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#tagging stuff related to school as sh so
tirisivir · 7 days ago
Do you pronounce Hague “Hague” or ”Hague?”
You pronounce it “Ew”
(my town has a hate/hate relationship with Hague.)
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shadowymuffinpaperzipper · 4 months ago
Why is it that when school work is handed to me, like essays, worksheets, and materials to study, I won’t work on it until the night before. You know what, sometimes it’s even a few hours before. God forbid me and my ‘suddenly there’ flowing productive juices to powering me up and keeping me going MINUTES before it’s due. I just realized how I procrastinated crazily with my assignments and projects until I felt the deadline looming closer just to get me out of my fanfic reading slump and actually DO the work I’m supposed to do. There are also times where I’m excited with a certain homework/task/project and I’d be so into the research and just having fun then -OH SHIT THIS MUCH TIME HAS PASSED AND ALL I HAVE ARE DRAFTS AND DOODLES AND I NEED SOME SORT OF STRUCTURE FOR THIS GHAWD OKAY LET’S GO like idk yall I’m currently reading over some modules so I can answer the followup questions and essays DAYS (*le gasp* yes days) before the due date but my brain is just craving that adrenaline and productive juice like was I so accustomed to that adrenaline that I’m now hardwired to act only under circumstances or what ugh I need to drink water yall prob should as well
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gingit-cake · 2 months ago
Therapeutic Gallavich
I’ve been wanting to write a tribute post to the Gallavich universe as a free source of therapy during the pandemic. I’m somewhat tongue in cheek here, but in a country (USA) where we have too little mental health support and too much stigma about mental health, diving into the Gallavich fandom and binging Shameless over the past 6m has been a really comforting coping mechanism for me. There is so much grief and loss in the world, so many ways our government and - for many people - our peers have failed us, that the fictional world of Ian and Mickey has been a wonderful source of comfort, in a lot of ways. It’s a retreat from the IRL shitshow. It’s got endless permutations of happy endings, to give us that serotonin boost and vicarious thrill. And given Mickey and Ian’s respective struggles - homophobic and sexual abuse, mental illness, neglect, parental death, incarceration, etc. - there are also countless fanfics that include therapy, recovery, and informal paths towards healing from past trauma. I’ve never related to a show so personally as I have Shameless, and binging it during the pandemic - when social isolation leaves way too much time for rumination, compounded by being at midlife and the reflection that triggers - it basically ripped open my heart and dredged up long buried stuff I’m finally willing to address. My husband and I watched the S7 finale on New Year’s Day, and let’s just say 2021 has been an emotional retcon of my life since. (I’m learning all the creative, literary terms.)  (And don’t worry, strangers on the internet, I am fortunate to have a therapist and the insurance to pay for it. I wish we all had this.)
There’s been a few fanfics I explicitly want to give a shoutout too as ones featuring therapy or recovery or conversations that have stayed with me in a meaningful way.  Excerpts, tributes, and links below the jump. Possible spoilers for Enemy Lines, Someone to Hold Me Up, Buy and By, and Etherized Against the Sky.
Enemy Lines, by J_Q and stars_fall_on - Ian has a therapist Dr. Lancaster, who introduces him to the concept of rumination:
“He felt a tightening in his chest. Did he even want to let go of Mickey? If not, what the hell was he still holding onto? A memory. A feeling. A belief that he’d made a real connection. But nothing substantial. Nothing real. // 'Ian, is there something hindering you from wanting to move on?" she asked then sat back, looking closely at him. “Are you familiar with the term rumination? // ... // Rumination, as opposed to worry, very often focuses on loss and an overpowering need to understand why something happened.' She continued to watch him closely as she spoke. 'While emotional processing starts out this way, healthy processing leads to acceptance and a release of negative emotions, but rumination keeps you stuck in a pattern.’”
THIS is my brain in a nutshell. As I wrote in a comment on one of the chapters to this amazing slow burn, enemies-to-lovers fic, I’ve got relationships from 20y+ ago that I still brood over. I’m working on letting go and the Gallavich universe has been a creative inspiration for doing some of that work. 
Someone to Hold Me Up, by @westernredcedar - Mickey has a conversation with an OC about forgiveness, after reconnecting with Ian in this hurt/comfort fic:
“'You ever have to forgive your guy for something?' Mickey asks. // Mel laughs. 'Of course. Daily, actually. The man’s a damn slob.' // Mickey snorts, but then he runs his hand over his mouth and tries to actually get to the point. ‘What about something big?' // Mel looks like he’s considering the question thoughtfully, and Mickey realizes that somewhere in the midst of all this madness, he’s really gotten to like this guy. 'I have lots of thoughts about forgiveness, actually,” Mel says with an eyebrow raised. “So you may not want to get me started on that theme. But it’s more about my parents and my sister than about Jeffrey, if that matters. I guess for me it all boils down to this: would it cost me more to forgive or cost me more to stay angry? And my answer to that question is not the same for everyone.’”
This conversation about forgiveness has really stayed with me. One of the reasons I’ve realted so much to the character of Ian Gallagher is I had a hothead brunet of a boyfriend in high school during that same age range (15-17) who is probably the same height as Noel Fisher and caused no shortage of DRAMA in my life, and it didn’t end well. (We were definitely NOT soulmates.) I am serious when I say Shameless and Gallavich specifically helped me let a lot of this 30y old angst go. This exchange b/w Mickey and Mel gets at it - it was costing ME a lot to hang on to this past. 
By and By, by @nowherenj - This one I’m not going to excerpt, because it was the whole story that moved me. Nowherennj draws on their experience in recovery, and this slow burn is both beautifully written and a primer on being in recovery. This was really helpful for me, as I have close friends and family who are in recovery, some with a dual diagnosis (drug use + mental health diagnosis), and this story’s generous attention to detail helped illustrate their experiences for me in a way that we don’t talk about on a regular basis. One of the reasons I identify so strongly with Shameless is because I come from a big sprawling Irish-American family with a lot of addiction and mental illness in it. This fic about Ian and Mickey in recovery makes explicit much of what I think my family hovers around because it can be so hard to talk about openly. I wept reading this one when the author brought in The Avett Brothers’ No Hard Feelings - how I want to live my life.   
Etherized against the Sky, by Snarfle - This one is less about my own therapeutic journey and more about what I hope I can be for young adults that I work with now. It has a character in it named Mr. Strickland, who is a very important father figure for Mickey. I was a professor for a decade, and still mentor young adults in my current job. I think one of the unsung roles that I experienced in academia is too be a mentor for young people. Some instructors are just about curriculum and grading, but when you cross paths with young adults at the beginning of this stage of life, figuring their sh*t out, the ability to be a kind and safe source of input and an active, non-judgemental listener is honestly the most fulfilling aspect of working with students and young professionals, in my view. Maybe it’s because the years 15-25 were such chaos for me, but I love working with people this age (and probably why I hang around on Tumblr despite my near eligibility for AARP lol). You’ve got your whole life in front of you! So many possibilities! Full of hot boyfriends and tomato plants and rescue dogs and heated pools. :) 
There are surely more, I’ve realized that “hurt/comfort” is a great tag for these kinds of stories. But this post is already too long. Thanks to all of you in the fandom who have created art and narrative that have kept me coming back for more, and not feeling so alone in the pandemic. We are a mighty little community!
