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#svt fluff
svt-incorrect · 30 minutes ago
Jeonghan: I slept for almost 12 hours but I might still be tired so let's go for 12 more just in case.
Joshua: hannie that's a coma.
Jeonghan: sounds festive.
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softforhao · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
# pairing: wonwoo x female reader
# genre: fluff, angst, crack, alternative universe
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Tinkerbell has always been there for Peter. And Peter? He chose Wendy.
in which Wonwoo has to make the choice between his best friend, or the girl that has been pinning over him.
lmk if you wanna be added to the taglist!
taglist!: @ppeachyttae @wooziujidoots @seokkjin @w8nuzone @hwaatemydoor @yoonzinow @so0bercore @smileyjimvn @changiesworld @cherryskles @cheolright @wonhaotrsh
a/n: this is so dumb i’m sorry i wrote this at like 3am 🏃‍♀️
Tumblr media
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svt-incorrect · 10 hours ago
Seungkwan: must be hard not having a sense of humor.
The8:...? I have a sense of humor you know?
Seungkwan: I've never heard you laugh before.
The8: I've never heard you say anything funny.
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ssssssssssssscoups · 13 hours ago
Death by a thousand cuts-Ch.38 note: pls read author’s note
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Death by a thousand cuts
Ch. 38 - Begin Again
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☕️synopsis: y/n loves books. she loves the way they make her feel any emotion, to get lost within the pages and words that suffocates her heart. jeonghan loves performing, loves the way his voice makes the public go wild. if they fall in love, will they fall out?
a/n: awww so Kwan and sol are all good now:)), also I have two different endings planned, one’s a happy ending and the other one may lead to a season 2?? idk,, if you guys feel tired of this already we can have the happy ending and move onto better things, plss, comment what type of ending do you want and I'll check when I’m back from the break:))
taglist: @vi-nnx @hannahdinse8 @yutaeminnie @itsdnguyenxoxo @jeonghan-wonwoo @rjsmochii @skylions-den @sweetsoonhan @vxvshoshi​ @chuu-soulmate​ @sunflower-euphro​ @thatcuteandquietgirl​
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networkluvs · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆.*+ y/n & friends!
y/n: our lovely airhead <3 does not have a single bad bone in her entire body... very easygoing and also quite chaotic! really wants a cat... hopes to adopt one while living in her new and cool apartment! a little nervous about living alone but excited for the fresh start!
soonyoung: y/n's best friend that tells her all the gossip at uni. roommates with seungkwan at the uni dorms. very knowledgable about relationships and love from observing drama. 1/3 of y/n's bodyguards.
seungkwan: another bestie that often aides soonyoung and y/n on their chaotic adventures. is the voice of reasoning within the friend group. even though he may not seem like it, he enjoys listening to soonyoung's daily gossip updates. 1/3 of y/n's bodygaurds.
jun: y/n's childhood friend... has a not-so hidden crush on her... tries to be an "older brother" figure to her and is overly protective at times, but overall, is very kind and caring towards her. deemed as one of the cutest boys at school. 1/3 of y/n's bodygaurds
jeonghan: y/n's older brother! sadly moved away recently to the country side to help their parents but plans to disturb y/n frequently with visits. pops up out of no where suddenly then disappears just as fast...
BONUS! y/n's priv
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★ synopsis: in which y/n and wonwoo are forced to share an apartment in secret.
taglist: @sea-gyu @rjsmochii @so0bercore @aishabear @caralipka
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serenityseventeen · 23 hours ago
I love your writing so much! this is my first time requesting
Can you write one with Mingyu please? maybe one where reader is one of seventeens stylist/mua and are close friends with the boys. Maybe Some fluff and confessing
Oops- I completely forgot about the fluff genre and it didn't turn out that fluffy; sorry, is should have read the request a bit closer.
I hope you like it anyway!
"Do You Know My Heart?" - Mingyu
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wonwoonlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
📣: friend!Minghao // ft. meddling members lol // fluff // 900~ words
A/N:thank you for the request, anon! am not sure what you mean failing so i kinda just...alter that part haha. enjoy!
find the rest of requested drabble here
Tumblr media
Xu Minghao rarely frustrates anyone, let alone his members. If anything, he’s usually the one frustrated at them; not getting their antics and the way they’d sometimes joke around too much when all he wants to do is be done with practice.
The rare time Minghao does frustrate his members is at moments like this: when he’s stealing glances at you as if no one notices, brushing his fingers a second too long against yours, and the way he’d shyly avert his gaze from yours when you lock eyes with him.
Joshua, chosen as a representation to confront the younger guy about it because the members have decided he’d seem the least suspicious, has subtly brought up the topic in hope Minghao wouldn’t get defensive.
“They look good together, don’t they?” he perfectly delivers his line as he points at you and Mingyu laughing together, a story the twelve (well, not really, no. The quieter ones of the group can’t really be bothered) of them has made up together.
Minghao looks up from his phone, eyes immediately finding you and Mingyu hunched together on the other side of the practice room. The both of you seem to be having fun, whispering to each other much too close for his liking. Not that he has any say in it for that matter.
“You think so?” he says instead, pretending like the way you’re leaning into Mingyu’s shoulder as you laugh doesn’t bother him. It doesn’t matter that he knows that’s just your habit around the people you’re comfortable with, what matters now is that Joshua’s comment along with the picture in front of him is enough to agitate him even a little.
Joshua shares a look with Mingyu across the room, something that Minghao misses because he’s too deep in thought.
“I don’t know,” he shrugs. “Maybe I’ve just been watching too many rom-coms. Kinda miss seeing my friends in a relationship, you know? Been liking the idea of romance nowadays though I don’t exactly feel like getting into one myself.”
Minghao doesn’t say anything, unsure on how to answer that as he continues to stare at you and Mingyu. Joshua says something about a movie he recently watches, but nothing really registers in his mind when you turn and catch his gaze, smiling sweetly at him with a questioning look.
He shakes his head, giving you a small smile back. But you don’t simply drop it, apparently noticing the way his body is a little tense.
‘You sure?’ you mouth to him from across the room with a worried frown. This time Minghao nods, a more genuine smile crosses his face and he relaxes a little at your concern.
Beside you, Mingyu huffs incredulously at the way you’ve been ignoring him since earlier. Can’t the two of you be any more obvious? Honestly, communicating with each other silently across the room?
