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thedeathdeelers · 3 hours ago
so, picture this: luke and julie at night in the backyard. they’re on top of a blanket and there’s a million stars twinkling in the skies above. luke’s head is in julie’s lap. she’s playing with his hair, making little braids and wondering how it can be even softer than it looks. and he’s just looking up at her, with wide eyes, wondering how he could have gotten so lucky. how he got a second chance at life, 25 years later, here with her. with this burning star, this bright light that literally pulled him back from death. he has never been one to believe in magic, but like, looking at julie how can he not believe? she is magic. music. light. life. and he has no idea what he did to deserve her. soulmates is such a cliche. but how can he not believe that their souls were made from the same star when she just looks at him and his souls feels like singing. he has read so many times that love feels breathless and heart stopping, but julie, julie never made him feel that way. julie doesn’t take his breath away, instead it feels like first breath after 25 years of suffocating. she doesn’t make his heart stop, she made it beat again and now it will spend the rest of his life beating in the same rhythm as hers.
angi why is this so cute.
i’m dying.
julie doesn’t take his breath away because she’s like the first breath he’s taken in 25 years? she’s the air in his lungs? she’s the only thing he needs to sustain him? am i spiralling? maybe
“she doesn’t make his heart stop, she made it beat again and now it will spend the rest of his life beating in the same rhythm as her.”
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an6l · 4 hours ago
i hope this is a good vibe
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reguluscore · 4 hours ago
do you deserve love? yes you do. whether it’s from the person you’re venting about or from your friends. you deserve all the love in the world, sorin. i’m sorry that you’ve had a bad night and thought that way.
i don’t know much about your situation but i do know one thing. you are the brightest person ever, the most deserving of love, i’m sorry that the person can’t see that. parent, friend, lover, whoever it is, i have no reason to bash them, but i do have the love to help you rise back up.
if you ever need to vent more, something more private, don’t ever be afraid to message me. my dms are always welcome xx
sending you love, hugs and comfort <3
kells. i love you
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whytwolf · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
          “   do you always have to dramatically phase through walls ?   can you not just use the door ?   ”
@synthezcid​ liked !
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astrologanize · 8 hours ago
i’d like to do some more readings! but this time i’d like to look into what is going on in your life right now and the advice for it, i will be DM’ing my response to you (aka have them open if you are interested) - so if you’d like to actually share what’s going on in your life rn then pls feel free because i am open to hearing about it
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thesedangankids · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
here have a croissant
wow tysm its my very favorite tbing in the world bread :)
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weirdo-with-a-nametag · 9 hours ago
Mutuals who like my "I did something to keep myself alive" posts my beloved
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banji-effect · 10 hours ago
Shoutout to every cat in the world
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aikersen · 11 hours ago
yo its like 1 am and i discovered... kingsley/remus.............  ...............................thinking bout kingsley remus severus now, just losing my shit a bit over here
werewolf boyfriend, but also minister boyfriend...... boyfriends....... .......  pls help me come up with a ship name and i will share the cutest fucking drawing of them ever as a trade thank u
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ohcoolnice · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media did u know I didn't sleep at all last night lol I done suffering to stay awake rn lfmaoooooo
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anchoeritic · 12 hours ago
is that your face?????? holy shit you’re soooooo beautiful
pls stop it, you’re boosting my ego AOSJSKJD
Tumblr media
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neopuff · 14 hours ago
Happy Birthday!! <3
Tumblr media
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plushrabbits · 16 hours ago
If you had to choose between eating plain classic potato chips and sour cream and onion chips every day for the rest of your life (other foods are options but you HAVE to eat at least one small baggie of the chips each day; no dip or anything else just the plain chips), which would you choose?
sour cream and onion is one of my go-to chips in spite of how much i hate onions, so probably that one!
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chamomile-g-tea · 17 hours ago
happy birthday mom
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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freezingmyblitzballs · 18 hours ago
Hii im the ask you requested
Tell me your headcanon: what would mermista, catra and glimmer if they had to buy a present for adora together? :)
(Briefly short circuits as the concept of Mermistadora reawakens within me o_o)
Like... if they all had to AGREE on a gift for her? Or seperate? I'll do both.
Mermista gets her some incredibly rare seashell related jewelry. It's like a conch pendant imbued with minor immortality or something, but she plays it off "just a necklace, or whatever. :/"
Catra uhh.. idk paints Adora a rock. Makes her macaroni art with hair stuck in it. Drops a dead mouse at her feet. Very niche.
Glimmer gets her a personalized sword sheathe so she doesn't keep forgetting the Key to the Universe everywhere.
Together? Hmmmm.... they give her a vacation. They all take on She-Ra duties and split up. Sea-Ra, Cat-Ra and Sparkle-Ra.
It's chaotic, but it's the thought that counts.
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wiltedthrone · 18 hours ago
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togetherwearerapture · 22 hours ago
To the lovely anon in my asks about my Boundary fic, thank you so much 🥺💕 My app crashed while I was trying to reply and I’ve somehow lost it but I appreciate u so much 🥰
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kiocid · a day ago
you know what would be really funny? if mcytblr just invaded mcyttwt for a day. Not like, to be all hateful and critical cause thats just bullying, i mean just to take all our hot fucking takes to twitter and spice things up (maybe roundhouse kick all the people with ”ooh wilbur is evil poor dweam” analysis posts)
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rushifer · a day ago
Tumblr media
no thoughts just this image
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