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we-are-inevitable · 2 months ago
courage, don’t desert me // javid (ch. 1)
A/N: okay full disclosure i HAVE posted this before but im editing and revamping it so,, pls let me know what yall think!! asks and comments are absolutely appreciated!!
Tag List: @tarantulas4davey @angelslibrary @santagae @oof-musicals @foronewholeminute (let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list for this fic!)
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“Ima, can you please tell David to stop being such a-”
“Sarah, if you finish that sentence, you’re grounded. No questions asked.”
David, naturally, has to hold back a laugh. Sarah looks crestfallen- she’s pouting and glaring at David as though he’s just smashed her phone, while Esther finishes putting up the dishes. “I wasn’t going to call him anything too bad,” She protests, then sighs and crosses her arm. “I’m just saying, you should tell him to audition. He won’t listen to me!”
Right, because that’s what started this argument in the first place: a school musical.
Now, David has nothing against school musicals- hell, he’s been to every one that the school has put on, but that was always Sarah’s thing. Sarah was the one who worked on all of them, anyway. Something to do with tech-y stuff; David had no clue what she actually did, but she was proud of her work, and their parents were proud of her work, so every year, David has attended… shows? Performances?
Whatever. Those nights were never attended on free will, but Esther and Mayer insisted he tag along to show support.
“I’m not going to audition,” David says firmly, and stands from the table. He’s been done with this conversation for, like, thirty minutes, but Sarah is nothing if not persistent. “Why do you even want me to do this? I’m just going to embarrass myself.”
Sarah groans, and rubs her face. “Dee, you need something to do, okay? I know that without your academic team sh- stuff, you’re gonna go stir crazy. Besides, Katie is auditioning! You’ll have a friend there!”
“Sarah, as much as I love Kath, she’s, like, crazy good. She’ll laugh in my face if I audition, or go overboard with this if I do it, and I’m never going to hear the end of it,” David crosses his arms. He’s leaning against the counter now, standing off to the side to not get in the way of Esther’s cleaning. “Ima, tell Sarah to stop.”
“Ima, tell David to stop!”
“You started this!”
“Did not!”
“Did too-!”
“David, Sarah, that is enough,” Esther turns around, her hands on her hips. “Can you both please act like adults? This has gone on for too long.”
Esther sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. “You know what- Okay! Fine, fine. We settle this as a family then. David, sit down. Sarah, for the love of all that is holy, keep your hands to yourself.”
“I wasn’t even gonna hit him,” Sarah grumbles, but as soon as David sits, she smacks him upside the head. David’s hand clenches at his side, but he doesn’t retaliate physically- only flips her off while sticking his tongue out.
Esther shakes her head. David almost feels guilty for dragging her into this, but then he sees a smile on her face, one she's insistent on trying to hide. "Why is it that two two are more troublesome than your brother?" She asks, mainly to herself, before she leans over the table across from Sarah and David, placing her hands on the wood as she peers down at them. “Okay. Listen very carefully. We’re going to talk this out. Sarah, why do you feel that David should audition?”
“Because he’s a lonely shut-in with no friends and no life outside of his bedroom, and he can’t do academic team anymore because the team won last year, and he would be a really good addition to the cast since his voice is really nice,” Sarah says, all in one breath, and turns to face David with a desperate look on her face. “C’mon! You’ll make friends, and I think that you’d really like it if you gave it a chance!"
"No, I--"
“She might be right, David,” Esther chimes in, tilting her head. “It’s senior year, hun. You don’t have a lot going on with classes--”
“But I have college, Ima, I have my college classes, and--”
“But you always finish your work early, Dee,” Esther points out, and she’s not exactly wrong. David hasn’t had homework in years- at least not homework that takes more than thirty minutes to finish- because he uses all of his free time at school to do it. Still, he’s not exactly happy that she’s noticed. She sighs softly and reaches over, taking David’s hand. "Why don't you wanna audition?"
David raises a brow. “Because I don’t want to.”
Suddenly, Esther’s expression changes to something bored and critical. “That’s it? That’s- That's your one reason? Because you don't want to?” She asks, then shoots a knowing look to Sarah as she folds her arms. "David, what the hell? I raised you better than that. Tell me again why you don't want to audition."
David blinks, and takes in a deep breath. “Well, I- I just- I wouldn’t be any good, Ima, and I don’t know any of the other kids in the program, except for Kath, and I would just embarrass myself. Besides, it’ll all be for nothing, since I wouldn’t even get cast! Sarah is just being a bitch-"
"David, don't call your sister a bitch in an argument. Wait until after."
David groans, rubbing his face. "I'm not any good, so--
“Your vocal range is easily D3 to A4!”
“I don’t know what that means, Sarah!”
Sarah groans loudly, just like David did moments before, and rolls her eyes. “Come on, David! Just give it a chance?”
“No! No, I’m not going to do it,” David shakes his head. “No. Ima, tell Sarah no.”
Esther considers this for a few moments, then takes in a slow, even breath. She stands and rubs David’s shoulder, smirking. “You’ll live, chamud. Sarah, take a video of your brother at the audition, please.”
With that, she walks out of the kitchen, leaving a dumbfounded David in her wake.
“Kath! Babe! David is auditioning!”
David bows his head, sinking further into the passenger’s side of Sarah’s car. He’s not saved any embarrassment, though- no, Sarah rolls down his window, and within seconds, Katherine is leaning inside the window, eyes wide.
“Wait, Dee, really? You’re actually doing it? Like, for real?” Katherine asks, and David looks up at her. She seems to be already ready for the day, and it isn’t even 7:45 yet- her makeup is done to perfection, as always, and her hair has been done into soft curls. Even her outfit looks polished; she’s in black heeled boots and a denim skirt, matched with a baby pink turtleneck.
No wonder Sarah likes her so much. If he liked women, he'd like her, too. But, then again, she’s always been very put together; maybe it’s because her family is rich, of course, but she’s just… Great. Kind, but self assured, and she always looks to do the right thing no matter what. She’s not stuck-up like David assumed she would be when Sarah brought her home to meet the family.
Unfortunately, though, that kindness can be overwhelming- especially when she gets excited about something related to David’s social life.
He sighs as he hides his face, leaving back against the seat. “I’m not happy about it, but yes. I have to.”
“Oh, David, that’s gonna be so fun! What if we’re cast in it together? Or- Oh, my God, what if you’re cast as Dmitry? That would be--”
“Dmitry?” David asks, giving Katherine a puzzled look.
Katherine looks down at him, then at Sarah, and raises a brow. “He doesn't even know the characters?”
As Sarah shrugs, David says, “I don’t even know what I’m auditioning for.”
