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biwilson · 2 minutes ago
Yo the scene in striking vipers when Danny and Karl kiss in person for the first time fuckin broke me. When they pull away Danny looks like he wants to say “I felt something. I felt the fireworks. I liked the kiss.” But Karl immediately says “See! I didn’t feel a thing! I told you it didn’t mean anything.” And Danny looks broken by that for a split second before he realizes he has to just agree with him.... like ow my heart hurt at that
Right?? Ok so my thing is -- Im pretty sure the both of them lied outta their asses to save face?? But also it’s Black Mirror, there’s no happy endings, but I think there’s a thousand different ways they could’ve gone this. They could’ve told Theo, they could’ve worked something out, they could’ve all been together without any one of them being miserable. 
Like it was very clear that Theo was just as bored as Danny was an so was Karl. Like the three of them finding each other and reconnecting through this game would’ve been so much better than this no homo bs we got. 
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dinasknifewife · 5 minutes ago
7 and 59!
7. What did you last eat?
Part of a chocolate Costco muffin and some coffee!
59. Do you like snow?
I like the snow when it's brand new late at night and you can look out your window and see the streetlights glowing off it. I do not like shoveling it or when it turns gray and crispy hahaha
Thanks!!!! No pressure but if you feel like it 21, 23 and 32 for you 😊😊😊
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michaelperry · 6 minutes ago
5, 14, 48
5. What was your favourite book as a child?
So HP was one of my first special interests--I was going into 7th grade when Deathly Hallows came out, to give some context for how formative it was. Besides that, I have to give a nod to Ella Enchanted; I still reread that book about once a year and think it’s a superb work of fiction.
14. Do you consider yourself a romantic?
Eh... I have a very strange combination of hope and cynicism that makes this question difficult, but my overall answer is no. Also since I’m on the aro spectrum I def don’t think I’m a romantic in the more conventional sense of the word.
48. Describe yourself using one word.
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flamingbluepanda · 7 minutes ago
🌠 hi there 😊
Hi aphro!
1. Spartacus mutual :3
2. Brother of my heart
3. How is everything you write so??? Fantastic???
(Bonus 4. God I love your url)
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citypop-sibling · 7 minutes ago
Help me get Top Surgery!!!!
Hey y'all!! I'm Marcelo, 18yo, aroace, trans guy & chilean. I made a donation post a few weeks ago, but it didn't gain much traction, so i'm making a shorter one hoping it gets more notes!! I'm taking comissions (and any kind of request, really!!) to save for top surgery and get it done before mid year, because i want to tryout for the volleyball club when we go back to classes (and while i pass without HRT, i can't wear a binder during exercise and stuff because i'm a wimp and I pass out). I know it's nothing urgent, but if you could spare a single dolar, it goes a long way ❤️ As of May/17 i'm at $143/4200, thanks so much to those who donated already!!! Seriously yall can ask me to do anything and i'll do it ❤️
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antiapathy-rawr · 8 minutes ago
so i came out to my aunt the other day. i hadn’t realized that i never really told her i was pan. so it basically went like this.
Me:Where should i get my nose ring here or here(basically wanted to know if i should get a septum or regular piercing)
Aunt ty: You like girls?
Me: Well yea aunt ty i do but i’m really confused on where i should get it
Aunt ty: oh my gosh.
My mom: i think regular is fine
yea so then my aunt said she wanted to talk to my mom for a bit more. i think i shocked her. the point of this was to say i didn’t even think about saying it i just said it. I was completely comfortable with saying i was into girls and i’ve never really had that before and it just made me really fucking happy because i spent a lot of time not telling people(family) and i was just in a really homophobic environment and that felt very freeing in a way. Also to all my people out there you can’t come out to their family it gets better i promise.
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flamingbluepanda · 8 minutes ago
1. Child!!!!!!
2. I literally love you so much zoe
3. John Hart bastard man
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tozhan · 10 minutes ago
I read a post somewhere in the jjk social media sphere (i don't remember where) about a buddhist concept called the five eyes. Could be related to the 5 in Gojo? Anyway I googled it and it basically describes 5 noncorporeal eyes that have different kinds of vision. One can see spirits and buddhas, one can see through walls and great distances, one can see into the foundation where "emptiness lies" (i don't know what that means but this one is called the wisdom eye, they all have names), one gives you "nondiscriminatory" love for mankind (don't know what this one has to do with vision), and the last one gives knowledge on all things. Maybe Gege based the Six Eyes on this concept? Don't know what the sixth one would be.
