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#taishiro toyomitsu
fatgum-sugarplum · 14 hours ago
7, 27, or 47 kiss for Fatgum please??
A short little one for this but I hope it’s cute all the same! I really liked these so I just did...all of them. 
7: “I’ve missed you” kiss 
27: Giggly kiss
47: Quick kiss
Word Count: 368
In his defense, it wasn’t supposed to wake you up. He’d been called in quite early for work the night--morning?--before and had slipped out the door quietly then with a soft and sleepy goodbye to you. It was now the night after and he’d returned to find you curled up in one of his hoodies on the couch, sound asleep. It surrounded you so completely it may as well have been a second blanket on you. He loved seeing you like this in any of his clothes really. So why pass up the opportunity to give you a quick little kiss? It couldn’t hurt anything. He’d brushed your hair gently out of the way and placed what he could have sworn was the softest kiss in the world to your temple, but your eyes fluttered open all the same.
“Taishiro?” Your voice was groggy, eyes barely able to crack open. 
He felt his stomach flip at the sight. Somehow even like this you were breathtaking. “Hey, honey bun.” 
“You home?” 
He chuckled at that, “Nah, still halfway across town.” 
You broke into a sleepy grin and let out a sleepy giggle, pulling him down into a soft kiss before mumbling against his lips, “Jerk.” 
“Aw, you know you love me.” He cupped your cheek with his large hand, a lopsided grin on his face as he took you in in all your sleepy glory. You leaned into the touch, letting out a soft hum of contentment as you did, nodding ever so slightly. His breath caught in his chest for just a moment. God he wished he could stay like this every single day, just you and him and this wonderful feeling of love and peace. 
Slowly you cracked your eyes open again, giving a slight smile, “You’re staring.”
“I missed you.” 
“You were gone less than a day, Taishi.” 
“An hour’s all it takes.” 
“Then c’mere, big boy.” You reached up and pulled him into a kiss, holding him there for as long as it took you to run out of breath. As you took little gasps of air in you grinned, “Let’s makeup for lost time then.” 
“You don’t have to ask me twice, honey bun.” 
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bnhahq101 · 15 hours ago
Pro-Heroes will a Villain F/O headcanons?
So just to help out this list is organized of the heroes I think would be most likely to accept their s/o being a villain.  
 Keigo Takami/Hawks
As long as they aren’t an actual threat to society, Keigo is pretty chill about the whole thing
Will turn a blind eye to them if he encounters them while on duty
There’s a mutual agreement that business can be discussed over dinner but that’s it
 Higari Maijima/Powerloader
He may be a hero, but he understands that there are grey areas to everything
He won’t treat them any different though he will ask them about why it is they became a villain
Hates whenever they get into trouble with the law (such as getting arrested)
 Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fatgum 
Another who understands there is a lot of grey areas between heroes and villains, but still tries to convince his love to stop their life of crime, offering to provide everything they may ever need
If they still want to though, he won’t stop them instead choosing to watch over them
If they come home injured, he’ll gently chew them out for being careless as he takes care of their injuries 
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bnhahq101 · 20 hours ago
Taishiro x Rappa x Reader headcanons please!
This relationship works surprisingly well despite one partner being a pro hero and the other being a villain
This relationship is incredibly hidden from the general public
Both men love drowning their s/o in physical affection
While Taishiro loves cooking for their lover and Rappa, Rappa is surprisingly good at domestic activities such as cleaning (he understands the importance of a clean home)
The two men have a mutual understanding that if they have to fight because of their professions, they will fight but never with the aim to kill
For Kendo, while he still wants a battle to the death someday, he doesn’t want to upset their lover
The cuddles are the best and often have s/o squished between the two
Kirishima and Tamaki know about the relationship, but stay silent seeing how happy it makes Taishiro
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thelazyhermits · 21 hours ago
Once that’s done and you relay this information to your two helpers, you realize you haven’t told Shouta about this unexpected dinner. “Do you think Shouta-san will mind having so many guests for dinner?”
Both Natsuo and Taishiro snort at your question before the latter moves to ruffle your hair. “Don’t worry about it. Despite how he may act, Shouta enjoys big family dinners like this, so even though he may seem annoyed, he really ain’t. It’s all a front.”
