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#thanks for rejecting you-know-who
winepresswrath · a month ago
I think I might be a tsundere for MXTX romances because I keep saying I don't care for them and read her books for everything but the romance, but I'm also weirdly attached to all her canon pairings???
You may be! I have a weird relationship to all of them that basically goes:
Scum Villain: her earliest and IMO least polished work, features both my least favourite and favourite of her canon ships, would not recommend to anyone without a small list of warnings, my absolute favourite of her novels.
Heaven's Official Blessing: I genuinely think this is her best novel, and it features my favourite of her main couples by a significant margin. Takes up comparatively little space in my brain compared to the other two.
MDZS: neither her best work nor my favourite of her couples. I'm completely obsessed.
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transfemyachi · 2 months ago
the lesbian nobara fic in my brain...would love to write it one day...
#gonna bullet it point it in the notes bc why not u know#so i lie to think about how she DOES reject the worl around her and the norkms that people try to push onto her until she meets someone who#rejects but takes these beautiful well loved pieves of the world and makes them her own and nobara who has learned to break things to hr has#just discovered the other side of learning to#love the world in a different way you know#and saori is like. totally noabras first crsuh you cant tell me otherwise#and fumi totally had a crush on nobara and she DOESNT REALZIE NEITHER OF THEM DO#metaphor for her grandma not wanting her to go to tokyo blah blah blah#like. this girl going to tokyo and finally living the life that wasnt an option in the country!!! do you see!!!#and having this dream of finally getting to see this woman that lived in her mind and infleunced herself so much and just wanting to tell#her shes missed her and is thankful for her influence#but INSTEAD she meets maki and i think she was like one of those ppl that always knew but never said it out loud because it doens't have to#matter fi you dont say it out loud but maki is right there how can she not want to tell the whole world about how amazing maki is and maki#is such a reflection of the way that nobara loves and seeing that is like well fuck everything else this is what womanhood can be and this#is what love can be#also nobara having 2 bi besties...good for her!!#ill figure out how to incorporate that later but like picture nobara lying on the couch (the 2nd yrs on a mission) going UGH women thinking#shes alone and yuuji steps out of the kitchen like stirring a bowl and goes yea :) women and nobara goes :/ and yuuji goes i respect women#let me beeee and nobaras hm and yuujis like yes i look RESPECTUFULLY at megan thee stallions discography thx and nobaras like..well at least#u have taste and yuuji goes ofc im bisexual and nobara like SITS UP and goes wait what? and hes like yea:) and shes like wow....#no wonder ur vibes were too good for a straight man#she finds out megumis bisexual when shes like ur taste is so bland lame and hes like well fuck u and she goes grosssss men are grossss and#hes like no they r not :( and she goes wait. r u also bi and he goes what do u mean also who else is bi and shes like well. hm. not telling.#and megumi and nobara are like well okay#solidarity maybe... but also theyre besties they just dont admit it easily
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lemememeringue · 4 months ago
if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if they should "disobey God", I'd have two nickels. which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice.
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yunljun · 7 months ago
Rules: bold the statements that apply to you, italicise your aspirations, then tag nine people.
tagged by @yao-mingmng and @zhenning  ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡
AIR i have small hands / i love the night sky / i watch small animals and birds when i pass them by / i drink herbal tea / i wake to see dawn / the smell of dust is comforting / i’m valued for being wise / i prefer books to music / i meditate / i find joy in learning new truths from the world around me
FIRE i don’t have straight hair / i like to wear ripped jeans and overalls / i play an organized sport / i love dogs / i am not afraid of adventure / i love to talk to strangers / i always try new foods / i enjoy road trips / summer is my favorite season / my radio is always playing
WATER i wear bracelets on my wrists / i love the bustle of the city / i have more than one set of piercings / i read poetry / i love the sound of a thunderstorm / i want to travel the world / i sleep *til* midday most days / i love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs / i rewatch kids’ shows out of nostalgia / i see emotions in colors not words
EARTH i wear glasses or contacts / i enjoy doing the laundry / i am a vegetarian or vegan / i have an excellent sense of time / my humor is very cheerful / i am a valued advisor to my friends / i believe in true love / i love the chill of mountain air / i’m always listening to music / i am highly trusted by the people in my life
AETHER i go without makeup in my daily life / i make my own artwork / i keep on track of my tasks and finish them on time / I always know true north / i see beauty in everything / i can always smell flowers / i smile at everyone i pass / i always fear history repeating itself / i have recovered from a mental disorder / i can love unconditionally
tagging @jingyans (even though i know this isn’t your blog aesthetic) and ?????????? (i feel like everyone else in this lil community has been tagged at least once already and i don’t want to spam you guys but if anyone wants to do it feel free ! ! )
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notentirelyunprecedented · 11 months ago
“While he spoke my very conscience and reason turned traitors against me, and charged me with crime in resisting him.  They spoke almost as loud as Feeling: and that clamoured wildly.  “Oh, comply!” it said.  “Think of his misery; think of his danger—look at his state when left alone; remember his headlong nature; consider the recklessness following on despair—soothe him; save him; love him; tell him you love him and will be his.  Who in the world cares for you? or who will be injured by what you do?”
