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ofpensandpapersblog · 16 hours ago
FROM CALM TO CHAOS: A year into the COVID-19 pandemic
Tumblr media
It was January 30, 2020. Everyone was beginning to execute their game plan for their goals set for the year. And while everyone was getting busy, life had its way to changing its course – getting everyone caught off guard because of the ‘unprecedented’ arrival of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
At first, majority dismissed the matter when a suspected COVID-19 case was reported, and everything seemed to have died down a month later with no additional cases reported.
Beginning March 2020, the very first local transmission of COVID-19 had been reported and from then on, the confirmed positive cases continued to rise day-by-day. This has prompted the Government to devise a plan in a bid to stop the spread of the disease and placed Luzon into lockdown. It was March 15, 2020.
Nobody knew what to do after that day. Everyone was panicking; there’s confusion and fear everywhere.
Visayas and Mindanao soon reported local transmissions and followed suit, declaring lockdowns to contain the outbreak. Soon, the whole of the country was placed into a state of calamity.
Although people were able to cope with the ‘new normal’ after a while, several serious problems came to light – in the Government, in the community, in oneself.
For the whole of 2020, everyone hoped for the better like I did.
Was the COVID-19 contained? No. But everyone made the most out of the situation.
Everyone tried to move on with life and optimistically looked forward to a different year ahead.
Beginning 2021, the Government have opted to gradually relax restrictions, reopen the economy, and allow some of the things people dreaded for.
At the office, we were almost back to the ‘normal’ daily operations. Instead of working at home, majority of us in our unit were already reporting on site four (even five) times a day.
In the Church, we have reopened physical service at 50% capacity (in adherence to the IATF guidelines). Physical meetups and fellowships were also being done.
Yet when everyone looked to end the year-long agony brought about by the pandemic in 2021, all hell broke loose once again.
Since the start of the year, we were already wrapping our heads in one of the agency’s project for its 25th anniversary – a coffee table book.
Aside from the internal documents that needed to be prepared, we also coordinated with different companies and groups that will be featured in the said project; we sent emails, prepared scheduled visits and trips, and many more. It is stressful to the core – in work and in principle.
We started the company visits and trips beginning March 2021 but had to halt it for a week due to poor planning and coordination of the third-party supplier. We had to step in to ensure proper communication with the stakeholders regarding the feature.
It was March 15, 2021. During this time, there were already reports of increasing COVID-19 cases but there was no clear plan to be done by the Government yet again. It seems like a repeat of last year...
The same day, a photoshoot for a certain group of people was conducted at the office in relation to the coffee table book project. This was the nth time that we breached the guidelines on mass gathering – yes, I had to state that out – although, there were fewer people that time compared to the earlier scheduled shoot. We are to resume the company visits starting the next day.
March 16. There were already rumors of positive COVID-19 cases at the office, but no one confirmed nor denied the information, so we went on our day as usual.
March 17. The rumors were eventually confirmed – two staff from another floor tested positive of COVID; however, employees were suspecting that there’s more. In the afternoon, the management has decided to suspend operations for the rest of the week to conduct disinfection of premises. At the same time, the reported COVID positive cases around the country was once again ballooning rapidly.
Despite tbe suspension, we continued our scheduled company visits for the project, but the scheduled flights for the next week have eventually been postponed due to the worsening situation.
March 20. There have been additional confirmed cases among the agency’s employees. We were getting quite concerned on this as we’ve heard that we might be primary contacts – AND WE WERE IN FACT EXPOSED.
We were informed the next day that three staff from our unit, including me, turned out to be primary contacts while the rest of the group were our secondary contacts. As such, we were ordered to immediately have our swab tests done and go on quarantine.
In the back of my mind, I was taken aback as just in a matter of days, things went out of hand.
Due to the escalation of events, the agency had been placed on ‘lockdown’ and mass testing of employees was ordered. This time, the Government has announced that the Greater Manila will be placed under ECQ again.
Of course for the safety of everyone, we immediately complied to the instructions.
I got tested on March 22 and, thankfully, the results went back ‘negative’ the next day. Or so I thought…
March 24. I woke up feeling sick – my back aches, my head hurts so bad, I was coughing, and I have high fever. I immediately told my mom what I was feeling. I also informed my supervisor and three of my closest colleagues about what’s happening.
