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#tag urself im Society
invaderskoodge · 11 months ago
i am TRULY a ONE OF A KIND person bc, like ive said many times before, when i see those quotes like “theres no such thing as laziness, just a person who is worn out, or a person whose skills arent applied well, or a person who just hasnt found their passion. no lazy human exists” im like. well guess im not human! 
“oh but maybe you-” no i literally get an ecstasy and borderline erotic response when i commit the act of laziness, the “sin” of slothfulness. shut the fuck up. i WANT to be lazy. literally. -maxx
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stillthesunkenstars · 4 months ago
asfjdkg ivq when did u get into ynm? have u liked it for a while, or did u only recently discover it? also do u have any meta thöüghts on it? 👀 (i noticed u tagged it "braxcore" in one post, which is A Mood XD)
I binged the anime and manga in two days!!!! ive just discovered it (2 days ago..)and its SO to my tastes william is basically brax if hes born in a stagnant shit society with hopes of change… also going on w similarities they both wanted to make symbols out of themselves(and their own sacrifice, but im talking deindum war brax now so spoilers for benny s11) but moriarty makes his own identity a symbol and inspire change while brax wanted to become a more abstract symbol of hope? like his personal identity and his image does not matter that much in his grand scheme of things
and I love how moriarty is actually more moral than brax that he knows he shouldnt be imposing judgement and execution on others’ lives no matter what, like he isnt above others (commie shit!!!) while brax literally treats everyone including himself as pawns while he executes his plan like a chessmaster?? hes not controlled by his own morals and feelings but the grand plan so that allows him a guiltless detachment at least while he is executing his plan(no time for grieving and self reflection) and I fucking hate his stubborn convoluted ass!!!! like allow urself some humanity pls bitch
im also. lowkey sad the moriartys have a found family that trusts each other while brax fucking reveals nothing to his found family
also like professor?? PROFESSOR?????? dont mind me ill go sob in a corner
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idontgiveaflyinggrayson69 · 10 months ago
this is stupid asf but im gonna say it anyway. u know how when u talk abt smth unrelated to ur blog u tag it "nat shut up" and "nat stop talking" why do u do that??? i dont mean to sound hateful at ALL and im genuinely sorry if it comes across that way im just genuinely confused as to why you u tag it like that. if its an inside joke forgive me but for the love of all things holy DONT stop talking or shut up. i love when you talk. this ur blog and u are free to say whatever u want. keep talking
continuing on from "hey pls talk" dont think so down on urself ok. u are AMAZING, talented, wonderful, a skilled writer and so much more. i understand self deprecating humour is an accepted if not worshipped part of society and its ingrained deeply in us like a parasite but please dont look down on yourself. live for yourself. never stop talking. never shut up. fill this blog and this world with your words because i promise you darling all of them are SOLID gold. also im gonna go dropkick ur gma
I know it’s my blog and that why i keep posting, it’s just part of my tagging system. i picked it up from another blogger years ago so i’m not about to change it now. and i thought it was funny and still think it is funny 🙃😂
and mostly stuff tagged with nat shut or nat stop talking is totally bull shit or something i delete the next day so it fits the bill for its tag
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kwantified · 11 months ago
tag game! (ft. moots <3)
@heyy-sicheng thanks for tagging me luv :) n e ways yes THE fav alcoholic drink is water because we hardcore like that 🤪
what’s your go to milk tea or coffee order?
brown sugar fresh milk with boba... damn i miss boba
are you answering these on a phone/laptop?
on my phone because im lazee
in a love triangle, do you gravitate more towards the bad or good boy?
uhm as much as the bad boy is hot as fuck he can kinda get really pretentious and it lowkey gets too much to deal with so... good boy? idk everyone treats good boy like some kinda uptight dude when he just really wants to chill yk (good boy highkey gets boring too but ive given up on trying to fix “bad boys”)
growing up, what was your favorite thing to play with?
do yall know animal kaiser
have you ever made tik tok?
