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tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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♥ 1630 likes the_courtof_miracles: It’s Saturday! You know what that means! Come see this vixen perform in tonight’s lineup! @missxspider
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swynlake-spill · 4 months ago
Just wishing Susan Webb a happy birthday!
Tumblr media
@missxspider hi i hope you had a really fun time and your party was a smash and everyone gave you presents and compliments as you deserve
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missxspider · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
missxspider: Getting ready for tonight’s soirée at the Court! Hope to see all of you beautiful people there! ❤️🍸
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swynlake-spill · 6 months ago
ENOUGH ABOUT THE ROBINSONS!!! Boba, you know all.Who are some underrated town residents who deserve the spotlight more?I know a few being Ella,Dewey,Atta,Wendy,and Hatter!
An interesting list you’ve come up with, anon. I agree with you on maybe half of these like...
1. Wendy. WENDYYYYYYYY why have we not elected to build a statue in her honor by now? Wouldn’t she look BEAUTIFUL, maybe looming over one of the paths near Oaken’s? Just a reminder to stay chill and don’t litter! Wendy, I worship you as my sapphic goddess. I mean, look: 
Tumblr media
AHHALAKFLDKDLAKSDlkdsfkadlkm,;;; sdakkf  
2. Hatter. Hatter is actually my favorite person in this town because he provides me with the essentials: caffeine, sweets, and also free WiFi. This site would not exist without Hatter’s free wifi! And so actually i think we should just forget about the election altogether and elect Hatter as Swynlake’s Leader because quite frankly I trust him more than the entire board combined. 
Now as for your other But I’ll throw out a couple more ppl deserving of shoutouts! 
3. Susan Webb. OHHHHHHH i have no idea who she is or where she comes from or what she wants from me but i would. give her. everything. Why are we not constantly talking about Miss Susan? I need daily Miss Susan updates! 
4. Rita Sykes. While I often see love for Pixie’s in my inbox, and the smokin’ hot staff (and let’s be clear, i also think they’re hot and deserving of love), Rita Sykes is neglected. She’s got one of the best voices in all of Swynlake, and the Court of Miracles has been recently refurbished and transformed into an excellent place to go for a drink and a song without...well, writhing sweaty crowds. Def for the older crowd, but like a fine wine, Rita and the Court should be savoured.
5.  Phillip Nam (Pin). Now, if you’re of a younger crowd, why obsess over Wilbur when you can go for a less dramatic, but fabulously wealthy and beautifully dressed alternative? Pin is worth ANY school crush and carries himself with a little more class than the rest of the popular crowd. Like an exotic parrot, he flies above it all. 
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euralmanac-blog · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Artist Susan Webb from the Irish School of Landscape Painting pictured painting in Mount Usher Gardens in Co Wicklow Photograph: Tom Honan/The Irish Times
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missxspider · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This time of year the spiders come out to play...
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Giants Outright Scott Kazmir
JUNE 11: Kazmir has cleared outright waivers, the Giants announced. It remains to be seen if he’ll accept an assignment to Triple-A Sacramento or elect free agency.
JUNE 5, 5:25 PM: Kazmir has officially been DFA’d by the Giants. Camilo Doval has been recalled to claim his roster spot, per Maria I. Guardado of (via Twitter). Doval owns a 7.59 ERA/7.54 FIP in 13 appearances covering 10 2/3 innings on the year.
JUNE 5, 1:51 PM: The Giants have designated left-hander Scott Kazmir for assignment, The San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser reports.  The move could end Kazmir’s comeback attempt after three appearances and seven total innings.
Kazmir last pitched in the majors with the Dodgers in 2016, and his career had seemingly drawn to a close before the southpaw announced a comeback attempt in early 2020.  His efforts led to a minor league deal with San Francisco this past offseason, and Kazmir then found himself on a big league mound once more after the Giants selected his contract two weeks ago.
As one might expect, it wasn’t entirely smooth sailing for Kazmir after his long layoff, as he posted a 6.43 ERA over his seven innings and was tagged for three home runs.  Kazmir started two of his three games, and only just returned to the Giants to start last night’s contest after spending a few days on the restricted list.  Slusser reports that Kazmir stepped away from the team to mourn the death of his best friend, who passed away last Tuesday.
It’s possible another team might be intrigued by what they’ve seen in Kazmir and could make a waiver claim, though probably the likeliest outcome is that the veteran clears waivers.  Assuming Kazmir is open to continuing his comeback attempt, he would likely be willing to accept an outright assignment to the minors, or the Giants could conceivably just release him if they feel he doesn’t offer much more to the team.