For the rest of the day, I monitored if my temperature would go down and all that’s aching in me would go away. It didn’t.
Since I wasn’t getting better, I reported to our company nurse what’s happening. I was told to undergo some laboratory tests and take a swab test again.
In my mind, I was already preparing for the worse. I prayed to God, “Lord, if this is my thorn of flesh, I am willing to accept, but please help me see the bigger picture.”
Praise God, all laboratory tests were clear. But I tested positive for COVID-19.
It was morning of March 27 that I confirmed the diagnosis. It broke my heart, but I trust that the Lord has a plan. I prayed to God for understanding and healing. I also prayed that my parents and my brother’s girlfriend, and those people around me, will be spared from this. “As much as possible, Lord, ako na lang.”
For the next few days, my condition worsened: my fever wasn’t going down despite the round-the-clock paracetamol, I developed cough and colds, I lost my sense of taste and smell and my appetite, but I had to force myself to eat because I need to take antibiotics and other medicine. I also experienced uncomfortable breathing.
Due to my condition, I was already thinking of scenarios that haven’t even happened – what if I needed to go to the hospital? All hospitals near me are at full capacity. What would I do? What will happen now?
During those times, I wanted the comfort of my parents, but they can’t even go near me. Literally so close, yet so far. Never have I ever felt so alone in my life… but I thank God for never leaving my side. Even when I can’t see Him, I was assured that He was with me all the way.
That very moment that I wanted to give up, kaleidoscope of memories flashed in my head, and I remembered my mom and dad, and Kuya, and his girlfriend, my friends, the people I cherished the most… And I heard a gentle whisper that said, “Hold on.”
In those moments, I uttered the same prayer that Jesus said to the Father in Luke 22:42, “Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”
Thankfully, I started to get better at the start of the Holy Week 2021. Majority of my symptoms were already gone by the end of the week. It’s funny, but I felt like I was resurrected alongside the remembrance of that momentous time when Christ took on the cross the weight of our sins, defeated death, and resurrected on the third day to sit on the right hand of God.
It was the hardest and scariest week of my life. It was as if I would see the light any time. But it was also the same time that I met God again.
For the longest time, I had set aside the Lord. But the moment I was alone and I had no one to turn to, He was there. He never left… He never will.
I really appreciate those people who constantly checked on me and prayed with me during those times. Thank you, Lord, for using them to remind me that You are with me.
I am continuously getting better twenty days since I got the virus. But praise God because I do not have any symptoms anymore and I am already back to doing what I usually do.
My heart goes to those who lost their fight against this disease. I pray for God’s comfort, guidance, peace, and protection be upon their families. I also pray for healing and provision to those suffering from COVID and its drastic effects.
Was COVID contained now? Still no. The cases are still at record-breaking peaks. Frontliners are still suffering. Hospitals are still full. People are still frustrated and mad at the Government for their lack of concrete plan.
COVID IS REAL. And this situation must be taken seriously.
But beyond the current situation, GOD IS ALSO REAL. He knows everything that is happening, and He accounts every one of them – justly and fairly.
1 Peter 3:12 says:
"For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.'"
