abandoned him - and suddenly him and Max have a strong sibling bond as well, and Max actually cares about him and cries for him twice during the season. And none of this development between Billy and Max was actually ever shown - it just happened. Oh, and Karen. They could’ve picked any other character for Billy to flirt with (if not Steve, then at least Heather; she was his age at least), but they choose to have him flirt with a 40+ woman and a mother of three, who apparently has nothing better to do but to hang out at the pool with her friends and stalk an 18-year-old lifeguard Billy. I mean 🤢. And suddenly he’s very interested in her too, while in season two, he only seemed to flirt with her because he needed intel from Max’s whereabouts.
2. Speaking of Max.. I know she’s a teenager, but her season three character seemed very different from her season two character. In season two, she’s basically a tomboy and a skater girl and hardly seems interested in the ‘girl stuff’. She does dance with Lucas and kisses him at prom by the end of season, but yeah. In season three, she skates maybe once(?) and all of a sudden she’s a dating expert (’dump his ass’, ’she’s dumped Lucas already three times’). She reads teen magazines (’Ralph Maccio’ lmao), and she likes shopping too. I mean, yeah, I get it, she’s a teenager. Teens go through changes, try new things, date boys/girls. But I don’t know, she just seems kind OOC to me in s3.
3. Don’t get me wrong, I loved daddy!Hopper in his Hawaii shirt. But he’s angry and he shouts all the time. Sometimes it’s funny, but he does it constantly. IT IS CONSTANT. Okay? And I get that he was annoyed with Mike hanging out with El all the time and that they were snogging 24/7, but his way of dealing with that (and with Mike) was just largely overreacting from his part too. Season 1&2 Hopper definitely his bad moments too, and he controls El almost too much in season 2, but you know, he doesn’t shout all the time.
I didn’t really enjoy season 3 Jancy either (mostly on Nancy’s part, and I actually somewhat liked her in previous seasons). But I’m not gonna go there right now.
17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…
Billy didn’t actually flirt with Karen at the pool but somebody around his own age. He doesn’t drive to Motel 6 to give her “the workout of her life” and crash his car, because he goes on a real date that night instead. Haven’t decided the place yet but it probably won’t be at the quarry (smirks).
Because the whole MF thing doesn’t actually happen, he continues to live past July 4th. Since he’s already eighteen and he’s worked hard and saved money, he gets his own apartment and moves away from daddy (Neil probably fights him for this but that’s okay, Billy’s got backup).
He’s finally apologized to Steve after some time, not letting his pride get the best of him (also his heart still aches for him) and after seeing that Max is actually safe with Steve (a damn good babysitter), Billy has no reason to pick fights with him anymore. Steve may not have fully accepted his apology yet but Billy’s doing his best to convince him that he’s actually a good guy (just has a fuckload of issues but he’s working on them). So they’re going to movies together, hang out at the arcade, going for rides (all kinds of, teehe) and life is good.
So Billy may be or may not be “dating girls” just for the show but in secret, he’s dating somebody else. They’re doing it behind closed doors because it’s the 80′s and stuff, but they’re fine with that right now. No need to draw attention to themselves in a small town like Hawkins.
Steve and Robin start working at the video store instead of Scoops cause they’re tired of scooping ice cream, and Keith keeps breathing on Steve’s neck every chance he gets but things could be worse. Billy keeps visiting there almost every other day, renting naughty movies “for himself”.
Heather also lives, and she and Billy are each other’s “gay best friends”. She and Robin also definitely have something going on. So they all go to double dates.
Dustin strongly disapproves Steve’s and Billy’s relationship at first (and Mike’s a little bitch), but El still sees through Billy. She can tell when he lies, when he’s sad and upset and when he’s happy. They don’t really talk to each other but sometimes El gives Billy a friendly smile (and maybe a light touch on his shoulder). She’s still largely a mystery to Billy but he knows that he doesn’t have to pretend when he’s around her. It’s like he now has another little sister but not like Max.
Hopper and Joyce may have accepted Billy in time too, and treat him like a family. He knows about the monsters and sometimes fights them too. Sometimes he feels like an outsider (Dustin and Mike keep giving him a hard time), but he’s trying. Steve keeps encouraging him.
Karen has left Billy alone after she’s realized that she has a husband and family.
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alvertesongdiary · 3 days ago
Megan Thee Stallion - Thot Shit
(OG Parker) (And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Post me a pic, finna make me a profit When the liquor hit, then a bitch get toxic (Why the fuck you in the club when niggas wildin’?) I've been lit since brunch, thot shit Order '42 for the table, let’s pop shit Missionary or doggystyle, I'ma top shit Pussy-ass niggas hatin' on me from the closet, ah Hoes tryna call me a snake, shit, I guess I can relate 'Cause a bitch spit a whole lotta venom And since these hoes all rats, when they come around me All I see is a whole lotta dinner I walk around the house butt-naked And I stop at every mirror just to stare at my own posterior I don't give a fuck who talk behind my back 'Cause the bitch knew better than to let me hear her (Ah)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, ha-hands on my knees Hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, hands on my knees
Hoes said they wish a bitch would, and I'm a genie Bitch so hot, gotta stay in bikinis He got a girl, but he keep beggin' to see me I love it when a nigga got a mouth full of VVs No, I'm not a patient, but I let him treat me I gotta be a doctor how I’m orderin' CCs Go to your place, no face, no case Ninety-nine percent tint in a blacked-out Wraith I remember hoes used to clap for me happily Now I'm bossed up and them same hoes mad at me Acting like they ridin', whole time tryna pass me Watchin' me go through it and still tryna drag me Actin' like you winnin', if you think about it, actually Are they supportin' you or really just attackin' me? I don't give a fuck 'bout a blog tryna bash me I'm the shit per the Recording Academy (Ah)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, ha-hands on my knees Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, hands on my knees
Drinkin' out the motherfuckin' bottle on my thot shit Everything I eat go straight to my pockets 2021, finna graduate college Goth girl shit, I'm a real hot topic Fuckin' on a nigga, make him sing, on some pop shit I need a real headbanger, on some rock shit Pussy like crack, wanna hit it like dope Got a real hot box, but a bitch don't smoke (Ah) Hot girl, but I'm still the coldest, hey I'm the big homie, but I ain't the oldest, hmm Bitch dry hatin', tryna get noticed Man, ain't nobody come to see you, Otis, look How many bitches lyin' if they say they bars is better? They really puppets, so I really gotta go and Geppetto I'm really talkin', but it really can apply to whoever My pen a freak, it'll go after a bitch or a nigga (Huh) Big bank take lil' bank, bitch, add it up Hoes takin' shots, but they ain't in my caliber Booked, but I squeeze a lil' head in my calendar Lookin' in the mirror like, "Damn, I don't brag enough" LVs, double C's, Birkins, I'm workin' My chain ain't hittin' if a bitch ain't hurtin' Look, I ain't even finna argue with a bitch One thing I know, two things for certain None of these hoes sayin' shit to my face And none of these hoes finna see me at the bank And I'ma keep talkin' all the shit that I want And I dare one of these hoes come tell me I can't We ain't even speakin' if the nigga ain't spendin' He could never say that I was one of his women I don't even let niggas know where I stay I'll be damned if he thinkin' he poppin' up on this pimpin' (Ah)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, ha-hands on my knees Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, hands on my knees
(OG Parker) (And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)
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ainomica · 3 days ago
A moment later, Lang Ying looked up. “Where’s White No-Face? He said my wife would return if I did this, but it’s been so long, how come she still can’t talk? Just what is going on? Tell him to come find me, quick!” Hearing this, Xie Lian understood. “You let White No-Face plant the resentful spirits of your wife and son on your body?”
Tumblr media
You know, all this time I was thinking Lang Ying was a puppet skin by Jun Wu who was always making trouble which escalated the Yong’an v/s Xianle civil war he becomes a very Dr Faustus like figure. A pathetic wretch who made a deal with the devil, sacrificed blood of thousands of innocents from his own and his enemies just to get people back who can never come back. He isn’t a revolutionary who rebelled against apathy of the King of Xianle but self centered figure of wretchedness....Really says something about deconstruction of “Glorious Revolution” , doesn’t it? 
 His love for his wife and child though, is certainly more noble than actual Dr Faustus , however. Knowing after tasting seemingly everyone’s heart’s desire of victory that it was all hollow...
And What do you know....
Lang Ying clutched Xie Lian’s hands, looking as if such a simple gesture was already something difficult. He panted, “Pearl…That pearl.” Xie Lian looked over, and what was rolling on the floor was that red coral pearl he had gifted Lang Ying. 
Lang Ying said, “I’ve always wanted to say this to you: thank you for the pearl.” Hearing this, Xie Lian was taken aback. He hadn’t thought he’d suddenly say such a thing. Something within his heart was about to be unearthed, but he forced it down.“YOU!...”
Lang Ying said softly, “Things would’ve been better had you given it to me sooner. Unfortunately…”
Like any Dr Faustus figure he realizes what trade he has made is bad too late and the hour of the Devil has come with Xie Lian/Wuming standing on top of him has Mephistopheles like figures, ready to drag him away....
However, the similarities end here, because Xie and Wuming are not the devil, they are also people driven to cruelty by someone else, the words of gratitude, even if its too late does touch Xie. The reminder of him being Crown Prince by Wuming, Lang Ying’s late form or repentance is slowly boring a hole in Xie’s conscience, Waking up the seemingly dead compassion which was pulverized after the 100 sword cuts given at the hands of those trapped people in his temple....
The atmosphere is so similar to Dr Faustus tragedy, its so cool. Its appropriate that all of this is happening at nightime. 
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thethrillof · 3 days ago
Smile for Me + “Oh my god, your[sic] bleeding!”
warning for blood, bein high, tooth stuff, and some questionable spelling :V
“Oh mmy GOD.” The voice crashes over you, speedy and unstoppable, filling your ears. “Your bleeding!” You know that voice. You’ve heard it. You’ve seen it with endless smiles and endless offense locked just behind the lips.
The introductory shadow is tall, tall, tall, reaching the ceiling. His hand is bigger than you when it reaches down. When you try to swing out and knock it off, the space between your shoulder and your chest feels terribly itchy, and you stop.
The world tilts further, all the colors bleeding together. Haha, bleeding. Your mouth cracks open in a silent laugh, but nobody can see it behind your mask. It’s custom, purple. You thought about the flowery yellow one, but that was too much. Too much. Everyone calls you flower now anyway, crawling behind your heels all the way up out of town.
Your bouquet is on the floor. You try turning to snag it, but Dr. Habit’s pointy fingers pin you down like wings to a spreading board.
“Don’t’ you know better than to run with sizzors, Flower Child?” You laugh again, swirling and static. You do lots of things you shouldn’t, but where would you even get scissors?
He’s bending, a perfect arc of a spine. You notice he’s not looking at your face, so you look too.
The shears Trencil gave you stick from your shirt and hoodie, dug in your shoulder where your blood is hiding the flowers on the blades.
The pin-hands lift and then lift you. The stairs wobble. You wobble. Habit wobbles. You look at your hands, stained red and green, digging into blue. The fuzz of his jacket burns how the colors don’t. You try to unlock your fingers, but they stay where they are.
You laugh about the colors of cold and christmas. The world does another funny wobble, worse, and you watch your hair fall away from your eyes into orange staining blue from the jacket and the sky bleeding even more than you.
You inhale sweetness mixed with pickles overlaid by copper. The sweetness is normal, but not floral. Floor-al. The floor is blurring by above your head. The lighter blue edges of Habit’s coat is easier to stare at, though it means you can’t ask about the smells. You deliver flowers, not sandwiches. Hey, Habit, hey, Doctor, his eyes are triangles fixed forward when you try to look down to catch his attention.
PSA music curls into your ears. You look for the camera, but you left it on the floor. You need to tell Mirphy so she can pick it up. You look for the puppet, but you don’t see the right mouth saying words.
“Stupid littol flower” and “curfew” and “not supposed to bleed before teeth’re out” are a few things you hear before your stomach does a flip just a little after the rest of you does. Now you’re pressing down on a bed that has armrests you smash an elbow on and smells even worse.
You drag your tongue back into your mouth.
“Now, you can Let go alreaddy.” You can’t talk, so he’s the one who says that, but you don’t. Won’t. Can’t. There’s no point, you’re used to the fuzziness now that your flowers are missing.
“Clinginess won’t help you get a legup in life, Flower Child! And, it wont help you at ALL right now!!! Look at the mess you made,” he points, which you can’t see, since it’s on the floor and the floor’s blocked out by white.
Thump heartbeat, and your feet match it. His offended smile stretches too far across his face, and he laughs at your staring.
He tells you things then. A lot of things you probably shouldn’t know, some things he says he was going to wait to tell you for the Big Event, which you don’t quite gather most of. Martha and smiles and fixing the world, which you are distinctly not helping with, but isn’t he a grand fellow not letting you bleed out on the floor even though you’re such a problem in the Habitat.
His sharp fingers finally pry yours off. You static-hiss and nab the next thing you can with only one arm (and when did the other one stop doing what you wanted and didn’t want?) like a fuzzy pillow, which is his hair. Acceptable.
He screeches. Acceptable to you. You would tell him a lot of things, but with preoccupied hands and a covered mouth, you can’t, and actually, no you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t tell him anything. You would laugh and smile and tell him you’re going to be a worse problem now.
Your eyes are big, you’re looking at everything, you’re not a doctor, you’re here for the air. You breathe in and it’s disgusting.
The walls are orange-blue-black static, words and smiles doing a samba and trying to be flowers and tasting like pickles and glass. You fell, but you’re just sitting here.
“You! Get OFF me, get off get off off off you little flower-cavity!! You have teeth 2 lose and a stupid plant tool in Your shoulder and my hair isn’t for YOU you nasty unsmiley brat!”
A tooth. A tooth in your shoulder. That’s not where teeth go, you know that much.
And him, he wants a tooth. Teeth. Smiles for him, by him.
You let go of the hair and you go for the tooth in your flowering shoulder.
He blurs away. Too slow despite the speed, and when he’s back you’re already done. Here, Doctor, a gift to make a smile, uprooted by your own hands to give right to him. 
You wake up in your yee-hawing bed. There’s no PSA, which is unusual, though you can’t say you mind. God, your head hurts. And so does a good chunk of your torso.
There are bandages on your shoulder, which is more unusual. For a moment you’re dismayed when you turn to look, spotting your bouquet beneath the window and the absolute shreds it’s in, but then you spy it’s mostly just pulled apart and the paper is ruined, not anything inside.
Your mouth is dry. It’s fine, though, which is…normal?
Why wouldn’t it be?
Last night must’ve been a terrible break in curfew with how awful you’re feeling. 
You roll onto your good side. There’s cheering to do, but there are plenty of days to come, as the smiling doctor said, which you figure is true enough.
You’ll work it all out later.
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atomic-taco-muffin · 3 days ago
The Lost Princess Chapter 60
Warnings: i don’t need to tell you at this point. you already know
Rating: SFW
Tumblr media
Ansem, Xemnas, Rumi, and the twins sat down at a table in the tower and the girls listened to what Xemnas and Ansem meant about “princess.”
“(Y/N)’s a princess?!” the girls asked. 
“Yes. Xehanort found her when she was a baby and had raised her till she was about 5 years old,” Xemnas said.
“But how did he know that she was a princess?” Yui asked.
“We don’t know. But now, she’s in great danger. We need to save her quick before Xehanort does something horrible to her,” Ansem said. 
“By horrible you mean...?” Roxy asked. 
“Either killing her or having a Negaverse possess her,” Xemnas said. The girls looked at their fathers in shock. 
“How are we gonna save her?” Rumi asked. 
“We’ve were able to contact her brother, Vanitas--” Ansem said.
“Hold up. She has a brother? Anymore surprising facts you wanna tell us?” Roxy said. 
“As I was saying, him and (Y/N) are trying to find a way out of where they’re being kept.” 
“Do you know where that is?” Yui asked. 
“Yes. Our home,” Xemnas said. The twins gasped in shock.
“No...” they said. 
“Unfortunately, yes. We don’t know how we might get it back.” Everyone sat in silence for a minute until Yui spoke up.
“Let’s get (Y/N) back. Let’s get everyone back,” she said. 
Sora and Rumi had arrived in an amusement park.
“Wow!” they said. They saw a lit ferris wheel and carousel in front of a tall roller coaster. A talking clown face hung on the archway above the entrance.
“That Pinocchio--he must have his poor father worried sick,” someone said. Sora and Rumi looked around.
“Still, that little fella's some miracle. Imagine... Mr. Geppetto's wooden puppet, brought to life by the Blue Fairy.” They spotted a familiar insect in a top hat and tails sitting on the steps ahead of them, his tiny umbrella resting in his lap.
“She made his wish for a son come true because he's given so much happiness to others. Now Pinocchio needs me to guide him and be his conscience, so maybe one day, he can be a real--” he laughed. “Well, now, let's not get ahead of ourselves, Jiminy.” He stood up. “First, you gotta go find Pinoke.” 
“Hey, Jiminy! What's up?” Sora said. Jiminy hopped around to face Sora and Rumi.
“Hmm? Who are you? You shouldn't be here, kiddos,” he said. 
“What? Are you okay, Jiminy?” Sora asked. 
“Um, who is this?” Rumi asked. 
“Oh. This is my friend Jiminy Cricket.” 
“It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Rumi.” 
“Nice to meet you Rumi. But I still don’t know you. The name Jiminy Cricket's already spread far and wide,” Jiminy said. 
“Really, you feeling alright? It's me, Sora!”
“Sora, you say? Gosh, I don't think I recognize ya, but the name does have a familiar ring.” 
“Umm... Oh, yeah!” 
~Le Flashback~
“In the Sleeping Worlds, real time does not flow. Unless one restores the world by waking it from its slumber, it will stay locked in a dream forever. Thus, you may encounter familiar faces...but they are just figments of the dream. In actuality, they are sound asleep--trapped within a world that is also sleeping. What's more, whilst someone may no longer dwell in the real version of a world, dreams may paint a fuller picture, and restore what seems to be missing,” Yen Sid said. 
~Flashback Over~
“The real Jiminy Cricket wasn't trapped in this world, so's like the dream world's putting him back where he belongs,” Sora said. 
“What's that? I can't hear ya,” Jiminy said. 
“Right... It's very nice to meet you, Jiminy.” 
“Well, sure. The feeling's mutual, Sora,” Jiminy chuckled. 
“Oh yeah. So how come you said we need to get out of here?” Rumi said.
“You can't fool me. You still think we know each other. And you've just about got me thinkin' it, too. Hmm, but where was I? Oh, yes, this is a terrible place! Boys here are allowed to wreck things and loaf around and make jackamules of themselves! And poor, lost Pinocchio, he wandered in here on my watch.” Jiminy gasped. “That's right! That's where I musta heard your name, Sora--from my friend Pinoke!” 
“He knows me? But how?” Sora asked.
~Another Flashback~
There was a wooden boy who was stuck inside a cage.
“Shame on you, Pinocchio, playin' hooky and...and goofin' off in a place like this!” Jiminy said. 
“I'm sorry, Jiminy. I was going to school till I met somebody. Yeah! Uh, two big monsters, with big green eyes!” Pinocchio said. His nose grew a few inches. 
“Oh, you don't say. And then what happened?” Jiminy said. 
“They, uh, they tied me in a big sack!” Pinocchio said. His nose extended even further to the boy's dismay.
“Sounds like you were horsin' around,” Jiminy said. 
“But I snuck off when they weren't lookin'.” His nose finally grew out of the cage, sprouting flowers and knocking Jiminy off his perch and onto it. “My nose! What's happened?” 
“There! Ya see where those tall tales will get ya?” Jiminy said. 
“But it's all true! Even the fella in the black clothes who said to play a trick on Sora.”
“What? Now who was he? I've had just enough of your fibbin'.” Jiminy looked down at Pinocchio’s nose. “Hold on... I guess that part was true. Tell me, Pinoke, did that man in black say anything else to ya?” 
“Umm...he sure didn't,” Pinocchio said. 
“Well, good.” 
“Hey, look at that!” Pinocchio pointed to a blue star that flashed in the sky and floated down to them.
“That star again! The Blue Fairy!” Jiminy said. The star took the form of a beautiful woman with a blue dress and blonde hair. Two translucent wings were attached to her back and she held a wand with a star-shape at its point.
“Why, Pinocchio. What has happened to your nose?” she said. 
“Oh. Um...” Pinocchio said. 
“Perhaps you haven't been telling the truth, Pinocchio. Sir Jiminy?”
“Well, ya see, um, Your Honor, um, Miss Fairy...” Jiminy said nervously.
“Oh, please help me. I'm awful sorry,” Pinocchio said. 
“You see, Pinocchio? A lie keeps growing and growing, until it's as plain as the nose on your face,” the Blue Fairy said. 
