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#sure it’s a common joke but
stellalunes · a day ago
I’ve been binge reading 911 fic lately to fill the void and I feel like I should write a specific rec list of all the times fic writers predicted something specific in season 4 because holy shit there are some weirdly specific ones.
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unmyoongi · 7 days ago
I was having a bad day mentally but I still tried to get to the gym in hope to make some stress leave my grouchy soul, and suddenly everything was a mess so I was really about to go back home. Anyways fast forward I ended up going anyways; in the last minutes I went into the empty studio to do some stretching and after a while a guy entered (he debated for a few seconds whether to enter or not) and he asked me “is it okay if I use the equipment in here briefly?” and I know it’s something small, but it was really nice of him to ask if he could use the same room in case I was uncomfortable with being alone with him. I was really grateful that he thought about that
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littletrumpetcat · a month ago
why are dumb blonde jokes only said about women 
#actually i know why#well i should've phrased the post 'is it just me or are these jokes only said about women'#because i'm not too sure. in my experience it's always women in these jokes but#idk one of my friends described one of their friends as like a 'dumb blonde' and i just realized like#wow#also idk why i was irritated because i was literally the person who asked 'is this the person you referred to as dumb?' the last time they#brought them up#but i wanted to know for a different reason#irritated that my friend called this person dumb or 'mentally slow'#i guess it's just like#imo descriptors of intelligence just don't work a lot of the time#because of how extremely complex intelligence is#there's so many factors you'd have to consider#of knowledge of processing of recalling#and the many many topics like common sense street smarts school subjects finances mechanical stuff like#not to mention it's not like this girl chose to be slow you know?#and it sucks because when you say ditzy things or you don't understand something at first people make u the butt of the joke and laugh#at you sometimes#i told my friend 'i am a blonde. just so u know'#well. my hair is purple still but#so what if maybe she's a bit slow even then#what if she's a really nice person. what if she's really funny. what if she's really great at organizing and keeping her life togethe#of course the first two attributes i mentioned benefit other people and you don't have to#provide for people to be worthy#idk#im going on random ass tangents and my thoughts are everywhere but#idk im just mad#i think part of the reason of why i'm mad is just the way my friend carries themself#who are you to judge?#like really
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elftwink · a month ago
i’m not sure i have anything insightful to say about this but for days ive been thinking abt gun girl construing lil nas x saying “yeah and i might fuck your dad” as a rape threat and i finally figured out exactly what was so familiar about it and it’s that it’s a near identical move to when t*rfs accuse trans women of rape threats for saying “suck my dick”. and like i said i don’t have any particular insights to add here it’s just such an extreme form of playing the victim and its always predicated on the idea that the person they’re accusing is inherently predatory in some way. because it’s such an obviously flimsy accusation backed by “evidence” that is laughed away by anybody with even a little bit of common sense and yet soooooo many people take these kind of crocodile tears accusations seriously because it gives them an excuse to pretend xyz person or group are dangerous predators
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a-little-podcast-blog · 2 months ago
The Magnus Archives ends in less than 12 hours, so here is less of a goodbye and more of a thank you.
Statement of Juno R. [REDACTED] regarding the role that the audio drama The Magnus Archives has played in his life. Statement begins.
I got into tma in mid 2019, when I was spending a lot of time in the hospital for various reasons and life generally sucked for me (but this isn’t about that). I remember nurses asking me what I was listening to and just rambling on and on about whatever horror was taking place in each episode. For the first time in a long while, I had felt passionate about something and I had found something that I loved talking about, and it was the best feeling. Tma got me through so many terrible appointments, hard times at home and in school, and made me feel less alone with the consistent schedule as well as allowing for me to meet wonderful people online through this show.
2020 sucked, you don’t need me to tell you that, but tma was a source of consistent comfort. It gave me a reason to get out of bed every Thursday even when some episodes hit a little too close to home for comfort. Jon and Martin had each other through the apocalypse, and they faced trials and tribulations together, and hearing them power through the fictional apocalypse of their world helped me to feel as though I could get through a pandemic as well as everything else (my own little apocalypse, if you wanna call it that). Sure, some episodes were terribly close to home and I wasn’t able to handle them in the moment, but the episodes were always there for me when I was ready for them, and I always persisted and listened to the episode in the end. It made me feel less alone, as I’ve already said but it’s worth the emphasis. Hell, I managed to actually make friends in my classes because of this show, which was a huge relief as I am a first year student currently doing everything online and being unable to make friends was a rather prominent fear for me (which seems silly now but it is true).
2021. Current day. I don’t know who or where I would be if I hadn’t listened to The Magnus Archives back in the summer of 2019, because this show has helped me get through a lot, and continues to do so. As I am writing this, I’ve finished listening to MAG 1 and am now listening to the second episode, thinking about how I had the chance to grow with these characters over the last ~two years. I haven’t been to the hospital in over a year now (mostly due to pandemic reasons but I digress), I’ve found people in my life who love me and make me feel less alone, and things are generally getting better. Slowly but surely. I am not the same person I was two years ago, and tma is not the same show it was two years ago. I’m glad I had the chance to grow with this show, even if I was a little late. The Magnus Archives means more to me than I can say in one (far too long) post, and it will continue to mean this much to me even after it has ended tomorrow.
Ending things has never been my strong point, neither has goodbyes, but whatever happens after MAG 200 tomorrow I just want to say thank you. To the mutuals and friends I’ve made, to the people who don’t listen to audio dramas but follow me here because they love me, and to anyone at Rusty Quill who will probably never read this post. It’s been real, y’all. Let’s see what comes next <3
Statement ends.
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terudai · 4 months ago
ok reading x reader stuff is becoming kinda funny specifically with my f/os like. half the content i see has parts like “you guys are so different and he’s so confused about loving you but he does anyway <3″ speak for yourself i’m not neurotypical 😌
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existentialintrovert · 5 months ago
i’ve been thinking about ghostbur’s resurrection, and was wondering how does the horned ghostbur skin fit into it all?
if it was never going to be used then what purpose did wilbur have for making/downloading it? unless it was an idea that he decided against, my only theory is that the resurection will go wrong in some way.
i’ve seen people point out that quackity now knows that ghostbur wants to be wilbur again, and that he wanted to bring schlatt back, so what if he were to interfere in some way, causing some kind of ‘joint being’ for lack of a better term, with both schlatt and wilbur being partially resurrected into one being?
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confusion-and-more · 5 months ago
I really wish there was a little more awareness around jokes about how the “active” sexual partner is in some way “correcting” the behavior of the “passive” one, especially when this “corrective” sexual contact is supposed to leave them with not enough energy or inclination to “get into trouble.”
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tabellae-rex-in-sui · 5 months ago
You saw yourself bloody-gauze-mouth in the mirror and started talking about Robespierre.
I was talking about his brother apparently. ...I'm pretty sure I was making a joke about the bloody gauze but because I was muffled and slurring and drugged the humor didn't come across...
My grandmother was genuinely concerned that I was asking for something important or was in distress
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