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#teenage mermaids
M!A: Whichever muses you think would be fun are now mermaids for as long as the mun wishes! (I don't know how M!A's work; I've never sent one kldsjf-- hope this is good!) <3
Tumblr media
" I an angler fish?!" Jim suddenly replied with a surprised and yet uneasy tone. "You got to be shitting me..."
Tumblr media
" I?" Blinkous suddenly murmured out, looking at his legs that aren't legs anymore. They're tentacles. He's an octopus. How...does this work, exactly? He couldn't survive without water, of course.
Tumblr media
Dictatious looked at himself for a few minutes, trying to process what the hell happened to him. Is he a sea creature? A mimic octopus. "Well..I-...I don't suppose that I will get myself into the water to keep myself alive." He murmured out.
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zachsoldfanart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So you can blame all this on @soldrawss who, in addition to being a fantastic artist and human being, got me into Rise of the TMNT. This is my half of our art trade. I did the line art for her Big Brother Mikey!AU, and then she generously indulged my Mer!Turts AU with this stunning line-art that I colored.
I have said it before, I will say it again: if you’re not following her, what are you doing with your life?
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keitheaverage · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I give you...Little Merdroid 2: Return to the C:\ (🥁)
Since the first set of Mermaid Jenny doodles I uploaded here at the beginning of the month, I’d been thinking about how baller it’d be if she glowed in the dark...
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damaliabrams · 9 months ago
🍕🍟Me & my homegirls circa age 17🦄🍄 #teenage #nostalgia #mermaids #Blackmermaids #art #artists #collageart #collage #collageartist #collageartists #collageartistoninstagram #Blackart #Blackartists #Blackwomen #90s #memoriesforlife #memories #mermaid #mermaidlife #mermaidsarereal #mermaidsighting #friendship #friends #friendsforever #artist #mixedmedia #mixedmediaartist #materialsforthearts
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sithvampiremaster27 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Mer-May 19: April O’Neil (TMNT 2012)
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friesforfreedom · a day ago
The Ultimate Dakota Royale
Fairly long, slightly violent.
Tumblr media
The Bloodbath:
Film Director Dakota, Pharmacist Dakota, Cannibal Dakota, and Dogkota share everything they gathered before running.
Drowning Dakota attacks Drag Dakota, but Hunter Dakota protects her, killing Drowning Dakota.
Day 1:
Chorus Dakotas accidentally step on a landmine.
Pirate Dakota severely slices Mime Dakota with a sword.
Dogkota dies trying to escape the arena.
Gender-Bent Dakota sets an explosive off, killing Animator Dakota, and Platypus Dakota.
Crafter Dakota discovers a river.
Night 1:
Lover Dakota strangles Surgeon Dakota with a rope.
Conservationist Dakota begs for Teenage Rock Band Dakotas to kill him. He reluctantly obliges, killing Conservationist Dakota.
Gender-Bent Dakota attempts to climb a tree, but falls to her death.
Steve loses sight of where he is.
Kazoo Dakota passes out from exhaustion.
Day 2:
Chef Dakota attacks Smart Dakota, but he manages to escape.
Actor Dakota, Mafia Boss Dakota, and Kazoo Dakota track down and kill Cowboy Dakota.
Depressed Dakota kills Tattooist Dakota as he tries to run.
Cannibal Dakota discovers a river.
Night 2:
Kazoo Dakota's trap kills Pharmacist Dakota.
Steve bleeds out due to untreated injuries.
Astronomer Dakota and Nauseous Dakota threaten a double death. It fails and they die.
Day 3:
Crafter Dakota throws a knife into Violent Dakota's head.
Chief Dakota convinces Birthday Suit Dakota to not kill him, only to kill him instead.
Welder Dakota questions his sanity.
Night 3:
Chef Dakota sets Mermaid Dakota on fire with a molotov.
Hunter Dakota, Cannibal Dakota, and Lifeguard Dakota get into a fight. Cannibal Dakota triumphantly kills them both.
Crafter Dakota kills Painter Dakota with a sickle.
Day 4:
Kazoo Dakota sets an explosive off, killing Lover Dakota, and Really Smelly Dakota.
Smart Dakota attacks Teenage Rock Band Dakotas, but Pirate Dakota protects him, killing Smart Dakota
Chef Dakota stabs Window Cleaner Dakota in the back with a trident.
Arena Event:
A monstrous hurricane wreaks havoc on the arena.
Wood Carver Dakota is sucked into the hurricane. Murderer Dakota stabs Chef Dakota, then pushes him close enough to the hurricane to suck him in. Film Director Dakota tries to save Teenage Rock Band Dakotas from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well. Country Western Dakotas is incapacitated by flying debris and dies.
Crafter Dakota stabs Prop Dakota, then pushes him close enough to the hurricane to suck him in.
