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#supernatural au
smellingofpoetry · 13 hours ago
So, I'm looking for some Dean Winchester x reader AU... I've read some really good stuff in here, but I really need other stories 'cause I'm kinda addicted by now. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Can you please help?!?
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queensynderella · 15 hours ago
Allie my love. I hope Friday is treating you well !
So get this ... Supernatural AU concept right, I’m working on the other one and I had a thot
You’re a demon. You come across Kiri, one thing leads to another , he knows your a demon, you know who he is but you can’t keep your eyes off each other and then you’re in his bed. He’ has you writhing underneath him, slow deep strokes hitting all the right spots. His kisses up the valley in between your breast , up your collarbone, biting the flesh causing you to whimper , his hands come to skim up your arms raising them over your head and he pinning you down by your wrist. He feels you close ... and the way his cock is slowing down when he hits you just right you hear
“Exorcizamus te,” and your eyes widen “kiri wha —“
And he’s trailing his nose up your neck , kissing you in between each verse . “Shhhh angel”
“Omnis immundus spiritus,” he says breathlessly in your ear.
The power he holds over you right now in this moment is intoxicating. He’s edging your orgasm as he continues his incantation. And you whimper and moan “do you trust me?”
“Yes.” You know you shouldn’t , he’s a hunter, you were supposed to kill him the first chance you got but there was something about him . He voice brings you out of your thoughts
“Ut ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire “ bring his lips to your breast bringing your hardened nipple into his mouth letting go with a pop “te rogamus,” continues on your other breast “audi ... “
And you come hard on his cock , panting you feel hot , so extremely exhausted and flushed a couple more thrust and he cums in you ...
I guess you’ll live to see another day ...
—Steff 🦈
Happy Friday my love ♥️
Steff my love! To be honest I’ve been pretty meh the last two days but holygoddamnmotherfuckingshit you just turned that around.
0.0 I-
The f e a r p l a y I didn’t know I wanted or absolutely needed in my life. 
First of all, you’re ass is probably embarrassed how weak this fucking hunter has gotten’re a powerful demon and yet you’re bending to his every movement, every touch? Shit, he’s good, now you definitely don’t want to kill him...and he has the concentration to edge you while making the exorcism that’s about to rocket you back to Hell sound so goddamn sexy and like its almost worth the trip back into the pit.
But you’re also terrified, is this really happening? So much for trusting this hunter, right? I imagine you’d be writhing like crazy, if you’re going back down you minds well go with a fight and damn straight you’re getting off first. And then you’re also fighting to stay in this wonderful little meatsuit you snagged, its taking everything out of you not to smoke out from sheer panic alone....but stops as you cream all over him, at the very fucking last possible second? You were one word away from damnation again...and now you’re riding a high you haven’t ever felt before, in your human or demonic life.
Also now just thinking about getting Kiri hooked on that good, good demon blood. :P Oops, sorry darling, but the power boost is great yeah? xD
Ahhhhhhasdjasjdajdsji Steff love you fucking ruined me for the day and I loved every goddamn second. 🥵🥵🖤
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tvdspngirl314 · a day ago
Trials Of Agent Winchester (1)
Tumblr media
Summary : Agent Winchester life changes when a murder case turns out to be more than just a murder case. With his marriage life on the rocks and a huge case to solve is Dean ready to handle everything that's going to be thrown in his way?
Ship : Dean x Wife Reader
Warnings : angst, some fluff, implied smut, mentions of pregnancy, divorce, relationship problems
Characters : you, Dean, Bobby John (oc), Mary, Bobby singer, Sam
Square filled : Parent
Created for @acrosstheuniversebingo
Word Count : 3148
A/n : So, here it is the first part of this fic. I'm really excited about this series. If you want to be tagged send me an ask. @msmarvelouswinchester thanks a lot for being an amazing beta and helping me out whenever I had a writers block. I wanted to wait until but I can't so ta-da. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Ps, catch up with the series here
Tumblr media
Dean's POV
His day started with him crying in the shower and then punching the wall which made his knuckles bleed. It was the day when they were supposed to negotiate. The day he had to share the courtroom with his soon-to-be ex-wife. 
It came faster than he had anticipated - it brought  back the memory of the day when Y/N asked him for a divorce. It came as a surprise to him at that time but looking back, he now realised how he had deliberately chosen to ignore all those warning signs.
*A few months ago*
Dean stepped out of the shower and put on a clean pair of sweatshirt and sweatpants. He saw Bobby sitting on the couch, scribbling on the white page in front of him, probably drawing something. 
“What's that, little man?” he asked, trying to take a peek at the little sketch his son was making. When Bobby John his son shyly handed it to him, he saw the drawing and understood that it was a family picture of him with mom and dad. What he didn't understand was the unknown little girl standing next to his son. 
“Who is this? Your girlfriend?” Dean asked with a little smirk. 
“No daddy, that's my baby sister.” He replied and Dean's eyes widened at his innocent words. His eyes fell on Y/N who had just come out of the kitchen with a bowl in her hand. 
“You didn't tell me that you're pregnant!” he asked, looking at her in surprise. 
“What? No! No, I'm not,” came her reply. 
“Please Daddy, can I have one?” Bobby requested of him. 
Dean gave out a little smile, “let me talk to Mommy about it okay.” He kissed his cheek and went to the table where his wife was setting down the breakfast plates and bowls. 
“One more baby, huh?” he asked, slightly smirking at her. She didn't reply, instead continued to organise the table, so Dean kept talking. “I think we should make another one, I have got a feeling that we did make another one last night,” he whispered in her ear while holding her waist from the back. 
He slowly but seductively kissed her cheek and then started to leave a trail of kisses down her neck, stopping at the very point he knew spurred her on, nipping at her pulse point. “Dean we can't, not in front of Bobby,” she whispered loudly. She slowly pushed him away and went on to serve Bobby some pancakes. 
“Wow! Pancakes! Thanks a lot Mommy!” Bobby squealed in delight. 
“You're welcome honey. Hey, can you please go and sit in your room for mommy. Daddy and I need to have some grown-up talk.” She politely requested of him. He pouted but went inside the room. 
As soon as Bobby went in, Dean pinned her against a wall and started kissing her from her neck, dipping his head so that his mouth travelled down to her cleavage. “Dean,” Y/N said in protest but he sealed his lips with hers and kissed her eagerly, knocking the air out of her lungs.
She screamed into his mouth and tried to stop him but he didn't. She pulled one of her hands away from him and slapped him right across the face. 
Dean didn't expect such an outburst from her. He thought she had sent Bobby in so that they could make out but he didn't get why she slapped him out of the blue. He held his hand to his cheek, rubbing at the stinging sensation and looked at her with a mixture of guilt and shock in his face. 
“Sorry...I - I sent Bobby in so I can talk to you about something. Not to make out.” She said with her voice barely above a whisper. 
“What is it?” Dean asked slowly, getting his hand away from his cheek. 
“Can we sit down for a moment?” She asked, pointing at the table. He nodded in response. They both sat next to each other and the woman kept her hands on the table. She was visibly nervous and he understood that just by looking at her. “Y/N, can you tell me what's going on?” he asked, slowly resting his hand on hers.
She quickly pulled away, it felt a bit weird. “Dean...I've been thinking about this.. for awhile now...I..” she sniffled. “Dean.. I-uh-I don't know how to put this,” she said slowly wiping her tears. 
“What's wrong, sweetheart?” he asked as he slowly raised his hand and held her chin. 
“I can't do this anymore.” She said, slapping his hand away. 
“Can't do what?” He asked, clearly not understanding what was going on. “I want a divorce Dean..I can't do this..there's no us anymore..” she finally spoke out loud, leaving Dean out there, sitting in shock. 
Everything that she said later was just a blur. “But what about Bobby?” He asked, still trying to process what she just said. 
“We can co-parent. It's not like you stick around here more anyway with all your work and everything,” came her reply. 
She had an answer for every question he asked. He felt unbelievably silent and chose to sleep on the couch that night. Soon, it became a routine as they went through the process of divorce. Starting with them being in the same state as the court had ordered.
*End of flashback*
Dean wished it was a nightmare and nothing else but it was clearly not. As soon as he started to drive towards the court, his mobile started to ring out of nowhere. He checked it only to see it was from an unknown number, maybe  it could be an emergency. 
He picked it up. “Is it Agent Winchester?” came out a voice from the other end. That guy sounded panicked. “Yeah,” Dean replied.