Let us continue to pray for the better; He listens. He is closer than we know. #
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changedlives · 18 hours ago
Jehovah Sabaoth - The God who hears and sees
I just had to send in this praise report. At about minutes to 2 this afternoon I sent in a prayer request to Harvest for the people of the island of St. Vincent. By minutes to 7 this evening, there was running water… the water was released!!! Won’t he do it!!! #weexisttochangelives #watchgodworkitout #loveGodlovepeoplelovelife
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changedlives · 18 hours ago
Praise God me and my house got baptized/dedicated on the 27th. I am a man who was unchurched and in the streets, the vast majority of my life and I am proud to say that I am under bishop foreman’s tutelage and the harvest household. My spouse’s growing faith and favor has caused me to seek God more diligently and to disarm the generational curses born to me. I have no major financial conquests to announce nor am I out of the woods in all my trials and troubles but… GOD! I AM ALIVE AND STILL IN IT FOR GOD AND FOR MY FAMILY AND FOR THAT I GIVE HIM GLORY AND PRAISE. THANK YOU BISHOP BECAUSE WITHOUT YOUR DIGITAL WORDS AND BEING ABLE TO VIEW THEM UNLIMITED IM STILL ALIVE TODAY. GLORY TO GOD
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beggarheat4 · a day ago
The Way God Sent His Word to A Iraqi Interpreter<div>I Watched an American soldier
reading his Bible, Also I wanted to know more
In to the War
Today, I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, along with my partner, our younger son, and a new born kid. Last year we sensed a calling to start a ministry. As I share my testimony in churches and military foundations, and with specialists classes, I give praise and thanks to God for saving my life--and also drawing me near.JUNE 21, 2017
Photograph: Sean Scheidt
After a quick span living together with my SWAT instructor and also his family, I proceeded with Scott and his wife, Meagan, at Fayetteville, North Carolina. Here, I began to wait Navigators Bible studies. I was challenged to incorporate Scripture, study it in depth, and also make myself accountable to the others from the group. During almost a year living with Scott and Meagan, my partnership with god deepened and thrived like never before. Back in 2007, I got reassigned for the Army's 82nd Airborne division. And after I met Sgt. Scott Young, '' I realized there is something different about him. He had a novel in his knee all the time. Everytime we had a breakup, I detected him reading, and I was intrigued. Scott explained to get into a quiet place and pray. He said I should tell Jesus I wanted to improve and become a Christian. In addition, he said that Jesus would come in to my life, and that gave me hope and encouragement. So I prayed a heartfelt prayer. I asked Jesus to come into my own life and change me personally, that I might be embraced because God's son. We spoke about the long term, what it appeared as if to them and because of me personally. My family knew they'd not see me in Iraq. When I was around eight years of age, my dad business began to struggle. The strain out of his job made it unpleasant to be around him. He started drinking and chilling out with people have been a bad influence. About a year after, he was getting into trouble with law enforcement on a normal basis. He'd wind up going to prison about 20 times. I inquired,"How can I become a Christian?" At age 19I completed my essential trained in the Iraqi police academy. I thought I had signed for five years, however once I looked in my paper work, the period of the commitment was changed to 25 years. I was angry but couldn't say anything for fear of getting killed by the government. In March 2003, my dad woke up me to welcome the American soldiers who invaded Iraq. As my children has always had profound respect for the Americans, I chose to go to Tikrit and join america military authorities. I worked like a security officer at a police station and as an interpreter, as I knew both Arabic and English (without having to be quite eloquent from the latter).
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I was preparing to take the driver when the car--now about 15 feet away--unexpectedly detonated. I flew in to the air, fell to the ground, and sentenced to a control, where I shielded myself from shrapnel and soldiers shooting my direction. Once I heard"cease fire," I analyzed my own body for harms. I was shocked I was still living, without a lost limbs, cuts, or burnsonly a single bruise on the side of my knee. However, my mind was hurting from the anxiety about this explosion, and I was disoriented once I caught up. I looked over and noticed the suicide bomber's limbs sprinkled around. It had been a savage, bloody, disgusting scene. As punishment, he was sentenced to one year in a subterranean prison, where he endured complete darkness, except for just 2 moments above ground each day. There was no shower, and water and food were rare. Broken from suffering, '' he grew distressed and jumped out to God. Abbas Hameed is the creator of Hameed Christian Ministries. He became a United States citizen in 2011. While waiting at the hospital to get an appraisal, I reflected about what had happened that day. I felt sure the God who created heaven and earth has been in charge of rescuing my life. A few weeks later, SWAT instructors from the US military police were recruiting Iraqi authorities members, and I had been among the chosen for the training. I was very excited. This really was my method out of this Iraqi police , and that I was also glad to be working more closely with the United States. When terrorists killed my father a couple months later, I had been angry at God, however, he continued to minister to me Scott. One day through the military assignment, I moved along to Scott and told him that I loathed myself, and I did not wish to be me . Igrew up in Iraq because the next oldest of eight siblings. My children was untraditional. My mum was Muslim, and also my daddy was Catholic. They did not force any religion in their children, in part because they didn't just take religion very badly themselves. My dad was a wealthy businessman, so we lived comfortably in a big house, blessed with different vehicles, a housekeeper, and a lot more than 250 sheep.
