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#teddy is proof that tops are not always cool sometimes they are big soft dorks that YES will impale anyone who touches their husband
delusionland · 7 days ago
and teddy’s just like, ‘but i’m such a fan of his work! he’s so cool! i just think he’s the bee’s knees, billy! what i offend him and he DROWNS MY SPACESHIP(S) AND DOESN’T SIGN MY AUTOGRAPH BOOK?’
teddy is not the husband you go to when you want to look cool. he legally can’t even say ‘fuck’ or ‘goddamn’. he says ‘frick’ and he canonically says ‘goshdarn.’ he’s canoncially the goodest boy in the universe and he is really bad at lying and has a very low opinion of himself despite being a space emperor / king that has united two warring people by virtue of being reallly? nice?
he’s the kind of husband that impresses every member of your family with his kindness and consideration and tries. devestatingly hard to do so. but in a cool-tempered way where externally it looks like he is putting low effort into things but actually he is trying really hard to do anything at all but also not panicking about it, more like, swinging wildly from even to end like ‘okay! this is happening now! okay! sure! lets go! maximum effort!’
i feel like teddy is the kind of person that... when nothing is happening... he just kind of. turns off and gets depressed and just thinks about how miserable he is. so when things happen! it’s like! exciting! yes! go-time! he doesn’t panic, tho sometimes he gets nervous and dumfounded, bc when he’s taking care of other people he feels good and necessary & whole. when he’s NOT taking care of someone, not taking care of the universe---he feels useless and bad.
he’s one of those anxious people who will go ‘i can’t do this for me. but i can do it FOR YOU no problem.’ but instead of reacting to anxiety with fear, he just bzzt teddy no longer working going to hide in his room and play switch. just shuts down. and that’s why it’s easy for him to believe that billy might have accidentally created him. he doesn’t know who he is when he’s not taking care of billy and the young avengers? he doesn’t feel whole without him? and when he’s not there, not there to be ‘on’ for... teddy just kind of crumbles and thinks about nothing except how much he sucks and how boring he is without billy & the young avengers.
(this is not to say teddy ISN’T boring. he kind of is. his favorite character in game of thrones in 2013 was TYRION. like. he is a very generic nice-boy nerd that likes animal crossing and reading gen fanfic and his favorite food is pizza and he very likely is a product of tumblr ‘frick frack’ and ‘pizza rolls not gender roles’ and ‘pupper’ culture. he’s not going out of his way to be interested in anything deeper or even more thoroughly than that. which is not to say YOU’RE boring if you’re into any of those things, just that. you know. he maintains a certain degree of mainstream nerd that charm that doesn’t get into any specific niche or area of research that would make him a particularly interesting person to talk to about anything, which is another one of his problems---teddy altman plays the therapist, or he lets many conversations die after bad lies, resulting in loneliness.)
teddy LIKES working hard and being polite and taking care of people and impressing moms aunts grandmoms and little kids. teddy LIKES being the voice of reason, the common sense, the cool head in the face of danger, the springboard to jump ideas off of---but never the one with the ideas. it’s when he’s NOT doing those things or being those things that he gets anxious and in his own head.
teddy altman can do ANYTHING. literally shapeshift into ANYTHING. be anyone or anything u need him to be. as long as its for someone else.
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