“I think you need to come here as quickly as possible sir. A guy has just been murdered and I think I saw the murderer escaping  the crime scene or he might still be lurking somewhere,” the guy from the other end informed him. 
“What? Where?” he asked while picking up a pen and a little note pad that was lying on the seat next to him. Quickly jotting down the address that was given to him, he tried to contact his colleagues but none of them seemed to respond. He checked the time and there was more than one hour for the session. 
Dean quickly drove to the address he had been given. He got out of the car and started searching for the body he had been informed about but there was no sign of murder or anything remotely suggested that there had been a murder. 
Anger bubbled under the surface of his skin. He was already having a bad day and to add to his misery he had received a prank call. Dean wanted to scream loudly but he couldn't; instead he just stood there trying to calm himself down.
He felt someone touch his shoulder and turned around to see a guy standing right behind him. There was something off about the man. “Excuse me,” he called out, “Can you please hand me the money there?” he asked, pointing at the dollars that were lying on the road. 
Dean felt like he heard this voice before but didn't pay much attention to it and took the dollars that were lying on the road and handed it to him. He quickly made his way to the car and started driving to the court. 
He did his best to keep his anger contained and not try to lash out in front of everyone. It was something he always had a problem with. Dean parked his car and went inside the courtroom and saw that Y/N was already there, along with her father Bobby and their son. 
“Daddy!” His son squealed as soon as he saw him but Y/N immediately shushed him and told him to stay quiet. He also spotted his mom and his brother and went to sit with them. Glancing around the courtroom, his eyes met with Y/N's for a brief second and he felt his heart ache.
Your POV
The fact that you and Dean weren’t going to be together anymore was really hitting you hard but you just couldn't handle it anymore. You have had fights such intense before because of him giving his work the top most priority but those fights had stopped once Bobby came along. 
You thought your marriage life wouldn't get affected by his work again but then Dean once again stopped caring about you. He was so workaholic that he didn't visit Bobby at least once when he was admitted in hospital with a high fever. 
That day you had felt so lonely, more than ever had. You had called your husband about thirty times but he didn't even bother to answer at least once or reply to all those texts you had sent him. 
That was the day you had decided that you couldn't be with Dean anymore, working on this dead relationship. You knew his work took up most of his time and everything and it was selfish of you to do so but you couldn't trust Dean anymore. 
You still loved him and also knew that you could never stop loving him but you just couldn't be with  him anymore. 
You had started to stay with your dad after you told Bobby about your divorce  and it was only last Sunday that Dean had dropped your son at your place. 
You watched as your dad drove you to the court. Your head resting against the window of the car as you looked back to see Bobby John playing some game on your phone.
You remembered the time when you had your first fight with Dean regarding his workaholic behaviour.
You waited eagerly for Dean to come home as it was your first wedding anniversary. You thought by saying the good news you had been successfully hiding from him, you felt like you would clear up the differences between you two.
But you waited, waited and waited. It looked like he didn’t even remember that it was your anniversary, he didn't even say anything about it all day but you held out hope.
You knew he always wanted a baby so telling him about this today felt like you were going to give him a huge gift. It was almost three in the morning when Dean finally came home. He was drunk, you slowly guided him to your room and let him sleep on the bed. 
 You laid on the couch and let the tears fall roll down your cheeks, not  even trying to wipe them away. You woke up with a big headache and saw Dean making coffee for himself. 
Rolling your eyes, you went to get yourself ready for the day. You sat in front of the mirror to do your makeup. Your eyes still looked red and puffy with all the crying you did last night. 
You came out of the bedroom and poured yourself some juice. You started to fix yourself a sandwich when Dean came over and asked, looking at you,“Have you been crying?”
“Why do you care?” You asked angrily, raising an eyebrow at him. 
“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked while you stuffed your mouth with a sandwich. 
“What I just said,” you shrugged. 
“Y/N, what's wrong with you? There isn't a single day that goes on without us fighting.” He complained. 
“So, I'm the one to blame here? All you ever do is work, work and work! I begged you to come home as soon as you could last night but you even remember what day it was?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. 
“Yesterday? Wait, let me..” Dean said as he tried to recall. 
“Forget it, don't even remember our first wedding anniversary and that shows how important I am  to you,” you said scowling at him. 
“Y/N, baby I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, something came up and after that Cass and I were really exhausted so we went out to have a few drinks. I wouldn't do that on purpose, you know that right?” He asked you. You huffed and rolled your eyes at him in response. 
“Come on, what if it's our first wedding anniversary? There are  more to come and we can celebrate every single one of them,” he suggested. 
“This is different-” you replied. 
“How's it different?” He asked, raising his voice at you. 
“Because I had a surprise planned for you,” you answered. 
“I had a case to solve and you're upset that you didn't have a chance to show me your stupid surprise?” He shot back.
Those words hit you really hard. “Stupid surprise?” you whispered. 
“Y/N I didn't mean to say that,” he said in an attempt to make up for what he had just said. “What is it? Okay, I'm excited..please tell me,” he said in an attempt to calm you down. 
“Why? It's stupid anyway,” you replied and tears started to spill out from your eyes. 
“Y/N..” he said as he came close to you and lifted your chin up as he made you look into his eyes. “Y/N.. I'm sorry… I didn't mean that, you know that right?” He said softly. 
“Don't Dean.. if me being pregnant is stupid to you then-” you began. 
“What?” He cut you off. 
You clasped your hand on your mouth after realising what you had just said. 
“You're pregnant? I'm going to be a dad?” he asked, his mouth falling open. You nibbled on your bottom lip and nodded in response. 
“Oh my god.. I can't believe this. I'm really becoming a dad?” He said as he pulled you into him but you pushed him away. He tried his best and apologized for what he did all week. You finally forgave him and he was so loving and caring throughout the pregnancy, you thought he had changed. 
You thought there's nothing that could affect you two again but boy you were wrong! That was just a pause to all your fights, he was there for your second anniversary but that was the last anniversary you both had celebrated together. 
For your third anniversary you asked Mary to take care of your son and you booked a table for the two of you at a restaurant. You waited for him all night but he never showed up. He just sent a text apologizing for not being there. 
You left the restaurant without even having a sip of water. Your fourth anniversary went with you cooking all his favourites, again he never showed up. Dean came home and the first thing he did was to kiss you until there was no air left in your lungs, and then he fucked you all night but what he forgot to do was tell you how much he loved you. 
For your fifth anniversary you gave up, you treated it as just another normal day and speaking of birthdays, he was never even there for them. He just wished and that was it. You remembered hugging Bobby tightly while bawling your eyes out after he gave you a ‘happy birthday mommy, you're the best’ card. 
Everyone started to see the relationship troubles you two were having. Sam assured you many times, telling you that Dean loved you with all his heart but he just didn’t have enough time to show it. 
And one day you snapped, “Does he, Sam? Because it doesn't feel like he does anymore!” you said coldly, leaving Sam at a loss of words now. 
It was again one of those days where Dean treated you like his sex toy. He fucked you and kissed your forehead before drifting away in sleep. You were half expecting him to say I love you but he never did.
As usual you silently sobbed into the pillow before sleep overtook you. Waking up to find his side of bed empty, you went to Bobby's room to wake him up but when you touched him, it felt like his skin was on fire. 
You quickly grabbed the thermometer and took his temperature. It was a hundred and three and your heart started thumping loudly against your chest. You picked him up and quickly drove to a nearby hospital.
You took the day off and called Dean several times but he never answered. You called Mary and she came as soon as possible and provided the support you needed, she kept reassuring you all the time but you couldn't stop the tears. 
You left over ten voicemails to your husband but never heard back from him. “Y/N, Bobby will be fine,” Mary said, trying to reassure you. You leaned your head on her shoulder and she patted your cheek. 
The doctor came out and told you that your son would be discharged in the morning. You let out a sigh of relief. Bobby kept asking for Dean over and over again. You were tired of feeding him with lies that Dean would be here but you had to. 
He was discharged the next day and you found Dean sitting on the couch of your living room. You tucked Bobby to bed and went to talk with him which of course ended in yet another fight. He was worried about Bobby, you could say that but he did nothing to show that he was. He didn't even call you to reassure you. There's only so much a person could take and you knew you couldn't anymore. You had enough of this and so you decided to divorce him after that.  
You wanted to tell him before you both could go to sleep but he started kissing your neck and you knew what he wanted. You didn't put up any fight or showed any kind of interest either. 