Still indomitable was the reply—“I care for myself.  The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.  I will keep the law given by God; sanctioned by man.  I will hold to the principles received by me when I was sane, and not mad—as I am now.  Laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour; stringent are they; inviolate they shall be.  If at my individual convenience I might break them, what would be their worth?  They have a worth—so I have always believed; and if I cannot believe it now, it is because I am insane—quite insane: with my veins running fire, and my heart beating faster than I can count its throbs.  Preconceived opinions, foregone determinations, are all I have at this hour to stand by: there I plant my foot.”
--Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
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caseusvir · a year ago
"I'm never going to a club again. I mean it this time. I figured out that dingy, shady bars are more my thing. Bar fights are entertaining, and they're free. Drinks are cheaper in places like that anyways."
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moth-the-man · a year ago
💖For the V-day asks 10, 27, 30 💖
10 - favorite milkshake flavor?
back when I worked at DQ and could just do whatever the fuck i wanted, my ideal shake was hot fudge, peanut butter, Graham base, and just a little coffee. It was so good, i miss itttttt
27 - denim jackets, leather jackets, or bomber jackets?
why not yes? they're all a staple in punk and grunge fashion so they're all inherently Very Good
30 - Do you prefer to charm or be charmed?
okay so fun fact, i am absolutely terrified of making unwanted moves on someone, especially since I'm gay, trans, and poly so it just makes me super dupee nervous. The one partner I currently have had to be very direct in trying to hit on me for me to even take the hint so honestly I'm just a lost cause, but I'm trying to get more confident and start to charm and persue people I'm interested in. So for now, I prefer to be charmed but hopefully that will change a little. Although i literally melt when anyone is nice to me for like .2 seconds
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maleanimeomegas · 37 minutes ago
I’m Expecting - Omega! Nagito Komaeda
A/N: This was a request and I actually had a lot of fun with it. 
Warnings: Pregnancy, Nagito’s poor sense of self worth, mentions of birth defects or pregnancy complications, low quality writing.
Tumblr media
- I’m going to start this off by saying that he is going to be upset when he finds out he is expecting. Full on panic-attack, choked sobbing, gasping breaths upset. Thankfully, you are the one who suspected he may be pregnant and were the one to grab the tests so you are there when he takes them. You are there, holding him close to you as he fights and sobs before falling limp in your arms as if his strings were cut. 
It has nothing to do with the pup. He has always wanted them. He just never thought he’d have them, just like he never thought he’d have an Alpha. He falls in love the moment he sees the two little lines on the test. He is just so scared he’s going to lose them. His bad luck has ruined everything he has ever worked for and destroyed everyone he has ever loved. Nagito is so destroyed at the idea that his pups will be victims of it too.
You have to reassure him that it won’t happen. You have been together for years and yeah, his bad luck is inconvenient sometimes but it has never put you in danger. And it will not affect your pups. You will be there to make sure of it.
- He is skeptical the entire pregnancy. He mentally prepares himself before every doctor’s appointment to receive bad news. The baby no longer has a heartbeat. The baby won’t survive birth due to a defect. The baby isn’t developing properly. His body is rejecting the baby. All sorts of worst-case scenarios that he tries not to panic about. 
You can’t do much about it aside from soothe him after every appointment, where the baby’s heartbeat was strong and clear and the doctor says they are both in perfect health. You make sure to push as many calming pheromones into his space as possible, murmuring how good of an Omega he is. 
