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#thanks i hate it
gunsatthaphan · 54 minutes ago
me about to press play: it’s fine I know it’s the cursed ep so no surprises 
also me 78 secs into the episode:
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knowwheretolook · 2 hours ago
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I just love how I always come up with some fandom ispired stuff that I can't get out of my head for two weeks like 'I want to make a 3D model of a raygun from danger days' or 'I could get a zip up hoodie and modify it so it looks like Party Poison's jacket' and actually get quite far with it to the level that I make a templete and find where I can get EVA foam and shit and then I just don't? Like yeah I've been thinking about this every waking hour for past fourteen days so much it made my body hurt but whatever I don't care now. Just pleasure to be alive
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thehalfbloodfreak · 5 hours ago
The shadow and bone adaptation and RoW really out here pulling on my Helnik heart strings all over again
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birdkeeperklink · 6 hours ago
Is there a worse sound in the world than a running motor?
Today is full of them. A semi parked outside for a while, then a garbage truck in the parking lot next door sat and idled for an hour (the environment says thanks, assholes), then they left and a mower started, and after the mower came the push mower, and after the push mower the weed whacker, and now it's the worst of the lot, the leaf blower....
If I believed in an afterlife, I would surely think myself in Hell.
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udawo · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Don’t get mad at me, it’s just a frame from my dream that I wanted to illustrate :”)
I don’t know why Shinji there or why tentacles, all questions for my dream >:0 
(I would also like to know what all this has to do with it haha) 
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beetlemuffin · 16 hours ago
I recognize that Wilbur's been writing ghostbur canon on Reddit. But given that Willbur's made multiple emotionally devastating ghostbur canons I've elected to ignore them.
Alternate post: rescinding Willbur's rights to Ghostbur's canon and making it public domain only to those who actually have a heart /hj
Alternate alternate post: currently in hysterical denial dhmu dhmu going dark
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kittysdexhelper · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Niantic’s glitches coming through with some peak nightmare fuel
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stuckylokanefan · a day ago
Tumblr media
I hate this scene so much. First of all Katara played a major role in ending the war, she brought down Azula after Zuko took lightning for her and then saved his life. Katara also stood up to the sexist system of the Northern Water Tribe which said the female Waterbenders can only be healers. It is because of Katara that girls like Eska can learn to be fighters. But no, she is only given attention in this scene because of who she is dating. I also may not like Kataang, but the way this girl calls Katara the Avatar’s first girlfriend and doesn’t seem to hide the fact that she wants Katara and Aang to break up so she can date him is so disgusting. I also feel like there is some fatphobia here too by making it seem like that girl is delusional to think that Aang will break up with Katara and date her. Someone should have at least tried to point out how gross this scene was while the book was being made.
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scorpia-is-babey · a day ago
How old is Scorpia?/Is Scorpia an adult among a cast of teenagers?
(cw: swearing/cursing)
Short answer:
 No. She isn’t. She is also a teenager, a bit older than Adora and Catra, but not a fully fledged adult, or even near as old as Entrapta (who is implied to be like, in her late twenties, early thirties). My guess is that Scorpia is eighteen when the show starts, as Adora is (confirmed) to be seventeen when the show starts and these two were both old enough to given Force Captain roles. 
Long answer: 
We know that she was born during or before the Black Garnet’s capture, because she grew up in the Horde, knows what happened to her family all those years ago, and has never gotten the chance to connect with her Runestone, if she was ever introduced to it at all. She would at least be there before Catra and Adora, and before Shadow Weaver, who had witnessed the Black Garnet being captured in real time as Light Spinner. Not to mention that King Micah is a child when the Horde captures the Black Garnet.
She’s old enough to know she would never get along with other princesses, though it is not clear if she is simply relayed this information, or if she has actually experienced it first hand (claw?). If she has experienced this first hand, which is heavily implied, she must have gone to a Princess Prom before to then be rejected. Princess Proms are one decade in between each other. The next one happens when Scorpia and Catra are friends, implying that it would have had to been ten years later for Scorpia to have been invited again.
Where am I going with this so far? When Scorpia is so clearly an adult? She has to be, otherwise this timeline would make no sense, yeah? 
That’s because this timeline makes no fucking sense. 
It would make no sense for Scorpia to have been alive for the fall of the Black Garnet, when Young Micah was training under Light Spinner. Even if she was a baby and had absolutely no way of remembering this. This would still be too many years too far for Scorpia to be a teenager when the show starts. It would make more sense that Scorpia is born after the Horde and her family are aligned, that she was born as a soldier rather than a princess.
Her mothers are an obvious answer to how she knows about the fall of the Black Garnet, where Horror Hall is located, her grandfather, all of that... But we don’t know that, like, at all. For all we know, Scorpia’s mothers are dead. We don’t know when they disappear from Scorpia’s life, or if they have disappeared at all (they could have, after all, just never had the screentime to show their faces). 
And there really should be no reason that if Scorpia was born in the Horde as soldier, but without her mothers, that she should know half the things she does. 
There should be no reason she’s invited to Princess Prom the elusive first time to even know that she is not accepted by other princesses, or that they don’t like her family. 
None of this makes sense. Scorpia’s entire backstory makes very, very little sense when taken into account for the rest of the larger story, even if I do try to wedge in pieces in the gaping holes of canon. 
And believe me, I’ve fucking tried. 
So, back to the title. Scorpia belongs to the “(Elemental) Princess” category of the characters, who are mostly teenagers turned young adults by the end of the show.
So, there you go, Scorpia is a teenager turned young adult by the end of the show.
“That’s a bullshit answer!” I hear you cry. 
Well, yes! It is. 
Scorpia should be an adult by the time the show starts, given all the information we have from canon itself. But the saving grace here is that she is also shown pining, crushing, and being heavily implied to be romantically interested in Catra, the actual canonical teenager. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that Crew-Ra had no intention of making Scorpia a fucking creep and that they simply didn’t notice that Scorpia should be an adult. 
So, what is it then? Adult or teenager?
This show has given many middle fingers to many plot points, many times over. 
So here is the chance to turn the tables.
Scorpia is eighteen when the show starts. 
Her crush on Catra is not inappropriate for their ages. 
... Because I fucking said so. 
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