When Mingyu was given the task of occupying you to make Minghao jealous, he’d been happy at the thought of finally making the two of you together. He doesn’t understand why you both are still in denial, telling him ‘no, what do you mean I like Minghao? I like all of you equally’ and ‘I’m sorry, did you say something? My ears filter nonsense from miles away’ followed by tints of red on your cheeks and Minghao, his ears, when he’s asked you both about the other on separate accounts.
Today, Mingyu is determined to make the two of you accept your feelings and stop his torture of watching two stubborn people developing a slowburn romance.
You two are still gazing into each other, he realizes. So Mingyu stands up and pulls you with him, startling not only you but also Minghao. But he takes a few strides across the room, dragging you behind him and then promptly sits you down next to Minghao.
He crosses his arms in front of his chest once the two of you look up at him questioningly, along with Joshua who’s next to Minghao because this is totally not a part of the script.
“Now you both are going to listen to me,” he says, glaring at Minghao who’s about to cut him off. “I am tired of seeing the two of you being dumb so I’m going to end it here.”
You turn to Minghao, still trying to figure out what’s happening while Minghao has finally got the gist of what his friend is trying to do. Before he can say anything, Mingyu’s voice thunders through the room.
“So you,” he points at you. “Like him. And he,” he points at Minghao now. “Likes you.”
The both of you are about to protest, hearts beating fast out of shock and eyes wide open at his ‘baseless’ statements even though you both are avoiding each other’s eyes out of embarrassment, but Mingyu is quicker and his deep voice cuts you off once again.
“And now we’re going to leave this room so you can talk it out. And you,” he looks at Minghao pointedly. “are not allowed to come home before clearing things up with her. I’d know.”
The giant doesn’t even wait for your answers, simply drags Jeonghan with him as Joshua and some of the members who are still in the practice room walk out themselves. They annoyingly give you both thumbs up, screaming a ‘good luck!’ and ‘we’re waiting for good news!’ before the door clicks and silence envelopes the both of you out of nowhere.
You shyly look at Minghao, surprised to see him already looking at you with his famous tight-lipped smile.
“Guess we’re confessing, huh?”
©wonwoonlight – all rights reserved.
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flowerbeom · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mingyu x wine → a romantic getaway fantasy for @sangyus
It was the ease in how he said it; the nonchalance - the neutrality. It was the calm in how he said "Okay" when you had asked that really got you. Not that you really knew it at the time.
"Mingyu.." You had beckoned, drawing out his name in sing-song notes as you laid upon his chest; the hum of his response tickling your cheek.
"Take me to Paris." Merely a throw-away comment, but drowning in wanderlust.
"Paris?" He queried, his fingers meandering gently through your hair.
"Or Amsterdam. Or Barcelona." Mingyu shifted, turning his body to angle you towards him so he could see you. "Anywhere we can sit on a balcony of a two-hundred-year-old building on a thousand-year-old street and drink wine by candlelight."
"Oh yeh?" He said as he wound his arms tighter around your waist.
"Yeh, it'd be so nice. So you'll take me, yeh?" Punctuating your statement with a giggle that Mingyu knew was emptier than you had intended, he read narrow smile and saw the genuine desire for this throw-away comment of a vacation.
"Okay." Mingyu replied, as he kissed the top of your head and let you sink into fantasy and said no more. And you thought nothing more of it.
Until Mingyu held two plane tickets out in front of you and said to take time off work. We leave in three weeks, he said. Five days in Barcelona, he said. Yes, I'm serious, he insisted and held you as you squealed in excitement.
You wondered on the flight over how many museums you could squeeze in, how many historic sites you could visit and how many things you could experience in the fleeting days you'd have.
But as you sat across Mingyu, on that balcony of a two-hundred-year-old building on a thousand-year-old street sipping on wine by candlelight, you realised none of the other stuff mattered. Because all you really wanted was that very moment. With him.
want one of these? request one!
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svt-incorrect · a day ago
DK: dandelions symbolise everything I want to be in life.
Seungkwan: fluffy and dead with a gust of wind?
DK, main character glow: unapologetic. Hard to kill. Feral, filled with sunlight, bright, beautiful in a way that the unconventional and controlling hate but cannot ever fully destroy. Stubborn, happy, bastardous, friends with bees, highly disapproving of lawns, full of wishes that will be carried far after I die.
Hoshi: edible.
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cheolbooluvr · a day ago
a little clearer
Tumblr media
。☆✼★ ━━━━━━━━━━━━ ★✼☆。
part of the confession series
pairing: seungkwan x gn!reader
genre: mostly fluff, mild angst, university au, volleyball player
word count: 2.2k
warnings: brief mention of an injury, fatigue from nervousness(?)
a/n: another volleyball fic bc i can't help myself askldjalks lowkey a little self-indulgent, but let's be real, when are half my fics not LOL anyways, hope y'all like this one! plz leave feedback, it means the world to me and helps me as a writer!!
tag list (send me an ask if you want to be added for the remainder of the stories) : @ohmygyaaah
my masterlist \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/
。☆✼★ ━━━━━━━━━━━━ ★✼☆。
seungkwan’s style of confessing: “Should I confess, or should I apologize? In fact, it feels like I’m not going to do well because of the nervousness.”
The air in the gym was stale and quiet, just the way you liked it. Sunlight trickled through the windows at the top of the walls, illuminating dust particles suspended in the air. Eighteen months had passed since you last stepped foot in the gym, or any gym for that matter, since the day you tore your ACL at your last practice for the national team. Following a surgery, physical therapy, and many regular therapy sessions, you found yourself in the university’s auxiliary gym, also known as the one where everyone else goes if you’re not on any of the official school teams. It was hard having to live with the idea that you wouldn’t get to play volleyball competitively anymore. Your therapist suggested looking for clubs, but truthfully, you were nervous. What if you were bad? What if you had forgotten everything?
“I know it must be scary, but take your time. When you feel ready, ease yourself back into it,” your therapist had told you.
You took a deep breath as your footsteps met the unpolished hardwood. Your attention was directed to a boy in the corner who was holding a phone between his shoulder and his cheek while he slipped his shoes on.
“Mingyu, you promised. Vernon said he had a shift at the music store, Jeonghan is out doing lord knows what, Seokmin changed his mind and decided to join the pizza making club, and I can only imagine that Seungcheol is flirting with that barista from the cafe again! I’m the only one here!” He rolled his eyes, huffing as he listened to his friend feed him excuses for the nth time about why he couldn’t make it. “Forget it. Some friends you guys are.” He hung up and aggressively threw his phone onto his gym bag.
