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#svt au
lavenonie · 2 hours ago
Chapter 10 - sweaty dudes
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
summary: ✧˖ Many know the saying of curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately, yours ended up in your (cute) new neighbors apartment.
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a/n - hiiiii !!! I got my first Covid vaccine yesterday and my arm really hurts but other than that I’m super hyped! I hope u guys are doing well <3
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latteunwoo · 3 hours ago
[03:15 am]
Obviously with being new parents, this came with the consequence of having to be woken up at ungodly hours of the night because your newborn had woken up from her slumber.
Before you could even get out from the bed, Mingyu was already five steps ahead of you.
"It's okay, love, I got it," he told you as he held his hands out to stop you from getting up while he went into the other room to take care of your daughter.
Even though he said he got it, with how clumsy Mingyu can be sometimes, you still got up and went to the other room to back him up.
When you got there however, you quickly stepped back when you realized that Mingyu seemed to have everything covered already. You couldn't help but smile at how both Mingyu and your daughter were already sound asleep on the rocking chair.
"I guess he really does have it," you said to yourself as you walked over to put a blanket over the both of them before kissing them on the tops of their heads and heading back to yours & Mingyu's shared bedroom.
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prettywordsyouleft · 3 hours ago
Prompt: “Watch out behind you.” -- @challengingwords​ prompt #43
Pairing: Kwon Soonyoung x female reader
Genre: fluff
Warnings: none
Word count: 710
Tumblr media
“How are we meant to make anything together?” you exclaimed, glancing at your partner dejectedly.
You had spent the last forty minutes going through a range of recipe options with Soonyoung, the pair of you pulling out what you both could make. But each one had dairy items, which Soonyoung was intolerant to, or gluten, which you had a sensitivity towards.
“It’s easy to substitute for non-dairy and gluten-free ingredients,” Soonyoung offered, but you sighed loudly.
“We’re in a bake-off, Soonyoung. Everyone else’s food is going to have more taste to it than ours. We’ll be substituting out the taste too if we cater to both our intolerances.”
He smirked and leaned in closer. “So, we’ll add some MSG.”
“We all know the judge will spot that in our food,” you reprimanded, attempting to dissolve your smile from the playful suggestion.
Soonyoung threw his hands up in the air before dropping his head to the countertop. “What if only one of us tries the food?”
“If we just use dairy-free options, you’ll be able to showcase it in the competition!” you replied, growing eager. Reaching out for Soonyoung’s arm on the counter, you shook it. “You’re a genius!”
“Gluten would be better to add, right?”
You nodded and then momentarily turned glum. “Everything tastes better with gluten.”
“How much longer do we have to prepare something?” Soonyoung asked, lifting himself back up.
Glancing at your watch, you grinned. “Five hours.”
“Well, that’s plenty of time for one of these recipes!” Soonyoung enthused, reaching out towards the stack of papers you had been searching through.
Tumblr media
After a small mishap with an ill-followed recipe, you were able to present the finest triple chocolate chip cookies you had ever seen. They were so delectable that you had to stop Soonyoung from taste-testing more than the four he had so far.
“If you keep eating, we’ll have nothing to present against Delia and Jeonghan’s Lemon Drizzle Cake!”
“I can’t help it! They’re so good!” Leaning in closer, Soonyoung chuckled before whispering in your ear. “Did you add the MSG?”
“Honestly! You were there. We took zero shortcuts on these cookies! We even used Belgian chocolate, Soon!”
“I’ve never tasted something so delicious. It must be the high-quality ingredients.”
Nodding with satisfaction, you picked up the tray of cookies from your dorm’s table. “We have to head to the main hall for the competition, so hurry up and open that door, would you?”
Balancing the tray, you walked proudly down the hallway towards the Bake-Off competition, smiling at the interest you garnered along the way.
You seemed to be a beacon for dragging a crowd into the auditorium, grinning at Soonyoung as he fell into step at your side once heading over to the judge’s table.
You could see it now, the prized spot you would place your cookies under, and further, steal the limelight from Delia and Jeonghan’s yearly masterpiece.
This year’s Bake-Off would be crowning you and Soonyoung victorious.
However, with only a few steps to go, Minghao suddenly lost his balance after catching his foot on a chair leg in front of you. Trying to avoid crashing into the fellow student, you side-stepped, your eyes widening as you held onto the tray with all your might.
Soonyoung gasped. “Watch out behind you!”
It happened all too quickly. One minute you thought you had saved your sugary stack, and the next, you were sprawled on the ground, looking aghast over at the head judge sprawled out beside you.
For a moment, all was silent until he picked up one of the cookies off his shirt and took a hearty bite of it.
You waited with bated breath.
“These are excellent,” he announced, gathering up the remaining cookies still upon him. You thrust out the tray to Soonyoung, who worked on picking up all the cookies that didn’t fall to the ground.
“Are we still in the running?” you asked the judge, and he grinned.
“With cookies as good as these, I’m going to have a hard time choosing anything to top this taste!”
You took the hand Soonyoung held out to you, allowing him to pull you back to your feet. “We’re still in the running, Y/N.”
“May the best baked goods win!”
All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft
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cheolbooluvr · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
no but remember when i tried to write a socmed!au and couldn’t get past this one convo.... eye EYE— IT’S SO HARD
but it WILL happen one day…one day……… :’)
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yoonzeeno · 8 hours ago
Another fan here to say I’m falling in love with your Pokémon AU! I’ve also been into Pokémon since I was really little, and I can tell you’re very knowledgeable about it. Looking forward to the next in the series.
oh my god, thank you! it's been a joy writing the pokemon au, to put it simply. and yeah, i've been playing pokemon since i was little and my friends would call me the pokemon freak because of how much i know about it lol. please do! im trying my best in chan's episode. if i may drop a hint; it's gonna take a different approach than the earlier two - probably shorter?
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shuajeong · 9 hours ago
Let’s love ♡
10- idk who you are
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: You lived your whole life thinking you were one or at least that’s what you were led to believe. You were told from a young age by your parents that your twin died at birth. What happens when you find out your twin is alive, brought up by your ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’. It becomes crazier when you could’ve met him any time due to your friend group. What about when your best friend’s friend otherwise known as jeonghan, enters your sight and you can’t get him to leave. Suddenly you have two important people to complete you...
a/n: sorry for a late post this week, very nearly done with this last uni project so I should be more active with chapters after that
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hansols-yoda-boxers · 10 hours ago
Camp North Star - June 13th
Reader Insert
Word Count: 471
Contents: brief mentions of sex
“You’re still in here?” Wonwoo’s voice came out gravelly and rough as he rolled over on his bunk to look at you. 
“Oh, yeah. There’s a bonfire later so I’ll see everyone this evening. I’m not in any rush.”
“Hm,” he rubbed his eyes, yawning as he woke from his nap before his hands started searching for his glasses. “I figured you would be hanging out with everyone.”
“I will,” you said, flipping the page of your book. “I’m a bit tired today though.”
Wonwoo propped himself up on his elbow. “Do I even wanna know?”
“Probably not,” you couldn’t help the grin that tugged at your lips. “But on that note, you remember that stash of condoms you said exist somewhere?”
Wonwoo eyed you judgmentally. “You need some don’t you.”
“Don’t give me that look, you know I was gonna ask you that at some point.”
“You’re just quick about it,” he snickered. It was promptly followed by a groan as your pillow hit him in the face. 
“I will have as much or as little sex as I’d like. And I’ll keep it to myself so no one can cash in their bets.”
Before Wonwoo could reply, the door to the cabin crashed open. Sana came bounding into the building, Momo strolling in behind her.
“There you are!” Cried Sana. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” She and Momo climbed up onto your bed, Sana with an excited look on her face. Wonwoo relaxed back on his bed, grabbing his book and nearly hiding behind it.
“I heard a rumor,” she said.
“I heard the rumor,” Momo corrected. “I’ve been gathering gossip since we arrived.”
“Ahh,” you said. “I’ll bet I can guess what you heard.”