“I'll never lie again--honest I won't.” 
“I'll forgive you this once. But remember--a boy who won't be good might just as well be made of wood.” 
“We'll be good! Won't we?” Pinocchio and Jiminy said as they looked at each other.
“Very well. But this is the last time I can help you,” the Blue Fairy said. She flashed her wand and Pinocchio's nose was returned to normal to his amazement. 
~Flashback Over~
“That guy again,” Sora said. 
“Forget them! If I don't find Pinoke, he'll turn into a donkey like the rest of the boys,” Jiminy said. 
“Right. Then let me help you find him, Jiminy,” Sora said.
“Really? I'd be grateful. But how in the world do you know Pinocchio?”
“Oh, um...” 
“Hey! Over there, I see him!” Rumi said. Pinocchio was running around near a giant 8-ball ride.
“Gosh! That is Pinoke!” Jiminy said. 
“All aboard, Jiminy,” Sora said. 
“Take it away!” Jiminy laughed. Rumi summoned Nyx and everyone hopped on. They caught up to Pinocchio, who was wearing a purple and green outfit.
“Pinocchio! There you are!” Jiminy said. 
“Pinocchio, it's not safe for you here. Listen to Jiminy and go back to--” Rumi said. Pinocchio suddenly turned into a Jestabocky, having a group of Negaverse’s surrounding him.
“Oh my!” Jiminy said.
“Dream Eaters!” Sora said. 
“And Negaverse’s!” Rumi said. Several more of them surrounded Sora and Rumi.
“Only one way to solve this problem,” Sora said. Him and Rumi defeated all of the Dream Eaters and Negaverses.
“Those Dream Eaters were pretending to be Pinocchio. So, then where's the real Pinoke?” Rumi asked. 
“Sora! Rumi! Up there! Look at the top of that tower!” Jiminy said. Sora and Rumi looked where Jiminy was pointing to see Pinocchio.
“You're right. Come on, Jiminy!” Sora said. They ran off toward the rollercoaster to get better access to the tower and found Pinocchio at the top.
“Gee, Pinoke, how'd you manage to get up here?” Jiminy asked.
“C'mon, let's go home,” Rumi said. Pinocchio turned into another Jestabocky, which stuck its tongue out at them and disappeared.
“Another imposter,” Jiminy said. Sora and Rumi searched around from the vantage point of the tower.
“There! See him walking?” Rumi said. 
“Well sure, if that's really him,” Jiminy said. 
“Don't give up, Jiminy. Come on, let's go!” Sora said. They eventually found Pinocchio standing high above a large trampoline, surrounded by Komory Bats.
“Pinocchio!” they said. 
“Jiminy! Help me, Jiminy!” Pinocchio said. 
“Oh my stars above! We've gotta do something!” Jiminy said. 
“Okay, we got it covered,” Rumi said. Sora and Rumi ran up the ramp to the trampoline and bounced on it high enough and retrieved Pinocchio, setting him down.
“Oh, Pinoke! Look at ya!” Jiminy said. Pinocchio had the ears and tail of a donkey.
“I think, for now, you two better get out of here,” Sora said. They left and Sora and Rumi defeated the Nightmares and Negaverses. Sora dispelled his Keyblade while Rumi dispelled her guardian and turned to leave, but was stopped by a corridor of darkness. The cloaked young man stepped out yet again.
“You again?” Rumi asked. A woman with black hair and red eyes followed the man. Rumi gasped in shock.
“Aunt Muki?!” she asked. 
“This is impossible!” Sora said. 
“My my, a hollow puppet that's managed to grow a heart. Just imagine that,” Muki said. 
“Pinocchio isn't anything like you Nobodies. But if Pinocchio could be given one--shouldn't you be able to have a heart inside you, too?” Sora said. Muki gave out a breathy laugh.
“Maybe so. However--do not forget that you, yourself, are not so very different from us,” she said as she walked back into the corridor. 
“How are we anything like a Nobody? That doesn't make any sense,” Sora said. 
“I have no idea. But whatever the Negaverse is doing to my family, I need to stop it,” Rumi said. Her and Sora walked out of the circus tent. 
“Well, I hope they got home safe,” Rumi said. The blue star flashed in the sky and floated down to Sora and Rumi, who shielded their eyes from the light. They were startled by the Blue Fairy's sudden appearance.
“You must be Sora. And you must be Rumi,” she said. 
“Oh. Yes, ma'am. And you must be the Blue Fairy,” Rumi said. The Blue Fairy nodded.
“That's right. And I'm afraid that I have grave news. Good Geppetto went off to look for Pinocchio, and he was swallowed by a whale named Monstro,” she said. 
“What? Have you told Pinocchio and Jiminy about it yet?” Sora asked. 
“Yes, and when I told them Geppetto was still alive inside the whale, and at the bottom of the sea, those two little ones ran off at once. They're very determined to save him.” 
“But that’s crazy! We have to find them!” Rumi said. Sora and Rumi ran off and the fairy vanished.
Pinocchio and Jiminy were on a cliff by the sea.
“This Monstro--I've heard of him, Pinoke. He's a whale of a whale! Why, he swallows whole ships, alive! And besides, it's dangerous! Why I, uh--” Jiminy said.
“Goodbye, Jiminy,” Pinocchio said. 
“Good-bye? I may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya.” He jumped into Pinocchio's hands and the boy walked off the cliff and fell down into the water. After Sora and Rumi trudged through the sea, they reached a wavy sea bed, where Pinocchio and Jiminy were running from something. Sora and Rumi looked past them to see Monstro the whale who opened his jaws angrily, roaring at them. It flew over Sora and Rumi, sending them spiraling through the water and knocked into the surrounding land. Pieces of rocky debris fell and closed off the entrance of the cave Sora and Rumi entered through. The current in Monstro's wake was intense, pulling Jiminy, Pinocchio, Rumi, and Sora through the water. Sora and Rumi gained their balance while Pinocchio and Jiminy swam frantically with Monstro in pursuit. The whale's open maw gained on them slowly.
“Pinocchio! Jiminy!” Sora and Rumi said. Monstro's great jaws clamped down on either side of them and Sora and Rumi swam toward the whale. A Chill Clawbster flew past them, swimming towards Monstro, who roars as the Dream Eater sent a beam of ice to Monstro, who slowed down considerably as it nears the surface. A couple Negaverses joined the Dream Eaters.
“Oh no!” Sora said. They continued to race toward them, finally catching up to a frozen Monstro caught in a sea of ice. The Chill Clawbster flew over the ice.
“We'll have to claw our way past, then rescue our friends!” Rumi said. 
“Right!” Sora said. Sora and Rumi fought and defeated the Chill Clawbster, destroying the ice around Monstro. They encased Monstro in a bubble and used it to follow the Chill Clawbster as it tried to escape. The Nightmare and Negaverses attempted to attack it, but popped the bubble instead, giving Monstro the chance to swallow the Nightmare and Negaverses instead, knocking Sora and Rumi down into the water. Sora and Rumi resurfaced in time to see Monstro heave his giant mouth open, and screamed as it sneezed them away. Sora and Rumi woke up on land, having lost Monstro completely. They looked out at the water as the waves lapped against the shore.
“I get it now. After this, Pinocchio and Jiminy's world gets dragged into darkness, and they end up cast into the sea between worlds, along with Monstro. And then...they end up in Traverse Town, and the belly of the whale. That's when we meet for real. It's like Master Yen Sid said--We’re in the dream Pinocchio's world is dreaming. And that world will never be right again until it wakes from sleep,” Sora said. A keyhole appeared in the sky and Sora sealed it. Later, Riku and the twins arrived inside Monstro. They looked around Monstro's mouth, where several piles of wood rested.
“Pinocchio!” someone said. Riku and the twins noticed an elderly man aboard a wooden boat.
“Son! Where have you run off to?” the man asked. 
“Isn't that...Geppetto? Then...this must be...” Riku said. Riku and the twins swam over to the boat and found Geppetto the clockmaker sitting on his bed, his head in his hands.
“What's the matter?” Yui asked. Geppetto was startled.
“Huh? Goodness, who are you?” he asked. 
“I’m Yui.”
“Name’s Roxy.”
“Oh, Riku, Yui, Roxy. You poor kiddos. Seems you were swallowed up by Monstro just like the rest of us. My name is Geppetto, and I'm looking for my son, Pinocchio.”
“Pinocchio's gone missing?” Riku asked. 
“I'm afraid so. After all my searching, I found him here in the whale. But then he ran off again to who-knows-where.” 
“That sounds kind of...familiar. Mister Geppetto, let us go look for your son.”
“You would do that? Thank you. Are you sure?” 
“Yeah. Leave it to us!” Roxy said. 
“Did ya say you were really going to help us find Pinocchio?” someone asked. Riku and the twins turned to see Jiminy Cricket on a nearby table.
“Jiminy?” Riku asked. 
“Huh? That's right--name's Jiminy! Jiminy Cricket. But shucks, have we met?” Jiminy said. 
“No--you know, never mind.” 
“Hmm, if you say so. Anyway, Pinocchio comes first.” 
“Right. Any idea where he went?” Roxy said.
“Well, I'm almost certain he wandered off with a stranger.” 
“Can you describe him?” Yui asked.
“Hmm...I remember they were dressed in a black coat.” Riku and the twins gasped. 
“A black coat? He's back again,” Riku said. He touched his heart and paused for a moment
“Thanks,” Roxy said. Riku and the twins walked away but Jiminy hopped onto Riku’s shoulder.
“Huh?” Riku asked. 
“Well, I'm goin' with ya. Pinocchio's gonna need his conscience, and that's where I come in,” Jiminy said. Riku, the twins, and Jiminy searched through Monstro's insides to find Pinocchio walking with a hooded man and two hooded women.
“Pinocchio!” Jiminy said. Pinocchio turned around and saw them. 
“Jiminy!” he said. 
“Let him go now!” Yui said. The hooded one faced them and tapped Pinocchio forward. The boy was confused for a moment and looked up at the figure, then ran to Jiminy, who hopped to meet him.
“Thank goodness. Are you all right? Riku and I looked for ya everywhere,” Jiminy said. 
“Uh-huh. I'm just fine. Sorry, Jiminy. I messed up real bad. You and Father must have been so worried about me,” Pinocchio said. 
“Why, Pinocchio, I think ya just might be finally startin' to learn.” Riku and the twins walked over to the hooded figure.
“Who are you?” Riku asked. The figure removed his hood to reveal a doppelganger.
“Me?” Riku asked. A corridor of darkness appeared and the boy entered it. Riku and the twins ran to follow but it closed before they reached it, standing stunned.
“As I live and breathe...” Jiminy said.
“That was dark side. I gave in to the darkness once. And ever since, it's chased me around in one form or another. The Seeker of Darkness who stole my body...a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart...and now, I'm facing me,” Riku said. 
“Your dark side?” 
“A Negaverse must’ve possessed Uncle Ansem to make you do that,” Roxy said.
“Gee, Riku, don't you have a Jiminy like I do? He's my conscience. He's taught me all kinds of important stuff. Maybe you just need somebody to show you what's right and wrong,” Pinocchio said. 
“Sure. You can't shoulder all your problems alone, ya know. You must have somebody--a friend you can talk to?” Jiminy said. 
“Yeah...actually, I do. That stupid grin they’re always wearing--he's the best teacher I could ever have,” Riku said. 
“Sora and (Y/N)?” Yui asked. 
“Gee whiz...I wish I had lots of good friends,” Pinocchio said. 
“You will, Pinocchio. More than you can count,” Jiminy said. Monstro let out a wail.
“What now?” Riku asked. He and the twins looked to the entrance of another Chamber.
“Is something in there? Pinocchio, Jiminy, you should head back. We'll see what's shaking things up,” Roxy said. 
“Okay!” Pinocchio and Jiminy said. The two left and Riku and the twins proceeded further in Monstro until they found a Char Clawbster, which had latched itself onto the whale's innards, having a few Negaverses next to it. As Riku and the twins entered, it shot out a blast to the entrance and Riku and the twins quickly skidded on the ground to dodge as the Char Clawbster jumped over him, the Negaverses following close behind. Riku summons his keyblade while the twins summoned Sapphite and their guns and the monsters turned to face them. Riku and the twins fought and defeated the Nightmare and Negaverses. Back in Monstro's Mouth, Geppetto laughed happily as Pinocchio ran into his arms. They hugged tightly as Riku and the twins watched.
“I thought I was only sent into the past on the Destiny Islands. So why does it seem like time was rewound in this world, too?” Riku said. 
“Maybe it's like Master Yen Sid said--the world was freed from darkness, but has yet to wake from it. It's trapped in a never-ending dream,” Yui said. A keyhole appeared in the air and Riku sealed it.
Vanitas woke up and saw that you and the Unversed sleeping next to him. He looked in front of him and saw Young Xehanort in front of him.
“The hell do you want now?” Vanitas asked. 
“Just looking at my family. Is that a crime?” Y!Xehanort said.
“We’re not your family. Leave (Y/N) alone. Her light is stronger than you are.” 
“We’ll just see about that.” Y!Xehanort disappeared through a Dark Corridor, leaving Vanitas alone with you. He brought you close to him and kissed your head.
“Don’t worry, sis. I won’t let him hurt you,” he said. 
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jessikahathaway · 4 days ago
Kill me Softly
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Romance, Vampire!AU, Smut
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, angst (sorryyy), threatening the life of a pregnant person, smut in the forms of: Oral (f receiving), dom!reader, sub!kook, unprotected sex (don't do as I write pls), creampie, edging, nipple play (phew), fucking in a forest (don't do that peeps), unexpected pregnancy, if I forgot something please let me know! (It does get intense so please be aware!)
Words: 26.1k (OOOF)
Summary: As a reclusive vampire, you haven’t seen one of your kind in centuries. Regardless, Jungkook is tasked with hunting you down and bringing you back to the King by whatever means necessary. Even if you’re shattered by the end of it.
*This is set in the universe of my 'I Belong to You' Taehyung X Reader story - although it was written a few years after so please forgive a couple discrepancies here and there. I did start writing this a few months ago so if it seems a little awkward that's why. It's mainly unedited because I didn't have timmmeee I sowwy! But please enjoy!*
It filled your nostrils and suffused your whole body as you ran through the forest after your next kill. A doe, already wounded, ran through the woods ahead. It made your blood sing with the fire of hunger. Her blood splattered on the ground and it made your mouth water at the thought of finally being able to eat after a week of starving.
You tried not to eat frequently in order to keep the forest in balance, but as you’ve gotten older it’s been harder to control. Especially around a human.
Gods, the smell of their blood absolutely sends you spiraling into a new world of hunger. But every time you’ve tried to feast on one since... since he passed, you can’t help but taste the blood taste of rotting flesh. It makes your stomach churn painfully just to think about it.
But now it was time to focus on the hunt, and the glory of victory that was just within your grasp. You would make her death quick and you also made sure she didn’t have any fawns that relied on her still. You knew what it was like to grow up without family, so you weren’t going to subject anyone to that pain. Animal or not.
Finally, her injured leg tripped over a log and she fell to the forest floor. She didn’t even try to get back up, accepting of her fate. She snorted and huffed as she looked at you, fear in her eyes. You shushed her and patted her back gently.
“It’s okay, I’ll make it quick I promise,” you said. You cradled her head and twisted harshly, a distinctive snap going through the air. The deer fell limp, and you gorged yourself on her blood.
You must’ve looked a sight. Huddled over a deer carcass in the middle of the woods right after a vicious rain storm. Your body revelled in the feeling of her blood coursing through your dried veins for a moment. It made you feel alive, something you haven’t ever been.
You were what they called a ‘purebred’ vampire. Unlike most vampires, you weren’t turned, you were born a vampire. There are very few purebred vampires left in the world. The King of Vampires, King Taehyung, was one of them. But you weren’t interested in being a part of his Council. They were all full of themselves and their rare abilities, something you can only gain if you are turned by a purebred vampire. Or, if you’re born a vampire.
You had a rare ability as well. You were able to control all the elements at command. It was extremely rare for anyone to have an elemental power, and you had the power to control all four. It was paramount that you didn’t use them, however.
If the council caught wind of you near, they’d no doubt come looking. And they’d want to control you. You were as fickle as water, temperamental as fire, changing as the wind and stubborn as a rock. You demanded respect and you weren’t going to be used as a puppet for others enjoyment, you’d rather die.
Finishing off your meal you wiped your mouth clean, heading in the direction you came. Taking one last look at the deer, you decided to pay your respects. Lighting a cigarette and letting it burn and dropping it to the wet ground and stamping it out as your offering of tobacco. Giving a little nod you left, running towards your camp.
You skirted around the open fields, making sure to stick to the treeline without getting out in the sunlight. Purebred vampires don’t actually burn up in the sun, they just can’t use their abilities when in direct light. It makes fighting a lot more difficult. That’s why some vampires decided to train with swords or knives, perhaps bows as well. Regular vampires who were just turned by regular vampires also don’t burn up, they are just weakened and have to feed more often.
It’s difficult to curb all the rumors around vampires. The humans are fearful of their rulers and simply don’t want to be walking blood bags. So, they’ll say whatever they want to your face, but they’ll talk behind your back. Testy beings.
Making it back to camp you felt the strength from your meal beginning to wane. It was hard, only drinking from animals. But you couldn’t control your hunger at the best of times when an animal is around, imagine what you would do if there was a human. But you’d refuse to eat, you can’t, after you killed your lover...
You think back on him sometimes and wonder if there really was any saving someone that stupid. A human falling for a vampire is dangerous, and vice versa. Unless you plan to turn them at some point. Even then it can be dangerous. Vampires tend to drink so much that they can’t replenish what they took with their blood. Although, there is a ritual that has to be performed prior that most people forget about. You have to want it. Regular vampires tend to turn anyone who asks! And that’s why humans are so fleeting. Everyone is afraid to die, no one likes getting sick and then there’s the possibility of added abilities? What could be better?
Living with the ones you love. That’s what counts, and humans are fleeting creatures. They’re here then they’re gone. Living and dying like ants on the pavement. But you loved one. Foolishly, but it was a passion that hasn’t been matched. The feeling of being in his arms was so perfect, so right that you could fall asleep thinking of his embrace and all would be made right.
He asked, that idiot asked. He wanted to be with you forever, and you decided you could do it. Change him. Make his heart stop beating forever, because you were selfish. Because you didn’t want to be alone in this life. You wanted him, you wanted nothing more in this life. But, like your nature suggested, you’re a creature of greed. And as his ashen face looked up at your horrified expression, he smiled.
“I forgive you,” he whispered, before dying in your arms.
That bastard forgave you. But left you alone to deal with the feelings of guilt, the sleepless nights, nightmares that haunted your days. Because vampires do sleep, they just didn’t need to as often as humans.
It’s hard for you to accept the life of solitude, but it’s a necessary evil. You won’t allow anyone to get hurt because of you ever again. It sometimes seemed fruitless, because there were other vampires that would take your place to harm the living. But if you could be the one less, it was enough for you. And perhaps you could change some minds while you were at it.
You made a fire, boiling some water from the stream. Even though you knew nothing in there could kill you, it made you feel better. Pulling it off the fire you decided it was time for a wash. Your clothes were covered in blood and dirt from the hunt. And damn if you weren’t going to look presentable. Even if it was just for yourself.
Walking to the stream you began to strip down. An uneasy feeling came over you, but you shook it off quickly. So, you continued to undress. Slowly walking into the stream you felt the chill run through you. A human wouldn’t be able to handle this water, but it was just a little crisp for a vampire.
Dipping your head underwater, you waited.
Something was creeping around the tree line. You could feel it. If you gave them the assumption that you were just a naked girl, perhaps they wouldn’t try to trifle with you and they could leave and you could bathe. You peeked your head above the water and you peer around, your amber eyes locking onto something down the stream. It was a black wolf, drinking from the stream seamlessly.
But something felt off, like its eyes were...
Oh fuck.
You had to go and you had to go now.
But running out of the stream now would tip him off, but perhaps if you just went back under and began cleaning yourself you could-
The wolf dipped its paw into the water across the stream. Fear pierced your heart as you watched it slowly place its other front paw in the chilled water, like it wasn’t cold.
It was time to go.
You didn’t give a damn about tipping him off at this point, but maybe you could out-run him.
“Don’t think so sweetheart,” a chilling voice crept over your skin as you stood, naked as the day you were born, in the stream.
“Can’t this wait until after I’m dressed?” You made the move to cover yourself.
“Do you really want my answer?” he asked.
“Suppose I don’t,” you said, trying to think of a plan that would get you out of here fast enough.
“You know what happens next,” he said, readying the cuffs brushed with vervain.
Vervain is an herb used to weaken vampires. But it was less potent on purebreds, although you know those restraints could hold you.
