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weirdbandfanpersonyup · 14 hours ago
I can't wrap my head around the fact that Loki wasn't supposed to take the tesseract even though that is the event that caused the Avengers to need to go back further in time to get the tesseract and all the other shenanigans that eventually led to defeating Thanos.
I get that Loki was supposed to go to Asgard at the end of the first Avengers movie, but I guess him taking the tesseract in 2012 still wasn't supposed to happen soooooooooooo... my brain hurts. Help??
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maxresdefault2 · 15 hours ago
my sexy emo instagram mutual thinking abt her
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thesunflowersutra · 15 hours ago
Hiii! Thank you, thank you <3 i hope you're having a great day! 10. What’s your favorite scene/moment in canon? Hmm, I'll say the Sokovia Memorial scene in TFATWS because we all know that I cannot not talk about Winterbaron HAHAAH I think that scene has so many layers that, even if you don't ship them as a platonic/romantic pairing, you can totally see that it is a big moment for both characters and ugh, I just love it so much.
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lie-to-me-loki · 16 hours ago
A concept
Tom Hiddleston as Loki imitating shakespearean Tom Hiddleston, shows the tesseract and says:
-To he or not to be, that is the question!
Then Tom Hiddleston as Loki appearing from somewhere else, replacing pixel by pixel shakespearean Tom and emphasing while looking into the tesseract
-When to be, when not to be. That is the tension!
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ibuki-b0batea · 18 hours ago
Doin his little dancey dance
Website I used is “Wonder of Wonder Art”
(visl0ki is my insta/tik tok acc btw)
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rocknloadmag · a day ago
TesseracT Announce Multi-Format Release of P O R T A L S
TesseracT Announce Multi-Format Release of P O R T A L S
P O R T A L S THE MULTI-FORMAT RELEASE OF THE AURAL + VISUAL CINEMATIC LIVE EXPERIENCE COMING AUGUST 27 ON KSCOPE  In December 2020, TesseracT invited fans to join them in P O R T A L S — an ambitious concept created to offer an escape in a time of isolation. The live cinematic experience fused live performance with beautiful lighting and striking effects, brought together by chaptered…
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ghostcultmagazine · a day ago
Tesseract to Release Multi-format version of Livestream Concert - “Portals”
Tesseract to Release Multi-format version of Livestream Concert – “Portals”
TesseracT invited fans to join them in P O R T A L S last winter, an ambitious concept created to offer an escape in a time of isolation. Set to a screenplay the band created, they performed highlights   By taking their most daring steps as a creative force, the band offered the viewer a completely new and unique experience. TesseracT performed songs spanning their entire catalogue. Highlights…
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riotfaerie · a day ago
loki hugging the tesseract?
Thanks for this suggestion! I will be turning this into a sticker.
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sapphicsobstory · 2 days ago
Loki's theory being right about the "cleanse method" (I’m calling it that) means that when there's an apocalypse level event upcoming, creating a divergence in time would not be detected by the TVA because soon enough there would be nothing to detect. In that line of thinking, is it possible that as Ragnarok Loki grabbed the tesseract when he saw it in Odin's vault, he also did something with it? And we can't tell cuz an apocalypse level event followed after that?
I hope Loki managed to do something in that small amount of time he had and I hope the show ties back to that eventually... Cuz I completely hate that we lost that Loki on a stabby whim.
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worstloki · 2 days ago
Dear worstloki, do you think I am allowed to set "Lady Loki" as my profile pic? Or would it be a bit unkind towards my moots who may not have watched the episode yet? I feel like I need your wisdom 😅 I offer you some free chocolate cake and a baby Tesseract in exchange. Thank you!
You should give it a week at least before you do. Not everyone has access or time to watch the episode on the day of release and that part is supposed to be a dramatic reveal.
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mdccanon · 2 days ago
Actually, the TVA's addition to the story helps the Infinity Stones!
We have a story where six exceptionally powerful items exist and we are supposed to believe that four of them lay dormant for millennia, undisturbed at all, waiting for the Red Skull, Jane Foster, Peter Quill and Thanos to just pick them up?
That story actually becomes a lot more believable if three ancient space lizards and their henchmen kidnap anyone who DOES pick them up and resets the Timeline so the Stones are undisturbed again. 🤣
On the other hand, I've been creeped out for years that the Mind Stone HAS been in regular use by some civilization in that scepter and so far, our best clues to the Mind Stone's personality have been 1) loves to drive people to madness, 2)Ultron and 3) crushing hard on The Scarlet Witch. Did the Mind Stone once rule a planet, or something?
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threadofnorns · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki, Tesseract, Miss Minutes and Casey are now the bestest of friends, you can’t change my mind
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