After serving pancakes to Bobby, you had asked him to go inside. Dean got a really wrong idea of the situation and he kissed you, until you were completely out of your breath. You had to slap him to get him to stop. 
You finally told him that you wanted to get out of this marriage. He kept asking you questions and requested you over and over  to think about it again. He begged you to stay but there was only so much a person could take. 
*End of flashback*
“Daddy!” you heard Bobby squeal which made you snap out of your thoughts. You shushed him and told him to keep quiet. You saw Dean glance around the courtroom. Your heart ached when his eyes met with yours for a brief moment.
Tumblr media
Team Forever : @valsworldofcreativity @akshi8278 @hobby27
Team free will : @flamencodiva @stoneyggirl @flashxspn @pink-sparkly-witch @wonderfulworldofwinchester @thoughts-and-funnies @kickingitwithkirk @msmarvelouswinchester @vicmc624 @mrswhozeewhatsis @adriennemichelle98 @malikjavaddzayn @donnaintx @squirrelnotsam @givecki
Team flannel : @lyarr24 @deandreamernp
Might be interested in tags : @wonder-cole @calaofnoldor @deanwanddamons @percywinchester27 @negans-lucille-tblr @manawhaat @smol-and-grumpy
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bittersweetcastiel · a day ago
Family Dinner | Spn AU | Pt. 1
Alternate Universe Winchesters • bittersweetcastiel
"Where are we?" Sam panics, eyes frantically searching their surroundings.
The last thing the Winchester boys remember is being thrust through a gaping portal leading to...well, God knows where.
Sam surveys the area and he realizes that it looks strangely close to the outside of their underground bunker.
He assumed Gabriel would send them to a prehistoric war zone or into another commercial for genital herpes. Why were they suddenly back home?
"Sam," Dean calls, poorly controlled disappointment evident in his voice. He nods to the car parked just a few feet away opposite the door of the bunker, and Sam tilts his head confusedly.
Instead of the boys' trademark pitch black, 1967 Chevy Impala, a beige 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V was lounging before them. Dean thought it was mocking him in it's own...ugly, inanimate way.
"What are we, pimps now?" Dean scrunches up his face and Sam scoffs, heading to the door of the bunker.
"This is way above our pay grade," Dean grumbles, jamming the key into the doorknob. The lock opens with a click and Dean swings the metal doors open, forgetting for a moment that he should probably be as quiet as possible.
Sam punches his arm for practically announcing himself to whoever was down there, and Dean shrugs in response. "Force of habit."
The brothers sneak in, ensuring that their weapons are close by, and they peak their heads over the railing. The room is void of anyone else, and they can't help but notice that the bunker looks exactly like the one in their universe; down to the last detail.
"Should we be killing anything?" Sam enquires. A genuine question.
Maybe Gabriel didn't feel like playing with their heads today after all.
"Hey, look," Dean taps his brother's arm, motioning to the large dining table up ahead, displaying nearly a dozen empty plates placed opposite the same number of chairs. Definitely not their universe.
"Must be Christmas," Sam remarks, his eyebrows raised, his face briefly pulling down into a sort of frown.
They quietly make their way downstairs, heading towards the dining room, still searching for any sign of human life.
As to be expected, they're stopped in their tracks by the sounds of guns cocking on either side of them.
"Turn around. Slowly," Dean's familiar gruff voice orders, and strangely enough, Sam recognizes it quicker than Dean does.
The boys do as told, and when their eyes finally meet those of their counterparts', every face in the room falters.
Alternate Universe Sam grips his gun with both hands and points it as his 'doppelganger', preparing to any sane person would.
Of course, Dean jumps at the sight, and without hesitation, he steps in front of his brother in a protective fashion. "Hey, hey, hold on. We're not what you think we are."
AU Sam squints at how Dean's doppelganger had jumped to protect the other, much like how his own brother would have done for him.
He lowers his gun just slightly.
"Yeah? What are you then?" AU Dean demands, raising his voice.
"We're not shifters...or anything supernatural for that matter. So you can put down the weapons," Dean offers, holding one hand out to them and the other towards his brother.
The AU Winchesters don't make any move to do as Dean tells them, and he sighs, putting down this hands. He reaches into his jacket and slowly pulls out his blade.
"Silver knife," he states simply, wasting no time in pressing the weapon into the skin of his hand. He does the same to Sam, and the younger man winces at the sharp pain, watching the blood drip down his arm.
AU Dean maintains his stoic expression as he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a flask filled with holy water.
Here comes Dean's least favourite part.
Getting sliced into is one happens everyday, he can handle it. Getting splashed in the face is just plain embarrassing.
When AU Dean does as expected, the boys simply reach up to wipe the liquid out of their eyes. When their faces remain deadpanned and perhaps even a little annoyed, the AU brothers share a look of confusion.
"Who are you?" Sam scans them up and down for the millionth time, lowering his gun. AU Dean follows suit.
"We're you," Dean answers sheepishly. "From another universe, that is."
"Why are you here?"
"Gabriel," the brothers reply at the same time. They figure it's all that needs to be said.
AU Dean nods understandingly, seemingly more relaxed, and Sam quirks an eyebrow. "Any particular reason?"
"Other than messing with our heads? Not really. But uh..." Dean stops to give the room a quick scan. "This place doesn't seem half bad so far."
"Depends on how much your universe differs," AU Sam breathes out, heading over to the dinner table.
"So, what's all this?" Dean asks awkwardly, still not used to speaking directly to...himself; even after what happened with that douchebag, Zachariah. Not to mention that there were now two nerdy slendermen on his hands.
"Family dinner," AU Sam answers simply.
Sam and Dean share an incredulous look before snapping their heads back to their counterparts.
"Seems a bit much," Dean comments.
"What? You guys don't have family night?"
"There's not much of a family left," Sam tells his counterpart, his eyebrows wrinkled.
"So it's still just the two of you...all on your own?"
"Yeah, I mean-" Dean starts. "Cas doesn't want to come back home after what happened with Gadreel, and Kev...Kevin's gone-"
"Kevin's dead?" AU Dean suddenly asks, his eyes widened in fear.
"Yeah. Wait, is he alive here?" Dean rushes out.
"Of course," AU Sam furrows his eyebrows. He swallows before speaking lowly, "How did he-?"
"It's...a long story."
"Well, we've got nowhere to be," AU Dean purses his lips. "And I'm guessing you don't either?"
The brothers share the billionth worriesome look of the day, knowing they had no idea when they would be able to go home.
Albeit, this wasn't the worse thing Gabriel had done. They really couldn't complain.
(Like for pt. 2)
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dem0nsiget · a day ago
Medieval AU
Tumblr media
Claire and Jody so far don’t have a role, but the other three do!
Leader of the Inferos army (Inferos is the kingdom made up of the human/demon canon characters). Was promoted to the position after his father was killed in a battle. Practically Robert’s adopted son.
Member of the Inferos army, but Caelumin by birth. (Caelum is the kingdom of origin for the angel canon characters). A sort of liaison of sorts, though not the official liaison. Married to Dean, a huge deal in both kingdoms, as they were the first couple to be married between the two kingdoms is many, many years.
Bobby (Robert):
One of the kings of Inferos. Was originally a member of the army along with John Winchester, but eventually got courted by Crowley, eventually marrying him and becoming the second king. Pretty much Sam and Dean’s adopted father, and definitely acts like it. Actual adopted father to Daniel, who’s parents were old friends of Robert’s that were killed during a border conflict with Caelum before Lucifer took over. Robert and Crowley adopted Daniel, effectively making him the prince, and next king of Inferos.
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dem0nsiget · 2 days ago
Bored, and want to rant about my Medieval SPN AU, but there’s so much info that I don’t want to like, write out a post on it, so like, if anyone wants, send me a character from SPN and I’ll talk about their role (if they have one yet) in the AU!
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wonder-cole · 2 days ago
Love at First Break
Tumblr media
Chapter 2
Square fill: Free Space @winchesterandbeyondbingo​
Warnings: discussion of family issues, asshole family, shitty family, reader’s family is garbage, okay?
Word Count: 2358
A/N: Thanks to my wifey @padalelli​ for my new divider! This is the series I have mentioned that has a lot of my personal family trauma in it. I’m fairly confident none of you are my actual family and even if you were, I don’t care. These are my experiences and my interpretations of them. The family the reader describes is my family makeup regarding parents and siblings. Anyway - Sam has a very important line in the first section and there’s a reference to another Sam series somewhere in here, too, just for @thinkinghardhardlythinking​! 