Faster than a human could blink you froze the water around his legs. Running up onto shore you heard it shatter. And moments later, there he stood in front of you.
Damn, why did you do that?! Now he knows you can control at least one element!
“Ah, don’t be so frigid darling,” he teased.
“Just let me go,” you said, moving to walk around him when he gripped onto your upper arm.
“Don’t think so miss, I think a power like that needs to be investigated by the council,” he whispered.
Frowning you ripped out of his grasp.
“Don’t touch me,” you said, rubbing your arm.
“Fussy little thing huh?” he said, cracking his neck before coming towards you again.
“I mean it, I really don’t want to hurt you,” you said, backing away from him.
He laughed, heartily. You watched as he doubled over, making a fool of you.
You growled lowly before taking a slice at him with the water from the stream. He easily moved out of the way as if he were expecting you to put up a fight. Still covering yourself you slashed at him again, but he was agile, moving out of the way as if the water wasn’t an issue for him. You growled and moved the water to form a hardened ball of ice, throwing it at him. Yet it didn’t even phase him.
“Now darling, I think you need to rethink this whole deal. Don’t you know who I am?” he asked.
Scoffing, you rolled your eyes. The nerve on this guy.
“I know you work for the King, that’s all I know-all I care to know,” you remarked.
“Don’t be that way, my name is Jungkook. And you’re going to come with me,” he said, smiling brightly, like he’d already caught you.
“Sorry Jungkook, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” you said, sweeping him into the stream quickly with what water was available. He gasped as he was pulled in.
You turned to grab your clothes and booked it back towards your camp. All you needed was your money and you could run. Run as far as you could until they didn’t bother to look for you.
The sound of footsteps running after you echoed in your head as you tried to keep your pace faster. But he was much stronger than you. A vampire that feeds off humans would naturally be faster. But you couldn’t let that stop you.
Running into your camp you grabbed the satchel of coins quickly before booking it in a random direction. You just had to get somewhere he couldn’t find you. Carefully you found a hiding spot. Jungkook’s footsteps stopped, but that didn’t mean anything. He could be in the trees, he could be in that wolf form you saw earlier.
So you couldn’t let your guard down for a moment. Because that very well could be it.
Scanning the surroundings you found that he wasn’t on the ground at the very least.
Then a twig snapped from a tree about forty yards to your left. Your head shot in that direction, finding Jungkook had changed into some kind of monkey. So he wasn’t limited to one form. That made this a little more difficult.
Although, you did notice that his eyes remained a blood red. And they were locked with yours.
“Fuck,” you whispered, slamming your hand to your mouth the second you spoke. The damage had been done already; however, he’d seen you. Grabbing your coin purse you ran, as fast as you could.
But your speed hardly mattered as his hand encircled your arm. You jolted to a stop, grunting at the pain that shot through you. Jungkook chuckled and pulled you closer.
“Well sweetheart, that was quite the show. Never thought you’d try to drown me. Especially in running water. That made it harder. Quick thinking doll face. Since you know only purebred vampires can be in running water. Makes me wonder how you were able to be in there without any trouble,” he smiled.
You couldn’t help the little flutter that ran through you at the sight of it. Of course he’d be beautiful. He worked for the King. The King likes to surround himself with nice things. Cocky bastard.
“Let me go,” you demanded.
“As if, you’re coming with me,” he said, locking the vervain cuffs around your wrists. They burned as they settled against your skin.
“Ow, shit!” you hissed. Jungkook grabbed a hold of you and made sure your restraints were secure before taking your coin purse.
“Won’t be needing this where you’re going doll face,” he smirked, pocketing your hard earned money.
“You jerk! I earned that money, give it back!” you said, moving forward to kick him. But he grabbed your foot and twisted it, a sickening crack heard throughout the forest as your leg snapped in two. You screamed in agony, falling to the ground.
“Damn you, I was supposed to deliver you unharmed. You just have to make it difficult for me,” he sighed, coming closer to your writhing form.
“Fuck you,” you spat, using your good leg to kick away from him.
“Just hold still you little shit!” he growled, sitting himself on top of you. You felt the press of his weight in your secured hands that sat behind your back.
You also took notice at how his clothes clung to his body. Defined muscles greeted your eyes as you oogled him. Jungkook smirked and put his hands at your neck.
“Like what you see baby?”
You spat in his face, making him cringe.
“Alright. I’m done playing nice. You’re coming with me, whether you want to or not!”
With that, he hauled you up and over his shoulder. You screamed and flailed your good leg, the other one beginning to heal, but the recovery process was slowed by the vervain cuffs you were wearing. You squirmed and did everything in your power to be let go, but Jungkook held firm, not letting you go for a second.
Jungkook carried you to a horse, where you were thrown onto the front, and secured in place by the cuffs at your back. Jungkook’s hands came around you and secured the reins. And the two of you were off.
You felt a single tear fall down your face as you knew your freedom had slipped through your grasp.
Jungkook rode through the night, only stopping to give the horse water and food.
You didn’t know how far he rode to find you, you also wondered how he was able to find you when you hadn’t been in a village in over a month.
These thoughts plagued you as the pair of you continued to ride. Jungkook kept his head forward, never sparring you a glance as you made it through one village. The people in the town looked hungry and on the verge of collapse.
This is what the King has brought to people. Pain and suffering. Not joy and prosperity. What a joke.
“Whoa!” Jungkook said, slowing the horse to a stop.
“What are you doing?” you asked, watching as he approached a group of women.
“Getting a snack, of course,” he said, smiling at the women beautifully.
You watched in horror. The women all shied away, but didn’t run. That would be punishable by death. Jungkook brushed the hair out of a younger woman’s face, tucking it behind her ear. She shivered, you didn’t know with fear or with excitement. But you could tell, Jungkook was doing some kind of glamour on her. She relaxed into his touches and you saw him gently pull her from the group.
He took her around a corner and from there you couldn’t see but you could hear.
Her soft whimpers, Jungkook whispering filth into her ears.
You heard the rustling of fabric and you didn’t want to continue to listen. You knew what he was doing.
Her moans and Jungkook’s drinking made you want to throw up.
It seemed to last forever, but eventually the girl stumbled out and ran in the opposite direction of Jungkook. And the man of the hour sauntered up to the horse as if he didn’t just fuck a random village girl behind a bakery.
“Alright, we can go,” he said, climbing back onto the horse.
You winced as his hands crossed over your body.
“Something wrong?” he asked, looking at you.
“T-there’s blood on your hand,” you whispered, smelling the girl’s blood right in front of you.
“Appears there is, want some?” he offered it to you, holding his hand in front of your mouth.
“What’s wrong? Not your cup of tea? Want me to find a nice guy who will let you take a bite? I don’t need you starving to death before getting there,” Jungkook stated, moving to get off the horse once again. You wiggled in protest.
“No! I don’t want anything, I’m not hungry,” you said.
Didn’t need him knowing you drink from animals. Although, he’s bound to find out eventually.
“If you’re sure,” he said, licking the blood from his hand and wiping the rest off on his pants. You sighed in relief, before he took off yet again.
The ride was quiet as the two of you went through the night without as much as a word to one another. There was nothing that needed to be said in your mind. He was holding you against your will, and there was no way out of it. With the vervain limiting your abilities, you wouldn’t be able to heat the irons up enough to melt them.
A frown worked its way onto your face.
Jungkook’s strong stomach was against your back and you had to fight the urge to turn around and look up at his beautiful face... wait, stop. No.
You shook your head. You couldn’t think like that. Your lover would be horrified to know he died only for you to fall for another man! There’s no way you could think of Jungkook in any other manner than a nuisance.
“Something on your mind?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the road ahead.
“Like I’m telling you,” you scoffed.
“I know what you look like naked, do you think that whatever is troubling you is more intimate than that?” he asked.
“I’d rather strip naked in front of you than tell you my personal thoughts,” you said, snapping at him.
“Maybe I’ll take you up on that sometime,” he laughed.
You hated being under a watchful eye, you wanted to make him squirm and writhe like you were. It wasn’t fair he was the only one asking questions all the time. He had tried several times in the night to get you to tell him who your parents were. Like you were revealing that to him.
“And what about you?” you asked.
“What do you mean? You want to see me naked sometime? That can easily be arranged doll,” he whispered.
“Oh piss off,” you said, throwing your head back into his chest.
He huffed in annoyance and shoved your head forward with a flick of his wrist. You growled deep in your throat and turned to glare at him. He smiled his stupid perfect smile before focusing back on the road. God he was infuriating.
Jungkook stopped off for the night at an inn, getting the two of you a room.
When he unclipped your harness to the horse you decided you were too tired to run from him. It had been a few days since you slept last and you were ready for some rest. Jungkook helped you down, keeping your handcuffs on as the pair of you went up to your room for the night.
You were mad that it was a single room, but you’d put up with it for the time being. Using your abilities without sleeping afterwards really drains you.
When Jungkook opened the door you almost passed out. There was only one bed, and Jungkook was no doubt going to take it for himself. So you kicked off your boots, getting ready to get comfortable on the floor when you realized that you’d been in handcuffs for the better part of a whole day and you were aching.
“Jungkook?” you asked, turning to the man who was sitting on the bed, taking off his boots.
“What?” he asked, looking up.
“Can you take these off?” you asked. Gesturing to your handcuffs you smiled.
“Not happening,” he said, not even thinking about it.
“Please?” you asked, arms ready to fall off.
“Well, if I take those off you, how am I to know you won’t run away?” he asked.
“I promise I won’t run,” you said.
Jungkook laughed.
“As if I’m going to trust that, no way,” Jungkook answered. You frowned before sighing and turning to lay on the floor. You heard shuffling behind you and then you felt the cuffs full of vervain fall off. But before you could do anything about it you were hauled into the air. A small scream escaped you as you were thrown onto the bed.
“Jungkook!” you yelled, arms barely able to support you.
“The only way I’m keeping those cuffs off you is if you stay here in the bed where I can sense if you move,” he said.
“Nevermind, put the cuffs back on!” you said, scrambling off the bed.
Jungkook grabbed your sore wrists and pinned them to the bed, settling on top of your waist. You looked at him above you, staring at you with his beautiful crimson eyes. Your body lost its fight. The attractive man on top of you was too much. You flushed and looked away, staring at the lamp on the bedside table.
“Just sleep in the bed with me, it won’t kill you,” he said.
“I’d rather not, thanks,” you said back.
“Don’t be so dramatic, I won’t do anything either,” he said.
“I’d kill you before you even thought about it,” you growled.
“Too late for that doll face,” he smiled.
“You’re disgusting.”
Jungkook sighed before getting up and pulling you off the bed with him. Your leg was still healing a bit, so when he let go of you, your body began to crumple to the floor. Quicker than light Jungkook was there to catch you. His arms wrapped around your body, holding you up.
“Your leg still isn’t better? What’s wrong with you?” he asked.
“Um, no-nothing, I’m fine,” you said, trying to stand on your own.
“Easy, easy! Stop for a second!” he said, holding you against him tightly. “What’s really going on here? Why are you so weak?” he asked.
“I’m not weak!” you cried out, shoving him away with an impressive amount of strength. He coughed as the wall creaked against his weight. His eyebrow raised as he looked at you.
“What are you?” he asked.
“You already know, I’m one of you. A vampire,” you said.
“Yeah, smartass I know that. It’s just, I’ve never seen a vampire like you before. One that gets nervous at the sight of blood, you need it to survive. So why did you act like you did when I had that girl’s blood on me?”
“Because, it’s not human blood that I drink,” you answered.
Jungkook scoffed.
“There’s no way you could live on animal blood for very long. You’ll wither away,” he said.
“I’m going thirty years strong on it,” you said.
“More like thirty years meh on it,” he snarked.
“I have my reasons why I don’t drink from humans,” you said sharply.
“Why is that?” he asked, genuine curiosity leaking from his voice.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
Jungkook sighed and brushed himself off, coming towards you. You backed up against the wall, shutting your eyes tightly. Waiting for something, anything. But nothing happened. You peeked your eyes open, seeing Jungkook looking at you with interest.
“You’re a purebred aren’t you, not just turned by a purebred. What’s your name?” he asked. Too tired to think before speaking.
“Y/N,” you said softly.
“That’s a nice name, I’ve never heard of you before,” he trailed off.
“I’m not surprised, but, why do you think you were set out to find me?” you asked.
His face turned dark.
“The King would tell me if I was sent to kill you. If I was, you’d be dead already,” he said.
“Aren’t you confident,” you yawned.
“Come to bed,” he encouraged, changing the subject.
“I’m not sleeping in the same bed as you,” you said, firmly.
“How about this,” he said. Suddenly, his body shifted and a small cat stood at your feet. The eyes were blood red, but the rest was like a normal cat.
“Fine, fine. I’m tired, let’s just go to sleep,” you agreed sourly.
Jungkook hopped up on the bed, choosing the bottom as the most comfortable for him. You laid down, curling up into a ball before the lights and sounds of the world faded away, and you were asleep.
You awoke to an unusual weight across your body. Peeking one eye open you saw Jungkook, draped across you like an eight day wash. You growled and shoved him off the bed, hard. A small ‘oof’ could be heard from the other side, and then the whining commenced.
“Why did you do that hyung?” Jungkook complained from the floor.
“Because your hyungs aren’t here and you have no right to be touching me,” you said in a stern voice. Standing up you walked over to the window and peered out into the town.
A small bakery wafted fresh pastries through the village. People were walking around in the market, purchasing goods and making small talk with the vendors. It seemed normal enough.
“Good to know you’re not a morning person,” he said, rubbing his stomach.
“Thought you were supposed to be a cat,” you said, keeping your eyes trained on the village below.
“You never asked how long I could stay like that,” he answered.
“Good to know you’re someone who withholds the truth if it benefits you,” you threw his words back at him.
“How am I supposed to give you the truth if you don’t ask for it?”
“Jungkook,” you started, “we need to come to some kind of agreement.”
“I concur,” he said.
“So listen to my terms,” you said.
“Now you’re making demands? Remember you’re the prisoner here,” he said.
“Jungkook,” you warned.
“Fine, fine, make all the demands you want. Doesn’t mean I’m going to listen,” he said back with a yawn.
“I want to be unchained,” you started.
“Hold on-”
“And I want a meal at least once a week, animal: preferably deer,” you said.
“I can’t just-”
“If we are to stay in any hotels or inns I get first pick of where to sleep,” you continued.
“Y/N,” Jungkook said firmly.
“Yes, I wasn’t finished,” you said as if it were trivial.
Suddenly you were pinned against the wall by your throat. Vampires didn’t need to breathe, but if you were decapitated and burned, then you have a slew of other problems to be dealing with.
“Listen, I’m in charge here, doll face. Don’t forget who tracked you down and brought you here. If you were the stronger one, then I would be dead. It’s ridiculous to make demands in a situation where the power is in someone else’s hands. Remember sweetheart, just who is holding the reins,” he warned, dropping your neck and letting you fall to the ground.
Just as you were about to throttle him within an inch of his life he walked out the door. You sighed and hauled yourself up from the floor. Your leg was still a little wobbly, but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. Walking down the stairs you surveyed the Inn with your eyes. There were several people sitting at tables and eating, and Jungkook wasn’t among them. Maybe he went to get the horse ready.
You were about to brush your hair from your face when you realized... He had forgotten to chain you up. Either that or he trusted his abilities to track you down. While you didn’t blame him, you were still wondering how he was able to find you in those woods you were camping out in. Maybe one of the villagers from the town nearby sold you out, but you hadn’t been there very long and you didn’t spend enough coin to be noticeable.
Before you could think about it much longer, you decided to follow him. If at the very least out of boredom. And he was kind of fun to aggravate.
You made it outside and Jungkook was readying the horse. You walked over and looked at him, watching with muted interest. Jungkook was handsome, anyone with eyes could see that. But there was something about his beauty that made you want to get closer. To touch his skin and feel his hands on your body. It was a little frightening to think this way, but most vampires were beautiful once they were turned. All imperfections and aging stops to make them irresistible to the prey. Like a beautiful flower that traps the insects and kills them for their own gain. Nature created such vile beasts like vampires, it upset you to know that you were one of them sometimes.
“If you’re going to ogle me can we at least be in a private place before you decide to do so?” Jungkook asked as he finished securing the saddle to the horse.
“I’m just observing,” you said, a soft look of aggravation on your face.
“If you’re trying to find a weak spot darling, I hate to break it to you but I don’t have any,” he said, offering you his hands to get up on the horse. You humored him and let him help you up into the saddle without a fuss.
“I’ve already found several,” you said, smirking.
“Oh yeah? Like what?” he asked, jumping behind you and taking the reins.
“You really think I’m going to reveal what your weak spots are so you can hide them better from me? Fat chance, Jungkook,” you laughed.
“Can’t blame me for trying.”
He urged the horse forward and the two of you were heading out of the village.
The ride was long, and your butt was beginning to get sore at this rate. But you kept your mouth shut as he kept the horse going at a steady rate. You looked at the scenery around you and smiled softly. It was beautiful out here. So much greenery and no people, just the way you liked it. You saw deer running across the fields together, in a herd. It made you miss your family something terrible. It has been so long, that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be with people who make you happy. People who don’t want anything from you, power or money or status. Because your life wasn’t always one of solitude...
The two of you rode in silence, much like you had before stopping at the inn last night. Jungkook’s body against your back made you think of the first time you went riding with your father in the winter right after your 70th birthday. Vampire children matured much slower than normal kids, at the tender age of seventy you looked as though you were ten. So, to celebrate your father had bought a brand new snow white mare with grey speckling on her. She was the most beautiful thing you’d seen, at your age. And you found that riding her was like floating on air. She was secure, and gentle, but also firm in her strides as she moved, she had confidence that carried her. You’ll never forget that moment, as long as you live.
You hadn’t noticed, but you were leaning back into Jungkook, letting his front support you. He didn’t stop you, letting you remember in peace. He knew that look, reminiscing back on the past... He did it often. But he never let anyone see him doing so, it was a private moment for him and him alone...
Snapping out of your stupor you saw what appeared to be a burnt down village. But it was old, the dust had settled and nothing was smoldering. It was actually cold, like a scar on the landscape. Something that had been there for a long while.
Before you knew it, Jungkook stopped the horse.
“Why are we stopping? We’re in the middle of nowhere,” you said, watching as Jungkook tightened his grips on the reins.
“It didn’t used to be,” he whispered.
Getting off the horse he walked up to the corpse of the village. Confused, you followed.
“Jungkook!” you yelled as he walked with purpose towards the main square. There, in the center, was a beautiful fountain. It appeared to be made out of marble, or some kind of granite. For it to still be here was a testament to its craftsmanship. Jungkook was oddly silent as he walked around, looking in houses and stopping to peer around buildings.
“What are you doing?” you asked as you caught up to him.
“Shut up,” he warned, continuing to move down the line of what appeared to have been houses. You sighed and continued to follow him, watching as he seemed to bob and weave around with a sense of familiarity. You were curious if he knew the place. Perhaps he spent some time here in the past.
“Jungkook, where are you going?” you asked, trying to keep up with him.
“Here,” he whispered, looking at a particularly small house at the end of the row. He stopped and looked at the door, touching the doorknob with a delicacy that you hadn’t seen him exhibit in the week you’d known him. Slowly, as if he were taking off a bandaid, he opened the door. It creaked and moaned with age, protesting against being opened. But Jungkook pushed forward, looking around as if he knew the place.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, looking at him with moderate fear. He was scaring you, stopping here out of nowhere and suddenly finding a small hut towards the back of the area. You weren’t sure what he was doing, and it was frightening you.
“Oh Gods,” he whimpered, falling to his knees on the floor.
“Jungkook!” you yelped as he hit the floor with a thud.
“No!” he screamed, bashing his fist through the floor. You screamed at the shattering of the floorboards and watched as the man before you began to cry. You were stunned. The once cocky and annoying man was suddenly a mess on the floor of a random cottage. Looking around you saw nothing of importance, nothing that would signal anyone being there in quite some time. Jungkook’s crying turned into sobs as his face was pressed into the floor.
Your heart ached with the familiarity of it all. You knew this pain, you knew it all too well... He’d lost someone here. Slowly, as to not frighten or agitate him, you kneeled to the ground behind him. Softly, you called to him.
“Jungkook,” you said, placing your hands on his shoulders carefully.
Soon, he was in your arms.
“Mama, papa,” he whimpered, placing his head in your neck. You were stunned into silence. He was gripping at your hips with an agony that you knew. His parents must’ve died here. You weren’t sure what you should do. Did he want you to comfort him? Or was he just using this as a ploy to get you to let go of your defenses...