“Is it true you’re releasing your inner whore this summer!?” She asked, bouncing on her spot.
“You are way too excited about that,” you chuckled. “But I guess you could say that. I’m just… open to casual sex.”
“Just open to it?” Momo asked, quirking an eyebrow.
“Has something already happened?” Sana gasped.
“That’s what I heard,” Momo hummed.
“Hold on, what did you hear?” you asked.
Sana’s eyes widened. “You did do something!”
“Someone,” Momo corrected.
“I need details!” Sana said.
“I should go find Hongjoong and say hi to him,” Wonwoo mumbled, swinging himself out of his bunk, earning a snort from you. He just barely threw you a flustered look before he made his way out the door, trying not to look like he was hurrying.
“Isn’t he your co-coach this year?” Momo asked.
“Yeah, Wonwoo.”
“I feel like I know nothing about him,” Sana mused.
“He’s quiet, but he’s cool when you get to know him. I don’t think he wants to know the details of my exploits though,” you chuckled.
“Speaking of which,” Sana giggled. “Tell me everything.”
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wonwoonlight · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
📣: Wonwoo // enemies to lovers-ish i guess // angst?????? but not rly no // somewhat fluffy too // 6000~ words hahahahhahahahhahah this isnt a drabble
A/N: thank you for the request, anon! just to be clear, this fic doesnt give an accurate representation of memory loss bc i tried researching but it doesnt... really tell abt what i was looking for so, yeah. also, the way med school works here is like uni, which is why wonwoo's break is a bit long so if the med school in ur country doesnt work that way pls ignore lol but tbh the med school background isnt rly important here. im gonna write a long ass AN at a different post abt this fic so if you feel like seeing me rant, you're welcome to do so <3 enjoy :D
find the rest of requested drabble here
Tumblr media
For someone who claims to hate you, Wonwoo knows quite a few things about you more than he’d like to admit.
One, he knows you live alone because the reason you’re here is to pursue your medical degree (and get a job too, obviously). Two, he knows you’re the closest to Park Chaeyoung, a Korean by blood who’s lived outside the country more than inside; Wonwoo figures the both of you find comfort in each other for being foreigners. Three, he also knows the only reason you’re hostile towards each other is because you simply started off at the wrong foot and refuses to be civil with each other quite immediately after that.
Lastly, he knows there’s just no way he’s called in the middle of the night by the hospital for you because you ask for him.
Wonwoo stares at the doctor in front of him with eyes wide open, glancing at you who’s fast asleep on the bed. You’ve fallen back asleep after asking for him, the nurse in charge quickly going through your phone to look for a ‘Jeon Wonwoo’ and has someone notify him about it.
“What do you mean she’s lost her memories?” he asks once again, not believing what he just hears even though the way your head is wrapped with bandage says enough.
The doctor explains how you hit your head to the side of the road because of some irresponsible cyclist going too fast, eventually bumping into you and then fell down on you after losing his balance. Your body doesn’t sustain any major injury, but your head has taken the fall for colliding into the stone brick firsthand.
“Is it…bad?” he asks, his mind busy recalling the few stuffs he’s read about amnesia even though he has never actually learned it himself.
“Apparently, she forgets the events of the last few months to almost a year before,” the doctor patiently answers. “It’s all a blur, she tells me. But she doesn’t completely forget everything, just that she forgets a lot of details.”
After another half an hour of telling Wonwoo stuffs that he thinks the guy should know, the doctor finally leaves, telling him to take care and ‘have strength’ because you can still have your memory back even though it might take a few months at least.
He sits down on the chair next to your bed, looking at you as he wonders why did you not ask to call for Chaeyoung. Though it wouldn’t make any difference, Wonwoo thinks. He knows the girl is back in Australia for the semester break and he could only imagine what she’d do if she finds out.
He sighs, figuring he’d have to notify her too one way or another.
[01:03 AM] Jeon Wonwoo: SOS. Text me when you’re available to talk.
[05:54 AM] Park Chaeyoung: ??? r u drunk
[05:54 AM] Park Chaeyoung: is2g if you’re making up shit
This is going to be one long semester break.
Tumblr media
“What the fuck do you mean she lost her memories?” Chaeyoung curses from the other end.
“I mean just that,” Wonwoo sighs in annoyance, though he does feel bad for her. “Apparently, she asks for me and that’s why I’m here.”
“Why on earth would she ask for you?”
“How am I supposed to know?” he huffs, slightly lifting up the curtain to see the sun barely up. It’s somewhere around 6 in the morning, Wonwoo has just woken up from his uncomfortable sleep with his neck and waist screaming in pain from sleeping on a chair. When he comes to, he checks his phone only to see Chaeyoung replying to his text and figures he should deliver the news and be done with it. “She probably doesn’t remember she hates me.”
On the other line, Chaeyoung goes silent and Wonwoo lets her be. He knows this kind of news isn’t easy to take, even more when she’s literally in another continent and can’t just come back to help the person she considers her own sister.
Before neither of them can say anything more, you groan in your sleep, making Wonwoo turn to you. He quickly tells Chaeyoung that you’re waking up, and he can hear her sniffles a little before softly asking him to take care of you, the softest she has ever spoken to him. So Wonwoo says yes and hangs up.
Wonwoo keeps quiet for a moment, just in case you’re going to go back to sleep right after. But you sluggishly open your eyes, eventually looking up at him as you try to sit on your bed. Wonwoo comes closer to help you, avoiding your eyes because he’s never been this close to you before and it’s flustering him for no reason at all.
“How are you feeling?” he decides to say and sits down on the chair near you. “Head okay?”
You nod a little, thanking him when he hands you water to drink. “You’re… Wonwoo, right?”
There’s an unexpected sting in him at your question and your unsure gaze. It must’ve been frustrating, knowing you should know this and that but you don’t. “Yeah. They called me but you’re already sleep when I arrived.”
“I’m… I’m sorry if we’re not close or anything,” you fidget, and Wonwoo actually feels bad seeing you so… small. This isn’t you; you’re supposed to roll your eyes at him, glare at him when you can’t come up with a good come back, or give him that annoying triumphant grin when you get the last words. “But you’re the first name that rings in my head so I ask the nurse for you.”
There’s an awkward smile in his face, but Wonwoo tries his best to hold it back so you won’t be even more uncomfortable because, even though he never experiences it himself for obvious reasons, he knows it must’ve been scary to you. You don’t even know who he is, but now you’re looking at him like he’s the only one that can help.
“It’s okay,” he reassures you. “Are you really okay? Should I call for the nurse?”
“Just a little lightheaded,” you tell him honestly. So Wonwoo does exactly that, all the while listening carefully to what the nurse says when she’s examining you.
Not long after that, your doctor comes in to check up on you. He says something about not being too worried, because it might be short-term and you might get your memories back sooner rather than later. You look scared, Wonwoo notices, but he can see you visibly relax when you catch his eyes and he sends you an encouraging smile.
“I… need to go back and wash up,” he tells you after the doctor leaves. You look at him with uncertainty, as if afraid to be left alone without him by your side. It’s not a look that Wonwoo would ever imagine coming from you to him, but his heart warms a little at it. “I’ll be quick, I promise. And then I’ll come back and we can talk about stuffs that might help you jog your memory back, okay?”
You nod, because you also feel bad for keeping Wonwoo here when, by the looks of it, he’s not even your closest friend or anything. You’re sure he’d freak out more if he was your close friend or, dare you assume, boyfriend. But Wonwoo is calm and has just looked more confused and a little uncomfortable.
At least he looks like he wants to help, you think to yourself.
Wonwoo stays true to his words, already appearing back in your room not an hour later, and takes the seat near your bed.
“Okay, um…” he begins hesitantly. “What do you want to know first?”
“We aren’t close, are we?” you shoot straight to it, the most certain you’ve ever been since you come to.
“Well, no, I wouldn’t say,” he answers truthfully. “We go to the same med school, share some classes, umm… We… talk from time to time, but not to the point where we’re close.”
