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#that acc will prob used used only for art
nikiforoov · 10 months ago
I really love your latest art! Do you have an MDZS or art-only blog? ☺️
i do now!! all mdzs/cql/etcetc related art will be posted to @wuxxxian from now on, so if you're interested in seeing that go follow!! you can also find that stuff on twitter under the same username, i'm generally more active on my twitter accs than here these days 😔
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pearlplusau · a month ago
Pearlplusau 2021 artwork feature # 5
This next artwork feature is one of their first posts in their account, the name of their account is puffstel, but they decided to create a new account for new art. The links to the post and the new acc for the artist are at the end of the post. 
Tumblr media
Here we see fanart for the fan made AU animatic, where its the first animatic posted in introducing the AU by Tripixle. 
The poster has 4 characters, Pink diamond facing towards the earth, therefore her back facing the other three gems. This may symbolize how she’s turning her back to facing the certain actions done by “another gem” and her companions. After that we have Rose, her back against Pink diamond with a little grin and hidden eyes under the shades. 
We see Rose holding on to different objects on each hand, on the left we have a rose flower with the stem entwinning itself to Rose’s arm, as well as the Rose dotted background. The other side of her hand is Pink diamond’s gem, it may not be literally her gem, but it would also symbolize how she still has the duties and the responsibilities of a Diamond. The background on the right side is dotted with a bunch of diamonds in various sizes and shades of pink. 
I think it represents how the same gem needs to take care of the two personalities. Even though one would be deemed more important than the other, it wouldn't hide the fact of who Rose really is by taking a different form. 
The other significant thing is the two pearls locking hands, which looks like a redraw of the original animatic thumbnail. 
Tumblr media
But overall, its great artwork! I really like the details like the significance of the rose and diamond symbols, which tells us not only the different sides of the same gem, but also the two pearls involved. One pearl being with the gem for the earlier stages of her gem life (diamond life), knowing the gem from the start till the end, and the other pearl, who has a more prominent time during the rebellion, knows the gem as someone who was trying to be better. 
If i have to nitpick and critique the artwork, its that Rose looks a lot more slimmer than she should be. 
And i know the theme is supposed to be pink and light, but maybe the background could be in a completely different colour to enhance or magnify the dotted symbols.
Artist’s caption: 
Tumblr media
Link to the artwork
Link to the artist’s current account with one of their posts
Little fact between our interactions: They were really nice and really appreciate being asked for permission to repost their artwork, even though its in an abondoned account. Tho, they probs didnt saw the request for the first few days, which if they didnt respond at all, i would have posted with more precaution, like letting them know that i will take the post down if they dont cherish the idea of reposting artwork to another platform. 
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keefes-hairgel · 5 months ago
ahhh im so sorry to bother you but ur the first blog that came when i typed in kotlc for me so can you please recommend me some blogs to follow? i’m new and quite overwhelmed with all the blogs lol
hewo anon-dear! you’re not the only one you feels overwhelmed with all these amazing blogs and creators! just take your time going through them and appreciate these lovely people! i’m going to be listing some very talented people for you to start with!  (also, frankly i’m quite shocked that i was the first blog you saw?? whAT??
-these are not in order! i just randomly selected a lot of people lolz-
 @bookwyrminspiration.  || name: quil || pronouns: fae/faer ||
quil is honestly the blog you go to when you really want character depth and understanding of the story! fae really has a thing for analysis and honestly i love seeing faer ramble! all of faer point of views and explanations are not your typical boring ones, fae actually makes it very interesting to read so you don’t get uninterested! along with faer rambles and generally being cute, check!faer!art!out! (hopefully i used your pronouns right!)
@imaramennoodle || name: Ivy || pronouns: she/her ||
ahhh she’s so cool! she is hella talented in art so i highly recommend you go check her drawings out! and is she da oldie in da fandom ✨and her fics! i really enjoyed the fic Two Sides to Every Story so make sure to give them a look!