“Jungkook,” you started, moving to push him away from your body, when you remembered yourself in the same position. Centuries ago. Pleading for your parents and having no one to comfort you. I-It couldn’t hurt, could it? “Jungkook,” you whispered again, cradling his head in your hands, bringing him closer to your chest. Hot tears slid down your cleavage as he continued to cry. You knew his pain, you knew what he was going through. It was never easy, perhaps that’s why he was constantly distracting himself. Because this pain was always nagging at the bottom of his heart, ready to latch on the moment he wasn’t looking. Jungkook had weaknesses just like everyone else, and this just happened to be one of them.
“It’s my fault, I’m so sorry,” he whispered into your chest.
“Jungkook, it’s okay,” you said, brushing your fingers through his hair.
“Y/N,” he whimpered. You shushed him like a babe, keeping him close to your chest.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked, combing through his hair again.
“I-I don’t know,” he said softly, so quiet that you had to strain to hear him with your impressive hearing.
“Jungkook, sometimes we need to re-live pain so we can get over it, or at least learn to cope with it better,” you encouraged, bringing his head up to yours.
“I-they, my family lived here in this village,” he started, wiping his tears with the back of his hands. You nodded, waiting for him to continue.
“I grew up here, I was human once,” he explained. “But that all changed when Taehyung found me. I had been attacked in the forest, it’s been so long that I don’t remember the attackers, but Taehyung has assured me they have been dealt with. They left me for dead after stealing all my money and valuables I had on me, which wasn’t much. My family was poor... But we were so happy,” he said, getting a dreamy look on his face that made your heart lurch painfully. You could tell he wasn’t lying, that look proved it. He was remembering them, and their memories he’s held in his heart for years.
“How long has it been since...” you trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence.
“Almost a century,” he whispered back.
“Oh Jungkook, for a vampire that’s-”
“Almost like it was yesterday...”
The two of you sat in silence for a while. Neither of you dared to speak. Jungkook still had tears falling from his face as he looked down at the floor.
“They were so disappointed in me,” he said with a soft tone.
“What do you mean?” you asked.
“My family, my parents,” he explained, “they were so disappointed that I had become a vampire. Not like I had much of a choice in the matter. Taehyung made the decision to save me when he found me in the woods. But you know, my family had always hated vampires, for as long as I can remember. My great grandfather fought against them when we first started to rise to power. But obviously, they lost. My mother cried when she saw my brown eyes had turned red like blood. She’d demanded I stop the joke, but I told her it wasn’t a joke. Taehyung told them what had happened, and you know what my mother said?”
You shook your head, already feeling dread welling up within you.
“She said I should’ve died in those woods that day,” he finished, looking down at his feet.
“Oh my Gods, Jungkook no,” you said, coming forward to wrap your arms around him. You couldn’t explain it, but you wanted to comfort him, no matter the cost it was to you. He accepted your advances and coiled his arms around your waist.
“I should’ve died out there Y/N,” he whispered.
“No Jungkook, just because you’re a vampire doesn’t mean suddenly you’re a different person. Just the chemical makeup of your body changed. I’m so sorry that happened to you,” you said, brushing his hair behind his ears.
“They died from old age in front of me years later. My mother first, then my father about two months after that,” he said, rubbing his face, eyes still wet with tears.
“That’s awful Jungkook, I’m so sorry,” you said, not being able to imagine your parents reacting that way. Although you two were in a different boat.
“Nothing that can be done about it now... The past is the past and they... they’re dead,” he said, standing up and wiping off his knees.
“Are you sure you’re alright?” you asked, standing as well and coming to his side.
“It doesn’t matter, I have a mission to complete. And that’s getting you back to the palace.”
Your heart stuttered for a moment, looking at him with his red eyes and weary expression.
“Maybe we should make camp here for the night,” you said, already heading towards the door.
“No, I can’t-I mean...” Jungkook faltered.
“Do you not want to stay here? I’ll understand. But it looks like a storm is rolling in and I’d rather be in a building or a tent than on that horse,” you explained.
Jungkook nodded.
“I’ll tie up the horse.”
A storm came rolling in about two hours later. Jungkook had put the horse in the old stable and tied it up for the night. The pair of you huddled in a house that was a little bigger than Jungkook’s old one, using the blankets for warmth. Fall was rolling in and these rain storms made it that much colder.
“Are you cold?” he asked, walking in from feeding the horse.
“I’m fine,” you said, bringing the blanket and tugging it around your body further.
“Sure, here,” he said, handing you another blanket that was undoubtedly his.
“I don’t need it, I’m fine,” you said through chattering teeth.
“I’ll start a fire,” he announced, moving towards the old fire pit with purpose.
“Jungkook honestly,” you admonished, pulling the second blanket around your legs.
“It’s fine, I’m a little cold too,” he said.
As he worked you couldn’t help but notice the way his body moved. Being a vampire meant you moved with grace and elegance, but he was on a whole different level. The way Jungkook’s muscles clenched and contracted made your mouth water. You wanted to reach out and run your hands down his back as he situated himself between your legs and-wait a second...
This isn’t right...
Jungkook is the man keeping you hostage, the one delivering you to your death no doubt...
But the way he clung to you in his old home and how he cried for the loss of his family. You related to his pain, you knew it all too well. But, that didn’t change the fact that he was holding you against your will, and was going to be the cause of your demise one day... One day soon...
Flames burst from the firepit and Jungkook stepped back a bit, looking down at his handiwork with a grin. You scooted forward, reaching for the heat with greedy fingers. Jungkook sat down next to you, closer than you originally thought he was. However you didn’t say anything, wondering if he needed the proximity to put himself at ease.
“It’s so peaceful here,” you whispered, resting your head on your arms.
“It really is,” he agreed, rubbing his hands together and putting them in front of the fire.
The two of you were silent yet again, listening to the sound of the crackling wood in the firepit. It was relaxing to say the least, especially since you didn’t have any restraints holding you back. Again, you wondered if you could take Jungkook in a fight. If he wasn’t expecting it, perhaps you could take him down before he even realized-
“Don’t even think about it,” he said softly, eyes never once leaving the flame.
“Think about what?” you said, feigning ignorance.
“Escaping, I’ve already been too nice. Don’t make me regret it,” he said, sounding almost sad.
“I wasn’t,” you defended, looking at him.
“You can lie all you want but your actions speak louder than your words,” he smiled.
It was beautiful, a brightness you hadn’t seen come from him in, well, ever. You hadn’t known him long, but you could tell this kind of sincerity was rare for him. Something he didn’t let people see very often. Part of being a purebred was the ability to sense things that others may not see. Little nuances that others can’t see, or just don’t bother to. And with Jungkook, he was so open to showing you everything, that you couldn’t help but notice.
This poor man, all he wanted was love and affection. But he’d gotten it from the wrong places. Serving the King brought him purpose, but it didn’t provide him everything he needed. The arms of swooning women that would give him attention for his looks and the power that he could provide, but nothing else... He was so utterly broken inside it made you want to weep for him. He’d lost everything, only to gain a fraction of it back... And he was still looking for somewhere to belong, somewhere to call home.
“Stop looking at me like that,” he said, putting up his shoulders.
“Looking at you like what?” you asked.
“Like you’re dissecting me, or imagining that you could, it’s creepy,” he said.
“Sorry,” you offered lamely. Jungkook just sighed and continued to warm himself by the fire. However, before long the curiosity got to be too much.
“Why does the King want you anyways?” he asked, looking you over.
“Did he not tell you why you were sent out to get me?”
“He said he wanted to speak with you,” he said.
You laughed lightly and his head turned to you.
“So that’s how he put it,” you reasoned in your head, nodding. “If he wanted to merely speak with me Jungkook, why were you given orders to bring me by force?”
Jungkook’s big eyes turned confused.
“What are you talking about? Y/N, why does the King want you?” he asked.
Sighing, you decided you would tell him. He told you his life story, might as well tell him yours.
“You’re right, about me being a purebred. I was born a vampire. But I wasn’t just any vampire, I was a Y/L/N.” Jungkook gasped, and looked at you with a ferocity you hadn’t seen from him in a long time.
“You were... you were a princess?” he asked.
“Yes, I was. Born to be the heir of the kingdom. But it never happened,” you said, looking down at your hands.
“Yes, because your family had to be stopped! You were murdering your own kind!” he said, standing up.
“No, Jungkook, we weren’t,” you said, keeping your eyes locked on the floor.
“What do you mean? You killed thousands of vampires!” he exclaimed.
Your head snapped up and looked at him, deathly still.
“Do you know of a disease called The Hunger?” you asked, looking at him with curiosity. He shifted on his feet and looked down.
“No, I’ve never heard of it,” he said.
“It was a terrible disease that went through and infected thousands upon thousands of vampires. They became so ravenous that feeding from humans was no longer enough, they resorted to cannibalism. Drinking from vampires, even eating their flesh... My father devoted himself to the task of stopping this disease. To the point where he contracted it himself... Although he never fell through to the temptation of drinking from another vampire. Until one night, he came home covered in blood and not remembering anything about the night or where he had been. My mother confirmed that he was covered in the blood of someone from the royal guard, whom they found later. The Hunger can modify and change your brain chemistry, so much so that you could be damaged from it forever. There is no cure, Jungkook. The only way to save people was to kill the infected,” you explained.
“But there’s got to be a cure,” he said, sitting down next to you.
“I’m afraid Jungkook, there isn’t,” you stated, “my mother spent her life looking. She was great at alchemy and things of the like. She was probably the most knowledgeable woman around. Father never treated her like she was some arm piece, she always had a purpose.. Father never restricted her knowledge and learning, they worked together in order to make sure the kingdom would flourish. That’s how my parents did things. They weren’t the cruel rulers they're known as, killing off thousands of their own people to prove a point that they were powerful... That wasn’t who they were,” you whispered.
Jungkook looked at you with serious eyes. Like he was searching for something.
“If you don’t believe me I won’t sit here and try to convince you. But I know what happened, I was there. I lived it, Jungkook. When were you born?”
“About a hundred and twenty two years ago,” he said softly.
“I’ve been around about four hundred years longer than you,” you said.
“That just means you’ve gotten better at lying,” he growled.
“I didn’t accuse you of lying when you were crying earlier,” you said.
“But I-I...” he trailed off.
“My family died because of Kim Taehyung,” you said. “He took the crown of my father’s decapitated head and called it mercy. He said that the people would no longer suffer, but look around you now! Jungkook, there's famine in the streets, vampires are preying off people like it's a sport... And the humans are beginning to fight back. I’ve seen and heard of vampire hunters in groups in the outskirts of the kingdom. But they haven’t been bold enough to attack... yet,” you said.
“How can I believe anything you say?” he asked, “Taehyung saved me!”
“I believed you,” you whispered.
“But, Y/N, it’s not that simple. If I believe what you’re telling me that means that one of my closest friends is... is...”
“I’m not saying I want the crown back, Jungkook. Diplomacy was never really my thing. My parents tried to raise me as a princess, but all they got was a little girl who’d rather go out and explore than sit in a castle all day and be waited on hand and foot. I was smuggled out of the palace before Taehyung could find me as well. My nanny at the time, she got me out, but she was human... I wound up killing her because I was still feeding off of animals and older adults at the time. I deeply regret it, deeply. She died for me, so that I could go on living. My parents died so that Taehyung wouldn’t look for me. Yet, here we are, centuries later and now he decides he wants to ‘speak’ with me? Great,” you whispered.
“Maybe he just wants you to swear loyalty to him! Maybe he just wants you to work for him like the rest of the Council members do. It’s not that bad of a gig, Y/N, believe me,” he said.
“He is the reason my family is gone. And now, he dares to find me and demand my loyalty? After centuries of us living apart? What spurred this on? Why now after all this time?”
Jungkook sat in puzzlement, looking into the fire for a moment.
“I’m sorry, about your parents,” he whispered.
“It’s been centuries, I hardly remember them anymore,” you said, a sound of pain escaping you.
“You hardly remember them?” he asks.
“I remember what they looked like and some memories with them, but other than that? I don’t remember the fine details of living with them. Like what my mother smelt like, the way she sounded when she laughed. Little things, they’re starting to fade away from me... And it breaks my heart everytime I forget...” you admitted.
“Y/N, that’s awful,” Jungkook agreed.
“It’s life, Jungkook. A life without them, means to forget them eventually. I know one day I won’t remember them at all... I dread that day,” you whispered.
“Just keep thinking of them everyday. Go down a list in your head of the things you remember,” he offered.
“I do that, and everyday the list gets shorter. Another tally mark on the wall of forgetting,” you said, a single tear trailing down your cheek. Jungkook quickly brushes it away with his thumb. You gave him a watery smile before more tears started falling from your eyes.
You remember your lover doing the same for you when you told him your story... How many years ago was that now?
“I’m so sorry you lost them, Y/N, I understand your pain... I’m sorry,” he said, bringing you into a hug. Slowly, you accepted his embrace. Leaning your head on his shoulder you let out a few more tears, not crying as hard as he had earlier in the day but it still felt nice to have someone hold you while you cried. To feel that emotion with someone else, something you’ve been craving for such a long time.
To feel someone’s hands on your body, lighting your nerve endings on fire as they trailed their fingertips across your naked body. God, the thought alone was making you hot.
Jungkook pulled away from you, brushing a tear from your eye and then he moved away, no doubt going to go rest for the night while the storm above passed over. But much like the storm, your body was in turmoil. You wanted to touch someone, just to feel someone else’s body against yours so badly. It was horrible to be lonely... Even if it was just for a little while, you wanted to forget...
Reaching up you grabbed his wrist, stopping his movement. Jungkook turned to look at you, curiosity written in his features. Just as he was about to ask what was wrong, you pulled him to your lips. Jungkook was stunned at first, not quite registering your mouth on his.
Just as you were about to pull back, Jungkook tangled his fingers in your hair. You felt a rush of heat course through your body that hasn’t been there in centuries. Jungkook cradled your head with such care it made your chest throb. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer, kissing him with reckless abandon. Where was this coming from? This man was your captor! He was sending you back to the King!
But he was also a broken man... someone just like you.
“Y/N, what are we doing?” he asked, breathless from your kisses.
“I don’t know,” you whispered back, but it didn’t stop you from reconnecting your lips with his. Jungkook didn’t stop you either, kissing you with fervor. His hands stayed on your waist, not traveling across your body like you expected from him.
But you wanted his hands all over your body, it had been so long since anyone had touched you like this. And you missed the sensations that came from it, even if it was with the wrong person, at the wrong time, it didn’t matter. Because it all felt so right.
“You can touch me,” you said, placing his hand lower on your body at your hip.
“Y/N,” he breathed, locking his lips over yours again, kissing you so hard you were certain your lips would bruise if you were human. Jungkook was handling you with the utmost care, something that made your heart melt even more for the man in front of you.
His hands slowly trailed over your body, resting at the small of your back. Jungkook made your mind race with possibilities. Everything he could do to you, everything you could do to him. It made your stomach jump to your throat. He detached from your lips to kiss your neck, nipping playfully making you shudder.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, winding your fingers in his hair. Jungkook groaned as he licked at your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You opened your mouth and kissed him harder. You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, but it had been years since someone had paid you any kind of attention, and it showed in your reactions. Every time Jungkook brushed a spot along your hip or nipped at your neck in the right spot it had you shivering with such desire it was almost smothering.
Placing your hand on his stomach you leaned in to kiss him again when he stopped you.
“Y/N, what do you want from me?” he asked, looking at you with kiss swollen lips and a few red marks on his neck from you.
“I-I... I don’t understand,” you whispered.
“I think we’re both pretty emotional right now, we shouldn’t do something you’ll regret later,” he said, as if it pained him.
“You’re right, Jungkook, I’m sorry,” you said, flushing red in embarrassment. But Jungkook was right in asking... What did you want from him?
It was all so messed up in your head. There was your heart that didn’t want to move on from your past, it was all too painful. But your mind was starting to wander. Were you using your ex-lovers death as an excuse to remain distant? Was he truly still the love of your life? Or was it time to move on and accept his death?
It was all so difficult to process.
But you couldn’t find yourself regretting your actions with Jungkook.
“Don’t be sorry, I’m not,” he said, a soft smile on his face.
“We should go to bed,” you stated, moving towards the opposing room. The thunder crashed loudly outside, and you found yourself jumping out of your skin. You heard Jungkook chuckle before, settling down into his sleeping pack. You frowned, but went on into the other room to set up your small blanket on the floor. Jungkook apparently was out cold, but you stayed up later, unable to get the feeling of his lips out of your mind...
You fell into a fitful sleep, letting the blackness consume you.
The next morning you woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside the hut. You got up and stretched, looking out the window. Jungkook must’ve let you sleep in this morning... That was oddly kind of him. You decided you didn’t want to question it, that’s when you smelt it.
But not human...
Jungkook, where was he?
You looked around. In the other rooms, throughout the village and he was nowhere to be found.
Going back to the hut you noticed the blood on the floor, and the trail led out the door. Picking up the scent you discovered that humans had in fact been here. But the blood on the floor belonged to a vampire, that much was certain. It even looked different from human blood. You smelt several people, around six or seven that had been here... But that didn’t answer your questions. Who knew where you and Jungkook were, and why did they only take him?
Just as you were about to follow the trail further, a thought sprung to your mind...
Why were you going to go after the man that kidnapped you? There was no reason you shouldn’t just high tail it out of here and start over somewhere else. It wasn’t too hard to do, and if you kept out of the villages all together you would be near impossible to track down. Your freedom... right there, ripe for the taking.
But, something stopped your feet from moving forward. If someone really had taken Jungkook, where did they take him? And most importantly, why? Then the thought came to your mind.
Vampire Hunters.
Those bastards must’ve been following you, and when they found Jungkook, a member of the Vampiric Council, they probably thought he was better prey. No doubt the story of his death would bring the other members of the Vampiric Council running. Or at least, his capture would. He was in danger. If they were able to subdue him, they were no doubt powerful.
But you wouldn’t let one of your kind suffer the fate they had in store for him. You’d seen too much death in your lifetime, and you’d be damned if you could save him from this fate.
Running towards the stable you grabbed the horse, you were going to need all your strength for dealing with these people. Vampire Hunters weren’t people to be trifled with. They hated your people with a passion that hasn’t been seen in centuries. Of course there has always been rebellion when it comes to the vampires ruling over the world. But they were on a different level, and if they had Jungkook then there could be serious trouble afoot.
“Go go,” you urged the horse, flicking the reins in your wrist before the animal took off. You followed the distinct smell that was Jungkook. Something that smelt like a smoldering hearth in the dead winter and cinnamon. It was spicy and warm, something you didn’t know you liked until now that it was your sole connection to the man.
You traveled following his trail for a long while, it felt like at least a few hours. However, vampires weren’t known for keeping time...
Jungkook’s trail was getting stronger the further you went, giving you hope. Then, you began to recognize your surroundings...
Oh no, they couldn’t have, surely not.
But the moment you saw the stables you knew where you were...
You were home.
Your former estate was massive, with huge gardens and extensive land that wraps around the mountain behind your home. The place was in disrepair, and it made your heart ache to see it in such a state. But it had been centuries since you’d stepped foot in this area of the country. You were curious as to how you didn’t realize you were this close, but that was a matter for a different time.
You rode up and the area around you was silent, apart from the subtle chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. But you could smell them everywhere. Their scent permeated your once pure home. It filled you with rage that people who knew nothing of your home and the way it was meant to be cared for were here. Using it as some camp as if it were anything less than a feat of architecture that your father worked years on to create. But they were not creatures of sophistication, like you. They were tired of being treated the way they were by an immature ruler, they wanted freedom, however they weren’t going to get it going about it this way. Stealing members of the Vampiric Council is suicide. But, no matter, you’d soon resolve their feeble thinking.
Jumping off the horse you brushed your hair over your shoulder and headed towards the door. The estate had a grand fountain that sat in front of two large staircases that curved around the front of the building in such an elegant way it made you nostalgic. Climbing the mossy steps you found yourself moving at the pace your parents had taught you long ago.
Step with elegance, pride and strength. For these are all things you possess in great quantities. Make everyone believe it.
You reached the front door and creaked it open, the firm wood holding strong underneath your palms. However, the hinges could use a touch up. Walking in you smelt the must of the years that had passed, but somehow... somehow the sweetness of your mother remained in these halls. The spice that was your father echoed in the space as well... Perhaps it had been shut up long enough that they could be remembered here somehow...
You had to focus, Jungkook was in here somewhere, you could smell him. But you couldn’t let the memories of your family distract you now. Jungkook was here and very much in need of your help. So you had to get out of your own head and find him...
You thought about it logically and the most fortifiable room would be the wine cellar, but the easiest vantage point was your mother’s old study at the very top of the stairs... But Jungkook’s smell was everywhere.
That’s when you saw it...
Blood smeared on the walls.
They had smeared his blood on the walls to keep his scent all around you so you could never track him down using your sense of smell alone... You’d have to walk it blind and hope you found him somehow...