An Intriguing Novel
And sure enough, God began deeply modifying my father's heart. My children noticed a huge gap when he came back . read more became a hardworker, less selfish and also an overall happier person that he always had a smile in his face. For example, 1 week after his first release, my dad and I went shopping for clothes. We ran to a person wearing tattered clothing who was clearly displaced. My father had compassion with this man also, stripping down to his panties, and gave away the clothes he had been wearing. He stated,"He needs these clothes than I really do." I stood in shock because of his generosity. I knew then my father's life had been permanently altered.
Tumblr media
When I joined the Armythere had been an agreement for interpreters that if you served at least 2 decades, you could go on to America and eventually become a citizen. And since I'd worked to get the US military for over four yearsago I knew I was putting my life in danger by staying in Iraq. Can this testimony resonate with you? Why don't we understand here. After that incident, I asked God softly when he truly exists. I also prayed,"do not penalize me enjoy my dad, but help me to become a fantastic man and seek you" His ultimate stint in prison came following the government discovered he hadn't completed his three decades of required service at the Iraqi army. He had joined the army to get a year throughout the Iran-Iraq War, but then he hurried away. The morning after, the whole military company detected a reversal, simply as I'd observed that the shift in my dad after their or her own conversion. I had a smile in my face, also that I wasn't as mean . God had worked an enormous and powerful transformation. From the spring of 2005, we awakened into exactly that which we thought was a earthquake. The construction was shaking when we heard a bang in the car bomb. The lieutenant sent us to a area which was not covered by military employees. I was delegated to guide traffic and scrutinize vehicles that were questionable. After fifteen minutes, one such vehicle came in my own direction. Scott told me was the Bible, and I began to see it every afternoon for me personally. I kept returning again to Scott to ask questions regarding exactly everything I had been reading. I was truly eager to own a mentor. But by some mysterious providence, he had been deployed to Samarra, then his firm got habituated into my unit. Have some thing to add concerning it? See something we overlooked? Share your feedback here.
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gibbsmediagroup · a day ago
Tumblr media
The First Season of our NEW Women's Holistic Wellness series is calling for testimonies!
Gibbs Media Group is looking for women to lend their stories and voices to The Change: a digital series highlighting the physical and emotional challenges that women face during menopause, as well as offering alternative, holistic solutions to these issues. Interested applicants must be women aged 35 and up who are experiencing pre through post-menopausal symptoms. We want to know your trials, expectations, and how you've managed them both! Tell us what social attitudes have affected you, what menopause means to your womanhood, your journey with modern medicine, and how the medical field can improve its response!
Submit your story on our website:
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beggarheat4 · a day ago
Who Are the kids of Jesus?
The most popular figure known to Christians - and the only one the Christian religion recognizes as having uniquely evolved from a individual, is Jesus of Nazareth. According to the Gospels, Jesus - also known as Truth, Life, and Love - was a young Jew who was born in Bethlehem in Nazareth and raised in the city of Nazareth during the First Century A.D. All other accounts describe Jesus as a man of some 25 years, sometimes just a little less and sometimes a little more. No other details have already been discovered regarding his life, birth, childhood, or early childhood, no information on any physical illness or injury which could have occurred during those years, no close family members were ever known to survive an encounter with Jesus. In addition, there is absolutely no information regarding his death or burial. For several these reasons, many scholars today regard Jesus as the utmost historical figure in the history of the planet.
Using the Gospel of Luke, a gospel compiled by the writer of the gospel that is considered to be probably the most reliable Christian text, we are able to date the birth of Jesus to roughly three centuries A.D. Most scholars believe this date to be approximately A.D. thirty-five to forty years following the crucifixion. This is also approximately the time when the first chapter of the book of Acts, entitled simply as the Christian Bible, was written. Luke's gospel will not mention that Jesus was known as God or that he ever endured a divine nature. The initial copies of this gospel, comprising only three leaves, are found only in three manuscripts, the most famous of which may be the Latin Bible, written in Hebrew.
The most recent study done by an expert team of scholars led by Dr. John Wood gives credence to an essential finding made by another band of scholars, namely, Prof. sniff and Prof. Richard Kennett. The latter discovered the existence of scribal changes to the text of the Gospel of Luke written by a copyist sometime between your third and fourth centuries after Jesus' birth. These changes to the written text of the gospel were probably caused by the growing disagreements among the followers of Jesus over his Messianic activities. Wood states: "The changes in the text of the gospel of Luke, most obviously due to the increasing disagreement on the list of followers of Jesus over his activities after his birth, point to revisions through the papolic era that probably reflected his personal feelings about his Messianic activities."