i cant even count how times my irls have dragged me into learning a dance with them...
what’s something you want to learn or wish you were better at?
on top of not procrastinating it would be great if i was less of an overthinker and actually credited myself for my achievements instead of letting my thoughts eat me alive into thinking i’m a perpetual disappointment haha
anyways on a lighter note i’d like to get better at spanish :)
what’s something that bugs you?
people who refuse to see things from other peoples’ perspectives like. we live in a society. get urself another pair of eyes or ure OUT.
who are the special people in your life?
mainly my family and friends
what’s something you are proud of?
i hosted this really big fundraiser for domestic animals in my community and it was a mess but... we had over 100 attendees and i- uGH PUPPIES I LOVE PUPPIES
when was the last time you did a jumping jack?
approximately 420 days 69 minutes and 6.66 seconds ago :)
what’s your favorite alcoholic drink?
water but if theres none i’ll take sterilised tears thx
who was your childhood actor/actress crush?
natalie portman- ok hear me out the star wars prologue trilogy came out around the time i was born and my mom, being the star wars fan that she is, bought all the dvds so i grew up watching that not very good trilogy but for SOME REASON. i literally could not stop staring at padme. like. oh my god.
but if it was childhood celeb crush overall its highkey kid flash from teen titans. no explanation here folks i just thought he was pretty slick
if a movie was made on your life, what genre would it be and what character type would you play?
coming of age. periodism. i used to kinda see myself as a side character and like that kind of best friend but i could honestly see myself as like the kid that lets loose and comes to terms with things like self worth and sexuality ya feel
when you die, what do you want to be remembered for?
probably my passion? like the way i can be passionate for social causes and stuff... but if not i just hope they don’t forget me
what is your most used emoji?
🤸‍♀️😭 truly a story in its pixels
tagging: @atzsslut @yrsun @jaeminmochi @rosyrenjun @waithyuck @glossyjaems @peachykrystal and everyone else who wants to do this!!
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capfalcon · 11 months ago
tagged by @daredeviil zee i fucking LOVE you oh my GOD
1. Name 4 fictional characters who showcase your personality the best, with explanations if you want.
natasha romanoff, probably. we’re both just. filled with vodka and rage and also i’ve been told by several people that we give off the same vibes, and i’m inclined to agree. sort of in the sense that you know someone will fuck you over, but also if you fuck with their friends, they’ll kill you? that’s me. and then sherlock holmes (specifically from elementary) i honestly based my personality around sherlock. it’s kind of stated that he’s not neurotypical, and throughout the whole show, he’s just “weird” and people don’t like him and he’s an outsider. and he just follows logic and reason and he doesn’t give a shit about formality or politeness. and he just basically says “fuck society,” and has his own strict moral code and i’m a lot like that. sirius black. he and i are both rocking the whole “black sheep of the family” sort of thing, and also i’m just a sarcastic piece of shit most of the time, so. merida, from brave. merida honestly means a lot to me, but like. we’re so similar. the whole sense of “fuck marriage, i want freedom,” the whole conflicted relationship with her mother, the growing and learning. and just her sense of adventure? i stay inside a lot but i’m kind of impulsive and stupid and i do a lot of dumb things that turn out to be fun but also probably dangerous?
2. Aesthetic
paint on fingers, big, oversized hoodies, tea stains, paintbrushes in mugs, pens everywhere, books stacked high, sunlight streaming through windows. blood on teeth, an empty ocean, waves crashing on rocks.
3. Favorite musical/play? (If you’ve never seen a musical or play, one you’d be interested in seeing?)
don’t like either, sorry
4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
don’t know? probably whenever someone says “you made me cry” with my writing, or something like that. also anything @alexeishostakoff says about my writing, because eliza is a god, and when god compliments you, that kind of matters.