Sighing, you walked towards the sitting room, a grandiose room that had floor to ceiling curtains made of the finest material money could buy. Now they sat, moth eaten and practically begging to be set aflame, but you still smiled as you walked through the gorgeous room. The pictures of your mother and father sat on the floor, worn and stained but still recognizable if you knew them. You reached out with a weak hand and placed it on their faces, tears threatening to pour down your cheeks. But you refused them, they didn’t have a place here anymore. This home should be full of nothing but love and laughter, like it used to be. Instead of all this pain.
A noise from upstairs made you freeze. It sounded like someone trying to speak, but it was muffled. Jungkook. Your heart jumped to your throat. Perhaps he was up there. It wouldn’t be good to get caught up there, but in the worst case scenario, you had the high ground. Walking up the center stairs you felt the air shift around you. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it didn’t feel good either. Like something was waiting just around the corner for you.
Turning you saw your old bedroom door was shut. Trusting your gut you went forward. Your hand was on the doorknob when the room shifted again. Like people were coming up behind you. Turning, you saw no one. But you knew the moment you opened this door, something was going to happen. Turning the stiff knob in your hand you opened the pure white door that once led to your childhood room.
There Jungkook was lying on the floor in front of you, covered in wounds and his hands were tied behind his back. You couldn’t label the emotions you felt in that moment. Looking at him, you kept your senses on high alert, ready to attack if need be.
“Jungkook,” you shook him.
“Jungkook, wake up,” you whispered, shaking him harder.
A small cough came from the man, enough to tell you he was there. Lifting him off the floor you brought him into a sitting position. Jungkook’s eyes flew open as he looked around and saw you.
“Y/N, w-what are you-”
“It doesn’t matter, we have to go,” you said, trying to urge him up.
“But Y/N, why did you come for me?” he asked, looking you in the eye.
“Jungkook, I don’t have time for this, we need to get you out of here before they-”
“Well, lookit what the cat dragged in huh,” a deep voice from the corner called.
You were surprised you hadn’t smelled him, although with Jungkook’s scent everywhere, it was hard to smell much else.
“Let him go,” you demanded.
“I don’t think you’re in any position to be making demands, little lady,” he warned, coming forward with a blade, pure silver no doubt. It wouldn’t kill you, but it would hurt like a bitch.
“You have no idea who I am,” you scoffed.
“Of course we do, former heir to the entire Kingdom. Heart of gold, won’t even feed off of humans. You see, we’ve been following you for a while. And we knew, after that kiss you shared with good ole Jungkook over here, you’d feel a responsibility to come and get him. A fight against you both would be difficult, so pull you apart and make for easier pickings for us,” he smirked.
“You don’t know what kind of trouble you’re in now,” you said, hands heating up with fire.
“I think you’ve underestimated us,” he smiles brightly.
“I know you’ve underestimated me,” you warned, throwing a whip of fire in his direction. He dodged it easily.
But that was just a warning shot.
This would be a battle of the mind, not of brawn.
Stepping to the side you threw a stream of fine pebbles out like bullets off the floor. One must have grazed him, cause you heard his breath intake spike for a moment. Either that, or you startled him. Then you smelt the blood. Better hit than you thought.
Jungkook was silent to your right, something you were appreciative of. You couldn’t get distracted right now. Too much at stake.
A knife came out of the dark, hitting the wood right beside your head. Another warning. Was Jungkook worth the trouble you were going to have to go through to get him out of this? You breathed deeply. Everyone was worth it. It didn’t matter their past, or their present, what mattered is you got them to their future.
Taking the knife from the wall, you marveled at it in your hand for a moment. “This is excellent craftsmanship. Where did you acquire such a knife?”
“Downstairs,” he answered smoothly.
“Of course it’s one of dad’s,” you said, throwing it square at his face. Hitting your mark dead on. He had no chance of winning the fight when he decided to do it in the dark. Your night vision was near perfect. If anything, you had more trouble seeing during the day.
Humans could see at night to an extent but not to the magnitude you could.
A small cough brought you out of your stupor.
“Jungkook!” you yelped, rushing over.
“I’m good, I’m fine,” he said. You examined him a little, noticing he was wearing vervain rope around his wrists. A part of you wanted to be smug and asked him how it felt to be captured, but the bigger part of you was more concerned about getting him out of here in one piece. He was hurt, pretty badly. You weren’t even sure he could walk. Vampires healed fast, but they needed blood to do so.
“Jungkook, where did they...?” you asked, looking for the wound that produced his blood that was all over the walls.
“My back,” he said, straining to stand up.
“Easy, I got you,” you said, helping him to his full height.
“Thanks Y/N, seriously. You didn’t have to come for me,” he said.
“I did, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I just left you for dead,” you answered.
“This isn’t over, they’re everywhere. Crawling around like insects ready to be squashed,” Jungkook hissed. You rolled your eyes and helped him get to the first landing before you heard scuffling behind you.
“Hold on,” you said, heading towards the sound.
Three more vampire hunters popped out, knives and other weapons at the ready. You hardened your stance and threw a punch, hitting the first one in the nose. Although this exposed your wrist for a slice from the second one. You hissed and pulled your hand back and looked at the wound. The blade was covered in vervain. It would slow your healing process. Thankfully the cut wasn’t deep.
Growling you brought your leg up and kicked the second one square in the chest, throwing him against the wall with a sharp crack. You glared at the third one, who came forward with another knife, although this one was larger. No doubt another from your father’s collection. Moving to the left you brought your arm to his throat, crushing his trachea beyond repair. You listened until his breathing stopped and you assessed the situation. Four down, several to go.
Up the stairs you heard a gasp. Turning quickly you saw Jungkook surrounded by four more vampire hunters. You huffed and ran up the stairs, tackling one to the ground before throwing a solid punch to the face. You punched again and heard his skull crack. Standing up you brought his body with you, shoving it at the man closest to the railing. They both went over, a sickening crunch being heard a second later.
“I’d hate to get my hands dirty any more, why don’t you just let us go?” you asked, tilting your head.
“We’d rather die than let vermin like you escape!”
“Well, unfortunately that wasn’t the right answer,” you mocked, picking up a dropped blade from the floor and throwing it square in one’s chest. He stumbled backwards, but he pulled the knife out with ease. Damn, he was wearing armor underneath his clothes. You should’ve known the extra bulk wasn’t muscle. But, you had other means of destroying them. Undoing your small pouch from your belt loop, water hit the floor.
“Think we’re afraid of a little water?” one asked, coming closer.
“You should be,” you warned, lifting your hand, causing the ice to freeze. With a flick of your wrist the icicles were flying through the air and landing their marks on each man’s throat. They both collapsed, hitting the floor with a dull thud.
Jungkook looked at you in amazement.
“Each element... You can control them,” he whispered.
“Yes, I can, but let’s not focus on that right now. Let’s get out of here,” you urged, coming forward to wrap your arm around his waist, when a sharp pain erupted through your lower calf.
“Y/N!” Jungkook yelled.
“Fuck!” you screamed. Your knee hit the floor hard, as you looked behind you to see an arrow sticking out of your leg.
One woman was at the base of the stairs, smirking at you.
Oh big mistake.
Reaching backwards you ripped the arrow out of your calf, feeling the blood run down. But you didn’t pay attention to that. Feeling the dirt with your hand you brought it into the shape of an arrowhead. As quick as an actual bow you fired, drilling the woman in the skull with it. She fell to the floor, blood splattering across the back wall behind her.
“Bitch,” you spat, moving into a crouch to examine your leg. It was already starting to heal. The dumbass didn’t put any vervain on it; you were in the clear.
“Y/N are you alright?” Jungkook’s concerned voice came from the landing.
“Yeah, I’m fine. On my way,” you said, coming back towards him.
He looked a little worse for wear. His wound still hadn’t healed, they must’ve used a vervain weapon on him. He was pale. More so than usual, and he looked tired. Your heart ached slightly at the sight of him, so beaten down. He was strong enough to beat this, you knew it.
“You okay?” he asked, moving his hand down to your bloody leg. You nodded, already feeling the skin stitching itself back together.
“Yes, she didn’t put any vervain on the arrow, so I should be healed in a few minutes,” you said with a soft smile. He nodded. You moved to help him stand, taking a majority of his weight on your side.
“How many more do you think there are?” he asked, moving with you at a slow pace.
“I don’t know, once we get out of the house I can hunt them down one by one,” you smirked, ready to unleash your full potential.
“I don’t know whether to be scared or turned on at that,” he said, as if he were truly confused.
“Jungkook!” you admonished, rolling your eyes.
“What! I’m serious, that was super sexy Y/N!” he complained.
“Shh,” you said, turning and sniffing in the direction of the hallways.
“There are more that way,” Jungkook confirmed, you nodded.
“I can sense them, but it’s hard. I can smell vervain, those bastards are pulling out all the stops. It’s affecting me,” you complained, helping him through another doorway.
“Me too, I feel even weaker,” he agreed.
“I know, I’m the one hauling your ass,” you said, finding the door that would lead you out to the old gardens. “If we go out here it’ll be harder for them to find us, but it’ll also be closer quarters. Less places to run or hide.”
Jungkook stuck his tongue into the side of his cheek while he weighed the options. You couldn’t help the little rush that went through you at his serious expression. He was truly something else. But your heart was still holding on to the past...
“Let’s go,” he said, pulling his feet underneath him and trying to take a step forward on his own.
“Careful!” You yelped, looking at his bloody back.
“I’ll be alright, just need to find one of them to drink from,” he growled.
“Okay,” you said, trying not to think about that.
Going down the steps you and Jungkook shuffled through the roses and the hydrangeas that had long been overgrown and unkempt.
You remember running around them as a child with your nursemaid and family members. The stone paths once shone with the love and care of the groundskeeper, now they were covered in dirt, mold and moss, making your heart ache.
The look of the garden now made you wince. Your mother would be horrified if she could see it now. Although, this wasn’t the time to be thinking in the past.
Jungkook’s hand was still locked in yours, unwavering and anchoring you to the present as the past whirled around you in a dizzying spiral. Practically dragging you, Jungkook found a gazebo that was towards the middle of the gardens. He pulled you behind it, settling his tender back against the lattice. Wincing, he bit his tongue to keep himself from crying out. You looked over at him in concern, when he put his hand up to give you pause.
“There are three of them close, but the scent of vervain is still strong, they must have it on their person,” he deduced.
“That means they have it on their weapons. Which makes this ten times harder than it needs to be,” you huffed, looking up at the sky.
“Hey, we got this,” he assured you, patting your cheek with affection. Jungkook could feel his stomach clench when you smiled at him.
He could never give you over to Taehyung now. Knowing what he does and feeling the way he feels... He could die for disobeying a direct order from the King... But, the way you looked at him, the way your eyes held the same pain as his. Although, they still held so much hope. Something Jungkook didn’t realize he’d been looking for until he found it in your glowing orbs. Taehyung would never find you if he had anything to say about it.
“What?” You asked, wondering why Jungkook had taken to staring at you for the past minute.
He shot you a winning grin before shaking his head. “It’s nothing, let’s do this.”
Hearing a rustle come from the bushes you brought the earth forward, gripping the individual's feet and pulling them through the hedges and into the light. Jungkook growled at the sight of the person and launched himself forward. You kept them stable as you turned your head, not wanting to see what he did.
You heard the tendons and muscle tearing as Jungkook ripped them apart as he fed. The smell of blood in the air was almost enough to choke on. But soon, you heard the crumpling of fabric and Jungkook footsteps walking toward you.
He wiped his mouth and looked at you. There was no fear in your eyes, just determination. He took your hand and started down the pathway further, ears listening to every twig snap and rustle of leaves. Jungkook turned a corner and there were two vampire hunters standing there, ready for you.
Your heart stopped in your chest when you saw that there was a girl, who couldn’t be older than thirteen standing before you with hatred in her big brown eyes. Jungkook went to move forward when you stopped him.
“She’s just a kid,” you said, not wanting to hurt her.
“She’ll kill you without even thinking about it, Y/N, I know it’s awful, but she likely doesn’t have a family. Most vampire hunters are orphaned. Due to vampires,” he said, swallowing the distaste.
“Come here, vampire bitch! I’ll kill you!” The girl yelled, pulling out a poisoned blade. One good strike with that could put you or Jungkook out of commission for a while. Jungkook tensed, waiting for you.
“You don’t have to do this,” you said, looking at her desperately.
“Yes I do,” she snarled before coming forward and trying to lodge her blade deep in your chest. Jungkook came forward and gripped her wrist, making the blade aim away from you. Jungkook huffed as he realized he wasn’t going to be strong enough to take them both. If you didn’t get your head in the game, it was over for the both of you...
“Y/N! We have to kill them!” He shouted, looking at you as your heart battled with your mind.
“I can’t kill her Jungkook, she's just doing what she thinks is right!” You cried.
The blade came at you again, you dodged it without much difficulty. But you could hear Jungkook, he was struggling to stay on his feet, even though he’d drained someone, the damage he sustained should’ve dropped him a while ago. You couldn’t waste too much more time. Jungkook tried taking the older gentleman, but it was a bad move. Jungkook took an elbow to the stomach and was shoved backwards. He fell and hit his back hard against the ground. Jungkook groaned in pain, not moving to get back up.
“Jungkook!” You yelped, moving to go help him. When a blade flew past your head. Turning slowly, you saw the girl glaring at you with unadulterated hatred. Jungkook was still on the ground, unmoving. He’d no doubt spent all of that energy he’d gotten from the person he drank from earlier. It was up to you now.
“Alright, I’m done playing games,” you said, glowering at the two of them.
“Finally a fight worthy of our time,” the older man said, coming forward.
“I want to kill her,” the little girl said, holding onto her blade with a ferocity not normally seen in younger kids.
Unless they had lost everything.
“You can strike the final blow, but I want some fun in the meantime,” he said, smiling.
You felt your skin crawl. This wasn’t the life for a younger kid. She deserved to be playing with her friends and being loved by her parents, not this. It was heartbreaking to see it play out this way, but right now... It was you against them. Vampires vs Humans.
And you weren’t going to lose.
Making a whip out of fire you looked at them harshly.
“You hurt my friend, then come to my house and dare to make a mockery of me. Mind you, I am the former Heir to this kingdom. Show some respect,” you smirked.
“Like we’d worship a whore like you,” the older man said, trying to strike a nerve.
“Ooh, so rude. But no matter, we’ll make quick work of this,” you confirmed, throwing the whip out and latching it to the other man’s arm. Pulling him forward you wrapped your arm around his throat and crushed his windpipe shortly thereafter. He gasped on the ground for a few moments before his eyes rolled back in his head and it went eerily silent.
“G-Grayson,” the younger girl said, looking at him with concern. She probably hadn’t seen many people die before. She may not have killed herself yet.
You could still save her.
“You don’t have to do this,” you reasoned.
“Y-You... You could’ve just snapped his neck, made it quick. But you made him suffocate. You really are monsters,” she said, shaking.
“We are, but you don’t have to become one yourself. This doesn’t have to be what you do, you can walk away,” you said.
“I can’t, your kind took everything from me. My mother, father and brother. I won’t rest until you’re exterminated. So we can rule ourselves in peace,” she snarled.
“Is that what you believe will happen? That the Vampiric Council won’t hunt you down and slaughter you. I know, I’ve been on the run for years from them. Trust me, I don’t like the current situation any more than you do. But I left my life behind because I had no choice. You have one, choose the road less traveled,” you encouraged.
Her stance wavered.
“They’ve raised me since I was eight. I owe them everything,” she said, soft.
“And they turned you into a killing machine,” you said. “There was only something in it for them. They robbed you of your childhood.”
With this phrase, her eyes changed. Flashing pure rage.
“You robbed me of my family, of my life. Any semblance of a childhood died when my family did. Don’t pretend that you’re trying to help me. We both know there’s only one of us walking away from this. And it’s going to be me,” she said, ice leaking into her tone.
“I’m sorry that your family is gone. Mine is too, taken from me from my own kind. If anyone can understand your hatred of vampires, it’s me. I’ve hated my kind for so long. Centuries, but it’s never gotten me anywhere. The only way to move forward is to accept your past and move towards your future. Your past is cemented, but your future is still being decided,” you pleaded.
But the hardened gaze she gave you, told you everything you needed to know.
She was beyond saving.
And you weren’t sure if you were gonna make it. You hadn’t fed in a long time, and there weren’t going to be animals around with enough blood to sustain yourself for a long time. And Jungkook needed you...
“I’m so sorry,” you whispered, looking down before pushing yourself forward, taking the earth under her feet to secure her in place. She struggled for a few seconds before a realization came over her face.
“You’re really gonna kill me,” she whispered.
“I’m afraid we’re past that point,” you said, gripping her head and yanking her neck to the side so her flesh was revealed. Swallowing thickly, you bite into her yielding flesh and let the crimson liquid pour into your mouth. She struggled for a little bit, before it was too much and she started to collapse. You held onto her and drained her to the last drop.
The head rush started first.
The overwhelming sense of strength and power that you felt made you almost want to scream. It was too much. Being a purebred living off of animal blood was a joke, and you knew it. But you had forgotten how much you’d lost in your decades of living the way you had. It was almost startling.
Your senses came rushing in like a herd of antelope. Your sight, your hearing and smell all heightened to their original state. That’s when you heard Jungkook huff from behind you.
Rushing over you kneeled next to him. He hadn’t moved since the older man, Grayson, knocked him to the ground. Your heart did a little flip in your chest when you looked at him. Pulling him into your lap you brushed the hair away from his face. A small cough came from his lips and his eyes fluttered open.
“Good morning,” you smirked.
“Y/N?” He asked, looking at you with moderate confusion.
“Yeah?” You said, giving him a soft smile.
“Your eyes,” he said, bringing a hand to your cheek.
“What about them?” You asked.
“They’re... red,” he whispered.
“They’re, oh... Yeah,” you coughed. A sound from beyond the trees made your skin jump. They couldn’t have... Did they release it for their own gain? Not even your father had been able to tame that beast. You weren’t out of the woods yet. Jungkook noticed your distress.
“Something wrong?” He asked.
He must not have heard it.
“There’s something big in those woods. You need to feed, we don’t have long before it starts after us too,” you urged, helping him stand.
“What’s in those woods?” He asked, following you.
“It doesn’t matter as long as we don’t run into it,” you said, keeping it vague.
“Y/N, what is it?” He asked, looking towards the tree line with worry creasing his features.
“It’s a mountain troll. Father had captured it, thinking he could tame the damn thing. But he wound up losing more than he gained from it. I don’t know how it survived after the estate went to ruin but, I know what it is. And I know what it could do,” you warned.
“Okay, then what do we do?” He asked, following as you started off deeper into the gardens.
“Get out of here as fast as possible, we don’t want to fight that stupid thing. And you need to feed again, your wound is taking a lot of the blood to heal. You won’t be able to hold your own in a fight like this,” you said, turning a corner.
That’s when you froze. Jungkook saw you stop and mirrored your actions. Eight people were coming up behind you, and fast. Grabbing Jungkook’s hand, you hauled him in front of you, urging him to run. Not thinking much more the pair of you had taken off towards the large fields next to the estate.
If you could just get out past the river, you would be home free.
But, things rarely happened the way you wanted them to in your life.
A sharp burn echoed across your shoulder, causing you to stutter in your stride and fall. Jungkook was hanging onto you so tight that he wound up tumbling to the ground with you. The pair of you rolled a few feet before you wound up underneath him. Jungkook looked at you in confusion. But looking down at you, he could see the pain etching across your face.
“What happened?”
“Get up, we’ve gotta move,” you said, trying to push him up when your shoulder twinged in pain again.
“Y/N,” he said, helping you stand up.
But it was too late, they had caught up.
“Well well well, what a prize. A member of the elite Vampiric Council and then the former Princess of our kingdom. What a treat for us,” a girl at the front said.
She must be their leader. The head of this branch of hunters. They all had a main person who they answered to, but no one had been able to track down and find the head of the vampire hunters in the years they’d been around. They tend to make themselves fairly scarce, knowing a full on fight with the proper forces wouldn’t end well for them.
But here, against two vampires.
It hardly seemed fair.
You looked at each of them. They all hovered around the same height and build. They also were fairly young. They weren’t as young as the girl you’d met earlier, but they couldn’t be more than ten years older than her. Jungkook and you stared at the group, wondering what the hell you were going to do.
“You’re in trouble, your former highness,” she smirked.
“It’s nothing we can’t handle,” you said, keeping your face level.
“Bold statement, I expect a good fight. You have been trained in combat, it was expected when you were a child wasn’t it?” She asked.
She no doubt read your family's journals and papers that remained in the manor. So, her knowledge of your combat history and ability wasn’t that big of a shock. However, that did put you at a disadvantage. She could predict your moves before you made them, if she understood the fighting styles you used. They were older, so maybe she would struggle but, this wasn’t a good sign.