For now, he decides that’s the best he can tell you. You already look scared and lost as it is, there’s no use in telling you the nature of your relationship. He’s been thinking about it during the short while he’s not in the hospital; how much shittier would you feel if you find out the first person that you seek isn’t even your…friend?
“How did we meet?” you ask curiously. You wonder if you used to have a crush on Wonwoo before and are just too shy to do anything about it. Surely, if someone like him is in your class he would at least serve as your eye candy, right? Plus, he’s kind enough to accompany you like this when you’re just…acquaintance, apparently.
Wonwoo chuckles awkwardly, remembering how that’s exactly why you both went down the wrong road, still going at each other’s throat until this very moment.
“I, uhh, I wasn’t looking and you were in a hurry so we kinda bumped into each other and I might’ve spilled my coffee all over you,” he scratches his head, unsure how this version of you would take it.
Surprisingly, you let out a small laugh that sends a handful of butterflies in his stomach. “What a meeting. Your impression must’ve been strong to me.”
He shifts in his seat uncomfortably, then changes the topic just so you won’t start asking about how it goes from there. He talks about the little things he knows of Chaeyoung, someone that you also only remember by name, and then promises to video call her when you’re ready, and he talks about school stuffs, some you recall, though mostly not.
“Have you checked your phone?” he asks, only know realizing your phone is intact on the table.
“No,” you look down to your lap. “I’m… afraid.”
“Because you might not remember everything?” he asks pitifully. All this time, the only side of you that Wonwoo’s familiar with is your snarky side; one that’s skeptical and confident, not unsure and afraid like this. Seeing you like this is weird, not because he’s not used to it, but because he can feel something stirring inside him at the sight of your hunched figure.
At your nod, Wonwoo offers to accompany you look through it if you want, that he would try to help if he can even though he might not be much of help if it’s not about friends from school. So you agree, and Wonwoo is able to help more than he thinks he could; he’s able to tell you about the class you enjoy most and ones that you don’t really care for, able to tell you about your habit of drinking iced (‘it has to be iced, I’ve never seen you with anything hot,’ he says) coffee for your first class no matter what time it starts, able to tell you about some friends that you’d sometimes hang out with.
“You do know quite a lot about me, huh?” you ask jokingly, not knowing the way Wonwoo’s heart jolts at this particular tone you usually use at him everytime you beat him on Professor Jung’s exam. He can vividly picture it in his head, the way you’d walk past his table to say something along the line of ‘looks like someone’s barely passing, huh?’.
Wonwoo knows what makes his heart jumps isn’t only that, though, it’s the fact that he doesn’t even realize he knows this much about you. Has he actually been paying attention to you?
He shakes the thought away, and the nurse comes in with your lunch just in time to stop your conversation. There’s watermelon on your fruit plate, and you hand it to him because you don’t like it. Wonwoo scoots closer to your bed, eating your fruit as you talk some more over your lunch.
It is only when you’ve finished eating that Wonwoo realizes he actually likes this—talking to you over meals with no hostility in between.
He wonders if it’d be like this if he’d just said sorry that time and helped you clean up instead of fighting you back.
Tumblr media
A week later, you’re already discharged from the hospital with Wonwoo in tow.
“You ready to go home?” he asks, and the sentence feels more intimate for no reason at all that Wonwoo averts his gaze from you to his phone almost immediately.
“Can’t stay here forever, can I?” you ask back, which makes him chuckle at the spark of familiarity. Being with you almost 24/7 for a week, Wonwoo has learned that your sarcastic way of speaking is just the way you normally speak.
When you both arrive in your apartment (Wonwoo gets the passcode from Chaeyoung who shares the apartment with you), the space suddenly feels too big for you and it’s overwhelming. It’s also sad, because this place used to be your home, it should be familiar—and even though it doesn’t feel foreign, it doesn’t feel like home right now.
You roam around to your room, and then peek through Chaeyoung’s from the door, hoping something will hit you, but nothing really stands out and it’s more than frustrating.
“Hey, don’t force it too much,” Wonwoo finally says after a while, noticing the way your fingers are digging into your palms. “How about we video call Chaeyoung now? Didn’t you say you want to go home first before finally calling her?”
You turn to Wonwoo who’s standing near the sofa, and you nod before sitting down there with him. “She… she won’t be mad that I don’t remember her, right?”
“Oh, [Y/N],” he calls your name gently. “She’s literally your closest friend here, okay? And she’s been so worried that she texts me everyday to make sure you’re okay. She’s been wanting to call you too, but she’s refrained from doing so because I told her you’re not ready yet.”
For the next two hours, Wonwoo simply watches you talk to Chaeyoung from the side. At first, the both of you are crying—Chaeyoung, because she’s too worried, and you, because Chaeyoung is crying—and Wonwoo’s pretty sure he would’ve mocked you for it if this was the old you, but right now he just feels bad and he comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t like seeing you cry.
Not the tiniest bit.
He has to hold himself back from wiping your tears, settling for handing you tissues and a glass of water instead.
“I’m okay, I promise,” you tell her when the call is about to end, relieved that you don’t completely forget about some memories Chaeyoung has been sharing with you. “Just a little dizzy now, maybe because you help me recall a little. The doctor says it’s normal.”
“We’ll talk some more later or tomorrow, okay?” Wonwoo hears her say. “I have to go in a bit and I’m not sure when I’ll be back. Don’t forget to take care!”
You chuckle a little, something at the back of your mind tells you Chaeyoung has always been this kind of friend and you’re relieved at the recollection. “Yes. Wonwoo’s here with me too, so I’ll be okay,” you shyly say, missing the way Wonwoo widens his eyes while Chaeyoung coughs to hide her reaction before eventually hanging up.
“Should we order pizza?” Wonwoo asks before things get awkward. “You know, to celebrate your homecoming?”
You laugh at his choice of words, but nod anyway. Pizza with Wonwoo doesn’t sound so—
“Why are you here?” you frown at Wonwoo, the guy simple shrugs as he annoyingly bites into his pizza. “You don’t even like pizzas!”
“Who says?” he rises his eyebrows. “I loooove pizza. And who am I to say no to Seungkwan’s free food?”
Beside him, someone sends you an apologetic look, mouthing an apology and a promise to make it up for you.
“You invited him, didn’t you?” you turn to someone else.
“Does it matter who invites me?” Wonwoo chirps in. “Just sit down and eat.”
“Oh my God, are you okay?” Wonwoo quickly holds your shoulders as you wince at the sudden wave of memory. “Did you remember something again?”
You weakly nod, the pounding in your head won’t stop and you can barely see Wonwoo’s worried eyes.
“Do you… do you know a Seungkwan?” you ask once the headache dies down.
“I—yeah, he’s, uh, kind of close with everyone,” he answers. “Did you… get to remember him?”
You shake your head, taking the water from his hand. “Not really, no. But, have we… eaten pizzas? With Seungkwan?”
Wonwoo hesitates for a second, but he eventually nods and tells you yes.
He still remembers that day because it’s hasn’t been that long ago; Seungkwan has called some people over for pizza night as a celebration of the semester ending. Wonwoo has told him no at first, telling him he wants to sleep for a week straight and his social battery is practically nonexistent. But when he hears from Mingyu you’re coming, he has quickly made his way over just to bother you even though he doesn’t even feel like eating pizza then.
“It hasn’t been that long ago,” he honestly tells you. “Only 2 weeks ago at most.”
He’s met with silence, there’s a frown on your face as you try to put the puzzles together in your mind. Your words and Wonwoo’s from the memory ring endlessly; are you… not in a good relationship with Wonwoo? But he’s been so kind to you the past week?
He barely even leaves your room if not because of the visiting hour and because he needs to come home and wash up.
That doesn’t make sense at all.
“Do you want to lay down and take a nap maybe?” he asks, still worried. What else could you possibly remember now?
At your nod, Wonwoo helps you to your room, asking you if you still feel like eating pizzas or if he should order something else. But you shake your head and tells him pizza should be fine, that you just need to lay down for a while because your head feels heavy.
