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pixie88 · 6 months ago
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Chapter 4 - The Nanny Affair - Our Forever After.
A/N: This mini series is continuing on from my previous FF The Nanny Affair - After The Wedding. Let me know if you would like to be tagged!
Find previous chapters HERE under The Nanny Affair - Our Forever After.
Word count: 1983
WARNINGS: ⚠️ Some adult language, Fluffy fluff & Sexual content.
Disclaimer: Characters are property of Pixelberry.
Pairings: M!Sam x MC - Olive.
Enjoy 😘
It's the night before our wedding.
Jenny and Becca have organized the night, they finally agreed 2 days ago to do a uniform theme. I have no say in what my outfit will be, all I know is it will be here in 15 minutes.
I'm just finishing up my make up when Sam walks into the bedroom fresh from the shower. I turn to him, and he drops his towel on purpose, he looks at me with a smirk and I laugh.
"Sam, do you mind?" I tell him as I put my hand in the way to block my view of him.
"What's wrong Olive? It was your idea to not have sex until our wedding night. It's been nearly a week since we...."
I cover my ears "Sam, just cover-up, please!" He literally picks up his towel and hangs it over his hard member.
I laugh, "So, What are you guys doing tonight?"
"I'm not too sure Robin hasn't told me anything," he says.
There's a knock on the bedroom door "Olive, It's your Mom this has just been dropped off for you. I'll just poke it through the door if you could grab it that would be great," her hand comes through a little opening at the door.
Sam grabs the bag "Thanks Mom, I'll be ready soon"
"No rush, Bubble!" she's gone.
Sam looks inside the bag his eyes go wide "Olive, I think it's best I don't see you put this on!"
"What? Why?" I walk over and take the bag off him and look inside.
It's a naughty police officer costume, I laugh and Sam starts making his way for the door. I step in front "Olive, what are you doing?"
"I need your opinion!"
"Olive, It's not a good idea,"
I smirk "Why not?"
"Because I will not be able to control myself around you if I see you in that!"
I wink "What if you help me into this and I'll help you release some pressure?"
"What do you mean? I thought we were waiting till our wedding night?"
I smirk, "I didn't say anything about sex but I can help you in other ways!" He swallows hard.
"But your Mom and Dad are down the hall!"
"But not in our room!"
I take him in my hand and start to pump my hand up and down, he groans, "Olive!"
"Sam, sit on the bed!" he does as he's told I start to put on the police outfit.
I see Sam grasp his member and start to move up and down. "Ah ah ah! Naughty Sam!" he stops.
I walk over to him all dressed up, I stand between his legs and lean down to kiss him. His hands start to roam my body, his tongue dances with mine, I move down to his neck, then push him, so he's laying on the bed flat and I climb on top.
I trail kisses from his neck to his chest, he groans, "Ahhh!"
I move kisses down to his abs he shudders.
I continue moving down, I take him in my hand and lick his tip, "Fuck!" I run my tongue along his length "God, help me" I take him in my mouth and bop up and down him.
"Olive...crap! You work that mouth baby!"
I smirk, take him out of my mouth. I run my tongue from, his member up to his abs, chest, neck, and into his mouth.
His hips buck up I pull away "Tut Tut, Sam"
"Fuck Olive. I need you"
"Sam, you can have me........tomorrow night!" I trail kisses back down his body until I take him in my mouth again.
His hand tangles in my hair, he begins to move his hips up, so I speed up my pace "Olive, baby you're going to make me come so hard if you keep doing that!"
I drag my teeth up him as I draw him out of my mouth "Ahhhh! Just like that baby! God, yes!"
I can feel he's holding back "Come for me, Sam"
He groans"Ahhhhhh! Olive...Yes!" he exploded in my mouth.
I swallow before I can even react, Sam pulls me onto the bed, my back is against the mattress, he kisses me hard, his tongue wraps around mine and his hand skims my inner thigh.
He reaches my centre "Wow, did that turn you on, Olive?"
"Yes!!" his lip crashed hard against mine.
He pulls my underwear to the side and strokes me gently. He slips in a finger, then another "Sam, ohhh"
"That's it, baby. Come undone! I love seeing you at my mercy, knowing it's me that makes you like this"
"Sam, more," he adds another finger and picks up his paces.
"Sammm...!" I arch my back off the bed.
His lips find my neck "Sam, I want you!"
He smirks against my neck before whispering in my ear "Tomorrow Olive, I promise I'm going to keep you up all night!"
This sends me over the edge "Ohhh Sam! YES!!"
He pulls away and grins at me "We better clean up!"
I laugh.
We run for the bathroom unseen and shower.
After we are getting dressed and Sam's arms wrap from behind "I'm going to miss you tonight, Olive. But I can't wait to see you tomorrow in your dress knowing you're about to become my wife"
"Awww Sam" I turn in his arms "Well, I can't wait to become your wife and you, my husband! I love you!"
He smiles.