Seungkwan didn’t mean it, but his friends had been so supportive of his idea when he pitched the volleyball club to them. They even told him that they’d be the first to sign up, yet here he was in the gym, alone. If nobody showed up, he wouldn’t be able to keep the club going and all hopes of funding for tournaments, much less continuing on with the club, were out of the question.
“Um, hello?”
He quickly turned around and sighed. “Oh, sorry. Did you sign up for the gym today? My club isn’t happening today, so I’ll be leaving soon.”
“Is this the volleyball club?”
“No, the volleyball club is cancelled—” Seungkwan’s face relaxed, his eyebrows raised with curiosity. “Did you say volleyball club?”
You nodded. He quickly walked over to you, grasping your hands in his as his face lit up with excitement.
“Yes. Yes! This is the volleyball club. Are you new? Have you played before?” You could tell how happy he was that you showed up, indicated by his constant talking and mumbling to himself about what drills you should do. The first thing he had you do was serve, something you hadn’t done since the injury. He handed you a ball at which you eyed nervously.
“Watch me,” Seungkwan advised. He hit the ball against the ground a couple times before spinning it in his left hand. His focus shifted to the net back to the ball. One deep breath, a couple steps and a swing later, his serve went right into the middle of the net. A dissatisfactory noise came from his mouth as he shook his head. “That was a warm up…why don’t you try it.”
You did your pre-serve routine: three hits against the ground, 2 spins in your hand, and a quick glance at the net. Inhaling, you tossed the ball up in the air, your left hand tracking it as you brought your right hand back to swing. Your palm made direct contact with the ball, a perfect float serve over the net. Seungkwan’s mouth dropped in surprise as he watched your ball drop on the other side of the court.
“Wow, you’re pretty good!” Seungkwan said. It would be a lie to say seeing you get it over on the first try didn’t make him a little antsy, so he decided to switch gears and try a different drill. He moved the basket of balls to center court. “Okay, now we’re going to try to bump the ball into the basket over there. I’ll show you first, and then you can try. Can you toss me a ball?”
Picking up a ball, you moved in front of him to toss it. He took a couple steps and swung his arms, the ball flying far from the basket he was supposed to get it in. You did your best not to laugh at the pout on his face, his bottom lip jutting out.
He motioned at you with his hand. “Toss me another one.” And toss you did. Again, he failed to get the ball into the basket, but his determination wouldn’t allow him to give up so easily. One after the other, you tossed balls at him, each and every one completely missing the basket. “Do you want to try?”
“Sure,” you replied. You and Seungkwan switched spots. He threw you an easy underhand ball and with a swift motion, you passed it perfectly, the ball forming a rainbow with its trajectory. Thank god for muscle memory, you thought to yourself.
Seungkwan froze as he stared at the basket where your ball landed just seconds ago. “What are you?” he asked.
“I’m sorry?”
“How are you so good?”
“Um—” Before you could answer, the school’s clock tower rang throughout the campus, signaling the new hour.
“Oh, we should probably pack up now.” Seungkwan picked up the rest of the balls while you undid the net, cranking the gears so it lowered enough to unclip it from the poles. Removing one pole from the ground, you made your way to the back of the gym where the gear rack was. Seungkwan followed closely behind with the other pole when he remembered that you two were in the middle of a conversation before the clock struck. “Ah, you never answered my question.”
“What question— Oh. Right, that one. Um, I’m actually on the national team.” Seungkwan nearly dropped the pole on his foot causing you to rush over and grab the other end. “Well, I was.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?”
“I mean, I tried to, but you seemed so excited and I didn’t want to ruin anything.” You placed the net on the rack and made your way back to the side of the gym where all of your stuff was.
“Too late,” he mumbled to himself, but you heard him loud and clear. Quickly realizing his attitude towards you was unwarranted, he turned and smiled at you. “But even so, thank you for coming. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue on with the club.”
“Of course, it was fun being back on the court again!” You returned a grin, and in that moment, Seungkwan swore something within him started malfunctioning. He turned away to hide any sign of embarrassment from you, placing his shoes in his bag and slipping on his slides.
“Looks like you should be the one coaching me,” he said, a slight nervousness laced in his voice.
You couldn’t help but chuckle at his request. “I’d be more than happy to.”
When you finished packing up, Seungkwan looked at you curiously. “If you don’t mind me asking, but why aren’t you playing for the national team anymore?”
“It’s a long story…”
“You don’t have to tell me—”
“But I can tell you over some food?”
Seungkwan’s face lit up with a bright smile. “Yes!”
As the weeks went by, you and Seungkwan quickly became friends and it didn’t take long before you started harboring, dare you say it, a crush on the boy. You had a lot more in common than you expected: an undying love for the Wonder Girls, ordering extra cheese on your dakgalbi, and an unrivaled passion for volleyball. With your help, Seungkwan was able to recruit more players on the team and get his friends to finally show up. You became friends with them pretty quickly, too, their energy being the only thing to keep you going during the school days. They were a rambunctious bunch and oftentimes too loud to the point you would laugh seeing Seungkwan’s nose scrunch in dissatisfaction. The two of you made a great pair of co-captains— you had the technical skills to show them everything they needed, and he had the fire and leadership to get their attention during drills so you could practice for the upcoming tournament. Things were going pretty well it seemed.
Except for today. Throughout practice, there was a complete reversal. The other players’ focus was great, but Seungkwan’s head was clearly elsewhere — he missed serves, couldn’t get passes up, and overall, he just wasn’t fully present. You observed him cautiously, keeping in mind to talk to him after practice when all was done.
The clock chimed, indicating it was the end of practice.
“Good job today, everyone!” You walked over to Seungkwan and placed your hand on his shoulder. “Hey, is everything okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he replied hastily. Obviously, everything wasn’t okay. For weeks now, he’d been mulling over the conflict in his heart. To everyone else, it was very clear that the chemistry you had with one another was off the charts. The only people who didn’t see it were you two.
“Are you sure?” Your forehead creased with concern. “Our tournament’s soon, and I want to make sure you’re okay. You can tell me anything, Seungkwan.”
And there it was — an arrow through his heart, the last straw, and his kryptonite. He collapsed on the floor, staring blankly at the ceiling. You quickly ran to his side, taking his hand and placing two fingers on his wrist.
“What are you doing?” he asked weakly.