Depressed Dakota is incapacitated by flying debris and dies. Actor Dakota is sucked into the hurricane. Chief Dakota pushes Cosplayer Dakota into an incoming boulder.
Cannibal Dakota tries to save Welder Dakota from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in.
Grave-Digger Dakota stabs Mafia Boss Dakota, then pushes him close enough to the hurricane to suck him in.
Dakota is sucked into the hurricane.
Night 4:
Chief Dakota throws a knife into Murderer Dakota's head.
Drag Dakota attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.
Day 5:
Chief Dakota, Grave-Digger Dakota, Crafter Dakota, and Three-Headed Dakota track down and kill Drag Dakota. Cavendish Dakota bleeds out due to untreated injuries.
Kazoo Dakota questions his sanity.
Night 5:
Grave-Digger Dakota sees a fire, but stays hidden. Pirate Dakota cooks his food before putting his fire out.
Day 6:
Pirate Dakota receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Kazoo Dakota tries to sleep through the entire day. Three-Headed Dakota travels to higher ground.
Night 6:
Kazoo Dakota accidentally steps on a landmine. Crafter Dakota passes out from exhaustion. Three-Headed Dakota destroys Pirate Dakota's supplies while he is asleep.
Day 7:
Grave-Digger Dakota strangles Three-Headed Dakota with a rope. Pirate Dakota is pricked by thorns while picking berries. Chief Dakota dies from hypothermia.
Night 7′s Uneventful
Day 8:
Pirate Dakota overpowers Crafter Dakota, killing him. Grave-Digger Dakota falls into a pit and dies.
And Our Winner Is:
Pirate Dakota from district 8!
District Rankings:
1. District8 2. District7 3. District3 4. District1 5. District6 6. District2 7. District5 8. District4 9. District12 10. District10 11. District9 12. District11
Kill Winning:
4: Chief Dakota 4: Kazoo Dakota 4: Crafter Dakota 3: Pirate Dakota 3: Grave-Digger Dakota 2: Gender-Bent Dakota 2: Cannibal Dakota 2: Chef Dakota 1: Three-Headed Dakota 1: Hunter Dakota 1: Depressed Dakota 1: Actor Dakota 1: Mafia Boss Dakota 1: Teenage Rock Band Dakotas 1: Murderer Dakota 1: Lover Dakota
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moshiguro · 2 days ago
let's go to the beach, beach !
Tumblr media
© moshiguro 2021. please do not modify, edit, copy or reproduce any of the works published.
Tumblr media
warnings: none lol
additional information: class b having fun, vlad having fun because he deserves it too, shinsou is here bc i said so, no reader insert
a/n: time to spoil you guys 🤗
taglist: @thatgirlgames @tiredfloof @zaibara @jxdesandpxsies @pink-bhan @tanyas1bsimpingproblem
Tumblr media
since the students were "good for the entire year" vlad decided to take them to a trip to the beach.
lots of hurrah n stuff.
during the bus ride to the beach lemme just say that, lots of chaos happened.
emo squad [kuroiro, kamakiri, reiko and shinsou] were blasting some rock music™ over monoma crying over a board game, while ibara snapped at him.
would not recommend putting setsuna, kosei and tetsutetsu in the same room or same group because oh ho boy.
that's a recipe for disaster.
anyways they're at the beach and
manga and kosei were prepared to hit the waves, but then they remembered they have to eat proper food instead of junk and having to unpack their stuff first.
would rather prefer being in the water instead of unpacking, dad 🙄
now, to the fun part.
i low-key feel like kendou would like use her quirk to gather more sand to make those sand mermaids with shoda.
you know what i mean.
and they'd have fun omfg.
pony can't swim because she's a horse lol
she'd make pretty sand castles with kinoko and yui !!
and komori would add alot some mushrooms onto the sand castle because "she wants it to be shroom-tastic!"
yui has some mini props she bought at a thrift store, so she grew it to the perfect size for decorations for the sand castle.
they also found some pretty shells that were way too big to fit in some spots so yui had to shrink it
shinsou, bondo and juzo will observe the crabs.
i headcannon that bondo finds crabs fascinating !! :D
offtopic but i feel like shinsou is the type of person that when something is harming them, he's like: "this is fine... :)"
because one of the crabs like, pinched him.
bondo and juzo were freaking out and he was like:
"why are you guys scared? also why does bondo have his—nevermind"
honenuki tried softening the sand
uhm, i'll let you imagine what happened.
shihai "i like the shade but i'll come out just for the food" kuroiro .
this dude is a whole ass shadow.
neito "likes causing mischief but hates receiving mischief" monoma
so like low-key he had a water gun war with awase, tsuburaba and fukidashi.
and then he was thrown into a lump of sand.
more water being squirted onto him as he looks like some sand monster after what happened.
he didn't actually look like one, but he was hella sandy.