"I love you more!" he says.
I laugh, "We aren't starting that fight again!"
I place a feather-light kiss on his lips, but his hand comes round the back of my neck, and he deepens the kiss "Hmmm Sam!" he backs us against the bathroom sink he kisses me more passionately.
I feel him wanting more, I pull away "We better stop before this goes any further" he groans but pulls back. We hear Robin in the hallway and Sam leaves the bathroom to greet him.
I tidy myself up and make my way to the living room "Wow!! Olive, lock me up and throw away the key!" Robin winks at me.
I laugh, "Sorry, but there is only one man I would love to lock up, and he is currently in the kitchen making up Ariella's bottle" I turn to Sam in the kitchen and throw him a wink.
He smiles, shaking up her bottle (God, there's nothing sexier than a good dad! This sex ban is killing me!)
I turn back to Robin "So what night are you planning for my soon to be husbands bachelor party?"
"Oh Olive that information is classified" Robin laughs.
"He better be there tomorrow Robin or your head will be on a pike!" I smirk Robin looks scared.
I hear Sam laugh just as my phone pings.
*1 New Message from Becca*
[Olive, We are downstairs! Come on!! Love ya Becca xXx]
"Mom, are you ready?" I make my way to the guest room (My old room) and knock on the door.
Mom emerges "Bubble, Is it time to go?" she's dressed as a maid.
"Wow, I didn't think you would be into the theme!"
She laughs, "Your dad wants me to bring this costume home!"
"Vom, Mom that's information I just didn't want to know! I hope Dad doesn't let Robin go too far with Sam"
"Bubble, Dad won't let it go too wild. Don't worry!" she smiles.
Later we get to Tallulah's Uncle Pete has let us have the place to ourselves for as long as we need.
We walk over to the bar, "So, what can I get the bride to be?"
Jace asks from behind the bar.
"Jace, should you be working? It's been less than 2 weeks since your accident!"
He smiles at me "Olive, I can handle 5 drunk ladies!" he winks.
A couple of hours and a few shots later, Mom and Vivian are on the karaoke singing Whitney Houston - I will always love you (BADLY!) Becca and Jenny are on the just dance arcade game.
I'm sitting at the bar, "So, Olive are you excited for tomorrow?" he asks in his husky tone.
"Yes!! I can't wait!" I'm very drunk at this point.
He comes round the bar and takes a seat next to me "No, cold feet?"
I laugh, "Cold feet? Why would I have cold feet when I'm marrying a man that gets me wet with one look!" I shock myself with that comment and cover my mouth "Oh my god! I didn't mean to say that!"
He laughs, "Olive, it's ok! Actually quite funny!" he looks at me in a way he shouldn't.
I look away "So, what do you think of Becca?"
He sighs, "She's ok, but.....!"
He looks at me "She's not you"
I roll my eyes "Jace, when are you going to get it me and you will never happen again!"
"Olive, Are you sure marrying Sam is what you want?" he's annoying me now.
"Yes, it is! Why wouldn't it be?"
"I'm not saying it isn't, but when we are together I feel something. You can't honestly say you don't feel it too?"
I shake my head "Jace, I honestly feel nothing in that way for you! You fucked those feelings when you lied to me. Sam never has lied to me he might've married someone else but nothing has ever been a lie!" he seems hurt by this. I think I hit a sore spot.
"I don't know how many times I need to apologize for that! Olive, I can't let you get married without telling you how I feel! I LOVE YOU! There you have it!" Jace turns away from me.
"Jace, I'm sorry, but I just don't feel the same way! I know you're sorry, but lying is a big thing for me. Maybe if you had been upfront, maybe it would our wedding, but it's not and you really need to get that into your head me and you there's no going back. I love Sam, and I would never do anything to hurt him because if I lost him I couldn't live with myself. I don't think I would ever feel that way about you. Maybe it's the drink, but I feel I need to be honest with you so you actually get it" his eyes are sad.
"Ok, Olive I get it, and for what it's worth Sam better know how lucky he is!"
I laugh, "I believe he does!"
"He better! I'd move heaven and earth to be with you, but I get that is never going to happen. So Becca, do you think me and her will get on?"
I laugh, "I think you two will get on better than you think!"
He smirks "Right, I better make my move then!" he gets up and makes his way over to Becca. My phone pings, I look at the screen.
*1 New Message from Sam <3*
[Olive, I love you with all my heart. You make me want to be the best man, dad, and husband I can be. You are the love of my life, if I ever lost you a part of me would die! Every time I see you my heart skips a beat, you make me feel things I had long forgotten. I want to make you happy for the rest of our lives together. I truly can't wait for you to become my wife so the world knows you are mine as I am yours. So if you have any doubts at any point just reread this message and know I love you forever and always. Yours, Sam XXXXX]
This text melts my heart if I was ever having doubts they are long gone.
Tomorrow I become Mrs. Olivia Nova Dalton.
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