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#teen quotes
hale-pack-incorrect-quotes · 13 minutes ago
Stiles: I can’t believe you live nearby, and you won’t let anyone crash at your place.
Boyd: You people already know too much about me.
Isaac: I know exactly three facts about you, and one of them is that you won’t let any of us crash at your place.
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teenwolfincorrectquotes · 41 minutes ago
brett: are you wearing makeup? where'd your freckles go?
nolan: huh? oh no, winter just makes my freckles fade
brett, beating the snow with a shovel while angrily mumbling: give. him. his. freckles. back. you. bitch
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emmikay · an hour ago
Munkustrap: You two said that you had nothing to do with that prank. Were you lying to me?
Rumpleteazer: Depends on how you define lying.
Munkustrap: I define it as not telling the truth. How do you deny it?
Mungojerrie: Reclining your body in a horizontal position.
Munkustrap: Get out of my den.
Mungojerrie: Absolutely.
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kirah69 · an hour ago
Stiles: I'll pay you five grands to kill Theo.
Peter: Sorry sweetheart, I only kill for fun.
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imlilmisscomplicated · 3 hours ago
“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”
- Issac Lahey.
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imlilmisscomplicated · 3 hours ago
“I’m sick of following my dreams, man. I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with ’em later.”
- Stiles Stilinski at some point of Season 4.
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 5 hours ago
Nero: I gotta say that this new found heroism is making me very attracted to you.
V: Shut up
Nero: I'm serious.Do you wanna just try makin' out for a sec? Just to see how it feels?
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okyanusun-baligii · 5 hours ago
Ah ölüme âşık bir kadını yaşama hayran bırakan adam...
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purplepepper28 · 6 hours ago
But if someone asked me why I love this little island so much , I'd tell them , " If the rolling waves are the unhurried breaths of the island, then we are its heartbeat. The island grows and changes as we do. At first, the lighthouse was an escape for us, Now it's a haven, a reprieve, a place so undeniably ours that we live within the reprieves of its waves , They say home is where our heart is, well ours is floating at the sea."
Tumblr media
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littlemuddledhead · 9 hours ago
Teenage, the most exciting age of our lifetime when everything around us tends to trigger us, everything seems weirdly interesting and we are motivated to give in to almost whatever comes our way. Adolescence, hormones changing and growing at an uncontrollable speed, attractions, career tensions, and never ending stress! This sums up almost all what any person from around the world will regard teenage as. However, teenage in India is rather different. It is complicated!
Tumblr media
Teenage India is a lot more stressful. We teenagers are expected to do something that is new, complicated to us. We are expected to act like grown-ups at one point, however we are shut down when our elders think it is not wise for us to speak on matters which concern the “grown- ups”. Frankly, I have never understood the idea of a grown-up. For me, it is almost impossible to comprehend when am I expected to act a “grown-up” and when a “child”. Relationships of any kind are unacceptable. Fear of being judged is at peak round the clock.
We teenagers are judged not on our qualities, but on our outward appearances. We are expected to follow “our passion” on one end while at other, the same passion is not as commendable as a degree for engineering, charted accountant or doctor. It confuses me, and as a matter of fact it confuses us. We have a gush of emotions with which we rebel against almost every hour of the day, because we seldom know what impact it will bring to our listeners.
We have a frantic life, but we choose to live it the other way round. We know what our fellow mates feel, but we choose to live with a broad smile. We choose to steal our moments of happiness from ever other thing going on. We build friends who are more like a family to us. Yes we fight, but we end up together. We surely have our schedules messed up, but continue to thrive with everything with the only ray of hope left for us which is, one day, our day will come, when we would be answerable to none but us!
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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 14 hours ago
Scott: Can a werewolf ruin a family vacation?
Derek: No.
Scott: I mean if it bites someone?
Derek: Maybe then, yeah.
Scott: Maybe?
Derek: It depends on the vacation, but yeah.
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iwilleaturkidneys · 15 hours ago
cant find anything good enough in this world driven by hormones and cynicism i suppose tch
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Stiles: Please bring home PURIFIED water with NO minerals added for taste
Erica: We got spring water
Stiles: NO.
Isaac: with EXTRA minerals
Erica: it's like licking a stalagmite
Isaac: Mmmmm cave water
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judedeluca · 17 hours ago
The one time Will and Jade were in agreement with each other
Lian Nguyen-Harper: Mommy, Daddy can I dye my hair and hang out with Catwoman?
Will Harper: No.
Jade Nguyen: Absolutely not.
Will Harper: Never.
Jade Nguyen: Not a chance in Hell.
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incorrect-teenwolf · 19 hours ago
Stiles: *internally* Just play it cool, don’t be awkward
Derek: Hey
Stiles: Good, thanks
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