You didn’t hear his words. No, your brain was preoccupied with his health. You knew Seungkwan always took great care of his body, always taking his vitamins and supplements. “Are you sick?” His pulse was racing and so you placed your hand on his forehead. His body was certainly warm, but it wasn’t due to a fever. Panicked, he sat up quickly, reassuring you that he felt fine. “Seungkwan, if you’re sick, we should take you to the doctor and get checked out.”
“I’m not sick,” he replied, his tone with you firm as he pulled his hand away.
“Then what is it? All practice today, you’ve been out of it and that’s not like you.”
“I’m fine, really.”
Worry washed over you. “Did I do something? Did I push you too hard today? If I did, I’m really sorry. I never meant to—”
“No, you didn’t do anything. I should be the one apologizing.”
“For what?”
“Um,” he hesitated. His mind was racing at high speed as the words in his heart struggled to come out of his mouth. “I have to tell you something.” Seungkwan fidgeted with his hands, his eyes looking everywhere but at you.
“What is it?”
To anyone else, Seungkwan always seemed to be overflowing with confidence, but inside, he was second-guessing his every word and every move. It was true that he was very popular amongst just about everyone, always breathing life into every room he walked into. And that was why you liked him. He was your energy bar after a long day, and quite frankly, playing volleyball wasn’t even the one thing you were most looking forward to when you walked into the gym. It was him.
“Seungkwan?” you asked again.
Suddenly, the words burst from his mouth like fireworks. “I like you!”
Your eyes widened in shock. “Seungkwan…”
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.” He quickly grabbed his bag and stood up. “I’m really sorry.”
Before he could take any more steps, you reached out to grab his hand. “Seungkwan, wait!”
He turned around, his eyes still avoiding yours. He knew this was a big mistake and now he had just put your entire friendship on the line. For what? All because he couldn’t contain the feeling inside his heart? Because every time he looked at you, the sun shone a little brighter, the music in his ears was a little louder, and his purpose in life became a little clearer. Scratch that, it became a lot clearer. He liked you, and there was no way he could deny it any longer. And hey, maybe even if you rejected him, maybe you could still be friends…after he had some time to get over the heartbreak.
“Seungkwan,” you repeated yourself. His name rolled off your tongue with a lot more ease than you ever expected, but when you like someone, that’s just how it goes, doesn’t it? “I like you, too.”
It was his turn to be surprised—in fact, he was so surprised, his legs gave out from under him. Luckily, your grip on his hand was tight and you were able to support him. Kind of.
“Are you okay?”
“Okay?” Seungkwan repeated your words as if he didn’t hear you clearly. “I’m more than okay.” His bright smile was enough to reassure you that he really was okay. It was all a lot to take in, but you were happy that you were doing it together.
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wonunuu · a day ago
iris beauty ❀
bonus: speaking spanish in paris
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✎ synopsis: falling for a guy is never easy, especially when your best friend of many years basically claimed him; you and mina have been friends for as long as you can remember, but your loyalty and trust are tested when she asks you to pretend to be her in meeting a guy she had been talking to online and you unintentionally start to develop feelings for him.
✎ genre: romance, angst, comedy
✎ pairing: reader x yoon jeonghan
previous | mlist |
a/n: this isnt a chapter but a bonus lool but i was thinking very hard (which i hated) and came to a conclusion to make a sequel for this. uh click here to read my plans cos ion wanna make this note hella long
@yyxyzti @acciofirewhiskey @doiewonu @shuajeong @wooziverse @boogyuu @rjsmochii @haniehae @twentysixofmays @suhfluffy @dancingddays @lovingyu04 @sydneyy-jade @itsdnguyenxoxo @fluffyhyeju @haoraecane @dy-mglzz @1800zuho @t-secretpot @floweryjeons @yaebbinnie @t-secretpot @not-sojoyuus @xcalicoups @ryuyalana @bubblywonu @youbloominsideofme @lavenonie @wonwoonlight @yoonzinow @mariecoura @juji-han @strawbinnie-shortcake @isa499 @pseudoyop @serenadesvt @glouraeswei @glowingjaehyun @sunflowergyeomie @kunmaid @apricottulips @hao-ling @cheolright @pancakeandfrogs @yanniezx @jeonjungkaka @sunflower-euphro @monstathedisco
unable to tag: @tyongs @jeongjungkaka @jammyjamjamss @hauntedprincessarbiter @scoffingscully
add your @ here!
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erreversible · a day ago
pairing: seungkwan/jeonghan  rating: G tags: canon, band fic, character study
Jeonghan thought Seungkwan looked clean and pretty, like a perfectly smooth rock that you’d find at the bottom of a babbling creek.
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annoyinghorangdan · a day ago
"Is this you?"
Requested by:
❤︎Pairing: Seventeen (Mingyu) x Male Reader
❣︎Genre: Fluff
♥︎ Synopsis:
While Seventeen is on their US tour, you; a staff member, get some certain feelings for one of the members as he gladly reciprocates those feelings and, while being absolutely struck, he forgets the most important thing to ask: your phone number.
Tumblr media
Normal font: English Bold: Korean
"A hectic day today huh rookie?" One of Y/N's coworkers proclaimed while not knowing where to go because of the constant onslaught of people around him.
"You could say that again, i got no idea where i'm going or what to do- woah-" Y/N barely managed to let out before being pushed by a guy who CLEARLY didn't see where he was looking.
"Do you know why it feels like a fucking zoo in here" I said not forgetting to give the guy who pushed me a middle finger.
"Yeah, there's a kpop group that's performing on one of our stages, do you know the group, something like sixteen or something?" He said clearly confused.
"Seventeen; Simon and yes, i do know the group very much so".
Saying i knew the group is an understatement, i couldn't contain the level of excitement to see the boys perform, quite literally, infront of me.
I should probably explain what i'm doing here huh?
After finishing college, i was unemployed and uninterested in anything and everything until i saw an ad for a venue job asking for staff to work on stage effects, and knowing that i got absolutely no idea how to do anything without a computer, i said yes.
Little did i know, this little situation would be the best thing that has happened in my life.
"Ey Y/N, on of the lights is clearly either off or broken, can you check that?" Simon asked putting me out of my daze.
"Oh- sure"
Fixing the lights was a part of my job, and this little problem wasn't such a big thing for me....WHAT WAS the big thing for me is a man, who i couldn't even imagine seeing, talking to his manager.