“You’re doing so well, carrying my baby. They’re so healthy. You are so strong. I picked the perfect mate. You are going to be such a good parent.”
- Due to his Good Luck, he avoids severe pregnancy symptoms. He has the tiniest bit of nausea here and there. No migraines. No real pains in his body aside from a cramp or charlie horse here and there. No Braxton-Hicks. No nosebleeds, dizziness, or acne. There are mood swings but they aren’t much different from his usual downward spirals so you already know how to handle them. Nagito wears his body well as it accommodates to the growth of your pup. 
He keeps saying that he would rather suffer because he is convinced that his Good Luck should go to making sure his pup lives instead of making it painless for him but you placate him.
- You both have a very difficult talk about what decision you will make if the time comes. Will you save Nagito or will you save the pup? Nagito insists that you save their pup and you agree as long as the pup’s survival rate is high in the first place. If the decision is ‘save Nagito and he lives and the pup dies versus try and save the pup and they both die, you will pick Nagito.’ You told him that you will not bury them both and he agreed. 
- Nagito gets very excited when he can see kicks from the outside of his belly. He had been feeling them for a month or so beforehand but he couldn’t really enjoy them because his Alpha wasn’t able to feel them yet. Once he started seeing them happen on the outside, he constantly grabs your hands and puts them on his belly. He wants his pup to know that his Alpha parent is always nearby. 
You are thankful that Nagito isn’t an Omega who gets self-conscious about his bump and keeps it hidden from you. You enjoy interacting with your pup - poking their hands and feet when they are active and talking to them so they know you. 
Nagito also starts going to you when the pup won’t settled down with a soft “Okay, I’m telling Alpha. You are in trouble, little howling. Not letting me sleep. Kicking me in the bladder every time I get comfortable.” It makes you laugh because he’ll settled your hands on his belly and go “You deal with them Y/N. They won’t listen to me. Tell them to let me nap.” 
- He does not plan a baby shower. You do not plan a baby shower. Chiaki does with Sonia’s help and they had Kokichi break into your home while you both were out to set up. It was surprise to both of you but it was fun. Nagito got to open presents and scent them immediately. He got to see that his friends were actually his friends and that he wasn’t a burden and that they were so excited that he was going to have a baby. 
- Preparing the baby’s room was an adventure. You put together most of the nursery yourself while Nagito stood in the doorway and directed where he wanted things. The pup would be sleeping in your room for the first 6 months but other than that, the nursery was pretty standard and bare. They had clothes and toys and puzzles but Nagito wanted to keep the room bare so it could grow with their pup. Why bother painting it pink or blue when they didn’t know what their pup would? Why give it a theme that their pup may get scared of?
You think this has to do with childhood trauma on his end so you just let him do as he pleases while you build furniture. 
Shopping is also an adventure because you are more involved with picking things out than most Alphas so there are often lots of stares and remarks. Some Omegas are offended by your presence. Some Omegas are jealous because their Alpha won’t take part. Some Alphas mock you. Some Alphas try to shame you. Some Alphas ask you how you got your Omega to let you be involved. Nagito always has a lot of fun with them all.
- Nagito’s instinct to be around you increases exponentially. There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t have you scent him, his nest, every room in the house and the doors that lead outside. He constantly tucks himself under your chin, pressing his entire body against yours to make himself smaller. He scents your things if he knows you have to leave the house. 
- His self deprecation kicks in pretty harshly too because he is ‘a worthless Omega who has no right to demand such things from an Alpha and I am so sorry for being so greedy’ which you put a stop to immediately. You have to reassure him that he is in charge with this. Its his body. He is doing all the work here. He is allowed to ask you to do things for him. You are the support system.
- He starts to lighten up only in the last month, right before the birth. Yeah, it could still go very wrong but he was getting excited. His Alpha is with him, supportive and loving and protective. He has a home with a nest. His pup has been perfectly healthy the entire pregnancy. He trusts his doctor and the nurses at the hospital. This is when you both stay up late discussing baby gender-neutral baby names (both of you wanted the sex to be a surprise) and the future. Yeah, its a bit late but Nagito’s anxiety kept him from getting too confortable. 