Natsuo grins, “I think you should be more worried about how Shouto will react once he sees that both Touya-nii and Keigo are here.”
Oh boy, he makes an excellent point. Considering how Shouto reacts to Touya’s interactions with you, you can’t imagine he’d be too crazy about the idea of his oldest brother and Keigo being here since they both have a penchant for flirting with you.
A nervous laugh escapes you. “Let’s just hope for the best…”
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ayumiinuzuka · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ness-is-vanillabean · a day ago
Tumblr media
Gummy Bears, I'm hoping sleep will help me come back from my sad feelings.
At a time like this I wish Tai was real. I could really use a hug and some encouraging words and you know he'd give them to you in spades.
I'll be okay though.
Things will be fine and life will go on.
If you feel sad like me I send you my hugs.
Love you Gummy Bears~♡
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honeypirate · a day ago
Happy mother’s day with fat gum!
Taishiro x pregnant!Reader
Fatgum is 8’2 and I am 5’8 so I based it off that. I used a height thing to calculate it so I would know where my head would hit on his back lol
tagging @fatgumshoneybun ❤️
You grunted as you threw your body up to gain momentum to roll out of bed, using your heavy belly to your advantage.
The big empty space behind you had woke you up, your usual warmed back from him cuddling you close was now cold and empty.
After using the bathroom you hobble yourself down the hallway towards the sound of food cooking on the stove and smile when you see your husband, flour on his face as he flips a pancake with a little pleased smile.
Your hand goes to rub your tummy “you’re gonna be so loved” you think to your little baby as you rub small circles.
You make your way around to him, your feet making soft sounds against the tiled floor, and snake your arms around his middle. Your head resting against the middle of his back.
He laughs and on of his hands holds yours that were on his low stomach, only possible because of his smaller size which was a result of a big villain fight the previous day. “awww Mama! you woke up! I was going to bring you breakfast in bed”
Mama. That word makes you smile every time he says it. And ever since you shown him the little stick with the pink lines he’s called you nothing else. You’re a mama now. The mother of his child growing in your tummy. What an honor he feels to have you bear his children and be his partner.
“The bed was cold without you” you whisper and he softly hums, turning off the stove and turning around to hold you to his chest as best as he could with the baby taking up space with your large belly, due in just a little under two months.
You take his hand and place it on your bump, the fluttering of kicks making his smile widen and eyes sparkle
“Good morning my sweet girl” he says as he drops to his knees and rubs his hands across your belly “I hope you’re hungry because we’re having strawberry shortcake pancakes” he whispers and then kisses your belly.
When he stands he gives you a small peck, gazing down at you with eyes full of love and adoration
“Happy Mother’s Day y/n” he whispers and you beam up at him “thank you honey” you say with a smile as he kisses your temple
He helps you to the table and pulls out a chair “sit and I’ll bring breakfast and your Mother’s Day gift” he says with an excited smile and you laugh, your hands on your belly as you lower yourself to the chair.
As you sit you watch him work through the kitchen, a grin on his face the whole time. He has been such a great help these past months, taking everything in stride but still open with communication so you’re both taken care of.
You can see how great a father he’s going to be and you feel pride in your heart knowing your little girl gets a father as wonderful as him.
“I love you” you say and he stops his administration of whipped cream, his giant stack of pancakes just needing strawberries now and completely dwarfing your little stack, making you chuckle to yourself.
He rises from being bent over the counter to meet your eye and smile brightly “I love you too”
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bnhahq101 · 3 days ago
Taishiro, Toshinori, Aizawa, Hizashi, Twice, and Mr. Compress react to their s/o holding a bit of their meal to their lips with the stereotypical “Say ahh~”
Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fatgum 
This man grins like an absolute fool as he happily opens up his mouth 
will absolutely return the favour, loving to hand feed his s/o no matter the food 
Toshinori Yagi/All might 
His cheeks light up with how much he blushes, but he will still open his mouth
Will off them a bite of his food in return, though he is shy about actually holding it up to take a bite 
Shouta Aizawa
Rolls his eyes at their antics but quickly bites whatever it is they are offering 
will gruffly offer them some of his in return 
Hizashi Yamada/Present Mic 
Honestly, and surprisingly, is the most normal and will accept whatever food is being offered. 