Logan Webb was placed back on the 10-day IL just two days ago with another shoulder issue, while Aaron Sanchez is also still sidelined recovering from biceps tightness.  Sanchez had reportedly been throwing side sessions, however, so the Kazmir DFA could be a sign that the Giants are expecting Sanchez back relatively soon.  San Francisco also has a chance to reset its rotation due to an off-day on Monday.
from MLB Trade Rumors
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On the final podcast episode for Taskmaster season 11, Ed Gamble talked to Alex Horne about how people are excited that Victoria Coren Mitchell will be on season 12 (damn right, we are), though many people hoped she and David would be on a season together. Alex replied that they wouldn’t do that, as having two people who knew each other well before the show would mess up the dynamics. I completely agree with that; obviously you’ll get contestants who knew each other beforehand, but choosing contestants who’d already learned how to work closely with each other would destroy some of the magic of watching them figure out how to do that in team tasks.
Ed and Alex agreed that it would be unfair to have a David/Victoria pair against three contestants who were not closely connected to each other, and I think that’s very true. Then they said the only way to have David and Victoria on together in a way that made sense would be to do a version of Taskmaster in which all contestants entered as a pair. Ed and Alex both immediately agreed that that would be a bad idea, and while I realize they both know a lot more than I do about what will work well in a comedy show, I must respectfully disagree. I think a special version of Taskmaster like that would be awesome. And Ed should know that, because he was friends with Rose Matafeo before the show, and his rivalry with her in season 9 was one of my favourite storylines in all of Taskmaster.
I certainly don’t like the idea of a version of Taskmaster that’s all romantic couples. But I could really enjoy a season – or more realistically a one-off special like what we got on New Year in 2021 – with five pairs of people who play as a team and are already used to doing things together (because they’ve worked with each other before and/or just because they’re friends).
Here are some of my helpful suggestions about who could be cast. It includes a mix of people who both have and haven’t been on Taskmaster before. It also starts with two people I’d rather see David and Victoria paired with than each other; I very much like them both, and they seem like an absolutely wonderful couple (seriously, I think most romantic pairings are overrated, but these two seem painfully perfect together), but I think it would be more fun to watch them work with other people and against each other.
- Victoria Coren Mitchell and Claudia Winkleman - David Mitchell and... I should say Lee Mack here, but I think if I could choose anyone I’d want to see him do Taskmaster with Robert Webb - Ed Gamble and James Acaster - Jon Richardson and Russell Howard - Sandi Toksvig and Susan Calman - Dara O’Briain and Ed Byrne - Sara Pascoe and Cariad Lloyd - Lee Mack and Sean Lock - Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett - This one’s a little left field, but Katherine Ryan and Jimmy Carr - Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong - Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins - Nish Kumar and Rachel Parris - Joe Wilkinson and Susie Dent - Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker (he could win with or without disability accommodation) - Rosie Jones and Joe Lycett (see above) - Armando Iannucci and Rebecca Front - Richard Ayoade and John Oliver (it’s fine, he can fly in from the States, I’m sure he’s not doing anything more important) - Simon Amstell and Russell Brand
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writemarcus · 16 days ago
Star-Studded I'm Still Here Virtual Benefit Will Honor George C. Wolfe and Late Harold Prince
Tumblr media
MAY 27, 2021
Celebrating the New York Public Library's Billy Rose Theatre Division, viewers can expect archival clips of In the Heights, Sunset Boulevard, and more.
Tumblr media
I’m Still Here, a star-studded evening celebrating the 90th anniversary of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts’ Billy Rose Theatre Division and the 50th anniversary of its Theatre on Film and Tape Archive, will stream on Broadway on Demand June 23 at 8 PM ET.
Honoring Tony-winning directors George C. Wolfe and the late Harold Prince, the evening will feature archival content of several Broadway productions preserved in the archive, including Savion Glover, Jimmy Tate, Choclattjared, and Raymond King in Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk; Meryl Streep, Marcia Gay Harden, and Larry Pine in The Seagull; Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robin de Jesús, Christopher Jackson, Karen Olivo, Andréa Burns, Janet Dacal, Eliseo Román, and Seth Stewart in In the Heights; and Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard.