@linhamon-roll || name: connor || pronouns: he/him || 
MSNSSJ HIS ANGST DUDE. yo bro deadass go to his acc if you want dadwin, keefe x dex shit, amazing writing and more. aLSO his art?? appreciate it please??chile idek what to say about connor he is legit the most funniest of them all
@an-absolute-travesty || name: speens || pronouns: they/them || 
NDHSJSJS they are the most chaotic soul to walk into this fandom. not only great fucking fics (writing paIN-) but they are so nice and sweet in general?? like homie can switch personalities from being the most chaotic to the most sweetiest in a millisecond. def check their acc if you want to have a good laugh! 
@clearlyvacksen || name: lc || pronouns: she/her ||
SHES SO THOUGHTFUL AND SUPPORTIVE oml. has really good 2am thoughts and hc’s and she?got?a?tattoo? (bootiful) anyways- she is a vibe and i really admire her! she was one of the first people i ever followed <3 don’t forget to check out her playlists! they are super accurate and your music taste will ~freshen up~ 
@cadence-talle || name: lynn || pronouns: she/her ||
SO MANY FICS YOU CAN BINGE!! so so so talented in writing and has some of the fics of ships you won’t normally see! (luv her) , she’s super supportive and will not hesitate to shower you with love! one of the best peeps in this fandom :3
@theunmappedstar || name: nattie || pronouns: they/them || 
do i need to say anything? it’s common knowledge to follow them <3
@silveny-dreams || name: sil || pronouns: she/her ||
^^^ she def has some the best hcs and writings! lots of little drabbles for all ships and i really look up to her! 
@suldreen-saga || name: emi || pronouns: she/her || 
ahhh lately i’ve just been inlove with her <33 she just gives me a very warm and welcoming vibe that her blog is the one i frequently visit! (also she’s the lil grandma of the fandom with 7 cats don’t boo me im right) her memes are too die for !
@eating-mooncakes || name: catherina || pronouns: she/her ||
got sofitz vibes today? no probs head to caths blog! i feel like i say this with everyone (because EVERYONE here is so nice) but she is rlly smart and her fics are amazing! i’m sure you can see her masterlist and voila! lots of fitzphie and other stuff :3
looking for (mostly) art blogs? no worries! here, have some talent <3
☆ @dragonwinnie-kotlc(just finished Keeptober! check her out ♡)
☆ @lemontarto (NSJSJ i look at her drawing everyday! really cool posts too keefitz senpai!)
☆ @make-kotlc-gayer (DUDE drew has some really creative and cool artwork- along with dope posts to scroll through :3)
☆ @magnateleto (AHHH such pretty and unique art!! my favorite one of them is actually the most recent one! i am inlove with half dragon sophie heh)
☆ @imaramennoodle (she has amazing art like i said up there ^^ !) 
@illavarasi || name: kiri || pronouns: she/her || 
SO CHAOTIC AND I LOVE HER <333 gorgeous fics (i am WAitIng for neverseen!biana) she’s so sweet i’m-
@xonar-verse || name: amelia || pronouns: she/her || 
tHE POEMS are like,,,masterpieces from heaven <33 and i love the random bursts of love she gives to people :D
@a-lonely-tatertot || name: tater || pronouns: the/them ||
i’m inlove with their rambles! just them screeching about their life is so fun to read LMAO nah nah they got hella good fics and talent- literally why is everyone in this fandom amazeballs? (also she’s fuckin hilarious)
@enbies-and-felonies || name: felony || pronouns: he/they/she 
THE safe place i shit you not. so much cute fluffy fics i’m ✨ bonus to any atla fans that they also like and write stuff about it! please check them out,, i love their talented souls to bits <33
@fysticalmorest || name: lula || pronouns: she/her ||
AH tots recommend her as a really good partner (for fics and shit) and a friend! super calming and her fics + wips are  😌😌 !!  