He’ll offer them a bite of his food, but will steal a kiss when they go in for a bite 
Jin Bubaigawara/Twice 
“Ew no, wait yes, give it here!” s/o better watch their fingers cuz he will bite them accidentally 
He will offer some of his food in return but partially fights with himself yanking it away suddenly before offering it again 
Atsuhiro Sako/Mr.Compress
Makes a bit of a show accepting their food in public, but in private he will smile softly and gently take the offered food, maintaining eye contact the entire time
Loves feeding his s/o on the couch, especially finger food like strawberries 
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fatgum-sugarplum · 4 days ago
DON’T BE SORRY EVER SHHH. I’m sorry this took forever but my brain had a hard time with it until I got smacked in the face last night with what I wanted to do!
17: Needing to kiss to hide from bad guys
Word Count: 631
You were everything to Taishiro since the day you waltzed into his life. The breadth of your smile, the way your eyes lit up when you saw him, the laugh that was absolutely addicting to his ears--he couldn't get enough of you. He'd done his utmost to keep you safe and out of the public eye. You deserved a life free from questions about him all the time, and considering his work he found it much more reassuring that to any potential villains around you were just another face in the crowd.
That didn't mean he didn't take you out at all, of course. He absolutely spoiled you with dates. Nice restaurants where he was able to book it for just the two of you, or at least ones with enough privacy that even with him being as present a figure as he was you two could still enjoy some alone time out together. It was at one of these you both found yourself now, meal finished and dessert packed in little to go containers to enjoy in front of the TV when you got back to his place, a little ritual you two had started months ago.
You were laughing at something he’d just said when his eyes flicked over your shoulder and his blood went cold. There, stepping into the doorway of the restaurant, were two of the members of a drug operation he’d been observing for the past month. He hadn’t wanted to involve you with any of the details, in fact he’d been pretty mum about it since it started, but especially since he had an incredibly close call last week and wasn’t sure if they’d seen him or not? He especially didn’t want you to know a thing about it until it was all over now. Of all the places they could’ve gone, why here? Why tonight?
One of the men scanned the room, clearly searching for something. Taishiro did his best to keep calm, only half listening now as you started to tell him about what sounded like a humorous incident with a coworker. The man’s eyes roved across the room, gaze edging closer and closer to your table. Taishiro could practically feel it creeping up on the two of you. A bubble of anxiety caught in his throat and he reached across the table quickly, pulling you into a kiss. He kept you there for a good few seconds before pulling back and letting you settle, dumbfounded, back into your seat. The two men were at a table now, seemingly convinced that whatever or whoever they were looking for was no longer here. He could only pray it hadn’t been him.
You touched your fingers to your lips before a shy grin spread across your face, “Taishiro, if you wanted me to stop talking that bad you could’ve said something.”
“Aw honey bun, you know I didn’t mean it like that.” He did his best to plaster an easy grin on his own face, “Just can’t help but want to kiss ya when you look so sweet.” He reached across the table again and took your hand in his, “I do think, however, I may ask about slipping out the back tonight.”
“Oh?” You cocked a brow, a bit confused. It wasn’t your usual routine, but it certainly hadn’t been the first time you two had to. “Why?”
“Just taking you on a little adventure, honey bun. Don’t worry too much.” He brushed his thumb across your knuckles and you smiled again. He wanted to just melt in that look, but first he had to get you two out of here and safe back at his place. The rest could come later.
“Take me away then, hero boy.” You winked. God, he loved you.
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sweettomatogirl · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Icon with mask on or not, his is a cinnamon roll.
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xgummibearx · 6 days ago
Fatgum X (F)reader: Sweethearts (pt 1)
(WARNING: Contains major spoilers from the Overhaul arc)
Summary: I absolutely love the fatgum X Baker trope so I'm gonna throw one into the mix. (unintentional pun sorry lol)
You are a baker and Fatgum starts visiting your shop. You start to develop feelings for one another but you get called out of town to handle a catering job, the same time as the overhaul fight. You were out in the country, and don't even hear about it until days later.