Apparently, that’s the wrong answer.
“Get out of the damn car,” Katherine says in an eerily serious voice, then backs off. David takes his time grabbing his things and climbing out. Immediately afterward, Katherine is dragging him by the arm through the parking lot, leading him to the courtyard off to the side.
“Woah- Katie, woah, can you chill?” David asks frantically, hurrying to catch up with her. For someone who’s nearly a foot shorter than he is, she has speed. How she doesn’t break an ankle in those boots, he has no idea.. “What are you-”
“Sit,” Katherine says, rather abruptly, and sits at a round picnic table under a tree. She waits for David to take a seat, and smiles as Sarah catches up and sits next to her. For a moment, they just look at each other; it’s sweet, really, how in love they are. And, sure, they’re really cheesy sometimes- David can attest to that- but… They’re happy.
All David has ever wanted is for his sister to be happy.
That doesn’t change the fact that, right now, he wants her to eat a brick.
“What are we doing here?” David asks as he crosses his arms, eyeing Katherine with a sigh.
Katherine grins, and tilts her head. “Well, you can’t just walk into an audition without knowing the source material. What do you know about Anastasia?”
“Like, the Russian princess? Er- Grand duchess, sorry,” David corrects himself, thinks for a few moments, and takes in a deep breath. “She was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia, and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna. She was assasinated on--”
“What? No, Dee, the movie. The 1997 movie,” Katherine clarifies, raising a brow. “How do you even know all of that stuff?”
“World history is a fun subject!” David defends with a pout. AP World had been his second favorite class as a junior, and covering Russian history had been pretty fun- and, well, David has a knack for remembering historical facts. It was one of his favorite things about being on the academic team. “And I… I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that movie.”
“We’ve definitely seen it,” Sarah chimes in, and shakes her head. “C’mon, David, we’ve watched it together! Anya goes to Paris with Dmitry and Vlad, and she finds her grandmother, and--”
“Are you talking about the movie with the creepy bug dude and the bat?”
“So you have seen it!”
“Oh, great,” David raises his hands. “I’ll get cast as the ugly bat.”
“First of all, Bartok is a fun character,” Katherine huffs. “Secondly, Dee, if you’re implying that you’re ugly, stop, because you’re a catch. I’m serious, you’re hot. Thirdly, he isn’t even in the musical! And neither is Rasputin. Instead of them chasing down Anya, it’s pushed onto this new character- named Gleb Vaganov- and he’s the one who tries to stop Anya from figuring out she’s Anastasia! And the musical is much more romantic, and Anya and Dmitry have this whole enemies to lovers thing going on, and they have more songs and it’s just- it’s good! It’s good, and you’ll love it!”
David takes in a deep breath and rubs the back of his neck. Katherine is looking at him expectantly- like she wants him to be excited- but David... he’s apprehensive about it still. He crosses his arms over his chest and sighs, biting down on his lower lip for a few moments, before shrugging. “I- I still don’t know about all of this,” David pleads, furrowing his brows. “I don’t want to do this…”
“David…” Katherine sighs, and reaches across the table. She holds out her hand, and David begrudgingly takes it- Kath has always been a pretty touchy person, he’s used to it by now. “Listen to me, okay? I’ve been doing shows my entire life, Dee. I know how talented you are, okay? Even when we’re just, I don’t know, singing in Sarah’s car- you’ve always been good! You’re good at this, and I really think you’ll like it if you just… try it. Take my word for it.”
David thinks for a few moments. Katherine… She’s a pro at this. She’s been in everything- like last year, she was Belle in Beauty and the Beast, or that time as a sophomore that she was cast as Cinderella in Into the Woods- and she’s been to more Broadway shows and has more playbills than anyone David has ever met, so… She would know what she’s talking about, right?
And Sarah, though she hasn’t been in productions, she’s been around them for years and knows how they work. And she says that David would be a good fit…
He swallows and glances away, before sighing and nodding his head. “Fine. Help me figure out what to sing.”
“Okay, well, it’s an open audition, so you can sing whatever you want,” Katherine smiles, and pulls out her phone. “We just need to find you a good audition song for a tenor.”
“What’s a tenor?”
“Jesus, David, get it together!”
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saundraswriting · 3 months ago
S.C Books Chapter 1
SUMMARY: Eren, Mikasa, and Armin live together off-campus for college. They go to Trost University, where the rest of the 104th fill in. Levi and Hange run Survey Corps Books or S.C. Books as a team, with Petra Moblit and Oluo. Eren's life hasn't been pleasant but the discovery of his second favorite place has made it a little better. Levi is aware of his near constant presence at the shop, confused as to how a college student can afford his book and coffee habit. Through unwelcome meddling from their friends, the two fine themselves growing closer. Possibly too close for a traumatized college student and slightly neurotic bookstore owner to be.
NOTES: I have not watched all of AoT or read the manga. I probably won't ever either. I have seen/read enough to know what is happening. I am enjoying being tangently attached to this fandom but also my existence thrives in canon divergence/modern setting au's and that is where I stay. usually.
WARNINGS: Eren/Levi ship but aged up in a modern setting, some SH references(physical and mental) language, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, more warnings to come as I write(very slowly)
read it here on Ao3 (Which I recommend for better tagging)
Masterlist // Ao3 // Anime Masterlist
The chime ringing through the back room at 5 in the morning was a surprise. Levi was the only one at his bookstore/café to meet the extremely early customer. Levi came out of the small kitchen in the back, drying his hands off with a towel.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I though today was Hange's morning to work. I apologize." The smooth voice cut Levi off before he could speak. Levi looked up and froze, not often did Levi work the counter of his own establishment. The store was rather large but was tucked into away a bit so his 4 employees handled it just fine. He was glad this was one of those days. The tall green eyed wonder staring at him was one of the few regulars he had. Levi didn't know his full name, or why some weeks he practically lived at the store but he did know the three different way he took his coffee and the one way he took his tea. Levi knew that he was attractive and clean and polite.
"It was. They went on a bender after reading a weird article and overslept. Their husband texted me to ask me to cover." Levi told the kid. The kid nodded like he understood and with as often as he was there, Levi didn't doubt that Hange had roped the kid into a discussion or two.
"Again, sorry. I'll get going then. I was coming in to say hi and see if the machines were running. But I am an hour early for when you open." The kid looked down rubbing his already messy hair. He looked ready to bolt.
"It's fine, kid. I have a machine running already. I am no spring chicken, I need coffee to get up this early anymore. I was getting ready for the rest when you came in." Levi told him. The kid looked up hopeful, eyes slightly bloodshot. "I can only do regular coffee right now, or I'd do your Monday special." Levi said. He looked apologetically at the student, sympathizing with him.
"You know my coffee order?" He looked surprised. He blinked. "I am fine with regular coffee. I'll need-"
"3 creams and 6 sugars. How you can call that swill coffee I will never know." Levi cut him off. He turned around and made the coffee, wanting to hurry so he could look at the kid some more. 'Stop, he is much too young for you.'He tried to shake off the invasive thoughts but the urge to peek at the kid who'd been sitting at his table for what felt like years was strong.