this turned out to be just me rambling about how amazing the fandom iS LMAO- but there are more talented people, it’s just my fingers are tired jsbjssj
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iampikachuhearmeroar · 7 months ago
y’know i love memes as much as anyone else on this hellsite and the internet in general. but one meme i can’t stand now, as well as a joke used by older comedians about ~kids today!!!! am i right???~ that i can’t stand now, is the one that’s like “all 10 year olds want today is an iphone or an ipad or a macbook for their birthday or christmas! all i got for my 10th birthday/christmas as a kid was a tennis racquet and a tether ball that hit me in the face! kids are so spoilt today! you better get an i-job to i-pay for your spoilt mac-ass!”
because like.... do you not understand that in today’s increasingly over-connected world, ipads and macbooks or other tablets/laptops are pretty much required school equipment now, if your 10yo kid’s primary/elementary etc school has a ~bring your own device~ policy for kids in years 4-6??? like obviously yes, some schools will provide students with laptop/tablet trolleys and stuff.... or also the government might have a program to roll out laptops/tablets to schools (like australia did under rudd and gillard).... that some schools will literally put “parents must get a reliable tablet computer or laptop computer for their child to use for assignments”. when it comes to high school, i imagine that they’ll need their own laptop/tablet the whole way through their time there, if there is no longer any school provided or limited school provided laptops/desktop computers/tablets.
that’s besides the point that laptops etc are even more so required now than ever before, after everyone was forced to do homeschooling because of covid??? so. practically. a kid asking for a macbook/ipad or other tablets/laptops for their birthday or christmas, isn’t such a bad idea for a present??? even if yeah. apple is overrated and overpriced to the max. but suck it up and pay for your child’s future education??? even it means getting a cheaper laptop or tablet for your kid.
all i can say on the above point is that yes. the idea of ~bring your own device~ policies does set many families back- especially those in/from lower income areas/backgrounds or single parent families... considering that a decent tablet will set you back at least $500 and a decent mini laptop is around the same.... but bigger and better laptops are around $1000 on sale (windows) or idek like $1,200 on an apple education pricing deal. like yeah. it’s a demarcation thing and also setting some people up to fail. and again, this has been made increasingly obvious during covid due to different families acces to buying laptops/tablets or other internet connection means. i also understand that these big ticket item purchases of tablets/laptops hits the hip pockets of everyone harder during the pandemic, especially if you’re struggling with debt like mortgage repayments or whatever while being made redundant or are being paid less while working from home.
okay. not to sound like a spoilt brat of a kid, but i got my first laptop, an i-book G4 for my 10th birthday in 2005. then almost 10 years later, i got a macbook for my 18th birthday (and for my HSC/end of high school exams) in 2013. yes, this is the macbook that i promptly fucked up two years later in 2015, by trying to encrypt the hard drive, since i was taking it to uni and it had all my internet passwords remembered on it along with my banking details. the same goes for my other windows laptop... where the hard drive just decided to fry itself like 4 months into me using it, along with the trackpad. and that was a $1,200 ASUS laptop (bought on sale) that i was using for uni. and then finally my little HP stream laptop’s keyboard shorted out halfway through a creative writing class (that was $500 and it only has a 28gb hard drive so it’s very light and good for transport).
but my point is, me having my own laptop (as opposed to using the family computer only) helped me immensely in my studies..... and they were literally fucking essential to me both in business college and uni. but they were also helpful in late high school, considering that 90% of my assignment work was expected to be typed out in microsoft word or powerpoint or excel (for maths and science). or for more creative projects, i was expected to use adobe photoshop and video editing software like imovie or adobe premiere pro (art/computer tech/drama/that weird year 7 subject i did called INTEL) and garageband/sibelius (for music). how on earth was i supposed to keep doing work on adobe photoshop or word etc at home if i didn’t have my own laptop to continue the work???