Tumblr media
When you wake up again, Wonwoo isn’t in your room. You walk out to find him asleep on the sofa, his arms crossed in front of his chest and his head uncomfortably leans back on the head rest. You slowly make your way to sit next to him in hope your weight wouldn’t wake him up; it doesn’t, but Wonwoo grunts before turning a little to you.
There’s a part of you that wants to ask Chaeyoung what’s the nature of your and Wonwoo’s relationship, but would it be too much? Just because of one memory?
But didn’t Wonwoo say it has just been roughly two weeks ago? Then why were you questioning his presence to the point where your friend—Seungkwan? was it? —has to apologize for Wonwoo being there? Didn’t Wonwoo say you were just…acquaintances?
You look up right when Wonwoo’s starting to wake up, he groggily opens his eyes and you don’t even realize you’ve been sitting so close to him that his face is right in front of yours. He blinks a few times, as if trying to figure out why your face is so close to his, but you quickly stand up and walk to the kitchen.
“When did you wake up?” he asks instead with a yawn. “Is your head better?”
“Not too long ago,” You nod at him as you return with the pizza box. “Definitely better. Did I sleep for long?”
Wonwoo looks at his phone before answering you. “Maybe an hour or so. You’re really feeling better?” he asks again, noticing the conflicted expression on your face.
You nod again to reassure him, and when Wonwoo softly mumbles to himself he’s glad you’re feeling better, you decide you’re not going to pry about your relationship with him. However it was between the two of you, it shouldn’t be bad enough if he’s right here with you, right?
If it’s that bad, he wouldn’t continuously try his best to take care of you since day 1, right?
Maybe it was just those friendly fights, you try to convince yourself. Maybe you just enjoyed arguing with him and he, you.
That must be it.
Tumblr media
The week after that, Wonwoo says going to school might be a good idea because you spend a lot of time there, and you need to go to administration to officially take a semester break, anyway.
You take a deep breath once you get off the bus with Wonwoo, both hoping you’ll remember and afraid just in case nothing happens.
“You’ll be fine,” Wonwoo squeezes your shoulder. “Don’t force it, okay?”
It’s something that he often says to you, because he knows you often try to force the memory out by staring at something that seemingly important to you. This does nothing but frustrates you and, more often than not, you just end up with a useless headache.
“You’re already remembering a lot too, aren’t you?” he says, reminding you it’s okay to take it slow.
“Yeah, but there are still a lot of missing pieces and sometimes I’d either dream or suddenly think of people with blurry faces,” you pout. “It’s scary.”
“You still have those dreams?” he frowns, you’ve told him about it a couple times before and he remembers how disturbed you are even though it should be a good thing that your memories are coming back little by little.
You nod, absentmindedly linking your arm with his as you walk to the building. Wonwoo blinks at the touch, but doesn’t have the heart to move away nor even comment about it so he lets you be.
He likes it, anyway.
“Oh?” someone exclaims from afar, calling you both loudly as he makes his way to where you’re at. “Well, aren’t you two cozy,” Mingyu grins when he notices the way you’re holding on to Wonwoo.
The sight of Mingyu alone seems to trigger something within you, though, and you stagger back at the sudden wave of pain. Wonwoo quickly puts his arm around your waist to hold your weight, and Mingyu looks at him in panic, not having any idea about your condition.
“Well, don’t you look cozy in your hoodie,” Mingyu says from beside you.
“Don’t you shut up ever?” you glare at Mingyu.
“No. It’s a part of my charm,” he grins shamelessly. “Why? You like the quiet type more?”
You roll your eyes at his words, trying to step away from him. “I like people who’s not associated with Jeon fucking Wonwoo. So, obviously, I don’t like you. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”
You walk away from Mingyu, but he quickly catches up, easily falling back into steps with you. “Do you know that you two actually match each other really well? Wouldn’t be surprised if you end up dating once you decided to end this dumb feud.”
“And I wouldn’t be surprised either if my shoe ends up in your mouth,” you glare at him once again.
Mingyu puts his hands up in surrender, though the teasing grin in his face doesn’t falter. “You owe me Chaeyoung’s number if you end up with him!”
“I’m okay,” you say once you’re able to get back to your feet. So many thoughts are swirling in your mind and you’re pretty sure your head doesn’t only hurt because of the memory rush but due to the revelation that you’re still denying.
Are you really in bad terms with Wonwoo…? Wonwoo, who has been with you for almost a month now, taking care of you days and nights? Wonwoo, who makes dumb jokes out of nowhere and never forgets to tell you to slow down and rest?
You look up at his worried face, a frown in his face with his arm protectively around your figure. There’s nothing but worry and concern in his eyes, so why…?
“Should we just go home?” he asks instead, and you can feel the arm around you tightening a little. You glance at Mingyu behind him, too speechless to say anything.
“No, we should at least take care of my break,” you tell him as you try to step away from him a little.
Wonwoo’s face subtly falls at your movement, but he quickly nods and figures you’re just disoriented. He points at where you’re supposed to go, telling you to go first because he needs to talk to Mingyu about something.
Any other day, you would’ve waited for him because he seems to be the only certainty in your blurry life and it’s a little scary to be doing things without him. But today’s not any other day and you actually do need time alone to collect your thoughts no matter how short.
All the time you’ve spent with Wonwoo seems to make you forget Wonwoo wasn’t even your friend when he first came through the hospital door. He was just a classmate, you have assumed—a colleague. He himself said you weren’t close.
You remember wondering about the nature of your relationship with Wonwoo before, and you’ve closed the possibility of him being someone you don’t like because he was, still is, taking care of you earnestly.
Some memories regarding him have been coming back too, if you’re being honest. But you didn’t tell him because you were always arguing with each other in those memories, they didn’t last long enough for you to get the context of it; but almost every fight was childish by nature which is why you have just assumed that’s how your friendship with him was.
But now that you think about it, Wonwoo wouldn’t have been as uncomfortable at first if you’re actually a close enough friends that can argue with each other without getting hurt.
Maybe you’d have to call Chaeyoung tonight.
“Hey, careful!” Wonwoo pulls you to his side, concern written all over his face and it’s only now that you realize you almost bump into the pillar in front of you if not for him. “Are you really okay?”
The worry in his voice is clear, and yet you suddenly doubt everything about him after the episode earlier. You try to rationalize with yourself; even if you were in bad terms with him before, that doesn’t erase the fact that he’s been restlessly taking care of you when no one else could, does it?
Furthermore, doesn’t it just say about how good of a person he actually is if he’s taking care of someone he doesn’t like?
You flinch at the thought. What does he think of you, really?
Should you just ask him instead of calling Chaeyoung?
You don’t realize when Wonwoo moves to face you. But when you do realize, his palms are gently cupping your cheeks to search your eyes thoroughly, and you look back at him, trying to see if there’s any deceit in his eyes. He can’t be faking it to this extend, can he?
What do you know about Wonwoo, anyway?
You frown at the sudden thought. Yes, Wonwoo has been taking care of you greatly all these times, but do you actually know him?
“I’m—I’m fine,” you answer him at last, your hand goes to hold his for a second before letting go. “Let’s just finish this and… I want to go home.”
Wonwoo lets go of you and nods, biting his lips at the way you’re suddenly avoiding his gaze.
Did you remember? But it’s been only roughly a month? Doesn’t it usually take months to recover loss memories?
Most importantly, why does it scare him?
It’s two weeks after that day and you’re still too afraid to confront him. But it is a fact that sometimes you become too conscious around him, and Wonwoo probably notices this even though he doesn’t say anything about it.
Even so, his genuine concern and the way he earnestly takes care of you still brings butterflies to your stomach, often prompting your heart to run a little faster than normal when he’s too close and his fingers slightly brush yours.
It is only when Wonwoo texts you he can’t come today because he’s promised Mingyu a long time ago to go somewhere with him on semester break, that you realize you’re almost always with Wonwoo ever since you woke up from that concussion.