"Just cause I hate the bitterness doesn't make it swill. Sorry we all can't have as refined taste buds as you. I rather like enjoying my drink." The kid snarked while your back was turned. 'He's witty. And attractive.' Levi sighed, this kid was almost too much for 5 am.
"Here you go brat. Enjoy your drink." The kid swiped his card, already drinking heavily from the cup. "I'll let you know when I get the espresso machine up." Levi told him as he finished the transaction. The kid looked up at him, with a grin powerful enough to run the damn city.
"Thanks, Levi. Do you mind if I sit in my spot? I have some work to finish up." The kid hadn't moved from the spot at the counter.
"Fais ce que tu veux." Do what you want. Levi muttered under his breath waving as he ducked into the kitchen. He wasn't sure how the kid knew his name, Hange could have pointed him out or mentioned him but he seemed to know exactly who Levi was.
"I don't know what that means but I will take it as a yes." Levi heard through the swinging door. Levi busied himself with getting the small food stuffs ready for opening and even getting them ready for lunch. He put the breakfast stuff in the oven and put the lunch stuff from the freezer into the cooler to thaw. He was just setting the timer when the door chime went off again.
"Oh! Eren, you're here?" A loud high pitched voice told Levi who it was without looking. Levi did not step closer to the door to hear the kid's-Eren's response.
"Yeah. Levi let me stay. I feel bad. I don't mean to be an imposition." Eren sounded bothered and instantly his face came to Levi's mind wearing a small frown. Levi had spent enough time watching Eren over the last couple years, he knew exactly what he looked like.
"If he thought you were imposing then you wouldn't be here. Don't worry." Hange's voice got louder meaning they were getting closer. Levi scrambled back a few steps and then mentally cursed, he never scrambled anywhere. "Get back to your work, Eren. I'll bring you over a Monday special, I just need to check in with the boss man." Hange stepped through the door to see Levi unconvincingly fiddling with the oven.
"Hange. About time you fucking got here. What is this I hear, you let Eren come in before opening?" Levi demanded. He was trying to keep his cocky attitude but Hange was one of the few that new him best.
"I am sorry, but you know how I get sometimes. I just can't help myself." Hange smiled broadly. "Also, Eren is a good kid. Been dealt a shitty hand but good. I like 'em." Hange shrugged. "He lives with some friends but I think he likes having a space to himself. Anyway!" Hange began darting around the kitchen trying to get things ready so Levi could go back to his job. "You head back to the office, boss. I got it from here. Thank you!" Levi rolled his eyes and headed back into the office, trying to ignore his growing curiosity about Eren.
Later that morning, Levi came out of his office to check on everything to see Eren still at the table he sat at flipping through text books and scrawling down messy notes. He had a little more color than this morning but was still looking haggard. 'Eren is a good kid. Been dealt a shitty hand but good.' Unbidden Hange's comment came to the front of his mind. As he watched, Eren shook out his left arm, rubbing from wrist to mid-forearm looking like he was drowning. Levi felt a pang of sympathy for the young man, he quickly grabbed a pastry and made a cup of green tea. Ignoring the confused stares of Hange and Petra. He walked over and lightly tapped his shoe against Eren's failing to smother a smirk when he jumped.
"Hey, brat. Are you trying to fuse with my furniture today or will you be leaving at some point?" Levi said. Eren blinked up at him before the words sank in.
"Levi! Hi. Um, no. I usually have a class right now but the professor cancelled. So I have been here, quietly sucking up all your wifi and spewing bad vibes. I can leave if you want?" Eren asked, a small hopeful look on his face.
"Oi, stop looking at me like that. If I wanted you gone, you'd be gone. You practically live here. I see no reason to change that now." Levi sat down across from the kid, ignoring that heavy stares his employees were giving him. "What are you studying so intensely you freaked out?" Levi asked. He still kept his treats, waiting for the best moment.
"Calculus. I am going into the art fields but I also want a bio degree in case of later, looks like if I play my cards right I will end up with a Bachelor in Science with chemistry and math minors and an Bachelor in Art with a minor in English and Psychology." Eren sighed. "Not like I chose this but I am taking so many classes to begin with for my double major that the minors all kind of happen. Especially at Trost, so much overlap for each dept. So I will be a jack of all trades buried under a lot of debt." Eren chuckled.
"Wait, I thought I heard you and Shitty Glasses that you were given a full academic ride?" Levi peered at him. Eren's green eyes widened and a pretty blush spread across his cheeks.
"I am. Yes. I don't like to talk about it. Trost only gives full rides to the top 10 kids of the high school's class. I know a lot of people who go to Trost don't have the luxury of free schooling, so I try not to mention it. It makes me uncomfortable when I can't relate to others." Eren shrugged. He looked at the clock on his computer, and closed his textbooks with the pens and notebooks still inside. Levi glanced at his left arm and saw the discoloration of a long scar. It was tapered at the top and bottom, it healed nice but Levi could only think of one thing that made scars like that.
"Are you leaving?" Levi was reminded how he didn't know this kid's schedule and this meager attempt at getting to know him after all this time was ridiculous.
"No. Thought now would be a good time for a break. I try to take ten minutes every hour to look at my phone or whatever. I sometimes walk the store too, give Hange a stack of books to buy later." Eren shrugged. Levi was instantly captivated. This kid was gorgeous, witty, smart, talented, polite, and somehow loaded? Levi wanted-no, needed-to know more.
"Good thing, I thought you could use a break too. Here, A blueberry scone and a honey lemon green tea. I know the tea is new but I think you will like it. It may even help with anxiety." Levi pushed the mug and plate over, with a very small smile on his face. Eren looked between the offering and Levi before beaming. He quickly sanitized his hands, which earned him points with Levi before breaking the scone in half.
"I am assuming-dangerous I know-that this is on the house. If so then I will only accept if you share it with me. Or else, I will pay Hange, right now." Eren's eyes twinkled playfully, matching the smile on his face. Levi sighed in defeat and Eren's grin grew bigger.
Before either of them could say anything, Hange was putting down a clean plate and a cup of black tea before winking and skipping away. Levi felt a shiver of apprehension go down his spine. They would definitely terrorize him over this later. Eren has been visiting for months now, staying some days past close or coming in before opening and staying the whole day, sometimes looking well and sometimes looking like he could run away from his thoughts fast enough, and today of all days Levi decides to sit down and share a scone with this stranger/customer. Levi put his half on his plate with the distinct feeling he lost at something but the soft, warm smile Eren was wearing made it worth it, somehow. The two of them sat, chatting lightly until both their plates and mugs were empty.
"Hey, Levi?" Eren asked. Levi looked up from where he had stacked the dishes, getting ready to leave. "Thank you for everything today. I really enjoyed the company." Eren looked up from the spot on the table he had been staring at to grin at Levi. His green eyes shining and dimples showing.