Series Masterlist || Main Masterlist || Tag List Request
Tumblr media
Four days, two hours, and 15 minutes. That’s how long you waited before texting Sam. You couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was sweet and kind, considerate and adorable. You felt safe with him. Your brain ran around in circles between he’s such a good person and you don’t even know him. You took the middle road and just shot him a text anyway.
<Hi Sam, this is Y/N. How are you?
He replied almost instantly, kind of like he was waiting for your text.
>Hey, Y/N. I’m a lot better now that the prettiest girl in Kansas is talking to me.
You flushed at his words, smiling to yourself and trying to think of something witty to reply with. As it turns out, you didn’t have to; Sam texted you again, he seemed eager to talk to you.
> Do you mind if I call you?
You paused at this, but ultimately decided it was okay. It wasn’t much different than texting, easier perhaps, and considering he’s already seen where you live, it wasn’t that much of a danger.
< Not at all.
Your phone rang and you took a deep breath before answering with a cheery “Hi, Sam!”
“Hi, Y/N,” he said, sounding tired, “Thanks for letting me call you. I figure it’s easier than text.”
“Oh definitely,” you agreed. “How has work been?” you asked, genuinely curious about his well-being. “You sound exhausted.”
“Well, my call rotation ended about an hour ago,” he said solemnly, “and it was a rough one. Your case was the easiest I’ve had. And some of them,” he paused for a moment, then took a deep breath and continued, “they weren’t the best of circumstances.”
“Oh, Sam, I’m sorry,” you replied, truly saddened by the way he sounded.
“Well, I at least have a lovely distraction now that it’s all over with,” he retorted, briskly changing the subject. “How about we spend some time just getting to know each other. Tell me about your family. Parents, siblings,” he continued. 
“That’s a fantastic idea, but,” you paused, “it’s a quid pro quo. Whatever question I answer, you have to answer too. And vice versa.” You hoped that didn’t sound weird; you were a touch nerdy and had a habit of throwing references to tv and movies into normal conversations. Silence of the Lambs was an all-time favorite. You loved Doctor Lecter and his wit; you could do without the cannibalism.
Sam chuckled. “Agreed, Clarice.”
Oh good, you thought, he totally caught the reference. “So you asked about my family?”
“I did. I guess that’s the first step to knowing you,” Sam told you.
“My parents split when I was 12. Both are now remarried; I have one real brother, one step-brother, and two step-sisters. I don’t have a great relationship with any of them.” You decided to leave it at that; your family history was complicated and there wasn’t any reason to vent about it to a literal stranger.
“I’m sorry, that definitely sucks. My parents are still married, 30 something years now. I’ve got one real brother, Dean, and an adopted brother, Adam,” Sam told you. “Dean has a ranch outside of Dallas with his wife and Adam is in college on a full ride baseball scholarship.” The pride he had for his brothers was evident in the way he spoke about them. It was obvious there was a lot of love there; it made you a little jealous if you were being honest.
“That sounds incredible. You sound like you’re pretty close.”
“We are,” he confirmed. “We head over to my parents for every holiday and I usually spend vacation at Dean’s during the summer, riding horses and helping with the chores.”
“Okay, Doc, what’s next?” You asked, eager to change the subject away from family.
“Movies. What are your top 5 favorite movies of all time, any genre?” He asked, sounding slightly more upbeat than when you answered the phone.
“Really?” you asked him, “You’re limiting me to five?! How can I pick just five?!” Your voice went up an octave and you squeaked the last word. Picking five favorite movies was like asking you not to breathe.
Sam laughed out loud. “Tell you what, we’ll circle back to that. I saw you work at the library. What do you do for hobbies?”
You hesitated for a moment before answering. “I write. Right now it’s mostly short stories but I do have two full-length novels started.”
“Why’d you hesitate? That’s incredible! I can barely string together sentences and you’re writing stories and novels?!”
“Well, you’re the first person who’s ever been even halfway positive about it. My family thinks it’s stupid and that there are way too many books already,” you confessed. Your family hadn’t even heard what your stories were about nor what your novel plots were and they were convinced they were terrible. Had you not had a deep-seated desire to prove them wrong, you would have quit a long time ago. Instead, you just kept it to yourself.
“Stories need to be told, Y/N. It’s been part of human connection since the beginning of time. Even if you’re telling the same story in a new way, someone will want to read it, and they’ll love it,” Sam assured you.
“You sound awfully confident of that, Sam,” you spoke sadly. Your family and your exes had driven your confidence so far down that you found it difficult to believe that anyone would want to hear about it.
“I’ve known you for less than a week and I already know that I’d listen to you tell the same story every day without fail.”
Tumblr media
You and Sam talked on the phone every day for a week. Every break he got, he’d send you a text, usually just a simple 'hi' to let you know he was thinking of you. 
Your first follow-up appointment for your leg was scheduled at the two week mark. You assured Sam that you could get yourself there and back but he had already gotten his manager, Charlie, to rearrange his schedule to drive you. “Sam, I can’t believe you did all of this for me. I would have managed just fine.”
“I’m sure you would have, but you shouldn’t have to,” he insisted.
“I guess I’ll just have to start calling you my knight in a lab coat then,” you told him sweetly with a soft smile.
“Knight? I don’t know about that,” Sam deflected, pulling into the parking garage of the medical complex attached to the hospital. He rushed around to help you out of the car, steading you on your feet before he sidestepped to let you start walking towards the entrance of the building. 
Your short strides with the crutches made you walk much slower than Sam, but he stayed by your side the entire way and held the door open once you reached Dr. Novak’s office. You approached the reception desk to check in and were greeted by a young blonde woman.
“Can I help you?” she snapped. Her tone changed when she looked past you, or rather above you, and saw Sam. “Oh, Dr. Winchester. Is this the friend I was told was coming?”
“Y/N this is Meg. Meg, Y/N.” Sam rolled his eyes as he answered the sassy woman behind the desk. He was just glad that he had been here for your first visit. He had heard stories of her less than charitable demeanor.
“Well, in that case, come on back. Cas is waiting in his office for you. I’ll take Y/N to an exam room.” Meg came around the desk and opened the door for the two of you. Sam broke off to head to Cas’s office while Meg pointed you down the hall to the exam rooms.
“Don’t I have to fill out paperwork?” you asked. This procedure was a little different from what you had expected.
“Nah, we got all your info from the hospital,” Meg told you as she ushered you to an open exam room. Closing the door, she turned and her face switched from a pleasant expression to one of distrust and judgement. “Look, Sam is a very dear friend to my husband and me. I don’t know what you’re playing at but -”
You cut her off with the raise of your hand. “I’ve already gotten the ‘he’s my friend and I’ll kill you if you hurt him’ speech from Alex at the hospital. We’re just friends right now.”
“Oh, I’ll have to chat with Alex later. But my point remains. Don’t play around with him. His last couple of relationships haven’t ended well.” With that said, Meg worked you up and made notes for Dr. Novak. She stepped out and a moment later, a dark haired man entered the room.
“Y/N, I’m Dr. Castiel Novak. How are you today?” he greeted, shaking your hand firmly.
“I’m okay.. The pain isn’t bad. The crutches make me very slow and it’s incredibly frustrating,” you explained.
“I unfortunately can’t do anything about the crutches. I am glad to hear that the pain isn’t bad. Are you taking medication regularly?”
“Only over the counter ibuprofen when needed. As long as I take it early, I don’t usually have to use harder medications.” Your family had a history of prescription abuse and you attempted to avoid any kind of heavy medications when you could.
“That’s amazing to hear,” he told you, “but don’t be too afraid to take your prescription painkillers. They’re there to help you. As long as you keep doing what you’re doing and there’s no other trauma, you should be getting x-rays in about 2 more weeks to check the progress.”
You nodded along to the doctor’s words, hearing everything but dwindling it down to the important pieces of information: x-rays in 2 weeks, keep doing what you’re doing. “Sounds good, Dr. Novak.”
“Now that we’ve examined your health and wellness, I would like to tell you one more thing.” He closed your chart and looked at you with a soft expression.
“Please, not the speech again. That’ll be the third time,” you whined. It was really getting to be tiresome, if you were being honest.