surprisingly, kamakiri knows how to surf so he tries to do somewhat surfing competitions with reiko.
vlad actually knows how to surf, because he used to do it as a teenager !! :D
so he's just laughing at two of his surfer students while he wins the competition.
he was also talking to the life guards too and bonding over certain stuff !!
quickly became friends.
kaibara takes pictures of the beach and the food and the animals and stuff idk
remember that vine with the girl putting a flower on top of a cat? yeah that's shinsou doing that while kaibara takes pictures while trying not to laugh and die of cuteness.
ibara really loves the water, but she can't like swim fully or have her body fully in he water because of her hair.
it's fucking grass, lol.
sorry ibara
shishida just probably licking a shit ton of popsicles because he finds them delicious.
the woman of the hour...
tokage setsuna.
please, she'd low-key prank people while at the beach.
since she, tetsutetsu and kosei are the "troublesome t's" they always cause chaos.
they tried to capture a fish with their quirks combined.
went successful the first few times, but then tokage lost her arm in the ocean.
but then she forgot she can regenerate
bruh moment
tetsutetsu saw a dangerous fish [not a shark]
oh boy
we have rin whose just vibing in the sea.
f in the chat for tetsutetsutetsutetsu
kosei tried blowing solid air bubbles under water
you know those star pose thing while floating on the surface of the water? yeah, that's what hiryu is doing.
and he'd have shades on lmfao
okay, now everyone as a whole, volleyball time !! :D
no i'm not gonna make haikyuu references so don't get your hopes up.
i headcannon that awase is really good at volleyball, it comes like second nature to him or some sort.
kendou too !! :D
they bond over volleyball.
and then for the rest of the stay, it was a mix of chaos, fun, entertaining and memorable.
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queiroza · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Week 1 - Childhood Marjorie is a little mermaid (lol) born in the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean. Full of energy, sometimes gets carried away during playtime and end up breaking something, but it's always unintentional! If you ask her what does she want to be when she grows up, she will answer: a pirate hunter! Next week - Teenage >> (#soon)
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yoonjinkooked · 3 days ago
Tail As Old As Time | JJK  (1)
Tumblr media
Banner: @kithtaehyung​, who truly outdid herself 💙 Pairing: Merman Jungkook x (f) reader Rating: 18+ Genre: Mermaid AU, Fantasy AU, Rom Com, Comedy (?) Smut (in future chapters) Word Count: TBD, this part 4.8k 
Summary: Was your heart too big for it’s own good or do you simply have the tendency to make stupid choices? Perhaps both? Who knows. When you decide to help out a guy in need, you had no idea where that decision would take you - or the world that it would uncover.  Warnings (will be updated per chapter): cursing, a tiny bit of angst because JK is lost™ and it’s a bit heart-breaking to read. Future chapters will include smut. JK is lost and hungry, poor boy. Mentions of being homeless, possible illiteracy and being part of a cult (spoiler alert: he’s not illiterate or in a cult)
A/N: This was supposed to be a oneshot and I have been working on it since... early February, I think? I’ve decided to expand on the story and dive deeper (pun intended) because there’s just so much that can be done here! This is all I have written so far so please be understanding if I can not churn out the updates as fast as you (and I) might want them - like every other author in the history of the world, I have good days and bad. I do hope you will enjoy it! 
Tumblr media
For what is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, it sure doesn’t feel any different from yesterday, or any other day this month, really. It was all the same to you - behind the bar, it’s always a few degrees hotter than anywhere else. Except maybe in the direct sunlight, without any cover whatsoever. 
You work and you work, wiping, mixing, serving and smiling at each and every customer before quickly ducking down and hiding in the cupboards to have a chance and subtly wipe the sweat from your face. Miserable and not a single word of complaint because today, your brother has it worse. Melting away behind the bar is horrible but melting away whilst simultaneously making your way up and down the steep beach? You are lucky today and Hoseok isn’t. 
“Thank you,” you smile at the teenage girl on the other side of the bar, trying to hide a smile as you realize that she wasn’t paying any attention to you, instead choosing to openly stare at Taehyung, your newest hire. “Have a nice day, come visit us again!” 
It takes her a little while longer than it probably should to finally take her orange chocolate caramel frappuccino abomination and move before an even longer line forms. You exchange looks with Taehyung as he takes the next order, courtesy of another enamoured teen. It’s amusing to see Taehyung being completely aware of the attention he’s receiving and being almost bashful about it. Sure, there are times when he shamelessly flirts with the customers but that’s one of the reasons Hoseok had insisted on hiring him - he’ll get them to come back. 
“Do you think you can handle all the ladies on your own?” you ask him once you serve the final person waiting, wiping away at your forehead and immediately rushing to wash your hands. “I haven’t eaten since 7AM, I think I might collapse.”
