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lavenonie · 2 hours ago
Chapter 10 - sweaty dudes
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summary: ✧˖ Many know the saying of curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately, yours ended up in your (cute) new neighbors apartment.
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a/n - hiiiii !!! I got my first Covid vaccine yesterday and my arm really hurts but other than that I’m super hyped! I hope u guys are doing well <3
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cheolbooluvr · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
no but remember when i tried to write a socmed!au and couldn’t get past this one convo.... eye EYE— IT’S SO HARD
but it WILL happen one day…one day……… :’)
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shuajeong · 8 hours ago
Let’s love ♡
10- idk who you are
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Tumblr media
synopsis: You lived your whole life thinking you were one or at least that’s what you were led to believe. You were told from a young age by your parents that your twin died at birth. What happens when you find out your twin is alive, brought up by your ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’. It becomes crazier when you could’ve met him any time due to your friend group. What about when your best friend’s friend otherwise known as jeonghan, enters your sight and you can’t get him to leave. Suddenly you have two important people to complete you...
a/n: sorry for a late post this week, very nearly done with this last uni project so I should be more active with chapters after that
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svt-incorrect · 2 days ago
Seungkwan: babe~
Seungkwan: angel~
Seungkwan: hansol-ah~
Seungkwan: precious little nugget
Seungkwan: slumbering little bug
Seungkwan: if you don't answer me the pet names are just going to get meaner.
Seungkwan: bowl of cereal that's been sitting out for like an hour.
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svt-incorrect · 3 days ago
The8: i've already sent good vibes your way… they’re coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop them.
DK: that's the most threatening way anyone has ever cheered me up with.
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everythingroyalty · 3 days ago
The SRF cancelled for not broadcasting Julian’s christening 🤷‍♀️
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lavenonie · 5 days ago
Chapter 9 - the bts meal
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: ✧˖ Many know the saying of curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately, yours ended up in your (cute) new neighbors apartment.
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꩜ taglist: @shuandaymoods @anissanightyoung @coupsiesluv @shawkneecaps @dk-gie @yutamist @seokkjin @pcisonedhaos @doremea @the1921-monsters @ugghsthetic @w8nuzone @haniehae @svtftw @hanniewife @so0bercore @wooziujidoots @kiyokoism @babblue77 @yaebbinnie @wonhaotrsh @m1ng-how @wonpale @serenadesvt @wonunuu @stonyiscanon @05emwwas @seungcheoluwu !
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a/n - hey guys.... hahahahah funny story I graduated and now I’m so miserable 😳😳 I’ll be more active I PROMISE!!! luv u guys 💞💞
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svt-incorrect · 6 days ago
Seungkwan: "make a unit" they said, "you'll all be amazing friends" they said, "it'll be fun" they said.
DK, from the kitchen: PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!!
Vernon, from the other room: it's called a FIRE EXTINGUISHER! A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!
[loud glass shattering, DK screaming]
Seungkwan, deadpan: don't ever make a unit. ever. and if you do, don't make a second one.
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svt-incorrect · 8 days ago
The8: I hate reading clichés. Authors really be like ‘he hates everyone in the world but her’ what nonsense.
Also The8, at 3 am, sobbing: oh my god he hates everyone in the world but her.
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lavenonie · 10 days ago
Chapter 8 - lost cats, cute neighbors
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After knocking on almost all of your neighbors doors, you let out a sigh in disbelief of how your small kitten could’ve possibly escaped your apartment. Luckily some of your neighbors were home and, like Joshua and Jeonghan, all of them answered the same:
“Nope haven’t seen her, sorry.”
As you defeatedly walked back to your apartment, you realized you never asked your neighbor to the right of your apartment. You recall to a couple minutes earlier when you had left your apartment and knocked on all of the doors to the left of yours.
You mentally slap yourself for not checking in with the neighbor right beside you. You take a deep breath and raise your hand to gently knock on the door.
After what felt like forever, the door slowly opens. Behind the door, you’re met with a male, shiny round glasses resting on the lower part of his nose bridge and shaggy restless dark hair. You’re awestruck.
‘He must be new here.’ You think to yourself. He opens the door a bit wider, allowing you to see more of his person. He extends his arm, causing you to quickly extend yours as well, now the both of you shaking hands. “Nice to meet you. How can I help you?” He asks.