Dr. Novak chuckled. “No, not exactly. Sam seems to have a genuine affection for you. From what I can tell of you, you have that same goodness and honesty in you as he does. I also think that you care about him as well.” Dr. Novak raised an eyebrow inquisitively as he awaited your response.
You ducked your head with embarrassment. “I...maybe have a crush on him,” you admitted in a mumbled whisper. 
“I am incredibly good at reading people. You aren’t very obvious, if that’s what you’re worried about. There’s also nothing to be embarrassed about. Humans are attracted to one another; that’s basic biology.”
You looked up at Dr. Novak and his blue eyes were looking at you with a mix of amusement and curiosity. You smiled back at him and nodded, taking his words to heart and letting yourself feel a bit better about the situation. 
“You’re all finished for today, Y/N. Let’s go get your x-rays and follow up scheduled,” Dr. Novak said, leading you back out to the reception area where Sam and Meg were laughing. 
“All done?” Sam asked when he saw you there.
“All done,” you confirmed.
Tumblr media
Sam helped you to his car and started driving back towards your house. You’re surprised by what you hear playing softly from his speakers. “Rhianna? I would not have pegged you for a RhiRhi fan, Doctor Winchester,” you teased him with a smile on your face.
Sam’s cheeks turned pink as he snuck a glance at you across the car. “I mean, my taste in music is pretty diverse. It’s not just Rhianna on my playlists.” 
You eyed him suspiciously and reached for the next button slowly, daring him to stop you. You pressed it and were surprised when Halestorm filled the car. “Okay, sir,” you told him, sass dripping from each syllable. “Color me surprised. Your taste is very diverse.”
Sam chuckled at your statement. “Well, when Mom loves the Beatles, Dad loves Zeppelin, and your older brother listens to only country….you kinda pick up a few songs from everywhere.”
You nodded. “Mine is fairly similar, actually. Our dads like the same kind of thing, my mom was country and my brother was rap. Mine hops around pretty often. I can be listening to NSYNC one minute then classical then over to Cardi B.”
“Well, at least we won’t fight over the radio,” Sam joked, making you smile after your mood dampened slightly with the talk of family.
The song changed and Journey filled the car. “OH MY GOD,” you exclaimed, reaching for the volume and turning it to a near-deafening level. “Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere,” you scream-sang out of excitement, making Sam chuckle.
He did join in, though. “Just a city boy born and raised in South Detroit took the midnight train going anywhere.”
The two of you joined forces and sang every word of the song, laughing and dancing as you went. The song ended just as Sam pulled into your driveway and killed the engine.
“Thank you for taking me to my appointment, Sam,” you told him. “I genuinely appreciate the kindness you’ve shown me since we met.”
“It truly is my pleasure. I like you, Y/N. You’re fun and passionate and I’m enjoying the time I get to sit and talk to you,” he responded with a smile. He opened his door and came around to help you out and walk you to your door. 
“So, Y/N,” he started, sticking his hands in his pockets and looking down at his shoes.
“So, Sam?” you responded curiously, your light tone making Sam meet your eyes again.
“Would you want to have dinner with me? Maybe Saturday?” Sam asked shyly, giving you the biggest puppy dog eyes you had ever seen.
“I’d love to.”
Tumblr media
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LAFB: @msmarvelouswinchester​ @deaan​ @mckenziebyrd67 @drakelover78
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Ex-Spouse Day & Look Up at the Sky Day & Reach as High as You Can Day
Person A’s spouse tried to murder them by throwing them off an airship during a storm. Person A gets rescued by a winged being/angel/etc., Person B. Person A gets brought to Person B’s home and stays with them, but then their ex-spouse comes by, trying to hunt one of the winged beings as a trophy, and Person B is their target, due to their magnificent and beautiful wings and Person A has to find a way to protect Person B.
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aaudace · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
cursed hearts :: chapter update
      chapter one, ❝ lucky strike ❞
      The man takes a sip of his beer and angrily places it down, "Look lady, I don't wanna hurt you. Just give me back my money and I'll leave."
      "Hold that thought while I think about it," she says. The man creases his brows as Dinah picks up her burger and takes a bite. She points her finger as she chews slowly, which happens to irritate the man. But once she finishes, she continues. "Okay, I thought about it. Like really hard about it, and I decided on the answer no. Maybe next time don't play if you aren't willing to risk it. But maybe next time, kay."
     At this, she would have assumed the man would have gotten the idea and would've given up. But ideally, she figured that because he seemed too stubborn and drunk that he wasn't going to give up that easily. And to her surprise, her gut proved her to be right as the man chuckles, saying, "I am giving you one last warning."
      Dinah creases her eyebrows at him, "Or what? You'll cry like a bitch all night. Grow a pair, asswipe."
taglist: @alinastarkhov @agentrambeaus @daisyjohvson @fleetwoodmcs @gardnersginnys @killinbills @megdonnellys
[ wanna be added? join the clubhouse ]
read here : wattpad [x]
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tvdspngirl314 · 2 days ago
Writing event January
Event details
Have mercy - @jensengirl83
Holidate part 8 - @downanddirtydean
The point - @gia-25
La Feu Follett - @wonder-cole
Your last love - @cherryblossomflower
Mechanic and Mistletoe part 7 - @deanwanddamons
Hurricane - @nasabeck
When you least expect it - @440mxs-wife
Cabin In Montana - @percywinchester27
Calamitous Love - @herstarburststories
Within the pages 1 - @sams-sass
Call you mine - @msmarvelouswinchester
Always - @firefly-in-darkness
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ladysunamireads · 2 days ago
Graduations and Goodbyes
Graduations And Goodbyes by vincentvandope
After the craziest year of their lives, it's time for everyone to face the future.
(part 12 out of 12 of the Howlkyuu!! series. MANGA SPOILERS)
Words: 1765, Chapters: 1/6, Language: English
Series: Part 12 of Howlkyuu!!
Fandoms: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Sugawara Koushi, Sawamura Daichi, Kageyama Tobio, Nishinoya Yuu, Azumane Asahi, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Shimizu Kiyoko, Tanaka Saeko, Ukai Keishin, Yachi Hitoka, Ennoshita Chikara, Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Semi Eita, Tendou Satori, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Oohira Reon, Terushima Yuuji, Goshiki Tsutomu, Kunimi Akira, Tsukishima Akiteru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Oikawa Tooru, Bokuto Koutarou, Akaashi Keiji, Kuroo Tetsurou, Kozume Kenma, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Miya Atsumu
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio, Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi, Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu, Shimizu Kiyoko/Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Kyoutani Kentarou/Yachi Hitoka, Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi, Tendou Satori/Ushijima Wakatoshi, Oohira Reon/Semi Eita, Tanaka Saeko/Tsukishima Akiteru, Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou, Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou, Miya Atsumu/Sakusa Kiyoomi
Additional Tags: Werewolves, Alternate Universe - Werewolf, Alternate Universe - Supernatural Elements
Read Here:
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chewiehouseelf · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Finally get my foot in FFN after many many signup attempts (funny, not funny story). Now my baby is live <3
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Accidentally In Love
Summary: After her latest failed relationship, Y/n begins to worry that her chance at a happily ever after is passing her by. Wanting to take things into her own hands, she decides on using a sperm donor to start her family. Only thing is, she has set her sight on her best friend, Dean Winchester, as the father.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 1K+
Warnings: Language, slight anxiety, references to pornography
Author’s Note: Here she is, my next series! This was a stupid idea encouraged by one of my very best friends on this hell-site, @winchest09 She is going to be far lighter than my other works, so I hope this makes for a nice summer read. I would love to know what y’all think of this one as I can’t say I’m nervous. Feedback is crack my fellow humans, xoxo Alex
Catch up with the series masterlist and check out Alexandra’s Library for more works by yours truly!
Tumblr media
It was the third time his verdant eyes scanned over the paragraph etched into the glossy paper of the magazine he gripped tight in his hands. Still, his brain was failing to process the message the words were meant to convey. Something about why people shouldn’t paint their bedrooms warm colors, he couldn’t be sure at this point, but he made a note to ask his best friend about it later. 
 “Mr. Winchester?” The sound of his name snapped Dean from his fourth failed attempt at reading the article he had haphazardly flipped to when he had first sat in the lobby. 
 “Mmm?” He looked up to the source, seeing a smiling middle-aged woman standing in the entrance to the back of the clinic. 
 “We are ready for you now,” she relayed patiently, her warm grin never faltering. 
