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dear-ao3 · 4 hours ago
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legend-of-a-savior-if · 4 hours ago
okay okay but the angel’s reaction to the worm question made me think of this and i just had to share it
That's canon, Glubby. 100% happened.
Thank you!!
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hylias-commonwealth · 8 hours ago
Scenario: Uli and Viri are locked in a room together for 24 hours. How do they react, and do they try to get out?
(Hmm imma write a little thing for this, indulge me. The story under the cut Is fairly long, I’ll spare your dashboard!)
He was unsure how it had happened, the gate had shut, but the one who shut it, a Hylian guard, stood between Uli and the exit, though, it was only a Moment before he realized that something was terribly amiss, the smirk on the guard’s face told him everything. Uli pulled his halberd around-metal stuck metal, sparks flew.
He stumbled back as the smoke cleared, the Yiga before him was an unwelcome familiar face as he laughed harshly, charging at Uli again several swipes met the defensive movement of the halberd before Uli finally got a good Jab in.
Viri leapt away stumbling over an uneven stone as Uli turns yanks at the gated door, it doesn’t budge- panic! Viri jumps at him kicking the halberd back into his chest knocking off his balance and making him stumble back into the door continuing to use the halberd to his defense before getting a good sidelong swing forcing Viri to fall back and giving Uli a chance to fumble for his keys he finally gets the key when WHAM-
he’s thrust forward into the gate the keys slip from his hand, clinking across the stone floor, well out of reach, sliding into the wall across the hall. 
Uli coughs and crumples to his knees holding the bar for support before the curved sickle blade pierces his his back then draws through to his chest.
Gods, it had been so long since he’s suffered such pain, it wouldn’t last, but the inconvenience of blood rising up and forcing him to cough and sputter, the annoying laugh ringing sharply off the walls made his blood boil in one last ditch he swings his halberd back, and lunging at Viri catching the leather strap and his sleeve, the force of his lunge causes him to fall, but the blade of the halberd getting lodged into the bricks.  
Viri shifts, but the halberd held him true, he groans and looks from Uli to the door then back to Uli. Viri groaned, this was gonna be pretty dull while he waited for Uli to recover enough to wake up from that wound.
about three hours later Uli finally stirred, and Viri was shaken from his bored daze.
“Hey! You’re finally waking up! good! what the hell is going on here?? aren’t there supposed to be guards at these settlements?? why hasn’t anyone come to free us??”
Uli, still hazy as he’s coming to, finds himself immediately exhausted by the annoying voice berating him.
“Ah- hush- I’m the only one here- the next guard will be here.. how long has it been?”
“Eh.. the light in the hall says a couple hours?”
“They’ll be here tomorrow.. my keys.. they’re out there.. on the floor”
“Wait so you couldn’t get us out if you wanted to?? Worthless!!”
“Who’s the one who attacked me here?”
“I  am, but you should have known I would attack you here! you were alone!”
“You’ll attack any of us while were alone!”
“So??” Viri exclaims indignantly
it’s quiet for an hour or so, peace to Uli’s ears as he shuts them again still weak. 
“Say, Runt, you couldn’t get into my pocket and grab that stick of gum for me could you?”
“I can’t move Dumbass..”
“What?? you’re not stuck to a wall!”
“You damaged my core so badly it’s still healing! I can’t move! not shut up! we have entirely too long to suffer this nonsense!”
seven minutes pass.
Viri proceeds to make annoying noises with his mouth, and literally anything else he can possibly make noise with. Uli is praying to the goddesses to just strike this godforsaken garrison with lightning to put them both out of their misery for a couple days, he stares at the corner avoiding all visual contact with the greatest eyesore in the room, trying and failing to recreate the beat of Dancing queen.
five hours later, Uli was fairly certain Viri had wore himself out trying to free himself then continue to beat box quietly to himself, it was quiet, only peaceful breathing, Uli shifted looking out to the hall,  the pale moonlight filtered in, he wondered if he’d slept through the sunset, but he simply sighs, taking a deep breath, before humming an old tune, older than this garrison, and perhaps even the current castle, a song sung by mothers, and mourners for the benefit and peace of their young or dead, and sure enough, the ancient song still held some of it’s magic, it was weak, but that was better than nothing.
Viri had been awake for the quiet song, he’d listened quietly, intently, he’d never really considered this Goddess fearing Hylian to be soft, he’d always been subscribed to the belief that all Hylians had no care or true valuable being, he wouldn’t say anything to break his silence, this strange, almost surreal moment of peace rested heavy on his mind. 
this moment would not be acknowledged by either later, it was simply a day. but it will not be forgotten.
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trans-bo-sinclair · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heres an offering of my basement for your basement needs ?
submitted by @mxmaelstrom
i think you mean OUR basement <3
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dear-ao3 · 16 hours ago
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shittylotrimagines · 17 hours ago
Pippin inviting you over for dinner he then shits in a pan and eats it😍
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sachiko: your time is up, kisaragis. *half-decent evil laugh*
kizami: you tell ‘em, sachiko-san. *spine-chillingly evil laugh that strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies*
sachiko: h—ha-hah—hm, anyway—
sachiko: *sigh* damn you kisaragis. hehe—hahaha—FUCK!
—even later—
kizami: want more salt, sachiko-san? *looks at salt shaker* hey, this is pretty cute. hehehah—
kizami: wh-wh-what—
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Tumblr media
Artist is me! And also I don't know how to properly submit artwork on mobile. I'll be sending over more stuff of Them soon, but probably through ask, if that's alright
ask works just fine!
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lemonjoonah · a day ago
here's a thought: obviously in a perfect world cicadas would not be a problem, but this is not a perfect world.... so al i can see rn is those skeevy little bastards infiltrating the treehouse and little dove having a full on FIT if they land on her or fly near her and she just instinctively hides behind the wings of whoever's closest 🥺 screaming "GET IT AWAY FROM ME OR SO HELP ME GOD"
may or may not have thought that one up after being attacked by a cicada in my own room this morning. not fun
I’m so torn 😅. Because as much as it would be nice to see that moment of vulnerability from her, the practical side of my brain is like, but she’s an extremely adept forager, and one who lives in an era and region where they rely on everything to survive. 
So not only would she be regularly be exposed to bugs like this while gathering (and therefore less likely to fear them), but her people and the hybrid flock might even use them as a food source... cicadas are protein rich, and a close relative of the crustacean family.   
Wishing you all the luck in your own battle against the cicadas! 
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