- Like you predicted, nothing went wrong with the delivery. It was a very quick delivery - only about 2 hours total from the time his water broke - and the baby came out wailing and screaming and healthy. Nagito didn’t tear and was still coherent enough afterwards to be able to hold his baby on his own without needing to be propped up. Baby latched on without needing prompting. Afterbirth came out easily. Vitals stayed strong. 
Nagito insisted you prop him up anyway, he wanted you as close as possible to him and your child while the doctors cleaned up his afterbirth and wiped him down.
Nagito was trying so hard not be irritated but he couldn’t help it. His back hurt. His belly was heavy. His pup was moving around, restless and active even thought it was 10pm. He hadn’t slept for more than 2 hours at a given time the last three days. 
“Nagito,” his Alpha whispered, coming back from the bathroom, “are they active again?”
“What do you think?” he snarled in response as the pup kicked him right in the ribs, “Our pup seems to have insomnia.” He leans forward a bit to ease the cramping pressure before turning to look up at his lover in horror. “Oh, I didn’t mean to be so mean. Forgive me, please.”
The sight of tears in your Omega’s lovely pale eyes broke your heart, “Lovely, you are always forgiven.”
Nagito nodded, running his hands in already messy hair and sniffling, “I just want to rest.”
“ I know lovely,” you murmured, “But I think I know of a way to help. Scoot forward for me.”
Nagito acquiesced, leaving enough room between him and the headboard for you to squeeze in behind him. You slipped into the space, fluffing up your pillows and  shuffling you both around until he lay prone against your chest, your legs bracketing his as you laid against the pillows at a slant against the headboard. Nagito turned his head instinctually, nosing against your scent glands and taking a deep breath.
“Okay, lovely,” you coo, snaking your arms under his belly and lifting, taking all the weight with you. Nagito sagged in relief, going boneless as the weight disappeared from his front, moaning a little under his breath. You grinned, stroking your thumb along the stretch of skin you had access too.
“Oh Alpha,” he purred, nuzzling a bit harsher into your neck, “How did you know? It feels so good. The pressure is gone.”
“I may have read a couple of those pregnancy books.” Your tone was playful as you kissed the top of his head but you both knew that you had read every single pregnancy-related book, article, and pamphlet you could get your hands on. Nagito liked to brag to anyone who would listen - usually other Omegas who were shopping alone in the baby department - that his Alpha was enthusiastic about being a parent. 
Nagito made a noncommittal humming sound as he relaxed into your body. There was a couple of minutes of silence before he spoke again.
“They’re calm,” he whispers, on the verge of sleep, “They must know you’re here.”
“Go to sleep Nagito,” you purr, “I’ll hold you until you wake up.”
He didn’t need to be told twice. 
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bethygauw · 42 minutes ago
[Idol Show Time] albïreo - THANK YOU (English lyrics)
The second song of the duo albïreo, in which members are former étailes members.
Buy the digital drama CD + song here (PayPal friendly!):
Support the franchise on pixivFANBOX:
YouTube preview:
Lyrics: Yuka Maruyama Composed and Arranged by: Takahiro Shiwono Sung by: albïreo (Ryo Yanagi CV. Yuka Nishiyama and Toa Magoshi CV. Tsubasa Yonaga)
Tumblr media
Romaji and colour coded lyrics (do not repost):
albïreo - THANK YOU
1, 2, 3, Jump UP Just how much fun it is To walk side by side with you Would it have been better not to have known? It's raining inside my heart (Love!)
Even in a gloomy downpour (Love!) Sharing an umbrella could take us anywhere (Love!)
A scenery more beautiful than anything You showed it to me
No matter how much I wish for it My other half remains empty 3, 2, 1
The song you hummed Won't leave my mind, impossible to forget (because it's precious) Plays a warm melody that's almost saddening Between the patches of falling raindrops Our silly little conversations, and that smile (I love you) I'll wait for the rain to stop; will the weather clear up tomorrow?
Darling, umbrella singing love for you... (love for you...)
Right now I'm alone under this umbrella
I don't know where I went wrong Is that why I'm still "a child"? The rain falling together with your tears, your true feelings I rejected them all
I want to protect you who hid away your damp shoulder There it is, acting all tough
I don't want mud splashing all over me That’s why I can't chase after you so desperately (because it's precious) I wish I had the courage to jump over the rain puddle I'm scared of the reflection showing how weak I am Reject my love stronger, I beg of you (I love you) Let everything be washed away; I don't mind it torn and ripped apart
Darling, umbrella singing love for you... (love for you...)