“Sure boss, go get some rest,” he reassures you and you’re too tired to even remind him to call you by your name and not ‘boss’. Taking off the apron, a useless piece of clothing that you were obliged to wear even in this heat, you throw it over the bar’s resident flamethrower, also known as the espresso machine. With heavy footsteps you walk away from the beach portion of your bar and walk directly into the sunlight, squinting like the vampire your teenage self had aspirations to become. It’s safe to say things didn’t work out in your favor.
Over the colder months, Nutty Coconut operates as your regular café but during the season, the boiling hot touristy season, the only functioning part of your little family business is the outdoor bar. The inside simply serves as a storage unit and a place where people can use the toilet, if they decide that for some reason they don’t want to pee in the ocean.
You may have taken the phrase storage unit a little too literally, now having to navigate your way around extra tables, chairs and sunbeds. Somehow, you managed to make your way into the small kitchen without breaking a leg, immediately reaching for the fridge and the sandwich you’ve thrown together in a rush. It definitely looked that way, with two day old bread and lettuce sticking out halfway.
Food is food, you decide, taking a large bite and sighing in relief, knowing that this pathetic excuse of a sandwich will serve as fuel for the next 10 hours. Maybe a little less than 10, if you’re lucky or if Hoseok is feeling generous and decides to hop on his bike and brings some take out, which you will swallow in the speed of light while juggling the most ridiculous frappuccinos one could make. Half of them were a product of one drunken night with friends and joking brainstorming, only to end up on the actual menu and some even evolving to become customer favorites. It baffles you, but hey, it pays the bills. Most days.
You were three bites in when something incredibly unusual drew your attention - having stood directly in front of the only kitchen window, it was easy for you to notice a man walking around in the back. Not a dead end alley but also not a high traffic street, the space behind your cafe and neighbouring stores, restaurants and shops is usually fairly empty mid-day. That said, it wasn’t him being there that kept your attention - it was his behaviour.
He is looking around whilst standing in place, his eyes wide open as he is seemingly trying to figure out where he is. He confuses you immediately - it’s a back street, why is he lost? With a shake of your head, you once again focus on your lunch but that doesn’t last longer than a few moments because of course it doesn’t, you have always been too curious for your own good.
You step closer to the window, trying to get a better look at the guy - he looks to be in his mid-twenties but you’re too far away from him to know for sure. Fairly young and dark haired, his mouth is open wide as he still simply spins in place, looking around in confusion. It’s his clothes that make you decide that you should step outside and see what this is all about - from where you stand, the white set of shorts and shirt look dirty.
One of these days, you’ll pay a price for being nosy and hopefully, it won’t be today. Completely forgetting about hunger, you put away the sandwich and make your way through the back door.
“Hey!” you call out as you walk towards him, freezing immediately when you see him jump up in surprise. Alarmed, he takes one step back, obviously wanting to keep space between the two of you. Fuck, you’ve scared him. “I’m sorry,” you lift your arms up as if you’re showing that you’re not armed, keeping your voice low this time around. It doesn’t help, at least not immediately - he is on full alert, looking directly at you with wide eyes, one you could only compare to a frightened doe. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just… saw you and thought that you look lost and might need help. Do you?”
He doesn’t let his guard down, not even an inch. His silence, paired with the way he looks at you as if you could somehow pose a threat to him makes you realize how completely idiotic this move is. For once, just once, you should have simply minded your own business. Now you have scared and possibly even angered someone who looks so incredibly scared yet so surprisingly frightening at the same time.
He is a very well built man who would most likely tower over you if you were to stand next to him. Fairly muscular too, from what you can see from where you’re standing, still keeping a safe distance from him. He could break you in half like a dry twig if he wanted to and he most likely knows it, too. Which makes the fear in his eyes even more confusing, but fear is not the only emotion his large, brown eyes emit. There is a certain firmness, strictness even, behind them. His stance is firm, with a straight back and head held high, making him a perfect contradiction.
“Who are you?” he asks, his voice more melodic than manly - it’s soft and mellow yet very direct, just as much as his question is. It’s not a sound you would pair with a man of his appearance.
“I’m Y/N,” you tell him, forcing a small but kind smile onto your face, hoping to defuse the tension between you. “I work here,” you point back towards the bar. You want to ask him again if he needs help but bite your tongue before you do - he is still eyeing you, probably half expecting an attack of sorts. Staying silent, you once again eye his clothing - it’s not as dirty as you have thought but it definitely has darker patches on it, almost as if he was rolling around in dirt moments ago. He moves and this time around, you are the one flinching, surprised with the sudden change in him. Still eyeing you warily, his shoulders slack and he shifts his weight from one leg to another, obviously relaxing a little bit. “Do you need help?”