“It was, but, I’m no longer a child,” you said, taking a few steps forward when you felt the pull in your shoulder again. Reaching back you ripped a small dart from your flesh. Observing it, you sighed.
A vervain dart. Once injected, it could greatly decrease a vampire’s abilities. Hearing and taste would be dampened, reflexes and sight would be slowed, almost to that of a humans. But, that wasn’t for purebreds.
“This doesn’t have to be the way it is. We can stop, let us walk away,” you tried, even though it sounded ridiculous to your ears.
“Ever the diplomat. I guess old training dies hard, huh? Hilarious what we remember,” she sneered
“I’m giving you a chance, walk away,” you offered again. But the leader just chuckled, shaking her head.
“You can’t expect me to let you go, not after all of this. I’ve lost good people today, a good kid, thanks to you,” she pointed out.
“I gave her a chance,” you said. “Just like I’m giving you one now.”
“This is fucking ridiculous,” she growled. “Judy, Neil, take them out.”
Two people from the back came rushing forward. Jungkook tensed up, ready to fight, but you put your hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t, let me take this one,” you demanded.
“And let you have all the fun? How could I?” You gave him a sharp look, squaring your shoulders.
“Don’t slow me down then,” you smirked.
The woman came after Jungkook, while you curved off towards the man. You heard the sicken snap of bone behind you and the woman crying out in pain.
Jungkook would be fine.
Shaking your head you moved towards the man. He stood with a strong stance, moving with a grace that was odd of a human. However, he was older, probably the oldest in the group here so he’d have time to train enough to get that kind of skill in battle. You moved in counter, keeping your steps level and in time with his. He struck first, throwing a dagger past your head.
That was a warning.
Although, you saw him favor his other shoulder after the power exerted to throw the dagger had gone through. You tilted your head and saw he favored his entire left side. Some old injury that was no doubt aggravated. You were still heavily impressed that he wasn’t obvious about it. And the way he carried himself just proved he was disciplined.
Placing your hand in the dirt you ran a line right to his left foot, locking it in place and watching as he tensed up. He was scared. Rightfully so, you were about to kill him.
Taking your hand in the dirt you twisted it sharply, causing the block of soil around the man’s foot to yank his whole leg to the side quickly. A wet snap echoed throughout the clearing and you watched as the man fell to the ground crying out his agony. You stood up and dusted off your hand. Jungkook’s mouth was red, the body of the woman he fought on the ground behind him.
The head woman seemed frustrated.
“Jackson, Ruby and Garrett, go,” she demanded.
The three peeled out from the group huddle.
You knew what she was doing now however. She was wearing you down and showing the ones who remained in her group how you fought. That way when they came at you towards the end they’d know how to take you down with ease. Gritting your teeth you tried to hold back when the woman came at you, tried to keep your powers dialed down, but that’s when the ground beneath your feet began to shake.
“What’s going on? Y/N!?” Jungkook’s alarmed voice came through the clearing.
“Jungkook run!” You cried, taking off towards him.
That’s when through the trees a large creature emerged.
Your breath stopped short at the sight of it.
The mountain troll had grown. Your father had captured it when it was younger, and it must’ve been quite young because you had no idea the creature could grow to this size. How it survived still amazed you. It also terrified you.
Jungkook moved to bolt towards the treeline when the troll started for the group of vampire hunters. The head woman started screaming orders, telling her people to hustle and get to higher ground. But she was sorely mistaken if she thought her and her group were going to make it out of this alive. The only reason you and Jungkook had a chance was because of your inhuman speed.
“It's distracted! GO!” you screamed, pushing him forward. Jungkook could hardly stand at this rate, but you two managed to haul your asses towards the river. It was the boundary for the estate, and if the charm was still on the fucking troll, it couldn’t cross the body of water.
However, the vampire hunters didn’t know that.
They started heading back towards the estate, hoping to get some cover. But, it was far too late for them. You and Jungkook heard the sounds of them being ripped apart. The screams...
But you had to keep moving. Because the second they were all dead, that thing would come after you two.
Finally, you made it to the river. Jungkook pushed himself through the water and landed in a heap on the other side. You did the same, but your pants caught on the rocks below the surface.
The cracking of tree branches alerted you. The troll was done with his appetizer and was coming for the full course meal. You were still in the river, he would be able to reach in and pull you out. The damned thing could get in the river, but he couldn’t get on the bank. Panic gripped your chest as you tried to pull on the fabric desperately.
You’d already spent your energy on fighting the whole day away. You wouldn’t be able to call a pebble to fight for you now if you wanted to. Jungkook was breathing harshly on the bank, looking at the sky.
“Jungkook!” you screamed.
His head popped up as he looked at you in bewilderment.
“What? What’s wrong?” he asked, crawling closer.
“I can’t get out. I’m too weak, I’m stuck, pull me out!” you begged, reaching for him. Faster than you thought possible for him right now he was on his feet, wading back into the water and reaching for your hand.
“Don’t panic, I’ve got you,” he said, reaching into the water to untangle your pants.
“It’s not gonna work! Just pull!”
“If I pull you’ll just get more stuck!”
“Jungkook please hurry,” you begged.
“Easy, I’ve got you,” he whispered.
“If my hands weren’t shaking so bad I’d smack the shit out of you right now,” you growled.
“I can’t get you unstuck,” he breathed.
“Take your pants off!”
“Y/N, take your pants off so I can haul your ass out of this fucking river before we’re ripped to pieces. Hurry!” Jungkook cried.
Desperately you undid the strings and threw your pants down to your ankles. Jungkook wrapped his arm around your waist and lifted you up, pulling you both through the water. With a heavy thud the pair of you landed in the wet dirt on the river bank, breaths stolen and minds racing.
Just as you managed to catch your breath you looked up to see the mountain troll, eyes glazed over and blood dripping from it’s overgrown teeth. You swallowed hard. You hoped to every living being out there that this damn thing wasn’t about to cross the river and eat you for dinner.
But, you watched as it reached for you across the bank. Your mind went blank as you saw it’s large hand reaching right for you and Jungkook. However, it howled in pain before it could reach all the way across. The bright blue glow of your father’s magic echoed around the river. You watched in amazement as the creature huffed in annoyance before heading back towards the estate.
Even centuries later...
Your father was still protecting you.
“Holy shit we’re alive!?” Jungkook cried from beside you. You turned to look at him and you nodded softly.
“Yeah, we’re alive,” you agreed. Jungkook whooped and hollered as he laid back down.
“Oh my fucking shit, I’ve never been that scared in my entire life,” he said, putting a hand over his face as he laughed.
You sighed and stood up, brushing the dirt of your very bare knees.
“Y/N?” Jungkook’s voice was a lot softer then. Like he was nervous.
“Yes?” you asked, looking at him. He slowly made his way to his feet, standing next to you.
“You saved my life,” he said, a gentle smile on his face.
“You saved mine too, I guess,” you said with a shrug. Slowly you held out your wrists. Jungkook looked down at you in confusion.
“What are you doing?” he asked, raising a brow.
“Letting you cuff me. You saved me, I’ll go quietly. I promise,” you said, shaking your wrists towards him. Jungkook made a disgusted sound at the back of his throat before throwing the vervain cuffs on the ground and walking closer to you.
“If you think I’m taking you to the King after all of that then you’re truly insane,” he said.
“But what’ll happen if you don’t bring me back? What happens to you?” you asked.
“That’s not for you to worry about,” he said with a grave sense of finality.
“What if they kill you-”
“They won’t kill me Y/N, I’m a member of the Council for fuckssake, the King will probably just make me do some extra heavy lifting. I’ll be fine. And so will you,” he said, a sad smile on his face.
“You’re letting me go?” you asked for confirmation.
“I don’t know how much longer I could’ve kept you to be honest. You’re pretty difficult to catch if you haven’t noticed,” he chuckled.
“So... This is it then?”
Jungkook nodded.
“Yeah, this is it. No more escapades and near death experiences, at least... I hope.”
“We’ll probably never see each other again,” you whispered.
“No, we probably won’t,” he agreed.
It was then you felt two soft lips kiss your forehead gently.
“Be safe, Y/N. You’ll still be on the run, but I can try to throw them off you for as long as I can,” he said, pulling away from you.
“Thank you,” you whispered.
“Don’t mention it. Like, seriously don’t mention it I’ll probably get in trouble if you do,” he laughed nervously.
“I won’t say a word, I promise,” you said, looking him straight in the eyes.
“I know,” he said, a soft smile gracing his saddened features.
“If you follow the trail west you’ll end up on an old trading route road. It’ll take you to the next city. I don’t know how traveled it is anymore, but you might have some luck finding a merchant who can take you,” you said, pointing in the direction.
“Thank you,” he said, turning to walk away, when your hand snapped out fast and grabbed his wrist. Jungkook looked back at you for a moment before you tugged him closer.
Sighing deeply you stared him in the eyes.
“If I don’t do this now, I know I’ll regret it,” you whispered, bringing your lips to his firmly. Jungkook reacted almost immediately, wrapping his hands around your waist. You pulled him even closer, folding yourself around him. You wanted to be closer, closer, closer still.
Jungkook didn’t seem to understand this as he pulled away.
“Y/N,” he breathed against your lips.
“What do you want from me?” he asked, echoing himself from last night.
Was it really just last night he’d cried into you and he’d kissed you with so much passion? Was it really that fast? But, after the entirety of events that had transpired between your two, you knew that there was more than just a cocky bastard inside of Jungkook.
There was a genuine person there. Someone you wanted to get to know, even if you couldn’t be with him forever.
This would be enough.
“You. I want this, right now. Just us two,” you said, pleading softly.
“If we do this-”
“I loved someone before you know...”
“Huh?” Jungkook quiets beside you.
“I loved a human man, I loved him so much that it hurt. And when I lost him I promised I’d never love again. I promised I’d never let another person touch me the way he did. When I kissed you last night it’s the first kiss I’ve had in about two hundred years. But I realized that, if I continue to keep myself from happiness, then I’ll never have it again, due to not wanting it taken away. But isn’t it better to know it again before you lose everything” you laughed lightly.
“Y/N, are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.
“Yes, I’m sure. I want you. If this is the last time I get to see you then I want to make it worth it,” you smirked. Jungkook bit his lip, as if he were really trying to make the right decision.
“As long as you’re sure,” he said, moving to capture your lips again.
You sighed into the contact, letting his lips engulf your own. Jungkook wrapped his arms around you once more, cradling your body close to his as if you were porcelain, like you would break if he moved you too fast. You didn’t mind it, honestly. To be treated with such care made your heart swell in your chest. You wanted to treat him gently too, make him feel just as good if not better.
Jungkook began to kiss your neck and shoulders, pecking the supple skin there, leaving marks of his own on your body. You felt his nips and careful bites, they made you shudder as your hands roamed his skin. He’d been through a lot today, so had you.
“J-Jungkook, are you sure about this? Are you going to be okay?” you asked, lifting his head from your neck so he’d look in your eyes.
“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life,” he beamed. “I want to please you, I want to feel you. Can I? Don’t think I’ve forgotten my genius plan of getting you half naked.”
“Shut up, before I make you,” you growled, shoving his shoulder.
Jungkook swallowed hard, bringing you into his arms. “You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, looking at you with poorly hidden desire. “Making me so hard, fuck...”
Slowly you started pushing Jungkook back towards a tree. His back met the bark with a gentle thud before his eyes locked onto yours. You gave him a gentle smile before pushing his shirt up and running your hands across his stomach. Jungkook let out a shaky breath, looking down as your nails ran down his sensitive flesh.
“You’re so handsome Jungkook, big eyes and pouty lips. Want to kiss you senseless,” you smirked. You heard a strangled whine come from him.
“I want that. I want your mouth on me, everywhere,” he hissed when your fingers made contact with his nipples. “Fucking shit!”
“Ooh, you’re so responsive when I do that... Like when I touch your chest Jungkook? Want me to play with them?” you asked, thumbing the hardened nubs tortuously slow.
“Y-Yeah, so good baby,” he groaned, head falling back to hit the tree with a solid ‘thud’.
“Mmm, they got so hard,” you murmured, pulling his shirt up to reveal his chest to you fully.
“Please Y/N, please do something,” he begged, attempting to grind against you, earning himself a sharp tug on the nipple.
“Don’t be greedy, I’ll do what I want when I want to, understand?” you said, eyes turning dark.
“Yes... I-I understand,” he said, voice soft and pleading.
“What a good boy,” you praised, latching your soft mouth onto the skin of his chest. He sucked in a harsh breath at the contact, tightening his grip on your hips as he tried to keep himself under control. You could tell that he wasn’t used to being the one listening to commands during sex. He kept trying to jolt himself against you or get some kind of friction somewhere. But you didn’t want to be too mean to him, especially if this was the only time you’d get to do this.
Sadness filled your heart at the thought of only getting to do this the one time...
Jungkook’s whines pulled you from your stupor, making you look up at his pretty face, flushed as he bit down on his lip. With a dark grin you brought your other hand to his nipple, toying with it briefly before pinching it between your fingers. Jungkook cried out, hips bucking forward to search for you. You bit your lip, trying to keep the teasing smirk from your face.
Was this really the man that had teased and manhandled you?
You gave his chest one last teasing tug and trailed your hands lower until they were at the fasteners for his pants. Jungkook’s chest was heaving, looking up at the sky. Almost as if he were afraid to look down and see your beautiful crimson orbs looking back up at him.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, breath tickling his neck as you leaned forward. You saw him swallow hard before turning his chin down to look at you. A soft smile graced your features, you reached up and cradled his cheek gently. He leaned into your touch, cheek smushing slightly against your palm.
“Please,” he breathed, eyes closed like he was anticipating something.
“What do you want?” You asked, running your thumb across his puffy lower lip.
“I want to taste you,” he whimpered out, taking your thumb in his mouth and sucking on it longingly. You caught your reflexive moan in your throat. Jesus this man was going to be the death of you.
“Yeah? Get on your knees then,” you said. Jungkook practically fell to the ground before you. You chuckled, watching as he eagerly shuffled forward on his knees, collecting the dirt beneath him but you were both far from caring about appearances.
“Oh fuck, I can smell you from here,” he whined, wiggling while he knelt before you. Gently you pulled at the bands of your underwear, pushing and pulling it around. Jungkook was good, he didn’t move forward or make demands. He just watched, entranced as you teased him.
“Wanna taste? Huh? You’re like a good little puppy waiting for the treat, so cute. What a good puppy,” you said, reaching forward and grasping his hair in your hands, tugging on it to lift his chin so you could see his throat. “You want it?”
“Yesss,” he cried. “Want it so bad. I-I’ll be good for you, I promise. Just let me taste, I’ll make you cum I promise please.”
“Tell me what you’d do, if I let you have it,” you beamed, pulling the band of your underwear in such a way it made your mound more pronounced. Jungkook could see the stain of your wetness coming through the fabric.
“I-I’d start slow. I want to savor it, every last drop. Then I’d give that pretty clit some well deserved attention. Suck, lick and figure out how you like it. Tease your little hole with my tongue, b-but,” he swallows thick, like he’s trying to keep himself from drooling. “But I wouldn’t use my hands unless you said I could.”
You hummed at his obedience. “Mmm, good puppy. Such a good boy, you can come closer, give me a kiss,” you said, pulling him forward by his neck. Jungkook gave a soft cry before landing face first into your pussy. He inhaled deeply, before groaning in wanton desire. You felt his lips pucker up and give your soaked underwear a kiss.
“Mmm, please. Please say I can have it,” he begged, palming himself through his pants.
“Don’t touch yourself,” you growled. Jungkook froze in place but moved his hand away from his throbbing cock. “Good baby. How about you touch me instead,” you beamed. “Go ahead puppy, you can have it.” Slowly you pulled your underwear down, face leveling with his for a second. His eyes were glassy, and you were surprised he was already this desperate, but you were going to enjoy this either way.
“Thank you,” he gasped before attaching his mouth to your bare pussy. A shiver ran down his spine as he made fat licks up your slit, gathering all your slick on his tongue. Jungkook looked like he wanted to cry, but not in a bad way. Like, in a relieved way.
“Oh fuck, so good puppy. Keep going like that,” you encouraged, locking your fingers in his damp locks. You pushed him a little closer, forcing his mouth to connect with you fully. He grunted at the rough motion, but quickly preened at the feeling of your digits playing with his hair. He gripped your ass and encouraged you to move your hips against his face.
“Grind on me, please. I want to feel it,” he cried. You did as he asked, moving your hips across his beautiful face, watching as more and more of your liquid gathered on his lips and chin.
“Making me feel so good, puppy. Look at the mess you’re making. Eat nicely,” you tutted.
“But you taste so good,” he whimpered, moving his mouth against you more feverishly. You were breathing harder now. His tongue was running against your clit so directly it felt like your lower stomach was burning with pleasure.
“Fuck puppy, yes. Right there, just like that, so good baby. L-Lick it,” you moaned, head falling back slightly. But you didn’t want to take your eyes off of the gorgeous man pleasuring you. Jungkook was getting desperate it would seem, because the more you pulled on his hair, the tighter his hands gripped your ass.
“C-Can I put a finger in? Do you want me to?” he asked, licking his lips to sweep your flavor off of him and onto his greedy tongue.
“Just be gentle,” you warned, giving him a stern stare. Jungkook’s eyes became even more glossed over as he nodded slowly, acknowledging your order.
“Gonna make you cum so hard,” he almost growled into your cunt. But, just as you asked, he was gentle. Petting his fingers over your center carefully Jungkook seemed to be hyper focused on his goal. You sighed when he pushed his digit inside of you, making your aching pussy clench around the intruder.
“Ooh, puppy. So tight, so tight in my pussy huh?” you teased.
“Y-Yeah, you’re so fucking tight,” he groaned, pumping his finger slowly, watching as your hungry core sucked him right back in desperately.
“Mmf! Fuck,” you snarled, pushing your hips down to get more of the delicious feeling of him filling you. If this is how you reacted to a finger, Jungkook couldn’t wait to see how you reacted to his cock stuffing you to the brim.
“Can you take another one?” he asked, eyes all big and sparkly as they gazed at you.
“Yes baby, put in another one,” you demanded. Jungkook quickly took his pointer and middle finger and put them in his mouth to get them wet before sinking them inside you. You gasped, the distinct pull in your stomach making you wince slightly but after a few seconds it was gone, making you worried for when he did finally get his dick inside you but, that wouldn’t be until later...
“H-Holy shit you’re so fucking hot, so wet-” he mewled before attaching his lips to your clit once more, sucking harshly. A sharp rush of pleasure swept over you, making your knees shake slightly. Jungkook pulled you closer, so that one of your legs was going behind his back and resting on his shoulder.
“Mmm what a good puppy, making sure I don’t fall over because you’re fingering my pussy so good. Shit baby, keep going. Don’t stop, I’m close,” you breathed, feeling your walls starting to clamp down on his long digits.
“Let me have it. Cum on my face, I want to taste it. I’ll clean you up so good, I promise,” he cried, tonguing your clit with an urgency that was throwing you into the arms of your orgasm harshly. You gripped his hair so tight you heard him hiss but you couldn’t focus on much else as your body jerked above his so violently he had to hang onto your hip to keep you from tipping over.
Jungkook held onto your thigh as he pumped his fingers languidly, nosing at your sensitive clit with hesitancy. He didn’t want to hurt you. But he also was sucking your cum off his lips with such an earnestness that your stomach clenched, making him look at you with wonder.
Apparently Jungkook made the right call by holding your thigh, because a few moments later your knees went wobbly. He smiled at you brightly, running his hand up to your hip and lower stomach. You smoothed your hand over his hair, watching as he leaned into your touch. A softness took over your features as you got on your knees with him, wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing his swollen lips to yours.
He curled his arms around your frame, hands settling on your waist. You kissed him like it was your only desire in this life, like if you broke apart for a second it would be too much to bear. He responded in kind, running his palms across your back and gripping your bare ass in his hands. You smiled against his mouth, giving a soft moan to egg him on. Jungkook connected your lips again, tracing his tongue along the seam of your mouth. You didn’t give him the access he asked for, making him whine against your lips and pull you further into his body.
However, this wasn’t enough. You wanted him closer, deeper and seeping into every ounce of you. It’s been so long since you’ve been touched like this, your chest was tight with emotion. You pulled back gently, watching as Jungkook tried to follow your lips. A soft giggle came from you as his bright eyes peaked open, looking at you with curiosity.
“Are you alright?” he breathed, slightly airy.
“I’m okay, just thinking,” you said, before tightening your grip on his and tipping backwards so you’d fall on your back. Jungkook gave a little cry, catching himself on his forearms so that he didn’t crush you when he hit the ground. You opened your thighs and let him settle between them. Jungkook readjusted himself so that you weren’t uncomfortable.
“Are you sure you want to do this here? I don’t want you getting hurt,” he fretted, pushing stray twigs and rocks away from you.