because as a final point, for me, literally by year 10 in 2011, NOT ONE of my assignments was expected to be handwritten (bar my actual exams or in class tests; also state tests/exams etc; or if it was a poster or visual art). if you dared to turn in something handwritten, the teacher and student interaction would be like the following example:
teacher to a kid whose handed in a handwritten assignment: did you not read the assessment outline? it said WORD PROCESSED WITH WORD! what is this handwritten thing? okay fine. i’ll take it this time. but read the outline next time, timothy!
timothy: *stammers out* s-sorry miss/s-sorry sir *stalks away from the teacher’s desk in embarrassment and shame*
the teacher, probs thinking to themself: weird that a kid thinks they can hand in something handwritten. silly, really.
the above scenario was the same for me in years 11 & 12. also, by year 9/2010, we were using the education management system moodle (and maybe early stage presi for online presentations) for both of our HSIE subjects (history and geography) and i think a couple of other subjects, during most lessons and especially for class work that involved group work/class discussions, via online discussion boards function. my year group was actually was actually one of the test year groups for the early models of moodle. so by the time i was in uni, i was a native to using moodle; so i could skip the “moodle help tutorial” subject portions on it in every class.
hell, for today, i wouldn’t be surprised if foreign language subject faculties in high schools are now using school subscription class accounts or something for duolingo or babbel. and today, kids are learning coding from like year 4 onwards, i think, on apps at school as part of their science & tech studies lesson portion of the day. how on fucking earth are kids meant to keep up with their class work progression on coding apps or whatever, at home, if they don’t have their own laptop/tablet??? ridiculous. how would kids fare today without their own laptop/tablet, if all of their classwork for homeschooling is on like google drive/cloud or whatever other open source drive/open source cloud software their school uses?? or any other apps that their school might use??? obviously we are seeing this play out in real time during the pandemic, world over, where if a child is in a single parent family or if their two parents don’t have adequate enough resources/have been fired or let go from their jobs/juggling working from home and homeschooling; then it’s hurting these kids likelihood of doing well with distance learning.
but yeah. my point is that if your kid is asking you for a laptop or a tablet (regardless of brand) for their birthday or christmas, maybe buy them one?? because you never know. it may be the very thing at the top of their student resource list for the following school year. and also. do you know what stops kids fighting over their access to the family computer/tablet to do their assessments etc??? buying them their own personal laptops or tablets. even if they do cost an arm and a fucking leg. get your heads out of your asses and help your own goddamned kids (or relatives if it’s a nephew/niece etc asking for one) like you’re supposed to.
okay. for phones. i’ll admit i wouldn’t like a 10 year old having their own phone, because of social media being so easy to access on them. but if you don’t allow them to use the app store and don’t allow them to download instagram/facebook et al..... and give them the phone solely for safety reasons, i think that’s fine?
i’ve had a phone since i was 10 years old. also not to sound awfully clichè, but i turned out okay??? i had to have a phone back in year 4/2005 due to safety and also family issues. do you know what my teachers did with it? locked it away in their desk til the end of the day. obvs they had to remind me to take it home sometimes (bc i did leave it behind at school in the desk a few times lmao) but yeah. i was alright. if a kid wants a phone..... maybe make a compromise and get the classic nokia 3310 or something?? like i obvs agree that kids as young as 10 defs don’t need a smartphone like an iphone or a samsung galaxy. but a rock solid and basic nokia 3310 or whatever with no wifi access??? that’s good enough imo.
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the-teeth-collector · 10 months ago
im making this an art-only acc
@teeth-n-tooth new shitpost/rb blog. a lil eyestrain warning bc of some posts. used to be my scenecore blog but :/ yeeted that one
im still rb-ing arts i like on here but ill prob post less memes n stuff, so if you follow me for my shitposts good news
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aharris00britney · a year ago
Tumblr media
It’s 6am and Brandon woke me up when he got up to go to work so now... i answer asks bc i cant sleep. 