Again, you give him time to consider and respond - he is obviously not doing okay and the only explanation you can come up with is that he was robbed. At least he isn’t sporting any obvious injuries. The sight of him frowning in confusion makes you want to coo at him, realizing just how cute his face got in an instant - a complete opposite of his intimidating stature.
“I’m hungry,” he tells you, the frown on his face only deepening. His words alone were more than enough to make your heart drop, seeing as it didn’t even cross your mind that he might be hungry or perhaps even homeless. You manage to keep a poker face, not wanting to show him pity but as he takes one step closer to you and open the fist he has been clenching even before you’ve approached him, you realize what’s in it. Spare change, no more than one bill and a handful of small coins. A punch to the gut would have hurt you less than the look he gives you, a mixture of hope, confusion and worry. “Is this enough to buy food?” he asks you.
It’s not, it probably wouldn’t even be enough a piece of pastry, but you’re not about to tell him that. At best, he is poor and without enough food to eat. At worst, he is lost and possibly even sick, having escaped from somewhere, which would explain the state of his clothes. Whatever the situation, he is hungry and you’re not about to let him starve.
“You don’t need that,” you shake your head at the money, your heart breaking all over again at the sight of him closing his fist with a hurt expression. “Come on, I’ll give you some food. We have more than enough,” you reassure him with the friendliest expression you could muster.
“Come with you where?” he asks, blinking at you in confusion.
“I work at this café,” you point behind you once again. “My brother and I run it and we sell some food too. I’ll serve you some and you can keep the money.”
He is very obviously reluctant, looking from you to the back door of your cafe like a lost and confused puppy. You want to reassure him but other than offering him a smile and a kind word, you can’t do much else. “Come on, we have more than enough. You can even pick whichever croissant you’d like. We have an amazing chocolate one.”
“Chocolate?” he asks.
“Mhm,” you nod. “Come on, let’s see what else we have,” you start walking towards the cafe, slowly, a sigh of relief almost escaping you when you realize that he is following you at a snail’s pace. You don’t feel unsure about turning your back to him, having now realized that the poor boy is probably going through too much to actually be able to cause you any harm.
You keep the door open for him, smiling when he nods at you in gratitude and reluctantly takes the final step to get inside. Not wanting to seem too pushy, you turn around to give him some space as you make your way to the counter where you keep the food on display, ready to be taken outside and served at the bar. “Take a seat wherever you’d like,” you instruct him as you reach for a plate and tongs. “How about one savory one before the chocolate, huh?”
“Alright,” he agrees and you serve it just like you would to a paying customer, with a nice napkin folded below it. Pausing for a second, you reach with the tongs for another - he is a big guy, he needs it. One croissant more or less won’t make a major dent in your budget anyways.
Ignoring his eyes on you, you decide to avoid eye contact for a little while longer, simply sliding the plate across the counter to where he sat. Guessing that you might make him feel uncomfortable if you were to stare at him as he eats, you decide to buy yourself some time while serving him two more croissants - one chocolate, one strawberry jam. By the time you’re done plating, he’s halfway through his first croissant, his eyes glued to you.
He follows your every move, his eyes darting from your face to your legs as soon as you move towards him. He flinches when you approach him, causing you to slow down once again in order not to spook him. He’s easily scared and you’re not sure if you want to know why.
“Is it any good?” you ask, nodding towards the food in his hand when his eyebrows comically rise. “I mean, we’re not a bakery but we order from a good one. Sorry if it’s not the best.”
“It’s very tasty,” he looks at the croissant. “Do you eat this every day?”
“Not really,” you shrug, dragging one chair towards the counter, silently cursing yourself when you make him flinch again. No matter how hard you’re trying to stay quiet, you still spook the poor kid every other moment. “I’m sure some people do but I don’t. Hey, you never told me your name,” you realize, wondering if it's even safe to ask him that. At least this time he doesn’t look scared. In fact, he looks as if he has lowered his guard, if only just a little. 
“My name is Jungkook,” he tells you and you can’t help but smile at him. Those eyes of his make him look incredibly young and sweet. You never stood a chance - of course you were going to offer him help in any shape or form.
“Do you have somewhere to go, Jungkook?” you ask, looking back at the state of his clothes. “You have a place to stay, right?”
“A place to stay?” he frowns. If the situation wasn’t as serious and sensitive as it is, you would be fighting an urge to lean across the counter and pinch his cheeks. There is something so gentle about him, which makes this conversation even harder for you to continue.
“Yeah, like a room or apartment maybe?” you suggest, smiling at the way he noms on the croissant. “I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little bit worried. You looked lost, didn’t have much money on you, your clothes are dirty… Do you have somewhere to go?”
“Oh!” he gasps in surprise and this time, you’re the startled one. “I need to find my brother. That’s why I’m here. When I find him, I’ll stay with him.”