You try to count back to the day of the small accident; it’s been roughly a month since then and the few times you spent your day without him can be counted with your fingers. Almost everyday he’s by your side even when he doesn’t need to—like when you met up with Seungkwan in hope he’ll be able to jog something within you, or when you went to the places Chaeyoung has mentioned to be your favorites, even when it’s midnight and you couldn’t sleep because the blurry faces are haunting you.
You still remember that night vividly even when you fell asleep without you knowing. You woke up because of another blurry memories, head pounding and heart beating fast out of fear. It was hard to fall back asleep after that, so you had texted him just to see if he’s awake—and he was.
He called you almost immediately, talked to you on the phone about this game he’s been obsessing over and how you should try it, about how Soonyoung, his roommate, had been nagging him because he’s always at your place and that meant Soonyoung had no one to accompany him eat during dinner. He had just laughed it off, though, and you can still remember how your heart fluttered when Wonwoo jokingly said he’d rather eat with you than his roommate, anyway.
That went on until somewhere around 2 in the morning, with you falling asleep somewhere along the way. You wake up to Wonwoo’s text telling you to call him if the nightmare comes back.
You sigh to yourself. Why is the whole thing with Wonwoo so complicated? Why can’t you just pretend this is how it’s meant to be and accept your feeling towards him regardless of how it was before when you couldn’t even remember?
But you know it’s not that easy—know that Wonwoo knows how it was before and you’re not sure what to make of him being aware of your supposedly ‘bad’ relationship while still doing…this.
Is he just being kind? Maybe he feels bad about your situation and wants to make up for whatever he did before even when you don’t remember?
The only thing that you know is you don’t dare to assume he’s developing feelings for you like you are for him and you hate yourself for it.
You mess your head out of frustration, walking to the kitchen to see if the fridge has anything that might cheer you up a little. There are three cans of beers, you notice, you haven’t touched alcohol at all since the accident. You hesitate a little before eventually bringing them all out with you to the living room. You don’t even know how much you can drink, but surely you won’t get drunk over canned beers, right?
Tumblr media
“What the fuck!” you gasp in shock at the cold beverage against your skin, seeping in through your shirt. “Do you not have eyes or something?”
The guy in front of you looks just as shocked, but quickly frowns when he registers your words. “Isn’t it you who was dashing through the corridor without looking?”
You scoff at his words, eyes throwing daggers at this guy who you don’t even know. “Wow, not even a sorry. What a gentleman.”
“Why should I be sorry when it’s you who bumped into me?” he scoffs back, which irritates you even more because isn’t it you who’s the victim here? Having been drenched in coffee first thing in the morning?
“Jeon Wonwoo!” someone calls from behind you, the guy glances at the name, but quickly turns to lock your gaze again just to annoy you further. Of course, guys with decent looks are always assholes.
“I will fucking remember you, Jeon Wonwoo,” you whisper under your breath before turning to leave. You will get back at him.
“[Y/N]!” Wonwoo calls to you once again, trying to shake you awake on his lap.
That’s how he found you when he comes in, passed out on the floor with empty canned bears on the table. Chaeyoung has worriedly called him earlier, telling him you’re not taking her calls nor checking her messages. It’s 8 in the morning on a Saturday, but Wonwoo quickly goes to your place when you’re not answering his calls either.
“That dumbass,” Chaeyoung has said over the phone when he calls to say you’re passed out most likely from beers. “Her body can’t take alcohol.”
After that, she has told him to prepare your usual hungover remedy and that he should try to wake you up; you’ll probably throw up and he would need to help that, too.
When you wake up, your head’s pounding and your throat is itching. You can hear someone calling you, but not conscious enough to register who. The next thing you know, you’re running to the bathroom to throw your guts up.
Wonwoo worriedly follows you, holding your hair to the side as his other hand rubs your back. His warmth comforts you, but you’re still not done throwing up to properly collect your thoughts.
Once you’re done, Wonwoo leaves to get you aspirin and water while you wash up a little. You warily make your way to the living room after that, taking a deep breath before stepping out of the bathroom.
“Here, take this,” he says when you’re close enough, handing you the medicine. “I ordered the hungover stew earlier and it should arrive soon, Chaeyoung says you usually have it after drinking too much.”
You don’t say anything, simply bite the inside of your cheek as you take the aspirin from him. Wonwoo doesn’t seem to notice you silence, too worried out of his mind.
“Why did you even drink?” he frowns at you. “Do you know how worried I was seeing you passed out on the floor?”
You still don’t answer, your mind bursting with thoughts. It is then that Wonwoo realizes you’ve been keeping your words and softly calls your name in confusion.
“Why?” you say for the first time. Wonwoo simply looks at you with a silent question, not getting it. Your head still hurts and you’re probably not in a good enough condition to talk about this, but the sudden surge of bravery is something that you can’t ignore. “Why… have you been helping me?”
His breath turns heavy at your question, already able to put things together by the way you’re talking to him. “Did you… remember?” he asks instead, blunt nails digging into his palms.
You shake your head; your eyes are stinging as you suddenly feel like crying. “I—yes? No, I—I don’t know, maybe? But… but I, I remember our first meeting and a few other arguments and—”
Wonwoo quickly stands up to embrace you as you gasp for air and tears flood your eyes. He can feel the way your fingers are gripping his shirt as you cry, probably too overwhelmed with everything.
You’re not sure what comforts you the most: is it his arms around you? Or is it the way he’s whispering comfort to your ear? Or is it the way his hand is endlessly caressing your hair?
Once your tears die down, Wonwoo leans back a little to see your face. Something inside him twists at your puffed eyes and the way you’re hiccupping after crying far too long for his liking. He gently sits you down on the sofa, handing you water.
“Do you want to talk about it now?” he asks, there’s no use in hiding it anymore if you remember everything—at least the part about him—now.
You nod shakily, a little disappointed at the way Wonwoo’s sitting further than he usually does, though you get that he might be doing that for you.
He explains everything as best as he can, how he knows it must’ve been scary for you and how it would do you no good if the first person you seem to recall enough turns to be your enemy. He talks about how, at first, he takes care of you because he feels bad, but it wasn’t out of pity—he can tell you were scared and frustrated, and he doesn’t wish for you to go through this alone no matter how it was between the two of you before.
You listen to every single one of his words, heart stinging a little when he says he’s doing it because he feels bad. Who are you kidding? Of course, that’s why, the only reason there’s even an opening for you to feel something for him was because you have lost a chunk of your memories. Else, now you know it would be the same between the two of you.
The thought doesn’t comfort you, though. You think once you remember for sure what’s the nature of your relationship with him, everything would be clear to you.
And you definitely don’t think that, once you remember how bad it was between the two of you, the feeling that you’ve developed over the month would stay. You’ve never imagined you’d crave for his proximity, wish for him to continue talk to you like he usually would during the time he was taking care of you.
Would he back away from you now that you remember about him?
“Please don’t think I’m treating you like a charity case,” his words cut through your train of thoughts. “I’m—yes, at first I just felt bad, but now I’m just taking care of you because I want to, okay?”
“What—what do you mean by that?” you shakily ask, heart beating so hard that you can hear it loud and clear.
Wonwoo hesitates for a moment before eventually dives for it. “I… I don’t want to go back to how it was between us before just because you remember.”
“I… don’t want to either,” you whisper softly, making his breath caught in his throat. “I—I like being with you, Wonwoo.”
There’s a teasing smile in his face, but you can tell that his eyes are genuine without a hint of jokes. “Confessing already, are we?”
You chuckle a little at his attempt to lighten the mood, hitting his arm slightly which makes Wonwoo finally smiles at you, too.
“Just kidding. I like being with you too,” he genuinely says as he meets your eyes. “We really just started off the wrong way and refused to give each other a chance, huh?”
“How stupid, right?” you say with a laugh. “Takes me a concussion to give you a chance.”
For a moment, silence envelopes the both of you as you stare into each other’s eyes. There’s a quiet understanding between the two of you; how he’ll still be there to help you recover more of your memories, how you agree to let go of that first meeting, and how you both would slowly go through the path in front of you together after this.