(X)> insert name
(starting with a chubby form tai, what can I say?)
Taishiro found the place accidentally, the smell of freshly made cinnamon rolls nearly knocked him off his tired feet. His slightly less pudgy stomach had burned off a bit of fat but he'd been worse. "Ow!" He grumbled, not noticing the bell on the door frame before hitting it with his head. The dull clanging sound still caught the attention of the owner.
(X) wiped the powdered sugar off her hands. "Oh gosh I forgot to lock the door..." He could hear her mumbling, he panicked wondering if he should leave. He froze at the sight of her, "I'm sorry but we're closed, how can I-oh!" She looked up at him. "Fatgum?...well this us a surprise!"
He laughed nervously, "I uhm...didn't realize you were closed! I can leave it's no problem!" She waved her hand,
"no it's okay! Just got off of patrol I'm assuming?" He nodded,
"Yeah...I was gonna grab some takeout so that I wouldn't have to cook.." He didn't get the chance to cook much. "I'm surprised that I haven't made any local businesses close up shop yet!" He added nervously, why was he so nervous? She laughed.
"I know alot of the vendors around here, your reputation proceeds you." She disappeared for a moment, returning with a tray of cinnamon buns. (X) started to place them carefully in a bag, "I didn't want this dough to go sour so I have way too many of these.." She smiled, holding the bag out. "Here you go."
Taishiro waved his hands, his face a little red. "No no it's okay! I've already imposed enough I-" He was interrupted by the growling of his stomach, his face growing even redder. With a sigh he stepped forward and took the bag. "Thanks...but I can't just accept these for free!" She leaned forward with a smile.
"Well, how about you promise to pop in one in awhile? It would be good for business." She added jokingly. Fatgum laughed softly, pushing his mask up a little to scratch under his eye.
"It's a date then." He politely waved then stepped out if the shop. As the cool night hit him he felt his face burn, "did...I just say that out loud??"
It became frequent, whether after hours or even during patrols his soft face became a familiar and welcome sight. Every now and then he had a day where he couldn't make it, for some reason those days rolled by so slowly. They would come and go with so much disappointment.
When those days happened (x) didn't even realize how much she had wanted to see him until the next day when his presence would suddenly make the shop feel so much brighter. However, today he looked frazzled. There was a far away distracted look in his eyes. "'s pretty early today, you're usually not here until noon." She looked concerned, "is something wrong?" He suddenly snapped upright.
"Oh! Uh, no I'm okay." He smiled, "we have a really big meeting with some agencies." Taishiro explained as he ordered a dozen donuts, he pulled out his wallet. "It's confidential so I can't discuss any details, but...there is alot going on." (X) nodded.
"Yeah, with All Might stepping down there's been as huge increase in crime lately, I had to tap into my insurance after one of those monsters destroyed my shop front." Fatgum raised his brows a little.
"Monsters? Those things they found when they rescued the UA student?" (X) nodded.
"It's been scary honestly, I've been spending alot more money on cabs's far too dangerous to walk around at night after I close." Taishiro listened carefully, she made sense. Things hadn't been easy since All Might's retirement. He took the donut box then smiled, trying to reassure her.
"Hey, that's what we're here for...we all do our best to serve and ensure your know, I'm sure I could help you feel safer and not to mention." He started stumbling over his words a little. "I could...I could help you, save money on cabs if I...walked you home?" (x) smiled looking up at him as she leaned on the counter.
"I would like that, I'll be leaving this  afternoon for Osaka on a catering job this weekend but I'll be back on Monday?" Taishiro smiled.
"I'll be looking forward to it..."
Her mind drifted off all weekend, her hands on auto pilot as she finished orders and served pastries by the dozen. It took a whole afternoon just to clean up, but the extra day after the event was certainly a good idea. (x) left her phone in her hotel room, and simply enjoyed the late spring air that held the promise of summer around the corner.