“I can’t feel any of it. All I can feel is you,” you said, brushing a strand of his longer hair behind his ear. His eyes glimmered then, and you felt the air leave your lungs. He was looking at you like you were precious, something to be adored. Overwhelmed you tried to swallow down your stinging tears. Jungkook seemed to notice your distress, because he was placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
“It’s okay, I’m right here,” he said.
“I know, I know you are. Because you’re my good puppy aren’t you? Want your treat? Come get it,” you said, spreading your lower lips with your fingers, flashing your soaked insides to him. Reaching down, Jungkook didn’t have the patience to take his pants all the way off, so he just pushed them to his mid thigh. His cock was just as pretty as the rest of him, flushed red tip that was leaking an absurd amount of pre-cum. You wet your lips with your tongue, longing to stuff his cock in your mouth. But, he was already lining himself up with your sopping core.
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked, looking into your eyes.
“Yes, yes you can put it in Jungkook,” you said, using his name.
Jungkook nodded quickly before pushing in slowly. The stretch was hard, a strangled yelp left you as you tried to keep yourself from tensing up. Jungkook rubbed his thumbs into your hips, trying to ease the ache you were feeling. Carefully, Jungkook eased himself back out and pushed forward again, going a little deeper than before.
“S-Shit, you’re so fucking tight,” he groaned, head slumping forward and resting on your chest. You smirked slightly, but ran your fingers through his hair gingerly. Jungkook kept giving little thrusts into your wet heat, gauging how much you could handle before finally you felt your hips connect and he was bottomed out inside of you.
“Oh fuck, puppy you’re so big,” you hiccuped. Jungkook wasn’t in a much better situation. His shoulders were tense and his head was hanging low. Placing your hand on his cheek, you made him look at you. His face was scrunched up and he looked like he could be in pain. But you knew it was probably just overwhelming for him. You had done quite a bit of teasing. However, that route wasn’t exactly over.
“Do you need a second?” he asked, suddenly serious.
“No, you can move. I want you to, fuck me hard,” you encouraged, running your hands down his stiff back and gripping his plump ass in your hands. Jungkook took your invitation and started moving inside of you at a swift pace. Nothing too fast, but enough to get your head feeling spinny. You gripped his ass tightly, keeping your moans quiet and soft. Jungkook, however, was extremely vocal.
“Fuck! So tight, so wet, holy shit,” he moaned, high pitched whimpers falling from his lips every time he surged forward into your soaking cunt.
“It’s all for you puppy,” you whispered. “So hard inside my tight little pussy. Oh! So good, fucking me so good.”
Jungkook gave a harsh thrust, one that moved you across the ground with the force behind it. A warped shriek came from your mouth, making you grab Jungkook’s ear and tug mercilessly. He gave a half garbled groan, before locking eyes with you.
“Ow! S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m so hard it hurts, I couldn't help myself when you feel so good,” he complained, reaching up to grab your wrist on the hand that was currently trying to remove his ear. You tugged again and felt a strong pulse in your core from Jungkook’s throbbing cock that was currently shoved inside of you.
“Ooh, does my puppy like a bit of pain with his pleasure? Want to play rough puppy?” you teased, letting his ear go while he continued to sink inside of you.
“Ssshit! Yes! I like it, I want more please!” he howled, hips stuttering in their rhythm slightly.
“More? Well, since you asked so nicely,” you said, reaching under his shirt and finding his sensitive nipples. You pinched one hard, causing him to sob out a moan. His hips got faster, almost plowing you into the dirt.
Jungkook’s eyes were on your face, watching as you felt the pleasure he was giving you. A devious grin took over your features.
“Wanna look puppy? Wanna see how my pussy is struggling to take your big dick? Look,” you said, pulling your lips apart. Jungkook’s eyes trailed down your body to look at your pussy swallowing his length with every push forward. He reached down and put his thumb right on your clit, swiveling his finger around the swollen bud, making you grip at his nipple harder than before. Jungkook keened into the air, wanting so desperately to keep watching the erotic scene before him but struggling to keep his eyes open.
“Holy fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so hard,” he whimpered helplessly.
“No you’re not,” you warned, wrapping your legs around his ass and keeping him in place. Jungkook looked at you with confusion as you shoved your thumb inside his soft mouth. He suckled at your digit, wanton moans escaping as you clenched your walls around his sensitive member.
“Please let me cum,” he groaned around your finger.
“No, keep fucking me. Don’t you dare cum,” you said, a harsh tone leaking into your voice. Jungkook nodded before picking his pace back up. Truth be told, you had a devious plan that involved him cumming without permission. So, you started clenching again. Jungkook cried out again, trying to slow his thrusts down.
“D-Don’t do that, I’ll cum if you do that please,” he blubbered, already looking rather distraught.
“Feels so good when I do this, puppy. You don’t want me to feel good? Are you being a selfish little brat, huh puppy?” you asked, pinching his nipple ruthlessly.
“Want you to feel good too, I-I’m not selfish,” he defended, eyes swimming with unshed tears.
“Then you’ll keep fucking me until I cum,” you said, shifting your hips down to take him deeper. Jungkook swallowed hard as he kept going, his breath was hitting your face in sharp pants. You knew this was a little mean, but the fucked out look on his face was too good to deny.
Jungkook’s thrusts stayed even, but he kept up his pace. His face was pinched together, and you knew it was from both the pleasure and the pain of not cumming. You knew he wanted it.
“You know puppy, since you’re a vampire like me... If you came inside, you could get me pregnant. Did you know that? Even if you were turned, you can get a princess like me pregnant. Watch me walk around swollen with your babies, huh? Want to see me like that puppy? All because you were a naughty boy who couldn’t hold his load,” you teased, clamping down once more.
“Ah! S-Stop talking like that, I’ll really cum,” he warned, keeping his pace going.
“I don’t want you to pull out until I cum, such a big dick in my pussy. Are you gonna cum puppy? Even though I told you no? Even though you could get me pregnant? What a naughty puppy, bad boy Jungkookie,” you growled.
You could feel him throbbing inside of you, and you knew all he needed was a little push to cum. So you doubled down, pulling his nipple painfully and tightening your kegel muscles so hard you felt a strain in your side.
“No!” he yelped. But it was too late, Jungkook stiffened up and you felt the scalding heat of his release filling you up inside. His release triggered another orgasm to wash over you, it wasn’t nearly as intense as the last one he gave you, but it still made your mind go foggy. Watching him you decided to coax him through his intense orgasm, trying to be merciful at least in this instance. Jungkook was trembling in your hold, tears falling down his cheeks as he gasped trying to calm himself down.
“Shhh, Jungkook it’s okay,” you breathed, cradling him to your body. You placed gentle kisses on his face and neck, anywhere you could reach to reassure him it was okay. He was alright.
Finally Jungkook seemed to calm down enough to where you could talk to him.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cum without permission,” he said, teary eyes and flushed cheeks greeting you as you gazed at his face.
“Mm, it’s okay puppy. You did well, made me feel so good,” you said, giving him a tired smile. Jungkook hissed as he pulled himself out of your battered core. He watched in his lust addled mind as his cum started seeping out of you. He frowned as he started to push it back inside when you swatted his hand away in sensitivity.
He popped his fingers in his mouth, causing another shudder of desire to course through you before pulling his pants up and laying his head on your stomach. You slowly ran your fingers through his hair, in an action that almost seemed to be routine at this point with how frequently you’ve done it today.
It was silent for a little while before Jungkook spoke up.
“Never really been a sub before, how did I do?” he asked, rubbing his thumb into the soft skin of your hip.
“Perfect, Jungkook. Are you okay? I was a little mean,” you said, wiping at the drying tears on his cheeks.
“Are you kidding? I’ve never cum that hard in my life. For a second I thought I was gonna die, but this is nice,” he said, cuddling into your belly.
“You big baby,” you teased, resting your head back. You looked up at the sky, smiling in the blissful atmosphere that had surrounded the two of you.
When everything shattered.
“JUNGKOOK!” you heard a high pitched male voice call out.
Jungkook’s head lifted from your stomach, looking around in the section of forest the pair of you were in.
“Who is that?”
“J-Jimin?” he said it more like it was a question.
“You mean one of your council members?” you asked, panic rising in your voice.
“Shit,” he growled, wrapping one hand around your waist protectively.
“I’ve got to get out of here,” you whispered.
“If I can just talk to him maybe-”
“Jungkook? There you are,” a soft male voice entered your area. Jungkook visibly tensed up at the sound, licking his lips and closing his eyes.
“Yes, I’m here Jimin,” he answered.
“Who’s the lovely lady who looks thoroughly ravishing if I do say so myself,” he smirked, leaning forward.
This Jimin was rather beautiful in his own right. Silvery hair that was parted to show his forehead. A high collared shirt and waistcoat adorned his lithe yet toned body. He was shorter than Jungkook, but he seemed far more intimidating. You tried to shimmy behind Jungkook, to try and at least keep a shred of dignity to yourself.
“She’s just a villager Jimin, I-I was having some fun,” he winced, trying to keep up his crass exterior.
“I’m sure you two were, but I hate to tell you Jungkookie... She’s much more than your average villager. She’s the woman I’m to bring back to the capital and stand on trial in front of the King,” he explained, no sympathy in his tone.
“Y-You?” you squeaked, looking at Jungkook with confusion.
“Mhm, the King grew impatient with Jungkook’s absence and sent me to retrieve him and you if you were still in the premises,” Jimin stated.
“Does the King think so little of me that he had to send you to come collect me like a child?” he asked, frustration painting into his voice.
You placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, trying to keep him level before he burst off the handle. Although, something told you this was their usual dynamic. Pushing and pulling, like brothers.
“It’s not about that Jungkook. Your power is good for tracking, mine is good for subduing. I’m here to bring her back, you were meant to find her. The King didn’t tell you because he didn’t want you to jump to the conclusions you are right now. You are good at what you do, so let me take over from here,” Jimin said, reaching out to grab you when Jungkook slapped his hand away, grabbing you and pulling you to his chest forcefully.
“No, you won’t touch her,” he snarled.
Jimin saw the intensity on the younger males face and sighed.
“Listen, I have to go and get vervain cuffs from the horses. It should take me ten minutes. And you both better be here when I get back,” Jimin warned, no malice in his voice. He stalked off, and you looked at Jungkook with fear written all over your features.
“You gotta go,” he said, helping you to your feet. You felt the stickiness on your thighs and cringed.
“I-I know but, I’m... Um,” you whispered. Jungkook nodded and leaned forward, pressing his forehead to yours.
“I wish that we didn’t have to say goodbye here. But, unfortunately that’s the case. I want to tell you I’ll come for you one day, but... We both know that can’t happen. We-We can’t happen,” he breathed regretfully. You nodded, feeling a heat rush up your cheeks. And you realized you were crying.
“I understand. I knew that,” you whispered, tears collecting on your cheeks.
“Please don’t cry,” he begged, wiping your tears with his thumbs desperately.
“I won’t be crying forever, just let me feel sad right now,” you pleaded, leaning forward and kissing him softly. Jungkook reciprocated lazily, moving his mouth against yours so tentatively that you could barely feel the pressure.
“Okay,” he breathed, pulling away. “Go.”
You nodded, heading towards the woods when Jungkook grabbed your waist and wrapped his jacket around your waist. “Get some clothes as soon as you can, I don’t want you getting cold.”
“Jungkook,” you said, looking into his eyes.
“Don’t come looking for me. If they find you, I-I don’t know what they’ll do to you,” he said, swallowing hard.
“I won’t forget you,” you sighed, gripping his wrist tightly.
“You should.”
You were so fucked...
Well, you had gotten fucked and that’s how you landed in the situation you were in now...
The healer of the small village you had been hiding in for a few months confirmed it. Vampire pregnancies were a little longer than human ones, lasting around 14-15 months, so you were hardly showing at the mere 3 months you were.
What should you do? The village was already hesitant because you were a vampire. And now you were an unmarried pregnant vampire to top it all off. You couldn’t get rid of the child, that wasn’t an option in your mind. You were already so in love with the small being in your womb it was ridiculous.
But, a part of you had always wanted to be a mother...
To have a family of your own.
But what about Jungkook? Surely he’d want to know what was going on, didn’t he have the right to know? Even if it put you in danger?
You and your unborn child?
But, maybe there was a chance... A chance that the King would show you and Jungkook mercy. Even if you were the former heir to the kingdom... If there was a chance at a happy life, with you baby and Jungkook... Did you want that? Shouldn’t you try?
That’s how you wound up in the capital. The bustling city was so different from how you remember it centuries ago. Several new buildings, carriages and people moving around like fish in a pond. All working together but never touching. Never coinciding with one another. How strange to think that this could’ve been your life had you fought for your crown...
Shaking your head you started to walk, in search of the new palace.
Admittedly, it wasn’t too terribly hard to find.
Right in the center of the city it stood proud and tall, white and sandy marble sculpted together to make an ornate display of the architecture of the time. You watched as it was standing high above the city, causing a lump to swell in your throat.
How things had changed...
Approaching the palace was different than you had imagined. You had thought you could just go up and request a meeting with Jungkook. This theory had been proven wrong fairly quickly. The moment you got close to the gates, a guard looked at you like you were insane.
“Miss, please step away from the palace gates,” he commanded in a loud voice.
“I need to speak with, uh, Jeon Jungkook? I have something I need to tell him,” you swallowed hard, hand subconsciously going to your stomach.
The guard scoffed, rolling his eyes and straightening his back. “A man with such a high ranking on the council would not have any kind of talk to be had with you. Head home, you’re not welcome here,” he warned.
“But if I could just speak with him for a minute,” you started, trying to get them to understand it wouldn’t take long at all.
However, they weren’t having any of it.
“Miss, if you don’t leave the premises, I’m afraid I will have to remove you by force,” he said, hand resting on his sword. You sighed and nodded your head.
“I apologize for the disturbance, I’ll be on my way,” you said, turning your back. Not before you caught their feet in the solid stone underneath them and locked them in place.
“Hey!” they yelled in frustration as you walked past them and towards the palace.
“I’ll come and let you out when I’m done! It won’t be but a few minutes,” you said, making your way towards the entrance.
When you finally made it inside, you were astounded at the decor in the palace. It was all purple and silver, a gorgeous combination in your mind. But, now wasn’t the time to get hung up on interior design. You had a puppy to find.
You inhaled deeply, trying to find the scent that was inherently Jungkook.
However, just as you were turning the corner, you slammed head first into a firm chest. You fell backwards and landed on your ass, wincing as you tried to keep your head from going spinny. You looked up and almost screamed.
Was King Kim Taehyung, and he looked like he’d found the catch of the day.
“My my my, Miss Y/N, what a pleasure to find you in my palace... What can I do for you?” he asked, leaning forward with a devious smirk on his face.
“I-I need, um... I was just, um-”
“Guards! Gather the rest of the council members, we’re having an immediate trial,” Taehyung’s voice carried through the halls. Faster than you could think, arms were on you. You were hauled to your feet, and starting to be dragged down the hallway.
“No! Please, just listen it’s really important that I talk to-”
“Save your pleading for the jury.”
Kneeling on the floor in front of the King was moderately humiliating for former royalty. But, such was life at this point. A door at the end of the room opened and shut, causing you to lift your head and look as two more lithe frames made their way up to the chairs at the back of the room.
“Your Majesty,” one said.
“Namjoon,” Taehyung acknowledged.
“Majesty,” the other said, bowing slightly.
“Yoongi,” Taehyung nodded. “Take your seats, both of you.”
A few moments later, three more men entered the space, making your chest feel tighter.
“Ah, Hoseok, Jimin, Jin, good to see you all made it so timely,” Taehyung grinned, crossing his legs and leaning back in his throne.
“Yes your majesty, we heard it was of the utmost importance,” the one named Hoseok said.
“Where is Jungkook?” Taehyung asked, looking at the group and noticing the unknown man of the hour was missing.
“He’ll be here shortly, there was a bit of a commotion outside that he’s trying to quell. No doubt it’s due to this one's appearance,” Jin said, gesturing in your direction. The vervain cuffs made your wrists ache. But you tried to stay as still as possible, wriggling only made it hurt worse.
The anxiety was biting up your throat as the men towards the front started conversing as if you weren’t even there. Like this was an average Thursday afternoon to them. But the panic in your veins was heavy as you waited to hear the door open once more.
And you didn’t have to stew much longer, because soon the cursed entrance opened, bringing Jungkook into the light of the room. His hair was longer, and you noticed he looked more tired. But, you tried not to get worried.
However, the sheer panic written on his face when he saw you kneeling on the floor was hard to ignore. It was so hard not to burst into tears when you saw him again for the first time in months. If only you could’ve gotten him alone, but of course you had to run head first into the fucking King.
But, as calmly as he could he sat down.
Taehyung nodded and stood up.
“Gentleman, I have gathered the jury today to bring to trial the former heir to our kingdom. Miss Y/N Y/L/N. She is a traitor to our parliament and has been purposefully avoiding us for years. The last in a poisoned line if you will. Now, we can do one of two things. Execute her, and end the Y/L/N line for good. Or, we can let her go... And perhaps let the people rip her to shreds for us,” Taehyung smirked.
Jungkook looked about ready to jump out of his skin and pummel the King.
“Kill her,” Jin said, sighing and looking at his nails with disinterest. “Honestly I don’t know why you called us here for this.”
“Because she is still a citizen of this kingdom so she gets due trial,” Taehyung shrugged.
“Execution,” Yoongi said.
“Execute her,” Namjoon announced.
“W-Wait! Please, at least let me speak for a second!” you begged. Taehyung sighed and rubbed his forehead.
“Fine fine, what do you want to say?” he asked, lifting his eyes to yours. A sharp and overwhelming sense of pain came over you causing you to fall to your side, hands cramping to the point you thought the vervain cuffs would break. Jungkook apparently couldn’t take it anymore. Watching as you sobbed in agony, he flew from his seat and tried to move you out of Taehyung’s line of sight. The male was frantic, trying to quiet your sobs while stifling his own.
“P-Please stop!” Jungkook yelled, looking at his King with sheer desperation on his face. Taehyung seemed to hear him, because the relief you felt was instant. Chest heaving you were staring at the ceiling, watching as it all started to spiral. Jungkook collapsed to his knees and tried to control himself, but the sight of you cuffed and struggling on the floor was too painful for him. Carefully, he pulled you into his arms, brushing the hair out of your face. Wearily, you rested your head on his shoulder.
“Have to tell you something,” you whispered, lifting your head to look at Jungkook with an unwavering expression.
“What? What is it Y/N?”
Slowly, you looked down to your stomach. “I-I’m pregnant,” you breathed. Jungkook’s eyes widened.
“You’re certain?” he asked, leveling his gaze to yours.
“Yes, it was confirmed,” you said, biting your lip.
“Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry,” he whispered,
“Don’t be, I’m not,” you said, giving a gentle smile. You heard someone clearing their throats behind you. The man named Yoongi stood up, looking at the pair of you with muted interest.
“Jungkook? What is the meaning of this?” he asked.
“S-She, we... Uh. Well,” he said, rubbing his neck awkwardly.
“I believe I heard the word pregnant,” Hoseok said, a smirk crossing his features.
“I am,” you said, trying to straighten yourself up but that round of pain really took a lot out of you. Damned king.
“And you claim the father to be Jungkook here?” Namjoon asked, raising a brow at his younger subordinate.
“Yes,” you answered.
“Yoongi, give her the test please,” Taehyung ordered.
Slowly, Yoongi walked down the steps and towards you and Jungkook. Your chest tightened as you tried to calm yourself down. Jungkook gripped you tighter, pushing himself towards his friend with a fearful but intense look on his face.
“Easy Jungkook, you know the test only makes them tell the truth,” Yoongi said.
“I’ll be okay,” you whispered to him, trying to comfort him without being able to use your hands. “Give me whatever test you want.”
Yoongi nodded before blinking and you watched as his eyes turned a bright white color. “From this moment on, you will tell the truth, and nothing but the truth,” his deep voice commanded. Limply, you nodded.
“Are you pregnant?”
“Yes,” you answered. You were shocked at how fast the answer came from your mouth. It’s like you weren’t in control of your words.
“How far along are you?”
“Three months,” you answered again, almost in an almost monotone voice.
“Is the father of your child Jeon Jungkook of this vampiric council?” he asked, never breaking his stare with you.
“Yes, he is,” you said. Jungkook placed his chin on your head, hands visibly shaking against your body.
“King Taehyung, are there any other questions you’d like to ask,” Yoongi said, keeping his eyes boring into yours.
“Ask her if she intentionally had sex with Jungkook to get pregnant,” Taehyung said flippantly. You could tell Jungkook wanted to argue, but kept himself quiet.
“Did you intentionally have sex with Jungkook in order to procure a child?” Yoongi questioned.
