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#that is not the case
redxriiot · 10 hours ago
Watching videos of Jaime Camil is both relaxing and reminding of hcs
#hc#;mun has spoken#//A fond hc of mine#//Ei's English doesn't have a Japanese accent; but a Spanish one#//Bc the people he learned his English from all had the accent#//If it wasn't his mother helping him bc she got fed up with him 'pronouncing things wrong'; it was his cousin whenever he asked for help#//The latter more recently since he'd met the guy at 15#//That and he's always had his pronounciations off since Spanish was his first language; not Japanese#//Thanks to his mother and all the movies he watched into growing up#//Learned the language more from her movies and shows than his mother herself. Which she is actually proud of him doing#//And prompted him to try learning to speak Japanese properly the same way in addition to watching how his buddy said things#//ANYWHO#//He can hide the accent in Japanese bc he's had plenty of practice (and motivation) to; save the occasional slip-up#//No one who didn't know him growing up would be any wiser to it; unless he deliberately or accidentally let it show#//Which in the latter case would mean when he's sleepier or being encountered at his main workplace; for the most part#//In English; he's never actually had to correct it bc he didn't have to SPEAK it so often#//People wouldn't normally notice the accent unless they really paid attention; and even then he could brush it off as from lack of practice#//I mention all of this in this post bc Jaime Camil as Globgor is how can think of Kiri's English sounding like#//Not the voice exact; but the general accent to his speaking#//Though the voice itself is nice#//Soft; musical; and growly at the right times. I love him so much. And so many Globgor quotes just FIT him#//But yeah#//Which makes his whole time in America a whole lot more fun; I suppose#//Folks really dig his accent#//Idk; I just got HELLA feels for this hc#//And it makes me really happy that the voice they gave him in Two Heroes Latin Spanish dub is really close to his original voice#//True love is him speaking in his relaxed voice around someone tbh#//Gets uneasy bc he's had enough people telling him his Japanese was weird before he learned to mask it; and doesn't wanna risk it#//So it takes hella love and trust to get him to actually easy up and speak more naturally to himself#//Of course if he does do it and gets remarked on anything but positive; rest assured he will never speak like that in their presence again
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soapiewalten · 14 hours ago
the fnaf fandom saw scott cawthon make scary robot series and went “scott can we have some lgbt representation” and scott said “ok here’s an agender rabbit with no screen time and uhh a fox with an ambiguous gender?” and we were like “ok scott now can we have some lesbians please?” and he was like “(john mulaney voice) NO”
and martin walls really made his own scary robot series and said “SHES a lesbian and SHES a lesbian and you know what fuck it this rabbits a lesbian too” and i just slurp it right up
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informaticn · 17 hours ago
wait hang on i need to post these haircuts bc some of y’all have not been looking at the same things i’ve been looking at for the last year or so   &   that absolutely needs to change
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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h-isforhome · 18 hours ago
yk the einstein quote that’s like. ‘insanity is trying the same thing a hundred times and expecting it to have a different result’? yeah that’s my parents when it comes to family-oriented activities
#of the 18yrs ive lived never once did we have a 100% good or what ppl consider a normal vacation w/ Expected ups and downs#and then. what is suggested year after year? a vacation <3#and Everyone's always on board w it LIKE INCLUDING MY MOMMMMMMMMMMMMM#MATE YOU'RE THE ONE WHO GETS THE BRUNT OF . ALL THE SHIT HELLO?#like god she'll b the one suggesting it at times too and every fucking time im baffled bc it's Her Funeral and She Cries & is most v/p absd#but nooooooooooo it'll b different this time have some hope glass is half full see the light#or in this specific case: dawats.#every time my parents invite ppl over Everyone goes insane from all the stress and it's a horrible experience for Everyone involved#like when we're getting ready and cleaning the house yk it's Always way too loud bc everyone is shouting and kids are crying & god it sucks#though!!!!!!!!!!!!! though ok listen i will say post-dawat is peace. bc my parents will have interacted w ppl other than immediate family#members and ate food and laughed w/o being in the same room yk and if ppl bought gifts we'll sort thru them it's Better#and ofc it doesn't last but god i always felt so guilty as a kid bc i knew they wouldn't fight after a dawat (well. 99% of the time. depends#on how good the dawat was.) bc i knew that getting to After Dawat meant experiencing Before Dawat#and id always b like 'ok so u want ur mom & sisters to go through that??? ur a terrible person' yk . anyway .#at least im done w my school work oh no wait that means staying at home . Oh No. not the post-sem sadness fuck
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · 18 hours ago
quick note: aus are all good and fun, but ive noticed at least one that doesnt seem to recognize that there were, in fact, upper-class unmarried ladies in early-1800s europe. look up spinsters, theyre as good a place to start as any. theyre not specifically upper-class-only, but money certainly enabled many to remain financially self-sufficient, especially in harder times.
specifically, a lot of spinsters were likely aspec, choosing not to marry because they simply never found anyone they were attracted to enough for it, whether this be romantically, sexually, or both (what is less documented but probably happened at times: an aspec spinster and an aspec bachelor joining in a queerplatonic marriage before there was the language to fully explain it to others).
while some spinsters may have been queer in other ways (trans, trust issues regarding becoming close enough to anyone to be circumstantially outed to them; wlw, with “close female companions” they didnt feel safe to openly marry), and some may truly have been allocishet and single purely due to circumstance or personal trauma, a common characterization was a lack of attraction at all, or not enough to be seen as significant/enough for marriage, both noted by outsiders and by spinsters themselves.
while not all spinsters were queer, as a group they are a part of queer history, the same way the isle of lesbos didnt only have queer people during sapphos time, but is obviously also seen as a part of queer history today nonetheless.
remember the spinsters. dont erase them from history, not even in fiction.
