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chain-of-words2 days ago
I stepped into the new city,
full of people and lights.
I got lost in it's aroma
like a toddler watching the sky.
Strolling around at night,
my eyes stumbled upon a star.
Twinkling in hues of red,
out shining the moon from afar.
The star had hair locks
that curled upon her cheeks.
With dimples playing with her smile
a little game of hide & seek.
Hand carved in delicate features,
she had a little red nose
and big round eyes full of glitters.
Wrapped in a glowing brown skin,
she looked like a gift from god
that every beating heart craved to win.
But she only came up to me,
and in no time we became friends
as if we were destined to be.
We were different,
She closed her eyes
on retro classical songs
and banging my head over EDM,
to Eminem's raps I sang along.
But yet, we had our one song
that had the beats I loved
And the lyrics she longed.
We were different,
She was the debate champion of our college
And I was seen in silent corners,
enjoying my own solace.
But yet, only I understood her words
and only she heard my silence.
Everyone said to us-
"You guys should date"
But who dared to loose someone like her
for so called another "heart break".
What happened after that?
Sitting beside me asked the little brat.
I said, she is still my soulmate
the one who heard my silence,
the one I didn't date.
It was 11:30 at night
yet with utmost curiosity
his eyes were shimmering bright.
Where is she now? he said.
I told him, I'll tell you but after that
you will go to bed.
He nodded in delight.
In my trembling voice I said,
Although her home is very far
but strolling around in night,
when your eyes stumbles upon a star.
Twinkling in hues of red,
out shining the moon from afar.
You will know, that's her.
I know, it's her.
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dikshaprashar10 days ago
Tumblr media
Can u relate? . . . . . . Written by @dikshaprashar.odes Pic Credit: pinterest Edit: canva .................................................. Turn on the post notification 馃敂 ..................................................... Follow for more @dikshaprashar.odes Love my work, want to read more interesting relatable stuff follow @dikshaprashar.odes www.dikshaprashar.odes (my blog) ....................................................... #herwordisgold #bymepoetryasia #bymepoetryamerica #atticuspoetry #wordsofwisdom #igpoems #scrawledstories #loveislove #pentupthoughts #spilledinkpoetry #spilledthoughts聽#wordhour #poetsandwriters 聽#poetscafe #honestlyworded #microtales #poetryisnotdead #terriblytinytales #sadquotepage #typewritersvoice #prosepoetry 聽#relationshipquotes #couplequotes #therainofpoetry #recoverysayings #poetsodindia #lovequotes #evepoetry #evepoetrygroup #globalpoetcult (at Fantasy World)
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dikshaprashar21 days ago
Tumblr media
Are you 'okay' ? . . . . . . Written by @dikshaprashar.odes Pic Credit: pinterest Edit: canva .................................................. Turn on the post notification 馃敂 ..................................................... Follow for more @dikshaprashar.odes Love my work, want to read more interesting relatable stuff follow @dikshaprashar.odes www.dikshaprashar.odes (my blog) ....................................................... #herwordisgold #bymepoetryasia #bymepoetryamerica #atticuspoetry #wordsofwisdom #igpoems #scrawledstories #loveislove #pentupthoughts #spilledinkpoetry #spilledthoughts聽#wordhour #poetsandwriters 聽#poetscafe #honestlyworded #microtales #poetryisnotdead #terriblytinytales #sadquotepage #typewritersvoice #prosepoetry 聽#relationshipquotes #couplequotes #therainofpoetry #recoverysayings #poetsodindia #lovequotes #pentupthoughts #evepoetrygroup #evepoetry (at I'm Okay)
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dikshaprashar28 days ago
Tumblr media
Universe always accept you馃槍 . . . . . Written by @dikshaprashar.odes Pic Credit: pinterest Edit: canva .................................................. Turn on the post notification 馃敂 ..................................................... Follow for more @dikshaprashar.odes Love my work, want to read more interesting relatable stuff follow @dikshaprashar.odes www.dikshaprashar.odes (my blog) ....................................................... #herwordisgold #bymepoetryasia #bymepoetryamerica #atticuspoetry #wordsofwisdom #igpoems #scrawledstories #loveislove #pentupthoughts #spilledinkpoetry #spilledthoughts聽#wordhour #poetsandwriters 聽#poetscafe #honestlyworded #microtales #poetryisnotdead #terriblytinytales #sadquotepage #typewritersvoice #prosepoetry 聽#relationshipquotes #couplequotes #therainofpoetry #recoverysayings #poetsodindia #lovequotes #evepoetry #evepoetrygroup #globalpoetcult (at Chandigarh, India)
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stargirldreamingg28 days ago
I remember realising in class 7th that science is actually all around us, that there's nothing where physics doesn't play a role or chemistry or biology for that matter, but i grew up and realised more so, that art is actually all around us too.