‘Geez Louise this guys voice is deep.’ You smile and pull your hand back to yourself, using the same hand to pull out your phone. “Sorry to bother you but my cat seemed to have left my apartment building. I’m room A126 so she might’ve walked around on this floor.” You say as you click on one of the many photos of your kitten and show it to him.
He sits still for a bit before his lips turn upwards, making your face feel sudden warmth. “Ah,” he starts off, opening his door now completely allowing you to look in. “So you’re this little one’s owner.” He laughs as he walks over to his couch and picks up the small kitten who was peacefully sleeping. You almost gasp from relief to see your kitten.
“Foobie!” You whisper yell as the kitten lazily meows back. He walks back to you and carefully sets your kitten back into your arms. “Here you go, thanks for visiting Foobie.” He says as he runs his finger over the top of the kittens head. Foobie purrs in return and you almost melt at how affectionate she’s become. You smile and look up to the male again. “I never got your name. And also thank you for keeping Foobie safe for me.”
He shakes his head, indicating it wasn’t a big deal. “My name is Wonwoo, yours?” He asks as he continues to pet your kittens head. “Yn.” You say, your heart fluttering at the sight of him still petting your cat.
“Cute name.”
Tumblr media
summary: ✧˖ Many know the saying of curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately, yours ended up in your (cute) new neighbors apartment.
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꩜ taglist: @shuandaymoods @anissanightyoung @coupsiesluv @shawkneecaps @dk-gie @yutamist @seokkjin @pcisonedhaos @doremea @the1921-monsters @ugghsthetic @w8nuzone @haniehae @svtftw @hanniewife @so0bercore @wooziujidoots @kiyokoism @babblue77 @yaebbinnie @wonhaotrsh @m1ng-how @wonpale @serenadesvt @wonunuu @stonyiscanon !
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a/n - graduation practice is tomorrow for 4 hours 😭 it’s gonna be hot too oml n e ways !!! Wonwoo finally meets yn !! Woo !!! Good for them, good for them 😳👉👈
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dreamsevens · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
happy pride to this tweet in particular
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softforhao · 12 days ago
𝐓𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥 || 𝐣𝐰𝐰
Tumblr media
# pairing: wonwoo x female reader
# genre: fluff, angst, crack, alternative universe
Tinkerbell has always been there for Peter. And Peter? He chose Wendy...
in which Wonwoo has to make the choice between his best friend, or the girl that has been pinning over him.
Tumblr media
they were grapes
heart been broke-
i’m sexy let me in
no one will get bonked
grow some boobs
fat ass? FAT ASS?!?
hyejin hate club !!
fr just want some granola
if you need to go to the washroom just go
*shits cutely*
more coming soon..
lmk if you wanna be added to the taglist!
Tumblr media
a/n: hey loves!! i’m back with a new series for me to work on when i’m not writing smut. um yeah updates might be a little slow and i apologize. i’ll try posting every wednesday (notice how i said try 😀).
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starlightxsvt · 12 days ago
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Tumblr media
pairing ➳ businessman!mingyu x female!reader
genre ➳ strangers to lovers, romance, slice of life, angst, fluff, gets spicy at the end
word count ➳ 5.6k (apx)
warnings ➳ cursing, reader is really indecisive, heavy makeout, implications of sexual activity.
synopsis ➳ an attractive stranger visits your cabin for a week with whom you quickly bond, developing some strong feelings in the process; leaving you to wonder if he's worth leaving everything behind.
A/N: henlooo~ I finally posted! This has been sitting in my drafts for a while but I didn't really feel like writing for a while, hence the delay. I hope y'all enjoy this piece and please don't forget to leave some feedback! It really motivates me :)
Tumblr media
A cool gust of wind blew by as you finished typing your last column, leaving a soothing feeling behind as you exhaled loudly. It was hard to finish this piece of writing for some reason, maybe because you lacked inspiration or maybe because your life had been monotonous for a while or simply, a mix of both. Closing your laptop you stretch your hands and legs, feeling somewhat productive. Humming a tune, you looked out the window to see a Lamborghini come to a halt at the entrance.
