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#tall woman
marshmellowtea · 14 hours ago
i’m once again thinking about the fact that i headcanon sasha as 6′3 and jon as 5′0.........jon has to get on his tiptoes to try and kiss her and yet he still can’t reach........sasha holding him in her lap and completely enveloping him in her’s good okay 
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rei-does-stuff · 2 days ago
She’s also kinda feminine but will like-
snap you like a twig if you hurt Copper-
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loptrcoptr · 2 days ago
this woman who I will be an independent contractor for (and who is possibly the Worst Person in the state) wants me to wrote a bio for myself for riding lessons at her barns and I’m like… dude idk lol I went to Lots of College, I don’t exactly have a long list of clinics and trainers to point out, I have been too broke for that for approximately ten years, I’m… a Horse Grifter. I have no skills but the skills of a mediocre con man in the 19th century, I’m less “talented” and more “convenient”
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morethanonepage · 3 days ago
a fine blend of the peach, wine dark sea and highlighter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lmfaoooo i'm of a perfectly respectable height ok!!!!
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nostaren · 3 days ago
i'm finally watching aot season 4 and i just need to get this one thing off my chest
idgaf about the family business yeager brothers or jean thee stallion or kaichou wa levi-sama
yelena is the one that gives me ✨wet panties™ ✨🥰
she is the coolest person on the planet
she can do comedy and serious
she’s a fashion icon
all of her screen time is amazing
her bayangs were cut with the sharpest of scissors lining the straightest of bowls
no other character could EVER
even if they tried
no one can even TOUCH her amazingness
and i am so ANGRY
that she did not get introduced sooner
when she could have graced us lowly folks with her undying presence years back? when we needed our savior the most?
she is also eternal btw
she does not die. she kills instead. she will kill for you. so romantic.
and she does not age either
in 40 years she will still drop kick us all with one drop kick
and like i said, the fashion
Tumblr media
Exhibit A. what did you say? she looks like armin? i don't know an armin. just yelena's armin in this puthay
Tumblr media
Exhibit B. apron yelena? apron yelena. ugh, that stance. ugh, that unbuttoned shirt. ugh, those rolled up sleeves.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Exhibit C. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. need i say more?
Tumblr media
Exhibit D. just the right amount of insanity
yelena is
and always will be the greatest of all time.
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bullgod1997 · 3 days ago
Pso2 is an excellent example of poor storytelling in videogames.
Each chapter has several 1-2 minute "quests" that are story telling and exposition which, whilst skippable, strip the entire story away.
Videogames are a medium that can be excellent for storytelling however they need an interactive element. Otherwise you do what PSO2 does and have cutscenes packaged as missions where you have to either skip the whole thing or mash a button to read through dialogue faster.
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general-thinks · 3 days ago
I don't play FGO and I know nothing about it, but I saw Fairy Gawain, and oh boy, I am thinking about starting it.
Don't. They lure you with tall buff woman and all you receive is constant disappointment and mapo tofu
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yosukafu · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hand is raised to her forehead, as if attempting to narrow the scope of her vision, craning her head to look up at the taller teen. Perhaps she had her initial misconceptions when coming to Japan after all, she’d never seen anyone as tall as Murasakibara. ❝ Could you, perhaps, be a real life Wonder Woman? ❞ Were Amazonians from Themyscira real after all? Of course, Erika is aware of what is fantasy and what is real, thus the comparison is meant to be a jest despite not knowing who this person exactly is.
Well, kinda. Naturally Erika had done her research and looked into all accredited basketball teams, both men and women alike, so she “knew”. Though that is cast to the side for now in favor of her awe.
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minimoefoe · 4 days ago
New Fam nicknames just dropped (from The Wonderful Doctor of Oz):
- Doctor, the Quite Tall for a Woman and the Oncoming Storm
- Graham, the Middle-sized and Hungry
- Yaz, the Just a Tiny Bit Shorter than Me and Loyal
- Ryan the Tall and Stubborn
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dl-1979 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Lady (Avira) Valentino
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glorious-mysteries · 4 days ago
Not my mom parking in the parents with small children area of the library parking lot with the justification "you're my child, and you're small"
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tommyinnitrp · 4 days ago
Alright listen
It's already weird, but since men won't talk to me about that
I'm a 7' tall woman and men are scared of me
Is there anything I can do to not scare them away?
Women are always pog. tall women, short women, all women. men who get scared are simply Pussies Who Don't Deserve You.
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cutie-selkie · 5 days ago
context for this: i have a hard time shaving my legs bc of my disability
I just imagined UU or D'vorah or Ganondorf helping me shave my legs and also telling me that I don't need to do this, they still find me sexy even with all my body hair, I only need to do it if I want to
and I
Tumblr media
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