Well you can say we're made of 70% water but aren't we made of dreams too
You can say the wind around is nothing but a conventional current but it gives you unconventional peace too
Yes there's gravity holding us down but there's hope keeping us intact all the same
There are sunrays coming from a million miles away but sunshine definitely thrives in our eyes too
There are waves and there are tides, there are full moon days and blue moon days too but what about the tide of emotions that we feel? What about the full moon days that feel like blue moon days because we're hurt or broken or sad or everything altogether?
The eyes visualise, but the heart knows what's yet to come
We speak, and what's spoken remains said, but we speak in silences too, in words left unsaid.
They call it adrenaline rush, we call it butterflies fluttering
They call it being asleep, and we call it being truly alive.
Science tells you why and how you live, but art gives you a reason to keep doing it.
And there's no denying that scientists and doctors and engineers and astronauts are far extraordinary people,
But poets, and artists and dreamers and wanderers inside of them all make them human.
So yes Mr Keating was right you know?
And yeah Billie says the world's a little blurry, but music sets it all clear
And they call Van Gogh schizophrenic because he was being too real
Well all the poets really did think too hard, and now it feels like a never ending sea
So i leave you with the single truth of life - that only art can set you free.
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stargirldreamingga month ago
// talking in silence //
so there's silence but there's still talking
like the clock ticking telling me i've one moment less now with you
like the sunrays changing directions telling me it's going to set soon
like the birds out there as if gossiping about us
like those kids on the street knowing we're losers
losers because they can make as much of the time as they like
but we, we're the unlucky, we don't really make time, time makes us or better yet breaks us, mocks us, tests us, tricks us, wounds us,
because we don't give in to the usual distance theory,
because we've distorted science and made believe
that if it starts on you and gets back to you, c'mon isn't displacement zero? and i know i never understood physics but ain't love no more understandable too because love that's far is closer in the heart, and the only time it's closer than it seems is in my hundred daydreams.
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herscribblingsa month ago
Tumblr media
there are days when I feel like calling you, when I feel lost and want to run away from everything but you. there are days when I wish your name to pop up on my screen with that different ringtone that you loved. there are nights when I want the night to never end and to keep thinking about you, about us. but on most of the days, i know that the reality doesn't work this way and we are not together anymore. iknow that no matter what i want, we are not good for each other, and my wisdom is stronger than my silly desires. so, i wish you luck on those days that wherever you are, you remain in good condition and i pray to God that you must not be missing me the way i miss you. i know it sucks, it sucks almost everyday no matter in what state i am. but i never give up on the memories that are close to my heart, i hope that you are carrying them too. they are precious, aren't they? there are no good ending to the breakups where two people are genuinely in love. they give up on love but not on each other. still, your face is the only thing that appears every time i close my eyes. my dreams are still the same but you are not there to listen to them when i wake up, so those dreams remain inside me and kill me slowly. your memories do the same. love, as sweet as it is, is still a poison after all. 鈥 漏 Hima // @herscribblings._ (Check out the profile for more) Please Tag And Mention If Reposted #shescribblesrelativ tags鈥 #terriblytinytales #quotesgalau #wordoftheday #microtales #scribbledstories #openletter #brokenheart #lostlove #missinghim #missingher #brokenquotes #sadquotes #brokenlove #wordswithkings #wordsmith #igpoetry #evenfallpoetry #lovepoem #instapoet #wordswag (at Kerala)
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selcouthandsilly3 months ago
by myself
The kiss of death tastes better than blood
Tumblr media
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relentless-rumageo-o6 months ago
Tumblr media
I am from the clothes hanging behind a glass,
from glitter and skin shows,
And tucks I can鈥檛 pull off.
I am from the fairy lights when the darkness envelopes.
I am from the roses I never took care of,
From the leaves I plucked to irate mother.
I am from the badminton matches I lost on the streets
and bruises that turned sour leaving a bitter taste behind,
From the first bench quiet.
I am from missing school to sleep
and wistful yearning for the last benchers bond.
From advices to blend with strangers
and insistence to talk less with 鈥渟upposed鈥 menage.
I am from the ungraceful klutz in a crowded room,
And raw sways mastered alone in a lonely volume.
From the warmth of a fuzzy pair of socks,
I鈥檓 the snuggles smothering that feeling of alone.
From Stress over a tiny spill,
I am the passion leaving the cosy to complete my paper dues.