It piqued your interest because it's not often that people riding Lamborghini come in this cabin so genuinely you're interested in the visitor. You shifted in your chair, waiting for the man to come upstairs to the reception and sure enough a tall- really tall man dressed in a neatly pressed suit appears into your view, briskly walking towards the reception where Chan stood to greet him. You could not get a good look at his face as he moved around quickly, grabbing his small carry on and heading towards his cabin after the formalities.
You watched his tall frame walking away as you got up from your seat and moved towards Chan.
"Who is he?"
"Kim Mingyu," Chan explained, resting his arms on the reception table." A millionaire, owns a lot of companies. No wonder he looked familiar."
"Oh, really? How long is he staying?"
"He has booked for five days. Said he might extend his stay."
"I see."
"Why are you so curious though?" Chan raised a brow at you, tilting his head to a side.
"Nothing." You shrugged. "He just has different vibes than the other people that come here you know?"
Chan hummed in agreement.
There was never much visitors during the rainy season which was both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because that meant the cabin was less hectic and curse because sometimes you are bound to get a bit too bored. You were helping yourself with a cup of tea to somewhat feel re-energised when your newest and the only guest for the week appeared from his cabin, padding through the corridor and stepping into the common kitchen area. You were taken aback for a moment before you composed yourself and smiled at your guest, "Good morning, Mr. Kim. May I help you with anything?"
"Mingyu, please," the tall male replied while scanning the kitchen area. "You're the owner right? What's the food arrangement here?"
"Well, our guests generally cook for themselves or order takeout. When there are many guests I sometimes do the cooking."
Nodding, he hummed before putting in a capsule in the cappuccino machine. You took a seat by the window, tea in your hand as you watched the male move around like he knew this place. Dressed in his pajamas and judging by the fluffy mess that his hair was you assumed he had a good night's sleep.
"I hope you had a pleasant night, Mr- Mingyu." You said to your guest who had whipped out a pan from the cupboard and was making omelette. "Yes, surprisingly so. Normally I have trouble falling asleep but I slept like a baby last night," he casually conversed as he prepared his breakfast.
You smiled, "Well, I'm glad to know that. If you need anything let my staffs or me know."
"Sure. Oh- I didn't get your name though." Mingyu turned to meet your eyes.
"___," you smiled.
"___, okay."
"This is gonna be a rainy week," Hoshi said from behind you as he stood holding a tub of fresh soil for the plants in the backyard of the cabin. You sat on your knees, eyeing the plants which needed their soil changed.
"Yeah? Well, good thing there isn't much guests now."
"I think there should be, I mean it's so pretty here during the rain too. People need to look at it themselves." Hoshi complained.
"Well, most people don't like going out in the rain. Pass me the soil, Hoshi. Let's get this finished before the shower starts."
Hoshi handed you the tub of soil as the sky above started growling, full of thick black clouds. It was gonna start raining soon.
Hoshi spoke, "Oh, Mr.Kim, Mingyu you know, asked me about the beach by the marketplace. Apparently he wants to visit so he asked me if I was free to show him around."
"And let me guess, you aren't?" You rolled your eyes.
Soonyoung pouted, "No! Well I would have given him a tour today if the weather wasn't so bad. And my friends are coming tomorrow, so I'll be busy then."
"Wait- you're friends are coming?" You turned, glaring at the boy who smiles sheepishly, "Oh! Um- I didn't tell you? Well they're only staying for a couple of days and it's not like they're staying for free."
"Well, make sure they clean after themselves okay? If I see them trashing all over the place like last time, I'm kicking you out with them." You gave him a pointed look.
"Okay okay," Hoshi rolled his eyes, puffing his cheeks. "Just- take the CEO out on a tour tomorrow for me okay? I haven't seen my friends in a long time."
"Alright, I will...if the weather is good which probably won't be." You sighed, gently removing the old soil.
Hoshi mused about Mingyu, "Bummer for him, he came in a wrong time. It's weird, no? We don't have such guests like him."
"Yeah," you hummed, focused on handling your roses.
Hoshi's friend, Seokmin and Seungkwan appeared early in the morning next day as you watched Hoshi vibrate from happiness when he hugged them. You smiled to yourself, laughing at at the antics of your staff as you saw him guide his friends into their cabin. The day was once again filled with dark clouds and raining which occurred every other hour. You and Chan cleaned up and completed some chores as the noon fell.