It’s quiet and it’s comfortable, so you bask in his gaze and he, yours. What finally breaks the silence between the two of you is Wonwoo’s phone ringing to notify an incoming text. He looks at it, and then tells you your stew has arrived downstairs.
“I’ll just… go get it,” he says as he stands up. “Don’t go anywhere, okay?”
You laugh at his remarks, his mind probably stopped working after the emotional outburst earlier because he doesn’t even realize what he’s just said. You hold back the urge to be sarcastic, instead nodding at him with a smile that sends butterfly flying in his stomach.
“I’m not going anywhere.”
©wonwoonlight – all rights reserved.
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honeykrp · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hoshi is wanted at honey 🐝
hey, honey! we’re a queer-based, app-themed, korean industry-centric hub for all things sweet!~ we offer you a safe space to shed free your public persona and connect with other idols who are just like you! life in the spotlight offers various perks and awards, but the most rewarding is to find those to be your most authentic self with, and here with your peers that include an elite group of faces more familiar than you might expect, you are sure to find something to entice you.
literate; semi-au; mewe; 18+; korean industry
rules  ✫ masterlist ✫ apply
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wonwoonlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
📣: Dad!Seokmin // mostly with Mina but yn appears at the end :D // fluff // 900~ words
A/N: Thank youu for the request, anon! this was so cute aahh, i kept on pushing back that wonwoo update bc it got too long and now im even considering to scrap the whole thing when im almost at 5k sjbfhjsdbf anyway, enjoy! this takes place in the same universe as my main dad!svt haha.
Tumblr media
“Mom will like this, right?” Mina asks cutely, her hand stops decorating the cake in front of her, suddenly afraid you wouldn’t like the way she decorates the cake with M&M’s.
“She’ll love it no matter how you put it, princess,” Seokmin ruffles her hair. “But maybe that’s enough M&M’s? It’ll be hard to cut the cake if you put more.”
Mina nods obediently, looking at the cake. It’s a simple two-layered vanilla cake, Seokmin has carefully covered it with whipped cream so his daughter can decorate it however she likes. So far, Mina has sprinkled M&M’s along the border of the cake, a messy writing of ‘Happy B-day, Mom!’ adorning the middle of it with the a’s written the other way around and the B barely passable as a b because Mina refuses to let Seokmin do it and has only accepted his help just in case her writing would be too big.
“The cake really tastes good, right?” she asks once again.
Seokmin scoops her in his arms, nuzzling her belly and making her giggle uncontrollably as he tells her once more that it is good. He’s been dropping by Chan’s house a lot for this because his wife has a knack for baking; after one failed cake and another almost-failed try, Chan’s wife has finally approved of his cake last week, telling him it tastes pretty good and he’s passed the test.
If he’s being honest, Seokmin has accepted that maybe he would just need to buy a cake instead of making one. So when Chan’s wife says his cake isn’t just okay but pretty good, he knows he can do it as long as he does the exact same steps he did that time.
“When is Mom and Minjae coming home?” By some miracle, Seokmin does not actually need to convince you to leave the house in order to prepare this surprise. You’ve told him yesterday that you need to go to the hospital for Minjae’s monthly checkup, and then said he doesn’t need to come with you because you’ve promised to drop by your friend’s house after that, telling him to take care of Mina instead and that you’ll be home before 6.
Seokmin glances at the clock before answering her, hands still busy stirring the kimchi stew on the stove. “In an hour or so, I think. Are you excited to surprise Mom?”
Mina nods vigorously. She loves surprise with all her heart, and the thought of doing it for her mom fuels her with excitement. She babbles some more about how you’ll be happy and how excited she is about blowing candles and cutting the cakes.
All the while, Seokmin indulges every single one of her serious-5-years-old-talk as he busily cooks for your birthday dinner. Every once in a while, he’ll ask Mina to taste his cooking or ask her to bring this and that just so she would feel like she’s included in the process, the kid readily does her tasks and patiently waits beside him for the next one.
When he’s done with everything, you’re still not home and it’s almost half to 6. Mina has been quiet since a while ago, the tiredness finally catching up with her as she stubbornly tries to fight her sleepiness.
“You want to nap for a while?” he kneels down to meet her eyes. Mina shakes her head, telling him she wants to surprise you and how is she supposed to do that if she’s napping? “I will wake you up before Mom comes home, promise.”
“No,” she declares once more, only to yawn right after.
Seokmin chuckles and takes her in his arms, which she just accepts as she lays her head on his shoulder. She whines when Seokmin turns to her room, so he moves to the living room instead just so she won’t throw a tantrum. He sits down with her still clinging on to him, plopping down his lap with her short arms around his neck.
He slowly rubs her back, and it’s not too long after that Mina’s breath evened, falling asleep in her dad’s embrace. Seokmin smiles at the sight, also yawning as he cracks his neck to the side. Preparing for a surprise is never easy, it turns out, even more when he has to do everything by himself.
Seokmin closes his eyes and relax his body against the sofa. He will just rest his eyes for a while and wake Mina up once he hears the car engine coming in.
Yeah, he’ll do just that and not fall asleep.
He’s just going to rest his eyes.
Tumblr media
When you arrive with Minjae in your arms, the house is strangely silent.
You walk to kitchen first, letting out an ‘oh?’ when you see the table set and your favorite meals prepared under the cover on the table. You’ve got a hunch on what the two was doing when you were out now; was this supposed be a surprise birthday dinner? Are they hiding and waiting for the time to come out and surprise you?
You blink at the silence once again, Minjae looking just as confused in your arms even though he probably doesn’t understand anything. You try to call Seokmin and Mina, but no one answers and that’s when you finally see the two of them cuddled together in the sofa; mouths slightly ajar and Seokmin’s arms limply around his kid.
Seokmin stirs when you sit down next to him, blinking a few times only to widen his eyes after when it registers you’ve come home. You quickly signal him to quiet down, though, because Mina is still asleep in his arms.
“Surprise?” you whisper cheekily.
Letting out an amused smile, Seokmin moves his other arm to pull you to his side and plants a kiss on the side of your head before saying, “Happy birthday, love. Pretend to be surprised later when Mina surprises you, okay?”
©wonwoonlight – all rights reserved.
Tumblr media
find the rest of requested drabble here
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wonwoonlight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
📣: husband!Jihoon // pregnant!yn // angst???? not really lol // fluff // comfort?? i guess // 900 words
A/N: ok its nearly 2 in the morning and i made this in like,,, an hour bc i felt bad for not updating 2 days in a row lol (bc that wonu update got too long and now im in too deep, i cant finish it quickly jhdsjfhbdhjfb) so obviously this isnt proofread and stuffs so pls bear with me hehehh also, im still emotional after that mmtg concert and my 2nd gen heart is soaring so i might or might not be in my best condition to write buttttt i do like how this turns out haha anyway! thank you for the req anon, i changed some stuffs bc i cant see jihoon lashing out tbh lol hope thats okay. enjoy!! happy weekend guys!!!!!!!!!!
find the rest of requested drabble here
Tumblr media
You stare at Jihoon as he busily types on his laptop at the dining table, wondering if it’s okay to ask him to go out and get pistachio ice cream. You don’t even like pistachio ice cream, but the baby inside you craves for it and it’s not like you have to say no, either.
But Jihoon has been busy the whole day, barely leaving his laptop alone. The only reason he’s in the dining room and not his office is because the AC has broken down a few days ago and is yet to be fixed. If not, you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t see Jihoon all day unless you come by to his office room.
He’s been a little tense these days, too, something about new project going on and his team being less than ideal for him. Jihoon has always been the type to quietly hold things in and then burst at once, which is your constant worry because it’s not exactly good for him.
He’s much better in talking about it now, at least to you, but he still does that sometimes without he even realizes and you think this might be one of those times; which is precisely why you’re hesitating on asking him to go out with you.
“Hoon?” you call him softly, trying to see his mood.
Jihoon grunts in acknowledgement, not even turning to you as his eyes focused on his screen.