Monday came, and (x) was antsy. "Why am I so flustered? I'm excited and nervous at the same time!?" She thought, overthinking everything about her outfit as she stared in the mirror. The day flew by, thinking about Taishiro made a soft smile form on her lips, making her coworker stare in confusion.
Then, he never came.
The next day was no different, and as Wednesday morning rolled up she quietly turned to her cashier. "Hey uhm...did Fatgum stop by at all?" Her cashier froze, his mouth dropping a little as he nervously checked to make sure there weren't any customers.
"That's right! You were out if town...uh, may want to see this." He pulled out his phone, "it was all over the news! He was part of this huge bust; the heroes took out the head if the Chisaki Yakuza!" There was no footage from the operation, but she saw a glimpse of him.
He helped carry what looked like a student I to an ambulance before passing out himself. (x) lifted her hands to her mouth, the colour draining from her face. "He was beat up pretty bad, and...Sir. Nighteye was killed in the fight too." She was speechless, the image of his weak battered form ingrained in her mind.
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timidpatotie · 6 days ago
adore you || taishiro toyomitsu/fatgum ft. chubby reader
Warnings: Smut, Not Proof Read
synopsis: fatgum showing you his adoration for you in pleasurable actions.
Tumblr media
Minors Do Not Interact
A kiss to your forehead, to your nose and the both side of your chubby cheeks, slightly nibbling to your cheeks that reminds him of the mochi he used to get before patrol.
Proceeding to kiss your lips. Pecking again and again. Taishiro smiled. It was the times when it's just the short and soft pecks that you two shared made his heart flutter.
You beneath him. All cute and soft. Caged between his arms and his large form hovering you. Your hair disheveled and messy. Your chest falling and rising with every breath you take. Taishiro will always cherish this moment. All the little things he love about you.
Pressing his forehead into yours and he was meet with your (e/c) orbs. He finds himself getting lost. It was like the galaxy. Endless. Warm, beautiful and peaceful. Your eyes filled with sincerity and love.
You find yourself staring back at him. His golden orbs shining. It was the same sight you find in his work. His gaze caring and full of adoration. It didn't change even he was serious.
"Mochi?" He murmured. His breath in your face.
"Do you know I love you always? He asked.
"You always say that Taishi~"
"Do I? Good. I love you Mochi~"
"I love you too.~"
His sight darting to your naked form. Well the both of your were naked from your earlier activities. It was still the start of something fun and the two of you will enjoy it.
Kissing you again and his lips went to trail to your jaw and to your chin. Slightly biting the skin.
His hand in your arm. Pulling it and putting a kiss to your knuckles. You can't help but to smile. Taishi had his ways of making your insides warm even in the simplest of gestures.
Pinning your wrist besides you. He continued to place feather-light kisses in your neck. Finding your sweet spot and once he did. You were moaning. Sucking on it and leaving a bruise.
He just hummed. Kissing your collarbones. His lips finding your nipple. Capturing it with his mouth and his tongue circling around the hardened bud.
Your other hand found it's way to grip his hair. Your fingers playing with his soft blond locks while he continued to play with your breast. You can clearly see he was enjoying himself and he sucks like a baby you thought. Breath hitching at his actions.
After being satisfied with it. He leaves kitten licks to your stomach. Casually nibbling on the way until he was between in your legs.
Smiling at you. He happily settled between it. Sandwiching himself with your thick thighs.
Leaving his hand to your wrist for to wrap his hand around your thigh and the other gripping on your side. Squishing it before to do the plan he was planning to you.
"Can I Mochi?" Asking for your permission to indulge you.
Nodding your head. He started to leave marks on your inner thighs. His hot breath ghosting on it.
This was heaven Taishiro thought. He can't get over how your thighs feels around him and he can do it over and over again. You indulging him to his desires. It's like the first time that you were worried about crushing him and he joked that he is gladly to die between your thighs which he really is serious. Oh, to live and die between by your thighs. The thought sends shivers to his spine. He can feel himself getting more hard at the thought.
Flattening his tongue, he took a long stripe from your dripping slit. You instantly moaned. Your hand immediately gripping his blond locks. He continued to lapped on your slit. Gathering your arousal that drips everytime he licked.