"Should I cook something up for them?" You wondered as Chan finished cleaning the common space of the first cabin.
"Nah, Seokmin hyung is cooking for them. He's a pretty good cook actually."
"Really? That's nice." You said pulling up a chair to sit down. "Are you gonna join them? Hoshi has been with his friends since they came."
"Yeah, probably. You should join us too."
"No, I think I'm gonna take a nap. I feel so tired."
You watched as Chan climbed down the stairs and stepped towards the second cabin where everyone else was. You were about to head to your room when the CEO, Mingyu appeared in the kitchen.
"Oh, hello."
"I haven't seen you since morning," you said watching as Mingyu poured himself a glass of water.
"Yeah, I woke up early today, went for a jog."
"Ah, I see."
"Couldn't go far though, the weather sucks you know." He said leaning against the kitchen top.
"Yeah. But I heard that it should get better from tomorrow. I could show you around if you want to. Hoshi, my staff, is going to busy for a while so I can guide you around."
"Really? That would be cool." Mingyu smiled. There was a small stretch of silence as you both listened to the rainfall before he spoke, "Have you had lunch?"
"Would you like to join me?" He asked "This is the longest time I've been alone and it feels a bit weird," he murmured more to himself than you.
"I mean- I don't mind," you shrugged. "Though I should be the one doing it."
"It's okay. People say I am a good cook," Mingyu smiled, his eyes crinkling.
"Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to see."
It was weird how comfortable you felt watching Mingyu being clumsy and bump into things as he prepared your meal. It felt like you've been doing this forever- like you've known him forever and you thought to yourself what was suddenly wrong with you. He made small talk as he cooked and it felt easy talking with him- almost impossible to believe that he was stranger. He was friendly and easy to get along with, definitely not a cold and grumpy businessman like you imagined him to be.
Mingyu grinned as he set down the food in front of you- chicken soup, rice and cheese omelette. His eyes twinkled excitedly as he watched you take a bite, waiting for you to say something.
"What are you? A part time chef or something?" You tried not to moan as you chewed because it was that good. Mingyu laughed- a sweet, shy laugh that had his canines showing and his eyes forming crescents. "Thank you. I learned from my mom. I like cooking for myself when I get the time which is not often," he smiled- almost sadly.
"Well, you can cook for me all you want as long as you're here because this is amazing!" You grinned at him, cheeks puffed with food.
Mingyu chuckled softly as he dug in and you both started eating. It felt nice, to talk to someone new and spend time with them, someone other than Chan or Hoshi. It was a nice change- a change you probably needed for a while.
"So...What brings you here?" You asked as you finished your food, setting down the spoon and leaning back into the chair. Mingyu who was still eating, looked at you with a perplexed expression so you spoke, "I mean...we don't generally have guests like you. And it's not even a good time to I was wondering what brought you here?"
"Guests like me? What does that mean?"
"I, okay?" You fumbled, feeling awkward. Maybe you shouldn't have asked. "Like...there are fancier places to visit, you know..."
Mingyu smiled at your words for a moment before he deadpanned, "I'm running away."
"Running away?" You gasped, almost jumping from your seat, "From who? The cops?"
"It would have been better but no, my family," he said, his voice as serious as ever.
"Oh...I see," you fell quiet. It definitely wasn't the answer you expected. You both remained silent for a while as he started out the window, lost in thoughts. "It must have been really bad if you're hiding out here." You spoke softly.
"It has always been," he mumbled. "I just couldn't take it anymore, you know? I desperately needed a break," he spoke more to himself than you. Instead of prodding further, you sat quietly, watching him and listening to his words. Seeing him now, he definitely looks troubled and you didn't exactly have the words to console him.
So you whispered, "Well, I hope it gets better."
Later that night, you find Hoshi and his friends and Chan preparing for a bonfire in the front yard of the cabin.
"Wow, you all are really having fun, no?" You said as you fisted your hands in your pockets from the chilly weather. The air was colder than other nights and everyone including you had put on some warm clothes.
"You wanna join us?" Seokmin asked as he stacked logs on top of each other.
"Nah, it's fine. You four carry on," you patted his back as you started walking back towards the cabin and saw Chan and Hoshi coming out with some boxes in their hands.