And oh boy, did i absolutely freeze on the spot.
Thankfully, i wasn't as close to him so he couldn't notice me through his peripheral vision but, if he could, he could see a sweating; mouth open clearly shook boy, that's trying not to pass out by the second.
My mind was telling me to go introduce myself but the problem was, my korean knowledge was extremely minimal and the only word i could say was hello.....and that's it.
But alas, against my bittet judgement i stepped forward in his direction 'cus this is a one-time opportunity and i'm not wasting it.
While getting closer, i noticed...well him BUT also the fact that he's standing right next to the control panel for the lights which, was just my luck.
"Umm...e-excuse me" I said while getting both of them to turn around.
We're not gonna talk about the gigantic voice crack i got immediately as soon as i opened my mouth.
"Oh sorry" He said with a slight bit of his accent slipping out, and be still my beating heart.
"No, it's ok i just needed to fix some stuff here, but you're ok"
i said while being absolutely flustered.
He turned to his manager and spoke something in korean, which i didn't understand, but seeing the manager laugh, i assumed he said something....nice?
What Mingyu actually said was:
"I understood none of that, but he's cute so i'll let it slide"
"You menace" His manager said while chuckling.
"Sweety" she said while making Y/N yelp with the sudden action, "Are you sure you're ok, you're kinda sweating there"
His manager was bilingual, to my pleasent surprise.
"No i'm fine, sorry but i just gotta flip some switches that's all." Y/N said trying to straighten his shaky voice while absolutely being ready to burst seeing Mingyu staring at him.
"Can you translate what i'm about to say" Mingyu asked his manager.
"Mingyu, we're gonna be late, you're supposed to be on stage in two minutes" His manager exclaimed.
"Please, just one sentence" Mingyu begged.
"Ugh....ok sure, shoot your shot or whatever".
"Ok...alright umm, hey can i know your name" Mingyu asked his manager to translate which she did only after getting your attention from fixing the light, which secretly you already fixed but you were staring at it to calm your nerves.
"Oh, uhh i'm Y/N"
such a beautiful (bootiful, if you know you know) name" He said while hinting at the manager to translate it.
"He said your name was pretty" She proclaimed with annoyance.
"Wow, thank you."
"I think he's my age, that's a coincidence" he said with a chuckle.
"I think you're really cute when you blush" The manager translated.
"You're cute too, i mean neomu yeppeo" i said while facepalming over the fact that i sound like an absolute koreaboo next to him.
"He's adorable, should i get his number" he asked the manager.
"We literally don't have time for this, let's go" His manager said while dragging Mingyu away.
"WAIT, what did he say?" I wanted to yell but it was too late as Mingyu was clearly nowhere to be seen.
While i took 5 minutes to recover from this terrifying experience, i immediately opened up my best friends and i's chat room.
Amy bestie 😖😝, Y/N
"Your spelling is horrible, so i'm guessing something shocking occured."
"ok so they're about to perform here on stage like literally next to me, but before that i met him backstage when i was fixing the shit ass lights and he was hella HOT IN PERSON AND I DIDNT KNOW ANY FUCMINGKOREAM SO I TOLD HIM SOME KOREABOO CRINGE ASS YePpEo SHIT, THANK GOD HIS TRANSLATOR WAS BILINGUAL"
"STFU, anyways did you get his number or nah"
"no girl, i could barely say hi let alone ask for his number"
"shite, well i gotta go my ride is here BUT CALL ME LATER TONIGHT OR SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN BITCH"
"i will kill you."
The performance in question was an absolute fucking bomb.
The boys looked stunning, the stage was set ablaze, the choreo could not be any better, and the public certainly enjoyed it.
And i could not be prouder to be here.
"Ugh thank god we're done, that crowd was a force to be reckoned with" Seungkwan exclaimed while being absolutely drenched in sweat.
"Tell me about it, my old man bones are starting to deteriorate" Seungcheol said while mimicking a walking cane and holding his back pretending to be in pain.
"Hey Mingyu, is everything ok?" Joshua asked after noticing his bandmate in a somber mood.
"Oh what?, Yeah yeah, i'm good" He said while creating a fake chuckle.
See the issue was, because of the constraint of time and the damn manager dragging him away, Mingyu did not have time to ask that absolute cutie for his number, which immeditely made his mood sour but being the proffesional he is, he didn't let that show in the performance luckily.
After Mingyu's pondering, the group was ready to leave the premises.
Mingyu hoped to see the boy he was eager to talk to more but it seems like that boy was gone.
Seventeen had seperate homes after their career skyrocketed, to Mingyu's luck, since it gave the members freedom to do whatever they want, especially vlives.
While everyone went their seperate ways, and Mingyu finally being able to relax, he couldn't get the nagging feeling of guilt for not being able to talk to Y/N again, so he thought he should start a vlive as a way of hope that maybe that same Y/N follows what he's doing.
"Hello everyone, it's Mingyu."
I yelled while jumping out of the bed, scaring Amy in the process.
"When i came over, i didn't want to see you thirsting over korean men, i wanted to hang out" She said while facepalming.
"oh my god"
The Vlive went well, with Mingyu answering some questions Carats had for him and also talking about todays performance,
but what he didn't fail to catch was a certain persons username.
(i mean...... it wasn't THAT bad, right?)
Clearly in a state of shock and absolute hope, he sent a reply while @'ing the username he saw.
Carats were in a state of confusion, seeing their idol with wide eyes staring at his phone screen while not responding at all.
Until, he saw what he needed to see.
"Girl, he just @'ed me......he wrote my name and then something else, my hangul is not processing rn WTF DOES THIS MEAN" i asked while trying not to scream.
"Let me see, oh he said
"Is this you?"
and i qoute "ke. ke." "
"W-w-what do i write?" I asked dumbfounded.
"MF, UMM YES WOULD BE A GOOD START" She yelled, annoyed by your stupidity.
"Ok, ok"
Y/N, while watching his face, wrote yes with a period at the end, 'cus sophistication.
Mingyu, upon seeing the message, released the biggest smile possible, which made Y/N almost on the verge of crying.
He wrote "If this is you, how about you give me that number so we can continue that interrupted conversation" while his smile changed into a devilish smirk.
Carats were absolutely losing their minds, after seeing their idol so upfront with someone, but theories were rising as to who this mysterious person is while Mingyu couldn't care less.
It's safe to say, that after dragging Amy to translate it, you absolutely 👏lost👏your👏shit👏.
