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#thank you anon
theyarebothgunshot · 19 minutes ago
What do you think makes us all root for Cockles, keep our fingers crossed? What about them makes you the happiest because I've seen people go crazy over other celebrity couples as well but Cockles (and Gunshots) nation is just so supportive. Why do you think it is like that?
Also a personal ask, what's your comfort movie and tell us about some extraordinary dream you wish to fulfill (just as detailed and personal as you want it).
Sending love - tea anon
ahhh i love this, okay:
what makes us root for cockles?
i just think there is something magical about them. probably it’s a lot of things combined: their chemistry is insane, out of this world, show stopping, and because they have to “keep things on the downlow” that chemistry is probably even more apparent. idk how to explain that but i think it does factor into everything. i cannot think of one confirmed celeb couple who look and act the way that jensen and misha do around each other. it must keep their public interactions at least a little bit fresh for people who have known each other for 12 years. and we all appreciate it.
then i also think that it’s because they are just so good for each other, which i have said time and time again. they both really grew as people since they’ve known each other, but especially jensen, and that is just so special. how often do you get to witness someones development over the course of 12 years because of their love for somebody (and that persons love for them)? so: special.
and of course, they play into it, and they like to give us little teases and hints, and that is also something that people love and admire. it’s like they are saying ‘we can’t fully acknowledge what is going on between us, but we still want you to know that there is something here’. 
comfort movie:
can i cheat and pick a comfort show instead? i mean i do love some movies but i am really more of a tv show watcher, and one of the biggest comfort shows for me is the office us. it’s funny, it can be sweet, and i know it by heart.
an extraordinary dream i wish to fulfill:
this is a tough one. i don’t have many big dreams. this might sound cheesy but i just wish to one day have to kind of life where i can stop and think and say: “this is it. i am happy. i am fulfilled.” and i don’t know if i can predict what will cause that fulfillment just yet. but i am open to anything.
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blesshimvettel · 20 minutes ago
i love love love love love your cancer/libra edit and the pics you chose *cheff kiss*
why thank you that‘s so sweet 🤍
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tinabbelcher · 26 minutes ago
Dottie Minerva
Well now you're, hmm... Misty Gish
I'll join too
Great. Let's call you... Dottie Minerva!
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unstablefuvk · 28 minutes ago
You’re not unlovable. No one really is. Everyone is made up of different parts—some parts are easy to love, and some more difficult. But you, as a person, are valuable and lovable no matter how many difficult parts you have inside. I have BPD (and bipolar) too and know how you feel, and that it might not help for me to say it, but you are lovable. Also, I love your name!!
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occasionally-relatable · 36 minutes ago
8: do you think your crush likes you back? ✨
I don't actually have a crush rn. So I suppose I just hope someone do be crushin secretly and manifesting our wattpad romance
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reyeslonestar · 44 minutes ago
Thank youuu for recommending fanfics! 💛💛 I agree the fanfic writers in this fandom are amazing! I am going to read one of the stories you recommended now, thank you! Thank you so much for answering my asks and being so nice and lovely and even giving me some recs. I wish you a beautiful day 💫
you are very welcome! im so happy to have been a help to you :) thank you for being so lovely and I hope you have a wonderful day too :D
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vhsshopping · 49 minutes ago
Quackity (dsmp) package maybe? If possible, with stuff thats more vague/themed rather than being obvious its for/about a mcyter if that makes sense? Thank u! ;v;
ill try my best! hope you like it! [i am. assuming you mean the character because, like i said in my about, i’m... not gonna do a post about the real man (i know he is a celebrity/youtuber but That Counts)]
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princekirijo · 55 minutes ago
Yo so I've just found that the P5R chat fic I read after seeing you gush about it got a new chapter a couple weeks ago??? I hadn't heard anything about it??? I was just wondering if you knew about it because it has some pretty great lesbian moments in it
Oh shit????? I'm kinda surprised but also kinda not I missed that (context: I have notifications on for that fic but I've been super busy as I'm sure y'all have seen) but FUCK I didn't hear about that either I'm mad now :[ so mad I am going to go and read it immediately because God I need it it's my emotional support p5 fic and fuck yes lesbian time 👀👀👀👀
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spacelabrathor · an hour ago
Hi, I’ve been following you for a bit and just wanted to say you’re one my most favoritest blogs and I aspire to write as well as you some day. Your prose are so descriptive and never repetitive or cliché and I just read your stuff over and over again when I need inspiration. Can I be 🪶anon? I wanna be 🪶anon because I’m not brave enough for you see my blog and writings but maybe someday 😆 anyways never doubt you’re anything but the best because I hold your writing in a special spot in my little heart ☺️
you sure can friend! that is all so sweet of you to say, i’m very warm :’) 
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hzd is pretty nice because it builds up new stuff instead of dumping everything on you at once! so you have time to learn, practice and still keep the story going!