 “Oh, right,” Dean chuckled awkwardly, tossing the magazine back onto the side table before rising to follow after the woman. He stayed half a step behind her as she led him down a short hallway, taking note of the various baby-related items on her ill-fitting scrubs. 
 The nurse stopped at the end of the hall and pushed open the wooden door, allowing Dean to pass her and enter the small room. It was seemingly no different from any other patient room in a doctor’s office. The walls were a cold and sterile shade of white that matched the tile floor and cabinetry. The only noticeable differences were the lack of an exam bed and the addition of a roll-away television that reminded Dean of the same ones his numerous teachers would use on movie day in elementary school. 
 “It’s a fairly simple process,” the nurse started when the door shut behind the pair. She moved over to the cabinet and pulled out a small sample cup, tagging it with a patient sticker from the file she had carried into the room with her. “All we need is your sample in the cup. When you are done, leave it on the warmer here, and then we will schedule you for the follow-up testing.” 
“Right,” Dean husked out as his tongue pulled back his plush lower lip and caught it between his teeth. He shuffled from foot to foot as the nurse continued to smile. 
 “You okay? You look a tad flush?” “
Sure, I’m kosher,” he answered, though the hitch of his voice contradicted the words he uttered. 
 “It’s okay to feel awkward. Some guys get weirded out, knowing that everyone out there knows what you are doing in here,” she noted, a smidge of amusement slipping past the sympathetic facade she was trying to uphold. 
 “Thanks for that,’ Dean huffed out, feeling the breath of his words allowing his shoulders the slump just enough for him to notice he had been unconsciously tense. 
 “You know what to do.” The nurse tossed him a wink, causing the man to breathe out a forced laugh. 
“You’re kidding, right?” 
“We have magazines and videos if you need them,” she set the cup down on the table with the lid placed next to it. “Please just holler if you need something.” 
Dean watched as she slowly closed the door behind her, letting out a sigh as it clicked closed and rushing to engage the lock. He let his weight slump against the cherry oak, the cool wood feeling refreshing against his flush skin. 
“What the fuck am I doing?” he muttered to himself, eyes squeezed shut as he tried to will away the thumping behind his ribcage. Every warning uttered to him from friends and family was racing through his brain, screaming at him to run from the clinic and never look back. 
Each one had its merit, but there was something else, something far louder in the back of his head that was telling him to stay. Dean had never thought of himself as father material, he had too many unprocessed traumas resulting from his own to scare him off of the deal altogether. Somehow though, when she had asked him, it all seemed to click inside his brain. If there was ever a time or a person with whom to bring a child into this world, it was now and she was Y/n. 
His best friend. The woman he talks to round the clock, who laughs at his lame jokes and understands his John Wayne references because he’s forced her to watch the actor’s movies dozens of times with him. She’s the person that was there for him when his mother got sick and the only one able to steal a smile from him after her passing. 
It all made sense, he wanted to do this for his best friend because this is what she wanted. And yet, he knew this meant they would cross a line in their friendship that wasn’t meant to be crossed. Linking themselves together by another human being; another soul. No matter what stipulations or custody agreements Sam threw in their contract, it all could turn out so… messy. 
“I can’t,” Dean mumbled to himself, pushing himself from the doorframe and unlatching the lock, dead set on telling Y/n that he just couldn’t do it anymore. He would tell her whatever she needed to hear if it meant their friendship went back to the way things were before that asshole broke her final hope of ever finding her happily ever after. 
The handle turned under his sweaty palm when a small vibration in his pocket alerted him to an incoming message. Dean backtracked, releasing his hold on the handle, and pulled his cell from his jeans. There were two messages from Y/n, her name in his notifications making him crack a grin that pulled on one corner of his lips. 
Y/n: Ya know, just in case ;) 
The Winchester brother snorted out a laugh, shaking his head at her antics. It was as if she knew the turmoil wracking his consciousness at the moment and, in classic Y/n fashion, used her perfect comedic timing to lighten the nerves fraying his heart. 
Dean stowed the phone back in his jeans before engaging the lock on the door once again.
Tumblr media
Forevers: @22sarah08 @440mxs-wife @akshi8278 @anathewierdo @asgoodasdancingqueen @atc74 @awesome-badass-cafeteria-sauce @briagallen @callmekda @dawnie1988 @deandreamernp @deangirl93 @deanwanddamons @ellewritesfix05 @emoryhemsworth @foxyjwls007 @hobby27 @janicho88 @jarpad24 @jbsgirl4ever11 @jensengirl83 @lunarmoon8 @lyarr24 @mishacollins4evah @mrsjenniferwinchester @msmarvelouswinchester @polina-93 @sleepylunarwolf @spnbaby-67 @squirrelnotsam @stiles-stilinski-24-dylan @suckmyapplejacks @supraveng @tatted-trina6 @thoughts-and-funnies @traceyaudette @tranquility-or-chaos @watermelonlipstick @waywardbeanie @winchest09 
AIL: @aspiringsloth20​ @samsgirl93 @smellingofpoetry @starryeyeseunbyul @stoneyggirl @that-one-gay-girl @tvdspngirl314
gif by @kendaspntwd​
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daydreamsofren · 4 days ago
:O my face seeing that Supernatural AU.... oh my gosh that's??? So exciting?? What a great grouping, do you have deets about that you can share with us??
Ahhh I sure do, I’m so glad you asked about this! I’ve had this idea in my head since Halloween when I was binging on Supernatural and wrote a little Vampire!Kylo piece then and was hooked. I also love the lore on vampires in the Supernatural Universe, and thought that would be fun to play with. 
So, the details: Reader is a Hunter, born and raised to save people and hunt monsters. Reader and her sister end up separating on different cases when her sister disappears while hunting a nest of vampires. The search is on now for our dear reader to find her. She tries to call in back up from our favorite Winchesters, but they’re currently tied up in stopping the apocalypse and can’t help. Now, reader finds herself on her own when she finally catches up with the Solo Twins and their nest, under the control of an Elder Vampire named Snoke. 
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Big Wind Day & International Day for Street Children
Person A is a street performer who performs for the street children and the townspeople and uses the money they earn to buy the street children who hang around them food. But then street children start going missing, seemingly snatched up by the wind. Person A decides to investigate and meets Person B, someone who claims they can speak to the wind and knows where the children are being taken and by who.
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queensynderella · 4 days ago
I'm in love with the Supernatural AU! I've simped for Dean as long as I can remember now since I simp for Bakugou, I just draw parallels. Love your writing so much by the way! Can't wait to see more!
Hell yes love!! I still simp for Dean Winchester, like he is one of the few 3d men who could do whatever the fuck he likes to this girl. And I used to write for SPN, so now that I’m binging through again to finish the series (I fell behind in like season 12?) it makes sense.
I can definitely see some traits that those two share, but I will always draw even more parallels between Dean and Keigo. But let’s not get started on that, we’ll be here all damn night, haha. Thank you for sending love for it and I’m stoked to work on it more! <3
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queensynderella · 4 days ago
🦊Omg....... You took my word and made them such better words!!!!!! Thank you! It was so hot!
Like life with poly Kiribaku hunter would be a never ending cycle of "holy shit we survived!" Has adrenaline fueled we survived threesome, possibly still covered in monster goo, find new monster, kill monster, then fuck!
Like that'd be your life!
Asjaisjai thank you 🦊 darling! I had a lotta fun replying to that, not gonna lie. That is just...has always been a very, very big need. Whether its Dean and Cas (sorry not sorry, I only fuck with soulless! sam) or Kiri and Baku.
That is a cycle I would be all too happy to be stuck in honestly, like, just sign me the fuck up. Right away, boom. I am fine living out of motels and the Impala if I get to gank evil son of bitches and fuck those two day in and day out. Oof. <3
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tvdspngirl314 · 4 days ago
Long Way From Home (4)
- Is this love?
Square filled : handholding for @spnkinkbingo , animal for @acrosstheuniversebingo
Ship : Cowboy Dean x Reader
Rating : teen and up
Tags : fluff, sexual tension, angst, reader falling for Dean, cliff hanger at the end, mild smut
Summary : After reader's father went missing, she'll approach cowboy Dean Winchester who happen to be the best cowboy around for help. Watch as the love blossom between them during their journey.