“Would it be okay if I want to go out for a while?” you ask.
Jihoon turns at this, sighing at his work. “I’d love to, baby, but I still need to get this done first.”
You bite down your lip, picking your words carefully. “Can I go out with Soonyoung, then?” you ask, mentioning your brother even though you’re not sure if he’s free.
“What do you want to do, anyway?” he leans back on his seat, looking at you with something that is close to annoyance.
“I, uh,” you hesitate, suddenly feeling stupid for bringing it up. What on earth is your hormone doing? “I’m craving for ice cream,” you continue, your voice getting gradually getting smaller.
“I can’t hear you, you know?” he asks patiently, though his tone is on edge as he glance at his screen once again before turning his gaze back to you.
You repeat your words once again, voice even smaller than before. Jihoon takes a deep breath, willing himself not to get mad at you because he knows he’ll regret it immediately. But the miscommunication that has been happening within his team that he’s yet to fix all is getting even more annoying and it’s getting into him more than he’d like to admit.
“Can you repeat that once again?” he tries again.
You’re pretty sure it’s just your hormone acting up, but his annoyed tone and tired sigh stings something within you and you suddenly feel like crying. So, you decide to shake your head and hope your baby would forgive you for not eating that ice cream as you make your way back to your bedroom.
Sitting down on the furthest part of the bed from the door, you try to hold back your tears, try to tell yourself that Jihoon’s just tired and he’s tried his best not to lash at you, that there’s no reason to cry over him sounding annoyed when it’s probably his coworkers he’s annoyed at, not you.
Still, it’s hard to believe it when you’ve heard his sigh and exhausted tone when talking to you.
When the first tear falls, you quickly wipe it with your hand only to have Jihoon kneels down in front of you and take your face in his hands.
He frowns at the tears, his thumbs catching them as you try to calm yourself down. He doesn’t say anything and neither do you, but eventually he moves to sit beside you and engulf you in his embrace, which only makes you cry harder for no reason at all.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers against your head. “I made you question yourself, didn’t I?”
You wrap your arms around him, shaking your head. You’re pretty sure it’s just your messed up hormones making you extra sensitive, but Jihoon has always been perceptive even if he’s a little late at times.
“I’m sorry I made you cry, hm?” he leans back a little, just enough to see your face.
“No,” you hoarsely say after your tears die down. “I’m—I’m just a little sensitive, it’s not your fault.”
“Still, I should’ve tried to listen to you.” He gives you a small smile, sweeping your hair back to see you properly. “Mind telling me what you were going to say earlier?”
“I was craving for pistachio ice cream,” you say once again, looking down at your belly.
Jihoon follows your gaze and lets out a chuckle.
“Didn’t you just eat like, half an hour ago?” he asks, amused. “Our baby has quite the appetite, huh?”
“Wonder where he gets that from,” you smile at last, making him smile also.
Leaning forward to drop a kiss on your forehead, Jihoon stands up and pulls you with him right after. “Let’s go get that ice cream then. My work can wait, it’s not my fault they’re dumb.”
You seem uncertain for a moment, but Jihoon quickly sends you that look and you know not to question him. So, you take the jacket he’s handing you and take his hand in yours before following his step. There’s no better mood for ice cream than this.
©wonwoonlight – all rights reserved.
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hansols-yoda-boxers · 2 days ago
Camp North Star - June 11th
Reader Insert x ???
Word Count: 634
Contents: swearing
“God, why did I let you drive?” Wonwoo muttered, grabbing the handle along the ceiling of the car.
"It is not that bad," you said, rolling your eyes. "And if you wanted to drive you should have told them you could."
"Yes, please remind me of the life choices I regret," he deadpanned.
"Will you at least admit that it's 90% the roads?"
"It's maybe 75% the roads," he groaned as you hit yet another unavoidable pot hole on the quiet dirt road. "It's 25% your shit driving."
You turned your head to stick your tongue out at him and he grabbed you chin and turned your head back to look at the road. "You can do that later," he said, "focus on the road."
"I can do what later?" You snickered, throwing him a smirk anyway.
"You can stick yo- don't look at me like that!" 
"Why not?" You teased.
"I didn't sign up for this job for your poor attempts at seduction." He said pointedly.
"Hey I'm great at seduction," you laughed.
“Oh I’m sure,” he chuckled. “You’ll have to be this summer.”
“They could come to me,” you pointed out.
“You-” Wonwoo let out a groan as you hit another pothole. “You know what, focus on the road.”
“Relax,” you said, pulling down a smaller road that twisted through the trees. “We’re almost there.”
“If only this was the only stop we had to make,” You glanced at Wonwoo to see the grimace on his face.
“Does it make it better that at least this time we have a car?” You asked, slowly pulling into the small, slightly muddy dirt parking lot. 
“It definitely does not,” He sighed. “I don’t wanna think about how long it’ll take to get up here in the canoes.”
“It’s not as long as it seems,” you said, jumping out of the car. “It’s a pretty trip up here anyway and the kids are nothing if not entertaining.”
“The mid-summer trip is even longer though,” he grimaced as you walked down to the edge of the water.
“It’ll be alright,” you said. “It really is a fun time with everyone.”
“Yeah well,” he sighed, nudging a rock with his toe. “You actually know everyone. It’s more fun when you do.”
“Dude,” You said, catching his gaze. “You have time to get to know some more people. It’s not like they don’t like you.”
He shrugged. “I’m not good at small talk and icebreakers and whatever.”
“So just keep coming to hang out with people. You already know Siyeon and Jihoon pretty well and the swimmers like you well enough.” He still dropped his gaze away from you again, unconvinced. “Wonwoo, it’s not like you can’t make friends.”
“I’m not… great at it.”
“You made friends with me,” you pointed out.
“Well I have to be friends with you,” he muttered. “I see you all the time. What else are we gonna do?”
“We could be sworn enemies.” The silly suggestion made him crack a smile. “Really, you’re gonna be fine. You’ve been at this camp two years already. People know who you are even if you’re not close with them. No one is gonna bite you if you try to talk to them.”
He met your gaze again. “And I don’t know everyone. I think I know most people’s names but really I just say hi to people and have a few that I know pretty well and I go out when the others go out. The more you hang with the swimmers the less it’ll feel weird and the more you’ll get used to them. They’re nice, they’re just all weirdos.”
“Well that is better than asshole weirdos,” he said.
“See, that’s the spirit,” you chuckled. “Now come on, we have other beaches to check.”
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svt-incorrect · 2 days ago
Seungkwan: babe~
Seungkwan: angel~
Seungkwan: hansol-ah~
Seungkwan: precious little nugget
Seungkwan: slumbering little bug
Seungkwan: if you don't answer me the pet names are just going to get meaner.
Seungkwan: bowl of cereal that's been sitting out for like an hour.
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softforhao · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they were grapes [2/?]
Tumblr media
# pairing: wonwoo x female reader
# genre: fluff, angst, crack, alternative universe
masterlist || next
Tinkerbell has always been there for Peter. And Peter? He chose Wendy.
in which Wonwoo has to make the choice between his best friend, or the girl that has been pinning over him.
lmk if you wanna be added to the taglist!
taglist!: @ppeachyttae @wooziujidoots @seokkjin @w8nuzone
Tumblr media
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novemberbythestars · 3 days ago
Black Mask
Tumblr media
pairing: wen junhui x reader
genre: quite some sensual tension ya know, robber reader au,
words: 830
type: oneshot
"And the ever magnificent, timeless, piece of art, Starry Night." With how famous the painting is, you didn't need to listen to the tour guide as he explained its history.
Instead, you looked around and familiarize the surroundings. Two exits in the front, 3 ones at the back. All gates beyond that, secured and filled with checkpoints. Just like the usual.
You fixed the masquerade mask on your face, a simple black mask with a black and white feather, a red gemstone by the sides. A ray of glitter on the lining of your eyes.
The Starry Night painting, if you are successful with taking it, will be your biggest hit, and the most expensive. If you're successful, you can just retire from this job.