"Tch. Don't get used to it, brat. Get back to work, you slacked enough today." Levi pushed his chair in and headed back to his office, ignoring the urge to turn around.
"Yes, sir." Eren said to his retreating back. Eren saw his shoulders move in a sigh and Eren couldn't help but smile again. Levi had always distracted and caught his attention. He saw Levi one day in the store and decided to go in, Eren was glad every day he made that slightly impulsive decision. The shorter man with his sharp blue eyes and sharper tongue had Eren hook, line and sinker. Once he arrived for the day not much could pull him away, always wanting one more secret look or overheard joke. Many days, Eren felt like his thoughts were too much, the day too long, the night too short but a couple hours in the café/bookstore with his art tablet were enough to settle him down. He hadn't felt this stable since before his mom died. He was enjoying school and friends and even if some days were bad days, that was all they were, and he knew he could try again the next day.
Eren pulled out his books again, wanting to get a little ahead in his class that was cancelled today, but he was sure it was for nothing. His head was full of Levi. He had welcomed him in early and even gave him a free snack. He talked to Eren, like he really wanted to know about him. He asked about his friends and classes and how his art was coming, Eren realized Levi must watch him as much as Eren watched him. Now Eren's nose was full of his cedar and tea tree oil scent and the image of Levi in a button up rolled to the elbows and looser fit slacks. Eren wondered how much muscle was hidden under his clothes, he had seen Levi carry some heavy boxes around. His arms were well defined and his thighs were perfectly snug in his pants. Eren shook his head, trying to focus and lose the warmth in his cheeks he knew was visible.
After a couple more hours of studying, Eren packed up his school books and pulled out a large binder and a tablet and sketchbook. He had several friends that were going to school to be game developers and as a friend he told them he would help out with character design and lore, since he like to write and draw. Once he got set up he went up to the counter where Hange was just finishing up for the day. "Hange, you haven't left already?" Eren looked confused before checking the time on his watch.
"I came in a little late, so I stayed an extra two hours. Petra is closing with Oluo tonight." Hange put their apron in the dirty laundry bin at the end of the counter. "Did you need something? I can ring you up before I clock out at least." Hange said.
"Yes please. I really shouldn't but I need to finish like 3 characters for Armin and Jean. They had some big changes to the designs I gave them last week." Eren paused, hesitating ever so slightly. He looked around suspiciously. "I need to pay for the treats Levi and I shared. I know I told him it was okay, but I don't want him to make a habit of it, ya know?" Eren rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "I don't want to be seen as a mooch." Hange grinned, glasses glinting scarily under the lights.
"So you need a early evening pick me up and then 1 black tea, 1 Green Tea and 1 blueberry scone? Is that right?" Hange said, a bit louder than acceptable.
"Hange! Shush. Please. That is everything." Eren held a finger to his lips, trying not to flush under her staring.
"Why not accept the gift as it came? Eren, I get where you are coming from, I do. I have to say though, this is the first time he has shown any interest in someone who is new. I know that you have been here for ages already but think. Levi doesn't make uncalculated decisions. I know you are interested and I know he is. If you snub his fist gift, then what happened today may be as far as this goes. Do you understand?" Hange held her finger over the screen , ready for Eren choice.
"Fine, I will take my early evening pick me up and whatever you want instead." Eren said. He looked nervous. "Thanks Hange, I appreciate you help, even though I know it comes from a warped place." Eren chuckled before handing over his payment. Hange sent their order off and clocked out. She waited at the counter for her and Eren's drink. Eren, knowing this headed off to the stacks of books seeing if anything new caught his eye. There were a few art books that had just came in that he quickly grabbed, animated and 2-D character books. He bought them and headed back to his seat where Hange arrived a moment later.
"I can't stay long. I have to go. But I will thank you for the beverage. I will also tell you that while you may think my concern for the two of you comes from a warped place, it also comes from love. Eren, I don't know everything about you. I don't know why some days you looks like the world rests on your shoulders and why some days you look like a 20 something living his best life. I do know that you are an amazing kid though. I know more about Levi than I probably should but I don't know what he is thinking. I don't know why he has preferred all these years to be alone, pardon his family. I will say, I haven't seen him sit down and enjoy a conversation like today in a very long time. So treasure the fact that you are important to Levi Ackerman, for that is no small feat." Hange was uncharacteristically serious, fiddling with their to-go cup. She quickly brightened. "If you have sex, will you take pictures? Or record it? I need to know if that guy is a top or bottom desperately, and I am dying to know your preference too." Hange laughed boisterously at the terror clearly seen on Eren's face. "I am kidding...unless?" Hange wiggled their eyebrows.
"Hange! If you are done harassing my customers then leave. You are scaring the poor kid. He looks like he is about to shit himself." Levi came up to the table saving Eren from having to answer.
Hange pouted. "You ruin all my fun." She looked at her phone to check the time. "I got to jet. There is a program I want to see. Bye!" They darted off, not worried about the terror they left behind.
"Oh my gosh. She is terrifying. Anyway." Eren seemed to shake himself off. "Are you going home?"
"Yeah. I've been here long enough. I got nothing left to do today, so might as well head home." Levi scanned his cafe with sharp eyes.
"Everything okay, Levi? You seem tense." Eren looked around but didn't see anything to cause the reaction.
"Nothing. What about you, brat? You got someplace to be today?" Levi nudged his bag gently with his toes.
"Yeah. I have a 5 pm anatomy lab once a week. I am there until 9 or 10 most nights. I have to get going soon. I should also drop by the house too, check in with Mikasa and Armin." Eren told him. He began packing up his things carefully. "Can I walk you to your car? Or is that being to presumptuous?"
"Maybe a little. But I don't mind." Levi waited until Eren grabbed all his stuff, the new art books included. The two of them walked out, tossing farewells over their shoulder to the closing staff.
"Thank you for walking me to my car, Eren. I feel more like a damsel in distress with each second." Levi's eyes usually harsh and narrow had softened slightly and had a glint to them. Eren could read the intended humor. "Good luck in class. I will see you later." Levi got in his car, not denying that he did feel safer, almost protected when Eren didn't turn away until he turned his car on. Levi pulled away from the curb where he was parked while Eren turned to start the trek to his house to get ready for his anatomy lab/class.
Any thoughts? Any at all? Hope you liked it!
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smileythirteen · 6 months ago
OKAY IM GONNA TW TAG THIS BUT I WANNA TALK ABOUT HOW criminal minds implied that Seaver once struggled with an eating disorder and SH, particularly in the episode ‘Today I Do.’
literally ashley seaver isnt the best profiler yet and her whole shtick is that she mainly notices things due to personal experience. in ‘Today I Do’ she immediately sees similarities between the victims based on their pictures & says something before anyone else on the jet does.
“For two girls that didn’t know each other, they had a lot in common.”
The team is surprised. “What’s the first thing that jumps out at you?”
“Their body types are both small...But it’s not just physical. They both shy away from the camera and clearly don’t enjoy being photographed.” She Immediately notices that the girls are small. And she recognizes their self-esteem issues.