Also taking part: Annaleigh Ashford (Sunday in the Park with George), Alexander Bello (Caroline, or Change), Laura Benanti (She Loves Me), Malik Bilbrew, Alexandra Billings (Wicked), Susan Birkenhead (Jelly’s Last Jam), Shay Bland, Stephanie J. Block (The Cher Show), Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice), Matthew Broderick (Plaza Suite), Krystal Joy Brown (Hamilton), David Burtka (Gypsy), Sammi Cannold (Endlings), Ayodele Casel (Chasing Magic), Victoria Clark (The Light in the Piazza), Max Clayton (Moulin Rouge!), Calvin L. Cooper (Mrs. Doubtfire), DeMarius Copes (Mean Girls), Trip Cullman (Choir Boy), Taeler Elyse Cyrus (Hello, Dolly!), Quentin Earl Darrington (Once on This Island), Robin de Jesús (In the Heights), André De Shields (Hadestown), Frank DiLella (NY1), Derek Ege, Amina Faye, Harvey Fierstein (La Cage aux Folles), Leslie Donna Flesner (Tootsie), Chelsea P. Freeman, Joel Grey (Cabaret), Ryan J. Haddad (The Politician), Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof), James Harkness (Ain’t Too Proud), Marcy Harriell (Company), Neil Patrick Harris (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Mark Harris (Mike Nichols: A Life), David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly), Cassondra James (Once on This Island), Marcus Paul James (Rent), Taylor Iman Jones (Hamilton), Maya Kazzaz, Tom Kirdahy (The Inheritance), Hilary Knight, Michael John LaChiusa (The Wild Party), Norman Lear (Good Times), Baayork Lee (A Chorus Line), Sondra Lee (Hello, Dolly!), Telly Leung (Aladdin), Ashley Loren (Moulin Rouge!), Allen René Louis, Brittney Mack (Six), Taylor Mac (Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus), Morgan Marcell, Aaron Marcellus, Joan Marcus, Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening), Sarah Meahl, Joanna Merlin (Fiddler on the Roof), Ruthie Ann Miles (Sunday in the Park with George), Bonnie Milligan (Head Over Heels), Rita Moreno (West Side Story), Leilani Patao (Garden Girl), Nova Payton (Dreamgirls), Joel Perez (Kiss My Aztec), Bernadette Peters (Into the Woods), Tonya Pinkins (Jelly’s Last Jam), Jacoby Pruitt, Sam Quinn, Phylicia Rashad (A Raisin in the Sun), Jelani Remy (Ain’t Too Proud), Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer (Beetlejuice), George Salazar (Be More Chill), Marilyn Saunders (Company), Marcus Scott (Fidelio), Rashidra Scott (Company), Rona Siddiqui (Tales of a Halfghan), Ahmad Simmons, Rebecca Taichman (Indecent), Jeanine Tesori (Fun Home), Bobby Conte Thornton (Company), Sergio Trujillo (On Your Feet), Kei Tsuruharatani (Jagged Little Pill), Ben Vereen (Pippin), Jack Viertel, Christopher Vo, Paula Vogel (Indecent), Nik Walker (Ain’t Too Proud), Shannon Fiona Weir, Helen Marla White (Ain’t Misbehavin’), Natasha Yvette Williams (Orange Is the New Black), and Ricardo Zayas (Hamilton).
The program will also feature interviews with Broadway artists discussing the re-conception of classic musical theatre songs, including “A Trip to the Library,” “Wheels of a Dream,” “Another Hundred People,” “Love Will Find a Way,” and, fittingly, “I’m Still Here.”
“From the Great Depression of the 1930s to the COVID crisis, the Billy Rose Theatre Division perseveres and preserves the greatest treasures of theatrical history," said Doug Reside, curator of the Billy Rose Theatre Division. "As I look back on the last 90 years of our history, I'm struck by how our division has managed to document almost every aspect of the creative process and the people who bring theatre to life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate our first 90 years in such spectacular fashion, and to the theatre community for its support. As we plan for the next 90 years and beyond, my hope is that the collection continues to grow and flourish and reflect the diversity of voices that have shaped the theatre as we know it and are shaping its future.” “The Billy Rose Theatre Division has served as the collective memory for our community by capturing the ephemeral nature of our unique art form. Until we can all experience the joy of live theatre again, we are thrilled to look back into the archives to highlight theatrical masterpieces from their vast collection,” added producers Julie Boardman and Nolan Doran. “Our hope is to raise funds to ensure the archives remain accessible to future theatre makers for generations to come.”
The virtual benefit is produced and conceived by Boardman and Doran and features direction by Steve Broadnax, Sammi Cannold, Nick Corley, Ty Defoe, Lorin Latarro, Mia Walker, and Jason Michael Webb, choreography by Ayodele Casel, Latarro, and Ray Mercer, with new music arranged by Rachel Dean and Annastasia Victory, arrangements and orchestrations by Brian Usifer, and casting by Peter Van Dam at Tara Rubin Casting.
Tickets are donate-what-you-can, with a recommendation of at least $19.31 in honor of the year the division was founded. Visit
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swynlake-spill · 17 days ago
Who are you nomming for prom court boba?
should i, the void monster shaped like a kid's happy meal, truly use my great power to sway voters so???
of course i will lmfao
i am team ANYONE WHO IS NOT SIMBA for Adult Prom King, not because I don't love and respect Simba but bc his reign needs to be BROKEN ! inspired by the current party coalescing around gregory eeyore but would also love to see my sexy king Jake Long sweep up a win before he disappears out of my life forever :( Other boys who are prom king material: Theo Barrie, Jake Rogers, Winston Deavor
for teen prom king there can only be one winner and that is Ferb Fletcher who I would follow to the ends of the earth.
Prom Queen is TOO HARD TO PICK. i love WOMEN ! the women in Swynlake alwayS SHOW UP ! i'd nom alana triton, marie bonfamille, eilonwy llyr, susan webb, rita sykes, Melody Oceana (our DIAMOND! yes i capitalized her name out of nowhere for some reason), or any of the ashleys???
Teen Prom Queen is easy. It's Pearl's to lose, and I feel like Mim will protest the whole outdated practice anyway.
the only prom ruler worthy of the title is obviously Deyvn Morey btw
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