After the tour was done, you made sure to make yourself as invisible as you can. Smiling to people you would bump in as to not let them suspect anything, but mostly hanging out by the bar to drink while continuously roaming your eyes around.
"Another one for the lady please." You turn to your side and saw someone in a brown and white suit, with a matching white mask.
He was tall and lean, from his suit you can visibly see his biceps. Even with the mask obscuring your view from him, it was evident he wasn't that bad-looking.
You looked at him impressively with his bold actions, the bartender sliding you a drink. The man, now taking the seat beside you, while he drank his drink nonchalantly.
You took the drink in your hand and took a sip, looking at the man again who now wore a smile on his face, though still not looking at you. "Am I that lonely looking you bought me a drink?"
He turned to you, putting his drink down. "No, I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't leave when I finally talk to you."
"Well, it's working." You finished the drink in one go. Pushing it towards him while he only looked at you with- curiosity? "No more for me, I still need to get home alone."
"Night's young, plans could change. You don't need to go home alone." You chuckled at his reply, watching as he also downed his drink.
He then lends his hand out. "Care for a dance? Technically you do, I bought you a drink." You sighed but ultimately gave him your hand, letting him pull you to the middle of the dance floor.
He placed one of his hands on your hips, the other on your hands. Yours was on his neck while the other holding his hands, your bodies pressed together close. "So, black mask, what's your name?"
"I like that nickname though." You replied, challenging him as he only nodded with his mouth open. "How about you, Whitey?"
"Jun, Wen Junhui." His name was familiar, or at least some parts of it. You heard it before, he watched you in amusement when he realized his name does ring a bell and smirked when you finally put the pieces together.
Wen, the name of the invitation for this event. He was the son of the host of this party.
"I'm glad to see you're enjoying the party, I personally picked out the drinks." He whispered, his head now placed beside yours.
"I have no reason not to believe that seeing the strongest drink in there was a pink drink."
The rest of the time was similar to that, back and forth banter between you two. But it was evident he was really trying to get something out of you.
"How did you get invited here? Are you a press? Does my dad know you?"
"I am a valet that snuck in."
Eventually, you bought decided to take a seat by the private tables. And from the looks of it, the old wine he requested was taking a toll on him, even if Jun was fighting it back, it was clear he was drunk.
And when his head went limp on the back of the seats, you took this as your chance to finally do your job.
When Jun woke up, it was because all the lights were on and everyone was talking loudly, and the guards were running heavily.
He looked to the side and realizes he was alone in the booth, cursing to himself at the thought of getting drunk in front of you.
He removed his mask and suit, placing them on the table before walking out of the booth, thinking the party is over but still a sea of people in place.
With confusion, he ran to the area where the guards were running to. Not long after, he finally reached where the commotion is.
It's the most important painting in the venue, the damn Van Gogh shrine. Jun's dad was yelling at the guards as some of them ran around or were talking to the radio.
The place where the Starry Night painting hang was empty, though, on the floor was a Black mask
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softforhao · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
daddy josh [1/?]
Tumblr media
# pairing: wonwoo x female reader
# genre: fluff, angst, crack, alternative universe
masterlist || next
Tinkerbell has always been there for Peter. And Peter? He chose Wendy.
in which Wonwoo has to make the choice between his best friend, or the girl that has been pinning over him.
lmk if you wanna be added to the taglist!
taglist!: @ppeachyttae @wooziujidoots
Tumblr media
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dk-gie · 4 days ago
chapter 8 : i just got scammed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
previous , masterlist , next
summary : what happens when you see the guy you’ve been dreaming about standing right infront of you ?
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
au note : short chapter ! i’m trying to make the pace of the story a little faster but the next chapter will be longer i swear ! also i cant believe ppl rlly reading the shit i write wow 🙁 thank u lolz ❤️
tags : @lavenonie @miyuuraiura
- if you want to be tagged for the next chapter just ask or dm me ^ - ^
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wonwoonlight · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
📣: idol!Mingyu // idol!yn // fluff // mingyu is flirty lol // 700~ words
A/N: thank you for the request, anon! admittedly, this went down differently than what i had in mind when i started typing this but i liked this better sooo hahah enjoy!!
find the rest of requested drabble here
Tumblr media
You stretch a little after the makeup artist is finally done with your face, shaking you awake after your very short nap while she was working on your make-up.
Preparing for a full album has always been extra exhausting, even if you do enjoy the process of it. You’ve slept for roughly 2 hours last night (morning?), because you had a sudden struck of inspiration and you were on a roll so you pushed yourself until your manager reminded you about today’s stage and special MC gig. Being the MC means you need to arrive earlier than when you’re simply performing and that totally went pass your mind.
You’ve just sat down on the sofa when someone knocks on the door, Mingyu’s head peeking in not long after as he greets your group before waving at you and then signaling you to come with him for ‘MC-ing stuffs’.
Your members give you that annoying knowing glance, and you just roll your eyes as you quickly make your way to Mingyu, hoping the guy doesn’t notice your group’s antics. They’re convinced you and Mingyu have something going on despite your constant denial, because there’s no way someone like him would be interested in you romantically.
“Didn’t get enough sleep?” he asks when you let out a soft yawn.
“Yeah. Too much fun in the studio,” you answer flatly.
Mingyu laughs at your words, and you notice you’re blatantly staring at him before you clear your throat and look to the front once again. “Jihoon does that a lot. Are you preparing for a comeback? Or just piling songs?”
“Hmm, that’s confidential,” you shrug jokingly, which makes him laugh again.
“You think I’m going to leak that info to the world?” he grins in amusement.
Mingyu has always liked talking to you; you were an MC for a whole year with him before, the contract ending just a few months ago. It’s a little pretentious, he admits, but he’s always thought you’re cute and he thinks it’s safe to say you probably have a little something for him, too.
That said, you still talk to him from time to time because you no longer meet every week in the broadcasting station, but Mingyu thinks they’re not enough and he wants to talk to you as much time as possible.
“Who knows?” you grin up at him. “Someone tells me you’ve got a pretty big mouth.”
Mingyu groans, frowning a little. “I shouldn’t have introduced you to Seokmin.”
“Why!” you laugh gleefully. “We click pretty well, you know? Plus, we already made a plan to go karaoke-ing next week.”
At this, Mingyu stops walking and the frown in his face deepens.
“You make plans with Seokmin?”
“Uhh, am I not supposed to?”
“And you didn’t think to invite me?”
Mingyu regrets his words almost immediately when he sees the way you’re grinning as you let out an ‘awww’ as if he’s a baby. “Ohhh, is someone jealous?”
It’s now or never, he quickly decides.
“And if I am?”
Unexpectedly, you pout at this, which both startles Mingyu and forces him to hold himself back form squishing your face. “That’s not a fun answer,” you say.
“Is it fun if I’m not jealous?” he asks again, confused, but he notices the way you’re suddenly avoiding his eyes and the tip of your ears getting red from his gaze.
“I don’t know,” you turn around instead, not believing your own self just in case you blurt something stupid out of embarrassment. “Let’s talk about something else. Seokmin says—hey! Why are you pulling my arm!”
“Ohhh, is someone flustered?” he grins as you turn your face to the side, refusing to meet his eyes even when he’s leaned down to meet your face.
You’re about to say something when Mingyu quickly stands straight and lets go of your arm. A staff coming into your view when you turn around, telling you and Mingyu you’re called to do rehearsal and then signals you both to follow her.
You try to walk faster than Mingyu, maybe if you’re close enough with the staff Mingyu wouldn’t dare say anything again; but his legs are clearly made for catching up with people and he never leaves your side no matter how much you try to outwalk him.
“We’re going to talk about it again after we’re done with rehearsal, got it?” he quickly whispers to your ear before standing straight again. “You look cute, by the way.”
You don’t say anything back to him, but the way you’re trying to hide your face with your hair as you bite down your lip is enough for Mingyu. You do have a little something for him, alright.
©wonwoonlight – all rights reserved.
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