"Hey! There are marshmallows in the kitchen cabinet if you want.... nevermind," you finished as you saw beer cans and soju bottles in their hands.
"We're gonna get drunk baby!" Soonyoung yelled, grinning like a fool.
"Hyung, you look drunk already," Chan gave him a side look as they trudged towards the bonfire.
Laughing at their antics you climbed the stairs to the kitchen, preparing some hot chocolate for yourself. Holding the mug on one hand you knocked on the door to Mingyu's room, checking up on him since you haven't seen him since lunch.
The door opened revealing Mingyu in a baggy shirt and pajamas, his hair fluffy and messy.
"Hey," you chriped. "Wanted to check up on you. You wanna join the others in the bonfire?"
"Nah, I'm good. I've been watching them from the balcony." He smiled, his pointy canines showing.
"Oh, I see."
"You wanna come in? I've been getting lonely." He offered, moving away from the door to make space for you.
"Uh- I don't mind," you murmured, surprised that he asked you to come in. You tentatively stepped in and it was fair to say that you were surprised to see the room neat and pristine as most guests kept their room messy.
He ushered you into the balcony, which had a great view of your yard and the forest behind. You saw others laughing loudly as Soonyoung acted something out. Mingyu's voice pulled you out of your thoughts.
"You didn't join them?"
"Nah, they can get too loud sometimes," you chuckled, taking a seat on the bench. You eyed an empty mug lying by, guessing that Mingyu already had his fill of hot chocolate.
Mingyu took a seat beside you, stretching his legs and sighing as he mused, "The view is great."
You hummed your agreement. It was indeed. Not only did you have the full view of your yard and the forest, but you could see a vast horizon of the night sky, some stars twinkling through the clouds.
"It's even more beautiful during summer. You can see so many stars that it feels unreal." You told him.
"Then I will try to visit again during summer," he smiled and you were not sure if he was serious or joking. However you replied with a smile, "You're always welcome."
A silence falls among you two after that but it's not uncomfortable, as you both watched the night grow and Soonyoung and his friends got louder.
"Things got really hard for me, you know," Mingyu started speaking, his voice soft as he stared at the mesh of trees ahead. You were somewhat surprised at his words, but you didn't interrupt, opting for him to continue.
"Running a million dollar company was never easy suddenly was unbearable. My parents always interfered in my work and how I run the company but I managed through all of that, really...until..." Mingyu heaved a long sigh, abruptly stopping.
"Until?" You tentatively asked, peeking at him.
"They want me to get married. With the daughter of their business partner. A marriage of convenience, really."
You fell silent, watching him as the moonlight dimly lit the side of his face. There wasn't enough light to see his face completely, but enough to see the curve of his face, his sharp jawline and the sad, lost look in his eyes. Your heart suddenly ached for him. Silently you patted his shoulder, conjuring up some words to console him.
"That's ...awful, really. I'm sorry."
"I've never been so mad in my whole life. Can't they just leave me alone? They treat me like a puppet, like my only job is to live for them. I'm so done. " He said, his hands forming fists.
There's a beat of silence as you quietly patted his back and watched your friends get wasted by the bonfire before he chuckled softly, "I'm sorry for dumping all these on you. I just couldn't hold them in you know-"
"It's really fine, Mingyu. I don't mind. It would be nice if I could actually help you," you sighed, retracting your hand.
"Trust me, you are," he said and you caught a smile on his face.
"I suppose you don't have a significant other? Someone you could talk to freely?"
He shook his head. "That is why I came here. Needed to get my thoughts together, away from them. Not to mention I don't remember the last time I went on a vacation."
"And have you got your thoughts together?"
"I think so, yeah." He shrugged.
"What are you gonna do?" You asked tilting your head.
"Stand strong in my ground, I guess. There's no way I'm marrying their business partner, I'd rather die. And if all else fails, I'm staying here. I'm sure you have some type of job for me, right?"
You laughed at his words, "Maybe. But I'm not sure about your skills, Mr. Kim."
"Oh I'm a fast learner, Miss ___."
You both grinned at each other.
That night when you went back to your room, your thoughts were plagued by Mingyu and you could swear you saw him in your dreams too.