Tumblr media
@mileyzangel said: Can you please make a Harley Quinn hairstyle from both Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey?
I went and watched Birds of Prey the other night and it was really good. Brandon went to sleep I think tfgvhb. But I doubt I’ll try doing her hair from either of the films. @enriques4 is working on one for her Birds of Prey look if you are interested in that <3
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: is tiny living worth it? im leaning towards the gameplay although i love cas. is the gameplay as bad as people say?
I honestly don’t think the new beds do anything. They’re... there. Lmao I think the CAS and buy items are very nice. If we get some cc murphy beds then that would make them a lot more usable tbh.  
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: how do you and ayoshi keep making some fantastic collabs?? y'all are literally the first people i go to when I make a fresh install and I can't wait to see what you do next
Anonymous said: AxA CC KINGS!!!
Anonymous said: you guys didnt have to snap like that on AxA
Anonymous said: another iconic ah00b x ayoshi collab YAS LESSGOOOO
We put a bunch of cc ideas (hair and clothes) in a discord server we have together and then work on the stuff together on call usually so each item is the way we both want me. Like for example i’ll be meshing the Ivy top while he works on texturing the ribbed version.  We also only do collabs when they happen, we didn’t plan AxA 2019 or this new set, mainly just made cc starting in May and wrapped it up in July to release in August. Then this time we started making stuff late December and got most of it done by the time I got done with my break. Having a planned collab/deadline makes stuff less stressful and the stuff usually turns out better imo
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: hi! ur sims are so prettyyyy what skin texture and eyes do u use?
Anonymous said: hi! wcif the eyes of the sim in the edit that Dogsill edited for you please? thank you!
Anonymous said: Hi! I really love the way your sims looks so, I was what skin and eyes you use?
I actually am changing my default eyes so I need to update my resource page soon ;n; but the skins they use are all listed for each sim on the resource page here
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: you always name axa packs by the year but this one was named after a season those that mean.... 👀
We are wanting to do something in the fall, just not sure how our lives will be then ya know? There’s a chance that this will be the AxA 2020. Since we weren’t sure I didn’t want to label it that if 2 AxA’s release this year lmao
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: what game is the pokemon thing you're playing!? pls help a guy out i'm in love with the art style
Pokemon Sword and Shield (I have shield) for Nintendo Switch. I’ll prob post more pics once I get some new shinies :P
Tumblr media
@kristabunny said: lol is it bad that when I saw your Santana hair I read it as Satan Hair XD
tbhhhhh it was lowkey referencing that lmao. I made the hair in October for a speed meshing video and since it was around Halloween I was like “lemme give her an almost demonic name” also Santana from glee is a queen
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: Tbh I absolutely adore your female cc but I LIVE for your male cc!!!
Thank you! lmao the only thing I can take full credit for is the AxA male hairs. I mesh the clothes for packs but ayoshi does the texturing for them.  
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: Could you have a go at the updo Dua Lipa has on the cover of her Future Nostalgia? The high bun with a flick in it and the strands of hair down the sides. Thanks if so :)
I’m not the biggest fan of the hairstyle tbh ;n; but we will see. (Physical is a serve, just saying)
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: So ive never played pokemon before until my friend gave me a copy of pokemon moon. I love cats so of course my starter was a litten, but i had no clue about evolutions or anything like that. I was heartbroken when my cute litten turned into some big man cat :(
omg noooo ;n; yeah Litten is a cutie... incineroar is... well I got used to him tbh and kind of like him now? I absolutely hate scorbunny’s evolution (and most of the SWSH starters final evolution) so I think that made incineroar slightly better in my eyes. My shiny litten will be staying a kitten however :)
Tumblr media
@multifandom-slytherin said: Hello! I love your cc! Would it be possible for you to make the bangs from your Bree Hair a separate accessory that you can put with other hairs (for example the BG low ponytail)? Thank you so much!