“Perfect!” you beam at him, feeling a surprising amount of relief. You’re not sure if you would be able to live with yourself if he was to leave the café without you knowing that he’s going to be safe and in someone’s care. He doesn’t seem to be hurt in any way and if his brother’s around, he’ll surely be able to take care of him and help him if he needs help. He probably just had a rough journey here and is a bit short on money. “Do you know where he is?”
“No,” he shakes his head quickly, sinking your hopes with one simple word. “All I know is that he lives in this town. I’m sure I’ll be able to find him.”
“Do you know his address maybe?” you press on. “Or if he works somewhere? Anything?” you ask, only to have Jungkook shake his head as he munches on his food. He is very casual about not knowing anything about his brother, especially seeing how freaked he was when you had first approached him. Biting your lip, you wonder what you should do next. “Do you have his phone number maybe?” another wave of his head makes you let out a sigh. “His name?”
“Of course I know his name,” Jungkook looks mildly insulted at the suggestion. “His name is Seokjin. He is my older brother and he has been living in this town for more than a year.”
“And if you don’t find him today, will you have a place to stay? A bed to sleep in?”
That is what finally makes Jungkook realize that his situation might be a tad more serious than he had originally thought. His eyes widen, mouth forming a pout. “I don’t. But I will probably find him today so I don’t have to worry about that.” Without another word, the worry goes away as fast as it had appeared as he simply continues to eat his food. 
You wish you were a different person, someone who could ignore this, ignore him and move on with her life without thinking twice about that one lost and confused boy who had reassured you that he would be okay. That different person would have simply given him the food and wished him the best of luck. That different person does not exist and no matter how much you’d want to, you already know there’s no way in hell you’re letting him leave this place without knowing exactly where he’s supposed to go.
As you open your mouth to tell him that, the sound of Hoseok yelling your name makes both you and Jungkook jump in surprise. “Y/N, where the hell did you put the shaker? And don’t you dare tell me to use the plastic one!” his voice is louder as he approaches the kitchen, freezing at the door the moment he realizes you’re not alone. Jungkook, much to your surprise, doesn’t react the same way he did when you approached him. Yes, he is still very much apprehensive but he is not as startled, not as doubtful. “Care to explain?” Hoseok asks, his eyebrows raised.
“Hoseok, this is Jungkook,” you try to sound as casual as possible, ignoring the accusatory eye your brother is giving you. “Jungkook, this is Hoseok. My brother and unfortunately, business partner,” you explain before turning to Hoseok, who has chosen to ignore your little jab. “Hobi, um… Jungkook was… a bit lost and hungry and I wanted to help, so…” 
Your explanation is weak, you barely even tried, but it was more than enough for your brother, whose expression turns into one of realization and resignation. “Another stray?”
“Hey!” you snap immediately, quickly looking at Jungkook, expecting him to take an insult to Hobi’s words. Much to your surprise, he doesn’t. There is nothing but pure confusion written on his face as he watches you and your older brother bicker. “Easy there. This is different,” you glare at him, hoping he can register the warning of ‘he can hear you’ that you’re giving him. 
“A sure upgrade from the puppies and kittens,” Hoseok chuckles and that was the very last straw for you, causing you to grab a hold of whatever is closest to you and fling it at him - he gets out of the way of a flying kitchen towel and simply laughs. “I’ll charge you for that,” Hoseok points at the remaining two croissants between you and Jungkook.
“Of course you will. The shaker is in the cabinet above the sink. Now leave,” the glare you give him causes him to lift his arms in mock surrender, making a show out of slowly backing out of the kitchen. You would do anything for your brother, anything at all, but there are days when you want to strangle him with your bare hands. Today would have been one of those days, if he had not decided to leave when you shooed him out. Turning around to direct your attention back to Jungkook, you notice the frown that was aimed at you. “What?” you ask.
“Is your brother older than you?” he asks before finishing off the croissant in his hand in one bite and reaching for the next one - you were right to prepare four, he truly seemed hungry.
“Yeah, a bit,” you shrug. “Why?” 
“If he’s older than you, you shouldn’t be speaking to him like that,” he tells you, a comment that makes you roll your eyes - it’s not the first time that you’ve heard it and it most likely won’t be the last. “I suppose you do things differently here,” he shrugs, speaking more to himself.
“I suppose we do,” you quickly agree, not bothering to wonder what here means. It did make you wonder what town he’s from and how he got here - how he ended up in the state that he is, too. But there will be time for that. What you want now is to make sure that he’s safe and that he has a way to contact his brother. “Look Jungkook, I’m a bit worried about your predicament. All you know about your brother is his name and that he lives here. I don’t think I can let you just… look for him on your own.”
“Would you help me look for him?” he wondered, his eyes going wide with hope. “Do you think you could help me somehow with the search?”