Ok perfect!! That’s what I need!! I swear when they dump all the info on you at once and you’re controlling multiple people with different powers and abilities it’s like... ?!?! Help???
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thedeathdeelers · an hour ago
Here's a sneak peek of my yet unwritten song -🐬
"I wish you knew the way your eyes reflect in mine, the way the sound of your laugh brings me to life, and when you sing with me I lose my mind just let my love bloom wider every day and night"
“and you sing with me i lose my mind” yesssss
he does lose his mind
ugh this is so cute 🥺♥️
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ancharan · an hour ago
You mentioned all the things that Hashirama found in the depths of Madara's hair and now I can only imagine Madara using his hair as a purse, like he and Hashirama are on a date or something, Madara offers to pay and he just reaches inside his hair for money 🤣🤣
u know what not even joking i could see him hiding weapons in there
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hartsyhart · an hour ago
imagine trying to start a pointless argument with kan...who has been a hockey/flyers fan her whole life, someone who actually works in the hockey industry and knows her shit like damn she is allowed to have her opinions that doesnt make her aggressive 🤦‍♀️
it is what it is...its not that big of a deal. if people want act and a feel a certain way they have every right to do so, just like i do
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luvcorelez · an hour ago
Hey Roz, have a lovely day!
I hope you have a lovely day too anon!!!❤💗💕💓💜💘🥰
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vodkertonic · an hour ago
Vodkertonic: *changes icon* .... me: YOU CHANGE THE ICON! You change the icon like the person of free will! JAIL FOR TONIC JAIL FOR ONE THOUSAND YEARS.
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lysershine · an hour ago
Hiiii Lorekeeper Mod 3 guy here I don’t have anything to say but everyone else was sending you things and I didn’t want to be left out ☺️ you’re going to have a BLAST tomorrow btw
Hiya Three!! I feel like I’ve collected the full set now and I’m not totally sure I’m happy about it. :) 
That’s fucking terrifying!! This is sooo greaat... i’m soooo excitedddd... :|
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hollandcrush · an hour ago
I love how in the midst of a political discussion, someone decides to send in an ask about Tom jerking off 😂
Thank you for lightening the mood anon 😂😂
hahahahahha i like to keep my blog versatile and unpredictable so keep those random thoughts coming it :)))
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dicciardo · an hour ago
Hi, hot take but... Do you think that Daniel and Lando might be actually not interacting in front of cameras on purpose? Like, I mean, they are both very well aware of what Netflix does with grid friendships and they are both trolls enough do this joke
Hi! I have no idea why you asked me this but thanks I guess.
I don’t think there’s anything much more to it than that both of them are very busy on race weekends with all the regular stuff that drivers gotta do. And neither of them have had much time to get to know each other more than work colleagues who get along but are directly competing with each other. They might click and become best mates, they might stay the same, they might end up hating each other guts lol.
I don’t think it’s something they’ve done on purpose. They both know the Netflix narratives are bs and for all we know Netflix could pick the most obscure driver rivalry to focus on. I think they’re both just getting on with it.
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dctcnation · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Anonymous said:  Happy birthday Deidara!
Tumblr media
❃ “Oh um.. thanks, I think? How do you know it’s my birthday today, no wait I don’t want to know how you know, hm. Thanks I guess.” 
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its-elvie-innit · 2 hours ago
if you use the desktop site, you might have accidentally hit the unfollow button when trying to like, click the 3 dots to send an ask or something. ive done that too many times.
I think I was using desktop last night so,, yeah I would not be surprised :[[
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