So you did what you were asked, sliding into his dm's instantly which is something you never knew would happen.
And with Mingyu seeing the message instanteniously,
This surely was very real, and your liking was definitely reciprocated to say the least.
And that is it....damn this might be the longest fanfic i ever wrote on this account, this was not proof-read so sorry for grammatical mistakes 💀
but again, thank you so much for requesting this and i hope it lived up to your expectations and that it was what you were looking for, and if it wasn't you have the freedom to beat the shit out of me 100%
but yeah, like this if you think this was ok and see y'all when i write another one ( insert that meme ha ha)
peace y'all ‼️✋
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wonlouvre · 2 days ago
hi!! i absolutely love your writing and so when i saw your requests were open, i didn't want to miss the chance 🤧
i'm a total sucker for your fluff writing like A LOT and i was hoping if we could get jeonghan x reader where they're newlyweds? thank you 💛🥺
Seungkwan's Gift
pairing: non-idol!jeonghan x gn!reader genre: newlyweds, fluff warnings: none! word count: 990
💌: thank you so much for loving my fluff writing 😭🤧 i hope you enjoy this!  requests are open, just click this link!
For such a small wedding, you can't believe the mountains of gifts that you and Jeonghan received from your family and friends. You don’t even know where to start and with your husband's nature of procrastination, it’s going to take you a long time to discover what’s covered by the colorful wrappers. 
But you have to start somewhere so ignoring your husband's pleas to just have a quiet morning, you ask him to pick one to open.
“How about we start with Seungkwan’s?” Jeonghan suggests, lazily sipping on his hot brewed coffee. “It looks like a jar, don’t you think so?”
You sigh and scratch your neck in contemplation. You give your dearest friend’s gift an observation and you know what, Jeonghan might be onto something. It’s not just any ordinary mason glass jar. It’s actually pretty big, like you can put candies and other treats. The shape is also similar to the typical swear jars you see from watching reality shows. 
You purse your lips and clap your hands. “Alright, let’s start with Seungkwan’s jar.”
You pick it up with ease and you’re surprised that it’s lightweight. Afterwards, you take the space beside your husband on the couch who’s about to fall asleep again unless you nudge him from his daze. 
He chuckles nonchalantly and embraces your waist with one of his arms. 
“It’s so light,” you describe as you rip the wrapper apart. “Maybe it’s just air? Or you know, those little colorful stars project during elementary school?”
Jeonghan just agrees with your deducting abilities, finding it endearing. If you’re like this over one gift among the hundreds, it will take you weeks or maybe even months. He doesn’t see a problem though. He won’t mind you investigating these wedding gifts as long as he gets to hold you like this. 
“Oh!” You exclaim once it’s naked from the paper material. But your reaction is short-lived as you further examine the contents inside. “Eh? Are these papers?”
Jeonghan leans for a closer look, his interest piqued. “Letters, maybe?”
“Seungkwan already cried so much when he talked to us after the wedding,” you remind him with a roll of your eyes. “Why would he write us thousands of letters?”
Jeonghan also dramatically rolls his eyes at you. “Then open one.”
“Okay,” you say but not before placating his frown with a kiss on the cheek. You hold the lid and twist it open then pull one of the folded papers out. 
What did your first kiss with your spouse feel like?
You burst out laughing once you finally read what’s written on the paper. You show it to your confused husband and he laughs along in both amusement and disbelief. 
“What is this?” You ask and pick another one but Jeonghan stops you before you can open it. “What?”
“Answer the question first,” he says and take the jar from your hold. 
“Of course it felt good,” you tell him what he wants but not meet his eyes. 
“Eyyy,” he teases and pinches the tip of your nose. “I’m sure it was more than good.”
“Shut up.” You push his hand away and he lets you be. 
“I have to say, your lips locked with mine felt good too so we’re on the same page.” 
You can’t believe you married this man, but that’s not the point right now. You wait for him to pick the next question this time and once again, it cracks the two of you up.
What is the strangest gift your spouse ever bought for you?
“Do you remember the silver utensil set you bought me?” Jeonghan asks, tears from laughing too much lining his eyes. “You were so annoyed whenever I accidentally brought your spoon or fork to my apartment you had to buy me a set.”
You try to catch your breath but the reminder makes you fail. 
“You gave me a pet rock, Jeonghan,” you fight back in between the laughter. “I don’t think a set of utensils is stranger than that.”
“Excuse me,” he says, offended. “You kept that pet rock like a child and even bought more accessories.”
“Well, you brought the unopened box of utensils you’re complaining about here, wanting to show it to your future children.”
“I wasn’t complaining about it,” he defends himself and childishly pushes you. “I was asking if you remember because I treasure it the most.”
Your heart skips a beat but you don’t tell him that and just snatch the jar from him.
“Anyway, last question for today because I want to shower now,” you say and Jeonghan nods mischievously, definitely plotting something.
When did you know that you one hundred percent wanted to marry them?
Jeonghan puts a hand on his nape, suddenly shy about the question. You stare at him, who’s avoiding your eyes. You laugh and shake your head.
“Should I recite my vows again?” Jeonghan jokes and takes the jar away from you, placing it on the center table.
You snuggle close to him, hugging his waist and resting your face on the crook of his neck. “For me, it was when you exchanged your shoes for Hoshi when you noticed his feet were bleeding.”
Jeonghan pulls a face in bewilderment and you just give him a look, telling him you’re dead serious. 
“It was your selflessness and sacrifice, okay?”
“I didn’t know that.” He accepts your answer and hugs you tighter. “I knew I wanted to marry you during that one time we were arguing and you were stubbornly asserting your point.”
Now you’re the one looking at him incredulously. He just laughs at your reaction and kisses your forehead. 
“What does that supposed to mean?”
“It means you never give up on me even though I get annoying,” 
“Huh?” You ask again but he just pulls you closer again. 
“Shhh. Let’s nap for now,” he says, closing his eyes. “Those first three questions made me tired.”
if you want to request, please click this link! <3
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wonwoonlight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
📣: boyfriend!Soonyoung //idol!au // new relationships kinda fluff // ft. bestfriends!Wonwoo and Lisa // 800~ words
A/N: thank you for the request anon! not sure how to make it suggestive in the presence of their friends so this is just fluff hehe. enjoy!
find the rest of requested drabble here
Tumblr media
Admittedly, it hasn’t been that long since you and Soonyoung have been officially dating each other. It hasn’t even been a month—maybe two weeks at most.