The next morning is brighter and shinier; the sky relatively clear other than some light clouds. After getting dressed and checking up on Hoshi and Chan who were still sleeping, you trudged through the cabin and towards Mingyu's room, before knocking on it. A fully dressed Mingyu appeared, clad in a white polo and jeans, his hair styled messily. He looked effortlessly attractive, making your heart skipp a few beats.
Damn it, what was wrong with you?
"Hi," you almost missed a breath, your face flushed with warmth.
"Oh, hey. I was about to come to you. I believe you were to show me around." Mingyu grinned, his pointy canines showing.
"And that is what I'm here for, Mr. Kim."
"Great! Let's get going. We'll take my car."
After showing Mingyu around for a couple of hours, you both ended up at the beach by the marketplace, sitting on the sand next to each other. The weather was nice; not too hot, not too cold as a light breeze flew by occasionally. Though you could see some black clouds gathering above, it wasn't to rain until evening if the forecast was correct.
"This place is so pretty," Mingyu mused, making you smile.
"I know right. The weather is great too."
You both watched the waves crash to the shore, occasionally wetting your feet as you both relaxed on the sand. There was a silence, a comfortable one as you finished eating the corndog you bought from the market earlier with some groceries. As you finished the last bite, Mingyu turned to face you and asked, "Tell me about yourself."
"What?" A squeak of surprise escaped from you.
"I shared a lot about myself last night. It's only fair I get to know about you too."
"Well..." You pondered. "There isn't much to tell. I've a pretty dull life, unlike you."
Mingyu chuckled, shaking his head, "Does the cabin belong to your parents? Is it like a family business type of thing?"
"No, not really," you smiled softly. "My parents are dead. The cabin belonged to my grandfather."
"Oh- I'm sorry."
"No it's okay. They passed away in an accident when I was a kid so I don't remember them much." You spoke, watching the sea, "My grandparents raised me. Growing up I've spent a lot of time in the cabin and when my grandfather retired he handed the job to me."
"Are they alive? Your grandparents?" He asked tentatively.
You shook your head, "Grandpa passed away a couple years ago and it's been a few months since grandma did too."
"I'm sorry, you must've been lonely," Mingyu offered, his voice soft.
You shrugged, "Yeah, like I said, nothing interesting going on in my life."
Mingyu hummed noncommittally and there was a few moments of silence before he spoke again, "Was managing the cabin something you have always wanted to do?"
You were quiet for a while as you thought over the question, "No...not really. I've just kept doing the job I was handed to. I haven't really thought about what I want to do."
"Well...I think you should hire a manager in your place and maybe...I don't come to the city and make friends, see what calls for you."
"Yeah, I've thought about it. But I don't know really." You murmured.
"Well, give it some thought. I could help you find a manager. In fact, I could help promote and upgrade your cabin if you'd let me. It'll be a good investment."
You laughed softly, not taking his words too seriously. He was just a guest. He was probably just being nice.
A gust of strong wind flew by, ruining your hair as it poked into your eyes and you laughed when your eyes landed on Mingyu.
His hair was sticking in different directions because of the wind and you shook your head with a smile as you reached to pat the hairs back into place. It happened naturally, before you could stop yourself. For a moment your eyes meet as you quickly retract your hand, face heated.
Something was definitely wrong with you.
Mingyu's gaze stayed at you for a while; you could feel his intense eyes on you and you thought maybe he didn't like you touching him. Before your thoughts ran more rampant, he spoke.
"Do you...Do you have a home?"
"Home?" You were confused.
"Yes, home. Not like a real house but like a... person. Someone who makes you feel at ease, someone with whom you can be yourself without judgements, someone who keeps you cozy and safe and a home."
Somewhat taken aback by his words, you fell silent but their depth hit you and you found yourself thinking about it. Do you have a home?
No. No, you don't.
You shook your head, murmuring, "No."
Mingyu nodded taking his eyes off you.
"What about you?" You asked.
"Me neither."
You smiled, "Figures. Because if you had someone you wouldn't have run here but went to them."
Mingyu smiled, a sad smile gracing his lips. It was a somewhat bitter truth, he hadn't found his home no matter how much he looked for it. Maybe that's what he was doing wrong, looking desperately.
"Let's get going. It has started to rain," Your voice dragged him out of his thoughts as he felt small drops of water fall on his face. You reached your hand out to him and he took it, standing up. As you both jogged towards Mingyu's car, your hands remained connected, no one bothering to let go.