Some rains won't stop I closed my umbrella so that we can be together always But you say "There you go again, drenched all alone"... (I'm sorry) (Thank you)
Illuminating the breaks between the long rainy days Is a figure that bears semblance to the sun (because it's precious) Far away where the rain lets up, it blinds my eyes and my vision melts
Swaying at the mercy of the overflowing light Crying is unfair, you know; I like you after all (I love you) In the sky that cleared up before I realised, there was a rainbow
Darling, umbrella singing love for you... (love for you...)
The feeling that swells as I finally closed my umbrella is "sunshowers" 3, 2, 1 Jump up!
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daisysreid · an hour ago
first date | daisy johnson
word count: 740
pairing: daisy johnson x gen!reader
summary: in which you and daisy go on your first date
warnings: none
prompts: 12 - “You look amazing tonight,” 16 - “Here, let me help you.”
notes: requested! the person who requested this had also asked for prompt 25 but i couldn’t find a good place to add it in so its just 12 and 16. not my best work but i hope you like it </3
Tumblr media
To say she was nervous would be the understatement of the century. She wanted this date to go perfectly.
This date had been highly anticipated since the both of you met nearly three years ago after the fall of SHIELD. There was an instant connection but neither of you had acknowledged it until recently.
There was a mission that required two people to go undercover as a couple, the two people being Daisy and you. Being undercover, in close quarters like that for nearly a month brought out all the buried feelings you both shared.
You wished you could say you made the first move but it was Daisy. The night before the mission was over, the two of you were drinking to celebrate a successful turnout when she cupped her hand under your jaw, cradling your head, and crashed her lips to yours. It had taken a few seconds to realize what was happening before moving your lips in unison with hers.
When the need for air became too strong, she pulled away and whispered, “I really, really like you.” It’s not what she wanted to say but she was already risking rejection and couldn’t bear it if she’d said those three words only for you to reject her.
However, you didn’t reject her.
You just smiled and whispered back, “I like you too.”
So, yeah, she wanted this date to be memorable.
She wanted it to be a memory you’d both look back on and smile fondly at it or laugh—or both, depending on how it goes.
“Okay, breathe Daisy, breathe.” She reminded herself when she heard a knock on the door of the apartment she moved into a few weeks ago, knowing it was you from the way you knocked. “You got this.”
Opening the door, Daisy was greeted with a smile. “Hey, come in.”
“I… I didn’t know what kind of flowers you would like so I just got you daisies which now that I think about it was probably a dumb ide-“
“I love daisies,” The inhuman spoke cutting off her date from rambling nervously about flower choices.
You watched with a smile as Daisy moved to the kitchen, filling a vase halfway with water and placed the flowers in, and set them nicely on display on her kitchen counter.
Silence filled the room but luckily it wasn’t an awkward silence. The both of you were comfortable enough around each other that the silence was peaceful. The air between you two wasn’t full of tension.
“You look amazing tonight, by the way.” You said breaking the silence.
“Oh, thank you. You do too.” She smiled, fiddling the ring on her index finger. She did that a lot you noticed—whenever she was nervous she would fiddle with the ring, twisting and pulling it.
Conversation flowed easily after Daisy announced the food would be done in a few minutes. “Hope you like lasagna,” She had said with a hopeful smile and a sparkle in her eye.
You nodded telling her it was one of your favorite dishes.
She had visibly relaxed at those words, thankful she didn’t fuck up already with the wrong choice of food.
“What kind of wine would you like, I have red and white?”
“Hmm… let’s go with white.”
Daisy smiled, getting up from the seat she had sat down in just a few minutes ago to retrieve the wine.
You watched whilst she dug through her wine rack for the white, a smile tugging at the corner of your mouth. When she found it, she set it gently down at the table with a corkscrew next to it. She walked into the kitchen just in time for the oven to beep, signaling the food was done.
“Here, let me help. I’ll grab the plates, you take that.” You offered when you noticed she would have to walk back to the kitchen just for the plates—the silverware already at the table.
“Thank you.”
