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stanningtalent · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Please he’s such a cutie I can’t
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deulasc · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
╓ ┉  ┉  ┉  ┉   ┉  ┉  ┉  ┉  ╖
▓⃟ꯣꨭ⃟ꦶꨵ 𝐁𝐞𝐦 𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐨 𖡻☀𐅽
╙ ┉  ┉  ┉   ┉  ┉  ┉  ┉  ┉  ╜
⸙⃟ꯣ⃟𑂂ꨶ꣪𓄹 🌤 ӃᎥᥖ لᴏ͢ꪀᧁᎥꪀ ⿻⃪᪼  ଡ଼
兵器 Åᩏꪮ̫ꪶꪶꪮ̫ ☀ ⸙⃟ꯣ⃟𑂂ꨶ꣪𓄹   𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪
░⃯☀⋱̼Ꮛ✘Ø & ටිնթၕ૨ϻ 𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓
Tumblr media
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koreantunes · an hour ago
SuperM (슈퍼엠) - We DO
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junegem17 · an hour ago
so are sungchan and shotaro going to be apart of nct 127??? I tend to see them with those members the most.
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stayarmytinyzenmoa-l · 2 hours ago
AAL because I feel like shit rn (just a few things from the vaccine (chills, headaches, etc.) that they already told me I might feel)
But I was listening to We Do and I just thought of this rn
Where are my Xuxi lines 😩
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writemekpop · 2 hours ago
Kiss Kiss | Lee Taemin
Pairing: Lee Taemin x Reader
Summary: You gave Taemin the best head of his life, and now he wants return the favour...
Genre: PWP
Word Count: 0.3k 
Warnings: Sexual content, me being unnecessarily thirsty for Taemin
Gif: @taemns​
Tumblr media
For some men, it’s wild shouts and extravagant curses. But with Taemin, it’s just a delicate shudder and a breathy exhale. 
That’s how you know. 
Taemin slumps back on the sofa, wild dark hair flopping onto his forehead. 
You push yourself up from his lap, wiping your lips and smirking. 
Taemin cups the back of your head and wraps a curl of your hair around his fingers. 
“That was amazing,” he says, still breathless. “I think I could spend forever between your lips.” 
You chuckle. But then you glimpse your reflection in the glass coffee table, and the smirk falls off your face. 
“My lipstick is all messed up,” you cry. But Taemin grabs your wrist before you can wipe your lips. 
“Leave it,” he whispers, guiding you onto his lap. 
Taemin cups your cheek in his hand and leans in close.
“Hey! I just sucked… no way are you gonna-“
Interrupting you, Taemin presses his mouth onto yours. He kisses you slowly, dirtily, just how you like it - lapping up the lipstick from your lips. 
When you finally pull away from Taemin’s sinful mouth, you’re panting. Your jaw hangs open; you had no idea he was this wild. Taemin’s eyes are hooded, and his thick lips are pink and glistening. 
Taemin leaps up with a dancer’s fluidity, and spins you around so you’re sat on the sofa where he was sitting. Then, he kneels down slowly in front of you.
He places both hands on your bare knees, and your breath catches in your throat. 
Taemin’s midnight eyes never leave yours as he slowly parts your legs…
“It’s my turn now.”
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zerojaem · 3 hours ago
song of the week
Watch "SuperM 슈퍼엠 'We DO' MV" on YouTube
It's been a while my tumblr self. I came back because I am once again on my "on the zone of watching bunch of animes". superm cameback with another bop that made the neighbors lose their shits.
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jaennie · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just wanted to put this out there ♡
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queen-of-himbos · 6 hours ago
❀ NCT (WayV) / SuperM, Ten x gn! Reader
❀ fluff, drabble, G
❀ wc: 303
❀ For my hand holding requests - possessive hand-holding
❀ Tag List Form ❀ Masterlist ❀ Taglist: @armysantiny @baby-dinobean @gettin-a-lil-hanse​ @jacksons-goddess-gaia​ @lilac-snitch​ @moonbaesic​ @ncttboo​ @nocturne-overtures​ @storytimedragon​ @sweetsweetkpop​ 
. ⋅˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ ⋅˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
Tumblr media
Hanging out with the boys of WayV was something you were looking forward to. You had only met them briefly a handful of timeless, so you were looking forward to getting to know them. Ten held your hand, squeezing it gently as he led you into their dorm, greetings crashing into your ears. Yangyang and Hendery were quick to approach you, smiles wide and ready for hugs. But instead of reaching out to return their greetings, Ten’s grip on your hand tightened, only allowing you one arm with which to gently hug his younger members. The two boys led you and Ten further into the dorm, asking you questions about yourself and trying to get to know you. Ten followed you the entire time, never once letting go of your hand. His fingers pressed against your tightly every time one of his members got too close for his comfort. You took note of his reactions, a small smile on your face. You never really understood his possessiveness - you were with him and only with him, and nothing was going to change that. 
After chatting with the members for some time, Ten made an excuse to bring you to his room, saying something about feeding his cats (even though it was nowhere near time for them to be fed and everyone knew it). He shuts the door behind you, still not letting go of your hand.
“Hmm?” He hummed quietly, bringing his other hands to your intertwined ones to play with your fingers.
“Tennie, you’re so possessive…”
“I know… I’m sorry…”
“Don’t be sorry… but maybe you could explain it to me?”
He smiled softly at you, dragging you over to his bed so you can cuddle together and talk and Leon and Louis climb around the room, occasionally butting their head against your legs.
. ⋅˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ ⋅˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
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ncteaxhoe · 7 hours ago
i feel like i need to write a fic on sugar daddy baekhyun ughhh😩😩
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supermzen · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
superm - we do ♡
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