5. How many times have you been in love?
thankfully, none
6. Embarrassing story or fact about yourself that makes you laugh now?
one time i was at karate and they told me to kick this guy in the face and so i did but he moved wrong and so i actually kicked him and my foot slapped his face and my toenail scratched his cheek and he was bleeding and that was pretty bad
7. Favorite Disney/Pixar movie?
8. Favorite flower or plant?
i’m just really fond of jasmine. i grew up with them, and i think they’re so fucking. they’re like dainty and pretty and yet not at all conventional, which i like.
9. What’s your favorite holiday?
christmas!!! not religious but i love the “holiday spirit”
10. Name three things that made you laugh or smile this past week.
@daredeviil , now you see me 1, and now you see me 2
11. What song would you play to introduce yourself to someone?
probably catastrophize by noah kahan
12. Name something that truly makes you feel peaceful even at your most stressed moments.
bubbly, by colbie caillat 
13. What do you, did you, or would you study at college?
communications/media studies! literally u know all the times i’ve rambled about movies/social media? that
14. This is kind of a weird one, but which outfit of yours makes you feel most like yourself?
my pajamas? i know there’s that whole thing of like “dressing up makes you feel better/be more productive” but i literally hate normal clothing and when i’m in a shitty t-shirt and some shorts, i can paint or write or make anything i want 
plus im like. insecure? about clothing i really can’t make outfits to save my life and so when i look “nice” i always feel like i’m playing a part, because. i’m not good at clothing so when i do look good i’m not rlly. me
15. What is a quote you live by?
i don’t really have one, sadly. 
16. Name the funniest playlist name you have.
i have a playlist named “jigs” and it’s just all irish music and i have a playlist called “rando 2″ because i already made “rando 1″
17. Make a reference to an inside joke you have with someone you love with zero context.
duality and complexity
18. What is a message you would give your younger self if given the chance?
yo hey so one day ur gonna be eating lunch and staring at ur fish thinking about ur trauma and wondering how u didn’t do some bad things to urself and then ur gonna get rlly sad for like 5 hours basically just go drink some water u edgelord
19. Who is your favorite family member? (If you have no good blood family members, feel free to mention someone in your found family)
my niece, because she’s a baby, and she can’t talk
20. What’s a secret dream of yours?
to paint a wholeass wall. to just. paint the whole thing
tagging: @avengersandco @alexeishostakoff @antifaironman and @lovelyirony (sorry if u’ve been tagged already)
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toxoplasmajuice · a year ago
Episode 10: Replies
finally! except... i have a feeling activity isn’t showing me all of my replies so if you KNOW you said something and it’s not in this reply post it’s not you it’s me staff
(i’d dig up all the lost ones but this post is already so late)
@harmoniouspixels​ replied to your photo “Wallace-Hensley BCx2: Episode 10 - Treasure Hunt...”
[Aggressively chews salad] is a big mood when I'm either 1) in a Mood, or 2) very hungry (sometimes it's both, which is a riot)
harmoniouspixels replied to your photoset “[creak] [Marisa]: [yawning] Mornin’, Pumpkin… [January]: Good morning,...”
asjkgllkas Marisa was in on it??
in on Island Community Justice’s speedy response to it? apparently...
harmoniouspixels replied to your photoset “[Abbie]: Wooooo!!! … [thud]”
me throwing myself into more and more responsibilities to hide my pain
harmoniouspixels replied to your photoset “[Penelope]: Is it just me, or is it taking forever to build the gym we...”
Penelople pls you can get your gains later you're still establishing a whole ass society on an island
THIS SOCIETY needs its gains, jack
harmoniouspixels replied to your photoset “[Angelo]: –and half my waffles were cold! So I put on oven mitts and...”
Tag urself I'm Penelope in this situation
honestly i’m probably angelo
harmoniouspixels replied to your photoset “[Saturday]: Hey, Miss Vampire! I hear we just got a huge shipment of...”
aslkgjslakj Saturday pls
harmoniouspixels replied to your photoset “[Marisa]: –so the seeds are probably, you know, who knows how old, but...”