Another name of Jesus distributed by Joseph of Nazareth is Benjy, which means son. The name Jesus is found twenty-three times in the brand new Testament and is found associated with other characters like wise men, healers, and teachers. In addition, Benjy is found associated with a donkey, and ox. The most prevalent version of the name Jesus is that mentioned above, Benjy, but this name has been within a much earlier source, namely, the Deuteronomy of the Old Testament. Another name of Jesus that can be found through the entire New Testament is that of Simon. Simon was the son of Joe and Mattha and is available associated with healing and magic in a number of instances through the entire New Testament.
A possible spelling mistake of Jesus' name is Benyole, instead of Benjan. The name Jesus is found twenty-four times in the New Testament and is particularly found associated with the names Joseph and servant of Moses, as the birth name of Jesus is Benyamin. The name of Jesus is also found linked to the daughter of King Herod, named Mary, meaning "a healer of individuals." Another early Christian mother, Mary, is the wife of Jesus. The two daughters of Jesus are named Matidia and Anna, and the name of these father is Job.
A fascinating note concerning Jesus and his family members is the birth story of 1 of his sons, James, who was simply also named Jesus. According to the genealogy of James, he was the son of Zebedee and Ruth and was created when the census took place in fulfillment of God's promise to rebuild the house of Israel. Another name of Jesus that is nearly the same as James is that of Nathaniel. This means "a merchant of goods."
One of the most interesting instances where Jesus bore a name apart from Jesus is that of Philip. Philip was the brother of James and Jurgis and is recorded as being the son of Codrus, a brother of Jesus. Home Page of a name other than Jesus is that of Laban, which is found written on a stone in the synagogue of Capernaum, an ancient Hasmonean city. Laban means "a king." The name Laban may be related to Laban, the son of Nehemiah, or even to Joshua, the grandfather of Jesus.
Other examples of a name apart from Jesus include Manas, that is found written on a tablet at Nineveh, and Nahum, that is found written on a tablet in Jerusalem. Apart from these names, there are no other details known about Jesus' family. It's possible that these names have something regarding his childhood, or perhaps certainly are a reference back to his role as a child shepherd. In any case, it appears that the majority of the persons listed for this birth are linked to the area of sheepherders in Israel.
Tumblr media
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beggarheat4 · a day ago
Jesus - THE BEST Teacher Ever!
John the Baptist also identifies Jesus as the Redeemer. In Christianity, Jesus is frequently identified as the son of God and he is regarded as the 3rd person in the Trinity, thus being God the Father, and in addition being the Messiour, or Son in Latin, Eusego tibetanum, or Jesus Christus. He could be considered the Jewish messiah that is prophesied within the Hebrew Bible, which today is called the Old Testament. However, some scholars argue that it will not be classified under either the Old Testament or New Testament, but be named a later Christian creation.
Just about the most well known of most Christian writings may be the Gospel of Luke, written around Acts, which relates the life span of Jesus and his ministry, particularly in those elements of the Bible known as the Epistles. The Gospels are written in sequential order, you start with the birth, life and miracles of Jesus. Each one of the four evangelists is able to share the main same Gospel, and each has her or his own unique tale to inform concerning the birth, ministry and death of Jesus. Consequently, the Gospels often form an important part of Christian teachings. Nearly all Christians regard the four gospels as the perfect message from God, although there are some dissenters who question whether there are any internal contradictions in any of the four accounts of the Bible.
The book of Acts, or Book of Revelation, since it is also called, is considered by many Christians to be one of the greatest Christian classics, and contains a lot of miracles. The primary articles or parables in this book include: the rising of John the Baptist, the final two revelations, the Holy Spirit descending from heaven, and the three women that came to the woman at the well in Samaria. Since there is general agreement these three women will be the three witnesses of the miraculous birth of Jesus, there's disagreement as to when the mother of John the Baptist and the girl on the well were named Mary and Joseph.