That night you had dinner with Mingyu again but this time it was you who did the cooking. After enjoying dinner over small talk, Mingyu like the gentleman he is did the dishes as you poured some wine for the two of you.
Sitting on the small table in common space by the window, you both watched the clear sky that had appeared after the shower. You sipped your wine, watching the vast expanse of stars that blinked in the dark sky.
"I think I've to go back tomorrow," Mingyu suddenly whispered, his tone so low you almost thought you misheard him. A bolt out the blue, you looked at him.
"Mmhmm," he fiddled with the hem of his cardigan as he stared at the table. "I've got so many calls and messages from work. My company won't run on its on, I can be gone for only so long." He sighed.
You didn't offer any words, too shocked to know that he'd be gone tomorrow. What is this attachment you've developed towards him? Why did the thought of someone, almost a stranger going back to where he came from, where he belonged hurt you so much? You didn't know what to label your feelings but realizing that you'd probably never see him again was tugging at your heartstrings.
Should you ask him for his number and stay connected with him? Is there even a point in that? You both live miles away from each other. Or should just take his advice and follow him to the city? Would that even be a good idea? Are you just reading all this wrong?
You were so invested in your thoughts that you didn't realize Mingyu was calling you until he shook your shoulder.
"You okay, ___?"
"Huh?'s just, the news is really sudden. I didn't... expect you'd return so soon." You mumbled.
Mingyu sighed, his shoulder dropping a little bit. "Trust me, if I could I'd stay here forever. But...I can't keep running. I need to face my parents, the sooner the better."
At a loss of what to say, you just nodded. Reaching for your drink you took a big gulp, trying to calm your nerves. It's okay, you can do this. He's just another one of your guests.
You stood up, taking the empty glass in your hand, "Well, I better leave you alone now. I'm sure you've got packing to do."
You almost turned away; until a strong hand gripped your wrist and pulled you back, making you stumble towards Mingyu's body.
"Don't. Stay for a while. I don't want you to leave." His voice was soft yet deep and it immediately broke your resolve as you set the glass down and looked into his eyes.
He didn't let go of your wrist; instead only wrapped his other hand around your waist, pulling you closer, leaving just a few inches between your faces. You didn't tell him to move neither did you make any effort to get away from him- you didn't want to. It felt good, comforting as he held you and looked at you almost like you were his whole world. His eyes had so much emotion swirling in them and you were sure yours looked the same too.
"___?" His voice was breathy and it set your heart aflame.
"Can I...kiss you?"
You inhaled sharply as his hold on you got tighter. You couldn't process a reply, overwhelmed with emotion. So you just nodded and Mingyu leaned in, pressing his lips to yours.
It was soft at first, his lips just resting against yours, as if he was testing the waters. When you didn't resist but only pulled him closer, he started devouring you, his tongue prodding in your wet cavern. Moans espaced from you as you kept pulling at his hair almost grinding on him, desperate for more. He was the same, kissing you with so much passion and vigour like you were the last female standing.
You somehow managed to tug off his cardigan between the kiss and when you pulled apart for air, Mingyu panted, "Can we take this to the bedroom?"
His deep raspy voice spread liquid heat throughout your body and you had to stop yourself from pouncing on him.
"Yes please," you breathed. Mingyu stood up straight, his tall and built body intimidating you in the best ways possible, "Oh baby, you don't have to beg. I'll give you anything you want."
Once again your breath was trapped as he picked you up, his hand under your ass to support you. When he dropped you on his bed and took off his tee you realized you were in for a long night. In the back of your mind, you also realized that this would make it even harder to let him go.
Next morning you were the first one to wake up as the sun barely seeped through the blinds. If you had to guess it wasn't any more than six am. Mingyu's hand rested on your waist as he remained snuggled against your back. It was so comforting that you almost forgot your reality and went back to sleep, until you remembered what had happened last night. Before you could start overthinking and possibly had a breakdown right there, you ever so carefully removed his hand from your body and scrawled out of the bed, grabbing your shirt and quickly throwing it on. Then you tiptoped out of his room despite the ache between your legs and rushed straight towards yours.
Slamming the door shut, your sat down, head in your hands. You've to now prepare for saying goodbye. Right, you just need to act casual and not let him know that you might have developed feelings for him in the past week.