Seeds, Penelope. Get the cotton out fo your ears
bro i thought she said leads, like, clues
@catallenapapi​ replied to your photoset “[Abbie]: Wooooo!!! … [thud]”
She’s dead now
harmoniouspixels replied to your photoset
Okay I saw this post first before scrolling down to catch up, and I was about to be like "WHAT IS BEING THROWN AT PENELOPE" until I saw that it's just a water balloon. What a wild ride
catallenapapi replied to your photoset “¦ [Abbie]: Uuuuugh…”
She emerges from the endless pit of sims that have disappointed me
this is a bc contestant creator mood 😔🤝😔
harmoniouspixels replied to your photo “[Jez]: And I found this space rock! [Abbie]: Where did you put that?!...”
HOW can something THAT BIG fit in a hole THAT SMALL I say that more as “big space rock should not come out in tact from such a tiny hole in the ground, but that’s just TS3” rather than the /other/ way, but it could also be the /other/ way too
catallenapapi replied to your photo “[Jez]: And I found this space rock! [Abbie]: Where did you put that?!...”
@harmoniouspixels STOPPPPPPPbdjdjdndns
i hate all of you
@tiny-tany-thaanos​ replied to your photo “[Jez]: And I found this space rock! [Abbie]: Where did you put that?!...”
The part where TS3 turns into the cartoon Also… Not bad
you. you i do not hate. thank you dearly
(also this is what i meant when i said im pretty sure activity isnt showing me everything. the ONLY reply to this post i actually got from my activity page was ron’s, and had it not been a response to jack’s replies i would’ve forgotten there was more. staff can we talk)
catallenapapi replied to your photo “[Saturday]: …I’ve got this space rock and some gold. [Penelope]: How...”
Holy shit that was close
but yet so far...
tiny-tany-thaanos replied to your photoset “[January]: [sighs]… I’m sorry I snapped at you. It’s not your fault....”
*gets flashbacks from that Holes book we read back in the school and teh film with Shaya Labeuf*
i live under a rock and i’ve never read the book nor seen the movie. not even in school. who am i
tiny-tany-thaanos replied to your photo “[Beatrice]: …Nothing. [Zeinaba]: Nothing? [Beatrice]: I, um… I ended...”
Oh yeah! Well done!...Here go the puns
wait what are the puns i wanna hear the puns
catallenapapi replied to your photoset “[Abbie]: When they opened the grave, it was empty except for a single...”
me too, Abigal abigal. okay. okay. bye
Tumblr media
harmoniouspixels replied to your photo “Treasure Hunt! TAKING ADVANTAGE OF the situation in the center of...”
You go, Penelope! (Just stop fliritng with everyone else tho)
YEAH SHE WAS JUST. SUDDENLY HORNY ON MAIN I GUESS. WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT (also i know for a FACT you reacted to that in the moment and activity didnt fuckin show me :/)
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lovingloudly-archived · a year ago
You have the cutest face and curls in the whole world! :) and what’s even sweeter is how fond you are of yourself in the tags. That’s really good energy that I think we should all try to feel sometimes
AAACKK !!!!!! ur so sweet oh my goodnesss :(( ! tbh my hair was looking super dishevelled and ratty earlier i just watched it sjdfhhdfj so the fact u still think my curls were cute means a ton 🥺🥺 
but ahh yess- im not used to like. trying to compliment myself at ALL without it feeling fake in a way? so putting tags like that is kind of a big deal !! i worry about if its like the first time someone sees a post from me itll be one where im feeling okay about how i look and theyll automatically assume (or moreso their brain that has been conditioned by society to view that self acceptance is the same as being full of urself will assume) that “oh god she is VERY SELF CENTERED !!” which really couldnt be further from the truth - 
but this year i really really am trying allowing myself to like… receive compliments ?? bc i know how awful it feels when u compliment someone and they wont take it at all. and i know ive been that person who rejects it all for a lot of my online life so ?? im trying really hard to change that because literally what is the harm in accepting it, it rewires ur brain to actually believe it after a while and u make the friend giving u the compliment feel all nice!!! 💌
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