“I mean, I guess so,” you shrug, knowing that with your help he could at least do more than he could on his own. “I could always look him up on the internet, see if I can find some social media or something. Or even ask around - it’s a fairly small town. If your brother lives here, there’s no way I won’t know a guy who knows a guy that knows a guy who knows your brother.” 
“Can you call that guy?” Jungkook has an air of childish optimism that breaks your heart as you realize that he took your words very literally.
“It might take a little bit of time, Jungkook. I didn’t mean it with certainty. I can help and I will help but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to find your brother today,” you are honest with him. At the end of the day, you are not almighty but you are probably the best chance he has.
“I see,” he nods solemnly, staying silent as he finishes his last croissant. You wait a few moments before breaking the silence again.
“Do you want more food?” you ask, to which he shakes his head immediately.
“No, that was more than enough. Thank you very much,” he bows his head a little and it almost seems as if there is a tiny smile on his face - it disappears before you can make sure that it wasn’t just a product of your imagination.
“It’s not a problem,” you reassure him, knowing that even though Hoseok will charge you for the food that Jungkook ate, it was money well spent. “Jungkook, I don’t feel comfortable with letting you wander on your own - you don’t have money or food and finding your brother might take a bit longer than you think. Would you like me to take you to my house? You would have something to eat and a hot shower - I could even give you a change of clothes. And if we don’t find your brother today, you would have a roof over your head and a couch to sleep on for the night?” 
It’s ridiculous, stupid and frankly, dangerous. You knew some people for years before inviting them back to yours. Knowing so little about the guy made it a stupid move and you just know that Hoseok will berate you for this. He wouldn’t be wrong for doing so either, seeing as this is often how horror movies with psycho stalkers start. Offer them a finger and they will ask for the whole hand - a tale as old as time. On paper, you were very well aware of all of this. In practice however, all you could focus on were the doe eyes of a lost and confused man before you.
“How can I trust you?”
Off the bat, you are insulted by his question - haven’t you just fed him, with no charge? Four croissants, for the love of everything - that isn’t cheap. The question did catch you off guard and made you want to proudly lift your chin up and bite back but you remembered the way he seemed so lost before and how frightened he seemed. He was asking out of worry for his own safety - if you keep that in mind, it is easy not to be bothered by his question.
“Well, compared to you, I’m tiny,” you point out the obvious. “You could fight me off easily if I were to try and hurt you in some way. Besides, I already helped you, haven’t I? Do you have a reason to doubt me?” you ask, not pushing it any more and deciding to give him a few moments to consider it. You could practically see the wheels in his head spinning as he realizes how unlikely it is that you could be of any danger to him.
“Do you live nearby?” he asks and you nod.
“Just a few minutes away. Besides, for all we know, we might find your brother rather quickly and you won’t stay with me for a long time at all.” 
“Alright,” he finally agrees. “Thank you very much for helping me, Y/N.”
“Nah, don’t mention it,” your wave your hand at him, your mind focused on other things already - like how you will explain to Hoseok why you decided to leave in the middle of the shift, followed with why you’ve decided to put yourself in danger and invite a stranger to your house. There was only one way that could slide - if you don’t tell him face to face. Knowing that he would eventually come back into the kitchen to look for you, you quickly found a marker in one of the cupboard drawers. The nearest napkin was the one on Jungkook’s plate - not caring for any pastry flakes, you take it and scribble down a message for Hobi, reassuring him that you are very much alive but have decided to help Jungkook and therefore had to go home. If he panics, he can always reach you on your cell. “Are you good to go?” you ask the confused boy, who was frowning at the napkin - for a moment there, a very wild and strange moment, you wondered if he could even read. Before you could somehow… check if that was the case, you picked up on the way his mouth moved, recognizing him reading out your brother’s name. “Jungkook?” you calling his name startled him a bit but he smiled at you brightly - this time, it definitely wasn’t a product of your imagination. 
“I’m ready to go,” he confirmed, standing up from his seat and once again reminding you of just how tall he actually is - there no longer was much of a distance between you, just a counter - it made you once again wonder why a young man of his stature would be frightened of someone like you. Then again, you did have to build some muscle to move around all the beer kegs every other day - truth be told, you weren’t giving yourself enough credit and Jungkook did seem fairly lost, which could explain the apprehensiveness.
“Okay, let’s go,” you announce, smiling back and heading towards the door - this time around, he did not second guess you before following you. He was right on your heels.
“Will your brother be mad that you left without warning?” he wondered.
“Oh, absolutely,” you laugh, knowing that Hoseok will be pissed and will undoubtedly make you pay for it - knowing him, he’ll purposely leave you to man the bar alone on a particularly busy day. It’s a price that you were ready for - it goes both ways. “But right now, I think helping you is a bit more important than making frappuccinos.”
“Frappuccinos?” the frown on his face makes you laugh. 