Word Count : 2614
Created for @spnkinkbingo and @acrosstheuniversebingo
Characters : you, Dean, Benny, mentions of few ocs
A/n : Here it is finally.. after going to an unexpected hiatus I finally finished writing the part 4. @that-one-gay-girl thanks a lot for being an amazing beta. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Ps, catch up with the series here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your POV
He held your wrists tightly and didn't let go, just like the previous day. Except this time you didn't put up a fight, he came close to your face and stopped himself when his lips almost met with yours “drop the knife before I do something we both are gonna regret” he whispered against your lips. 
“What are you gonna do?”  you challenged him. 
“You'll see” he replied and grinned cockily. He came even closer and captured your lips with his in a hard and passionate kiss.  You didn't do anything to stop him. You welcomed him into your mouth and let his tongue taste every inch of it. 
He pulled you close with his hands on your waist. The knife in your hand fell down with a loud clatter, but you two were so caught up with each other it went unnoticed.
He pushed you back and pinned you against the wall. He pulled your top over your head and started to kiss you from your neck to cleavage, Dean spun you around and unclasped your bra with his skillful hands, throwing it away from your body.
His hand smoothed on your back and he used it to hold you against him, he grabbed your waist with his hand and used another one to grope your breasts. You started moaning under his touch. 
His hand slowly traveled to your jeans slowly pulling the zipper down. His hand slipped into your panties as he started slowly rubbing circles on your clit. “Y/N we need to go” you turned to face him with confusion.
You jolted awake and rubbed the sleep from your eyes. It was just a dream? You sighed with disappointment. You got up and made your way out of the home to find him pampering his horse which he lovingly called baby. 
You stared at him in admiration, something you've never done before. “What?” He asked looking up at you. 
“Nothing” you shrugged and went in. 
You both started to leave and you noticed the little suggestive smile Benny gave to Dean, you understood the context behind it, but pretended that you had no idea what was going on. 
“Y/N” Dean called out.
“Yeah?” you stood beside him innocently. 
He handed your knife to you, you looked at him confused. “For your safety,” he said and held it out for you to take it. 
“It's okay, I don't need it. I trust you” you said looking into his eyes. 
“What if I'm not around when you need help? Take it.” he said sternly, holding it out for you to take. 
“If you say so,” you said, taking the knife from his hand. Your eyes fell on the cut you gave him the previous day, you placed a finger on it as you tried to examine it. 
“Ouch!” he squealed in pain.
“Sorry, sorry I just...does it...does it still hurt?” You asked looking at him with guilt. 
“I've had worse.” he shrugged it off. 
“I'm sorry... I-” you began
“It's okay, it's okay,” he said reassuring you. 
He climbed up on the horse and helped you to sit behind him. You held onto him tightly and let your breast touch his back “what are you doing?” You hear him ask.
“I just don't want to fall off the horse” you explained.
“Alright” he shrugged it off and you felt like you could hold onto him like this forever. 
Your mind wandered back to the dream you had last night and you wondered what would have happened if you stayed asleep for more time. “I love you,” you whispered as your head rested on his back. 
“Did you say something?” you heard him ask. 
“No, nothing” you replied awkwardly. Y/N, you idiot you mentally scolded yourself. You both finally stopped at a diner, as usual, the conversation flowed easily between the two of you. 
You saw a waitress staring at him and you also observed how she tried to flirt with him. 
After she left your table, you excused yourself to the bathroom and went to pay this waitress a little visit. 
“So um miss whoever you are, stay away from him.” you ordered her. 
“And why should I listen to you?” she asked with rudeness evident in her voice.
“Because if you don't, then I have to do this” you replied.
“Do what?” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
“This” you replied and threw a punch on her face, which gave her a black eye. With that, you went and sat back. 
The same waitress came to serve your order, she didn't even look at Dean now and you silently smirked to yourself. Dean looked between her and you in confusion, as he didn't understand what was going on. “Dean, what's wrong?” you asked as he was glancing at her. 
“Nothing, it's her eye. It was alright before but now it looks different like someone punched her,” Dean answered. You did your best not to laugh at his question.
“She might have fallen down or something. Why does it matter?” You asked him. 
“No reason, just curious,” he shrugged. 
You both finally stopped at a small town as the sun already went down. You both went to a motel to stay in for the night. He went to keep his horse at a stable nearby and you volunteered to get you both a room. 
You didn't even ask for two rooms, you just asked for one and lied to him that there's only one. He believed you and followed you to the room. 
You went to the bathroom to freshen up. After splashing some water on your face you came out to find Dean spreading blanket on the floor.
“Dean what are you doing?” 
“Getting my bed ready” he answered and hummed something.
“Wait Dean, you don't have to sleep on the floor” you informed him.
“Where else should I sleep?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest. 
“On the bed next to me,” you said, pointing at the bed. 
“What? That's okay I can sleep on the floor,” he said assuring you but little did he know how much you wanted him to be next to you. 
“It's okay Dean,” you said reassuring him.
“Alright, if you say so” with that he slept next to you. You kept blushing to yourself all night and finally fell asleep. You woke up to find Dean's hands on your waist. You surprisingly woke up before him this time, letting his hands stay where they were. 
You never noticed how good he looked. You were lost in the sea of freckles that were on his for a second. You snapped out when you saw Dean slowly opening his eyes. 
For a second you both were lost in each other's eyes. “Sorry,” he said, jerking his hand away from your waist. 
“It's okay” you assured him and got up from the bed.
You both kept traveling, stopping near a forest because his baby needed to be fed. You sat on the grass and hugged your knees resting your head on them.
You glanced around and saw Dean's pouch lying near you. You really wanted to see what's in it. So, without making any noise you slowly grabbed the bag. But before you could see what's in it Dean grabbed your wrist.
“What do you think you're doing?” Dean asked, pointing at his pouch with his eyes. 
“Nothing” you lied but he didn't buy it. 
“You sure about that? Because it didn't look like nothing to me sweetheart” Dean said, raising an eyebrow at you.
“Um...I just wanted to see what's in it” you said with your voice barely above a whisper.
“No,” he replied and snatched his pouch away. 
“Dean, let me.” you requested of him. But he still shook his head as a no. 
You tried to get a hold of it but Dean held it above his head. You tried to jump and catch it but you tripped over your feet and before you could fall down he caught your waist.
His face was so close to yours just like the last few times. His lips were just inches away from yours, he slowly let go of you and you both straightened yourselves. You knew it was a gun or at least you thought it was because you have seen a similar kind of pouch with your dad.
“It's a gun, right? That thing in your pouch,” you stated your suspicion.
“Maybe,” he replied. 
“I saw a similar kind of thing with my dad,” you informed him. Suddenly your heart heaved with pain that you were nowhere near finding your father. 
Dean threw a comforting arm around you and pulled you into him. “It's okay, we’ll find him,” he said reassuring you. You nodded and he got his horse ready to continue with the journey. 
“Dean” you called out while he was about to mount the horse. 
“Yeah” he responded and turned to look at you. 
“Can you teach me how to use a gun?” you asked sincerely.
“What? Now?” He asked in surprise. “Yeah, now,” you replied. 
“Y/N, we've got no time,” he informed you. 
“I know...but Benny told us that the place is really dangerous. So, I want to, you're the one who told me that I should be able to protect myself.” you argued. 
He stood there for a second with his thoughts “Alright.. fine” he agreed in defeat. “But I'll teach just the basics because we really need to go” he informed you. 
“Fine,” you said with a huge grin. You both stood in front of a tree, he handed you his gun and lifted your arm up, and showed you how to aim. 
He showed you how to remove the safety lock and told you to shoot at the trunk of the tree, where he drew an X with a rock. You took your aim and pulled the trigger, the bullet didn't exactly land where it was supposed to and you let out a disappointed sigh.
You held the gun up in a position to take another shot but you were a bit worried that you might miss this too. You tried to take the aim and did your best to aim properly. 
Before you knew it Dean's hands were on yours, helping you to aim properly. He put an arm on your waist to pull you close to his body.
His head fell on your neck and the scruff on his face pricked your neck a little bit. You closed your eyes as your cheek rubbed his. “Y/N!” you opened your eyes as Dean yelled your name. 
“Sorry” you apologized and let him help you take the aim and shoot at the target. You pulled the trigger and hit the target. You squealed in excitement and pulled Dean into a tight hug. 
“Okay time to go” he reminded you and you let go of him and followed along. You decided to let your feelings out as soon as you both found your dad. 
Dean's POV
Since last night Dean saw a lot of change in Y/N's behavior. She wasn't her usual self and he didn't understand what was going on. He was really surprised when he saw her eyes all teary when she saw the cut she made on his arm. 