John relates his experiences in the gospel in accordance with Matthew, but he will not name the Matthis, or Mathew, his foster-father. Many scholars believe the discrepancies between the two accounts are due to either mistakes mistranslations or just by differences in understanding. Many Christians regard Mark being the true gospel, or written record of the last great teaching of Jesus, while Matthew includes only Jesus' words. However, some scholars have noticed a parallel between Mark's account of the raising of Jesus and the subsequent baptism of John the Baptist, where Jesus was pronounced clean by John, who then placed Jesus under his care. Some also believe the story of the three women, who told their stories after Jesus' baptism, parallel the three wise men who Jesus traveled to become fishermen, telling the boys who returned from the coasts of Tarsus, in what happened to Jesus.
As well as the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, there are two additional gospel accounts that mention Jesus. The Gospel of Luke includes a fuller account of the nativity, which describes how Jesus was created to Joseph and Mary. The birth announcement in Luke 3:10-11 also mentions Jesus' parents and wife, along with their daughter, Sarah. Addititionally there is another Gospel, called the book of Wisdom, which has lengthy conversations between Jesus and wise men, who have been invited by the girl, Zechariah, to attend the birth of Jesus. The Book of Wisdom also contains many songs, aphorisms, and wisdom sayings concerning the nativity along with other important events in Christianity. It is most likely these books influenced the later writings of Mark, John and Romans.
The main teaching of the New Testament concerning Jesus is that he is God, fully human and the founder of a new Christian religion, known as Christianity. This movement was led by followers of Jesus, but before they started to break from him and form what we know today as Christianity, that they had different beliefs regarding his humanity, such as being divine while being spiritual. Most Christians think that the teachings of Jesus are available in the writings of the brand new Testament, and that these written works are inspired by the Holy Spirit. In christian testimony examples to this New Testament, most people also believe that additionally, there are oral traditions which have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation within the Christian religion.
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beggarheat4 · a day ago
Exactly what is a Christian Witness?
A Christian Testimony is an agreement or a legal arrangement in which one party gives to another party information that either party regards as true. This is often related to facts, accounts, statements or other types of records that are useful for legal purposes. It is a fact that God is the judge and everything that he's got said holds true. Therefore, Christians are obliged to provide truthful testimony before God's court.
Christian Testimony is a very important process in marriage. Marriage is really a contract based on promises and oaths. In case a couple promises to support each other and to love one another, it is their legal duty to keep those promises by giving one another correct and honest information regarding them. This would also include financial support to the couple and maintenance of the happiness and comfort of another. Christian couples may have multiple reasons for providing information to another party in court.
These couples can provide one another a letter that states how they met, where they went, what they did together and who taught them everything that they know. This letter is called a Christian Testimony. The witness could be either a husband or perhaps a wife. The person who writes the Christian Testimony should be unbiased.
The written evidence that Christian couple provides to the court is not needed to be original, nonetheless it must be true. This testimony will undoubtedly be very useful for the court in finding out what really happened at that time that the marriage was solemnized. It is also used being an evidence that the person writing the letter is an eye witness to the events that occurred through the marriage.
The written Christian Testimony might help out the judge in his decision. Sometimes, don't have all the information that the couple has directed at them. The judge must make the decision simply by himself. He cannot depend on the written information alone. Therefore, he needs other proofs to aid what the person says.
The Christian Testimony is written by two people, so both of them are giving their testimonies. This makes the testimony more believable. The judge should be able to obtain the picture of what took place at that time once the marriage happened. He will be able to get the picture of how the couple had been planning the coming years and what they had planned for the youngsters.
This testimony is essential for the couple to testify about the items that happened in the marriage. It also helps the courts to determine which party was responsible for the issues that the couple had been experiencing. Often, the couple has fights plus they blame each other for the issues they were experiencing. The Christian Testimony will clear the name of one party and usually the other party is forced to accept the terms that the Christian couple had stated in the statement.
The Christian testimony is essential because this will prove that the individual giving the testimony knows the real situation that the couple was in. It's the best evidence a person can have. The judge use this evidence when deciding the terms of the divorce. The couple ought to be careful not to lie on their statements, because if they do they could be discovered and it will be hard for them to make an application for visitation or custody of these children.
There are various ways to find a good Christian witness. They might be friends or family members which were married before and may give testimony in what has been going on. The individual can be a friend or relative that's staying neutral, because they will have an impression about both parties. This testimony is essential for the courts to utilize when deciding the terms of the divorce.