“Don’t even ask,” you wave him off but a part of you wonders again - where exactly did he come from? He doesn’t know the currency, doesn’t know where his brother lives, is in dirty clothes and isn’t familiar with the art of expensive sugary drinks - how was it possible that someone could be that detached from the world? Maybe he’s… escaped from a cult? From a foreign country? Did he grow up in a very old-fashioned home? The questions in your mind were seemingly endless but you didn’t want to overwhelm the poor guy even more. First, a shower and a change of clothes for him. Then, you’ll figure it out. 
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gingerbreadpopsolo · 3 days ago
✨Crack AU✨
Alright, so when I first saw the pictures of Ulla, you know, this lovely lady right here
Tumblr media
I was like, hmm. Looks familiar for some reason??
When suddenly, as I was watching the little mermaid 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(✿ ♡‿♡)
Which brings me to my crack au!
Ariel was not the only, or the first of Triton's daughters to grow enamoured with the human world.
Attina, first in line for her father's throne, also secretly fell in love with the world above. However, as the eldest of her sisters and the crown princess, Attina knew her place was in Atlantica.
That didn't mean she still dreamed.
Ariel was the youngest of seven daughters and and oftentimes not as subtle as she could be. Attina was willfully ignorant of her sister's coming and goings--but she could stand to have better timing
She mildly envied Ariel's ability to freely (as freely as a secret grotto is) express her curiosity of the human world.
But that didn't stop her from having a small collection of her own. She wasn't the collector Ariel was, but she was an academic. So finding a water proof bag and a hidden cave with an air pocket was a treasure trove for her interest...
In her free time (scheduled or otherwise) Attina would poach books left abandoned or about to be thrown away. The first time she rescued a book, she didn't realize the water would damage it, so finding that waterproof bag was an absolute godsend.
Over the years, Attina's forbidden library grew. She taught herself sciences and arts that could not be carried underwater. She told herself that on the off chance she needed to play politics with humans, it would come in handy.
That's not why she did it though
But not all secrets stay secrets.
Just a little before Ariel's adventure with the sunken ship, before their performance rehearsal, Attina's library is found by a certain silver-haired teenager.
That's right.
A 16 year old Donella.
Oh yeah in this au Attina is 18
Attina didn't expect to find anyone in her library, and Donella certain didn't expect to find a secret library with a mermaid.
Both lost their minds for different reasons. After the screaming session they calmed down and ended up bonding. Donella was from a noble family so the two ended swapping court stories and ranting about the lessons, rules, and expectations.
Neither really had friends, Donella for her weird interests in science and Attina, while she has friends, constantly wondered if it was because she was a princess or for herself. So she distanced herself to save herself from the heartache.
Donella just wants to science and get away from her horrible aunt. So when Attina asks her to keep her and the library a secret, Donella's lips were sealed.
So while Ariel was searching sunken ships and spying on a certain prince, Attina was learning about science and bonding with this quirky noble girl.
There's more but I'll break it into different parts.
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crispinablr · 4 days ago
A Pinch of Magic
The first thing we do when we enter the game is entering the name for our MC and then we can select which of these two characters we are going to be and finally we choose our pronouns.
Tumblr media
Resume of the story Varsha is a young witch who has just graduated high school. While their friends were off jet setting and travelling around the world, Varsha had to go back to their hometown Lynnsdale to take care of their grandparents who ran a small magic store. There were two major issues though: one, magic is strictly banned and two, their grandparents store is on the verge of bankruptcy.
Play as Varsha as you try to revive your grandparent's store, avoid scrutiny by the authorities, and find love—all in one summer.
Romanceable characters
Tumblr media
She is MC's childhood friend (she is a mermaid).
Tumblr media
He has a really famous blog making critics to the café shops he goes and apart from that he takes pictures of himself.
Opinions (SPOILERS)
The granny: She is a freaking ass she is like a carefree teenager inside of a nanny body . I know she has done good things but I am still mad for what she did to MC.
The MC: I love the personality I like characters that can defend their selfs and say what they think.
Kiana : i think she is really cute and a really nice friend I still wonder how she got so much money.
Mikhail: At first I thought he was an asshole with no cure but then we told him that he can't act like an ass and he changes the way he speaks to people . Eventhough I have my doubts about these guy you get funny and cute moments with him I really liked his route I would recommend it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I liked the game I wouldn't shoot confetti to it but I think it's a good game I wished they had a prologue or something to see what happens next. I recommend it to give it a try I personally loved the CG's and the promo art I think they were really cute and the they have done I really well job.
If anyone is interested here it's the link for the game Thanks for reading my review and I wish you a nice day ᕦᶘ ᵒ㉨ᵒᶅᕤ
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usamagnol · 5 days ago
i still wish i was one of the girls from h2o so bad like i just watn to be a cute teenage girl who is a mermaid and does mermaid things with my besties and lives on an island i wouldnt even mind being australian if thats the price i had to pay
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