When they inspect Molly’s apartment and Prentiss finds adderal and other drugs and a journal under her bed, Seaver seems to be more wide-eyed than Prentiss about it. Like, maybe Prentiss just thought it was a drug issue, but as soon as Seaver saw the journal in combination with the drugs there was recognition there. Prentiss opens the journal and it’s a diet journal. She asks Seaver to call Garcia to see if Molly’s spending reflects a disorder. As it turns out, she spends a lot on food ever since Jane got to her, so Seaver is the one who tells Garcia to go back a few months. When Garcia tells them on the phone that she used to spend money at drugstores and fast food places & only a few dollars a week at the grocery store, Seaver’s face is just clear with recognition.
And she says, “carrots and hot sauce.” Like it’s a damn MEMORY I was like 👀 and Prentiss peeped that shit too. Garcia tells them that after that she spent $17 at McDonalds and Seaver’s just knowingly like “Binge Night.”
After she makes those comments, she realizes she was being sus and she flips back into professional mode and asks Prentiss for anything else in the journal (for more actual evidence/proof to what she just said without seeming sus). The journal is super intense and confirms their thoughts.
THEN, they find out the unsub had either a single parent, absent parent, or grew up in foster care and her grandparents died when she was in middle school. They were the only ones who gave her any sort of positive parental attention. She struggled with that at a young age. The unsub has control issues, bla bla bla. Turns out that after she lost her grandparents, she started acting out for attention and cutting, but wouldn’t admit why to either. Prentiss wonders if the cutting was another cry for help.
But then SEAVER butts in and says, “Cutting is about control, similar to anorexia. It’s common in teenage girls who feel like they have no control over their lives.” Like OKAY miss expert!! Go ahead and relate it back to anorexia that you know so much about. This isn’t even about Molly and her ED, this is about Jane. Seems like miss ma’am just knows a thing or two about feeling out of control as a teen and it leading to anorexia and self-harm. Hotch is like “Her grandparents’ death were probably the trigger.” And then to ram home the implications, Seaver says slightly emotionally “The loss of parental figures at such a young age turns your world upside-down. There’s a lot of pain, but no outlet. No one’s in charge.” LIKE UMMM MISS MA’AM? Rossi and Hotch were like 👀. And Rossi’s like “Molly and Gail can relate to that.” Like OKAY so Seaver clearly is speaking from experience that losing a parent like that makes you experience that kind of pain. Rossi relates that to the troubled-ass victims. By connection, if Seaver experienced that kind of pain, she was similar to the troubled-ass victims.
Basically the stuff Seaver says and the similarities drawn between herself and the unsub & victims heavily implies that after growing up with a serial killer for a dad, never getting the right mind of attention from him, losing him before adolescence when he got arrested, and feeling guilt, shame, and a lack of control in her life, she started struggling with an ED and SH in her teens or possibly early 20s. I doubt they’ll go into it more but I feel like this was clearly intentional on the writers’ part.
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raybyanothername · 11 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Harley Keener & Peter Parker Characters: Harley Keener, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds Additional Tags: Background Relationships, Big Brothers, Adopted Sibling Relationship, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism Summary:
When in doubt, call for help.
Five times Peter calls Harley for help and one time Harley calls Peter.
If you like this fic and are feeling generous: 
Harley was elbows deep in an engine when his phone started ringing. He grumbled, pulling his hands out and slid from beneath his mother's sedan with a few grunts and one curse word. He managed to avoid tripping over his own feet as he stood, catching himself on the workbench. He tapped the green button without looking at the screen.
"I screwed up Harley," the voice was soft, light and the teenage boy on the other end of his phone was sniffling. "I screwed up and now Tony's pissed at me, May's mad, and I don't know how to fix it."
"Pete," Harvey said his name slowly, "What happened?"
This was the moment Harley Keener, age 17, realized he had more than one younger sibling. And spiders were harder than sisters.
"So… Tony took your suit?" Harley's eyes scrunched together.
"Yeah. He said if I'm nothing without the suit than I shouldn't have it." Peter had stopped sniffling now, which Harley took to mean that the crying portion of the evening was done. His voice was still a wavering whisper.
Harley sighed, plopping down from his perch on the work table to open his minifridge. "You're making me agree with Tony. And I was really looking forward to arguing with him."
"What?!" Peter screeched, "But. I'm Spiderman, I can't just disappear!"
"You're also 15." Harley rolled his eyes, already prepared for sputters and rambling defense. "You've quit most of your hobbies, Pete. All the stuff you use to enjoy. Just to be Spiderman."
Peter squawked, "Just?!"
"Dude, you have your whole life to be a super hero." Harley wished he lived closer to New York so he could show up in Queens with ice cream and a foam bat. "You only get a few years as a kid."
"So, what? I just stop being Spiderman?"
Maybe Tony would pay for a plane ticket?
"Technically, you were Spiderman before Tony gave you a suit." Harley grabbed a soda from his fridge, he popped the top one handed. "But. You could also take a break. See what being Peter Parker is like again."
Peter was quiet for a minute. "Just Peter Parker?"
"Just?!" Harley mimicked Peter's earlier outrage. Peter chuckled. "Peter Parker is way more than Spiderman. Just like Tony is more than Iron Man."
Peter was quiet again. Harley drank his soda, slurping loudly so Peter could hear him. The teen started laughing again, "You're way better at explaining this than Tony was."
"Who do you think lectures him about it?" Harley grinned to himself. They answered simultaneously.
"So... why's May mad?" Harley asked as he started back towards his workbench.
Peter's laugh turned nervous, "I…kinda got detention. For ditching school."
Harley paused in his step, "Dude. You screw up our plans for MIT, I will kick your ass. Spider powers be damned." He took another drink, "Speaking of, does Ned own a foam bat?"
>>> Help!!!
Harley looked at the three exclamation marks as he walked out of class. He started walking towards Amherst St as he typed out a response to Ned.
>>> What's Peter doing now?
>>> Planning.
Oh. That could not be good. Harley checked his watch and then tapped on his phone app. Peter picked up quickly, which meant Karen had redirected him.
"Ned is concerned." Wind whistled. Definitely swinging.
"It's a perfectly good plan!" Peter's voice was huffed. The wind stopped. Peter cleared his throat, "It's way better than his European bachelors plan!"
Harley stopped mid-step, "What is Ned planning to do to the European bachelors?" Someone jostled him from behind and Harley kept walking.
"No," Peter scoffed, "We'd be bachelors in Europe. Pick up women in every city sort of deal."
"Given that you're both awkward and completely inept at flirting -" Peter screeched "- I agree, that's a horrible plan." Harley punched in his code at the entrance to his dorm.
Peter immediately launched a defense, "I'm not completely inept! I got the most popular girl in school to go with me to Homcoming onc-"
"Then you ditched her to take down a supervillain.
"- And! I'm smooth, like I'm a superhero, so obviously I have killer moves."