That said, you haven’t really told your close friends about it because: 1. You’re rather reluctant to break the news over the phone (and… how are you supposed to do that, anyway? Just say: “Hey guys! By the way, I’m dating Soonyoung now!”? That’s so weird). 2. Wonwoo would never stop teasing you about it and you’re not mentally prepared for that because it would eventually lead to the other members. 3. Lisa has been too busy with stuffs these days. 4. You’re also busy with practice.
Today, Lisa finally has the day off and she has called and ask if you’re up to hang out in her place.
You didn’t expect Wonwoo and Soonyoung to be there when you arrive, but they are.
“Why do I not know you guys are also invited?” you ask, taking the empty seat next to Soonyoung. Lisa sits on the single sofa across you and Wonwoo is busy playing with one of her cats, scratching Leo’s belly (or was it Luca? You can never tell them apart) as the feline purrs happily in his lap.
“I didn’t expect them to be free,” Lisa shrugs. “I mentioned you coming over and, the next thing I know, they’re on my door.”
“I’m just here for the cats,” Wonwoo says from the floor, not even looking up at you as Lisa’s pets surround him.
Soonyoung snickers, arm naturally rests on the sofa head behind you. “Dude been wanting to go to a cat café but can’t find the time to.”
Something dings from the kitchen and Lisa gets up to check on it. Soonyoung glances at Wonwoo, when he’s sure his member is still too busy with the cats, he quickly drops a kiss on your cheek before leaning back to the sofa as if nothing’s happened.
“What are you doing!” you whisper, flustered.
“What? I can’t kiss my girlfriend?” he whispers back cheekily, making you blush at the way he’s staring at you in challenge. “It’s been three days since I last saw you.”
“Are you saying you’re ready for them to find out?” you pout, and Soonyoung glances at Wonwoo again before pinching your cheek.
“You do know Lisa wouldn’t take it well if we hide it from her for too long?” he reminds you, though he knows you’re just reluctant about their teasing.
“Why are the two of you sitting so close to each other?” Lisa asks as she comes back from the kitchen with a plate full of cookies.
It’s Wonwoo who chirps in, still not sparing you any glance. “They’ve been at it since earlier, just saying. Whispering to each other, too.”
You make a mental note to strangle Wonwoo later, because right now Lisa is looking at you and Soonyoung with narrowed eyes. You don’t dare to move away from you boyfriend, afraid it’d make it all the more obvious instead.
“Chaeyoung made these cookies you know,” Lisa announces, knowing you love them so much but aren’t close enough with the said girl to ask her to make some for you. “I just heated them because she says they taste better warm.”
“Too bad you won’t be eating them because you’re hiding something from me, apparently,” she continues nonchalantly and takes a bite.
“What makes you think I’m hiding something for you?” you lamely try to defend yourself, mouth starting to water from the sweet smell.
“There is absolutely no reason for people to whisper unless they’re hiding something.”
“What if we’re just plotting against Wonwoo?”
“Hey!” he turns to you for the first time that day, which only earns him a glare for you while Soonyoung just laughs happily at the banter from where he’s at.
You don’t notice the way his fingers are playing with your hair, twirling them and letting go only to repeat. It’s something that he’s always liked to do: playing with your hair. And, despite your still growing relationship, this is something that you’re already used to because Soonyoung almost never lets go of your hair everytime you’re cuddled together.
But Lisa does, her eyes catching the movement of his fingers and she wonders why you let him be. And then she glances at the way your body is leaning towards him, recognizes the way Soonyoung’s smiling at you isn’t because he’s having fun seeing your banter but because of something else.
“You’re dating, aren’t you?” she blurts out quickly just to see your reactions. You blink continuously while Soonyoung’s fingers stop their movement and it’s enough confirmation for Lisa before she’s already screaming at you for not telling her.
You profusely apologize because she’s throwing her weight at you, hitting you with the sofa cushion as Soonyoung tries his best to protect you with his arms even though the sound of his laughter is ringing through the room. You notice Wonwoo recording with his phon from where he’s at with an annoying grin, but you guess you’ll have to deal with him later when Lisa’s literally on top of you, demanding you to tell her about every single detail as if Soonyoung himself isn’t next to you.
Maybe you should’ve just told her over the phone, after all.
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svt-incorrect · 2 days ago
Hoshi: hey, wanna help me commit a felony?
DK: what the hell?!
Hoshi: oh sorry my bad.
Hoshi, whispering: you wanna help me commit a felony.
DK, whispering: of course hyung, what do you need?
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sbnchaos · 2 days ago
boyfriend junhui asks who your svt bias is.
+ This is my first ever text au, I saw a lot of people do it so I wanted to give it a shot. This also was suppose to be for Jun’s bday but I had too many exams last week.
✑ idol!jun x non-idol!reader, established relationship.
✑ fluff, crack?, angst? [if you squint]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ I am sorry for the spelling mistakes 😔. Also ignore the time at the top.
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haohaowrld · 2 days ago
Hey can i request a fluff wonwoo with the reader like he's usually not the affectionate type but one day he just turns soft mode on you like just full of kissing and cuddling etc tho the reader is surprised by him suddenly being this affectionate but she's not missing any of it too!
★ 𝚙𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 : wonwoo x gn! reader
★ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎 : fluff
★ 𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 : none
★ 𝚊/𝚗 : why can I see this though haha 😊 also, I'm not getting notifications for requests so I'm sorry if I see it late. please enjoy!
You heard the front door close as Wonwoo took off his shoes, sighing lightly. You were in the kitchen making him some food for when he got home, since you know he didn't eat after practice.
You felt his hands on your waist, a thing he didn't do often, slowly moving his hands to wrap around you completely.
"How was practice?" You say as you let out a breath at the unexpected affection. He hums as an answer, responding shortly after.
"Tiring, but good. How was your day?" He asks, kissing your cheek as you turn off the stove, plating the food. Wonwoo turns you around, placing more kisses on your face, on your head, wherever he can reach.
You hum in response, accepting all of his affection with open arms, your eyes closed in relaxation. Wonwoo looks at you, excited to hear about your day.
"My day was really long," you murmur. "it's better now that you're here. do you wanna eat?" He responds with a nod, but he doesn't loosen his grip around you. He holds you tighter, actually. You look up at him, confused.