There are numerous ways to help prepare a Christian testimony. A person can attend a class that teaches them how to give one. You can find websites that a person can visit to obtain a Christian testimony from other Christians. They are able to go online and look for a class that is being held near their house. Having this testimony will make the judge very sure that the person is a great witness for the couple.
Having a Christian witness often means all the difference on the globe for the couple. The Christian witness will give the judge a good reason to be certain that the couple is getting what they deserve. They'll also have a good explanation as to why they would leave their spouse if they are unhappy. The testimony will keep the couple together. This is important for any couple who is looking for a divorce.
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beggarheat4 · a day ago
Christianity and Jesus
Every other major religion believes that Jesus was the great teacher or perhaps a great prophet or an almighty person. The issue with this is, the Bible clearly tells us that Jesus wasn't a great teacher, an excellent prophet, or an almighty man. C.S. Lewis in his famous book Mere Christianity says the following regarding Jesus: "he was, no doubt, a great teacher; but he was no more than an uncommon teacher. We are told that he cured people who have diseases and raised an extremely lot to high offices in the government of Israel. But we are also told that a considerable number of his followers neglected their office, neglected their own families, acted dishonestly and became boards and pauper."
These scholars declare that Lewis isn't merely stating an obvious truth. Rather he could be describing the mindset that lots of Christians have towards Christ. They believe that Christ was said to be an extremely great teacher and man but that few Christians follow his teachings. It isn't uncommon for many to convey that Christ was the second coming of the Lord and the savior of humanity but few Christians stick to these beliefs. This becomes problematic when one understands that Jesus is God in reality but that his followers do not see this.
Another problem that has come up with some scholars concerning the matter of Christianity and Jesus may be the fact that most don't see any clear pattern in the life span of Jesus. Some scholars argue that it is because he had hardly any education and incredibly few friends. Consequently, it could be deduced he developed his teachings on his own and without the guidance of other people. He lived in poverty and probably didn't have much understanding of matters such as medicine or law.
Another issue with regard to Christianity and Jesus pertains to his relationship with the Roman Emperor Maximilian and the crucifixion that took place in 40 A.D. This became an enormous controversy between Rome and Jerusalem. The church fathers disagreed with Jesus over whether or not he died for every single person that was killed on the cross. check us out here argue he only died for all those on the cross because he wished to atone for the sins of his followers. Because of this, many Christians believe that his death at the hands of the Roman emperor was the initial death of Christ and that his body was raised soon after his death.
This could be considered the major point of contention between your Roman and Jewish religions. Early Christianity tries to distance itself from the Messianic principle for this reason. Most scholars agree however that early Christians were actually following two different strands of Judaism. Some were following a older tradition of the written Torah, while some followed the teachings of Jesus in the new testament. Both of these currents of Judaism fought for quite some time before mainstream of Christianity adopted both philosophies.
Another issue with regards to Christianity and Jesus relates to his crucifixion. Early Christian fathers disputed that Jesus died for several of his followers plus some even say he was crucified upside down. Some scholars have rejected this view completely, while some have explained that a few of the early Christians didn't understand exactly what these were referring to when they claimed that Jesus have been crucified upside down. While there has never been any evidence to confirm this, some scholars believe that it was an attempt by early Christians to correct the chronological order of events in Christianity.
One other issue in relation to Christianity and Jesus pertains to his resurrection. Early Christian writers tried to make the resurrection a miracle to make their religion more impressive to the Romans. This failed however and even earned the wrath of the Roman governor of Judea. Christianity was not condemned by the Roman government at that time and instead the followers of Jesus continued to apply their teachings after his death.
The first Christians started to spread their teachings not merely to the Jew but to every other human being on earth in the hope that eventually everyone would follow the path of Christ. The last remnant of the initial Jesusese left Earth and founded what we know today as Christianity. Today the religion may be the world's largest Christian sect. There are over 60 million Christians who attend services weekly.
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dangerkeith3000x · 2 days ago
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I've been trying to get Jake Likes Onions comics into the corporation where I work's newsletter but I keep getting turned down.
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englishlistwords · 3 days ago
n. A declaration by a witness under oath, as that given before a court or deliberative body.
n. All such declarations, spoken or written, offered in a legal case or deliberative hearing.