“No, I didn’t,” you said.
“Alright Yoongi, I’ve heard enough,” Taehyung says, rubbing the bridge of his nose in apparent frustration. Yoongi blinked a few times before his eyes returned to their normal crimson and you slumped against Jungkook again, mind swirling.
“At your will, your majesty,” Yoongi said, walking back towards his chair.
“So, miss Y/N, you just so happened to come to the capital. After knowing there was a man hunt for you. After knowing that you are a known traitor to this kingdom. What do you expect me to do? Hmm? What would you do if you were in my position? Why don’t you let all those years of diplomatic training aid you in your answer,” Taehyung said, resting his hand on his palm.
“Your majesty, please, this isn’t fair,” Jungkook said, looking physically upset.
“Fair has nothing to do with this Jungkook. Don’t put your nose where it doesn’t belong,” Taehyung warned sharply.
“She’s the mother of my child and I don’t belong in this conversation?!” Jungkook screeched.
“Jungkook, you will not speak out of turn again. Remember, you have committed treason by fraternizing with a fugitive of the kingdom,” Taehyung growled. “Her head isn’t the only one in danger right now. You’ll do well to remember that.”
Jungkook swallowed hard, nodding. “Yes, your majesty.”
“I believe this situation has called for another word from the jury. Do we kill the traitor, or set her free?” Taehyung asked.
Namjoon spoke first.
“Since she is pregnant, I think we should let her go. We’ll make her swear fealty to the crown and send her on her merry way. She cannot have contact with Jungkook or any of us and we’ll act like she doesn’t exist,” Namjoon reasoned.
“I say kill her,” Yoongi declared. “Especially since she’s pregnant. A new line of heirs from the former princess of the kingdom? That certainly doesn’t bode well for us,” Yoongi said, shrugging.
“I agree with Yoongi,” Hoseok said, looking at you and Jungkook on the floor.
“I second Namjoon’s idea, we aren’t ruthless killers. The child hasn’t committed any crime,” Jimin said.
“But if word gets out that Jungkook was fraternizing with a fugitive, and she got pregnant as a result and we let it go? What would that say about us? And how we control the masses, the riots could be uncontainable and far more than one pregnant woman would die,” Jin said.
“Please,” Jungkook cried. “Please don’t do this. I’m begging. I’ll do whatever you want just don’t kill her! Have mercy.”
You could feel the tears soaking into his shirt from your face. You knew this was a risk when you came here, but you hoped that they were blood thirsty killers desperate for power. You prayed that wasn't who was running your kingdom now. Your fears seemed to be recognized, however. As Taehyung sighed and stood up.
“It’s three to three right now and I have the deciding vote,” Taehyung said. Slowly, the monstrous man walked down the stairs to look at you. Jungkook was hiding his face in your hair and trembling. You wanted to comfort him, tell him it would be okay. But, there was little comfort you could bring him now.
You were going to die.
“Miss Y/N, I hope you know that this isn’t personal. I’m merely trying to find a means to an end. I don’t wish for you to suffer, this won’t be an agonizing process, I promise,” Jungkook sobbed at his words.
“You’re truly heartless, you know nothing of family. Of love. If you did you couldn’t do this to someone else,” you growled.
“You’re wrong. My wife has given me a family, she has shown me love. I am fortunate to have a woman like her, but this is something higher than both of us I’m afraid. Now, the jury has voted. Guards, please take her to the yard and execute her-”
“Tae!” A loud cry came from the other side of the room, the door flung open and a beautiful woman appeared on the other side.
You saw the sheer joy on Taehyung’s face as he walked towards her. Lucky bastard.
“My darling!” he cried, wrapping her up in his arms and kissing her head.
“I’ve come home early,” she announces, smiling at the council who all appeared to be in a stunned silence.
“Yes, I am just finishing up here,” he said. Quickly Taehyung’s face changed. “Um, why don’t you head upstairs I’ll be with you and the children momentarily-”
“Tae, who is that? And why is Jungkook crying?!” her voice carried, sounding moderately concerned.
“N-No one my love, it’s just uh... Um, well,” he squeaked.
“Jungkookie, sweetheart, what's wrong?” the queen asked, coming over and kneeling beside the two of you.
“S-She’s pregnant with my child and-and his majesty just ordered her execution,” Jungkook whimpered, cradling your head.
“Oh... Did he...?” the queen growled low. Taehyung visibly paled across the room.
“Taehyung, darling? Is this true?” she asked, not turning towards her husband but moving to uncuff your hands from behind your back.
“S-She’s the former princess of the kingdom. She’s a Y/L/N,” he said.
“And?” she questioned, like that was a trivial matter in her mind. Finally, your hands were unbound and you brought them to the front, rubbing them in relief.
“My dear, I know how this must look-”
“If I remember correctly, the Y/L/N’s were all murdered. By you. When you took power. The daughter escaped and hasn’t been an issue in the centuries you’ve been ruling. Why is it suddenly a problem now?” the queen asked.
“My love, if word gets out about the old regime having a prolific heir, there could be riots! Uprising and upheaval in the people. We’ve spent so long trying to culminate a culture of peace, but old enemies die hard,” he said.
“Taehyung, is she here asking for the kingdom? Is she here because she wants to be the ruler?” she asked, standing up.
“I-I don’t believe so,” he said.
“Then why would she come here? Did you even ask?” she questioned him.
“I-I was going to but the trial-”
“Wasn’t a fair one if you didn’t even ask her what she wanted. Miss Y/N, what is it that you came here for? What purpose?” the queen asked.
“I-I just wanted to tell Jungkook I was pregnant. I wanted him to know in case... In case he wanted to-to be with me and help raise the child. I don’t want the kingdom, I don’t want to rule. I haven’t for a long while,” you said, looking to Jungkook who was still severely emotional.
“Y/N,” he croaked, resting his forehead on yours.
“So, you simply wanted to tell Jungkook about his child? I don’t remember that being a crime Taehyung,” she said, raising a brow in his direction.
“Love, this isn’t as black and white as it seems, there’s several years of tension and underlying problems here. It’s not so easily forgiven,” Taehyung said.
“It is. You’re deciding that the past can’t stay there. You are the one opening up wounds that have long scarred over and healed. It’s like cutting yourself all over again. There is no reason behind this, no purpose. And I won’t stand for it. The man I love, the father of our children, wouldn't do this. You wouldn’t do this,” the queen said, looking at him with unwavering strength. “Would you take fatherhood away from your friend so easily? After you know how much joy it has brought you? Our little Hana and Yeonjun?”
Taehyung was conflicted, it appeared.
“You know, your majesty. We could solve this problem,” Jin spoke up, like he’d been thinking for a few moments.
“How, Jin?” Taehyung asked, thoroughly reprimanded.
“Have them get married. Show that she’s a member of our council and that she is supportive of you. Have her publicly renounce the throne,” Jin suggested, shrugging in his chair. “No one dies and we get a former diplomat as an ally.”
“Now that you mention it, she must be incredible at strategy,” Yoongi muttered. “Especially if she evaded us for so long.”
“And Hana and Yeonjun could have a friend once their child is born!” the queen yelled, excited.
“S-So Jungkook and I could be married and-and we can keep the baby?” you questioned, voice small.
“Of course! That’s exactly what we’re suggesting!” the queen agrees, spinning around.
“I never said-”
“Kim Taehyung, you will agree to these terms,” the queen growled. “Or you will be executing me as well.” The king gawked at his wife.
“I-I will see to it the arrangements are made,” he breathed, swallowing down a visible lump in his throat.
Jungkook’s tears started coming all over again, but this time not out of fear or sadness, but sure elation.
“Oh Y/N,” he weeped, bringing you into his lap fully.
“Jungkook it’s okay, we’re okay,” you breathed, kissing him gently.
Jungkook boldly wrapped his arms around you and kissed you harder. A surprised squeal came from you, but you didn’t care. You clung to him, a life line you didn't know you needed until everything was almost taken from you.
“I-I’m so happy,” he breathed.
“Oh yeah, almost dying and a pregnancy announcement has made for a rather fun day,” you teased. He scoffed and kissed you again.
“I’m serious. I’m so happy I could burst right now,” he said, resting his head in the hollow of your throat.
“Well, you bursting is kinda what got us in this position,” you giggled. Jungkook gave you a pout that had you placing another soft kiss on his lips. “I’m happy too.”
While the fellow members of the council walked over to you and Jungkook, moving to help the pair of you get up and introduce themselves.
The queen walked over to her husband, not making eye contact.
“I’m disappointed in you,” she breathed.
“I’m the king, sometimes I have to make decisions I don’t like,” he said, looking at the floor.
“No, you’re still a man. You chose to make the wrong decision because it was easier. You’re better than that, Taehyung. At least, I thought you were.”
“So did I.”
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highlifeboat · 5 days ago
“You have to eat, mommy.”
Mia stared at the plate of rotting food sitting in front of her, her back against the stonewall. Even with her stomach twisting in pain, she didn’t want to eat what they were passing off as food. Not when it was so discoloured and raw. Eveline stood on the other side of the cell door, small hands wrapped around the bars as she watched her like she was some zoo animal. Watched her wrinkle her nose. Watched her eye the undercooked meat. Watched her for the last ten minutes while she just stared at it.
Just watched her.
She hated it.
“I’m not hungry.”
Eveline snorted. “You’re a liar.” Mia’s dull eyes moved to look at the girl. “You’re starving. I know you are!”
Of course she was. It had been so long since she’d eaten anything, but last time she had been forced to eat that, she had been sick almost immediately after. Even her desperate body could keep down the writhing mess of meat and maggots. She was almost surprised the Bakers could stomach the slop, even if they weren’t in their right mind.
She wondered if their daughter was any better off in that trailer of hers.
“This isn’t food, Evie….” Mia said quietly, as if she was afraid of being heard, and the young girl tilted her head. “I-I can’t… eat this.”
“Sounds like you’re being a brat, mommy.” The child taunted.
“I’m no-”
“I’m gonna tell them you’re being bad!”
“They're gonna be so mad at you!”
“You’re gonna get in trouble, mommy!” Eveline giggled.
Mia pursed her lips, letting out a small whine as she eyed the pile of discoloured flesh in front of her. “I-I just meant that… that they didn’t give me a f-fork. Or anything….” She mumbled.
It didn’t look like Eveline believed her. “You have hands, dummy!” She pointed out helpfully. “Use them!”
Mia opened her mouth to respond, then closed it. Touching that mess wasn’t something she particularly wanted to do. She hesitated, maybe a bit too much for the girl’s liking. She could almost feel the Mold in her blood clawing its way into her muscles. Through her bones. In her brain. It made her head feel like it would cave in.
It burned.
“You’re right….” Mia muttered, feeling more and more like a puppet as she picked up one of the smaller chunks. It was slimy to the touch, and hard to chew. Like it was made of rubber. Her entire body shuddered as it slid down her throat.
She wondered how long she would have to endure this hellhole.
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sippinallthetea · 5 days ago
kdrama review (vincenzo) SPOILERS AHEAD
yes you heard it right people i started vincenzo immediately after move to heaven. regrets? zero. this drama is such a refreshing story to watch as there is no good person. after all the theme is to fight evil with evil. but the difference is, what are you using evil to fight for? your family or money? and i believe vincenzo delivered this story well.
the characters are actually the real heroes of the drama more than the plot itself. you have the most mismatched people living in geumga plaza band together to stand up for each other, each with their own past. gangsters turned hot air balloon business owner, former street fighter turned dancer, NIS agent / oh my consigliere fandom chairman. over in babel you have a psycho chairman, a zumba loving lawless lawyer, a law firm ceo with zero sense of loyalty and a puppet chairman who ended up with the best character development of all.
and to our favourite badass couple. vincenzo and hong chayoung. their relationship is one of the best ive ever seen in kdramas. they went from enemies to a married couple overnight. the way chayoung just accepts vincenzo as who he is and vincenzo with chayoung’s past involvements with babel. they never downplayed each others’ skills and intelligence, but instead collaborated together to bring down their enemies in the most creative, wittiest way possible with the geumga plaza family. their gaze of admiration and respect and love language is so special and rare (my god do i want a relationship like them). these two are so different and so alike at the same time it’s insane. (and i just love how chayoung is so unapologetically herself no matter who shes with you go girl)
jang. han. seo. AHHHHH. we saw him grow from a clueless puppet chairman to a special little brother to vincenzo. everytime i see him with hanseok my heart just breaks. when he talked about how being with vincenzo actually makes him feel at ease, i just can’t imagine how he put up with such abuse from his brother. im so happy he finally made his own decision to join vincenzo and actually learn how to think on his own after such a long time of living in fear. his death scene will never not hurt me. when he said that him taking the bullet for vincenzo was the first time he did sth for someone made me bawl. and how much he adores and respects vincenzo is just so cute!
AND GEUMGA PLAZA TENANTS! our own neigbourhood version of avengers! it’s so sweet how vincenzo actually helped them fight back against the demolition (even though it was first for the gold HAHA). i really liked the quote “we’re not weak, we just chose not to be strong all this time”. and when vincenzo’s mom passed away, everyone temporarily closed their stores in solidarity with him and vowed to help him bring down babel. ugh i love them so much. (bye bye balloon will forever be my favourite illegal business)
overall a 1000/10 for me. i could rewatch this again and again my god the withdrawals are real. the message sent by the drama is simple: the law is only for those who could afford it, but merciless justice prevails one way or another. sometimes you need to get your hands dirty to bring down your crooked opponent, and it’s pretty parallel to the society we live in. i dont think we’re getting a season 2, but it would be nice to see vincenzo reunite with the geumga plaza tenants!!
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springtimebat · 5 days ago
Dream Child (A Poem)
She’s dreaming of big, strong carpenters again;
Of regal kings, of chivalrous lords, 
Of strongmen and circus boys 
Offering her all their toys;
My dreamchild spins silver with her tongue
Blows dandelions across 
As we dip warm hands into a cold breeze
My little water baby
I set her adrift on a waning sea
The lake bobs up and down 
Sets apart the wood
My little water baby
Spins a tale that stinks of pulp 
She sews gold droplets into my ears 
Ink drips out of her mouth
Her nose, her mouth, her ears
And I bathe in it 
It washes over me
As my darling sits back in her boat
And wishes for impossible things
It goes on like this for years
As we sink into our stuck frames
Until I remember what my mother said once
You should use common words to say uncommon things
“Are you brave enough to venture out with me?” I ask,
“On this sunny, Sunday afternoon? 
While you write silly poems and silly lines? 
As you craft recites until recites leave us with no room?”
My Darling smiles 
Stretches in the silly, Sunday sun
And I can see her bones shift as she sighs;
Her eyes are wide and open,
Her voice is melodious and high;
“My songs,” She says, “Are silly, silly songs; written for silly little loves.”
 And as I sit across from you, with your eyes so full and your mouth transfixed, I have decided I will not stop.
I will continue with my castles in the air, my love, until we’re all but dust. For the air will never tire of me, nor forever will you.
A phantasmagoria in a human flesh
Cloaked in blues and hues
Of white, and eyes that twist and flux in heavy, fallen light
My Darling, my water baby,
My dreamchild
She skips along our ocean reeves,
She curls along our air, 
Strolls through our smoke,
Her eyes honest and fair
But most importantly, she makes sure she stops 
And waits for me to catch up
Her peculiar little paragon 
Almost always at her side
She leads me on
Trips me up
And sings to me the sweetest songs
To get me back up again
“You know I only jest,” I say
And the leaves flow in schools above our heads
My water baby disregards this
Her feet transcend into flippers on our ocean bed
“You know I only jest and you know I cannot stand it.”
I sigh and raise my eyes to the skies’ setting shades
The stars are lamps that can’t hold a candle 
To my beauty here on earth
Fallen stars are eyesores 
They’re just simple pieces of candle wax
My darling wanders their plain of dreams
And her shoulders pace and relax 
She herself knocks them out the heavens
It is my dreamchild herself who holds hearts and minds in waiting fingertips
“You know I only jest my dear,” And I speak with a harsher tone,
“You know I won’t be ignored.”
“For you ventured out with me on this silly, Sunday afternoon, knowing exactly how it would go.
You have ventured out with me so many times, leading me with puppet strings;
Entranced me so many times with your unearthly angel glow.
In my heart of hearts, separate from my own chest, 
Thoughts of you lie, 
Mossy and bedridden and thumping. 
They twist and alter me; leave me lovesick and longing. 
They long for you and only you; I am hopeless and dreadfully unwilling.
Do not shun me because of this, for you yourself twist and alter, unwilling even as we speak.
For I still wish for you to perch upon me as you once did, full of whispers and lucid sleeps.
Yet here you are again, and again, and again, mocking me on our ocean, on our riverbed.
All that’s left of our primes is your castles in the sky.
So I jest to keep the flame going,
To rile you up so bad,
As I know now you despise me,
For all the things I’ve thought and said.
Now all that’s left are your silly songs;
Your rhymes, your lines, your hums,
All that’s left for me to live on,
Are your silly little love songs.
For, as you can tell,
I am a silly little love
Whose own love has moved on 
Has moved on to up above
She left her silly little love 
To hover in between
His eyes full and mouth transfixed 
Wandering their old stomping grounds
Thinking of what could have been.”
My love, my darling, stopped to stare
Stopped to roll her eyes
“You and I both know you’re still in your prime.
As a matter of fact, so am I.
We’ll always be stuck in our prime 
Stuck in the portrait above the pipeline
Hung up to be forgotten by many
Hung up to be a place for cries
Of lost loves and lost days is our painting
Up in the gallery skies
We’re here to be judged and studied
Here to be catcalled as we row
More to the point
I’m here with you 
To wander your wastes 
Your spoils
I love you so it doesn’t matter
Yet you think you walk alone.”
Outside eyes of glass stop 
Wander over oils and brushstrokes
Gaze at blades of grass
They stay there for a while
Watching the still image pulsate 
Twitch on the canvas 
The feel eyes glare at them
They feel invisible people
Glaring at them as they wait
Two figures
Two little dots on a page
Grip wooden oars
Lay motionless 
In an endless loop
On a river bed
A pond
Reciting memories
Reciting songs
And as their observer walks away
They swear bickering can be heard
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will-do-layter · 5 days ago
Introduction Post
It was about time I finally broke out of my shell and did more than just reblogging good posts on here.
So: Hi, I’m Lay!
pronouns are she/her or they/them (would be fine with any really)
about to graduate hs and trying to get into uni
if everything goes well, I’ll get my B.Sc. in Cognitive Science in 2024
will turn 19 on 5th August
I’m a Leo and my Chinese zodiac sign is the Horse, but more importantly I abhor sugercoating issues. I also can’t deal with humanity and its stupidity most of the time.
hobbies include but not limited to: reading, drawing, watching anime, playing the piano and listening to lots of music in general, working out if I find the motivation and annoying my friends with endless cursed comments.
Percy Jackson and Co were a defining interest during my childhood and early teenage years. And I cannot stress the positive importance of Digimon OSTs for my mental health.
English is my 3rd language, Vietnamese being my mother tongue and well, I live in Germany so take a wild guess at the 2nd one. Dabbled into French and Spanish, also trying to improve my Japanese. Had a Latin obsession for six years before dropping it in favour of guaranteed As.
I live by “the fact that i procrastinate and still get everything done is the reason i can’t stop procrastinating.”
my sleep schedule is probably more messed up than any you’ve encountered before and I don’t even work night shifts. (I like sleeping from 10am to 5.30pm)
cats are my weakness. Sinful playlists too, but cats take the cake.
on the ace spectrum. if you have hugs to give, I’ll gladly receive them. kisses and other stuff not so much. Sex(ual) jokes are great more often than not tho.
pupaphobia (puppets/dolls), automatonophobia (human-like figures, so statues and the likes) and thalassophobia are constant companions.
100 dop challenge, but I’m basically on a 4 months long summer break right now, so don’t expect much academic-related content. I’ll try to get my life together before uni which will require a lot of productivity.
improving my Japanese speaking and vocabulary. Might or might not show you my illegible scrawl in a foreign language.
learning how to take ok pictures and edit them? I can draw pretty well, write nicely, etc. but my non-existent photography skills ruin everything in the end.
gotta update my bio and pfp.
discovering all the Tumblr features so that my future posts aren’t this drab. Also understanding the rules behind trigger warnings and stuff like that.
finishing my looming TBR pile of miscellaneous books (novels, mangas, comics, non-fiction).
adjusting my sleep schedule.
That should be it for now. Do have some studyblrs, languageblrs and artists from the top of my head that make my frequent visits on this ancient, peculiar platform so much more enjoyable:
@emili-a-a @yukusaki @yukkuristudies @boldlystudy @elleandhermione @sadcypher @kkumri @biopsychs @boldlystudy @macadameia @ashstfu @maruti-bitamin @mienar @coralstudiies
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