Harley snorted, "Are you or are you not currently standing atop a building in your suit talking to midair." Peter shut up. "And gesturing! I'd be missing a key part of the whole scene if I forgot the hand gestures."
"Okay…you may have a point." Peter grumbled. Harley smiled to himself as he climbed the stairs. He'd just reached his room when Peter finally broke under the pressure of silence. "But my plan to ask MJ out will totally work!"
Aha! MJ. He should have known.
"Please," Harley threw his bag on his bed and took a seat at his desk, "Enlighten me." He kicked his feet up onto the desk as he leaned the chair back onto two legs.
Peter immediately jumped into a thorough explanation of his courtship blueprint, "So it starts on the plane…"
There was a loud ringing in Harley's ear that wouldn't stop. He groaned and pushed at the large piece of a building on his chest. At least he was fairly positive the debris was from a building. That had been what the dude with the superpowers had thrown at him.
"How the hell did Tony handle a moon?" Harley whined as the repulsors in his hand blew the rubble away. He stood on shakey feet. At least the superpowered maniac had been subdued by his drones. "Nate, damage report?"
Harley shook his head as his A.I. began listing out his injuries. Nothing major, just a few bruised ribs and a possible concussion. The damage to the area was worse, several of the buildings were missing sections of walls, even foundations.
"Dude, couldn't you have given some consideration to structural integrity?!" Harley aimed his shout at the person he'd just taken into custody. Given the way they were snarling and struggling against their restraints, Harley considered the chance of a response minimal.
"Shall I reach out to the Xavier Institute?" Nate's electronic voice filtered through Harley's ear. He merely nodded and within minutes Nate had an E.T.A blinking in the upper corner of his display.
It was longer than Harley was hoping for. His dream of a nice long soak before bed was looking more like a quick shower at this point. He blamed Tony. It was his idea, and his requirement, that Harley sleep a minimum of six hours a night before work. It was in the Young Avengers' contract AND his Stark Industries contract.
"You have an incoming call from Peter Parker." Nate didn't wait for Harley to acknowledge him, he connected Peter immediately.
"If this has anything to with superhumans, metahumans, or a coming apocalypse I must inform you that I'm already at my maximum superhero hours for the week." Harley grinned as Peter's face appeared on his screen. The younger man's face immediately startled, eyes going wide.
In the video call Peter was standing in his dorm room, two ties in his hands, "I just need to know which color I should wear for my presentation…"
"Well, then…" Harley laughed, "Free as a bird. This is the Stark Foundation thing right? The proposals for funding?"
Peter nodded and his voice literally squeaked, "Yeah."
"Purple." Harley ignored both the red and blue ties in Peter's hand. "Everyone always wears red for that and Morgan will be there so she'll get a kick out you wearing Rescue's colors instead."
"Pepper won't think I'm trying to butter her up?" Peter threw the ties in his hand on his bed and started rifling in one of his drawers. He emerged with a triumphant cheer and a purple tie in hand. There were cartoon stars drawn on it in yellow.
Harley grinned at Morgan's attempts to 'brighten up' Peter's wardrobe, "Nah. Rhodey's judging this year." Peter visibly breathed out. "Relax, Pete, your project's good on its own. You deserve the funding, same as everyone else."
"I just don't want anyone to think I'm taking advantage…" Peter averted his eyes. Harley snorted. Peter glared.
"Dude, Tony offered you the money to fund the project outright and you applied for the grant instead," Harley looked pointedly at Peter before rolling his eyes. "Now, put on your tie and try not to stutter."
The sound of a jet landing nearby cut off Peter's attempts to defend himself. Harley smiled before he hung up. It was officially bath time!
There was no doubt in Harley's mind who was calling. The phone hadn't shut up in at least half an hour and there were only three people in his life that persistent. And his little sister was in Bali with Morgan, so that left Peter. Nate would have informed him of any family or Avengers related emergency, so Harley just let it ring. Eventually, it stopped.
God did his head hurt. He had no idea how Tony had ever managed to function back when he drank. Harley barely managed to grab his trash can when the phone started up again.
"Nate!" Harley called out as he crawled from his spot on the floor to the couch. He brought the waste basket with him.
"How may I be of service, *sir*?"
Harley cringed. Nate only sir-ed when he was annoyed. "Will you please tell Peter to call back later? I really can't deal with the noise much longer."
"Of course, sir."
The window in front of Harley darkened and then Peter appeared on his screen. "Harley! I've been calling for an hour!"
"Sh-" Harley groaned and then tried not to get any splatter on his hair as emptied his stomach. Peter gaped at him from the screen.
"Are you…*drunk*?" Peter whispered the word like it was a curse and his eyes even darted around like he expected someone to reprimand him. Which…okay, Harley understood that. "Mr. Stark will be furious! It's 10am!"
Harley glared at him, "I'm hungover, not drunk. And it's Saturday, Pete." Peter looked unconvinced, lips pursed and eyes wide. "What'd'ya need? I need to crawl to my bathtub sometime in the near future."
"What?" Peter's lips quirked and he hid a laugh by biting his tongue. "I…uh, just need some advice."
"If you're trying to get back with MJ again I will get on a plane right now to vomit on you." Harley said with a monotone. "You've both broken up with each other now. The circle is complete."
Peter blushed, "It's not MJ!" He started stammering and waving his hands around immediately. Harley blinked as he attempted to dissect Peter's description of study breaks and movie marathons and… Oh!
"You finally figured out you're in love with Ned, congratulations." Harley droned out, though he did manage to smile when Peter startled so bad at the word love that he got himself stuck on the ceiling. "I promise to be more excited when my body stops trying to invert itself."
"That's why we're not suppose to drink!" Peter crossed his arms as he jumped back to the floor. He frowned at Harley.
Harley shrugged, "Everyone has to try being drunk at least once right?" Peter's brow furrowed further. Harley sighed, "What advice do you need, Pete?"
"Well…" Peter dropped his hands to his side. His eyes shifted to the ground. "…I don't know how to ask Ned out."
"Repeat after me, Pete," Harley started. Peter scrunched up his brows, but nodded. Harley grinned, "Hi Ned."
"Hi, Ned."
"I like you..."
"…I like you…" Peter fidgeted.
Harley continued, "As more than friends."
"As more than friends."
"Can I kiss you?"
"Can I kiss you?" Peter repeated the words and then coughed, "What?! No! I can't say that, it's too forward!"
Harley rolled his eyes and then immediately flinched. "Nate?" Harley groaned. His A.I. chirped to attention. "Send the recording of this video to Ned."
"As you wish." Harley smiled at the lack of 'sir.'
On the screen Peter was yelling. Harley just leaned back against his sofa, "I've been watching you two pine after each other for years, Pete. You'll thank me later." He reached forward and hit a button on his remote.
Peter's face blinked away.
"The video has been received."
Harley nodded and then started the long crawl for his bathtub. Nate decided to report on the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption the whole way.
Three hours later he got a text from Peter.
>>> You're an asshole when you drink. >>>…but thanks.