I鈥檓 from the midnight sweets,
from the fair at which I laughed and screamed
From my grandmothers love that never left my soul.
snide remarks of theirs still cause frays,
the mud walls of her house that echoed of the brawls and giggles,
reeks of abandonment lying in heaps of dust,
the ties have now withered for my screech of 鈥渆nough鈥 still reverberates in the crannies,
and the indifference getting mocked,
while I鈥檓 just learning to be enough.
I am from the finger slips of matchsticks I couldn鈥檛 light,
tuned to fire that can blemish egos.
I am courage of confessing and easily forgiving,
The ignored pebble bouncing from foot to foot,
the eureka in a mess
I am the questions in a silence and laughter in the awkward,
crumpled in a warren looking for home.
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endtables-lamps11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thezalbuma year ago
"What are we doing, Zayn?" Whispered Harry. They were lying in bed together in Melbourne, languorous after the post concert high.
"Babe? What's wrong?"
"You are engaged. And yet here you are lying in bed with me."
Zayn sighed. "We are having this conversation now then?"
"I think it's about time we did, don't you?"
"I love Perrie, you know."
Harry flinched.
"Good to know." He muttered bitterly.
"Will you let me finish? I love Perrie. She is one of my best friends. But I am not in love with her."
"Then why did you propose to her?"
"You were dating Taylor and I was jealous. I loved you and there you were having the time of your life with her. And Perrie - I mean she does love me. And although it may have started off as a PR relationship I did end up caring for her. I wanted to hurt you." Whispered Zayn. "The same way you had hurt me."
"You're an idiot."
"Oh trust me I know. I rushed into the engagement. And I think that she and I both know that somewhere deep down. But everyone was so happy about it. Our parents were thrilled that we had made it official and by now it has become more about making other people happy rather than us."
"That's bullshit." Hissed Harry fiercely. "So what? You are going to just go along with it? What next? You guys will get married and have three kids just to appease everyone? What about me, Zayn? Don't my feelings count? I have loved you since the past three years. Why the fuck is that not enough for you?"
"Of course it's enough for me! In case you have forgotten, I love you too. Always have Harry. It may have started with us hooking up because it was convenient but trust me, I fell for you after the first month.
You scare me? Do you know that. Sometimes I wish I had never met you. Maybe then I could have been the fiance that Pez deserves. The one who doesn't think about how his bandmate fucked him while he is in bed with her."
"Don't try to put this on me. You are responsible for your own shitty decisions Z, not me. If you want to break it off with her do so. Or be with her if you want. But it's not fair that you keep stringing me along."
"I know." Whispered Zayn. "We won't get married, that is exactly why we have just announced a long engagement. I will let her know at the end of this tour that it's over for good."
"You better. I deserve better Zayn. Both of us do."
"I know babe." Zayn hugged Harry tightly, thoughts of secret recording sessions with Shahid, how he was now going for days without eating because he was nauseous all the time and how with every passing show he was getting closer and closer to throwing up on stage due to the fear that tonight he would not be able to hit the high notes he was supposed to. It felt so overwhelming at times and Zayn was not sure how long he could take it.
But Harry was in his arms for now. Harry - the only one who was keeping him sane through this entire mess. And for now that was enough.
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thezalbuma year ago
'To be honest, Harry and I were never really talked when we were in the band so I didn't expect to keep in touch with him.'
The moment the words left Zayn's mouth he knew he had fucked up. This was going to be the headline of every trashy magazine next week.
However he had panicked okay? He had listened to Harry's album, after all how could he not and it was so fucking clear that Meet Me in the Hallway and From the Dining Table were about him.
Harry had finally responded to I Don't Mind after radio silence for a year and a half and he was so, so angry and in love with him at the same time that it made his head spin. He understood to some extent where it was coming from. He had left midway despite promising Harry that he would stay till the end of OTRA but he had been so tired and sick - both physically and mentally. It was only after close to a year of therapy that he finally came to terms with how bad the band had been for his health.
This honestly shouldn't affect him. He had Gigi now. But Harry brought back memories of quiet nights in bed, fucking each other in corridors hoping that no one would walk in on them and discreet handjobs in cars much to Louis' amusement.
He missed him. And Harry - didn't seem to miss him back. He was off becoming a movie star and releasing new music and had changed his number when Zayn had finally had the guts to contact him a couple of months after he had left. Also, the snide remarks in interviews hurt. He had always known that Harry could be petty but he didn't think that he would be cruel.
So yeah. A small part of him was vindictively happy about getting a chance to hurt Harry back the same way Harry had hurt him.
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bookaholicfreaka year ago
Tumblr media
We can't choose or force ourselves to love someone. The world will never be happy that way.
We don't go find love. Love finds us. And in the most unexpected way.
Our feelings are unexpected. They push us towards things with suprise. While our brain says no. Our heart knows better. Because the heart sees what the eyes can't.