"Taishi~, so....good, more please..." You begged. Your knuckles turning white from how hard your were gripping the sheets.
He just hummed. Grabbing your wide hips to stop your from bucking your hips from him. Sucking on your clit like a man starved for years. Eating you out like it was his last meal. Savoring how you taste so good around him.
Spreading your pussy lips to get a better access in sucking you. His two fingers plunging inside your pulsating hole.
The feeling of being stretched by his fingers made you feel the familiar coil in your lower stomach. Ready to burst at any moment.
".....gonna come, Taishi~" You slurred.
Satisfied by your response. He roughly sucked on to your clip. Pumping his fingers inside you faster. Your hips moving to match the pace of his fingers. Taishiro growled holding your hips hard to stop you from moving.
With one harsh suck and the curling of his fingers you came. Toes curling from the sensation of coming. You were panting. Sweat forming on your forehead from the intense orgasm.
Taishiro continued to lapped the juices flowing through your hole. Helping you to rode out with your high. He can feel your thighs trembling around him. Satisfied with his work. He climbed up on you.
"Are you okay Mochi?" His voice concerned.
Removing the stray hairs that clinged to your face.
"Mmmm." You nodded.
Kissing him which he gladly returned. Exploring ever inch of each other's mouth.
Your arms wrapping around his neck. Breaking the kiss, he kissed your forehead.
"Can you go again for another round Mochi?
Which you eagerly responded. Brushing your pussy to his hardened cock.
Taishiro chuckled at your response.
"Eager are we?~" He teased.
"Please, Taishi."
"We're getting there Mochi."
Raising your leg to press in your chest. Pumping his cock and brushing to your entrance. Rubbing it to your slit. You whined. He was teasing you again which wanting you to have more.
Aligning his cock to your entrance. He gently pushed it in. Earning a moan from you and followed by a grunt from him. The stretched burned deliciously. Loving how his cock filling you up entirely.
Taishiro can feel how your warm walls clamped around him. The spongy muscle wrapping his hard cock. Grunting he slowly moved. Setting a slow, steady pace. This got him feeling light headed.
Thinking it was all good. He moved faster. Your pussy creaming him. Hitting you in the deepest parts the tip rubbing the sweet spots inside you.
Your nails found it's way digging to his biceps.  Face buried in his neck. Trying to muffle the sounds from the feeling of being fucked by him. It was so good. So good. He was knocking your brains out of you. Your legs trembling from the sensation.
Taishiro was enamored at the sight his cock disappearing to your pussy.
The sight of your stomach rippling proves how his thrusts was harder. Pride bubbling from his chest from how good you were taking him and loving how your body responded to him. Such pretty sight to behold.
His balls slapping to your ass cheeks as he pounded on to you.
You were already crying from his actions. Tears streaming down your chubby cheeks.
"m'full, so full..... m'good... Taishi." You were a blubbering mess. Your words barely audible.
Taishiro smiled while wiping the tears and petting your hair. "I know Mochi. Such a good girl for me." He praised not minding the pain from your nails digging around his biceps.
He can feel you nearing your end as well as his from how your walls clenched around him like a vice. His movements getting sloppy but still continued to violently thrusts in to you.
Slapping your thighs to watch it jiggle and his thumb went to your clit. Circling around it to make you come faster with that you came. Making you see white. Panting from the intensity of your orgasm.
Knowing that you came Taishiro buried his cock deeply. Brushing with your cervix and released his seed into you. Your pussy milking him not wasting a single drop from his cock. Grunting he pulled out his softening cock to you.
Collapsing besides you and facing you. Your face sweaty. Taishiro smiled, looking at you with such adoration.
"Are you good?" He asked while rubbing your soft stomach.
"Yeah. So good Taishi." Flashing him a gentle smile.
Kissing your forehead and wrapping his arms around you. Rubbing your back soothingly while catching your breath.
You two stayed for that position for a while. Staring at each other's eyes.
Taishiro will show you all the ways of being appreciated and adored. You in his arms and happily indulge you to all your wants and needs. Your happiness was his number one priority.
He will always adore you for the rest of his life and you will do the same for the man that your truly loved.
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