Okay what is going on with her? He questioned himself and shrugged it off as nothing. He was really confused with the waitress's black eye. The explanation Y/N gave wasn't really enough for him but he just shrugged it off.
He got even more surprised when she let him sleep next to her. He woke up to find her eyes on him and his hand on her waist. He was a little bit scared that she might yell or something but she just shrugged it off as nothing. 
He was growing a little suspicious of her. He didn't know what's making her act like this but it was good to see this side of her but he didn't understand what caused the sudden change. 
After teaching her how to use a gun he started riding towards the northwest. He was a little bit scared himself to reach there as that was the part where most crimes happen and the fact that the sheriff might be in there is lessening the odds of him being alive. 
He just hoped that he's alright and rode towards the town. It was almost midnight when they reached Lebanon, unfortunately for them, they couldn't find any motels to stay in for the night. 
With no choice left they decided to sleep in the fields for the night. “Can't believe we have to sleep in the fields” she groaned while he took some hay to make it comfortable for them to sleep. 
“We’ve got no choice princess,” he replied and she rolled his eyes at him. It was this time again where they sleep next to each other.
She laid down, Dean laying beside her. She stared at the stars above and he stared at her. “What are you thinking about?” he questioned her. 
“Do you think we will find him Dean?” she asked, turning to him and a tiny teardrop left her eye. 
“We will sweetheart,” he answered as he wiped the teardrop that fell on her cheek. He stared at her as the soft breeze made her hair wave a little bit. “We will find him,” he reassured her and kissed her forehead. 
She stared into his eyes and he stared back. Her eyes fell on his lips and he noticed that at that moment he wanted to kiss her too. He came close to her lips “did you hear that?” she asked against his lips. He backed away a little, he was too caught up with her to notice any sound.
“What?” he asked and turned to see if there's anything. He got alert when they both heard the sound at the same time. 
“Stay with me” he took the gun from his pouch and got up. She stood up next to him with a flashlight in her hand.
The sound was more like footsteps now and they both were alert. Dean held her hand tightly and didn't let go of it. In sync, they both went to see where it was coming from. 
As the sounds got more clear they understood that it was footsteps. He would be lying if he said it didn't scare him but his heart rate seems to get normal as he realized that he was still holding her hand and it calmed him a little. 
She looked really scared and he had to stay calm for her, to protect her if something happens. 
“Y/N, I'm gonna let go of your hand now but stay close to me. I need to take the aim” he said holding the gun up in his other hand. She nodded and let go of him. 
As the footsteps approached, they both followed them in sync. With every step they took, he made sure she was close to him. 
The sound of footsteps finally stopped and it replaced with a thud and the sounds finally stopped. With his gun still in hand and Y/N by his side, he went in the direction of the sound. 
They both finally spotted a man lying on the floor on his back. They both went to check on him and turned him around to see who it was. 
Their eyes widened when they saw who it was. “Dad...” she said as a tiny teardrop left her eye. 
Tumblr media
Team Forever : @valsworldofcreativity @akshi8278 @hobby27
Team free will : @flamencodiva @stoneyggirl @flashxspn @pink-sparkly-witch @wonderfulworldofwinchester @thoughts-and-funnies @kickingitwithkirk @msmarvelouswinchester @vicmc624 @mrswhozeewhatsis @adriennemichelle98 @malikjavaddzayn @donnaintx @squirrelnotsam  
Team flannel : @lyarr24 @deandreamernp
Long Way From Home : @roonyxx @holylulusworld
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queensynderella · 4 days ago
Poly hunter Kiribaku anon again! Mind if I start using 🦊?
Anyway!!!!! Omg now that you mention the impala I just can't get a scenario out of my head.
So like your riding in the front seat with Kiri while Bakugou catches some sleep in the back. So one way or another when he doesn't need to shift the impala Kiri is fingering you and rubbing your clit (I know for driving a stick shift this unrealistic but this is fan fic!) Anyway he's driving you up the wall cause he keeps edging you but won't let you cum. He'll say something about that's what you get when you wear a skirt with no panties instead of waiting to get to the next motel like a good girl.
Eventually though, he can't help himself so he pulls the car over and has you get out. Both careful not to wake Bakugou cause man is like a feral toddler if you wake him in the middle of a rem cycle.
Anywho, Kiri bends you over the hood of the car (yes I know it's be too hot in real life but again, this is pure self indulgence) and just starts pounding you. And you try to be quiet, you really do but after being edged for so long when you cum, you cum hard. You can't hold back the scream as you squirt just barely missing the car (cause of Bakugou is supposed to be dean, he'd definitely be pissed and punish you for doing that on the car.) Anyway, this wakes up Bakugou of course and he saw the face you made as you came through the windshield and now he's on a mission to make you do it again. Cause let's be honest, you woke him up, so letting him fuck you dumb is the least you can do right?
Sorry that got so long but just......idk this popped into my head and it just gets me.
Absolutely you can be 🦊 love! ^.^
I-....this is what I need in my life, 1,000% like, this is what I was meant to do with my life...
Tumblr media
This is what I mean when I say that Kirishima absolutely is just as much of a little shithead as Bakugou...teasing you like this while your shared boyfriend snoozes in the backseat. The music is just loud enough to help lull Bakugou to sleep and keep him asleep while allowing the redhead to tune into your soft whines and moans. You’re pouting at him from the passenger seat as he’s all toothy smirks while he gets you to that edge over and over again.
You keep sneaking peaks in the rear view to see if the blonde has noticed yet, because as pissed as he’s going to be that you two woke him, it would end your torture. Its almost worth the argument at this point because you’re so fucking drenched and sensitive now. And Kirishima had every intention of keeping this up until you hit the next town and could pull into the first motel off the interstate but its really starting to get to him, seeing you writhe in your seat as you clutch and claw at his toned forearm to try and get his hand away from your cunt.
You gasp and look at him with wide eyes when he jerks the steering wheel and pulls onto the shoulder, not even bothering to turn the car off--lest it wake Bakugou not hearing the rumble of the engine. Its just dark enough to get away with it, and despite how fucking riled up you are, you’re protesting when Kiri tells you to get out. (And because its colder and just as hot, he drags you behind the Impala and bends you over the trunk.)
There is barely a minute between him pushing your skirt up your hips and his cock filling you up in one swift snap of his hips, buried to the hilt as you bite at your knuckles to keep somewhat quiet. Your panting and moaning up a storm as he pounds into you hard enough to have the car slightly rocking--neither of you has any idea how the blonde hasn’t woken nor do you really care. It feels too goddamn good after all that teasing and to top it all off, Kirishima is just spewing filth in your ear about, “what a dirty fucking girl you are, I bet you’d love it if someone saw right now, yeah? Would it make you cum on my cock knowing they see you gettin’ pounded like the little slut you are for me?”
But for all his talk, he’s just as close, so he reaches around to rub quick circles against your puffy clit. And he lets out a low growl that makes him sound more like one of the creatures you hunt as you begin to cry out and squirt. You’re doing your best while being absolutely fucked out to not fuck up Bakugou’s chrome, because you know you’re in deep shit if you do.
As Kirishima works you through your high, flushed cheek smooshed against the cold metal of the trunk lid, you happen to glance up at see a pair of garnet eyes staring you down through the back window. So does he, put that doesn’t stop him from letting go of your hips in favor of planting those large hands on the trunk and really fucking railing into you, no holds bar, as he chases down his own climax.
You let out another cry as you feel his warm, sticky cum filling you up as he lets out another one of those growls that rumble through his broad chest. And then you jump as the back door pops open and slams shut, a scowling Bakugou waltzing towards you as Kirishima is still trying to catch his breath. You hiss when he clicks the flashlight in his hand on, the light stinging your already watery eyes.
“Katsu, we d-didn’t mean to--” You try and explain but he cuts you off with a heavy scoff.
“Didn’t mean to what, interrupt my fuckin’ nap by bein’ a loud ass whore. hah?” He demanded, but he was no longer looking at you, shining the flashlight against the chrome bumper as he tilted his head. His gaze snapping up to meet yours as a smirk split his handsome face. “The least ya can do is let me fuck that sloppy pussy of yours since ya did,” He grunted out, nodding toward the bumper as that smirk widened, “and you’re lickin’ that shit off my goddamn bumper while I do it, nasty little girl.”
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