Anonymous said: have u considered making or allowing someone to make an acc version of your handmade bangs?
I have thought of doing accessory bangs tbh, I just like... don’t like using accessory bangs myself. So I’m not sure if I’ll end up doing it. I might try it for myself and see how many hairs they work with, and if it is a decent amount I’ll release. 
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: First off I want to say how amazing all of your hairs and collabs are! Second I was curious if you ever thought of going back to your old hairs and updating their thumbnails / display indexes so they matched your stuff now?
I really really wanted to have all my 2019 hairs updated by 2020. It was only January 2019-April 2019 that needed updated (thumbnails and display indexes). But I just lost motivation for doing it. I will focus on it next time I have a big break from school. Also planning on updating select stuff from 2018 and 2017. 
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: please put Sophia Barker in the gallery. PLEASEEEEE it's the most beautiful sim I EVER seen! >:3 PLEASEEE!!!!!!!!!!
She should be on there? I think? Make sure you have CC enabled and if you can’t find me through the gallery her tray files are here
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: Hi! After the recent patch I started having a small issue with Bree hair(without bangs), when I zoom out it looks like a completely different hair, something similar to that one basegame hair that's layered with tips pointed outward but longer. Thought I'd let you know, maybe others have had a similar issue or maybe I need to change a setting or something. Love your work so much!
Really surprised this is the first time someone told me about this lmao. The hair should be updated now on SFS/Patreon <3
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: I tried to look around for this on your "Asks" portion before bothering you (so sorry), but do you have a link perhaps for all the lips you use on your models? Are they in game or a cc you create? Thanks so much! Love all of your work! I'm super new to cc stuff and I found yours like 2 days ago and have been going nuts with downloads lol 
like presets? None of my cc models use a lip preset. I do use this slider on some of them though. For lipsticks, that is listed for each model on my resource page <3
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: i’ve been looking for a hair like lexi that i actually like forever and now i find it but it’s for paterson peeps and i’m like actually broke and i’m like :/
im sorry ;n; at least it wasn’t too long of a wait? :/ I hope you liked the hair
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: I can't find your jisoo ponytails in your downloads?
they’re in my retired section... may they rest in peace. scroll to the bottom of my downloads and youll see ‘RETIRED.’ click that for the retired download page. 
Tumblr media
@eclypt-0-sims said: Hi, I recently started making MM hair and I know you're probably an expert at this but; every time I go into CAS to test a hair, all of my accessories clip with the hair. Like the hair texture would cover some glasses if my sim was wearing glasses. I don't know how to fix it, someone told me to delete an eye weight in blender but I don't really understand weight painting that much, any suggestions? love your content btw
this is a late as hell reply i’m sorry. I think that you have texture where the glasses texture would be. Hair texture should only be in hair section or hat section (if you don’t want it hat compatible). Here is a UV map layout that I use for making hair textures. It shouldnt have anything to do with weights
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: Do you use reshade when you take previews for your cc? and also is the tropical punch ombre overlay a palette or did you make it?
I do use reshade when I take cc previews. It adds a bit of saturation to my sims and gives them some shadows under their chin/clothes. Nothing major. Also, myself and @imvikai came up with the tropical punch palette together.
Tumblr media
@little-eris​ said: You probably have answered this before but who drew your tumblr icon? I’ve seen the same art style with other simmers 👉🏼👈🏼 it’s super cute!
thank you! here is their twitter 
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: The male sim in your Tiny Living review looks soo familiar; was there inspiration from anyone IRL? The person he reminds me of isn't even famous so I don't even know! He is very pretty though *-*
He was a gallery sim that I just revamped a bit so I’m honestly not super sure lmao. But he is very attractive yes I agree
Tumblr media
that concludes this ask ceremony please collect your things and move to the exit to your left. fvghbjn if you sent something I didn’t answer and it was off anon I’ll get to you soon (person who asked what beards I used for AxA... I see you)
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