His words came back to you.
"Do you have a home?"
You didn't have one until now but the realization that you may have found it brought tears to your eyes.
You spent the next hours wallowing in your self pity, curled up in your bed too afraid to get out and face Mingyu. Soonyoung dropped by once, knocking at your door and asking if you want breakfast, which you declined. Time slowly ticked away and you watched as the clock struck eleven. You couldn't stay inside forever. You needed to bid Mingyu a goodbye- that is if he hadn't left already. But you were sure he didn't; he wouldn't just leave without any words.
Sighing, you gathered every last bit of your courage and stepped out of your room. Immediately you saw Mingyu coming out from the opposite end of the corridor, the carry-on he brought with him in his hand.
"Hey, where have you been?" He asked, his steps getting quicker to come and stand in front of you.
"Oh- um, I took and shower and then dozed off, sorry," you lied easily, not meeting his eyes.
There was a beat of silence as you both stood in front of each other and when your eyes finally met his, a blush spread across his face like wildfire. The air was heavy with unsaid words and you coughed, trying to get rid of the terrible awkwardness.
"So, you're leaving now?"
What a nice question.
Mingyu seemed to be lost in thoughts as he snapped back to reality and scratched the back of his head, "Oh yeah, right. It'll be a couple hours drive so the earlier I leave the better."
Nodding you motioned your hand towards the exit, "I'll see you out."
Mingyu seemed to have something to say but he pressed his lips in a thin line and started to climb down the stairs, you behind him. Soonyoung, who was standing at the entrance gave you a conspirational wiggle of his brows but said nothing as he watched you follow Mingyu out.
You observed as Mingyu loaded his bag in the trunk, peeking glances at you every other second. When he finished, you spoke, "Well...good luck. I hope you can overcome your problems."
"Thanks. It won't be easy and my dad will probably take away my shares of the company but...I'm done living like this."
You nodded, smiling softly as you crossed your arms against your chest. It suddenly felt cold.
You both gazed at each other, saying nothing even though you've so much to say, as if the silence would carry your unsaid words to him. You were torn- wanting to talk about last night but chickening out knowing it was probably just a fling, a one night stand for him.
"___..." Mingyu spoke but the words died on his tongue. Not trusting yourself to speak, you swallwed the ball of emotions and looked at him with a curious tilt of head.
"...I hope you find what you really want to do. And I hope you find your home too," he said, his words so soft and gentle. For some reason you had a feeling that those were not the words he wanted to say yet you forced a smile and nodded, "You too, Mingyu."
His eyes swirled with so my emotions but you didn't know what he was thinking. He looked pained, just like you but you were too afraid to speak your feelings, scared that you misread him.
When you spoke no more, Mingyu sighed and backstopped slowly, "Well... goodbye, then."
You managed to choke out the words, "Goodbye."
Your emotions overwhelmed you, tears stinging your eyes as you watched him enter his car. Why did it hurt so much? Why did it feel like your heart was being ripped right out of your chest?
His engine roared to life and your stomach sunk. Was this really the right thing to do? Should you just let him go like this?
You made a split second decision that moment, just as his car moved forward a little.
"Mingyu!" You called after him, immediately making him stop the car. He came out, almost in a hurry, an expectant look on his face as you ran towards him. Then you made another split second decision as you wrapped your arms around his tall frame and held tight.
"I like you, Mingyu. I really like you." You mumbled in his chest.
He didn't say anything back but you felt his arms wrapping around you tightly and you stood there in each others embrace for a while. It felt like time has stopped, the warmth and safety of his arms comforting you and making you realize how you would have regretted if you had let him go.
Mingyu pulled back to take a look at your face, his hand cupping your cheeks, his warm but intense eyes on you, shining with love and adoration.
"Say something," you whispered, still unsure.
He chuckled, a light-hearted, carefree sound that made your heart swoon. "I like you too, if it wasn't obvious after last night."
Elated, you pulled his face down and kissed his lips as you felt him grin and wrap his arms around you once again.
"I want to go with the city," you murmured into his chest as he rested his chin on the top of your head.
You couldn't see it but you felt him smirk, "Good. Because I think I found my home."
Your heart couldn't become fuller as you grinned like a happy child.
"Me too."
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