#amatonormativity anecdotal#sexism anecdotal#misogyny anecdotal#if your au is based on the premise that no upper-class woman of that setting was ever unmarried for long you have failed your history check#queerphobia anecdotal#i may very well become a nonbinary spinster#i mean technically i already am but im still fairly young- the term tends to orbit women of 'marrying age' or up#im not exactly at what my setting would consider 'marrying age' even if i could technically get married#italked#itagged#original post#for the record i didnt bother to look too much farther into it than the description/tags/etc#but like. a small but significant part of that was definitely the historical inaccuracy#tired of everyone recognizing that allo wlw and mlm were a thing but turning a blind eye to the widely-known spinster phenomenon#which was arguably more recognized by the public to begin with so theres really no reason for people to claim ignorance#aspec people may be invisible and erased nowadays here in the usa but that hasnt been the case everywhere in every time#even if the language was less sophisticated and people didnt understand everything about it#it was very clearly present#like for the record im a wlw and a mlm but im also aroace. because god just gave me all the fucking orientations#gray-aroace pan pangender to be a bit more precise#overall a very liminal existence. bit of everything#but anyways so like. this is me saying as a member of all parties involved that there is a slant that favours allo wlw and mlm#and erases aspec folks#and that slant needs to die. recognize respect and prioritize aspec people as much as other queer people. especially allo cis queer people#about queerphobia
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kissingcullens · 20 hours ago
It’s funny how in SPN the Winchesters do SOOO much horrible shit, but the times when people actually hold them accountable are usually the FEW things that they actually weren’t responsible for?
Like when Pamela showed up lol, and decided to summon the then-unknown Entity that was Castiel, and the voice of this eldritch horror the likes of which none of them have ever experienced is like “HEY FAIR WARNING YOU’D BETTER STOP RIGHT NOW OR ELSE”
Dean: Hey this is a bad idea you’d better listen to the horrible Presence and stop right now
Sam: Yeah I agree you’d better listen to the horrible Presence and stop right now
Pamela: It’s fine, I’m a medium! 😌
Pamela after its very much NOT fine: WHY WOULD THE WINCHESTERS DO THIS TO ME
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apeironstella · a day ago
You know... I don’t think I ever saw anyone talk about how weird it is that Madoka’s rewrite of the universe still has the same characters we know and recognize after such a huge thing that should have changed how the human history developed enough for these girls to not exist, as witches are such a major part of their world history just like magical girls who supposedly brought their development on were, as they would cause a lot of people to die that would have to alter the course of history.
It feels more and more like while it is a supposed rewrite of the history, it is in a way a rewrite that goes from current time to backwards with the new law than being a completely new universe from scratch- as in, the world ends up developing in a way where people who existed in the timelines where witches existed do exist, and the past changes and people in the past die from different reasons than witches, but still keep the history beyond that intact.
Which makes me wonder...
In that case, wishing for Incubators to never have contacted humans would have worked just as fine too, since Madoka was willing to fuck with existence itself to prevent girls suffering further- It sounds more and more like Madoka indeed fell for Incubators’ argument of their own importance in human history than it being a fact.
I know part of that also was Madoka not wanting to “trample on other girls wishes”, but that also feels like a childish mistake to me as the context still is young girls being tricked into signing their souls away for a wish they are likely to regret in their most vulnerable moments, deliberately preyed on by an alien species who in the end does not care about what happens to humans as shown by it fucking off to sunset the moment Gretchen grew too powerful an they got their energy quota met as they left the world to its destruction in at least one timeline we see, so it rings hollow to me to justify it as a necessary good or simply respecting wishes of other girls who are still literally kids when it is essentially knowing and allowing girls who could live their lives than be killed off after painful battles with only now a magical girl valhalla, which is only really there for ones who would have witched out than having their gems broken for all we know too.
This is again, not to blame Madoka, but to point out the extent of manipulation and mental cornering Incubators placed Madoka in, which was more than a little part of why she wanted to preserve the system added to her being a child who was fairly naive in her desire to believe Incubators meant well after all with their entropy schemes than being a parasitic existence on humans, leading to her wishing just stopping magical girls from turning to witches.
This is more than a little rambly, but just some stray thoughts I’ve been having after a few recent rewatches of Rebellion, especially since I’ve never seen anyone point out that it would be possible to essentially erase human and Incubator contact so that humans’ feelings would have never taken the form of witches, nor would it have brought on wraiths as a replacement since Madoka’s existence of LoC required Magical Girls to still exist in her newly made universe since she is a central concept of the new universe governing Magical Girls and their transformation into Witches, hence requiring the existence of Magical Girls who would come under the threat of becoming Witches, for which the negative energy had to take a new form in the shape of grief cubes and wraiths, at least from my current understanding of things.
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