"I just wanna stay here a little longer," Wonwoo says as his hands start moving up and down your back and waist. you hear him humming a song quietly, the habit becoming comforting to you.
this took a while.. I just got a dog recently and have been helping her try to become more comfortable and it's working out so well :) this was a really cute ask though, thank you anon!
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chupacoupsie · 2 days ago
unDead's Love (Part 5)
Tumblr media
paring: Undead!Wonwoo x Human!Reader
word count: 1266
warnings: Mentions of death and some gruesome things that you can watch in the movie Warm Bodies.
[a/n]: sorry for the typo errors because sometimes I didn't get to notice them before publishing and I only get to notice it when I already posted the chapter so I tend to edit the part if I see some typos. and Wonwoo looks so good in this pic [ I have to use it as a... cover? header pic?] and I think it matches with the fic so yeah. Don't stop streaming their MVs since Aju nice, Clap, Left&right is almost 100M views WOOOH WE CAN DO THIS CARATS!
Previous || next
Tumblr media
While Wonwoo is not around you tried to explore the whole plane and you stumbled upon a phone and you hurriedly went to it and tried to turn it on. When you saw that it is still working you checked if it has some sim card and when you saw that there is, you quickly tried to dial Jeonghan’s number, after a couple of rings, he finally answered
“Hello may I ask who is this?” he said which made you tear up at the sound of his voice
“If you don’t tell me who is this I wi-”, “this is Y/N” you cut him off
“Y/N oh my gosh are you okay? Are you hurt or something? How did you manage to contact us” He continuously asked you questions
“Jeonghan one question at a time please and I am okay I’m not hurt and I managed to contact you because I saw a working phone in this plane where a corpse that saved me is staying,” you said which made Jeonghan alarmed at the mention of the corpse
“Wait so what Yoori told us was right? Wonwoo saved you?” Jeonghan asked which made you confused on how he knew Wonwoo
“You know Wonwoo?” you asked and he hummed on the other side of the line
“Can’t you remember Wonwoo, our childhood friend? Seokmin, Mingyu, Minghao, and Wonwoo went to L.of this guy who to study together with Joshua but Joshua went back to Korea first because He graduated first and the four of them called us last summer to tell us that they are already on their way to the airport flying to Korea” Jeonghan narrated which made Y/N more confused because how come she can’t remember Wonwoo or the other names mentioned
“I can’t remember them but Wonwoo mentioned those names last time and I never knew that I am somewhat related to them like what the hell you must be kidding me” you said still confused about the fact that you are childhood friends with Wonwoo and according to him he can’t remember anyone related to him.
“So anyway I don’t have time to catch up for now cause he might return soon and I just wanted to tell you that I really need help right now cause this place is surrounded by corpses and he promised that he will get me out of here in a couple of days but we are running out of time and I’m scared that the Bonies might find me here and I don’t have anything to protect me except for a small knife” you said panicking at the mention of the Bonnies
“Don’t worry Vernon and Seungkwan found your location and we are already formulating plans to save you. Can you remember what Wonwoo put on you to mask your scent?”
“I guess it’s his blood since he got it from the wound where I stabbed him and Yoori’s covered in corpse’s blood when I blew off a corpse head that was supposed to attack her so I’m guessing corpse blood can mask off human’s scent” you explained
“Then we have to find a corpse or something” Jeonghan mumbled “Just prepare yourself and try to look for weapons there while we are still planning and try to look for chargers to charge the phone you are using so that we could keep in touch, bye sis take care” you bid goodbye to each other before you hung up
When you turned around you flinched when you came face to face with Wonwoo who is trying to decipher who are you talking to and what device are you using
“Wonwoo you scared the hell out of me I told you before to stop scraping me!” you said but he just looks at you with an unreadable expression
“W-who were you t-talking to?” he asked while looking at you in the eyes which made you look at the ground to avoid his gaze
“My brother. Wonwoo I know you are trying to help me but I also have to find a way to somewhat get out of here or else it may be too late for me to escape and the only choice I had is to at least contact my brother to rescue me since this airport is the corpse’s den and without your help, I can’t get out” you said
“D-don’t worry, they w-will help us” he said while motioning to the door and you saw 3 other corpses which made you scared and tried to hide but Wonwoo just hold your hand and give you a small smile
“They will not e-eat you” he said which made you relax a little bit and the corpses standing on the door knew that Wonwoo fell for you and they don’t have any choice but to help the both of you
When all of you were seated you told them what Jeonghan had told you on the phone
“I have something to tell you guys. When I called my brother a while ago, I mentioned Wonwoo and found out that… you guys are our friends who were on their way back here in Korea to reunite with us but the apocalypse happened. But why can’t I remember any of you?” you explained which made them shock, especially Wonwoo
“T-that explains t-this photo” Minghao said and showed you a photo of the four of them doing weird poses trying to copy the statue
“Where did you get this?” you asked “I f-found it on m-my pocket” he said
“If y-you were our friend before, t-then we.. help you” Seokmin said smiling which made you smile in return
Tumblr media
“Guys Y/N called me a while ago and she confirmed Yoori’s suspicion that it is Wonwoo” Jeonghan said which made them calm down but surprise at the same time
“But she can’t seem to remember him or the three other guys. I have told her to always keep the phone within her reach and also told her that she should look for a charger so that we can keep our connection” he said
“Are we gonna tell this to your father?” Joshua asked
“For now let’s keep it a secret and let’s polish our plan. I will borrow some vehicles and I will just tell dad that we will be going on a mission to look for more resources. Prepare your weapons and the things that you will need. We will be leaving before the sunrise” when all of them left the room Jeonghan released a long sigh and slumped his body on the couch.
“Never knew being a leader can be this tiring. This is what Seungcheol might’ve felt every time that he leads us ey?” Jeonghan huffed out and stood up to go to his room when he saw something inside his father’s office. He went closer slowly and silently pulled out his sword. When he opened it wide, he saw a gem shining so brightly on top of his father’s desk
“Wtf is this?” he said, scanning the gem until an image pop-up in the middle. He was shocked when he saw Wonwoo and how it zoomed inside his chest to his heart. Jeonghan was shocked when he saw how Wonwoo’s heart came back to life and in an instant, he covered the gem with his handkerchief and went to his room and put it inside a small chest locking it.
“I will show this to the guys tomorrow, this could probably help us on how we can end this apocalypse” he mumbled to himself
Tumblr media
[a/n]: sorry for the slow update, I am just really busy because our final exam for Statistics will be on June 16 and I have to get a high score to pass this subject.
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