With great power came great responsibility… and apparently a whole slew of teens who didn't realize superheroing didn't come with health insurance.
"How does someone even break this many bones sparring with a dummy?" Harley groused to himself as he read over the incident report from the last Young Avengers training session.
Tony'd taken one look at it, burst out laughing, and handed the report to Harley. He bet Captain America didn't have to deal with this sort of thing.
"Na-te…" Harley whined and pushed his tablet away to lay his head on the table. His A.I. chirped to life with a sound exceptionally similar to a snicker.
"How may I be of service?" Nate was far too cheerful.
Harley glowered at the ceiling, "How much would it cost to pad every surface in one of the training rooms?"
"Calculating…" Nate drawled, "I don't believe that will be conducive to a realistic training experience."
"Let me dream," Harley sighed and reached for his tablet just as it began to chirp with new notifications. None of them were from his team or a medical professional, for once.
His phone started ringing with Peter's ringtone and Harley had no time to greet his little brother before the younger man started rambling, "Open the attachment! Open it!"
"Okay…" Harley chuckled and clicked in to one of his notifications, it was indeed a message with a photo attachment from his favorite spider-themed superhero. He grinned as the message loaded up on to the projector screen, "This isn't some weird porn like last time is it?"
"That was perfectly tasteful fanart of me!" Peter was definitely blushing, and bouncing on the balls of his feet based on his excitement. Based on the thudding, he might even be bouncing from wall to wall.
Harley tapped slowly on his screen, "I don't know, that was an iffy pose for you and Deadpool to be in together... You know he's too old for you right?"
"Harley!" Peter whined just as Harley finally hit the button for the photo to pop up on the screen.
"Holy shit…" Harley breathed out at the ring suddenly sitting before his eyes. It had a spider web like design around the band and some small red and blue stones at key joints in the webbing. "Is that…"
"It's good right?" Peter launched into a frantic ramble immediately, "I know it's kind of Spiderman themed but Ned's been my Guy in the Chair for years now so I thought he'd like the nod, ya know? Sort of, I don't acknowledging his contributions as my teammate and my…my…uh…"
Harley pursed his lips as Peter stumbled over calling Ned his boyfriend.
"…it's just not enough of the right word!" Peter stomped his foot. "He's more than that, and I want to get this right…"
"Want me to send him a recording of you rambling about how to phrase your proposal?" Harley asked and Peter squawked. Harley laughed, "You got this Peter. He'll love it."
Peter let out an audible breath, "Okay, yeah, you're right."
"You've been inseperable for years, even before you starting making out on rooftops," Harley teased, illicting another squawk from Peter, "Chances are you won't even have to say anything, just get down on one knee and show him the ring."
Harley looked up at his screen at the intricate metalwork. It was absolutely the most Peter style ring he'd ever seen.
"And hey, if he says no, I have a whole legion of semi-competent teenagers you can have has consolation."
Peter snorted, "No way. The Young Avengers are your problem. I'm strictly a solo guy until we get invaded by aliens."
"I'll throw in a set of ginsu knives!" Harley half-begged as Peter started laughing at him. His tablet chirped with a notification from the Avengers medical unit. "Please?!"
"I'll take the knives as a wedding present instead," Peter chuckled. Harley pouted for a second until he heard a faint gasp from Peter's side of the phone.
Ned's voice was quiet from distance and slightly squeaky, "What wedding?" Peter's line went dead just as Harley started cackling.
"I have the estimates for a padded training room," Nate cut in as Harley slouched back in his chair.
"Email it to me," Harley sighed and kicked his feet up on the chair, "I'm gonna celebrate Peter's engagement first, before I get bombarded with wedding planning."
Nate chirped unhappily as Harley ordered one of his drones to grab him a bottle of champagne. It was 5 o'clock somewhere after all.
+ 1
Being Peter's big brother was a lot easier when Peter was the one coming to him for help. Girls, boys, spidey-related mishaps - Harley could handle it all. This… this was out of his area of expertise.
"Hey Harley!" Peter answered on the first ring in a chipper voice. The sounds of machinery in the background told Harley he was at his lab, probably manufacturing some cool new gadget.
"Hey…" Harley's voice sounded rough and strained even to him. "You, uh, got a sec?"
Peter's side of the phone suddenly went quiet and his voice lowered to a whisper, "Is everything okay Harley?"
"Tony might have been right about my overextending myself," Harley cleared his throat and ran his hand through his hair, "With the Young Avengers and taking over Stark Industries and coordinating with the Accords council and-"
"What do you need?" Peter asked, all ready to launch in to action. Harley heard him futzing around his lab and had to smile at the visual in his head. "What can I do?"
Harley took a breath, glanced around at the deserted beach he was sitting on. His Iron Lad armor, and Nate, were nowhere in sight. There was an empty bottle of tequila at his feet. Harley really hated when Tony was right.
"Well… I kinda need a ride, to start."
"You got it!" Peter starting typing, the familiar sounds of clacking keys practically music to Harley's ears. "Where are you?"
That… was a really good question.
"Haven't a clue," Harley chuckled dryly. The sound cracking in his throat, "Honestly, I'm not even sure this is the phone I had last night."
Peter coughed to hide his squeak, "Don't worry, I'll triangulate your signal, Harley. You'll be home in no time!"
Yup. Home. Where Tony would be waiting with worry and disappointment in equal measure.
"Damn. I really screwed up this time, huh Pete?" Harley knew he was in trouble when Peter didn't laugh. Welp. Even big brothers screw him sometimes, or so Rhodey had told him once.
"That's what brothers are for right?" Peter said with a half-laugh Harley knew was meant to be comforting.
It actually was too. Harley fell backwards into the sand, "Yeah, thanks Pete."
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justasimthing · a year ago
Quarantine Q&A
• Are you staying home from work/home?
I am staying home. A little sad I won’t lie, had just started a needed new job that I really love, but it’s the way it goes for now. It will get better. 
• If you’re staying home, who’s with you?
My pops, sorta. He has an important job, so he is still working, which concerns me.
• Are you a homebody?
Big time homebody lol. I work and game, and I enjoy it lol. I prefer the quiet life
• What movies have you watched recently? What shows?
On TV, none lol I do listen and watch a lot of youtube, I religiously watch Good Mythical Morning, a show on youtube, would be the last thing I watcched.
• An event you were looking forward to that got cancelled?
I live in a big City. All of our summer events and fests are cancelled. I rarely attend them anyway so it does not affect me, but I am sorry for those who do.
• What music are you listening to?
ummmm....I am listening to some old school sh*t lol, it’s ok. I was thrown into a playlist from something I listened to earlier and I just left it. uhhhh currently it’s on If You leave me now by Jaya   lol
• What are you reading?
 At the moment nothing really, just from who I follow, so all sims related stuff 
• What are you doing for self-care?
Just games right now. I try to do anything and everything to keep my mind occupied while not working....I have no idea what to do, I have never been out of work this long in 20 years. The occasional sick day but that is it.  Rough times but it will be ok
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