Nodding in response, you placed a quick kiss to the agents cheek before grabbing the plates and walking to the table, leaving Daisy to grab the lasagna from the oven.
Once the food was served, everything came easily. The conversation never died—neither did the laughter.
It was clear that this night would be memorable and something worth looking back on and laugh at how nervous they were at the beginning of the evening.
In both of your minds, it was definitely worth the wait, and couldn’t wait to do it again.
Tumblr media
notes: if you would like to request something from the prompt list, you can find it here, just be sure you add the numbers and if it’s from the fluff or angst lists when requesting. if you wanna request something thats not on the list, go right ahead and send in the ask!
add yourself to my taglist!
PERMANENT TAGLIST (if it’s crossed out, that means I was unable to tag you)
@prettylittlemoonlight @drayshadow
MCU TAGLIST ( includes agents of shield works)
@lelefirmino @imapotatao
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yandere-shop · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warning: Content contains drinking blood, mentions of abuse, death, murder, unhealthy relationships, and behaviors.
This is purely fiction. I do not condone any of these acts in real life.
Ezra enjoys seeing his darling in pain. It’s the only way he knows how to show affection. At least that’s what he was taught. No matter what kind of darling you are he’ll nip, bite and scratch at you to show his love.
A darling who is more passive would cause him to become frustrated very quickly. Even if they listened to him talk about his family and the abuse or “love” they gave him. He talks about the trauma as if it was the most normal thing with a sick loving smile on his face.
Ezra’s darling trying to explain how pain is not equivalent to love will make him crack. He will believe that you are rejecting his love for you and that you are being ungrateful. That is no good. He gave you all his love and this is how you repay him? Absolutely not.
If he wasn’t harsh before he certainly is now. At this point Ezra has lost his mind completely. He’ll lock you away in his room and use you as a personal punching bag. But don’t worry it’s because he loves you. “You’ve got to understand that. Right,y/n?”
The passiveness would slowly kill him on the inside. He needs you to show some kind of love for him. He’ll even offer for you to hurt him instead. Now if you refuse this he’ll kill you right on the spot. That was his last straw and proof that you didn’t love him back. And he can’t have that.
If you want to survive Ezra, show him you “love” him back. It’ll take more than a simple “I love you”. He’ll want you to say thank you after he hits you or for you to to hit him back. Also, maybe avoid mentioning your opposing opinion on pain…
Thank you for the ask anon.
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clydesducktape · 7 hours ago
If your doing requests could I suggest a Clyde Drabble/fic where reader gets hit on in his bar, and Jimmy tries to warn the guy that they’re taken, and he doesn’t heed the warning and keeps messing with them only to be met with a super pissed off Clyde 👀
Tumblr media
Hello! I’m not officially taking requests but I’m happy you sent one in! I’m super new to this and testing out if this is something I’d like to continue doing. So thank you for taking the time to send something in!
Sooo I’m sorry, I went more in an A/B/O route, I really hope that’s ok. 
Alpha!Clyde Logan x Beta!Reader
Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, Alcohol, Unwanted advances (harassment but nothing explicit), One unwanted wrist grab, Implied violence, Non-explicit seggsytimes, Possessiveness, Alpha!Clyde being sweet to his Beta!RC
Wordcount: 816
Tumblr media
“Ya’know, a little beta like you,” the gruff alpha stepped a little closer, blocking your path to the other tables, “well, I could treat y’right. See if y’can take my kn-.”
“I’don’t know how many ways they gotta tell ya, they ain’t interested in what y’offerin.” Jimmy spoke into his beer, loudly at the man, offering another warning.
The man relented, for now, stepping aside to let you by. Quickly nodding at Jimmy, you rushed past him to the other customers to deliver their drinks and take any orders.
The Duck Tape Bar and Grill was bustling with Alphas and Betas out to blow off some steam and have a good time. When the occasional Omega walked in, the attention of most Alphas in the room would turn until their Alpha followed or they could smell the mate on them, the room’s chatter picking up as if nothing had just occurred.
The later the night got, the more bold and forward the crowd grew with a few standouts, such as the Alpha who was missing every hint you threw at him not wanting to rile him up further with a full on rejection. 
Call it being polite, call it not wanting to call the cops, call it wanting to no have to clean up broken glass and chairs, but you were trying your best to let him know you weren’t interested.