Oh, that’s super interesting! (Btw, I added another ask at the end of this post!)
The nondiscriminatory love for mankind is fascinating. Not that I think that Gojo has any special love for humankind, lmao, but he certainly doesn’t seem to hate easily and it’d put his “protects them despite thinking it’s annoying” into a different perspective.
I assume this is what you were talking about: The Five Eyes. The article is longer, but it was an interesting read. If we take this, wouldn’t it mean that this applies to all Gojo’s (because Go = five)? Although whoever ‘gains’ the fifth (Dharma Eye) is said to be a bodhisattva, apparently, which would make a “sixth” eye moot - so, does this concept apply to Six Eyes users specifically and they have to “open” these five eyes to realize their full potential or is it a family thing in general? (Since the Six implies a sphere that only Satoru can see/perceive, there’s something missing here, though.) I guess we’ll know for sure once the clan gets properly introduced. 
I wonder if that’s taking so long because Gege wants to keep a lid on the full lore of the Six Eyes alongside holding back on the exposition of Satoru’s background 🤔 Considering that Six Eyes users in the past have clashed with Kenjaku before and given their importance wrt Tengen and the SPV, I think it’s safe to assume that the Gojo family knows a lot about what’s going on currently and what went on in the past.
I just realized that this ask:
Hi! Saw the ask about the Six Eyes and your reply, and thought you might be interested in checking out this Reddit post that has a nice interpretation/analysis of it. I'm not allowed to post a link in this ask, but you can go to the Jujutsu Kaisen subreddit and look up the post titled 'The Five Eyes'. It's by a user who goes by 'namewithak'. The comments on that post also give additional insight.
Probably talks about the post you saw, lol! I tried looking it up and I did find the reddit thread but the post itself won’t show for me (comments do, though)? 😩 Huh, isn’t @namewithak on here too? (Sorry for the tag, I just recognized your name! xD)
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flamingbluepanda · 15 minutes ago
🌠 *waves*
1. The fluffiest one shots like oh my god??? I get so happy when I see your name on stuff
2. Person Who Brainstormed The 80S Drag Queen Au With Me That One Time
3. cusp
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what-do-you-want-detective · 16 minutes ago
Suite these are the funniest fucking tags I've ever gotten on Anything
Tumblr media
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moony401 · 17 minutes ago
How nice to reach over 100 followers on my Birthday!!! 🥳
Tumblr media
Thank you so much to all my followers, mutuals and everyone else that I’ve interacted with, you make my days better🥰
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flamingbluepanda · 19 minutes ago
Hi vi!
1. Gwen and ianto shenanigans
2. Dictator
3. Nik appreciation club friend :3
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icycoolslushie · 26 minutes ago
hi! so for the ask anything you're curious about ask, who is your icon/avatar/idk what you call it tbh
Ty for the ask! (Not Ty Blackthorn.)
My icon/avatar/pfp is the official art for Biana Vacker, a character from KOTLC.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
^ The official art for her.
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chaoticbutvanilla · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
It's not :,)
But I will accept this as a greeting in advance :D
It is @blushingpizza 's birthday though!
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pvnkie · 26 minutes ago
here u go !!! sorry its long it had to be at least 12 lines sjkdfhs hopefully u like it !! 🐝
Thousands of tragedies that all lead me here,
Through snowbanks and summers
And so many years,
To not quite be the villain I thought I should be-
To saving the world and almost saving me.
From a mother stolen,
A father away,
A roommate-a nemesis
Or so it would seem.
A vampire bite before even age 6;
Destined for harm, unless one could resist.
A volatile power;
A fated match
Never to be lit
In the dead of that night.
-🐝 :D
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flamingbluepanda · 29 minutes ago
🌠? Back at you!
1. Incredible tags, always
2. Absolutely banging Headcanons
3. Immortal sibs au
(Bonus 4. Pretty url involving stars :3)
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thanksihateitt · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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thanksihateitt · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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thanksihateitt · 30 minutes ago
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