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workfromhome100 · 3 days ago
A toxicologist’s testimony challenged claims by Derek Chauvin’s lawyer that George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl.
A toxicologist’s testimony challenged claims by Derek Chauvin’s lawyer that George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl.
A forensic toxicologist at the laboratory that tested George Floyd’s blood said it was common for intoxicated driving suspects who used fentanyl to have higher levels of the drug in their systems than Mr. Floyd did when he died. Prosecutors hoped his testimony would strike a blow to the argument by Derek Chauvin’s lawyer that Mr. Floyd’s death may have been an overdose. The toxicologist, Dr.…
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My name is Irene. I have 5 adult children. Two are married and have children. I work for an urban school district. I also teach at a community college in the evening. For fun, I crochet blankets and scarves to give away. It's a great activity. I also love to read.
I was saved in my early 20s. I have to say, I am where I am because of Yeshua's mercy and grace. My journey through life can be described as roller-coaster, but it is clear that YHWH Elohim, through Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua HaMashiach) and guided by the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) throughout my life.
I love to read and learn about our God and Savior. That is the only thing that keeps me sane. I love to sing worship songs especially the songs of the Psalms. I follow Yeshua's commandments including keeping the 7th day holy to rest in Yeshua. I love God and my neighbor. I don't judge, I support and help. I confess my sins twice a day and give praise a few times during the day. I talk to God a lot about everything and read His word constantly. I love to talk about GOD and what I learn. I pray for my family to be saved and have a relationship with Yeshua.
I want to learn the language Yeshua spoke and read. I just want to learn this beautifully constructed language with so many messages from Messiah. I have tried other ways to learn, but as a language teacher, I know I need the kind of strategies Holy Language Institute provides. I learned about this program through YouTube.
I am on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In Facebook I am Irene DelRosso. In Twitter I am IreneD918. In Instagram I am Irenedel918. Many problems I face I pray for help, mercy and grace. I try to follow Yeshua's example and teachings. Although there are many teachings that confuse followers, I stay in the scriptures and do not follow humans. Adonai bless you and your family through Yeshua HaMashiach.
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The testimony of Dr. Martin Tobin
“After there is no pulse, the knee remains on the neck for another two minutes and forty four seconds after the officers have found themselves there is no pulse.”
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holyspiritbible · 4 days ago
Testimony: We live in a World of Wonder
A world with two realms: The Spiritual Realm and The Physical Realm
A world where two kingdoms battle over human souls:
The Kingdom of Heaven and The Kingdom of Darkness
JESUS is real. Angels are real. Demons and Evil Spirits are real.
The Holy Bible is The Living Word of God. The words in it are alive.
You are blind until you have a shocking encounter with the Spiritual Realm.
The kingdom of darkness devours souls. The Kingdom of Heaven saves souls.
Anything that does not offer you a chance to Accept JESUS as Saviour is not from God.
Anything that replaces God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is an idol which leads you straight to the kingdom of darkness.
Believing in JESUS, Son of God, is not about a religion. It is about the kingdom in which you will spend eternity. This too is real. (Isaiah 9: 2 & 6)
Reincarnation is a lie. We only live once.
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Kidnapped- Ron Wyatt on his 1991 kidnapping that ruined his chance to e...
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The Story of the Scars, a Sermon for Easter Sunday
The Story of the Scars, a Sermon for Easter Sunday
The Story of the Scars, a Sermon for Easter SundayScripture: John 20:1-20; Isaiah 53:5 Offered Sunday, 4/4/2021 via Facebook Live at Trinity United Methodist Church, Sarasota Florida. Gates of heaven joke Mary goes to the tomb early in the morning. Can you imagine the conversation that’s happening the rest of the day! Jesus shows up in the evening. He shows up with “Peace be with you.” He…
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changedlives · 4 days ago
Faithful Givers Flourish
Shalom Harvest Family,
I am in sales and I have had huge increases in my commissions since coming to Harvest. Each month that I sow into Harvest God continues to increase my sales and commission. I have trackers for all my sales to track my commissions so I decided to build a tracker for my giving because I love to see the numbers grow. 2020 was my best financial year in my life. I added up January-March 2021 vs January-March 2020 and my giving is up 75% over last year!!!! My God is a God of favor and increase! 2021 is about to blow 2020 out of the water!!!! So excited to give! Faithful givers do flourish!
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