Clyde Logan, however, was your Alpha and you were certain everyone knew it. He made sure to mark you up as best he could, and you let him. He sucked tender spots into your skin, while he scented you knowing full well you weren’t built like an Omega but you didn’t mind. 
He also loved to nip at your skin, biting down on the slope of your neck leaving a clear imprint of his sweetly crooked teeth as he mumbled his adoration for you and worked his hips faster against yours.
He asked you to be his Beta and when you answered enthusiastically, he made sure there would be no mistake that you were his. Unfortunately for the boisterous and crude Alpha that has just let you pass, you knew that Clyde would have to double his efforts.
With the busyness of the bar, Clyde let this slide, hearing Jimmy’s voice cast a few fair warnings at the man. However, Clyde had his limit. While you couldn’t smell it, the air shifted a bit, growing thick with his irate and impatience.
Ever so slowly, the space around the bar grew empty with patrons allowing the brooding Alpha a little bit of space. The last of his patience was tested and broken when the offending Alpha reached out for you, pulled you near, and whispered in your ear, his sour breath flooding your nose and hot against your skin.
Clyde watched as your eye flashed wide and you tried to pull away from the man, who was clearly stronger than you.
“‘Scuse me.” Without missing a beat, Jimmy hauled you away from the man as Clyde grabbed him by the scruff and hoisted the stunned man off his feet and out the front door. The muffled sounds of shouting and Clyde’s deep bass floated into the quiet bar as every ear was trained on the commotion outside.
When the front door opened again, your Alpha stalked though. His gait determined as his dark eyes trained on you. “Jimmy, will y’watch the bar, please.”
“Y’got it, baby brother,” Jimmy confirmed as the room quickly returned to it’s normal chatter and Clyde gently pushed you to the back office.
“Y’ok?” He patted the desk for you to hop onto as he looked you over.
“Yeah, are you??” Your brow knitted together, concerned for him but he looked fine.
“No, m’little beta. I thought I was doing a good job, but it would seem that I wasn’t.”
Your head tilted in confusion, “What? I don’t under-”
His hands gripped your waist, hauling him closer to you as your legs caged around him drawing a squeak of surprise as he brought his face closer to yours, ghosting his lips over yours before pecking at your jaw, down to your neck.
“I thought everyone could smell that y’re mine. See that y’re mine.” He ran his sharp nose against the slope and delicate skin, stopping just under your ear, feeling you relax under his grip.
You hummed in response, tilting your neck further to give him more room. “I know, alpha,” your voice a fluttering sigh as you leaned into him. At hearing his designation leave your lips, he felt himself harden a bit.
“I suppose I’ll have to keep trying,” he huffed, skimming his lips against your warm skin. Heat rising to the surface as he slowly pressed kisses to your neck.
“I guess you’ll have to be persistent about it.”
“Mmmhmm, persistent ‘bout it. Make sure there’s no mistaken’.”
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jmblyajones · 11 hours ago
if I were the kroons, id be playing up jack creepatron's nasty focus on teen girls, he's gross (again love your commentary!!)
Jack is gutter. A gutter grease ball. A shifty vile weasel. The stuff he said in that tunnel really made my stomach turn. Instead of seeking therapy for the obvious jealous and resentment issues, he was really plotting (I believe) when he retuned to Sweden and things didn’t go his way. You know if Mats rejected Jack’s resume from jump, he would have released what he had on them at that moment. Mats was his easy in to a hockey career because of who Mats is. Why stay in touch with a family you despise? He was in it for the benefits of being employed. So, if these people are “so horrible”, what does that say about YOUR integrity that you are willing to stick with this family for any piece of clout you can get so YOU can slither your way into the league and climb the ladder like the fake, hypocritical snake you are.
I hate that there are magazines that don't care about REAL journalism. They run with any story they hear. Jack made some allegations that were completely false and whoever he told didn’t even care to fact check. It is just all around disgusting. I am curious about how the Kroons’ and Ludde will clear their name. 
I will say, having the house of cards come crashing down does track when you think about where we are at with the series. We are at the “point of no return”. The “where do we go from here” moment. Or the “fall from grace”. I am excited for the rest of the season and next season. This show is always keeping me engaged and on my toes.
Also, thank you!! I appreciate it!
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