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#tfatws meme
cherryblossomskye · 20 hours ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Sam’s Wings when he dives for Karli:
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snowflakechild · a day ago
Me trying to explain the new tfatws episode to my sister that has never seen a marvel movie in her life:
Tumblr media
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slytherclaw2005 · a day ago
Sam: *jumps out of a plane and lands gracefully*
Sam: I’M GAY!
Bucky: *falls out of the plane and crash lands while destroying a ton of trees*
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16woodsequ · a day ago
Sarah Wilson after she stops her kids from eating cheerios and has a second to think about her phone conversation with Sam:
Tumblr media
[ID: meme of Nick Young, a Black man with short cropped hair, a goatee and a white t-shirt, looking supremely confused, bemused, and concerned, with multiple question marks around his head. End ID.]
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slytherclaw2005 · a day ago
Okay but, Sam is the mom friend (who tries to look out for his buddy’s wellbeing at the detriment of his own) and Bucky is the dad friend (who will beat someone attacking his friend in an alley with no hesitation.)
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slytherclaw2005 · 2 days ago
Please, in the next three episodes can we have one more reference to nerd!Bucky? That’s all I’m asking for.
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slytherclaw2005 · 2 days ago
Sam: He is fun kryptonite. He is NyQuil to fun.
Bucky: Don’t ever listen to what Sam Wilson says. I am not kyptonite of fun.
Bucky: I AM FUN!
Kid at the store who just wanted Bucky to help him get something from the top shelf:
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