We end up liking people we don't want to.And then we can't stop because the feelings is...amazing. It makes you feel alive!
Scared, yes
But it's worth it.
That feeling when you sneak one look at that person and find them already looking at you and your brain keeps shouting no but then you finally give in to your heart. Your heart blooms with a smile on your face.
That's the feeling I want.
That's what I want.
Since childhood I have been easily guessing things and picking up hints. People could never suprise me because I always found out beforehand. I want to be surprised. I want the unexpected. But I know that running around looking for it won't help.
Because it will find me.
No one can force it on me.
I can't force it on me.
It will come to me when it has to. All I can do till then is be patient and move forward. It is meant for me. I have written it in my destiny, my fate. It's just on its way.
It's mine so it's a bit lazy but it will come to me
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tdbwoman2 years ago
"How many people are there inside?" , he said, pointing to her head, "I think I manage to convince them all, except one. That one's always frowning at me"
"Don't worry. That one's never been convinced of anything. Not for long. But I like it, it keeps me safe", she smiled as they both clutched at their wedding rings instead of each other.
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secretlynerdysworld-blog2 years ago
2 strangers. A single moment of vulnerability, & they became lifelong companions.
The damaged souls knew that they were on the same page in life.
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manaskaul2 years ago
#Repost @manavkaul with @get_repost 銉汇兓銉 Link in bio.... 啶た啶むぞ 啶曕 啶栢 啶溹ぞ啶ㄠ 啶ぐ 啶灌ぎ 啶膏が啶ㄠ 啶曕 啶ぞ啶 啶呧お啶ㄠ 啶呧啷囙げ啷 啶曕啶ㄠ啶 啶啶 啶夃え啶膏 啶灌啶 啶呧ぇ啷傕ぐ啶 啶ぞ啶む啶 啶曕 啶啶班ぞ 啶曕ぐ啶ㄠ 啶曕 啶曕啶多た啶多啶 啶曕 啶灌啷 啶斷ぐ 啶夃え 啶ぞ啶む啶 啶曕 啶膏啶ㄠえ啷 啶曕 啶 啶溹 啶灌ぎ啶距ぐ啷 啶熰啶氞啶氞 啶掂啶じ啷嵿い啶むぞ 啶啶, 啶夃え啶曕 啶︵ 啶掂ぞ啶曕啶啶 啶曕 啶啶 啶曕 啶栢ぜ啶距ぎ啷嬥ざ啷 啶啶 啶椸啶 啶椸 啶椸 啶ム啷 啶愢じ啷 啶灌 啶曕啶 啶た啶栢ぐ啷 啶ぁ啶监 啶熰啶曕ぁ啶监啶 啶曕 啶夃え啶曕 啶溹ぞ啶ㄠ 啶曕 啶ぞ啶 啶膏げ啷啶曕ぜ啷 啶膏 啶溹ぜ啶ぞ啶ㄠ 啶曕 啶曕啶多た啶 啶曕 啶灌... 啶す啷佮い 啶曕ぜ啶班啶 啶膏 啶曕す啷啶 啶ぞ啶む啶 啶曕 啶灌ぎ啶距ぐ啷 #Shortfilm KASHMIR ... if you like it please do share it ... Thank you hai 馃檪. #fathersday #Afathersdayfilm #happyfathersday KASHMIR - Father's Day short film - Watch now on YouTube. A bereaved son grapples with his loss and in turn understands his relationship with himself. Kashmir is an introspective dialogue between a person and a distant place you call home. Watch our Father's Day film, and tell us how it made you feel. Credits: Writer & Director: Sugandha Garg (@isugandha) Cast: Manav Kaul (@manavkaul) , Avijit Dutt (@avijitdutt) , Faisal Batliwala (@faisalbatliwalaofficial) Producers: Chintan Ruparel (@thethirdalphabet), Anuj Gosalia (@anujgosalia) Co-Producers: Sugandha Garg, Northern Lights Creative Producers: Sharanya Rajgopal (@sharanyantics), Chintan Ruparel Dialogues: Sugandha Garg, Manav Kaul Cinematographer: Sahir Raza (@sahir_raza) Camera Operator: Ishani Roy Sound: Rudra Anand (@rudra.anand) Editor: Chandan Arora (@chandanarora) Music: Arijit Datta (@iarijitdatta) Poster: Anoop Patnaik (@anooppatnaik) Team ttt: Vish Pijwala (@vishpijwala), Pracchi Batnagar (@pracchibatnagar). Kumail Changezi (@kumail_changezi), Manali Panchal (@panchalmanali), Shameen Khatri (@shameenk) #terriblytinytales #ttt #shortfilm #fathersday #happyfathersday #kashmir
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katlnb2 years ago
Tumblr media
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